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What is the strongest weapon for dart?

I was just curiouse as to how I can get the best weapon for dart?

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ss_tipen answered:

Dart's best weapon is Soul Eater.
but this sword drains your HP each turn (10% of Max HP)
to counter this effect, use therapy ring which can be found in Hellena prison and The chest where Faust waiting.

to get this sword, you must beat the Polter armor, which can be found in Fort Magrad.
Fort Magard, can be access from Kasuha Glacier.
the location is simple, just move left on the first screen, if you enter from velweb.

for beating this guy, I recomend you to see the FAQ, about bosses
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Cablevision2 answered:

The best weapon for Dart is the Soul Eater. It is given to you when you defeat the Polter Armor (optional boss) in Kashua Glacier. There is a down side to this weapon, however. It takes 10% of Dart's HP each turn. There is only one way to offset this, and it is to have the Therapy Ring equipped.
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Nexxnokk answered:

By far the best weapon for Dart is the Soul Eater, the only bad thing is that it "eats" 10% of his HP each turn, it is easy to counteract though by equipping the Therapy Ring.
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rosemaiden answered:

Yes soul eater is darts strongest weapon but the dragon buster is still stronger in my opinion
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djk77777 answered:

The Soul Eater is the best sword for dart, but it does eat 10% of your life each turn. In my experiences, you'll kill whatever you're fighting before the sword can kill you.
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mortemcaine answered:

Soul Eater is not the best weapon for Dart. It has the highest attack damage, but losing 10% hp every turn is ridiculous. Yes, the Therapy Ring will offset this, but you could use his second best sword (I think I remember is being the Fairy Sword or something) and then use a different ring that will give him stats that make the Soul Eater useless.
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