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How do I beat Faust?

Ive played through this game alot and i've never beaten this boss. In the desert city a guy tells you about faust and says to kill his appiration you need a vanishing stone. how do i get the stone? or is there another way to beat him?

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grand_kaizer answered:

The first Faust you fight is his apparition, and it cannot be beaten unless you have the vanishing stone. How do you get that? By collecting all 50 stardusts in the game and giving them to Martel, she gives you the Vanishing Stone as a reward. Using that destroys tha apparition, allowing you to enter the teleporter and go down into the 'taboo land'.

Down there you'll fight the real Faust. He's no easy challenge, but keep your fighters in good condition and well defended, and attack with pretty much physical attacks exclusively, and he'll go down.

Alternatively you can be outright cheap and use Legend Casques, bought in Lohan for 10,000g. He'll have a hard time doing more than three digits damage at maximum with one of those, so it's pretty much a garaunteed win.
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