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HOW DO i level up my dragoons?

I need help leveling up my dragoon spirits can anyone tell me how?

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Thanx alot guys it realy helped. from T-REXX95:]

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Mookiethebold answered:

As you gain SP in battle, it will level up your Dragoons.
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lady0uroboros answered:

If you have a chance, try to use your dragoon form a bit. Each time you're in that form, always try the dragoon additions. As you you perfect the use of dragoon additions, it helps boosting up the dragoon lvl.
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grand_kaizer answered:

Dragoon levels go up via SP. This SP doesn't not have to be gained while your character has full SP, and it doesn't make any difference if you've got none or max for dragoon form. Any time a character gains SP it goes into a tally that the game doesn't show you, and once it ticks over, your D-Level goes up.

Basically, just use additions that gain plenty of SP.
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Holy7777 answered:

Use Addtion for SP or Use SP potion too.
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tficiur13 answered:

What you do is either:
1 - use additions alot.
2 - use spirit potions
3 - use the armor that gives sp from physical and magic attacks.
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