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                       THE LEGEND OF DRAGOON
                             JEREMY TAN
                              Ver. 2.0
                           Updated 5/1/99

Sony’s Legend of Dragoon is swirling up a storm among many RPG fans, so I’ll 
have the privilege to give all those gamers out there the helpful little 
start for the game.

1) Version Info
2) Mod-Chip Lock Info
3) Playable Characters
4) Replacement Character Info
5) Character Strategy
6) Element Types
7) Element Colors
8) Additional Combo system
9) Dragoon System
10) Dragoon Stone Locations
11) Item Magic Use
12) Dragoon Magics
13) World Map Uses
14) Money
15) Status Screen
16) Status Effects
17) Final Boss Battle Tips
18) Pocketstation Mini-game Info
19) Story & Plot Info
20) Hints & Tips
21) Credits and Thanks
22) Copyright Info


Ver 1.0- Initial FAQ
Ver 1.1- Dragoon Magics column added, new tips added. Minor errors fixed.
Ver 1.2- Combo speeds added to character information. Minor errors fixed.
Ver 1.3- Updated Copyright Info. Dragoon Magic Lists completed.
Ver 1.4- Added to Dragoon Magic Lists. Added to Element Types section.
Ver 1.5- Some errors corrected. Final Boss battle tips added.
Ver 1.6- Some errors corrected. Added some new sections.
Ver 1.7- Minor changes in some sections, adding new information.
Ver 1.8- New sections added. New information added to existing sections
Ver 1.9- Pocketsation Mini-game Info added. Minor errors fixed.
Ver 2.0- Character Strategy section added. Minor errors fixed.

I’ve received some E-mails asking about this. First things first, The Legend 
of Dragoon game comes with the Mod-Chip Lock protection which prevents the 
game from working on a modified Playstation. The lock used in Legend of 
Dragoon is the latest version and could not easily be overridden with some 
earlier codes using the Game Shark/Pro Action Replay. This is the latest 
override code and should get the job done:
D01BF172 1040
801BF172 1000
D00FAA36 1040
800FAA36 1000
Note that pirated copies of the game also contain the Mod-Chip Lock. This 
becomes apparent during the changing of Discs. But as those official 
companies say: Piracy is a crime! That’s why Mod-Chip Locks were invented!

This is the list of all the playable characters in the game, some slight 
background information, the weapons they use, their Elemental Type and the 
speeds of their Additional Combos.

The hero of the game. He is of the Fire element. Well-balanced stats. Dart 
is a 23 year old with a tragic past. He is skillful with a sword and is a 
very charismatic person. He loves Shana though he denies it early in the 
game. His combos range from slow and easy to fast and furious.

A cheerful and beautiful young woman and childhood friend of Dart. She is of 
the Holy element. She is skilled in the use of a bow and does not use 
Additional Combos. She has deep feelings for Dart and tries all out to get 
his attention. She has a horrifying destiny and only Dart can save her from 

A brave knight. He is of the Wind element. He uses a spear incredibly well. 
He and Dart meet when Dart helped him in the prison. Together they break 
Shana out and cause one hell of a ruckus. He and Dart soon become good 
friends. His combos are of medium to fast in speed.

A mysterious and quiet woman with a past that links her somehow to Dart and 
his father. She is of the Dark element. She uses a sword to slash her 
enemies at great speeds. She seldom speaks much but eventually opens up to 
Dart and the rest later in the game. She joins after reawakening Dart’s 
Dragoon stone when he was in trouble. Her combos are fast and furious.

An old but strong man. He is of the Thunder element. He is a martial arts 
master who uses his fists to pummel his opponents with great strength. He 
joins Dart after the Fighting Tournament. His combos range from slow to fast 
and tricky.

A honorable young king. He is of the Wind element. Like Ravits, he uses a 
spear with great ease. He joins after Dart and gang rescue him from Prison. 
He takes over Ravits place in the game. His combos are the same as Ravit’s

A charming and cheerful girl. She is of the Water element. She uses a hammer 
which seems WAY to heavy for her. She joins Dart and gang to rescue a friend 
and also help Dart retrieve his Dragoon stone. She likes to flirt with Dart 
and butt in on Dart and Shana’s budding romance with humorous results. She 
is one of the few remaining of the race of winged humans. Her combos are 
super fast! She’s cute too!

A strong Giant. He is of the Earth element. He uses a gigantic ax to floor 
his opponents. Dart faces Kongol in battle twice before he and Ros’e finally 
knock some sense into him. He joins after he saves Dart and company from 
falling debris. His combos are slow to medium in terms of speed.

A blonde and strong woman. She is of the Holy element. She uses a bow with 
great skill. She is a loyal companion. She is very assertive and tomboyish 
especially when she pummels the Captain of the Guard for screwing up. Her 
father disappeared when she was young and her mother disappeared when she 
set out to look for him. She takes over Shana’s place when she falls ill 
again. She does not have Additional Combos.

2 of the playable characters will be replaced by other characters in Legend 
of Dragoon due to the story’s plot. Ravits will be replaced by Alberto in 
Disc 1. Shana will be replaced by Leenus in Disc 3. The stats, skills, 
experience, Dragoon level and equipment will all be carried over to the 
replacement characters. So, it is still a priority to train both Ravits and 

Players get to use a total of 7 characters till the end of the game. To 
ensure that these 7 characters are used to their full potential, I have 
written up this Character Strategy section to give some tips in using the 7 
characters in battle.

Dart is the main character and is also the most used character in the game. 
He has balanced stats and is both good on offense and defense. To make full 
use of him, it is advised to learn all his Combos. His first few Combos 
allow you to get by in the first few parts of the game. Equip him with the 
best sword you can find/buy as you’ll want his attack power to be as high as 
possible. Have him attack as much as possible and heal only when necessary. 
He becomes a real powerhouse if you equip him with the Legend Armor and 
Helm! He has average speed so his attack rounds will come occasionally. Take 
note that his last 2 combos are learnt only after you master all the 
previous Additional Combos. His final Combo is the most useful, so try to 
master it! His Dragoon utilizes Fire based attacks, so he is useful against 
Water-based enemies. His Fire Strike is his most useful spell for long Boss 

He is a strong character with good physical attacks and defense but low 
magic attack power and defense. His Combos are quite good but require some 
tricky timing to master. His last 3 Combos are very useful so master them! 
He is slow in battle, so make sure you pull off all his combos successfully 
to make the most of him! Being of the Wind Element, his spells target 
multiple targets. His Wind Barrier is useful in early Boss fights. Use Wind 
Blast or Combo attacks for the stronger Bosses in the later part of the 

Simply said, her physical attack and defense are low. Her high magic power 
and defense however should make up for it. She is the only character unable 
to use Combos but that doesn’t mean she’s useless! Her normal attack may not 
deal much damage, but she recovers a lot of SP with each shot, so she’ll 
probably be the quickest to transform. She is very important in long Boss 
battles as she is the ONLY character that has a spell to revive fallen 
characters! Her Angel Voice spell can be said to be the most important spell 
in the game! Build her Dragoon Level as high as possible as quickly as you 
can as you’ll use her a lot in the later parts of the game due to her 
healing powers. Due to her low physical attributes, it’s imperative that you 
equip her with the most powerful armor and weapon you can find since you 
can’t use magic all the time! Use her Dragoon form only if your characters 
require healing. In the later part of the game, her Dragoon form will be the 
most used in battle since she can recover a lot of SP quickly due to her 
fast speed and the fact that she recovers a reasonable amount of SP each 

She is a good character to use on the offensive due to her high attack power 
and speed. Her first few Combos are short and easy but deal a good amount of 
damage early in the game. Her later Combos are much longer and harder to 
execute but the damage dealt makes it all worthwhile. The only drawback of 
Ros’e is her low HP and defense, and the fact that a lot of Bosses and 
enemies in the later parts of the game are also of the Dark Element type. 
Her weapons and armor keep her going, so upgrade often! Her Dragoon may not 
be useful on many enemies but her spells are still good. Her Life Drain is 
useful and cheap to cast and will probably be her most used spell in Boss 
battles. Use her Black Dragon spell on Bosses that are not of the Dark 
Element, if you had raised her levels high enough, her spells and Combo 
attacks will really hit HARD!

All I’ll say is that she is the fastest character in the game. Her physical 
attacks, HP and defense are low. Her magic is good though. You may think 
that because of her low physical attack power she wouldn’t do much damage. 
Train her levels high enough and master her last few Combos and you’ll think 
differently! Her final Combo does 600% damage at max level! Her high speed 
allows her to attack a lot of times in battle, making her quite useful. Her 
Dragoon Spells are good and her Healing Rain heals a good amount of HP. 
Mailo’s greatest asset is her speed, so use it to your advantage. Note that 
her Combos are all very fast and tricky, so be patient and try to get the 
rhythm of her Combos correct, it’ll make mastering them easier.

Martial artists like him have good physical attack and defense. He is 
slightly faster than Dart and his Combos are quite useful but tricky. His 
Dragoon is good, spells are mostly single hitting but are very strong. Use 
Combo attacks for later Boss fights as they seem more useful and damaging. 
Try to master his final Combo. Harsou is a powerful character at a high 

Pain is what this guy is all about. He has incredibly high physical attack 
and defensive power and lots of HP. The problem is, he has the speed of a 
lethargic slug. His defense and high HP will allow him to endure severe 
punishment until his next turn. Buy armor with high magic defense power for 
him or else he will be reduced to a pile of ash from some of the spells of 
the last few Bosses. His Combos are all short and easy and will allow him to 
dish out major damage! To use him more effectively, equip him with a Thief’s 
Boots or Ring to increase his speed! You’ll then have fast slugger that’ll 
really make monsters scatter! He only has 3 spells, most of them are good 
were it not a fact that his magic attack power is low. His Dragoon is the 
hardest to train, so be warned!

In conclusion, try to get used to the specific strengths and weaknesses of 
each of the characters and master their Combos. Train all of them to high 
levels before entering the Final Dungeon as they will have to face a Boss 
alone! So they’ll have to be strong. Do not leave any of your characters 
idle. You’ll need a well-balanced party to make it through the game with 

There are basically 7 basic Elements in the game, namely: Fire, Water, 
Earth, Wind, Holy, Dark and Thunder and 1 Non-Element, Void. Double damage 
is dealt when an enemy is hit with an opposing element. Damage is halved if 
and enemy is hit with the same element type. Normal damage is dealt if the 
enemy is hit with and elemental attack that it is neither strong or weak 
against. The following show which element is strong against which.
1) Fire/Water, Water/Fire
2) Holy/Dark, Dark/Holy
3) Thunder/Wind/Earth, Earth/Thunder
4) Void/All Elements

The colors of each Element Type are shown in the name bars of enemies and 
characters, here is how to identify them:
Fire- Red
Water- Blue
Holy- Yellow
Dark- Very Dark Purple
Thunder- Purple
Wind- Green
Earth- Orange Brown
Void- Black

The ACS is a system where you have to use great concentration and precise 
timing to pull off successfully. The pressing of the O button when the lines 
enter the grid will allow the continuation of the Combo. Failing to do so 
will mean your Combo ending pre-maturely and dealing less damage. A Yellow 
flash indicates you were too slow in pressing the button and a slight White 
flash indicates you were too early in pressing the button. There is a chance 
that the enemy will counter during certain Combos, in this case the grid 
will flash in Blue and you will have to press the X button at the right time 
to continue your Combo and prevent taking damage! Combos level up after 
every 20 successful executions, meaning you’ll have to complete the combo to 
gain 1 EXP. There are altogether 5 levels of mastery. With each level up 
increasing the amount of SP gained and the damage percentage of the Combo. 
It is imperative that you master all the Combos of all characters to make 
battles shorter and easier. The advanced combos are insanely complicated and 
sometimes FAST, so be warned! These advanced combos are usually the last few 
your characters will learn and can ONLY be unlocked after you have mastered 
all other combos beforehand. This combos are worth it though, dealing up to 
450% to 600% damage! The beginning few combos are gained at certain 
character levels.

For characters to transform into Dragoons, you must first find their 
respective Dragoon Stones. The Dragoon system allows the use of Dragoon 
Magic and an all new Dragoon  Combo system. The Dragoon Combo System 
consists of a large circle with a mark at the top. The objective is to press 
the O button at the exact time a glowing orb hits the mark for one 
successive hit for a total of five or less in Kongol’s case. To transform, 
you will need a minimum of 100SP for 1 Dragoon Level. Dragoon Stones gain 
EXP to level up, but ONLY if the owner participates in battle! There are a 
total of 5 levels for each Dragoon Stone, with each level increasing the 
total percentage the character’s stats will increase upon transformation, 
learning a new spell, gaining more MP and increasing the allowable storage 
of SP by 100. 100SP is used up during the Dragoon form when the character 
attacks or uses magic, when all SP is depleted, the character reverts to 
normal. The higher your Dragoon Level and the more SP stored will allow for 
more turns in Dragoon form. There is a Special command in the game. To 
unlock it, all 3 characters participating in battle must have their 
respective Dragoon Stones. Max out all their SP bars, you can tell when the 
SP bars flash. A new command will then appear in the shape of a “yinyang” 
symbol. Select this to have all characters transform at the same time and 
have all characters and enemies transported to an elemental battlefield. The 
elemental battlefield is determined by the character who selected the 
Special Command, if Dart led the transformation, you will transport to the 
Fire elemental battlefield. The elemental battlefield bestows benefits on 
the Dragoon with the same element as the field. For example, Dart chooses to 
attack, instead of the Dragoon Combo orb appearing, Dart’s combo is 
automatically executed at max damage! Magic spells with the same element as 
the field also tend to be more successful. Note that in Dragoon form, the 
character can only choose to attack or use magic and is unable to defend, 
use items or escape unless he/she reverts back to normal.

Fire- Disc 1, Dart starts with it. Can be used after 1st battle against 
Dark- Disc 1, Ros’e starts with it.
Wind- Disc 1, Defeat Emerald Fang Dragon boss.
Holy- Disc 1, received at Holy Shrine, used to heal Shana from illness.
Thunder- Disc 1, received after final battle in Disc 1.
Water- Disc 2, Defeat Sea Dragon boss.
Earth- Disc 3/4, bought from street merchant at Town with Fighting 
Void- Disc 4, receive before final battle.

You may be wondering, if you can only cast spells in Dragoon form how would 
you be able to use elemental magic when not in Dragoon form or when you are 
out of MP? In comes magic items. Magic items can be bought, found or dropped 
by enemies. You use them like items for a one time only blast of elemental 
mayhem. Some of this items allow the player to boost them up by rapidly 
pummeling the O button just like the GF Boost in FF8. More powerful spells 
cost a bomb or are harder to find.

Magic spells can be used by Dragoons with the expansion of MP. Here is the 
list of spells learned by the character’s Dragoon Stones, the levels at 
which they are learnt and their effects, the name translations may not be 
accurate as I have exactly no clue on how to properly translate Japanese 
text DIRECTLY to English:
Lv1 Fireball- Dart pummels a fireball into a single enemy. 10MP
Lv2 Eruption- Flames erupt from the ground damaging all enemies. 20MP
Lv3 Fire Strike- Dart charges through a single enemy, causing great damage. 
Lv5 Red Dragon- Heavy Fire damage to all enemies. 80MP

#Dart (with King Dragon Dragoon Stone)
Lv1 Dragon Vulcan- Devastating Void damage to all enemies. 50MP
Lv2 Dragon Cannon- Devastating Void damage to one enemy. 50MP

Lv1 Moonlight- Heals the HP of 1 character and restores status. 10MP
Lv2 Divine Blast- Weak Holy damage on all enemies. 20MP
Lv3 Angel Voice- Heals HP of party, restores fallen characters. 30MP
Lv5 White Dragon- Heavy Holy damage to all enemies and restores party’s HP. 

Lv1 Life Drain- Drains HP of one enemy to heal entire party. 10MP
Lv2 Evil Shatter- Weak Dark damage to all enemies, may cause Fear to 
enemies. 20MP
Lv3 Shadow Gate- Destroys all enemies. Bosses unaffected. 30MP
Lv5 Black Dragon- Heavy Dark damage to a single enemy. 80MP

Lv1 Wind Hawk- Weak Wind damage on all enemies. 20MP
Lv2 Wind Barrier- Halves damage received by party members for 3 turns. 20MP
Lv3 Wind Blast- Heavy Wind damage to a single enemy. 30MP
Lv5 Green Dragon- Heavy Wind damage to all enemies. 80MP

Lv1 Ice Blast- Water damage to a single enemy. 10MP
Lv2 Healing Rain- Restores party’s HP and increases defenses slightly. 20MP
Lv3 Ice Blade- Water damage to all enemies. 30MP
Lv4 Blue Dragon- Heavy Water attack on one enemy. 80MP

Lv1 Thunder Sphere- Weak Thunder damage to a single enemy. 10MP
Lv2 Thunder Blast- Strong Thunder damage to one enemy. causes Knocked Cold. 
Lv3 Raijin Strike- Heavy Thunder damage to a single enemy. 30MP
Lv4 Purple Dragon- Devastating lightning blast on a single enemy. 80MP

Lv1 Quake- Weak Earth damage to all enemies. 20MP
Lv2 Meteor Strike- Strong Earth damage to all enemies. 30MP
Lv5 Yellow Dragon- Heavy Earth Damage. 80MP

The World Map is not just for you to have your character travel from one 
point to another. By zooming out twice, you’ll come across an overall map 
with two arrows. The Red arrow is your current location, the Blue arrow is 
your next destination! This feature can be misleading in the late parts of 
the game though. Your characters can only travel in areas with beads leading 
to them. The special enemies can ONLY be encountered on the World Map. Refer 
to the Hints and Tips section of the FAQ for more info on the special 

The currency used is GP. Money is hard to come by in the game, so try to 
save as much as possible. The best weapons, armor and items WILL make you 
cry to the bank! The best way to save money is to minimize the use of items 
and if you have the Pocketstation, you can transfer items and money found in 
the mini-game into the game.

The status screen is shows information on your characters, translated as 
follows, the options are:
1) Status
2) Items
2a) Use item
2b) Discard
2c) Arrange
2d) Important Items
3) Equip weapons and armor
4) Additional Combo settings
5) Change party members
6) Options-music, dragoon animation on/off, vibration
7) Pocketstation
8) Save Game

Green bubbles- Poison, character takes damage each turn.
Yellow ?s- Confusion, loose control of character.
Pink hearts- Charmed, attacks team members.
Black circles- Blind, cannot attack, wears off with time.
Lying down, 0HP- Fainted, cannot do anything until revived or recovers after 
Lying down, Rock- Stoned, cannot do anything, game over if everyone is 
Lying down, blue circles and a yellow sphere- Knocked Cold, cannot do 
anything until woken.
Character looks weak, gains 0SP when attacking- Drained, cannot gain SP.
Blue skulls- Fear, character deals half damage, receives double damage.

The final battle in Legend of Dragoon is though and many people out there 
say it’s near impossible. I have decided to give some helpful tips and list 
the bulk of the attacks that I have seen of the final bosses.
Item Preparation:
Though it is not necessary for you to have all the listed items. Having as 
much of them as possible however, will make the final battle much easier.
a) Healing Items- bring multi-character healing items that heal half to all 
HP to all members. You cannot afford to slowly heal one character at a time! 
Bring about 10.
b) Magic restores- Require at least 7, if you have the one that restores the 
MP of all characters it will be an added bonus.
c) Revives- Bring at least 8! You’ll need to be able to revive your 
characters! Duh!
d) Magic items- Multi-hitting spell items help out in certain situations. 
Bring at least 5
e) SP Potions- to restore 100SP quickly for emergencies. If you don’t have 
any then add 2 more Magic restores to your inventory.

Equipment Preparation:
a) Accessories or armor that increase your MP is an added plus for this 
battle. So far I have found a ring that doubles my MP, though I forgot where 
I found it and a helm that increases a characters MP by 50%. I equip the 
ring on Dart to allow him to use his Dragon Vulcan and Dragon Cannon attacks 
more often.
b) Legend Armor and Legend Helm. Yep, it’s those 10000 GP monster armors in 
the two weapon shops in the game. Though it is not necessary to have them it 
does make the battle easier. If you struggled and purchased these babies 
before entering the Final Dungeon, good for you. I bought one of each for 
Dart, allowing him to really last in the final battle!
c) If you didn’t buy the Legend Armor and Helm, then make sure you buy those 
Dragoon Armors in the Final Dungeon. They really add a lot to your Magic 
Defense and will allow you to survive the powerful spells used by the Boss. 
No kidding.

Level and skill preparation:
a) Make sure the characters of choice you are going to use in the final 
battle are at least Level 40+ and have already MASTERED their final combos, 
the enemies in the Final dungeon are powerful and give lots of EXP. I used 
Dart, Ros’e and Leenus for the final battle. Dart’s final combo is quite 
easy to execute once you get the hang of it, not to mention it will dish out 
450% damage!
b) The chosen characters must have maxed their Dragoons at Level 5.
c) Equip the best possible weapons and armor you have and prepare to fight!
d) Enter the battle with all characters’ SP bars fully charged!

Boss Forms:
The battlefield will span 6 Generations. From the creation of the world to 
it’s predicted End. The Final Boss will take 4 different forms through these 
6 generations. This might interest you gamers. The total HP of the boss 
remains the same for all 4 forms and the more damage you deal to the boss’s 
first form the better! All damage estimates are dependent on the strength of 
your armor and the level of your characters so they may not be accurate.
a) 1st Form: Boss and 4 tentacles.
This form of the Boss is the easiest. He uses mainly high-level Earth and 
Dark type magic. Use Dart’s Dragon Vulcan and some multi-hitting spells or 
attacks to take out the tentacles. Once the tentacles are out of the way, 
unleash Dragon Cannon and all the most powerful attacks of your characters. 
You should be dealing at least 3000 damage each turn. This form has the 
lowest defense so the more damage you succeed in dealing, the more easier it 
will be to deal with the other 3 forms.
b) 2nd Form: Boss with sword and cannons.
Most of this bosses attacks target a single character, but can be damaging 
due to his increased speed and power. This boss attacks very quickly with a 
laser sword which deals around 300-750 HP damage to a character. He also 
uses the Dart’s Dragon Cannon attack, dealing 600-1800 HP damage to a 
character. He also uses the Galaxy Cannon occasionally, causing around 
1000-2000 HP in damage to all characters. Occasionally he will suck up one 
character for about 2-3 turns and then shooting him/her out at another 
character. This causes around 600-1500 HP damage to both characters and can 
be pretty irritating!
c) 3rd Form: Spacecraft/gun form!?
This boss has varying attacks depending on the time of day.
Night: will summon out 4 projectiles and uses them to attack all party 
members for a small amount of damage. Shoots a globe at a single character 
for 200-1000 HP damage and the occasional Galaxy Cannon. Some physical 
Daytime: uses a large fireball on all characters, causing 500-1500 HP 
damage. A Gravity Press attack on all characters, causing 600-1800 HP 
damage. Globe shooting and physical attacks as usual, he also uses a 
powerful Fire based attack on all characters. Dish out as much damage as 
possible to this form of the boss as well. I managed to get his life down to 
Yellow, which meant I was half done. Yeah!
d) Final Form: Horseshoe Crab?
This is THE toughest form of the boss. If you had successfully managed to 
bring the HP of the previous 3 forms down, this boss SHOULD have at least 
have lost more than 50% of it’s HP. This is one battle you do NOT want to 
prolong since you’ll probably be running out of restorative items by now. 
This is going to be one desperate battle! The boss uses devastating and 
high-level spells. You have the usual Earth and Dark spells together with a 
Holy and Wind spells and the devastating Ice Circle attack that can 
seriously cripple or kill off your entire party outright! Dealing between 
1000-4500 HP in water damage! That’s why I said armor with High Magic 
Defense is a must! There is also a slightly less devastating tornado attack 
that deals around 1500-2500 HP damage to all characters. The boss also 
attacks with Confusion Song which can cause Confuse to all your characters 
and if this happens, it could very well mean the end! Do NOT change all your 
characters into Dragoons at the same time! This boss uses an Energy Field 
attack which reduces the power and defense of all Dragoons to 10%! You can 
tell if the boss is going to use this attack when he spawns two ‘helpers’. 
Limit the use of Dragoons in this battle! The boss also uses the Angel 
Assault attack on one character occasionally, causing around 1200-3000 HP 
damage. The boss also uses a Lightning Laser, causing around 600 to 1500 HP 
damage to a single character. The Hologram attack is just a simple physical 
attack that hits six times causing around 600-1800 HP in damage. The 
‘helpers’ are deadly against Dragoons when the Energy Field is in effect. 
The use normal physical attacks, a spore attack that does around 
2000-8000(eek) HP damage to a Dragoon with the Energy Field in effect, it 
does around 200-800 HP in damage when the Energy Field is no longer in 
effect. They also have a kamikaze attacks that instantly kills one character 
and the ‘helper’. They also have an incredibly funny attack where the 
‘helper’ sends one of your character to another realm and you gain control 
of the ‘helper’! The ‘helper’ has two choosable attacks, a normal physical 
attack and a Special Attack where the ‘helper’ does the Macarena to restore 
the HP of the other two characters! Really funny stuff! The battle ends when 
Dart automatically transforms and deals the deathblow with a Dragon Cannon 
Blast. After that, enjoy one of the best RPG endings ever! Don’t forget to 
wait for the credits to roll finish!

For those of you fortunate to get your hands on a Pocketstation, the playing 
of Legend of Dragoon is going to be more fun! The Pocketstation mini-game 
require 9 Blocks of Memory. In the mini-game, you take control of a digger. 
Your job is to search for money and items. The digger can become stronger if 
you find special items to increase his stats. You mainly travel around 
underground tunnels looking for treasure. You will encounter enemies which 
you have to defeat and the occasional boss! Defeating a boss nets you a rare 
or unique item that cannot be found in the main game and can be found only 
in the Pocketstation mini-game! All the money and items you find can be 
transferred to the main game to be used! This is the ONLY way to get items 
you cannot find in the main game! Though the items you can find are not 
necessary for the story in the main game, they do help in making battles 
easier. The rarest item I found so far is an accessory that can be sold for 
5000GP at a shop and really boosts the characters stats! This is one reason 
to go out and find a Pocketstation!

Warning!: May contain SPOILERS!
Recently, I’ve been getting mail inquiring into the more complex parts of 
the games story, well, I can’t reply to all the messages I get, so I’m 
taking the effort to explain some of the deeper aspects of the game’s story 
for everyone who wants to know! These are all the plots people have been 
asking me, though they might not be 100% accurate, it’s the best I can do 
with my Japanese to English dictionary and my ‘unreliable’ friends okay? But 
I welcome corrections, E-mail me if you know something I don’t. I’ll post 
you in the Credit section if your information is correct. I’ll do checks! 
Feel free to contribute too!

  In the world of Legend of Dragoon, there are believed to be 108 existing 
races. Common sense will tell you that some of this races didn’t really get 
along. About thousands of years ago, the race of Humans waged a war with the 
race of the Winged, humans with the ability to fly naturally.
  The purpose of the war was lost in time. Some said it was due to a major 
dispute, some say a great evil fanned the flames of the war and some think 
it was over the Tree of God. The Winged were at an advantage in the early 
part of the war, easily routing the Human forces with Magic and airborne 
assaults. The Humans were about to lose when they discovered the ability to 
use the spirits of deceased dragons to transform into Dragoons. This new 
found powers gave Humans a great advantage and eventually the tide of the 
war turned.
  The final outcome is unknown, but one things for sure, Humans have 
occupied almost every inch of the world and nothing is known of what had 
happened to the Winged.

  The story begins with Ros’e observing the Emerald Fang Dragon hunting in 
the forest. She senses something and proceeds to enter the forest.
We then shift to a scene of the army of a tyrannical King razing the village 
of Shana’s Father, who is the Elder. Many are killed and the Commander that 
led the assault together with a hooded man come across the unconscious 
Shana. The Commander uses a glowing orb and mentioned something about Shana 
being ‘the One’. The hooded man ordered for her to be taken to the nearby 
Prison until further orders.
  Dart was adopted by the village Elder when he was young and he is 
currently resting a clearing in the forest oblivious to what is happening to 
his adopted village until he hears the hoof beats of some Riders. He 
confronts one of them but before he can do anything, Emerald Fang appears 
and sends everyone bolting. Ros’e eventually saves him and he immediately 
runs to the village. Ros’e feels something familiar about Dart.
  The story then starts with earnest when Dart breaks into the prison and 
meets up with Ravits, the two of them then raise one hell of a ruckus and 
rescue Shana. Unaware of the conspiracy the were about to get embroiled in.

Dart originally lived in a village in the Northern parts of the continent. 
18 years ago when Dart was 5 years old, his village was under attack by the 
Black Demon. His father, who is a Dragoon user takes Dart to safety before 
running off with his wife and other companions to do battle with the Black 
Demon, who had already established a stronghold in the skies. Dart’s parents 
never made it back though the Demon was vanquished. It is later learnt that 
Ros’e was the only survivor, or is she? All will be answered in Disc 4 so 
I’m not going to give any spoilers!

The Dragons in Legend of Dragoon are incredibly fearsome and powerful 
creatures of various shapes. Some look like giant fish or even fighter jets! 
The dragons also have their own hierarchy, with the weaker dragon bowing 
down to the stronger one. The color of their eyes indicate their power and 
age. The King Dragon was the most powerful and most feared of all the 
dragons. Not to mention it is also the most ancient. The King Dragon was 
finally sealed away in Fire Dragon Mountain thousands of years ago. 
Recently, the King Dragon has awakened and eventually breaks free in Disc 3. 
Leveling a city in an awesome display of fury and power. Dart and gang will 
eventually have to confront it. The dragons of the Dragoon stones Dart and 
gang posses were formerly dragons lower in level than the King Dragon that 
is why Dart and gang were told NOT to use their Dragoon powers when fighting 
King Dragon. You can use your Dragoon powers if you want but don’t blame me 
if you get pummeled into oblivion!

Dragoon Stones are actually the spirits of long deceased dragons. The powers 
of dragons can be harnessed in two ways. One is through Dragoon Stones which 
come in the shape of the deceased dragon’s eye or though their actual spirit 
which look like dragon embryos and are encountered in the middle of Disc 4.

~ You can tell the remaining HP of an enemy by the selection arrow above it. 
Blue indicates it still has a lot of HP, Yellow means it has already lost at 
least 50% of it’s Hp and Red means that the enemy has less than 25% of it’s 
HP remaining. Use this as a gauge to plan your attacks!
~ Running is easy and almost always successful, run if you are in trouble!
~ Save money! Duh!
~ Use healing pools or fireflies to restore health to save money and healing 
whenever possible!
~ Master all combos to make battles easier!
~ Conserve MP! Use lower level spells instead of high level Dragon summons 
if the battle is a long one!
~ Use Dragon summons only if it is absolutely necessary. At 80-100MP a pop, 
you know what I mean.
~ Certain boss battles require you to answer questions correctly instead of 
attacking, others require that you answer correctly in order to damage a 
boss! Be warned!
~ Do not rely on Dragoons too much and try to work on your Additional Combos 
more often!
~ There are some battles where using Dragoons can prove fatal! One such 
example is the battle with the King Dragon in Disc 3.
~ Keep one or two magic items in standby for emergencies!
~ Due to lack of space, plan beforehand how many of each item you want to 
keep in the inventory. You have only 32 slots for perishable items.
~ Save often!
~ Certain Status Effects can be canceled simply by having the affected 
character transform into a Dragoon! Use this to your advantage!
~ The Holy Dragoon is the only one capable of using revive magic at level 3! 
Make it a priority to train Shana’s/Leenus’ Dragoon!
~ Defending not only halves the damage your character receives, it also 
restores 10% of the character’s HP! This will help save on using potions!
~ Build the levels of your characters as high as possible! This may take 
~ Talk to everyone if you are stumped.
~ Yellow text indicate names of places and people.
~ Red text indicate important items or information. Take note!
~ There are some special enemies with incredibly high defenses and always 
deal 10% of   a character’s HP in damage. They are fast and run away often. 
You can encounter them only on the Map Screen. Defeating one nets you 1000+ 
~ The Earth Dragoon Stone can only be bought in Disc 3 or 4 at the Town 
where the Fighting Tournament was held! Don’t miss it out!
~ Use normal or Void based attacks on enemies with the Void element as they 
are usually strong against all the other elemental attacks.
~ Stardust can be found by searching fireplaces, barrels, tables 
flowers...etc in towns.
~ There is an optional boss in Disc 3 in the snow area where everyone camped 
out in the cave. Just before exiting, explore a little. You will be 
surprised. The boss carries a red sword and is very powerful. If you can’t 
find him, don’t ask me, I ain’t telling! :)

21) Credit & Thanks
I, Jeremy Tan, have pieced this FAQ together by myself (so far). I give 
thanks to my trusty mugs of coffee and those ‘unreliable’ friends who have 
been encouraging me to write this FAQ.

22) Copyright Info
This FAQ is written by me, Jeremy Tan Meng Hui of Singapore for the sole 
purpose of giving players a head start in the game. Do not steal this FAQ as 
your own as stated in by Law, you can be sued! It is however allowed to have 
this FAQ displayed in web pages as long as this FAQ remains unaltered. 
Permission must be granted to have information from this FAQ to be used in 
magazines or books that are for sale. Copyright 22nd December 1999.