FAQ/Walkthrough by abbisonny

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FAQ/Walkthrough by abbisonny

Version: 2.1 | Updated: 08/20/13

  *   )    )         )\ )                            (           (
` )  /( ( /(    (   (()/(    (   (  (     (          )\ )        )\ )
 ( )(_)))\())  ))\   /(_))  ))\  )\))(   ))\  (     (()/(    (  (()/(
(_(_())((_)\  /((_) (_))   /((_)((_))\  /((_) )\ )   ((_))   )\  /(_))
|_   _|| |(_)(_))   | |   (_))   (()(_)(_))  _(_/(   _| |   ((_)(_) _|
  | |  | ' \ / -_)  | |__ / -_) / _` | / -_)| ' \))/ _` |  / _ \ |  _|
  |_|  |_||_|\___|  |____|\___| \__, | \___||_||_| \__,_|  \___/ |_|
    )\ )
   (()/(   (       )  (  (
    /(_))  )(   ( /(  )\))(  (    (    (
   (_))_  (()\  )(_))((_))\  )\   )\   )\ )
    |   \  ((_)((_)_  (()(_)((_) ((_) _(_/(
    | |) || '_|/ _` |/ _` |/ _ \/ _ \| ' \))
    |___/ |_|  \__,_|\__, |\___/\___/|_||_|


This walkthrough is dedicated to my awesome older brother who introduced me to this game.

By abbisonny

Version 2.1


This is a walkthrough for The Legend of Dragoon for the PlayStation. I hope you find it very useful for places you may be stuck. If you are looking for anything specific, just press Ctrl+F and type in whatever youre looking for.

If this is your first time playing this game, dont bother listening to any of my training tips. The main thing you want to do is get the game over with and discover the plot, although training would make the game a bit easier. If not, then I would suggest making a goal of training each character completely, and I can give some tips for that. But you dont have to do what I say, obviously, as you are the one playing it.

For this guide I mostly took my favorite things about a couple of other ones and mashed them together to make the ultimate guide to The Legend of Dragoon.

Version 2.1: First version to be formatted as a formatted FAQ on GameFAQs. This version will most likely soon be revised, tweaked, and reposted.


The characters of this game are extremely important, as is knowing each of their stats. Each character represents a sub-plot in the game, developing as the characters do from beginning to end. Knowing their stats is vital if you are planning to do a good job in this game and survive the battles. Here Ive listed what they appeared to be to me.

I have included first a paragraph describing the story of each character, JUST BEFORE meeting them. The second paragraph is a summary of each characters statistics and my evaluation of their battle skills.

As far as whether the stats are average or something like that, this is how I calculated it. I listed all the stats each character had at a certain level (32 in this case). Then I listed them in order from greatest to smallest. The highest was in each stat was listed as Really High, the next level as High, the next as Average-High, then Average, Average-Low, Low, and Really Low. I then listed them here as you see them on the page.

v1.7 note:

Before and while making this walkthrough, I fought in a way that focused heavily on the physical characters, as opposed to magical. However, since then, I have discovered the power of the magical characters. I still have aught against their low Hit Points, but the fact of the matter is, no matter who you use in this game, as long as you use three characters consistently, they will be powerful.


Dart is twenty-three years old and has been on a journey for the past five years searching for the Black Monster, the monster that torched Darts hometown of Neet to the ground eighteen years ago. Both his parents died in the fire, and all he inherited was a mysterious glowing memento from his father.

Hes a pretty round-about guy when it comes to stats. Hes average in nearly everything. This is a good thing, sort of, because Dart is the one character that is always by default in your party and almost never leaves. He has a wide variety of Additions, and when trained properly, he can be quite the warrior.

Element:         Fire
Weakness:        Water
Weapons:         Long Sword/Broad Sword
Hit Points (HP): Average-High
Attack:          Average
Defense:         Average
Magic Attack:    Average-High
Magic Defense:   Average
Speed:           Average-Low

Dragoon Magic:

FlameshotFire Single 50%10
ExplosionFire All 25%20
Final BurstFire Single 75%30
Red-Eyed DragonFire All 175%80


Lavitz Slambert is a knight in the service of King Albert of Basil. He is head of the First Knighthood, but his entire squadron was killed in a battle with the Imperial Sandora, and he was captured. Dart meets him as he is breaking out of Hellena Prison, where Sandora stows all their prisoners of war.

Lavitz is a powerful guy physically; but magically, he isnt that great. So I wouldnt use him for all the magic attacks if I were you. He has a very powerful attack and defense, especially when given the right Addition. Few of his Additions are SP based, but rather focus on power (Additions). His high number of Hit Points enables him to withstand heavy damage.

Element:         Wind
Weakness:        Earth
Weapons:         Lance/Spear
Hit Points (HP): High
Attack:          High
Defense:         High
Magic Attack:    Low
Magic Defense:   Low
Speed:           Low

Dragoon Magic:

Wing BlasterWind All 35%20
Blossom Storm50% Damage to Party for 3 Turns20
GasplessWind Single 100%30
Jade DragonWind All 75%80


Shana is an eighteen-year-old girl from Seles who is in love with Dart. Dart, however, feels differently and prefers to see her as his baby sister for years. Still, Shana keeps up hope that someday he will change his mind. She is very sweet and genteel, and it is most curious when she alone is captured and taken to Hellena Prison, where we meet her after Dart risks his life to save her.

Shana, when used wisely, can be fantastic in your party. Her attack and defense are both dramatically low, but her Magic Attack/Defense are both the highest in the game. Her low Hit points are a drawback, but this can be corrected with various equipment. When trained, her healing powers can save your party from complete defeat.

Element:         Light
Weakness:        Dark
Weapon:          Bow and Arrow
Hit Points (HP): Average-Low
Attack:          Really Low
Defense:         Really Low
Magic Attack:    Really High
Magic Defense:   Really High
Speed:           High

Dragoon Magic:

Moon Light100% Single Ally Restore and Revive10
Star ChildrenLight All 25%20
Gates of Heaven100% All Allies Recover30
White Silver DragonLight All 100%; All Allies Recover80


Rose is a mysterious character whose history nobody really knows. She knows too much about things nobody could know about, and doesnt seem to want to tell anybody where she learned all these historical facts. She is a little cross at times, doesnt understand jokes, and doesnt ever smile. She enters the story by saving Darts life, twice.

Rose is a fantastic character. She has a good defense and Magic Defense, although neither is "great." Her attack is kind of low, but her final weapon has a higher attack than any other. Her two major fallbacks are that a) she has very low Hit points, and even using items doesnt help as much as I personally would like, and b) you have to make it through the entire game before you get her final weaponright before the final battle. But once again, trained properly, she has powerful skills.

Element:         Dark
Weakness:        Light
Weapon:          Short Sword/Rapier
Hit Points (HP): Low
Attack:          Average-Low
Defense:         Average-High
Magic Attack:    Average
Magic Defense:   Average-High
Speed:           Average

Dragoon Magic:

Astral DrainDark Single 25%; All Allies Recover20
ExplosionDark All 25%; May Cause Fear20
Demon's GateDark Lethal Attack to All Minor Enemies30
Dark DragonDark Single 100%80


Haschel is a sixty-three year old man who, twenty-five years ago, lost his daughter when she ran away. Five years later he set out in search of her, but found instead Dart and his companions. Dart and Haschel have met before in the five years before the beginning of this game and still remember each other.

Haschel, in my opinion, doesnt have enough outstanding skills to be incredibly useful to me. However, many people use him for his speed; he is the one of the fastest characters in the game. His attack is decent, but the rest of his stats (discounting speed) are too low for my liking. But trained correctly, and perhaps equipped with the right equipment, he can be a master hit man.

Element:         Thunder
Weakness:        Nothing
Weapon:          Fist
Hit Points (HP): Average
Attack:          Average-High
Defense:         Average
Magic Attack:    Average-Low
Magic Defense:   Average-Low
Speed:           Average-High

Dragoon Magic:

Atomic MindThunder Single 50%10
Thunder KidThunder Single 65%20
Thunder GodThunder Single 75%30
Violet DragonThunder Single 100%80


Albert is the king of Basil. He is the best friend of Lavitz, next to Dart. When Imperial Sandora attacks Bale, Basils capital, King Albert offers himself up as hostage to ensure that no people will be harmed. We meet him when Dart and company come to save him in Hellena Prison.

See Lavitz. Note: When Albert is acquired, Blossom Storm becomes Rose Storm.


Meru is a young dancer from Tiberoa with curious platinum-colored hair. She is the quirkiest thing you will ever find, and works constantly to learn about love and romance. We meet Meru in a lovely town full of flowers when she beats up some bandits and insists on coming with Dart on his journey. At the time she has no idea what shes getting herself into, but feels she is going to be able to help out somehow.

Meru has incredible Magic Attack and Defense, but low physical attack and defense. She has the highest speed in the game, and the lowest Hit Points among the main characters. Her high Magic abilities make her excellent in combat, combined with her top speed, enabling her to get in more hits. But in this game, no character is ideal; her low HP can make her more a vulnerability at times, especially against enemies with high attacks.

Element:         Water
Weakness:        Fire
Weapon:          Hammer
Hit Points (HP): Really Low
Attack:          Low
Defense:         Low
Magic Attack:    High
Magic Defense:   High
Speed:           Really High

Dragoon Magic:

Freezing RingWater Single 50%20
Rainbow BreathAll Allies Recover and Cure20
Diamond DustWater All 50%30
Blue Sea DragonWater Single 100%80


Kongol is a Giganto, a race of extremely tall and almost brutish people. Way back when he was a little boy (or as little as Gigantos get), humans destroyed his hometown, and Emperor Doel saved him. Because of this and Doels show of power, Kongol was loyal to Emperor Doel until he was defeated by Dart and company. Eventually, he joins Dart because he wants to see how far he can go in the world with his power that is so much greater than Doels was.

Kongol is ALL physical and NOTHING magical. He is the best physical player you have, although Alberts leveled up Gust of Wind Dance Addition can best Kongols Inferno. He has a really poor magic defense, so some precaution is needed against more magical enemies. Giving him various defensive equipment helps immensely. Hes also very slow, but some pieces of equipment help with that as well. His high HP is a lifesaver on many occasions.

Element:         Earth
Weakness:        Wind
Weapon:          Axe
Hit Points (HP): Really High
Attack:          Really High
Defense:         Really High
Magic Attack:    Really Low
Magic Defense:   Really Low
Speed:           Really Low

Dragoon Magic:

Grand StreamEarth All 25%10
Meteor StrikeEarth All 50%30
Golden DragonEarth All 75%80


Miranda is the First Sacred Sister of Mille Seseau. She loses her temper very easily and can get annoying. She really doesnt like Rose. She doesnt have the best history in the world, so that excuses her from some things she does. Her main passion is Queen Theresa, who is like a mother to her. She would willingly give her life for the queen. She joins our party after realizing a terrible threat that looms over Mille Seseau.

See Shana.

Divine Dragoon

There is only one other thing here: one character eventually receives the Divine Dragon Dragoon Spirit. This is completely Non-Elemental. This is by far the strongest Dragoon in the entire game. Here are the Magic Attacks:

Dragoon Magic:

Divine Dragon BallNon-Elemental Single 50%50
Divine Dragon CannonNon-Elemental All 100%50


Controls are very important, as with any game. Here I will tell you each button and what it does.

X Button

The X button is by far the most used in the game.

It is used to:

  1. Confirm any command
  2. Complete Additions in battle
  3. Check for Stardust
  4. Continue a conversation
  5. Talk to people
  6. Complete an action when a yellow ! appears over Darts head

O Button

The O button is used to exit from menus or choices and run when using the arrows to maneuver. Also, you can use it to block counterattacks during Additions in battle.

Square Button

The square button is used to (1) get on the Queen Fury when youre on the ocean on the World Map and (2) hop on Coolon after Aglis in the fourth disc.

Triangle Button

The triangle button is used to open the main menu and sort lists of items.

Left Analog Stick

The left analog stick (if you have a modern PS controller) allows you to move or choose a command.

Arrow Keys

The arrow keys allow you to choose a command or move.

R1/L1 Buttons

The R1 and L1 buttons rotate the camera to the left and right when youre on the World Map. In normal gameplay (not on the World Map) it changes the length of the arrows above Dart and entrances/exits, which can also be changed in the menu.

R2/L2 Buttons

The R2 and L2 buttons zoom in and out when youre on the World Map, and the R2 changes the direction of the camera in battle.


In towns, you can stock up on items, weapons, and heal your party. Most important story line events occur in towns. Here you will find other characters in the game, mostly without any real names unless they play a part in the plotline. You can talk to these people and sometimes get some interesting information; but otherwise, theyre just basically there to make the towns appear populated.

There are different types of buildings you can enter while in a town. Each has a differently colored arrow over the door, signifying which type of area it is.

Item Shops (Blue Arrows)

You can buy items here, obviously. They sell healing items, attack items, and other items.

Weapon Shops (Blue Arrows)

These sell weapons, armor, and accessories.

Inns (Yellow Arrows)

Staying at inns instantly heals your entire party, health and MP. Just talk to whoever is behind the counter and pay up, then youll automatically rest and be healed.

Clinics (Yellow Arrows)

Clinics heal the entire party of calamities, such as Poison and Fear. You will need to pay here as well.

Other Areas (Green Arrows)

These are just everywhere else, from castles to homes to saunas.


The menu is, of course, where most of the work of the game is done, discounting battles. Here you can equip armor, change Additions, replace characters, and use items.

In the top left-hand corner of the main menu, you will see where you are located in the game. The top shows which chapter, and the bottom shows which area you are in.

In the bottom left-hand corner of the main menu, youll find a list of which Dragoon Spirits you have, how much time you have spent on your game, how much money you have, and how many Stardust you have currently found.

In the main menu, there are seven choices: Status, Item, Armed, Addition, Replace, Config, and Save.


Status simply displays the status of each character. In the top left-hand corner, it displays which character you are looking at, his health, SP, MP, calamities, experience, level, and Dragoon level (more information below). The top right-hand corner displays what pieces of armor he is wearing. The bottom right-hand corner is his Dragoon magic, if he has any. Each character receives a new Dragoon magic attack on Dragoon levels 1, 2, 3, and 5, with the exception of Kongol, who only receives them on 1, 3, and 5. The bottom left-hand corner contains the stats of the character.

  1. AT (Attack)refers to how strong a characters physical attack is in battle. This rises with level and better weapons or accessories.
  2. DF (Defense)refers to how well the character can withstand physical attacks in battle. This rises with level and better armor or accessories.
  3. MAT (Magic Attack)refers to how strong a characters magic attacks are in battle. This rises with level and various accessories or armor.
  4. MDF (Magic Defense)refers to how well a character can withstand magical attacks in battle. This rises with level and various accessories or armor.
  5. Speedrefers to how fast a character is, which determines when and how often he hits in battle, as well as his chances of escape when choosing the Run Away feature. This rises only with various accessories or armor.
  6. A-HIT (Attack Hit)refers to the chances a character has to hit the enemy with physical attacks. This rises only with accessories or armor.
  7. M-HIT (Magic Hit)refers to the chances a character has to hit the enemy with magical attacks. This rises only with accessories or armor.
  8. A-AV (Attack Avoid)refers to the chances a character has to avoid the physical attack of an enemy. This rises only with accessories or armor.
  9. M-AV (Magic Avoid)refers to the chances a character has to avoid the magical attack of an enemy. This rises only with accessories or armor.

The five columns signify (1) which stat is being discussed, (2) the level of stat given only through the skill of the characters body (most of which rise with level), (3) how much the equipment the character is wearing affects the stat, (4) the total of the first two, and (5) the percentage of increase in stats when turned into a Dragoon.


"Item" is the choice to access the various item commands.

The first, Use, brings up a list of the usable items and each character. Choose the item of choice, and then choose the character to use it on. If the character has a calamity, his name will flash accordingly.

"Discard" shows a list of all your items, both weapons/armor and battle/healing items. Simply choose the one you wish to discard and select "Yes" when it appears.

"List" just shows you a list of all items you have. You can sort them by type by pressing triangle.


The Armed choice pulls up a screen much like the one under Status; however, in the bottom right-hand corner, you instead have the various equipment you can choose to equip to the character. In the stats screen, a stat will show blue when the highlighted equipment is beneficial to that stat, and red when it is detrimental. However, before you simply equip whatever seems to have the best stats, make sure you check the other benefits as well. These are displayed in the very bottom of the right-hand side.


The Addition screen shows the various Additions each player can use. Not all of them have very many Additions. (More info later.) The top shows the character. The chart has the name of the Addition, the Number of strikes in each Addition, the Damage percentage, the current level of the Addition, and the number of completed Additions until leveling it up.


In the Replace screen, you can change the characters in your party. You can never switch out Dart, but everyone else you can, except for certain story events. Whoever is in the second slot will be to Darts right, and the last to his left.


The "Config" option lets you configure various things in your game. The Vibrate option lets you turn on or off the controller vibration. The "Sound" option lets you choose the way you want to have the sound come out of your speakers. Just choose whichever you prefer. The Morph option lets you change whether your Dragoon transformations are short or normal. Sometimes, seeing them transform over and over can get tedious, in which case you can change this option to Short. The "Note" option helps you change whether the arrows above Dart and entrances/exits flash, stay, or just arent there.


"Saving saves a copy of your game on your memory card. Save is not always an option you can choose. The only places you can save are at save points throughout the story, on the World Map, or at the and of each chapter, except the last one.


This game consists mostly of battles. All your skill and strategy go into these, so (especially if youre new to this game) listen to all the information I have here.

A battle begins by showing the characters you have chosen for your party and then the enemies, or vice versa. There is a blue box on the bottom of the screen that shows your characters names and other information. Each section looks like kind of like this:

Picture of CharacterName of Character
HP:Current HP/Maximum HP
MP:Current MP/Maximum MP
SP:==========Turns you will stay a Dragoon

When your character is at full to half HP (Health Points), the arrow above his head and the number of current HP will be blue. If their HP is knocked down to half, it will turn yellow. If it reaches one-fourth, it will turn red.

MP (Magic Points) is used to perform Dragoon magic attacks. If it runs out, you can no longer perform any magic attacks.

SP (Spirit Points) is gained through Additions (see info below). When it reaches 100 (a full bar), the number to the right will say 1. At 200, it says 2, and so on, up to 500.

Battle Menu

The normal battle menu has up to six options: Attack, Guard, Item, Escape, Dragoon, and Special.


Choosing Attack simply attacks the chosen enemy physically. The use of Additions is described later.


The Guard option can help immensely in any battle. Each time you guard, that character heals 10% of his maximum health, and any attacks on him that follow will do half damage. Guarding is extremely useful is you can heal someone to the maximum even if they are in red as well as save his life. Used wisely, Guarding can be one of your most useful battle tools.


Choosing Item pulls up a list of all the battle items you have: healing, attack, or other. Just choose the item and the character/enemy you would like to use it on.


The Escape option is used to run away from a battle. The higher the speed of a character, the bigger a chance you have to successfully escape.


This option only appears after the character has received his Dragoon Spirit and when he has at least 100 SP. Choosing it will transform the character into a Dragoon.


This option only appears when all three characters in your party have Dragoon Spirits and all their SP is filled to the maximum, whether that be 100 or 500. Choosing this option will turn each character into a Dragoon and change the background to match that of the element of the character that used the Special. Even if you have the Morph set on Short, the character that uses the Special will always show the long transformation.

There is also a different menu in battle: the Dragoon menu, consisting of solely two options: Attack and Magic. These options are discussed in depth later.


Calamities are such things as poison, fear, dispiriting, etc. They dampen your chances in battle to beat the opponent. They can sap your health, cause you to attack yourself, and many other detrimental things. If you have enough SP, any one of these can be cured by turning into a Dragoon. Lets say that one of your characters is confused, but the rest arent. Youre out of Mind Purifiers, but you have enough SP for a Special. If you use it, even that Confused person will snap back to his senses and become a Dragoon. Becoming a Dragoon ALWAYS cancels out any calamity on a character.


Poison is perhaps the most common calamity in the game. While a character is poisoned, his health will diminish by 10% of the maximum each turn he gets. This is signified by little green dots circulating around the infected person and can be cured by a Body Purifier.


What fear does is make all your attacks and defense drop by half. This is signified by blue skulls floating around the affected persons head and can be cured by a Mind Purifier.


Confusion is, in my opinion, the worst problem you can get. Whenever a character gets a turn in this condition, you have no control over that person. He does whatever he wants, whether thats attack himself or a comrade, guard, or run. He never attacks the enemy, uses items, or turns into a Dragoon. This is signified by yellow question marks circulating around the affected person and can be cured with a Mind Purifier.


When a character is Stunned, he simply gets his turn skipped until he is healed or the effect wears off. However, if the opponent attacks him, he will get back up. This is signified by the person lying down with blue dots hovering above him and can also be cured by a Body Purifier.


Bewitchment is just like being confused, except that when you kill the enemy that cast the spell, it wears off. This is signified by hearts floating around the affected person and can be cured by a Mind Purifier.


This is just like being dead in that the character gets no turns or experience as long as he is Petrified at the end of the battle, except that it goes away after the battle or after a certain number of turns. This is signified by the affected person 1ying down and a cone hovering over him and can be cured by a Depetrifier.

Arm Blocking

This means that for the rest of the battle (or until its cured) the character cannot attack. This is signified by black dots rotating around the affected person and can be cured by a Body Purifier.


When a character is Dispirited, he doesnt gain any SP for his attacks. This is signified by the affected person letting their weapon hang toward the ground and can be cured by a Mind Purifier.


Enemies HP has the same rules and colors as your characters.

Minor Battles

In most areas except for towns, you will encounter random battles. You will know when you are about to have one if the arrow above Dart turns red. If no battles are near, the arrow is blue, and in between is yellow.

Boss Battles

Boss battles you can always see coming. There is a person/creature/thing that always looks bigger or more powerful than everything else. Then the screen falls away and youre in your battle.

Other Battles

Some places, such as Hellena Prison and Black Castle, dont have random battles like other places. The arrow above Darts head will always be red, but you will only have battles if one of the guards touches you.


Additions are the key to this game. If you cant master Additions, youll pretty much fail the game. At the beginning, theyre not as important because you may not know how to use them. So heres what to do with these things:

When one of your characters goes to attack, youll see a blue box that gets smaller as it closes in on another box in the middle of the screen. When these two boxes meet, press X. Another way to tell is an X button to the right on the screen. When it goes down, immediately press X. In your first Additions, this will only occur once, but as you get more difficult ones, this number will increase.

Sometimes, the enemy will flash red right before you attack. This is a counterattack, and in order to block it, you need to press O instead of X. This only happens in an Addition that has three or more opportunities to press X.

On the main menu, there is an area marked Addition. If you select this, you will see a page with a characters face on top and a chart on the bottom that looks something like this:

1Double Slash11351500/20

Here is what each category means:

LV:      The level of each Addition (out of 5)
ADD:     How many times pressing X is required to complete each Addition
SP:      How many Spirit Points (SP) each completed Addition receives
Dam%:    Percentage of damage done to enemy when completed
Next LV: How many times Addition has been completed/how many times it needs to be completed to level up

Here is a list of each character and their Additions (format taken from Gbness and Cyril).

Dartís Additions

NameDouble Slash
Number of Attacks1
Level AttainedInitial
LevelDamage %SP Gained
Number of Attacks3
Level AttainedLevel 2
LevelDamage %SP Gained
NameBurning Rush
Number of Attacks2
Level AttainedLevel 8
LevelDamage %SP Gained
NameCrush Dance
Number of Attacks4
Level AttainedLevel 15
LevelDamage %SP Gained
NameMadness Hero
Number of Attacks5
Level AttainedLevel 22
LevelDamage %SP Gained
NameMoon Strike
Number of Attacks6
Level AttainedLevel 29
LevelDamage %SP Gained
NameBlazing Dynamo
Number of Attacks7
Level AttainedMastered All Additions
LevelDamage %SP Gained

Shana/MirandaóNo Additions Available

Due to Shanas and Mirandas weapon choice, they do not have any Additions.

Lavitzís and Albertís Additions

Number of Attacks1
Level AttainedInitial
LevelDamage %SP Gained
NameSpinning Cane
Number of Attacks2
Level AttainedLevel 5
LevelDamage %SP Gained
NameRod Typhoon
Number of Attacks4
Level AttainedLevel 7
LevelDamage %SP Gained
NameGust of Wind Dance
Number of Attacks6
Level AttainedLevel 11
LevelDamage %SP Gained
NameFlower Storm
Number of Attacks7
Level AttainedMastered All Additions
LevelDamage %SP Gained

Roseís Additions

NameWhip Smack
Number of Attacks1
Level AttainedInitial
LevelDamage %SP Gained
NameMore and More
Number of Attacks2
Level AttainedLevel 14
LevelDamage %SP Gained
NameHard Blade
Number of Attacks5
Level AttainedLevel 19
LevelDamage %SP Gained
NameDemon's Dance
Number of Attacks7
Level AttainedMastered All Additions
LevelDamage %SP Gained

Haschelís Additions

NameDouble Punch
Number of Attacks1
Level AttainedInitial
LevelDamage %SP Gained
NameFlurry of Styx
Number of Attacks2
Level AttainedLevel 14
LevelDamage %SP Gained
NameSummon 4 Gods
Number of Attacks3
Level AttainedLevel 18
LevelDamage %SP Gained
Name5 Ring Shattering
Number of Attacks4
Level AttainedLevel 22
LevelDamage %SP Gained
NameHex Hammer
Number of Attacks6
Level AttainedLevel 27
LevelDamage %SP Gained
NameOmni Sweep
Number of Attacks7
Level AttainedMastered All Additions
LevelDamage %SP Gained

Meruís Additions

NameDouble Smack
Number of Attacks1
Level AttainedInitial
LevelDamage %SP Gained
NameHammer Spin
Number of Attacks3
Level AttainedLevel 21
LevelDamage %SP Gained
NameCool Boogie
Number of Attacks4
Level AttainedLevel 26
LevelDamage %SP Gained
NameCat's Cradle
Number of Attacks4
Level AttainedLevel 30
LevelDamage %SP Gained
NamePerky Step
Number of Attacks7
Level AttainedMastered All Additions
LevelDamage %SP Gained

Kongolís Additions

Number of Attacks1
Level AttainedInitial
LevelDamage %SP Gained
Number of Attacks3
Level AttainedLevel 23
LevelDamage %SP Gained
NameBone Crush
Number of Attacks3
Level AttainedMastered All Additions
LevelDamage %SP Gained

Well, thats it for the Additions, but here are some tips:

You may have noticed a pattern in these. Whenever the Dam % is high, the SP is low, and vice versa. However, there is one Addition for each character (the last one) that has both. Well, how do I get these, you might ask. Mastered All Additions means that this Addition is attained when every single one before it (in that characters group) has been completed 80 times until it is level five. These Additions make the game soooooo much easier, so its great to get them, although it takes some time.

The Sequence of Battles

This ones easy. Most of the time, the character or enemy with the highest speed will attack first. Sometimes, if there is a character with really low speed (ex. Kongol) and one with really high speed (ex. Meru) the one with really high speed might attack twice or even three times a round when the other attacks only once. Naturally, the women have overall a higher speed than the men; however, Haschel is an exception.

Another thing about battles, when a character or enemy receives enough damage, the arrow above his head and the numbers representing his health change from blue to yellow. This occurs when they reach half HP. If they are hit past this to the point of 1/4 health, they will turn red. This is great if this happens to your enemies, but this is NOT good for your characters. If somebody is in red, I recommend you heal them immediately unless the person healing has such a high attack that you need it more than you need to heal that person.

Battle Strategy

Peoples battle strategies differ a lot, but this is mine. Im the type to kill the enemy as fast as I can and dont even bother with trying to poison them or something like that. For boss battles, I bring out the most powerful physically and use the one with the weakest attack to heal people. (Refer to the item list for more information.) I usually wait until someone is in red to heal them if I have Healing Fogs, but if I only have Healing Potions, I heal when they are in yellow. I utilize the Guard option immensely to heal and diminish damage. I build up each persons SP until the little bar is blinking, turn them into Dragoons, and unleash the full force of their power. (See Dragoon section for more information.) Usually this is very effective and I almost never die with this strategy.

v1.7 Insert: Having used more of the magically-based characters, I would like to insert the strategy for using them. They generally have lower defenses, and lower HP, so youll need to pay attention to their health. Healing may be more necessary, depending on how low their HP really is. Equipping these characters with items and equipment that raise their maximum HP can be immensely helpful. In more magical battles, this might not be as big a problem. Utilize their magical abilities as much as possible; have them throw Attack Items rather than Dart. Choosing the Additions that give the most SP is a good idea so that they can turn into Dragoons often. Keep a healthy stock of Sun Rhapsodies and Moon Serenades, as well as the proper Attack Items if possible.

This is how I choose my Additions: If Im just wandering around with no looming boss battles, I always use the first Addition they have that isnt level 5. For boss battles, however, I use the one with the most damage %. With this strategy, I can more easily level up all my Additions to get the final ones and still manage to beat up each boss pretty well.


Dragoons are almost as important as Additions in this game. Obviously, as that is the name of the game. Rose gives a very thorough explanation of how to use them in Hoax, but Ill give you some information here, too.


Dragoons are things of legend. They have not appeared since 11,000 years ago during the Dragon Campaign. (More information about this you can find in the game.) They are just humans, but have powerful magic, legendary armor, and fluttery wings. Almost nothing can penetrate their armor, and almost nothing can stand against their magic. A Dragoon is made when a human finds the spirit of a dragon, called a Dragoon Spirit, and uses it to unleash terrible power. These spirits are much like little translucent rocks that glow certain colors depending on which dragon they came from. Each stands for an element, of which there are seven:

  1. The Red-Eyed Dragon Dragoon Spiritfire
  2. The Blue Sea Dragon Dragoon Spiritwater
  3. The Dark Dragon Dragoon Spiritdarkness
  4. The White Silver Dragon Dragoon Spiritlight
  5. The Jade Dragon Dragoon Spiritwind
  6. The Golden Dragon Dragoon Spiritearth
  7. The Violet Dragon Dragoon Spiritthunder

Dragoons in Battle

You are not allowed to turn into Dragoons until Dart figures out how to use his Dragoon Spirit, and all the others have to find theirs before they can use them. Dragoons are used in battle with powerful attacks and magic. Each characters attack, defense, magic attack, and magic defense go up dramatically when they turn into a Dragoon. There are two attacks to use as a Dragoon: D-Attack and Magic. Most likely you will be using the magic attacks most, but first you have to know how to turn into a Dragoon.

Becoming a Dragon Knight

When a character gets a Dragoon Spirit, a little bar will appear in battle at the very bottom of the screen under their name. This represents his SP. In order to gain SP, you have to attack your enemy. Thats it. Each Addition gains a different amount of SP (see info above). When you have gained 100 SP, you can turn into a Dragoon. To do this, select the icon on the far right of the battle menu that looks like a Dragoon Spirit. Your character will have a magnificent show of turning into a Dragoon and will then be hovering on the spot with new armor, wings, and a souped-up weapon. Now you can fight with your new abilities.

Dragoon Attack Choices

First choice, D-Attack. These are VERY tricky to do. You have to get the timing perfect. What you have to do is press X every time the little light goes by he line sticking down at the top of the circle. Good luck. Theres also a little X button to the right like on the Additions, though. If you did it right, youll now you got it perfect because itll say PERFECT! as your person takes off to bludgeon the enemy. D-Attacks dont take any Magic Points (MP); however, Magic attacks do (thus the name Magic Points).

Second choice, Magic. Magic is the most useful tool in this game, besides items, of course. On this screen you can choose which attack you want to use. To the left is the name, to the right is how much MP it costs, and to the bottom is the effect of the selected magic. On level one, youll only have one magic attack, but you progress to having four total for each character (except Kongol, who has three). You choose from here what you want to do with these. However, keep in mind how much MP you have. If you dont have enough MP to do any magic, youre just going to have to use a D-Attack.

Leveling Up Dragoons

As you gain SP, your characters Dragoon level will level up, all the way to level five. It is difficult to determine the exact number of total SP needed to level up each time, but the number increases with each level. On level one, you stay a Dragoon in battle for one turn; level two, two turns; etc. On levels 1, 2, 3, and 5, your character will learn a new magic attack. (Kongol, as an exception, does not gain any new magic on level 2.)

Now youve figured out how to gain SP, turn into Dragoons, and use them in battle. Once again, theyre very useful. Use them wisely.


Stardust is a little side quest of the game. There are fifty Stardust scattered throughout the world, and if you can collect all of them you get a wish. Now dont get hasty, you dont get to make a wish in the game. You collect them and give them to a woman named Martel. In return, she gives you some really handy stuff. Here are the numbers of total Stardust needed for each item given:

  • 10Physical Ring
  • 20Amulet
  • 30Wargods Sash
  • 40Rainbow Earring
  • 50Vanishing Stone

If you collect all fifty, she gives you the Vanishing Stone which lets you fight Magician Faust in Flanvel Tower, Revisited. He is one tough cookie, but more of that later. Throughout this game, it just so happens that all fifty Stardust are within your reach. You just have to look for them. Ill let you know where they are as we go through the game. I also put in a complete Stardust List at the end of the walkthrough.


Items are EVERYWHERE. This is a good thing, because you would fail this game without them. Im going to group items and weapons into one section and just call them all items. The legend is as follows:

   Name of Item
      Price:       Number of gold or Stardust needed to purchase the item.  If the item cannot be bought, N/A is shown.
      Effect:      Special effects the item may have on the victim/recipient/bearer.  (Multi indicates that you will need to repetitively and quickly press the X button to make the attack more powerful.)
      Found:       Locations where the item is found; shown only if it cannot be bought.
      Definition:  Explanation of item
      Acquired:    Location of acquisition of item
      Attack:      Effect the item has on physical attack
      Defense:     Effect item has on physical defense
      M-Attack:    Effect item has on magical attack
      M-Defense:   Effect item has on magical defense
      Won:         Boss battles from which item is acquired
      Bought:      Location of store that sells item
      Equipped by: Characters that can equip item


Recovery Items: For use in battle to heal HP, ailments, and MP/SP
Attack Items:   For use in battle against enemies, doing magical damage
Repeat Items:   For use in battle; can be used once per battle, but dont dissipate
Goods:          Items found in the game that cannot be used in battle

Recovery Items

   Healing Potion
      Price:  10G
      Effect: Restores 50% of targets maximum HP
   Healing Breeze
      Price:  50G
      Effect: Restores 50% of maximum HP to whole party
   Healing Fog
      Price:  30G
      Effect: Completely restores HP for a single target
   Healing Rain
      Price:  N/A
      Effect: Completely restores HP for whole party
      Found:  Lohan, Lidiera, Aglis, and Mayfil
   Angels Prayer
      Price:  30G
      Effect: Revitalizes and recovers 50% of targets maximum HP
   Body Purifier
      Price:  10G
      Effect: Removes Poison, Stunning, and Arm Blocking from a single target
   Mind Purifier
      Price:  20G
      Effect: Removes Fear, Confusion, Bewitchment, and Dispiriting from a single target
      Price:  30G
      Effect: Removes Petrification from a single target
   Spirit Potion
      Price:  20G
      Effect: Recovers 100 SP for a single target
   Sun Rhapsody
      Price:  50G
      Effect: Recovers all MP for a single target
   Moon Serenade
      Price:  N/A
      Effect: Recovers all MP for whole party
      Found:  Twin Castle, Ulara, and Aglis
   Recovery Ball
      Price:  N/A
      Effect: Generates a Recovery Item in battle
      Found:  Barrens and Undersea Cavern(2)
   Charm Potion
      Price:  4G
      Effect: Reduces risk of enemy encounters for a limited  time

Attack Items

   Detonate Rock
      Price:  10G
      Effect: Attacks all enemies
   Midnight Terror
      Price:  20G
      Effect: Frightens minor enemy
   Panic Bell
      Price:  20G
      Effect: Confuses minor enemy
   Poison Needle
      Price:  20G
      Effect: Poisons minor enemy
   Stunning Hammer
      Price:  20G
      Effect: Stuns minor enemy
   Total Vanishing
      Price:  40G
      Effect: Destroys minor enemy
      Price:  N/A
      Effect: Gives subtle good aroma (destroys minor enemy)
      Found:  Hellena Prison and Valley of Corrupted Gravity
   Smoke Ball
      Price:  N/A
      Effect: 100% sure escape from minor enemy
   Attack Ball
      Price:  N/A
      Effect: Randomly generates an attack item in battle
      Found:  Kazas, Undersea Cavern (2), Mountain of Mortal Dragon, and Vellweb

Fire-Based Attack Items

   Burn Out
      Price:  10G
      Effect: Fire-based individual attack (multi)
   Gushing Magma
      Price:  20G
      Effect: Fire-based attack for all enemies (multi)
   Burning Wave
      Price:  20G
      Effect: Powerful fire-based attack for all enemies

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