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       A Legendary Tale of Betrayal and Self-Destruction
[ ------------------- LEGEND  OF  LEGAIA ------------------- ]
                          Game Script
                         Version: 0.4
                      Tsogtsaihan Baatar

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Versions and Updates

Version 0.1 -=- (Started: September 12, 2002)
The very first version of the FAQ.
     - Finished the Rim Elm's Script.

Version 0.2 -=- (Started: September 13, 2002)
     - Updated the Script from Rim Elm to Drake Castle.

Version 0.3 -=- (Started: September 15, 2002)
     - Updated the Script from Drake Castle to Mt. Rikuroa.
     - Proofread the FAQ and fixed some typos.

Version 0.4 -=- (Started: October 28, 2002)
I took a vacation to Louisville, Kentucky the last few weeks. 
     - Updated the Script from Mt. Rikuroa to East Voz Forest.

Table of Contents:

Game Script:
1) Rim Elm
2) Hunter's Spring
3) Drake Castle
4) Snowdrift Cave
5) Mt. Rikuroa
6) Biron Monastery
7) West Voz Forest
8) East Voz Forest

                 LEGEND OF LEGAIA: Game Script

                   God created the heavens,
                    the earth, and the seas.
               After creating all things in the
                 universe, god created humans 
                    to rule over the world. 
                Yet, while possessing the wisdom 
                 of god, humans were physically 
                  weaker than the wild beasts, 
                    and impulsive in spirit. 
                   Many times did the humans 
                come close to dying out forever.
                  Concerned about the humans' 
                 future, god gave them a mighty 
                  force with which to aid them. 

                       It was the Seru.

                    Since the dawn of human 
                   memory, known as history, 
                  humans lived together with
                   creatures known as Seru. 
                 The Seru lived together with 
                  humans, always obeying them, 
                and making the humans many times 
                     stronger than before. 

               When not worn by a human, a Seru 
                looks much like a stone figure. 

                 Upon touching a human, a Seru 
               changes form and gives that human 
                       secret abilities.
                 With a Seru, a human can lift 
                objects heavier than itself and 
                  even fly in the air at will.

               However, that era came to an end.

                 Appearing from out of nowhere, 
                   the Mist covered the land, 
                 bringing to an end prosperous 
               symbiosis between humans and Seru. 

                  After the thick Mist came, 
               the Seru, who once obeyed humans, 
                     rebelled against them. 

                The Seru began attacking humans 
                  at will. Seru that attached 
                themselves to humans controlled 
               their minds and turned them into 
                         evil beasts.

                     As if forsaken by god, 
                 human civilization collapsed. 
               It was the twilight of humanity. 

                  Those who escaped the Mist 
                 inhabited the desolate areas 
                   and protected each other. 
                   Now, their faint hope is 
               their only source of inspiration.

Rim Elm

[In a remote village, a boy comes out from his house and walks 
over to a tree trunk in the middle of the village. An old man 

Village Elder: Vahn! I knew you would be here. 

[The boy turns around to face the old man.]

Village Elder: The mysterious Genesis Tree. This is a soothing 
place. You always liked this tree. Tomorrow, you will become a 
hunter, and adult. Were you praying for a successful hunt?

1. Yes 
2. No


1. Vahn: Yes.

Village Elder: That is good. Then I, too, will pray for your 


2. Vahn: No.

Village Elder: I was wrong. Perhaps you're praying for the 
safe return of the hunters who are out now.


Village: Elder: Vahn, I thought I would come here to cheer you 
up. But I guess that wasn't necessary. You will be a fine 
hunter! I'm counting on you, from the bottom of my heart! Ha, 
ha, ha, ha!

[The village elder walks off. After praying at the Genesis 
Tree, the boy leaves the area. A girl comes out from one of 
the houses.]

Mei: Vahn! I was looking for you. So you were praying at the 
Genesis Tree. It's about the hunting clothes for you to wear 

1. What hunting clothes?
2. Is something wrong?


1. Vahn: What hunting clothes?

Mei: You're terrible! I can't believe you forgot. After all 
the trouble I went through to make them for you to wear 
hunting tomorrow.

a. I'm sorry! Now I remember.
b. I was just joking. Ha, ha.


a. Vahn: I'm sorry! Now I remember.

Mei: Vahn, you... You're so anxious to go hunting that you 
forgot all about it. I guess that's what I like about you, 
Vahn. Oh, and by the way...


b. Vahn: I was just joking. Ha, ha.

Mei: That's a mean joke. I was really angry for a minute. 


2. Vahn: Is something wrong?

Mei: I'm almost finished, but I have to check some of the 
measurements so, can I measure you one more time?

1. Sure, go ahead.
2. Uh, not now.


1. Vahn: Sure, go ahead.

Mei: Thanks. Vahn, you're so kind.


2. Vahn: Uh, not now.

Mei: I just have to make one little alteration, so it'll only 
take a minute.


Mei: I'll be at your house waiting for you, so don't be too 

[Mei leaves for Vahn's house. Vahn heads to the beach to 
practice with his master.]

Tetsu: You were a child when the Mist appeared, Vahn, but now 
you are ready for the hunt. Time goes by so quickly. I have 
taught you the techniques of Biron all your life. Do not 
forget them while hunting outside the village! Now, then... 
Vahn, do you want something today?

1. I want to hear about Biron.
2. Tell me the secrets of fighting.


1. Vahn: I want to hear about Biron.

Tetsu: Biron is a god of strength and love. Outside Rim Elm is 
a temple devoted to Biron. There, many warrior-monks devoted 
to Biron practiced night and day. They renounced the world's 
dependence on Seru and worked to polish their fighting skills. 
Many Biron warrior-monk also traveled the globe to spread the 
noble teachings of Biron. When visiting Rim Elm, I was trapped 
here by the Mist. But I am still a faithful Biron! I feel it 
is my destiny to teach the young the teachings and fighting 
skills of Biron.


2. Vahn: Tell me the secrets of fighting.

Tetsu: Ha, ha, ha! There's no shortcut to success in battle! 
Constant training is the only way. However, I shall teach you 
a little secret. Use your Spirit effectively! You will be 
unable to attack and thus be attacked... but your defensive 
force rises while you are accumulating Spirit. That's not all! 
In your next turn, you will be able to inflict more attack! 
This is a good strategy when fighting a formidable opponent.


Vahn: I want to practice with you.

Tetsu: I see. Before we practice, take this.

{- Vahn now has a Healing Leaf! -}

[Vahn receives a Healing Leaf from Tetsu.]

Tetsu: Now you are ready. Come at me!

[--+ Battle Mode +--]

Tetsu: I will show you how to fight while engaging in an 
actual fight.

[Vahn rushes at Tetsu and swings some basic movements. Tetsu 
yields off Vahn's left and right punch. Tetsu counters and 
attacks with great speed. The blow connects and sends Vahn 
down on the ground. Tetsu advises Vahn to use the Healing Leaf 
he just gave to Vahn. Vahn uses and heals his wound. Tetsu 
tells Vahn to use 'Spirit' on the next turn. Vahn uses Spirit 
and accumulates power and defense. Tetsu teaches Vahn a new 
'Art' move. Tetsu runs up to Vahn, high kicks, low kicks and 
swings a reverse somersault kick. Vahn learns the art move 

Tetsu: Good! That's enough practice for today.


Tetsu: You did well. That is enough for today. Tomorrow you 
leave for the outside world, where many Seru lurk. Do not be 

Vahn's House

[Over at Vahn's house, Vahn's little sister, Nene, worries 
while Mei works on Vahn's hunting clothes.]

Nene: It's getting late. What could he be doing?

Val: I'm sorry, Mei. That Vahn-I wonder where he's wandering 

Mei: It's alright. My father hasn't come back from hunting 
today yet, anyway.

Nene: I should be the one making hunting clothes for my 

Mei: Don't worry about it, Nene. I just wanted to help 
celebrate this special day for Vahn.

[Nene walks up to Mei and whispers.]

Nene: Um, Mei, can I ask you something?

Mei: What is it?

Nene: Mei, are you in love with my brother?

Mei: !

[Mei blushes. Vahn walks in.]

Nene: Ah-ha! I knew it!

[Nene sees Vahn.]

Nen: What took you so long? Mei has been waiting for you this 
whole time! You're always wandering around with your head in 
the clouds. Let's hurry up and take those measurements!

Mei: Vahn, hold still. I'll only take a minute.

[Mei starts to measure Vahn.]

Mei: I knew it! You've gotten bigger since the last time I 
measured you. You're almost as big as my father - maybe 
bigger! It's amazing how quickly boys grow. Alright, I'm done. 
Thank you, Vahn.

[Mei turns around to Vahn's father, Val.]

Mei: Mr. Val, little Nene, if you'll excuse me, I'll be on my 

Val: Thank you, Mei. Give my regards to Juno when he returns 
from the hunt!

Mei: I will!

[Mei leaves.]

- Some hours later...

Voice: They're back!

[Three men rushes up to the gate and opens it.]

Man: The hunters have returned!

Gramps: By golly, they were gone a long time.

Boy: Father! My father is back!

[The hunters comes inside the village.]

Boy: Welcome back, Father. Did you catch anything?

[Two hunter carries in a wounded and injured man.]

Gramps: Is that... Is that... It is. It's Juno.

Mei: Father?

[Mei runs up and witnesses her dead father.]

Mei: Father?

[Mei cries.]

Hunter: I'm so sorry, Mei. It happened so quickly... ...before 
we knew it. The Mist came earlier than usual... Juno was 
attacked by the Seru monsters... There wasn't anything we 
could do.

[Vahn arrives at the scene.]

Mei: Father... Father, wake up! Please, open your eyes! 
Father! No! Don't leave me all alone, Father. Please! Don't! 
Oh, please...

[Vahn comforts Mei.]

Rim Elm: (Dusk)

[Nene waits outside of Mei's house. The Village Elder and Val 
comes out. The Village Elder leaves for his house. Nene walks 
up to Val.]

Nene: The Mist always takes away the people we love! I hate 
the Mist! Tell me, Father. Will we always have to live in fear 
outside the village safely?

Val: Nene...

Nene: Father!

- Meanwhile, inside Mei's house...

[Mei watches over her father on the bed. Vahn worries.]

Old Lady: Vahn... Don't worry about Mei. She's calmed down 
considerably. It will be dark soon. We'll stay here with Mei, 
so go home and don't worry about her.

1. Alright. Please look after her.
2. No! I want to stay with Mei!


1. Vahn: Alright. Please look after her.

Old Lady: Good. Then be careful on your way home.


2. Vahn: No! I want to stay with Mei!

Old Lady: I know how you feel, but Val and Nene are waiting 
for you to come home. Just say a word or two to Mei and then 
be off.


[Vahn heads home.]

Val: Vahn, you look sad. I understand. Juno was a kind man. 
Soon the Mist will come. You must be tired. Do you want to 

Vahn: Yes.

Val: Good. Rest well, then.

Rim Elm: (Night)

[A banging sound wakes up Vahn's father, Val, and his sister, 

Val: Vahn! Wake up! Can't you hear that sound? Vahn, wake up!

[Vahn wakes up from his deep sleep.]

Val: Are you awake now? Vahn, listen carefully to that sound. 
I think it's coming from beyond the Wall. Vahn, would you go 
take a look for me?

1. Yes.
2. No.


1. Vahn: Yes.

Val: That's a good son. But hurry back at the first sign of 


2. Vahn: No.

Val: I see. But with these legs, I couldn't move fast enough, 
if something happened. I implore you, Vahn! Go take a look for 

a. OK
b. No


a. Vahn: OK.

Val: That's a good son. But hurry back at the first sign of 


b. Vahn: No.

Nene: Please... for me?

1. Alright, Nene.
2. I guess I have no choice.


1. Vahn: Alright, Nene.

Nene: I knew I could count on my big brother!

Val: Yes, but hurry back at the first signs of danger!


2. Vahn: I guess I have no choice.

Nene: What's wrong with you? You're acting different today. 

Val: I wish I weren't always a burden to you because of this 
bad leg of mine. Thank you, Vahn, I'm counting on you!


[Vahn walks out from his house and arrives at the front gate 
where everybody is.]

Village Elder: Oh, Vahn. So you came to check on the Wall, did 
you? This Wall has protected Rim Elm from the Mist for over 
ten years. Hopefully it will stay standing forever.

Voice: Ah, quite impressive. Look how many puny humans 

[A strange man magically appears in front of everybody. The 
man hovers in thin air.]

Strange Man: Pitiful creatures, you humans. Living in fear of 
the Mist, you scream at the sight of a Seru's shadow. Pathetic 
humans! In this desolate place, you thought this flimsy wall 
would protect you from the Mist? Humans! You are but insects! 
The time has come to abandon your foolish resistance. I am 
Zeto. I have come to bring the salvation of the Mist to you 
miserable creatures.

[Tetsu focuses his inner strength, runs up towards Zeto and 
prepares to strike. With raging power, Tetsu jumps and 
punches. A force field slams Tetsu back to the ground.]

Zeto: Humans! Now is the time! Accept the Mist!

Full Motion Video: A Huge Creature knocks the wall down.] 

[The Mist invades the village.]

Man: The... the Mist! 

Woman: Oh no! The accursed Mist has entered Rim Elm!

Zeto: It is time! Seru! Followers of the Mist! It is time for 
you to attack! Seru! Destroy that old eyesore of a tree!

[Zeto points at the Genesis Tree standing in the middle of the 
village. The Huge Monster disappears. Many Seru monsters comes 
inside the village.]

Woman: Aaarrggh!

[Seru monsters attacks the villagers.]

Zeto: Save yourselves by accepting this serenity of the Mist 
without resistance.

[Zeto teleports away. Vahn engages into one of the Seru's.]  

[--+ Battle Mode +--]

[The menacing Seru, throws a ball of fire at Vahn. Vahn rolls 
left and dodges the fire. Vahn runs up to the monster, left, 
right punches and sends a gouging elbow blow into the Seru's 
body. The Seru falls down dead.]


[After helping some villagers, Vahn runs inside Mei's house.

Mei: Vahn! They all went to check on the Wall, but still 
haven't come back. Vahn, what happened?

1. The Mist is here!
2. Nothing to worry about.


2. Vahn: Nothing to worry about.

Mei: Oh, O.K. Well, then. I'll stay by my father's side. 


1. Vahn: The Mist is here!

Mei: Oh, no! That means the Seru monsters will come into Rim 
Elm! What should we do?

a. Let's go to my house!
b. Lock all your doors and windows!


b. Vahn: Lock all your doors and windows!

Mei: Alright, I'll do that.


a. Vahn: Let's go to my house!

Mei: Thank you, Vahn! Maybe that would be better. Alright, 
take me to your house!

[Vahn nods.]

Mei: Oh, wait a minute, Vahn! Father...

[Mei takes a look at her father and then walks out. Vahn and 
Mei carefully makes it to Vahn's house.]

Val: You did a good thing, Vahn. Mei must have been uneasy all 
by herself. Ah, but... If my cursed body were not crippled 
like this... The Wall is broken, yet all we can do is huddle 
together in fear. If only there were someplace safe for us.

[After delivering Mei to his house, Vahn heads out again to 
help the villagers. Vahn comes near the Genesis Tree area.]

Woman: Vahn! I'm so glad to see you! I was all alone! I came 
here to get away from the Seru monsters. Hey, have you noticed 
that the Mist doesn't come in here? The Genesis Tree is 
glowing. It's radiating some kind of amazing power. The 
Genesis Tree is very warm. Vahn, go ahead, touch it.

[Vahn gently touches the trunk of the Genesis Tree.]

Voice: ...Vahn. Vahn... You are Vahn, are you not?

[The surrounding area beside Vahn darkens. A small red stone 
figure slowly hovers down in front of Vahn.]

Voice: I have read your thoughts. I am speaking to your mind. 
I am Meta, a Ra-Seru. I have been waiting inside this Genesis 
Tree for someone like you. I ask you, Vahn. Do you wish to 
save your people from the Mist?

1. Yes
2. No


1. Vahn: Yes.

Meta: Good! By combining our powers, we will rid the whole 
world of the Mist!


2. Vahn: No.

Meta: You regard me with suspicion that is understandable. But 
through your mind, I can see whatever you see. I see your 
people trembling in fear of the Mist. They stand at an abyss 
of despair! And you, Vahn... such a kind boy you are. Your 
hatred for the Mist is stronger than anyone else's. I will 
give you my powers!


Meta: Let us pursue the same destiny as human and Ra-Seru 
working together!

1. Yes
2. No


2. Vahn: No.

Meta: Very well. Your destiny is your own. I can't will it to 
change. It is unfortunate, for this may be the only way to 
defeat the Mist.


1. Vahn: Yes.

Meta: Vahn, open your mind... Feel my presence.

[Vahn accepts the Ra-Seru. The Ra-Seru attaches itself on 
Vahn's right arm.]

Meta: The approaching Mist is killing the Genesis Tree. I am 
too weak... I need the life force of the Genesis Tree to be 
strong. To revive the Genesis Tree, we need the power to 
change destiny -- the power of the human spirit! Vahn, hurry! 
Hurry and assemble everyone here!

[Vahn quickly runs back to his house.]

Val: Vahn, what is that? That... that's a Seru!

[Vahn explains the situation to his father, Val.]

Val: (Silence) Now I understand, although this is all so 
confusing. The situation is desperate. Our only hope now is 
your Seru and the Genesis Tree. Alright! Tell everyone to 
gather at the Genesis Tree!

[Everyone gathers at the Genesis Tree.]

Village Elder: Vahn, Rim Elm is engulfed in the Mist. You and 
the Ra-Seru are our last hope! We entrust you with our life. 
Everyone, we must pray together.

Meta: The power of prayers is strong! Now's the time, Vahn! Go 
to the Genesis Tree!

[Vahn walks up to the Genesis Tree.]

Meta: Awaken, Genesis Tree. Remember the instant heavens and 
the earth were born! Vahn, you, too, must pray!

[Vahn prays along with the others.]

Meta: Good! Harder! Pray harder!

[The ones who are praying starts to glow along with the 
Genesis Tree.]

Meta: To push away the Mist! To revive the Genesis Tree! Open 
your minds! Pray hard!

[Everyone starts to glow. Vahn raises his right arm. The 
glowing light on everybody rises up and forms a small ball of 
light on Vahn's right palm. Vahn gently touches the tree. The 
Genesis Tree miraculously awakens and grows into a full-grown 
tree. Force field pushes the Mist away and shatters the nearby 
Seru monsters. Light shoots up from the Genesis Tree and sends 
the Mist even farther away. The Ra-Seru speaks to Vahn through 
his mind.]

                          Thank you.
                        Thanks to Vahn,
                  and the people of Rim Elm, 
              the Genesis Tree has been revived.
                 The Genesis Tree has the power
                 to drive away the Mist and to
               make a Ra-Seru like me stronger.
                  The Mist has left Rim Elm,
                      but it still covers
                     the rest of the Earth.
                       Many Genesis Trees
                      wait to be revived.
                       Vahn, let us leave
                        Rim Elm together
                to look for those Genesis Trees.

[Vahn falls down.]

Nene: Brother...

Village Elder: Don't worry. He's just in a deep sleep.

Val: How peaceful he looks. He must be dreaming about 
something nice.

Mei: Vahn...

- The next day...

Rim Elm: (Dawn)

[The village folks gathers at the beach to send their final 
words to those who lost their life.]

Village Elder: (Silence) And our friend, Juno. The hateful 
fangs of the Seru took their lives from them. To Ferti, god of 
the sea, we entrust their bodies. But Rem, our leader. Our 
great Leader! On your sacred wings, take the noble souls of 
our friends to the Valley of Noaru! May their souls find peace 
and eternal happiness in the distant Valley of Noaru.

[The village folks gently pushes the three coffins to the sea. 
The three coffins sails off to the distant. Mei cries.]

Mei: (Silence)

Little Boy: Mommy, where are Juno and the others going?

Mother: To the Valley of Noaru, dear. Far, far away -- beyond 
the sea. 

Little Boy: Is Juno going to come back? Will he bring us good 
things to eat again?

Mother: The Valley of Noaru is... ...very, very far away, 
dear. I don't think he will come back.

Rim Elm: (Morning)

[The Village Elder talks with Vahn near the Genesis Tree.]

Village Elder: A Genesis Tree and a Ra-Seru... We had some 
pretty important things here in Rim Elm! Vahn, Rim Elm is 
saved thanks to you! You were truly courageous and I thank you 
again. However... It's about our precious Mei. Her mother may 
still be alive inside the Mist! If you have pity on Mei, then 
rescue her mother. If you say yes, I'll tell you the rest of 
the story. Will you do it?

1. Yes
2. No


2. Vahn: No.

Village Elder: I'm sure you're concerned about Mei, too. Will 
you do it?


1. Vahn: Yes.

Village Elder: Oh, thank you! Now, even Mei doesn't know this, 
but... Mei's mother, Maya, used to work at Biron Monastery. 
Ten years ago the Mist came... ...and naturally we lost all 
contact with her. As for whether Biron Monastery itself still 
survives in the Mist... Unfortunately no one knows. But Maya 
is Mei's only surviving blood relative! Vahn, with the Ra-
Seru, I'm sure you can make it to Biron Monastery! Vahn! I'm 
counting on you. Once more thing, Vahn. Keep this a secret 
from Mei... She will only be heartbroken if Biron Monastery 
has indeed been lost to the Mist.

[After agreeing to find Mei's mother, Maya, Vahn prepares to 
leave Rim Elm.]

Mei: Vahn! Wait, Vahn!

[Mei catches up with Vahn.]

Mei: Phew! Oh, I'm glad I made it. Here! I brought you the 
hunting clothes I promised you. 

- Vahn now has Hunter Clothes. -

[Vahn receives the Hunter Clothes from Mei.]

Mei: And this is a gift for you, to thank you for rushing to 
check up on me yesterday.

- Vahn now has Mei's Pendant. -

[Vahn receives Mei's Pendant from Mei.]

Mei: Hey, Vahn, what's the matter?

1. Are you alright now?
2. Mind your own business.


1. Vahn: Are you alright now?

Mei: Yes. I had a good cry. And making your hunting clothes 
took my mind off everything.


2. Vahn: Mind your own business.

Mei: Hee, hee! You're so cute when you get embarrassed like 


Mei: Vahn, I heard from the Village Elder that you're going on 
a long trip.

[Vahn nods.]

Mei: Well, take care. And don't forget to wear the hunting 
outfit I made you. And be sure to come back when you finish 
whatever it is you have to do. I mean it! You'd better come 

[Mei turns around.]

Mei: I've never been good at saying goodbyes. So I have to go 
home now. I'm sorry... I'll be waiting for you to come back, 

Hunter's Spring

[Vahn wears the Hunting Clothes Mei gave to him and sets off 
to Biron Monastery. Along the way, Vahn comes to Hunter's 

Hunter: Oh, Vahn! I'm glad you came.

Another Hunter: I'm impressed! You made it here all by 

1. Yes
2. No


1. Vahn: Yes.

Hunter: Ha, ha, ha! You're so confident! You are a lot hardier 
than us hunters.


2. Vahn: No.

Hunter: Oh, so the Ra-Seru Meta is with you, eh? Vahn, you've 
grown up into a fine adult!


Hunter: By the way, Vahn, see that guy over there? Don't know 
him? Well, we come here often, but this is the first time 
we've met someone else here! He says his name's Lezam, and his 
was telling us the most amazing story. Vahn, you should talk 
to Lezam, too.

[Vahn meets with Lezam.]

Lezam: I am called Lezam. I serve King Drake, ruler of Drake 
Kingdom. So, you are Vahn. The hunters have told me of you. 
You have done great deeds. You have my gratitude.

1. Tell me why you are grateful.
2. Thanks, but I must be going.


1. Vahn: Tell me why you are grateful.

Lezam: Yes, this is about something that happened before the 
Mist reached here. I was heading to Rim Elm under King's 
Drake's orders to warn them of the Mist. But the Mist caught 
up with me, and I became a Seru monster! From what I hear, it 
is your deeds that enabled me to become human again. That is 
way I am grateful. Thank you so much!


2. Vahn: Thanks, but I must be going.

Lezam: You wish to resume your journey. I understand. Then I 
shall not take up your time. I had hoped to ask your help 
concerning Drake Castle, which lies beyond here.


Lezam: Drake is surrounded by the Mist, and King Drake is 
surely awaiting you... your powers! With your powers, our 
Castle would be saved. Will you help us?

1. Yes
2. No


1. Vahn: Yes.

Lezam: Oh, thank you! Please do whatever you can to save Drake 
Castle! Before I departed, the King had made a frightening 
decision. I hope he is safe.


2. Vahn: No.

Lezam: N...No? Oh. I see. Perhaps I ask too much. I am sure 
you have your own quests to pursue. I apologize.


[After hearing Lezam's story, Vahn sets off. Vahn comes at the 
Water Gate, the only way to reach Biron Monastery. A fierce 
water current runs down from the gate, stopping Vahn's trip. 
Vahn decides to head to Drake Castle.]

Drake Castle

[Vahn arrives at the castle and witnesses the people of Drake 
Castle has locked themselves up and became a Seru.]

Seru controlled Man: Gggrrr...

- There is a sense of sadness in the eyes of the Seru. -

Meta: Vahn! Take a good look. This is a human possessed by a 
Seru. I have looked into this person's mind, the same way I 
spoke to your mind. But the Seru controlling this person's 
spirit is too strong, and I couldn't make out any words. The 
only way to return these people to normal is to drive away the 

[Vahn explores the castle and comes inside a particular room.]

Man: Grow!!

- From its clothes, this Seru seems to have been one of the 
royal family. -

Meta: Vahn, I have a feeling this Seru is King Drake. Look. 
There's a small key around its neck. That must be the key to 
the Water Gate.

[Vahn finds a treasure chest nearby the man's cell.]

- A letter in the treasure chest says "To the human traveler 
that finds this." -

                I am Drake III, King of Drake.
                   I know not who will read
                         this letter.
                But anyone who makes it through
                   the Mist must have powers
                    greater than the Mist.
                  No doubt you have seen the
                Seru monsters in this castle's
                  Those monsters are in fact
               my dear retainers and the people
                        of my kingdom.
               When the Mist approached we tried
                  many ways to drive it back.
              We even prayed at the Genesis Tree
              of Mt. Rikuroa to the north. Legend
                says the tree has the power to
                save the human race. In the end
                we decided to lock ourselves in
                  the dungeon and wear Seru,
                   surrendering to the Mist.
                  As Seru monsters, we should
               survive on Drake water until the
                    day the Mist goes away.
                  We locked ourselves in the
                  dungeon so the Seru madness
              would not force us to harm anyone.
                  So, traveler, I ask you to
                  drive away the Mist, as we
                   were powerless to do so.
                 You are our only hope for the
                    future - the hope that
                         sustains us.

- Vahn put back the letter. -

[After reading the letter, Vahn enters the next room.]

Meta: Vahn, the door to this room is quite strong. If you shut 
the door tightly, you should be able to rest peacefully in 
here. Do you want to rest?

1. Yes.
2. No.


2. Vahn: No.

Meta: I understand. You wish to make haste. 


1. Vahn: Yes.

Meta: A wise decision. While you are sleeping, I will stand 

[Vahn falls into a deep sleep.]

Meta: Vahn, I apologize for interrupting your dream. There is 
something I must tell you about the Seru and my powers. That's 
right, the Seru. They are horrible creatures. But the Seru 
themselves are not at fault. The Mist is responsible for al of 
this. I have special powers to use against the Seru. I can 
assimilate with a Seru that the Mist has made mad. The special 
powers of the Seru will combine with my own, making me a 
powerful weapon. I have already absorbed the abilities of 
Gimard, the Fire Seru you have fought. It is not always 
possible to absorb the abilities of a Seru by fighting it. 
Nevertheless, let's try to fight as many Seru as we can, and 
hope we absorb its powers. You can use the Seru abilities by 
expending MP. When to use it is up to you. Just remember that 
MP is limited. 

- Vahn took a nap. -

Meta: Vahn, you look so much better now.

[After resting, Vahn exits the Castle through the back gate. 
Vahn heads to Mt. Rikuroa where the Genesis Tree is.]

Mt. Rikuroa

[Vahn arrives at Mt. Rikuroa.]

Meta: Vahn, I sense the presence... of a Ra-Seru like me! 
Let's hurry to the top of the mountain! Our friends... Our 
friends must be there!

[The screen fades. A girl stands alone in pitch dark.]

Snowdrift Cave

Voice: Noa... Noa... Where are you? Your mother needs you?

[A blue light appears in front of the girl. The girl runs 
after the light.]

Voice: Noa... It's so dark here. Noa...

[The blue light disappears.]

Voice: Noa... I want to see you! I need you, Noa.

Terra: Wake up, Noa! You can't sleep forever! It's time to get 

[The girl wakes up in a cave. The wolf, Terra, stands beside 

Terra: Neo, you looked like you were having a bad dream.

1. Yes
2. No


1. Noa: Yes.

Terra: Yes, well, you must always remember your dreams, no 
matter how painful they maybe. Dreams tell you about the 


2. Noa: No.

Terra: Oh, I guess you just don't want to tell me about it. 
Listen to me! You must always remember your dreams, no matter 
how painful they may be. Dreams tell you about the future.


[The girl nods.]

Terra: Alright, then. Time for practice! Come with me.

[The girl stands up.]

Terra: Make it snappy! Noa, I have much to teach you. Now 
follow me!

[The girl follows the wolf.]

Terra: Noa, I have taught you much, but I wonder if it is 
sinking in. So now it's time for a test. The first question 
is... When the Mist is around you, which is the combination 
that results in Chaos?

1. Seru and Ra-Seru
2. Ra-Seru and human
3. Seru and human
4. Human and animal


1. Noa: Seru and Ra-Seru.

Terra: Noa! Have you been paying any attention to what I've 
told you? Now I'll as you again.


2. Noa: Ra-Seru and human.

Terra: Noa! Have you been paying any attention to what I've 
told you? Now I'll as you again.


4. Noa: Human and animal.

Terra: Noa! Have you been paying any attention to what I've 
told you? Now I'll as you again.


3. Noa: Seru and human.

Terra: Good. A Seru touched by the Mist begins to action its 
own and possess the human that uses it. So you must be 
careful. Now I will leave you. I will be waiting up ahead.

[The wolf runs off. Noa follows after the wolf.]

Terra: Now for the second test. Listen carefully! What is it 
that when it is revived, uses powers from another world to 
push back the Mist?

1. The Book of Genesis
2. A Genesis Tree
3. A geneticist
4. A dandelion


1. Noa: The Book of Genesis.

Terra: Noa! Have you been paying any attention to what I've 
told you? Now I'll as you again.


3. Noa: A geneticist.

Terra: Noa! Have you been paying any attention to what I've 
told you? Now I'll as you again.


4. Noa: A dandelion.

Terra: Noa! Have you been paying any attention to what I've 
told you? Now I'll as you again.


2. Noa: The Genesis Tree.

Terra: That's right, Noa. Soon you will be entrusted with the 
reviving of the Genesis Trees. How soon that day comes depends 
entirely on you. Now for the last question. Listen very 
carefully. Which Genesis Tree is closes to us?

1. Mt. Rikuaku
2. Mt. Rikuraku
3. Mt. Rirokua
4. Mt. Rikuroa


1. Noa: Mt. Rikuaku.

Terra: Noa! Have you been paying any attention to what I've 
told you? Now I'll as you again.


2. Noa: Mt. Rikuraku.

Terra: Noa! Have you been paying any attention to what I've 
told you? Now I'll as you again.


3. Noa: Mt. Rirokua.

Terra: Noa! Have you been paying any attention to what I've 
told you? Now I'll as you again.


4. Noa: Mt. Rikuroa.

Terra: Correct! It's the Genesis Tree at Mt. Rikuroa. Mt. 
Rikuroa is located south of this cave. Although now we are 
trapped inside Snowdrift Cave, someday, someday... The day 
will come when you and I will go to Mt. Rikuroa together! Noa, 
I look forward to that day with eagerness. Now come with me. 
After using the mind, it's time to use the body. Time for 

[Noa and Terra comes at the training area.]

Terra: Listen to me, Noa. Now we're going to practice 
fighting. As I have always said, never get careless during 
practice, or you'll get hurt. Touch the Red Piura or Black 
Piura sticking out of those holes to start fighting. If you're 
not confident, fight the Red Piura. If you're confident, fight 
the Black Piura. Ready, Noa? Begin!

[Noa rushes up and confronts the Red Piura. The Red Piura 
strikes low. Noa reverse somersaults back and then reverse 
somersaults towards the monster, hitting him on the head. 
Giving the Red Piura no chance, Noa rushes in and while 
reverse spinning she does a series of kicks on the Piura. The 
Red Piura gets knocked out. Noa turns around to face the Black 
Piura. Noa focuses her energy and sends a deadly supersonic 
punch and knocks the Black Piura down.]

Terra: Good work, Noa. You're a tough one! Now it's time to 
return to camp and get something to eat. Let's go!

- On their way back...

Terra: Noa, you have improved greatly. Perhaps there is no 
more I can teach you by spoken word. (Silence) Now it is time 
for me to tell you everything. Noa, let's go over there. I 
must tell you something important.

[All of a sudden, the ground starts to shake and then stops.]

Terra: (Silence) I think it's over. We've lived in this cave 
for some time, but that's the biggest earthquake yet!

[Mist appears.]

Terra: Noa! The wind! The wind is blowing! A hole must have 
opened in the cave. Be careful, Noa! It's the Mist! They're 
out there, in the Mist! Noa! Quick! We must hurry. We'll 
follow the wind to the Genesis Tree! Hurry, to Mt. Rikuroa! 
Hurry, Noa! We've no time to lose! Follow me!

[Noa follows the wolf to an opening.]

Terra: Noa! Come here! It looks like there are Seru up ahead. 
I can feel the wind blowing here. do you know what that means, 
Noa? It means we can go outside! Let's head for Mt. Rikuroa 
and the Genesis Tree.

[Noa and the wolf exits the cave and sets off to Mt. Rikuroa. 
The two finally comes to Mt. Rikuroa.]

Mt. Rikuroa

[Noa and the wolf heads inside a cave. A big rock collapses 
down and almost smashes the two.]

Terra: Noa, this cave's foundation seems unstable.

[The two carefully commences. Another rock collapses down and 
barely misses the two.]

Terra: That was close, Noa. This cave won't hold much longer. 
We're almost at the summit! Don't stop till we're there!

[The two finally sees the cave's exit.]

Terra: Noa, I know that was rough, but hold out just a little 
longer. Look! The exit is right there!

[Noa runs up to the exit. A Golem blocks the exit.]

Terra: ! Noa... It seems we must fight him if we wish to get 
out of the cave.

[--+ Battle Mode +--]

[Noa jumps up and strikes a kick. Terra strikes the Golem on 
the back. The Golem falls down and recovers. The Golem sends 
an earthquake at Terra. The earthquake hits the Terra and 
knocks her down. Noa runs up and strikes a combination of 
punches and high kicks. The Golem falls down.]


Terra: ! Noa, the cave is about to collapse! Follow me! 

[The two runs outside the cave. The cave totally collapses.]

Terra: Noa! That was close! You did well! I envy you - you are 
always so full of energy! I'm sorry, but I'm a little 
fatigued. Let me rest here a while.

[Terra rests.]

Terra: Noa, we've been together for a long time. Even in this 
horrible environment, you've grown into a fine woman. I'm very 
proud of you. Now I must tell you something important. Listen 
well. You may not know, but wolves like me do not normally 
speak. I am actually a Seru, a Seru attached to the head of 
this old wolf. I, Terra, who saved you from the Mist when you 
were all alone and raised you. I'm a Seru! But don't confuse 
me with those common Seru, driven mad by the Mist. I may look 
like a Seru but I am a Ra-Seru! I am impervious to the Mist. I 
wanted to watch over you, until you were a little older. But 
that's not possible anymore. This wolf has reached the end of 
its life. The wolf will die soon. And if I stay attached to 
it, I will die with it. That is why I brought you here, to 
this mountain. With the power of the Genesis Tree at the 
summit, I can transfer from the wolf to you! Then I won't have 
to leave you all alone. That is my plan. I have decided to 
stay by your side until you find your real parents! Now, this 
mean old wolf is fully rested! On to the summit!

[After going for some time, Noa and Terra finally comes on the 
top where the Genesis Tree is.]

Terra: Noa! This tree - It's the Genesis Tree! This brings 
back memories! This is the tree through which I came to the 
human world. I was sleeping inside this tree, then suddenly... 
I was awakened by the sound of a baby's cry. That baby was 
you, Noa. Your body was too small for me to attach myself to 
you. So instead, I chose this wolf. Now that's enough talk of 
the past! Come on, Noa! 

[The wolf comes near the Genesis Tree.]

Terra: Noa, there's nothing to fear. Come this way!

[Noa comes closer to the Genesis Tree.]

Zeto: Ha! Those Ra-Seru fools.

[Zeto, the man who appeared at Rim Elm, appears in front of 
Noa and Terra.]

Zeto: What eyesores they are. I will show them the 
consequences of helping those pitiful humans. It was I, Zeto, 
who destroyed your pitiful little camp! Had you submitted 
peacefully to the Mist and the Seru, your suffering would have 
ended! So be it! If you insist on struggling so miserably, 
then I will finish you off now! Attack, Caruban! Rip them to 
shreds with your fangs!

[A lion with an eagle's wings and sharp fangs appears in front 
of the two.]

Terra: You, Seru slave of evil! Be smart and go away now! This 
world is for human beings of compassion!

Zeto: Caruban! Kill them!

[The Caruban attacks and knocks Terra down with single blow.]

Terra: Noa... I'm sorry... My mistake... I was careless... My 
strength... unfortunately... is nearly... depleted...

Zeto: Ha ha ha! That was too easy! You don't fight as tough as 
you talk! Caruban! This girl is yours. Do with her as you 
please! Ah ha ha ha!

[Zeto disappears. The screen fades.]

- Meanwhile...

[Vahn runs up the mountain.]

Meta: Let's hurry to the top of the mountain! Our friends... 
Our friends must be there!

[Vahn arrives at the summit.]

Terra: (Concentrating) Meta... It's Meta! Meta is here. Meta, 
I'm glad you found yourself a nice child, too. Vahn? His name 
is Vahn? Vahn, please, help this child... Help Noa.

Meta: Vahn! Let's go!

[Vahn approaches.]

Meta: Noa! Let me help you!

[--+ Battle Mode +--]

[Vahn quickly runs to help Noa. Vahn focuses his energy and 
jumps towards the monster. Vahn punches the monster with 
whirling blur of flame. Noa assists Vahn and strikes a deadly 
punching attack on Caruban. The monster shatters and 


Terra: Noa... You have done well. Now, please... take me to 
the Genesis Tree.

Meta: Vahn, let's help them.

[Noa and Vahn carries Terra near the Genesis Tree.]

Meta: Alright, Vahn. Let's give our strength to the Genesis 

[Vahn walks up to the Genesis Tree and touches.]

- Vahn gently touched the trunk of the Genesis Tree. Vahn 
feels a gentle warmth in the palm of his hand. -

Meta: Awaken, Genesis Tree! Recall the instant that the 
heavens and earth were born!

[A small ball of light on Vahn's right palm shoots up and 
heads inside the Genesis Tree. The Genesis Tree miraculously 
awakens and starts to grow. Light shoots up from the Genesis 
Tree and sends the Mist farther away. The people of Drake 
castle slowly turns back to human.]

Terra: This power is just what I needed! Alright, Noa, let's 

[The Ra-Seru speaks to Noa through her mind.]

                       Noa, listen well.
                           You and I
                         are now one.
                        You now possess
                      magnificent powers.
                     You and Vahn must go
                  on a journey to search out
                      the Genesis Trees.
                 The journey may be difficult,
                       but remember that
                  I will always be with you.     

[Noa receives the Ra-Seru on her left arm.]

- With the power of the Genesis Tree,
Meta's level increased top LV2. -

[The wolf walks away from the party. Noa tries to run after 

Terra: No, Noa! You mustn't follow her! The wolf is a proud 
animal. She's going to find a place where she can die alone. 
So, Vahn...

Noa: Vahn, will you take me with you?

1. Yes
2. No


2. Vahn: No.

Noa: (Silence)

Meta: Vahn! You must be nice to her!


1. Vahn: Yes.

Noa: Good. So I won't be alone. I'll be with you, Vahn.

Meta: Vahn, let's return to Drake Castle. I'm sure the people 
freed from the Mist are waiting for you.

[Noa and Vahn arrives at the back gate.]

Drake Castle

Noa: Vahn! Voices! I hear a whole lot of voices from inside! 
Is it safe? Will we be okay?

1. Ha ha ha! Don't worry!
2. Be careful, Noa!


1. Vahn: Ha ha ha! Don't worry!

Noa: Alright! I won't worry since you're here, Vahn.


2. Vahn: Be careful, Noa!

Noa: I will. But I'm not scared, because you're here, Vahn.


[The two commences froward and enters the castle. The king 
along with two guards greets the two.]

King: Travelers, have you driven away the Mist?

1. Yes
2. No


1. Vahn: Yes.

King: So what we heard was true!


2. Vahn: No.

King: So modest! Yet there is no need to be, as we already 
know. Shortly before you arrived, a peddler came and told us 


King: One look at the shining Seru on your arms and I 
understand how this miracle occurred. I am Drake III, king of 
this castle. You have my deepest gratitude.

[Noa examines the king's face.]

Noa: Um, can I ask you something?

King Drake: What is it, young lady?

Noa: There's some weird hair growing under your nose.

King Drake: What? Oh! Ha, ha, ha! Young lady, this is... this 
is called a moustache.

Noa: Whiskers? Whiskers? How weird.

King Drake: Oh? Actually I am quite fond of my moustache. Ha, 
ha, ha! So be it. Now I wish to hear more about what happened. 
Young travelers, come over here.

[Vahn and Noa follows theking to his chamber. Vahn and Noa 
tells their story to the king.]

King Drake: (Silence) Hmm! What an amazing story. So Vahn was 
heading to Biron Monastery in search of Mei's mother. My order 
to open the water gate must have caused you great hardship! I 
am sorry for that. But here, take this. It is the Water Key.

[The King gives it to the nearby guard. The guard steps 
forward and hands it to Vahn.]

- Vahn now has the Water Key! -

[Vahn bows and tries to leave.]

King Drake: Vahn! Noa! Wait! I have a favor to ask you. I know 
that you both are on separate quests. But I ask you to 
remember the horrible Mist that covers the earth. And that 
those like you, chosen by the Ra-Seru, have a holy mission. I 
have not the authority to command you. You have saved Rim Elm 
and Drake Castle from the Mist... But the suffering will not 
truly end until the whole world is free of the Mist.

Noa: Mr. Drake, what does "suffer" mean? Are you talking about 

King Drake: No, ha ha ha! That's "supper." "Suffer" means to 
be very sad.

Noa: Suffering is when sad things happen... No! I don't want 
any more sad things to happen! I hate suffering! Vahn, that 
means we have to destroy the Mist! That will stop the 

King Drake: Yes, I agree with Noa. Ha, ha, ha! I will detain 
you no further. Please continue on your journey. I will pray 
hard for a safe trip. Good luck!

[After meeting the King, Vahn and Noa exits the castle.]

Outside Drake Castle

[The two sees lots of people outside the castle, selling and 
buying goods.]

Noa: Vahn... So many... People! Vahn, look! Look at all the 
people! They all look so happy. Now I feel kind of happy, too. 
I want to talk to them! I want to talk about happy things! 
Vahn? Do you think they'll want to talk to me?

1. Sure, they'll be happy too.
2. Probably not.


1. Vahn: Sure, they'll be happy too.

Noa: Yeah, you're right. I know they would! I'll see you 
later. I'm going!


2. Vahn: Probably not.

Noa: You're so mean! You're wrong. I'm fun to be with! I know 
they would like talking to me! I'm going to talk to that 
person over there!


[Noa runs off. Vahn tries to leave the area.]

Noa: Vahn! Are you going to leave me here? Don't you want to 
go with me? Are you going to leave me all alone?

1. Yes.
2. No.


1. Vahn: Yes.

Noa: Hmmf! Liar! You're a liar, Vahn! You said you wanted to 
go with me! So that makes you a liar! Waa... 

[Noa starts to cry.]

Noa: Waaahhh! Waahh! Waaahh! I don't want to be by myself? I 
want... Even if you say no, I... I... I'm going with you!


2. Vahn: No.

Noa: Oh, OK. OK we have to go now right? Sorry for being so 
much trouble. I'll be good from now on, so... So don't leave 
me alone, OK, Vahn?


[The two walks out and comes at the Water Gate. Vahn uses the 
key the king gave him and shuts the gate. Water stops to run 
and the two easily makes their way across the Water Gate and 
heads to Biron.]

Biron Monastery

[The two arrives at the Biron Monastery. A monk rushes in and 
prepares to fight but gets surprised after seeing Vahn and 

Monk: I don't believe it! I rush out thinking that some Seru 
are up to no good, and I find human visitors! Well, then, come 
with me! I'll introduce you to everyone at Biron.

[The monk leads the two inside the monastery. Vahn and Noa 
sees a lot of monks training.]

Monk: I'm so glad you came. It's been a long time since Biron 
Monastery has had any real human visitors. I never thought 
anyone would come here while I was guarding the gate. You 
really surprised me! Wait! They're in the middle of training. 
When it's over, I'll introduce you to Master Zopu.

Zopu: Stop right there!

[The training monks stops.]

Zopu: Good! We seem to have visitors. What a rare treat. 
That's enough training for now. You may now attend to your 
individual tasks.

Monks: Yes, sir!

[Vahn and Noa steps up to Master Zopu.]

Zopu: Well, well. Welcome to Biron Monastery. Now, then. Let 
me get a good look at you.

Noa: I am Noa! With me here is Vahn! Good to meet you, old 

[The man standing beside Zopu's right side, steps forward.]

Master Teacher: How dare you call Master Zopu "old man"!

Zopu: Ha, ha, ha! This young lady means no ill will. Master 
Teacher, stand aside.

Master Teacher: Yes, sir!

[Master Teacher walks away.]

Zopu: I see. Vahn and Noa. How do you do? I am Zopu. Hmm. Your 
eyes are keen. And you have Seru... Alright, then! We welcome 
you here. Tonight, we shall have a party in your honor. Until 
then, you may make yourselves at home inside the monastery.

[Zopu walks off. The man who was standing beside Zopu's left 
side walks up to Vahn and Noa.]

Songi: Those things on your arms... Are those Seru?

1. Yes.
2. No.


1. Noa: Yes.

Songi: So that's a Seru! I hear they give their wearer great 

Noa: That's right.

Songi: Ha, ha, ha! I want one of those Seru!


2. Noa: No.

Songi: Hey, don't lie to me. I already knew everything.

Noa: I'm not lying! This is no ordinary Seru! It's a Ra-Seru!

Songi: I see. A Ra-Seru, eh? I definitely want a Seru like 


Songi: I am Songi. Pleased to meet you. If you have an extra 
Seru, then let me have it! Ha, ha, ha, ha!

[Songi walks off.]

Noa: What a weirdo.

?: Vahn?

[A woman greets Vahn and Noa.]

?: Is that you, Vahn? Vahn? It is you, Vahn! Don't you 
remember me?

1. Uh...Maya?
2. I don't remember.


1. Vahn: Uh...Maya?

Maya: That's right! I'm Maya from Rim Elm! Vahn, what a good 
memory! I'm impressed. 


2. Vahn: I don't remember.

Maya: It's me, Maya! Maya from Rim Elm! Vahn, don't you 
remember? Well, that's understandable.


Maya: You were still so young when I left the village. When 
Master Zopu told me a youth called Vahn had come, I hurried 
here. I knew it was you! I knew it right away! You look just 
like Val when he was young. I'm so happy. Because of the Mist, 
I thought I would never see anyone from Rim Elm again. You two 
are amazing! You must have had a hard time getting here. Oh, I 
almost forgot! I'm sorry, but Master Zopu asked me to help 
with the preparations for the party. So, I have to go now. 
There are so many things I want to ask you about, but that 
will have to wait until tonight. I want you to tell me about 
yourself, and about your village. Bye for now. I'll see you 

[Maya runs off.]

Noa: So that's Maya, the one you've been looking for. Hmm. 
What energy she has. I couldn't get a word in. But I'm so glad 
I finally met her! So glad she's well!

[Because of the long travelling, Vahn and Noa decides to take 
a short nap. Noa dreams. Noa stands alone in pitch dark.]

Noa... Where are you? I miss you... I want to see you.

[Noa looks around.]

Noa: Who's there? Who is that? Whose voice is that?

[A glow of light appears in front of Noa.]

Noa, my dear... Mother can't hear you very well. Mother can't 
see you very well.

Noa: M-Mother? Are you my mother?

Noa, I want to see you. It's so dark here... Freezing cold... 
I'm... in the deepest Mist...

Noa: The Mist! You're in the deepest Mist?

[Noa runs after the glow of light.]

Mother is... at the source... of the Mist...

Noa: Where? Where are you? Mother! Where are you?!

[Vahn wakes up Noa. The two heads to Zopu's room.]

Zopu: You said your names were Vahn and Noa, right? Did you 
listen to what the people of Biron had to say?

Vahn: Yes.

Zopu: I see. Well, then... Before the party begins, tell me 
what you heard. Tell me what you heard about the Seru and 
about the Mist.

[Vahn and Noa tells Zopu everything. Later that evening... at 
party, Vahn gives the news about Juno's death to Maya.]

Maya: So, that's what happened. Juno, he... He was killed by a 
Seru. (Silent contemplation) (Still silent) So Vahn, you came 
all the way here for Mei's sake. (Silent contemplation) 

Noa: Maya, don't cry! Cheer up! It's not like you to cry like 

Maya: That's sweet of you to try to cheer me up. Still... It's 
all so frustrating that I couldn't be by Juno's side. I loved 
him so! All along I thought I would see him again someday, and 
now it's too late. I'm so sad! I'm sorry, Vahn. I'm sorry, 
Noa. I'm sorry for crying like this.

Noa: Maya, come to Rim Elm with us! Mei is there!

Maya: I'm sorry, Noa, I just want to be alone now. I need time 
alone to think.

[Maya leaves the party.]

Noa: When Maya's sad it makes me sad, too. Sad and lonely, 

[Vahn talks to Master Teacher.]

Master Teacher: Yes, sir! (Contemplation) Those are Seru on 
your arms, aren't they?

1. Yes.
2. No.


1. Vahn: Yes.

Master Teacher: I don't like it. I despise those creatures and 
those who depend on them!


2. Vahn: No.

Master Teacher: What? Not Seru but Ra-Seru? Don't be foolish. 
A Seru is a Seru. I don't like it. I despise those creatures 
and those who depend on them!


[Vahn walks over to Songi.]

Songi: A Seru that's not affected by the Mist. What I wouldn't 
do for one! They say that a Ra-Seru sleeps inside something 
called the Genesis Tree. With a Seru like that. I'd show 
Master Teacher who's really boss. Ha, ha, ha! Anyway, don't 
you mind me.

[Zopu arrives at the party and talks with Vahn and Noa.]

Sopu: I just saw Maya walking around crying. You didn't tell 
me before but I want you to be honest with me now. Vahn, Noa. 
You two came here to take Maya back to Rim Elm, am I right?

1. Yes.
2. No.


1. Vahn: Yes.

Zopu: Such forth rightness! Ha, ha, ah! That is good. Young 
people should be frank.


2. Vahn: No.

Zopu: Ha, ha, ha! You can't hide anything from me! You young 
people should be more honest!


Zopu: I, too, shall speak frankly. I have a favor to ask of 
you. I have heard that you used that Ra-Seru to revive the 
Genesis Trees in Rim Elm and... in Mt. Rikuroa. You rid those 
places of the accursed Mist. Actually, there are two Genesis 
Trees near the Biron Monastery. Will you revive them as well?

1. Yes.
2. No.


2. Vahn: No.

Zopu: We at Biron will help you in every way we can. I 
therefore implore you! Please! Will you awaken the Genesis 
Trees near the monastery?


1. Vahn: Yes.

Zopu: Ah, I thank you both! I must tell everyone immediately.

[Zopu walks up in front of the crowd.]

Zopu: All of you! Listen! They have just agreed to revive the 
Genesis Trees!

Crowd: Hurray! Hurray for Vahn! A toast to Noa!

Zopu: Once revived, the Genesis Trees will rid us of the 
horrible Mist! This is our chance! We must all help these 
brave visitors. The Genesis Trees are in separate forests 
north of here, in West and East Voz. Vahn, tell me, which 
forest will you go to first?

1. West Voz Forest, in the northwest.
2. East Voz Forest, in the northeast.


1. Vahn: West Voz Forest, in the northwest.

Zopu: West Voz Forest. I see. Yes, that forest is closer to 
the origin of the Mist. Yes, that is a wise decision. Master 
Teacher! Master Teacher, are you there?

Master Teacher: Yes, sir!

Zopu: Master Teacher, you will accompany these two to West Voz 

Master Teacher: B-But...

Zopu: Master Teacher! An elder's order is the same as a 
command from Biron.

Master Teacher: Y-Yes. Sir!

Songi: Have you forgotten me?

Zopu: What is it, Songi?

Songi: If Master Teacher is going to West Voz Forest, then I 
will go to East Voz Forest! I will go there to make sure that 
the Genesis Tree is safe. 

Zopu: Songi, it is so unusual for you to volunteer like this! 
But that is good! I will give you monks to command. I am 
counting on you, Songi!

Songi: Yes, sir!

Zopu: Now, then. Night has fallen. Let the party end.

[Everybody leaves. Songi stands alone in the room.]

Songi: I'm so brilliant! Once I get rid of those two brats and 
that macho moron... I'll get the Ra-Seru from the Genesis Tree 
in East Voz Forest! Ha, ha, ha...! I can't stop laughing!


2. Vahn: East Voz Forest, in the northeast.

Zopu: Ah, since East Voz Forest is farther from the Mist's 
source, perhaps its Genesis Tree is safe.

Songi: Hey, wait a minute! 

Zopu: What is it, Songi?

Songi: I'll go to East Voz Forest for you! I know my way 
around there.

Zopu: But Songi, you do not have a Ra-Seru.

Songi: My point exactly! Vahn and Noa each have their own Ra-
Seru. That's why they should go to West Voz Forest, where the 
Mist is thicker.

Zopu: Hmm. I see. What you say makes sense. Alright, I give my 
permission! Vahn, Noa. I am sorry, but I must ask you to go to 
West Voz Forest. Master Teacher! Master Teacher, are you 

Master Teacher: Yes, sir!

Zopu: Master Teacher, you will accompany these two to West Voz 

Master Teacher: B-But...

Zopu: Master Teacher! An elder's order is the same as a 
command from Biron.

Master Teacher: Y-Yes. Sir!

Zopu: Good. Master Teacher, Songi. I am counting on you. Now, 
then. Night has fallen. Let the party end.

[Everybody leaves. Songi stands alone in the room.]

Songi: Ha, ha, ha! They're all fools! My strategy worked The 
Ra-Seru must be in the first forest they picked, East Voz. Now 
it's mine to take! Ha, ha, ha!


[The next morning, the two group prepares to leave for the 

Zopu: May Biron bless Songi on his journey to East Voz Forest!

Songi: Thank you! Leave everything to me!

[Songi leaves Biron along with three monks.]

Zopu: May Biron also bless Master Teacher and our two visitors 
on their journey to West Voz! Vahn, Noa. Good luck to you 

[Zopu walks off.]

Noa: Hey, Master Teacher, can I ask you something?

Master Teacher: What?

Noa: "Master Teacher" is a weird name.

Master Teacher: It's not a name, it's a title!

Noa: So "Master Teacher" isn't your name? Then what is your 

Master Teacher: Since you are not Biron Monks and need not 
call me Master Teacher, I will tell you. My name is... Gala!

Noa: Gala... That's an interesting name.

Gala: Well don't get too friendly. I hate Seru!

[Maya comes in running towards Vahn, Noa and Gala.]

Maya: Vahn, Noa. It's about Rim Elm. Last night I was 
thinking. About Mei... About Juno. And about something else. I 
want to have a long talk with you, but now the Genesis Tree is 
more important. Let's talk later, after you come back. Well, 
then. Good luck! I'll be praying for your safe return.

West Voz Forest

[The three arrives at West Voz Forest. After wandering for 
some time, Vahn, Noa and Gala comes across a river. Noa sees a 
small grass near the river.]

Small blades of grass sway.

Noa: What weird grass. Vahn, is it edible?

Gala: You guys don't know anything, do you? That's called 
Bridge Grass. It's tiny now, but it'll be big enough to span a 
gorge and strong enough to walk on! And, no, it's not edible!

Noa: Oh, So we can't eat it. Oh, hey, I know! Vahn, Gala, we 
got Fertilizer from the treasure chest, right? Let's give it 
to the Bridge Grass! It might grow faster that way!

Gala: Hmm. I thought you were just a fool, but that's a good 

Noa: You're mean, Gala! Boo-hoo!

[Vahn poured the Fertilizer at the base of the Bridge Grass. 
The Bridge Grass spans into a gorge and makes a bridge for the 
three. The three finally arrives at the Genesis Tree.]

Gala: This? This is a Genesis Tree? This dead, rotting tree 
doesn't look like it has the power to drive away the Mist. But 
it doesn't matter to me. Vahn, hurry up and do whatever you 
came here to do.

[Noa examines the tree.]

Noa: There's something wrong! Vahn, there's something wrong 
with this Genesis Tree! This is different from Mt. Rikuroa's 
Genesis Tree! Terra, what's going on?
Terra (Silence) We were too late. The poison of the Mist has 
killed this Genesis Tree.

Noa: The Genesis Tree is dead?! But I thought you and Meta 
could give life to the Genesis Tree!

Meta: Regrettably, this one is too far gone for us to help it.

Noa: No!

Gala: In other words, we came all the way out here for naught! 
There's nothing we can do now. Let's stop wasting time and get 
back to Biron Monastery.

[Something glows inside the dead Genesis Tree.'

Gala: Hey!

Noa: Vahn! Something's glowing! Look! It's glowing!

Meta: That glow! That's the glow of a Ra-Seru Egg! It's a Ra-
Seru Egg!

Terra: How fortunate! At least the Ra-Seru Egg still survives! 
Meta and I will combine our powers and call the Ra-Seru Egg t 

[Terra and Meta combines their power. The Genesis Tree opens 

Meta: Vahn! Now get the Ra-Seru Egg!

[Vahn feels the warmth of life at his fingertips. Vahn now has 
the Ra-Seru Egg!]

Meta: Vahn, the Ra-Seru Egg needs the power of a healthy 
Genesis Tree. Take good care of the Ra-Seru Egg until then.

Noa: I can't wait to see what kind of Ra-Seru comes out of the 

Gala: West Voz Forest's Genesis Tree was dead... I wonder how 
Songi fared in East Voz Forest.

[A bright flashing light explodes far away.]

Gala: What? 

[The three sees smoke coming out of the Biron Monastery.]

Gala: That sound and light came from the direction of Biron 

Noa: I wonder what happened.

Gala: Vahn, the Monastery may be in trouble. We must hurry 
back there!

[The three hurries back to Biron Monastery.]

Biron Monastery

[The three arrives at Biron Monastery and witnesses that the 
Mist has invaded.]

Gala: It's the Mist. Why is the Mist in the Monastery? What on 
earth happened? I'll go on ahead and see what's going on.

[Gala rushes in. Vahn and Noa follows Gala and comes inside.]

Noa: Vahn! It's the Seru! I smell the Seru!

[The two sees monks laying dead. Vahn and Noa knocks on the 
kitchen door.]

(Silent contemplation) Who is it? Could it be... Is that you, 

Vahn: Yes.

Yes. That voice! It's Vahn! Wait just one moment awhile I 
unlock the door. Quickly! Hurry inside before the Seru 
monsters come!

[Vahn and Noa enters. Zopu greets the two.]

Zopu: Well, Vahn and Noa. I'm glad you reached us safely. I 
just heard what happened from Master Teacher. So the Genesis 
Tree of West Voz Forest was already dead. That's too bad. As 
you can see, things here are a mess. That Songi betrayed us! 
The monastery wall was destroyed with a great blast. Then came 
Songi and many Seru. The Mist came in and caught us off guard. 
There were so many Seru monsters. Songi has a Seru on his arm. 
That Seru may have been controlling him. We barely made it 
here alive. Such a pitiful story.

Noa: Zopu... What about Gala? Where is Gala?

Zopu: When he heard that Songi had done this, he ran off in a 
rage. Maybe he went to look for monks who survived the 
attack... Or to track down Songi. There's nothing I can do 
now. Nothing. What a disgrace I am!

Noa: Don't cry, Zopu! I'll fight hard, so don't cry, Zopu! 
Vahn, let's get rid of the Mist! Let's drive the Mist from 

[Vahn and Noa exits the room and heads inside Maya's room.]

Maya: Grrawww!

Noa: Vahn! It's a Seru! A Seru monster! 

[Noa examines the face.]

Noa: Gasp! Oh, no! Arrgh! Maya! It's Maya! She's turned into a 
Seru! Maya, wait! Maya, I'll get that Seru off you. Wait! I'll 
take it off!

[Noa tries to take the Seru off from Maya.]

Terra: Noa! Stop!

Noa: But...

Terra: If you rip it off her like that, she'll die!

Noa: Why? I don't understand!

Terra: Listen, Noa. Listen carefully! You should never remove 
Seru from a human when the Mist is around. The Seru and human 
are one, so if you do that they'll die. There's only one way 
to free a human who's turned into a Seru monster. And that is 
to get rid of the Mist! You said there's a Genesis Tree in 
East Voz Forest, right?

Noa: Yeah.

Terra: If you want to help Maya, you have to awaken the 
Genesis Tree there. 

Noa: Then Maya will turn back into a human?

Terra: Noa, I would never lie to you.

Noa: Maya, I promise... I promise to destroy the Mist!

[Noa and Vahn tries to leave Biron Monastery.]

Gala: Wait a moment, both of you.

[Gala comes in running.]

Gala: I checked the entire monastery. Everyone's either dead 
or changed into Seru. It can't be true! Songi did all this? 
How could he have done this! What was he thinking? I have to 
talk to Songi! I have to find out why he did this! But... 
Vahn! Noa! Are you going to go to East Voz Forest now?

1. Yes.
2. No.


2. Vahn: No.

Gala: Please! Tell me the truth! Vahn! Noa!


1. Vahn: Yes.

Gala: I knew it! I know that Songi is waiting for me in East 
Voz Forest. If the Genesis Tree is still alive, I'll revive it 
and free the monastery from the Mist! After traveling 
together, I know how strong you are now. Actually, to be 
honest, I'm not confident enough to go to East Voz Forest 
without you. I need your strength. Please! Will you take me 
with you?

1. Yes.
2. No.


2. Vahn: No.

Gala: I know I'm being selfish, but I want to learn the truth 
about Songi! I want to rid the monastery of the Mist! Please 
take me with you!


1. Vahn: Yes.

Gala: Thank you! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you!

East Voz Forest

[Gala along with Vahn and Noa arrives at the East Forest.]

Gala: Wait a minute, everyone! I feel something... I feel 
Songi's presence! Songi is here! Vahn, Noa, I need you two to 
promise me something! Even if Songi appears before you, don't 
fight him. I know this is asking a lot, but... If a Seru 
possesses his soul as you say, them I want to be the one to 
take care of him. I will detain you no longer. Come, let's 

[The three wanders inside the forest. Noa finds a strange tool 
called the Weed Hammer.]

Gala: Oh, a Weed Hammer!

Noa: Gala, what's a Weed Hammer?

Gala: It's something used to break Crystal Grass and other 
types of hard grass.

Noa: Oh. 

[With the help of Weed Hammer, the three goes in further and 
finds the Genesis Tree.]

Noa: I found it! Look, everyone! It's the Genesis Tree!

[Noa examines the Genesis Tree.]

Noa: And it's alive! Yeah! Vahn! Gala! It's still alive! The 
Genesis Tree is still alive! 

[Gala walks up.]

Gala: This Genesis Tree does seem different from the one in 
West Voz Forest. Did Songi find this Genesis Tree?

[Vahn walks up to the Genesis Tree.]

Gala: Or did the Genesis Tree mislead him into taking a wrong 
turn somewhere?

Meta: Vahn! An evil presence draws near! Hurry! Let's revive 
the Genesis Tree!

[Vahn tries to touch the Genesis Tree.]

Songi: Now wait just a minute!

[The three sees Songi up on a high cliff.]

Songi: Watch what you're doing, or you'll hurt yourselves! Ha, 
ha, ha! Gala! I knew you would come! You're so predictable! 
How thoughtful of you to come all the way here to check up on 
me! I'm flattered!

[Songi somersaults down to a lower cliff.]

Songi: But don't worry about me! I'm the picture of health - 
physically and mentally! I may be wearing a Seru, but I 
haven't done anything stupid like let it control me!

[Songi again somersaults down to a lower cliff.]

Songi: This is a special Seru! It gives me pure energy, 
extraordinary power! Gala, you're no match for me now!

[Songi jumps down and lands in front of Gala.]

Songi: Fight me! I'll destroy you, just like I destroyed Biron 

Noa: That's it! I'm gonna knock your block off, Songi! Let me 
at him!

[Noa tries to confront Songi but Gala stops her.]

Gala: Noa, you promised to leave him to me, right? Songi! You 
say you are not possessed by the Seru? You... You are not the 
Songi I know! You're nothing but a blood thirsty beast! I 
don't know what happened to you, but you are obviously void of 
a human spirit. If you want to fight me that badly, then I'll 
fight you! I'll beat the evil out of you and return you to 
normal! Now fight me!

[Songi spits on the ground.]

Songi: You hopeless simpleton! You still don't understand the 
situation! Well I'll show you! I'll hammer it into that thick 
skull of yours!

[Gala runs towards and tries to hit Songi. A force field slams 
Gala backwards. Gala stands up. With great speed, Songi rushes 
in and strikes a powerful blow. Gala flies backwards.]

Songi: Gala, I thought you were stronger than that! You're not 
even a worthy opponent! This is ridiculous! Absurd! You need 
more practice! You're not even wroth dirtying my hands over. 
I'll leave you to one of my cohorts! Have a nice, enjoyable, 
pleasant... death! 

[--+ Battle Mode +--]

[Two Thunder Seru appears. Vahn focuses his energy along with 
Meta. Whirling blur of flames surrounds Vahn's right fist. 
Vahn strikes an upward fist towards one of the Seru. The blow 
tears down the Seru. The other Seru throws a electrifying 
thunder bolt at Gala. The thunder, shocks Gala and knocks him 
unconscious. Noa, with her fast agility, strikes a deadly 
punching and kicking combination. Gala regains consciousness 
and delivers the death blow with his two fists.]


Songi: Stop! Enough already! Gala! You're completely hopeless! 
You're holding everyone down! As a fellow Biron monk, I'm 
ashamed! You were so bad, I was ashamed to even watch! Oh, 
I've had enough! I'm going home! Let's play together again 
another time, Gala... If a wussy like you can manage to stay 
alive, that is! Ha, ha, ha! 

[Songi disappears into darkness.]

Terra: What an insolent man! 

Noa: I hate him!

Meta: But Songi's Seru, that definitely was a... Never mind! 
We don't have time to talk! We have to revive the Genesis 
Tree! Hurry!

- Vahn reached out and gently to touch the Genesis Tree. He 
feels a gentle warmth in the palm of his hand.

Terra: Noa! I'll help you!

- Noa reached out swiftly to touch the Genesis Tree. She feels 
a silent power in the palm of her hand.

[A small ball of light from Vahn's right palm and Noa's left 
palm shoots up and goes inside the Genesis Tree. The Genesis 
Tree miraculously awakens and starts to grow. Light shoots up 
from the Genesis Tree and sends the Mist farther away. The 
Three Genesis Tree combines their power and clears away the 
mist. In the middle of the three Genesis Tree, a mist making 
hidden fortress of some sort appears.]

Terra: Look! The Genesis Tree's power is making the Ra-Seru 
Egg hatch! 

[The egg hatches and a blue Ra-Seru representing thunder comes 

Gala: It's a Ra-Seru!

[The Ra-Seru slowly hovers over to Gala.]

Gala: Ra-Seru! Why are you here, in front of me? Ra-Seru! Is 
it me you have chosen? Very well! I submit myself to you! To 
defeat Songi, the villain who attacked Biron Monastery. I 
submit myself to you, Ra-Seru! Take me!

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