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Version 2.0 on 3/30/99 Valsoft Studios
Created By: Valkryie_X<valkryie@ignmail.com>

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Table of Contents
$!.....Needed Information
@......Whats Next
*......Whats New!
II.....Legal Items
V......Basic Controls
VII....Secrets and Hidden Events
VIII...Boss Tips
X......Art Move List
XI.....Magic List
XII....Items Dropped and Stolen List
XIII...Contributor Recognition
XIV....Whats Coming Soon!

$! Needed Information
If anyone knows the location of these 2 items it would be appreciated. 
Rumours abound that they exist, and Lord Asura<asura_lord@hotmail.com>
brought it to my attention. If you find it, send an email to
valkryie@ignmail.com and asura_lord@hotmail.com

1.  2 rare items exist, Seru Encounter and Something Good. If you find 
any of these items drop an email. 

@ Whats Next
Lunar and Alpha3 Have been released. I have begun work on Faqs for both 
games as well as Zelda DX for Gameboy. Another possible Game Faqmight be 
on Star Ocean2, but it depends if I want to take on that many projects.

Well thanks for all the emails, and see ya next Faq.

* Whats New!
v1.9 to v2.0
1. Another Exclusive site added, last request for usage of my Faq to.
2. Updated the whats next section.

v1.8 to v1.9
1. Added Items Dropped And Stolen List taken from PSM May Issue.
2. Few Minor Grammar errors fixed.
3. Trying to Display Logo correctly. Can anyone help?

v1.7 to v1.8
1. Made my own Ascii Logo using SigZag. Very good program indeed.
2. Added Cort Strategy for the Final Boss Battle
3. Added the Needed Information Section. It will stay this time.
4. Added Information about the Mettle Goblet 
5. Added Information on how to obtain 3000 coins, and Ra-Seru    
Assimilation Techniques.
6. Assimilation Technique added to Section VIII Boss Tips/Strategies
7. Added Tip to Section VIII
8. Added Lapis to the Secrets section

v1.6 to v1.7
1. Finally, the correct coin information for Earth Ra-Seru
2. Added another site, which holds my faq exclusively.
3. Few minor tweaks.
4. This is probably the last major update to this faq unless my logo          
idea comes through.
5. And if you do not find the information you are seeking, check Asura's       
walkthrough. His is more detailed, and he replies to emails faster          

v1.5 to v1.6
1. Few Item Location Errors fixed(Point Card etc.)
2. Removed the Needed Info Section(no more is needed)
3. More Contributors added to Recognition section
4. Explanation of Mary's Diary Added to Secrets section

v1.4 to v1.5
1. Thanks to DraG0N804 for finding out how to get the 2 Ra-Seru Spells.
2. Few more spelling errors
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4. Needed Information Section Added
5. Legal Stuff changed to Legal Items(forgot to mention that before).

v1.3 to v1.4
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v1.1 to v1.2
1. Added a few Important Notes in the Legal Stuff Section
2. A more refined and detailed explanation of the Locals
3. Change in Email Address and using my Net name.
   Reason for email change is since Hotmail is very slow lately.

v1.0 to v1.1
1. More indepth on Specific Area's
2. Added the Arts Move Lists
3. Added Console Gamer in the Introduction.
4. Added Magic List
5. Grammar Corrections
6. Working on Title Art

I. Introduction
This is my Third Walkthrough for Gamefaqs.com and Consolegamer.com and 
am still working on making it the most thorough walkthrough for Legend 
of Legaia. Parts of the Faq were taken from Tips&Tricks magazine, namely 
the Art Lists, and the secret hidden events,items, and a few boss 
Preparations also, I will do my best to elaborate on any situation you 
are stuck on and will try to make this a very detailed faq using my 
experience with Legaia 2 times through and the help of Tips & Tricks. At 
first I thought the game would suck due to the Xenogears combat style 
but it has grown on me and I find the game pretty damn good. You should 
check out my Guilty Gear, and Tenchu Faqs if you have the games. Anyway 
onto the rest of this document.

II. Legal Items
Neither the author of this FAQ, nor any person who distributes it in any 
way, shall be responsible or liable for anything that results from using 
this FAQ for any purpose. This FAQ may be freely distributed provided 
that it is kept unmodified and in its entirity. Parts of the Faq/Walk- 
through were taken from a Magazine called Tips & Tricks, which is an 
excellent resource for codes and walkthroughs. Legend of Legaia was made 
by(c) SCEA 1998. The use of any trademarks within this FAQ is not 
intended to represent a challenge to their validity.

III. Story
 	God Created the heavens, the earth, and the seas. After creating 
all things in the universe, god created humans to rule over this world. 
Yet while possessing the wisdom of god, humans were physically weaker 
than the wild beasts, and impulsive in spirit. Many times did the humans 
come close to dying out forever. Concerned about the humans' future, god 
gave them a mighty force with which to aid them. It was the Seru.
	Since the dawn of human memory, known as history, humans lived 
together with creatures known as the Seru. The Seru lived together with 
humans, always obeying them, and making the humans many times stronger 
than before. When not worn by a human, a Seru looks much like a stone 
figure, However... Upon touching a human, a Seru changes form and gives 
that human secret abilities. With a Seru, a human can lift extremely 
heavy objects and even fly in the air. However, that era came to an end.
	Appearing from out of nowwhere, the Mist covered the land, 
bringing to an end the world of prosperous symbiosis between humans and 
Seru. After the thick Mist came, the Seru, who once obeyed humans, 
rebelled against them. The Seru began attacking humans at will. Seru 
that attached themselves to humans controlled their minds and turned 
them into evil beasts.
	As if forsaken by god, human civilization collapsed. It was the 
twilight of humanity. Those who escaped the Mist inhabited the desolate 
areas and protected each other. Now, their faint hope is their only 
source of inspiration.



Main protaganist of Legend of Legaia, is strong in all departments 
except casting water based Seru Spells

Attribute: Fire
Favorite Weapons: Knives, Swords, Knuckles


Raised by a Ra-Seru, she meets up with Vahn at Mt. Rinokoa

Attribute: Wind
Favorite Weapons: Claw, Feral


A Biron Monk who Joins with Vahn and Noa to stop the Mist from 

Attribute: Thunder
Favorite Weapons: Club, Mace, Axe

V. Basic Controls
I suggest using a Dual Shock Analog Controller as you are able to use 
both Sticks, One for highlighting the command and the other to execute 
or shuffle through your menues(Vibration is a Plus too!)

The Controller Functions are described separately for the two different 
game modes.

	Normal Mode and Fighting Mode

Directional Buttons:
	Normal Mode: For Moving the cursor between options, also for 
	moving the characters through maps and dungeons.

	Fighting Mode: When Fighting options appear on screen in the same 
	configuration as the directional button positions, press the 
	corresponding directional button to make your selection.

Triangle or Up on the Right Analog Stick(If using a Dual Shock)
	Normal Mode: Displays the Menu Screen
	Fighting Mode: When you are about to select your attack 
	combination, this button brings up all the Art commands you have 
	learned up to that point. Press the Triangle or Up button again to 
	cycle through the pages or to close the move list.

X or Down on the Right Analog Stick
	Normal Mode: Enter Selection
	  .Run feature(hold X + D Pad)
	  .Interact with people or items.
	  .Examine drawers/cupboards

	Fighting Mode: Enter Selection

Circle or Right on the Right Analog Stick
	Cancel a selection or return to the immediately preceding screen.

Square or Left on the Right Analog Stick
	Normal Mode: Cancels prologue sequence and displays menu screen.

Start Button: No Use

Select Button: Brings up Menu

L1 Button: Press to see the Panoramic Map when you are in the outdoor 
field. For all locations other than the field this button has the same 
function as the X button.

L2 Button: For Cancelling a selection. Has the same function as the 
circle button.

R1 Button: Press a directional button while holding down this button in 
order to use the run feature for your character.

R2 Button: No Use

VI. Walkthrough

1. Rim-Elm
Talk to everyone and learn how the Arts system works from Tetsu at the 
beach to the south of town. Resting at Vahn's home will start the events 
that begin the adventure. During the night invite Mei to stay at your 
house for reasons discussed later on in this Walkthrough. Zepot, an evil 
minion will appear and summon Serus to attack the village. You must 
hurry to the Genesis tree. Touch the tree and a voice will sound in your 
mind.It says that you must gather all the villagers at the Genesis tree. 
Before gathering the villagers,head to Mei's house and she will give you 
Mei's Pendant. Do as your told by hurrying back to your house and 
approaching your father. Soon everyone will appear at the magical tree 
and start praying. Finally the Genesis Tree will grow and clears away 
the mist. After this you are thought of as a hero. Don't miss the 
Healing Leaf in the cupboard. From this point on search every village 
for goods when you stop by them. By goods I mean Treasure Chests, look 
in peoples closets, drawers etc. After the Seru attack, go to the 
Genesis Tree and then to Mei's house.  Before heading into the Mist, be 
sure to visit the shop and buy a Survival Knife, Warrior's Seal and 
Healing Leaf. Also you may want to look upstairs in the Item shop, in 
the drawer for a Point Card, whenever you purchase an Item, 5%of it goes 
to the card. So after awhile of buying you may have 5,000 points and you 
can use the card in battle to take off that Much HP. A very useful tool 
that will save your hide more than a few times. After you buy all the 
equipment you'll need, leave Rim-Elm and head west to the Travelers' 

2. Travelers Spring
Item:Healing Leaf

Talk to everyone here and head to both sides of the spring for chests. 
Feel free to read the books on the right side of the spring as they can 
be helpful in the future. After Talking with Lezam goto one of the 
Springs and it should heal you and restore your MP, then head out 
Northwest to Drake Castle.

3. Drake Castle
Items:Sunrise Key, Lightning Key, Star Key, Mountain Key, Healing Leaf             
X2, Fury Boost, Survival Knife, Fire Book I.

 You will need the key to open the gate to proceed. Starting off on 
first floor, take the left room to get the Sunrise Key to open the gate 
to the 2nd floor. A Healing Leaf is in the chest on the upper left 
corner in the main room on the 2nd floor. Take the door on the South end 
of the floor. In the room there is a Fury Boost at the Middle left of 
the bottom screen. After that take the Lightning Key on the upper right 
corner of the room. After getting the Lighting Key head on up to the 3rd 
Floor. There is a Survival Knife in the chest in the left room on 3rd 
floor, Equip it if you didn't purchase it in Rim-Elm. The Star Key is in 
the next room, also take the Healing Leaf on the 4th floor in the chest 
on the upper left corner. Proceed through the door to the South and 
enter the throne room, which is the Middle door. The left room in the 
throne room is the King Bedroom where you could find the King's letter 
in the chest and Mountain Key. The right room is a place where you could 
sleep and recover your HP and MP, also there is a save point and a Fire 
Book I in the chest. With the Fire Book I you can learn Vahns' first 
Hyper Art-Tornado Flame. Open the mountain gate and exit the castle. Now 
head to Rikuroa Mountain.

4. SnowDrift Cave
Items: Healing Shroom X4

Game Play changes over from Vahn to Noa. A save point is located in the 
beginning of the area. Talk to Terra, follor her around, since she will 
stop at certain places and ask you questions at each stopping point. If 
you paid attention to the game you should be able to answer them easily. 
Pick up any Healing Shrooms you see(Mushrooms, they are easy to see). 
After you have found all the available Healing Shrooms, head to the 
Practice area(where Terra is). There is another Healing Shroom in this 
room on the left side. Basically the Practice Lessons allow you to learn 
Arts, and gain some levels(which you will need). Your enemies are Red or 
Black Puera. After each battle you could talk to Terra to Replenish your 
HP and MP. After the 2nd battle is you talk to Terra, she will teach you 
an Art called Lizard Tail. From that point on every time you talk to 
Terra, she will offer you a chance to return back to camp and eat, 
instead say no and continue fighting, you will need to gain a lot of 
levels for a hard Boss.When you beat all the Puera, you will return back 
to camp. Follow her to the room you started with Noa. Talk to Terra once 
again. The Mist seeps into the cave from an Earth Quake. Follow the path 
and exit the cave. Pick up the last Healing Shroom on your way out. Any 
battles you fight in on your up to Mt. Rikuroa your kinda invincible 
since Terra, will cast Revive and Heal on you when she joins you. Now 
head on out to Mt. Rikuroa.

5. Mt. Rikuroa
Items:Healing Leaf X2, Scarlet Jewel, Power Water, Guardian Water,             
Phoenix, Speed Elixir, Vahn Fist, Healing Bloom X2.

Controls will change from Noa Back to Vahn in the middle of this area. 
You must Guide Noa until you reach the Genesis Tree,from here on you'll 
control Vahn until you reach Noa. Before you enter Rikuroa Mountain make 
sure that you have learned a few Arts moves, since this boss is very 
difficult if your not prepared. Follow the path and pick up items that 
are in the chests on the way up. A Healing Leaf is in the chest near the 
save point before you enter the cave. Inside the first area of the cave, 
you can find a Scarlet Jewel and a Power Water in the chest. Before you 
can exit the cave, you must fight a Golem. He isn't really that 
difficult to beat so just fight him with everything you have. 

Boss: Golem

Just continue hitting him, as you dont really have to worry about dying, 
since Terra will cast heal when your HP is low and Revive if you die. 
Using a few of your Powerful Arts like Tempest Break should kill him 
fast. After killing him, you'll get a Guardian Water from the Golem. 
Also after that you will exit the cave automatically. After exiting 
continue on into the second half of the cave and take the Phoenix inside 
the chest. You can save your game before you exiting this half of the 
cave, since controls will be switched over to Vahn. Using Vahn follow 
the path and jump from one stone to the other. Before you reach the last 
stone on the north, take the south path first to pick up a Speed Elixir 
in the chest. After getting the Speed Elixir head back north and enter 
the cave. You'll arrive at a intersection. Take the right path first to 
get a few items, then follow the regular path and exit the cave and 
enter the second half of the cave. Towards the end you'll need to jump 
again from one stone to another. After a few jumps, take the right jump 
to pick up a Healing Leaf in the chest. After that, then proceed to the 
top following the path to exit the cave and pick up a Vahn Fist(Equip it 
immediatly!) at the outside of the cave. Head back to the first cave 
where the intersection is and take the left path and pick up the Healing 
Bloom in the chest before you enter the 2nd cave on the left path. Save 
your game at this point before you join Noa to fight Caruban. 

Boss: Caruban
Caruban will inflict massive amounts of damage with his combo attack and 
can hit both Vahn and Noa with Fire Breath. Vahn should have learned the 
Fire Gimard Spell in Drake Castle and should hit Caruban with it as many 
times as he can while Noa uses healing items when necessary. After a few 
rounds he should be licked.

6. Back at Drake Castle
Items : Water Key, Healing Leaf, Swift Water, Fightning Robe, Healing
        Leaf X10, Healing Leaf X5, Magic Leaf, Platinum Card

When you reenter Drake Castle, there will be a sequence with the King, 
he will give you the Water Key. After this sequence head to the right 
room in the throne room to sleep if you need to and save your 
game.Before heading outside, check the left room of the Kings Chamber, 
examine the top left of the room to get the Platinum Card. You can now 
go outside to talk to the people in the castle to gain some information. 
Continue down to the 2nd floor and pick up a Healing Leaf in the chest. 
Proceed down to the 1st floor, and pick up the Healing Bloom inside the 
left room and Swift Water in the right room. When you get outside of the 
castle, you see that the Castle Folk have created a Baazar type setting. 
Follow Noa around and when you reach the Weapon Shop, she will ask what 
money is, answer "I don't know" and the Merchant will give you Fighting 
Robe free of charge. After that head on over to the Items shop and talk 
with Noa. There are 3 prize possiblilities. You can get 10 Healing 
Leaves if you answer all Noa's questions correct, or  get 5 if you 
answer 2 correct. Finally, you just get a Magic Leaf if you you get them 
all wrong. After Noa rejoins your party, head back to the Weapons Shop 
and buy better equipment for Noa and yourself. If you feel you don't 
have enough for everything you want, dont worry save your money for 
Biron Monastary which you will approach soon. Save up big time since 
Weapons and Items in the game get fairly expensive.

7. The Water Gate
Items: Wind Book I

Enter the water gate next to the castle and put the Water Key into the 
water gate controller. After the water drains, Take the chest containing 
the Wind Book I which is Noa's First Hyper Art. Now, head for Biron 

8. Biron Monastary
Items : Power Elixir, Phoenix, Healing Bloom

When you enter Biron Monastery, flip the lever to open the door. Then 
after talking with the guy who comes out, head in to the next room. 
After the long talk, go to the next room and check out the big statue 
for Power Elixir. Maya will come out and compliment on how much you have 
grown etc, after that you can go upstairs. The left room is an Inn, 
while the middle room is where the save point is. You can also buy some 
equipment and items. Examine everything in the Monastary(Some Pots 
contain good items). Remember the lady at the bottom of the table, she 
will give you food to recover your HP/MP later on when the Mist arrives. 
When you are done, go to the room to the right where there is a guard in 
front of it. This is Maya's room. After that go up and enter the room in 
the middle (between 2 staircases) and search the pot for Healing Bloom. 
After your done, Talk to Zopu, whom will throw a celebration. Feel free 
to talk to everyone, but most importantly talk to Gala and Songi to make 
Zopu enter the room. Talk to Zopu again and you'll be asked to revive 
the Genesis Trees. Choose West Voz Forest, since either way you will end 
up with it. 

9. West Voz Forest
Seru:<Light>Vera, <Dark>Nighto
Items: Magic Amulet, Noa Feral, Fertilizer, Ra-Seru Egg

Find the Fertilizer in order to Cross the Bridge Grass. It is located in 
a secret area, a green pipe or tube towards the begining of the 
Forest(in the open space)on the left side is where the Tube like thing 
is located. After locating the Genesis Tree, you find that it is dead 
and recieve the Ozma Ra-Seru Egg. Equip it to prevent damage from 
Thunder attacks, you then hear an explosion and return to Biron 
Monastery, which has been overrun by the Mist.

10. Back at Monastery
Seru:<Fire>Gimard Lv2, <Thunder>Theeder

Goto Maya's Room and check the room for items. Then head back to the 
middle room, recover your HP/MP and save. Head out towards East Voz 

11. East Voz Forest
Items:Weed Hammer, Cure Amulet, Survival Club, Azure Jewel

Follow the path northeast to find the Weed Hammer, which will allow you 
to pass the Crystal Grass in the area. As always look around every nook 
and cranny to find some awesome accessories and items that will aid you.

Boss:<Thunder> Viguro x2

 These guys do high damage with their Thunder Break attack. Attack them 
one at a time, when killing one focus attacks on the other one, use the 
Healing Spells like <Light>Vera that can be located in West Voz and 
attack with Hyper Arts and combo attacks. Dont use magic on them, or 
allow Gala to finish them off, have Vahn and Noa kill them since they 
are Ra-Seru equiped and can learn a powerful attack spell if they defeat 
the viguros with Art Moves.

12. Back at Monastery
When you return to Biron Monastary, Maya will give you 10 healing 
leaves. And the Weapons Dealer has new items for you to purchase. Now 
that you have a Ra-Seru for Gala head back to West Voz and learn the 
Vera Spell. Afterwards head west between the 2 mountains to find Zeto's 

13. Mist Generator 1(Zeto's Dungeon
Seru:<Thunder>Theeder Lv2, <Fire>Gimard Lv2, <Fire>Zenoir, <Light>Vera                          
<Dark>Nighto, <Water>Gizam
Items : Thunder Book I, Healing Leaf, Healing Flower, Fury Boost,                                 
Healing Bloom X2, Short Sword, Shield Elixir, Phoenix, Medicine,                                 
Magic Leaf,Burning Jewel, Tempest Jewel, Door Of Light, Mettle                         

 Let Gala land the final blows to learn the spells that the other two 
characters already have here. Use Vahn's Hyper Arts against the 
Theeders. The short sword is in the chest behind the elevator shaft on 
the lower floor.Equip it, and be sure to look around as there is the 
Thunder Book I that will give Gala his first Hyper Art. 

Boss: Songi

 This is the first time the party must face off with Songi, Galas' arch-
rival from Biron Monastery. Gala must fight him alone. Be sure Gala has 
learned the Zenoir spell before facing Songi. A few blasts fom that 
spell and some Arts attacks are all it takes to defeat him... for now. 
The Mettle Ring(AP Accrual increased by 10%) is what you recieve for 
defeating him. Make sure to save at the memory statue before facing Zeto 
who is nearby.

Boss: Zeto

 Hit him repeatedly with attack spells, using Healing Flowers to keep 
the trio alive and healthy. Zeto's Call Wave signals that a powerful 
attack called Big Wave is coming in the next round. Be sure to have 
everyone use Spirit to raise defense against the Big Wave attack. Have 
one character as a healer(Gala as he is last) and the other 2 attack. 
Continue this pattern until he is defeated.

14. North Cave
The cave north of Biron Monastery is now lit and monster free, and the 
previously sealed doors are now accessible. If you return to Rim-Elm and 
visit Mei, an event will play out which reveals a clue to Noa's past and 
a new mission for the party.

15. Ancient Wind Cave-Thanks Kymil <kymil@enteract.com 
The northwest door leads to the Old Wizard's shop. He sells Weapons and 
Acessories but they are at an Inflated price. While in the Wizard's shop 
area, you can obtain the Silver Compass in a barrel in the Old Wizards 
backroom and a Magic Water in another barrel. When your done flip the 
lever in the back of his room which will open a door in the Northeast 
section of the cave. This leads to an Old Witch's Inn, where you spend 
the night. Vahn, Noa, And Gala have the same dream in which a voice 
tells them to head for the city of Octam. Head north through the caves 
to enter a new area, the Sebucus Islands.

16. Sebucus Islands
Go Northwest until you reach Jeremi.

17. Jeremi & Sky Garden Center
Seru:<Dark>Nighto Lv2, <Wind>Swordie

The Mist has reached Jeremi and you must head to the top of the Sky 
Tower to revive the Genesis Tree there and drive out the Mist. Follow 
the elevators up to the top where a hard boss awaits.

Boss: Berserker

 Before actually fighting him, go left and right to obtain the treasure 
chests, one contains the Forest Amulet, which protects against Rot(and 
comes in handy so equip it on Vahn) and the other is a healing item. Now 
confront the boss. Before Fighting him, build up enough money in battles 
to buy three Earth Jewels from the Old Witch. This will make Berserker's 
Stone Circle Attack less threatening. With the Forest Amulet equipped 
his Spore Attack is ineffective against the character wearing it. Hit 
him with all of the high power attacks you have while keeping the 
party's health full.

18. Jeremi after the Mist
 Talk to the mayor and search the cabinet behind the counter of the 
taver to find a Guardian Ring. Talk to Zalan in the house in the south-
western area of the town and he'll give you a letter to deliver to his 
son in the town of Vidna. Take the time to build up your levels and save 
up some money and buy all of the gear available in the weapons shop 
before heading for Vidna. Vidna is north of Jeremi. 

19. Vidna
 Talk to the people in Vidna for directions to Octam. Visit Danpas in 
the house at the western edge of town. He is building an underground 
shelter in case the windmills ever stop working and the Mist invades 
Vidna. The cupboard in the item shop has 10 healing leaves. Zalan's son 
Pepe lives in a house in the Northwest part of the town. Show him 
Zalan's letter and he'll give you Yuma's Ring. On your way out you can 
buy a Camera Stone(allows you to take pictures, but breaks after a few 
shots) from a man standing on the Northern part of town by a House. 
Afterwards take Yuma's Ring back to Zalan in Jeremi and you'll get 
Zalan's Crown(AP acrual increases by 10%) and his undying gratitude. 
From this point on Zalan will help the party out free of charge so if 
you get any awkward items take them to him. Follow the directions the 
townspeople gave you to reach Octam.

20. Octam

Octam like all the other towns is covered in the mist, Explore the town 
completely to find all of the chests. Make sure your characters learn 
the Orb spell by defeating the Orb monsters. This spell will heal all 
characters up to 500-600HP. The Tower of Rem, the main building in town, 
is your next stop.

Tower of Rem.

Check the four stone faces in the basement for important clues about the 
Gate of Shadows, which is your next stop. Read the four books and a 
secret passage will open up. A woman named Cara appears and tell you 
that the Star Pearl(needed to open the Gate of Shadows) is in the 
possession of Zalan back in Jeremi. Head back to Jeremi and see Zalan 
again. He will give you the Star Pearl for free. Spend the night at an 
Inn for another of Noa's dream sequences. Then head east past Octam to 
the Gate of Shadows.

21. Gate of Shadows
Seru:<Water>Gizam Lv2, <Wind>Nova
Items:Life Ring, Wonder Elixir

When you first arrive, the Delilas family confronts you, but are then 
summoned and leave. Proceed to each of the faces, remember what the four 
faces in the basement of the Temple of Rem told you? Read the 
inscriptions on the four faces here and enter the correct element to 
North Gate=Earth
West Gate=Fire
East Gate=Wind
South Gate=Water

The Gate opens and you'll need to use the Star Pearl to enter. Every 
path leads to a Treasure chest so go down every corridor. Eventually 
after traversing the underground tavers, you stumble upon Octam 

22. Octam Underground
Items:Life Water
Talk to the mayor on the third floor of the big building in the center 
of town. A guard will run in and knock you over claiming that Hari has 
awaken and you'll need to go to his house and talk to all three Haris. 
You'll find a Life Water in the cabinet there. After talking to Hari 
you'll be able to enter the Fire Path in the North Part of Town.
23. Fire Path
Seru:<Wind>Nova, <Fire>Gola gola, <Water>Freed
Items:Wisdom Water, Gala Mace

This is basically straight forward. When you reach the lower 
levels(Before the lava ride) Search the support beams, as 2 of the 3 
have entrances to treasure chests. When you arrive at the bottom of the 
path, a mean monster named Xain will attack you after you pester him a 
few times.

Boss: Xain

 Xain is hard. If your characters aren't leveled up enough you should do 
that. His Terio Punch does over 1,000HP DAMAGE! Use Spirit to increase 
your Defense in the Terio Punch rounds to lessen the damage incurred,you 
will know when he will do Terio Punch when he starts the Bull Charge.  
Equip as many characters with Burning Jewels as possible. After you 
defeat Xain, raid the chests on now frozen lava bed. Then return back to 

24. Octam Revisited
Talk to the Mayor of Octam, he will ask you to bring him some Hot Spring 
Pills from Vidna. Your now allowed to use the Express elevator up to the 
surface Octam now. Buy the latest Equipment before heading out, or if 
you feel your guys are at a high enough level save your money until you 
reach another town for better stuff.

25. Vidna
Seru: <Wind>Swordie Lv2, <Light>Orb Lv2
Items : Shield Elixir, Healing Flower, Magic Ring, Spring Salts.

As soon as you enter Vidna, you see that the Windmills have stopped and 
that the town has been covered in the Mist. Head over to Danpas Shelter  
on the west side of town. An old man in the shelter tells you where to 
find the Hot Spring Pills. Retrieve the Pills and Head out back to 
Octam.(The Pills are in the Windmill Generator if you know where that 
is).The Mayor will give you the Slowness chain and the location of the 
next Genesis Tree: Mt. Letona, next to the town of Ratayu, to the north 
of Vidna.

26. Ratayu
Seru:<Thunder>Viguro Lv2
Items : Magic Leaf X2, Healing Bloom, Door Of Wind, Ivory Book, Healing
Flower, Swift Water, Healing Berry, Fury Boost, Speed Elixir, Letona Key

The town is covered in Mist, search all the houses and the castle now. 
Head towards the Castle and talk to Saryu. After talking with him he 
will give you the Mt.Letona key and if you remove the Mist from the Town 
he promises the West Ratuyu Key. Now head to the Mt. Letona.

27. Mt. Letona
Items:Wisdom Ring, Magic Leaf, Power Ring, Guardian Water.

When you reach the Top of the mountain you see a force Field surrounding 
the Genesis Tree. Walk away towards the direction you came and Songi 
Will appear.

Boss: Songi

Songi does a lot of damage to Single characters(Make sure your leveled 
up.) Take turns hitting him, while one character uses Healing Flowers or 
Healing Spells.

After reviving the Genesis Tree, go back to Ratayu and talk to the 
Innkeeper's daughter. After hearing about the Seru Bride, Noa will take 
her place and will be take into the lower depths of the castle. Here a 
project in creating Juggernaut, a powerful Seru is being done. Both Vahn 
and Gala will storm the castle.
: <Earth>Kemaro x2

 Be sure to kill these guys using a Hyper Art since they give you a 
powerful new spell:Canine Fangs which inflicts around 2,000-2,500 HP 
Damage. After entering the Juggernaut Lair, a sequence takes place where 
you see a shadow emit from Saryu and transforms him into a monster.

Boss: Van Saryu
 Van Saryu's Earthquake attack can devastate your characters, equip 
Earth Jewels to lessen the damage. Use the Kemaro spell if you got it 
and you'll beat him in no time. If you don't have the Spell, focus your 
attacks on him let, Gala heal the party. After being defeated, Saryu 
will shutdown the Juggernaut project. He'll give you the West Ratayu Key 
which opens the gate to the second Mist Generator, to the west of town.

28. Mist Generator 2(Dohati's Castle)
Seru:<Wind>Swordie Lv2, <Light>Aluru, <Light>Orb Lv2, <Fire>Gola gola,      
<Wind>Nova Lv2, <Earth>Mushura, <Water>Freed
Items: Power Elixir, Wonder Elixir, Healing Flower, Healing Bloom,        
Phoenix, Healing Fruit, Life Water, War Soul, Fury Boost, Healing        
Berry, Magic Fruit, Power Water, Shield Elixir.

If you didn't learn the Orb spell earlier, now is the time to do it. You 
can also learn a new light spell from the Aluru creatures here which 
give you the spell Final Blaster(Spell does anywhere between 1500-1900HP 
damage). Go down all paths to find the Chest and get some important 
items. Take the path leading to the Mist Generator and Dohati will 
appear to fight you.

Boss: Dohati

 Have Noa hit him with her Miracle Arts attack if she is high enough or 
Vulture Blade otherwise have her cast Orb while Vahn and Gala hit Dohati 
with Super Arts. After he's defeated return to Octam and take the Sky 
Train to Karisto Kingdom.

29. Karisto Station
Follow the path around to the northwest to reach Sol, by a survival kit 
if you think you'll need it from the Dummy at the exit of the station. 
Also be sure to check out a tree in the station area for 3,000 coins, it 
will indeed help you purchase items in Sol.

30. Sol Tower
Items: Life Water, Guardian Water, Magic Water, Healing Berry, Power 
Water, Wisdom Water, Swift Water, Phoenix, Wonder Elixir, Miracle Water.

The first several floors of the Tower are engulfed in the Mist, while 
the upper levels are Mist-Free and bustling with activety. The party 
runs into Gaza, on their way up to the upper levels. The upper levels of 
Sol contain shops like Muscle Dome and Sol Fever Disco, which are like 
Mini-Games. If and when you are done playing around head for the roof to 
talk to Master Deez, who will give you the Genesis Tree Seedling and ask 
you to plant it in the Basement of the Tower. As your leaving Gaza 
confronts you and fights you(Very hard, but a short battle).

Boss: Gaza

After a few rounds of hitting him with everything you have he falters. 
Songi Appears and takes Gaza away. Head towards the bottom of the tower. 
You must feed each treasure chest you took an item from with Soru Bread. 
You have 2 ways to get the Soru bread, 1 is to buy them for a lot of 
money, or 2 play the Muscle Dome games and trade your coins in for them. 
There are eight Sage Treasure Chests in the different rooms below. Do 
this by going into the last door near the bottom and checking the 
strange mechanical device there. With all of the Sage chests sated, it 
will open the statue that blocked your way before.

31. Warrior's Square
Seru:<Light>Aluru, <Earth>Kemaro
Items: Wonder Amulet, Golden Book

Get Kemaro for Noa and anyone else who didn't learn it in Ratuyu. In the 
Warrior's Gate room, pull the first lever to lower the first set of 
stones around the Square. Then make your way around the room, pulling 
levers to proceed until you are at the opposite end; now you can pull 
the other lever to lower the second set of stones. Head to the bottom of 
the room and plant the Genesis Tree Seedling. Songi appears and brings 
out Gaza, whom is now more powerful since he has melded with a Sim-Seru.

Boss: Gaza
  Gaza's Combo can almost level a whole characters HP, make sure you  
Spirit up every other round and pound away at him, while letting Gala 
cast Orb and Spoon spells to heal the damage done by Gaza's attacks. The 
Kemaro spell does high damage to him as well. After being defeated, 
Gaza's Astral Sword will be given to Vahn, who should equip it. Visit 
the Inn on the second floor and talk to the Emporer of Sol, then head to 
the town of Buma to the North East.

32. Buma
The three Genesis Trees here are frozen solid. After trying to revive 
the Tree's head to Dr. Usha's Research Center.

33. Usha Research Center
You'll need to use the password the Emperor of Sol gave you to get into 
Dr. Usha's Tower.

Dr. Usha Tells you of a Seru called Koru who is the cause of the Cold 
Air. He will create a Timespace bomb for you to use, but the Fire 
Droplet from Uru Mais to the west is needed. Get the key to the ruins of 
Uru Mais from Mrs. Usha and head out after restocking at the shops in 
the tower.

34. Uru Mais
After using the key to open the ruins, you'll have to enter each of the 
three doors. Each one leads to a dream sequence event for one of the 
characters, in which important events from the past are remembered. When 
all three heroes have dreamed, you can then understand what Tieg is 
saying, and he will then give you the Fire Droplet. After which you see 
Juggernaut come and destroy Uru Mais. After this event head back to the 
Lab, Dr. Usha will give you four TimeSpace Bombs and tell you what you 
need to do with them to destroy the Seru.

35. Nivora Ravine
Seru:<Light>Alura Lv2
Items:Warrior Icon, Mettle Gem, Rainbow Jewel, Spirit Jewel, Fury Boost

Nivora Ravine is one of the more difficult dungeons. Make sure you have 
the following items: Earth Jewel, Burning Jewel, Luminous Jewel, Mettle 
Gem, War Soul, at least one Fury Boost, and five or more Healing 
Berries. The party will split up and each go a separate way through this 
very simple dungeon. You can switch back and forth between characters if 
you need to using the Square Button. If a path is blocked with one 
character, use another to push a switch or item to clear the path for 
the other characters. When all three fighters reach the main room and 
ready the bombs, they'll be attacked by the Delilas Family, three boss 
characters who pair up with your heroes for a series of one on one 
battles. Equip Gala with the Earth Jewel, War Soul and Spirit Jewel, Noa 
with the Mettle Gem and a Life Ring, and Vahn with the Burning Jewel.

Gala's Boss: Che Delilas

Che Delilas uses an attack called Megaton Press, which will kill Gala 
unless you use Spirit in the previous round when he hits you with 
it(cast it a round before he actually does it). After this attack you'll 
have a round to heal, and one to attack. I found that instead of 
physically attacking him, just cast Spirit once, and continue hitting 
him with Magic Spells(Kemaro etc)use the Magic Fruits and Healing 
Berries Mrs Usha gave to you in the Research Center. Swap attacking to 
refill your magic sometimes. Repeat this pattern until he is defeated. 

Noa's Boss: Lu Delilas

Same deal here: She'll attack for two rounds, then hit with her Plasma 
Strike. Use Spirit on the rounds when she uses this attack and you'll be 
ok. After each Plasma Strike, cast a powerful healing spell, then attack 
with her Miracle Art, then use Spirit. Repeat this strategy(you might 
have to swap an attack to cast another healing spell if your life falls 
to low) for an easy victory.

Vahn's Boss: Gi Delilas

If you have the Burning Jewel you should be alright, just follow the 
same strategies as the first 2 and you can defeat him easily. After all 
three TimeSpace bombs detonate, the Delilas Family and Koru merge with 
one another. Before fighting you are given a chance to heal yourselves 
and save. When finished jump down to where Koru is, this is a limited 
time battle!!!

Boss: Koru

You only have 4 rounds to defeat Koru or he'll explode and kill 
everyone. He has 100% life, and every round you will see it drop. Have 
Noa outfitted with the War Soul, Mettle Gem, and Zalan's Crown. This 
will let her use two Miracle Arts attacks on a full AP bar in two 
straight turns. Again, the Point Card can be a useful attack item, if 
you have a high amount of points 4,000 or above use it since it will 
save you some time. Use Kemaro and Alura spells and keep nailing him. 
Dont worry about healing since his attacks only take off about 400-600 
HP. This is a short but hard battle, so make every turn count.

36. Buma

Now that the Genesis Trees are no longer frozen, You revive them and 
drive away the mist. Cara will give you something that is dear to her 
and Grantes heart, the sheet music, take it to the pianist in Sol's Jazz 
Club. Have him play the music for Grantes then head over to Buma where 
you'll get the Soren Flute. The flute can be played on the summit of Mt. 
Dhini to call the Soren, a tribe of human-seru who can fly. 

37. Mt. Dhini
Seru:<Earth>Iota, <Earth>Mushura Lv2
Items:Unholy Icon, Phoenix, Wonder Amulet, Healing Berry, Good Luck Bell

Venture up to the summit, and Vahn will play the Soren Flute and Luctes 
and three Soren will appear. They take your party to their camp.

38. Soren Camp
Talk to the elder and he'll grant you the Soren's help in reaching the 
Floating Castle. After stocking up on weapons, armor and whatever 
healing items you need, save and then talk to Luctes to begin the raid 
on the Floating Castle.

39. Zora's Floating Castle
Seru:<Wind>Barra, <Earth>Mushura Lv2
Items:Healing Berry, Magic Ring, Life Water, Evil God Icon, Magic Water

As soon as you enter the castle head towards the Left at the split 
paths. At the next fork in the road, head down first to enter the room 
and pick up a Healing Berry. Go back to the previous intersection and go 
to the right. Follow the path straight forward, until you hit a another 
fork. Go to the right to get the Magic Ring inside the room. Go back and 
head south. Follow the path until you enter another room with another 
intersection. Go to the right and follow the path and enter the room to 
the north. Move the lever in this room and go outside to step on the 
elevator that go down. Next, go south to the next fork and go to the 
right to get Life Water. Go to the left and enter the room on your way 
to get Evil God Icon. Continue following the path until you hit the next 
room. Go to the left and jump on the stone and enter the pipe. When you 
emerge from the pipe talk to the Puera and fight him. After that, move 
the lever and go back to the previous room and continue to the north. 
Enter the room in the next area and check the switch on the wall, and 
answer yes to flip it, then check the device to get the Soren Secret. Go 
back and continue to the left to the next area. Go down the stairs in 
the circular colloseum type area and save your game before proceeding 
into the next room. Fight the 2 Puera guards that block the entrance. 
Flip the levers on each side of you to open the door. Enter the room and 
proceed to the throne. Check the left door for a chest that contains a 
Magic Water and then check the middle door, choose one of the answers 
and start leaving the Throne area to the south and you will fight Zora.


Zora will attack for 2 rounds, then cast Dark Typhoon, hitting every 
character. Raise your characters' defense with Spirit to lessen the 
damage and hit her with Super Arts and Miracle Arts and you can use the 
Kemaro spell does some nice damage. Zora can also turn a character to 
stone, which can be fixed with a medicine. My strategy was to use the 
Point Card since I had 10,000 points on it, and fought her for 4 rounds. 
After defeating her Songi Appears and destroys the Mist Generator, thus 
making the Floating Castle start to crash towards the Earth, You have 6 
minutes to get back to the entrance where Luctes will rescue you at the 
last minute. Afterwards you are taken back to the Soren Camp. Once back 
at the Soren Camp, Luctes will take you to Conkram, where the final Mist 
Generator is located.

40. Soren Camp(revisted)
After a long talk with the Elder, head to the Inn and recover your HP/MP 
and then goto the Memory Statue to save. Head on over to the Weapons 
shop buy any weapons or items you need and exit the shop. Talk to the 
man outside to the right of the shop(Your right while facing the TV). If 
you successfully recovered the Soren Secrets he will teach you new Art 
Moves. Afterwards head back and save and talk to Luctes to begin your 
journy to Conkram.

41. Conkram
Seru:<Water>Slippery, <Earth>Kemaro Lv2

When you arrive, you find that the town is part of a Seru Clam type of 
creature. Find Queen Minea in the upper levels and talk with her, also 
check the roof(take the left door from where the queen is) and pick up a 
Healing Fruit on the roof, afterwards head downstairs and talk to the 
guards blocking the staircase, they will move aside and allow you to go 
down and talk to the King, who will give you the Seru Flame. Head over 
to the upper level where the Queen is and goto the right door where Vahn 
will light the Candles. With this item, you can travel back in time to 
Conkram of the past to discover how Conkram ended up like it is. 

42. Conkram of the Past
Seru:<Water>Slippery, <Earth>Kemaro
Items:Power Water, Guardian Water, Magic Fruit, Wisdom Water, Swift       

When you explore the castle, you will see Zeto, And the Delilas family 
look more human, since the Mist did not claim them yet. Talk to them 
all, search all of the buildings for chests, then spend the night in the 
Inn. In the morning you'll witness the events leading Conkrom to its 
dark state. Head to Cort's lab in the basement. You'll witness the hole 
that allowed the Mist to enter the human world; you must enter the Seru 
world to stop it.

43. Rogues Tower
Seru:<Light>Spoon Lv2, <Water>Slippery, <Wind>Barra Lv2
Items:Magic Armband, Phoenix, Guardian Chain, Fury Boost

There are teleporters all over the place. If you have trouble moving 
through the dungeon, wait for the pulsating walls and floor to return to 
normal and you'll find that the teleporters lead forward. If you enter a 
teleporter while the maze is brown and pulsing, it might lead backward. 
In each of the floors you have to fight Caruban and Berserker in order 
to proceed up a floor, so make sure you find them(Spiral Gems), they 
aren't difficult and will give you experience and cash. When you reach 
the top floor you fight Rogue.


He changes the elemental type damage his attacks do which costs him 1 
round. Notice that he only uses the elementals of your characters and 
glows the color of your Ra-Seru. Attack him and cast Spoon or Orb after 
he attacks the party and hit him. Repeat this until he is defeated. Back 
in Conkram, the King will give you the Nemesis Gem,and you find that 
Cort tries to stop him. The nemesis gem is needed to reach the Future 
Mist Generator in the Absolute Fortress. Before you leave, be  visit the 
Queen on the roof to get Minea's Ring. Head back to the Mirror room and 
you will go back to the future. Door of Wind yourself to the Soren Camp 
and by any weapons or items you may need, then talk to Luctes and let 
him drop you off at Conkram again. The party should head north to 
Absolute Fortress.

44. Absolute Fortress
Seru:<Thunder>Gillium, <Wind>Barra Lv2, <Light>Spoon Lv2, <Earth>Kemaro 
     <Water>Slippery Lv2, <Earth>Iota Lv2, <Dark>Puera Lv2
Items:Life armband, Rainbow Jewel, Golden Claw, Unholy Icon, Wonder                         
Elixir, Great Axe, Warrior Icon, Lost Grail.

When you reach the Lake of Mist, head right to find another Rainbow 
Jewel. High above the lake, the party gets its first look at Juggernaut, 
sleeping peacefully in the Mist. In the Control room, Jette will appear 
and fight you.

Boss: Jette

Hit him with Super Arts and heal when necessary. The levers in the 
control room change the direction the lift platforms will take you. Set 
it to take you to the right side first to get the Great Axe for Gala, 
then return to the control room and set it to the left to reach the Mist 
Generator and the Boss of the fortress, Cort.

Boss: Cort

As soon as you start to fight, Cort will put up a defensive barrier 
around him. Normal attacks will result with him blocking them, so use 
magic and Hyper, Super, or Miracle Arts to penetrate it. After a long 
battle, the barrier disappear and Cort begins casting Magic, one of 
which summons Juggernaut. Try to anticipate this attack and use Spirit 
to raise defense. Gala's Miracle Arts is most effective here.

Talk to everyone in the village when you return to Rim-Elm, Songi shows 
up with Juggernaut. It has bonded with Cort and is capable of 
transforming the village into a giant living Seru Monster which will 
start producing Mist and engulf the world again. The party must go back 
to Uru Mais and enter the world of the Seru.

45. Seru Kai Noaru Valley
Seru:<Thunder>Gilium Lv2, <Wind>Barra Lv2, <Water>Slippery Lv2
Items:Triumph Armor

This is an easy area; just follow the path and open all the chests. When 
you reach the Great Genesis tree, Songi will face you for the last time.

Boss: Songi

You might want to equip on of your characters with the Lost Grail incase   
having the entire party killed in one attack. Heal After he does 
Genocidal Cannon. Use the Point Card If you have it, if not Use Miracle 
Arts and Hyper Arts. He may be tough but if you have a lost grail and 
Light Talisman equipped on the same character you will be able to 
ressurect your team if you die after them. After you defeat Songi, you 
return to Rim-Elm and use the power of the Great Genesis Tree to force 
Juggernauts mouth open and enter his body.

46. Juggernaut
Items: Ra-Seru Armor, Ra-Seru Robe, Ra-Seru Plate, Crimson Book, Ra-Seru        
Boots, Lost Grail, Ra-Seru Shoes, Ra-Seru Thongs, Magic Armband,        
Ra-Seru Blade, Ra-Seru Fangs, Ra-Seru Seal, Ra-Seru Plume, Ra-       
Seru Helmet, Ra-Seru Club.Mettle Gobblet

Follow the path and get all of the chests containing the Ra-Seru weapons 
and armor for the party. When you reach the chest containing a Ra-Seru 
Throng check the wall near it to recieve a Mettle Gobblet(100AP all the 
time).The monsters here are hard, but give you a good amount of 
Experience points if you want to level up. They always attack in threes 
so fight smarter, not harder.  Be weary of the Level 3 Puera's Death 
Game attack, for now it has three cards that kill one of your party 
members and one that kills them. When you reach the final door it will 
close up. You need to press the two spherical things on the floor to get 
it to open, and you need to do it quickly.

Boss: Cort

Make sure your guys are at a decent level. 30-35 is pretty good. Make 
sure you have these items equipped. Lost Grail on 2 of your characters 
just in case. Light talisman to one of the Lost Grail Equipped 
characters to help resserect fallen comrades. If you havent done this 
you should. Go and get your Ra-Seru Final Attack levels(Noa goes to Mt. 
Rinokoa check the genesis tree)Gala goes to East and West Voz Forest(Get 
the Dark Stone and goto Jeremi and talk to Zalan to get the Dark 
Talisman). Vahn goes to Sol where the genesis tree is. You can now 
summon powerful spells. Try to level them up to 3 or 4 to dish out 6,000 
to 7,000 damage before fighting Cort. When you start the battle have 
Noa, and Vahn cast their Final Attack Magic, and gala heals, then next 
round have someone use Magic Fruits to replenish their MP. Repeat. When 
Cort does Ultra Charge, Spirit the following round or youll die no 
matter what level your on. Repeat this strategy and do not let your HP 
fall below 1600 hp or Doomsday spell might kill you. After about 10 to 
20 min of fighting you should beat him and see the ending.

VII. Secrets and Hidden Events
Note: These Secrets and Events were taken straight from Tips & Tricks 
magazine, and I will elaborate more on them, when I get them. Some 
tricks were submitted by fellow gamers. 

1.Chicken Accessories:
  Goto the Muscle Paradise and enter each level of the Coliseum fights, 

Run from the first fight of each one and your reward is an accessory 
called the Chicken King, which allows you to successfully run away from 
the regular battles. Use it with the Chicken Heart and the Chicken Safe 
to increase your chances of escaping battles.

2.The Devil Medallion
  After the Soren event at the summit of Mt. Dhini, return to the summit 
again to fight a hidden boss, Lapis. This accessory allows the character 
wearing it to attack with anywhere from 0-15 Fighting Arts per round, 
but renders tat character uncontrollable. Be careful fighting against 
Lapis since he attacks you right off the bat draining you of MP, and 
keeps them drained. Then he hits you with attacks that do more damage 
than the final boss, without the benefit of healing spells this is a 
hard battle.

3.War God Icon
  Giving each character this accessory, which raises Max HP 25% is a 
goal worth striving for. Luckily, it's not that hard. One is hidden in a 
chest in Absolute Fortress, another can be had simply by winning it in 
Sol's Muscle Paradise. The third requires you to talk to Mei inside of 
Juggernaut at the end of the game, with Mei's Pendant equipped. As long 
as you took Mei to Vahn's house at the beginning of the game when the 
Mist invaded Rim-Elm, this shouldn't be a problem.

5. Honey Comb-Valkryie<valkryie@ignmail.com>

Check the tree close to the wall near the windmill in Rim-Elm to fight 
some Bees. Make sure your characters are at a high level(Over 1,000HP is 
good enough)since the Bees are powerful and have a first strike 
advantage. Magic is useless against them, its all about raw power. If 
you actually beat them, you get the Honey which will increase all stats 
by 4. When you do get the Honey, do not talk to Nene, since she will 
take it away from you. Use the honey first them talk to her. 

6. Platinum Card-Submitted by: James Ong <blueman@pacific.net.sg> 

The Platinum Card lets you buy secret items from shops. It is found in 
Drake Castle(after you save them). In the TOP LEFT CORNER in the left 
room of the Kings Chamber on the very top floor. Here are the locations 
where your Platinum Card is excepted.
- Rim Elm 
- Hunter's Spring 
- Karisto Station 
- Buma 
- Ancient Wind/Water Cave 
- Ratayu 
- Vidna 

7.  Mary's Diary-See Recognition, many people helped.

After you retrieve the Diary from the Wonder Square, goto the Roof top 
and talk to the Monk at the Right of the house. Keep talking to him to 
learn New Arts Moves.

8.  Mettle Goblet-Submitted by: GSandSDS (seandavid.schoeppler@okay.net)

When you enter the juggernaut (bio castle), there's an area where the 
townspeople are (Maya, Mei,Val, Nene, etc). Get through this area to the 
next one. Before you take the Ra-Seru Thongs inside the chest, check the 
big red cell wall to your right (near the lower right corner). You'll 
get Mettle Goblet that would make your AP always 100. The function is 
same as Fire Doplet. 

9. 3000 Coin Secret-Submitted by:Faez Ridzal <faez_ridzal@hotmail.com>

When You are in Karisto Station examine one of the trees there to obtain 
3000 coins.

10. Secret Boss Lapis(Reward for Defeating him, Evil Medallion)

After visiting the Soren Camp, head back to Mt. Dhini, at the top Lapis 
will appear and fight you. Warning he drains your characters of magic 
and attacks before all your characters do. Here is a strategy on how to 
beat Lapis.

Make sure your characters are above at least level 40. If your higher 
than this will be a lot easier for you. Purchase alot of Phoenix downs 
and have 3 Lost Grails. If your characters die, the lost grail will 
revive each of them once(each person must have one equipped). Purchase a 
good amount of Phoenix's like 25-30. Use Noa as a healer since she will 
be the first of the group to get a turn, then have Vahn and Gala lay the 
smack down on Lapis. If you spirit up it will lessen the damage for 2 
turns or so, so take turn doing that. Continue hittinghim, use your 
point card if you have alot on it. Eventually he will die and you will 
recieve the Evil Medallion-Lets the wearer attack 0-15 times in a 
battle, downside is you cant control what they do. My recommended level 
or the level I fought Lapis at was 55, and it is easier, but a friend 
beat him at level 40. Try your luck. 


1.Final Ra-Seru Spells
  There is a special Ra-Seru magic that each character can learn near 
the end of the game if you fulfill the following requirements:

*Vahn-Meta is at Level 8, all Hyper Arts and Normal Arts moves Obtained, 
go to the Genesis Tree in Sol, Vahn can now Summon Fire Ra-Seru Meta.
*Noa-Terra is at Level 7, all Hyper Arts and Normal Arts moves Obtained, 
goto the Genesis Tree on Mt. Rikuroa, Noa can now Summon Wind Ra-Seru 
*Gala-Ozma is at level 6, all Hyper Arts and Normal Arts obtained, goto 
the Genesis Tree in East Voz Forest. Gala can now summon Tunder Ra-Seru 

2.Dark Ra-Seru Jedo
  After defeating Songi at Noaru Valley, return to the Gensis tree in 
West Voz Forest to find a chest with the Dark Stone inside. Take it to 
Zalan in the town of Jeremi and he'll work it into the Dark Talisman, 
and accessory which defends against Dark Powers and gives the wearer the 
ability to summon the Ra-Seru Jedo.

3.Light Ra-Seru Horn
  Take the Light Egg given to you by Cara to Zalan in Jeremi and he'll 
make it into the Light Talisman for you. This accessory guards against 
light powers and grants the user the ability to summon the Ra-Seru Horn, 
who will resurrect fallen characters and heal everyone to the fullest 

4.Earth Ra-Seru Palma-(Submitted by <DraG0N804@aol.com>)
  For Palma Get 100,000 or more coins in Sol's Muscle Dome and talk to 
the prize exchange person, she will say some stuff and ask you if you 
want the special item. Trade the coins for the item and go to Zalan in 
Jermi, he will make a Talisman. Equip it and you can use Palma.

5.Water Ra-Seru Mule-(Submitted by <DraG0N804@aol.com>)
  For Mule get 20,000 or more points from fishing and exchange the 
points for the egg and give the egg to Zalan in Jermi who will make the 
Water Talisman. Equip it and you will get the Mule spell.

6. Evil Ra-Seru Magic???(submitted by SNIPER2231@aol.com)
   Evil Ra-Seru magic, it summons juggernaut all three characters must 
reach level 99, go to Ratayu and speak to Saryu to get the Evil Seru 
Key, then enter the Juggernaut room to get the Evil Talisman, it 
protects against rot, decay, numb and stuff like that and lets you 
summon juggernaut who does about 7,000 damage, try working it up to 
level 10 then it does about 50,000 damage and one hit can kill anyone 

VIII. Boss Tips/Strategies

1.Ra-Seru Assimilation/submitted by:Faez Ridzal<faez_ridzal@hotmail.com>

I've found that neither the trio arts are ending with the Ra-Seru.
So if you want to absorb a Seru quickly at the first fight, you must
(at least) have one Hyper Arts in or an Ordinary Arts in the attack 
gauge and the ending punch with the Ra-Seru. I have used this tactic 
for absorbing the both Kemaro (Earth) at Ratayu castle and both 
absorbed by Vahn and Gala.The Ra-Seru attributes with the Seru may 
cause the seru is not absorbed by the Ra-Seru so try it 2 - 3 times.

2.Beat Berserker Faster/submitted by:(Tay Jaclyn <t_jaclyn@yahoo.com> 

Berserker,actually is the easiest boss, but you know it took 3 days to 
kill it even trying all the steps taught in the walkthrough pages, until 
I tried using the Seru:<Dark>Nighto and guess what the boss was killed 

Valkryie: Sometimes when you cast Nighto it will confuse Berserker 
allowing a free round of hitting him. So when you cast it he will lose a 
turn and you can use that to your advantage.

3.Continuous Hyper Arts:-Valkryie<valkryie@ignmail.com)

If you have the Evil Medallion, equip it on Vahn,or someone, and if you 
have the Mettle Goblet equip it on the same person. The Goblet gives you 
100AP and it stays that way, and the Medallion will allow your character 
to hit anywhere from 0-15 times in a turn. With a full AP your balistic 
character will use better Arts.

IX. Minigames
Fishing Game

Two Places exist in which you are able to go Fishing:Vidna and Buma. In 
order to fish, you need to buy or find a Rod and Lure. There are 3 Rods 
in the game. One is located in Vidna before the Mist arrives, the second 
one can be won at the slot machines in Sol, and last one can be obtained 
in the Usha Research Center between the two beds after you open Nivora 
Ravine. And as for lures, your set if you get the rod in Vidna, if you 
didn't your going to have to purchase them in Sol.There are 3 types of 

Heavy Lure-Best results are the Lake Near Buma
Normal Lure-Best used in Vidna
Light Lure-Eh, no use, have a hella time trying to catch anything.
                              Items You Can Win 
Vidna Fishing Prizes :                        
Mettle Armband        1,500g                   
Power Ring            1,000g                   
Healing Fruit           500g                   
Lippian Flute           200g                   
Spikefish Flute         200g                   

Buma Fishing Prizes :
Life Grail            6,500g
Magic Grail           6,500g
Spirit Talisman       4,000g
Lippian Flute           200g
Spikefish Flute         200g

Baka Fighter-Location Sol's Muscle Dome

Baka Fighter Game :
Baka Fighter is composed of 14 rounds of Fighting. Each Character you 
fight against has a weakness to a certain Combo or Button. Some 
characters change their battle tactics, this game is likely compared to 
Rock, Paper and Scissors. Here is my basic strategy to beating Baka 

Round         Button/s to press
  1 :         square
  2 :         X
  3 :         circle
  4 :         square,X
  5 :         circle,circle,X,X,X
  6 :         circle,X
  7 :         square,square,square,X,X,X,circle,circle,circle
  8 :         X,circle,square,square,square,square
  9 :         circle,circle,X
 10 :         square,X,circle
 11 :         square,square,circle,X
 12 :         circle,circle,X,square
 13 :         X,X,square,square,X,X,circle,circle
 14 :         square,square,X,circle,circle,circle,X

 square = X (square beat X)
 X = circle (X beat circle)
 circle = square (circle beat square)

Everytime you complete Baka Fighter(the full 14 rounds) you gain 460 
coins, so keep fighting to get those awesome prizes!!!


Muscle Dome-Colliseum:
To register for a fight in the Colliseum talk to the lady on the left of 
the Trade in Counter. It costs 100 Coins to join and has 3 varying 
degrees of Difficulty. Here is a roster of who you fight in each 

Beginner Course: Victory gives you 818 coins!

Round 1: Red Puera
Round 2: Skeleton
Round 3: Drake Ghost
Round 4: Caruban
Round 5: Gola-Gola
Round 6: Zeto
Round 7: Viguro lv2
Round 8: Xain

Expert Course: Victory gives you 1,532 coins!!

Round 1: Black Puera
Round 2: High Gamboo
Round 3: Dark Ogre
Round 4: Gold Bison
Round 5: Ironman
Round 6: Caruban
Round 7: Aluru
Round 8: Xain

Master Course: Victory gives you 13,856 coins + War God Icon!

Round 1:  Ironman
Round 2:  Viguro lv2
Round 3:  Gold Bison
Round 4:  Caruban
Round 5:  Zeto
Round 6:  Berserker
Round 7:  Xain
Round 8:  Dohati
Round 9:  Lu Delilas
Round 10: Che Delilas
Round 11: Gi Delilas
Round 12: Zora
Round 13: Jette

Author's Note: In order to recieve the War God Icon, you must complete 
Jette's Absolute Fortress. If you do it before you will win it but it 
will not appear in your Inventory.

X. Art Move List
Move Legend:


Name:                  Type            Command                 AP Used
Hyper Elbow         Fighting Art        L,R,Left                  18
Charging Scorch     Fighting Art        D,R,Up                    18
Somersault          Fighting Art        U,D,Up                    18
Slash Kick          Fighting Art        U,D,Left                  18
Power Punch         Fighting Art        L,L,Down                  18
Cross-Kick          Fighting Art        D,D,D,Up                  24
Pyro Pummel         Fighting Art        L,R,U,Left                24
Spin Combo          Fighting Art        U,D,R,Left                24
PK Combo            Fighting Art        D,U,U,Left                24
Hurricane           Fighting Art        U,U,D,Down                24
Cyclone             Fighting Art        D,U,U,Up                  24
Tornado Flame       Hyper Art           R,R,Left                  30
Fire Blow           Hyper Art           R,R,D,Left                32
Burning Flare       Hyper Art           R,D,L,D,Left              40
Power Slash         Super Art           D,R,U,D,U,D,Left          54
Fire Tackle         Super Art           L,R,L,L,D,R,Up            54
Maximum Blow        Super Art           D,R,U,D,L,L,Down          54
Tri-Somersault      Super Art           U,D,U,U,U,D,Up            60
Rolling Combo       Super Art           U,D,R,L,L,D,U,U,Left      66
Vahn's Craze        Miracle Art         R,D,L,U,L,U,R,D,Left      99


Name:                  Type            Command                 AP Used
Lizard Tail         Fighting Art        U,D,Up                    9
Acrobatic Blitz     Fighting Art        U,D,Down                  9
Sonic Javelin       Fighting Art        R,D,Right                 9
Blizzard Bash       Fighting Art        R,L,Down                  9
Mirage Lancer       Fighting Art        R,R,U,Up                  12
Dolphin Attack      Fighting Art        R,R,L,Right               12
Bird Step           Fighting Art        D,D,D,Up                  12
Swan Diver          Fighting Art        D,U,U,Up                  12
Tough Love          Fighting Art        D,U,D,L,Right             15
Rushing Gale        Fighting Art        U,U,L,D,Right             15
Tempest Break       Fighting Art        R,R,L,U,U,Up              18
Frost Breath        Hyper Art           L,L,R,Right               20
Vulture Blade       Hyper Art           L,L,R,L,Right             25
Hurricane Kick      Hyper Art           L,U,U,U,U,D,Right         35
Super Javelin       Super Art           U,U,L,D,R,D,Right         48
Dragon Fangs        Super Art           U,D,U,U,U,D,Down          54 
Triple Lizard       Super Art           D,D,D,U,U,U,D,Up          66
Super Tempest       Super Art           R,R,L,R,R,L,U,U,Up        60
Love You            Super Art           R,R,U,U,D,U,D,L,Right     72
Noa's Ark           Miracle Art         L,U,R,D,U,L,U,D,Right     99


Name:                  Type            Command                 AP Used
Flying Knee Attack  Fighting Art        D,U,Left                  18 
Battering Ram       Fighting Art        L,R,Down                  18
IronHead            Fighting Art        U,D,Down                  18
Back Punch          Fighting Art        L,R,Left                  18
Guillotine          Fighting Art        L,U,Left                  18
Head-Splitter       Fighting Art        L,U,Up                    18
Side Kick           Fighting Art        D,D,U,Up                  24
Black Rain          Fighting Art        U,L,D,Down                24
Neo Rising          Fighting Art        L,L,R,U,Left              30
Electro Thrash      Fighting Art        U,L,D,R,Left              30
Bull Horns          Fighting Art        L,U,R,D,Left              30
Thunder Punch       Hyper Art           R,R,Left                  30
Lightning Storm     Hyper Art           R,R,U,Left                32
Explosive Fist      Hyper Art           R,R,L,L,Left              40
Rolling Crush       Super Art           L,R,D,U,L,U,Up            54
Super IronHead      Super Art           D,U,L,U,U,D,Down          54
BackPunch x3        Super Art           U,D,D,U,L,R,Left          54
Heaven's Drop       Super Art           D,U,L,U,U,L,D,Down        60
Neo Static Rising   Super Art           L,R,L,U,L,L,R,U,Left      66
Biron Rage          Miracle Art         R,R,D,U,D,U,D,L,Left      99

XI. Magic List
Type of Magic      Elemental Name      MP Consumed      Targets
Dark                 Nighto              13              Single Enemy
Dark                 Puero               120             All Enemies
Earth                Mushura             60              Single Enemy
Earth                Kemaro              72              Single Enemy
Earth                Iota                90              All Enemies
Fire                 Gimard              10              Single Enemy
Fire                 Zenoir              36              Single Enemy       
Fire                 Gola Gola           40              All Enemies
Light                Vera                6               Single Ally
Light                Orb                 18              All Allies
Light                Spoon               45              All Allies
Light                Aluru               90              Single Enemy
Thunder              Theeder             24              Single Enemy
Thunder              Viguro              64              All Enemies
Thunder              Gilium              160             All Enemies
Water                Gizam               28              All Enemies
Water                Freed               90              All Enemies
Water                Slipper             110             All Enemies
Wind                 Swordie             32              Single Enemy
Wind                 Nova                48              Single Enemy
Wind                 Barra               85              Single Enemy

XII. Items Dropped and Stolen List-PSM Magazine May Issue

Name                    Item Dropped            Item Stolen
Acid Slime              Healing Berry           Silver Compass
Aluru                   Power Elixir            Healing Fruit
Aluru Lv.2              Healing Berry           Magic Leaf
Aluru Lv.3              Healing Fruit           Magic Fruit
Amethyst                Magic Leaf              Magic Leaf
Barra                   Door Of Wind            Life Water
Barra Lv.2              Magic Fruit             Power Water
Barra Lv.3              Healing Fruit           Guardian Water
Berserker               Fire Book II            Wonder Elixir
Berserker Lv.2          Miracle Water           Wonder Elixir
Berserker Lv.3          Miracle Water           Wonder Elixir
Black Piura             Healing Leaf            Healing Flower
Blue Piura              Healing Leaf            Good Luck Bell
Boogie Pump             Fury Boost              Magic Fruit
Caruban                 Healing Bloom           Wonder Elixir
Caruban Lv.2            Miracle Water           - none -
Caruban Lv.3            Miracle Water           - none -
Che Delilas             Thunder Book III        Wisdom Water
Cort                    Magic Grail             Wonder Elixir
Cort (juggernaut)       - none -                Evil Medallion
Curry Devil             Door Of Wind            Magic Fruit
Dark Ogre               Power Elixir            Healing Berry
Dead Bone               Magic Fruit             Incense
Death Trigger           Healing Berry           Healing Berry
Death Wings             Antidote                Medicine
Demon Fly               Antidote                Golden Compass
Devil Pump              Swift Water             Magic Leaf
Dohati                  Mettle Armband          Wonder Elixir
Drake Ghost             Door Of Light           Power Elixir
Evil Fly                Antidote                Antidote
Evil Shadow             Phoenix                 Magic Leaf
Freed                   Magic Leaf              Healing Fruit
Freed Lv.2              Medicine                Magic Leaf
Freed Lv.3              Medicine                Magic Fruit
Frog                    Antidote                Antidote
Garnet                  Magic Fruit             Magic Fruit
Gaza                    - none -                Life Water
Gaza with Sim Seru      - none -                Power Water
Gel Frog                Antidote                Medicine
Ghost Knight            Door Of Light           Speed Elixir
Gi Delilas              Fire Book III           Swift Water
Giant Rat               Healing Flower          Healing Berry
Gillium                 - none -                Power Water
Gillium Lv.2            - none -                Guardian Water
Gillium Lv.3            - none -                Wonder Elixir
Gimard                  Healing Leaf            Healing Leaf
Gimard Lv.2             Magic Leaf              Healing Berry
Gimard Lv.3             Healing Berry           Magic Fruit
Gizam                   Antidote                Healing Leaf
Gizam Lv.2              Healing Fruit           Magic Leaf
Gizam Lv.3              Healing Berry           Magic Fruit
Gobu Gobu               Healing Leaf            Healing Flower
Gola Gola               Healing Berry           Healing Fruit
Gola Gola Lv.2          Healing Fruit           Magic Leaf
Gola Gola Lv.3          Magic Fruit             Magic Leaf
Gold Bison              Healing Berry           Healing Berry
Gold Face               Magic Leaf              Power Water
Golem                   Guardian Water          Life Water
Gomboo                  Healing Leaf/Fruit      Healing Fruit
Green Slime             Healing Leaf            Healing Leaf
Grude                   Healing Fruit           Fury Boost
Guardian                Door Of Wind            Shield Elixir
Heavy Grude             Healing Berry           Fury Boost
Hell's Rat              Magic Leaf              Healing Flower
Hell's Trigger          Healing Flower          Healing Flower
High Gomboo             Healing Fruit           Healing Berry
High Mantis             Healing Fruit           Healing Fruit
Hornet                  Antidote                Antidote
Iota                    Nature Amulet           Swift Water
Iota Lv.2               Spirit Talisman         Wisdom Water
Iota Lv.3               Spirit Talisman         Life Grail
Ironman                 Power Water             Life Water
Jette                   Miracle Water           Wisdom Water
Kabuki Rat              Healing Bloom           Healing Leaf
Kemaro                  Healing Berry           Swift Water
Kemaro Lv.2             Healing Fruit           Wisdom Water
Kemaro Lv.3             Healing Fruit           Spirit Talisman
Killer Bee              Antidote                Medicine
Killer Bison            Healing Flower          Healing Leaf
Killer Wolf             Door Of Wind            Healing Flower
King Frog               Medicine                Phoenix
Koru                    Healing Fruit           - none -
Lamia                   Magic Fruit             Magic Water
Lapis                   Evil Medallion          - none -
Lava Face               Magic Fruit             Guardian Water
Lip Kid                 Magic Leaf              Lippian Flute
Lip King                Lippian Flute           Lippian Flute
Lippian                 Medicine                Lippian Flute
Lu Delilas              Wind Book III           Magic Water
Lucifer                 Magic Fruit             Magic Water
Mad Bird                Fury Boost              Spikefish Flute
Mad Golem               Healing Berry           Magic Water
Mad Mantis              Healing Bloom           Healing Flower
Mad Ogre                Power Elixir            Healing Fruit
Mage                    Magic Fruit             Magic Leaf
Medusa                  Magic Leaf              Wisdom Water
Moldy Worm              Medicine                Phoenix
Mush Mush               Medicine                Healing Shroom
Mushrin                 Healing Shroom          Healing Shroom
Mushroom                Healing Shroom          Healing Shroom
Mushura                 Speed Elixir            Healing Flower
Mushura Lv.2            Healing Berry           Healing Fruit
Mushura Lv.3            Healing Berry           Healing Berry
Neo Bison               Healing Fruit           Healing Flower
Neo Grude               Healing Fruit           Fury Boost
Nightmare               Magic Water             Door Of Wind
Nighto                  Phoenix                 Healing Leaf
Nighto Lv.2             Magic Leaf              Magic Leaf
Nighto Lv.3             Magic Fruit             Magic Fruit
Nova                    Healing Berry           Healing Leaf
Nova Lv.2               Shield Elixir           Healing Flower
Nova Lv.3               Healing Fruit           Healing Fruit
Nurga                   Magic Leaf              Wisdom Water
Oak Slime               Healing Bloom           Healing Flower
Ogre                    Power Elixir            Healing Bloom
Orb                     Magic Leaf              Healing Flower
Orb Lv.2                Healing Bloom           Healing Bloom
Orb Lv.3                Magic Fruit             Healing Fruit
Ostrich                 Healing Lead            Healing Leaf
Poisonous Worm          Antidote                Medicine
Pump Bat                Phoenix                 Healing Leaf
Puera                   - none -                Magic Water
Puera Lv.2              - none -                Life Water
Puera Lv.3              - none -                Crimson Book
Queen Bee               Antidote                Phoenix
Red Piura               Healing Leaf            Healing Leaf
Rock Lizard             Healing Fruit           Guardian Water
Rogue                   - none -                Guardian Water
Scale Lizard            Door Of Wind            Swift Water
Shade                   Magic Fruit             Magic Fruit
Skeleton                Magic Leaf              Incense
Skull Knight            Magic Leaf              Incense
Slippery                Door Of Wind            Power Water
Slippery Lv.2           Lost Grail              Guardian Water
Slippery Lv.3           Lost Grail              Magic Grail
Songi (1st encounter)   Mettle Ring             Wonder Elixir
Songi (2nd encounter)   Thunder Book II         Wonder Elixir
Songi (3rd encounter)   - none -                Magic Water
Sorcerer                Magic Fruit             Magic Fruit
Speed Wolf              Swift Water             Healing Berry
Spikefish               Healing Flower          Spikefish Flute
Spoon                   Healing Berry           Magic Water
Spoon Lv.2              Healing Berry           Life Water
Spoon Lv.3              Healing Berry           Life Grail
Stone Lizard            Healing Fruit           Power Water
Swordie                 Speed Elixir            Healing Flower
Swordie Lv.2            Healing Berry           Healing Bloom
Swordie Lv.3            Healing Berry           Healing Fruit
Terror Face             Healing Fruit           Swift Water
Theeder                 Healing Leaf            Magic Leaf
Theeder Lv.2            Magic Leaf              Magic Leaf
Theeder Lv.3            Healing Flower          Magic Fruit
Thermo                  Magic Fruit             Wisdom Water
Topaz                   Magic Fruit             Wisdom Water
Twin Tomb               Healing Bloom           Healing Leaf
Van Saryu               Lost Grail              Wonder Elixir
Vera                    Healing Leaf            Healing Leaf
Vera Lv.2               Healing Flower          Healing Flower
Vera Lv.3               Healing Fuit            Healing Berry
Verial                  Magic Fruit             Phoenix
Viguro                  Golden Compass          Wonder Elixir
Viguro Lv.2             Healing Fruit           Healing Fruit
Viguro Lv.3             Healing Berry           Healing Berry
Wailing Bird            Healing Fruit           Spikefish Flute
Warfish                 Medicine                Incense
Warhalf                 Healing Flower          Door Of Wind
Warman                  Healing Flower          Door Of Light
Wolf                    Phoenix                 Healing Leaf
Worm                    Antidote                Antidote
Xain                    Wind Book II            Wonder Elixir
Zenoir                  Healing Flower          Healing Leaf
Zenoir Lv.2             Magic Leaf              Healing Flower
Zenoir Lv.3             Magic Fruit             Healing Berry
Zeto                    Silver Compass          Wonder Elixir
Zora                    - none -                Swift Water
XIII. Contributor Recognition
The following people have contributed to this faq, and I would like to 
thank them for submitting various items.

-GSandSDS (seandavid.schoeppler@okay.net)=for informing Asura who then 
informed me about the Mettle Gobblet. Good job man.
-Faez Ridzal <faez_ridzal@hotmail.com>=For informing me of 3000 coins in 
a tree near Karisto Station, and better Ra-Seru assimilation technique.
-Asura<asura_lord@hotmail.com>=Helped in searching for the Palma and 
Mule Ra-Seru.
-Kymil-kymil@enteract.com=  For reminding me to put in information about   
the Point Card, and the location of the Silver Compass and Magic Water.
-Sniper-SNIPER2231@aol.com= For Submitting information about the Evil  
Ra-Seru and how to obtain it.
-TMN81129@aol.com = For verifying the Evil Ra-Seru spell is real.
-Tay Jaclyn-t_jaclyn@yahoo.com = For submitting an easier way to defeat  
-DraG0N804@aol.com = For informing me of a few Name errors in the Arts  
Sections, also for submitting information on how to Obtain, Palma and  
Mule Ra-Seru.
-desmond lim <dessylim@yahoo.com>= For informing me of Mary's  
Diary(location bottom of Sol near the genesis tree.)
-Eric Koh <eric@cuteandcuddly.com> =For reminding me about the Camera  
Stone in Vidna.
-James Ong <blueman@pacific.net.sg> = Submitting information about the   
Platinum Card and its location.
-Lisa tuner" <gingerbaby60@hotmail.com>= On how to use Mary's Diary
-chad jenkins <chad1278@yahoo.com>= For pointing out a few errors within   
the walkthrough section.
-leven@coldmail.com- For Also Informing about Mary's Diary
Some Parts of the Faq were taken from Tips And Tricks, an excellent 
resource for Codes and walkthroughs, and should be mentioned here due to 
their excellent content.

XIV. Whats Coming Next!
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