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Legend of Legaia

Arts list, 4th version.

by Lord Foul of Illearth (

If you have anything to contribute, such as Arts I have not listed or 
corrections for a mistake I have made, please e-mail me.  If you simply have 
criticism, don't bother, I don't really care what you think, and if you don't 
like me, go read a different walk-through.

In the second draft of my Arts walkthrough, the changes were as follows:  I 
fixed a couple of Art names and moved some that were in the wrong category.  I 
also fixed some messed up AP values.  I added a few tidbits of info that 
weren't there before.  And now there's finally someon besides me in the 
Special thanks section.

In the third revision, I finally got the last of the Miracle Art names fixed!  
Plus a kind soul FINALLY got me the name to that one combo of Gala's (thanks!).

4th revision:  I'm going to add more secrets to this.  Some I found on my own, 
some were told to me by others.



	Arts can be learned by trying out different combinations of moves in 
battle.  Once you stumble accross one, the words "New Art!" will appear on the 
screen and the name of the Art will be recorded in your character's Arts List.  
You can view this list in the Status area of the Menu screen or in battle by 
pressing the Triangle button.  You can learn any Art at any time as long as 
you can perform enough moves to pull it off.  If you try to do an Art without 
having enough AP, the attacks will be executed, but they will not be as 
powerful as the actual Art itself.

Hyper Arts:

	Hyper Arts are learned by obtaining and using special Books for the 
three Ra-Seru.  These are often more powerful than regular Arts.  For Vahn's 
Meta, you need to collect the Fire Books.  For Noa's Terra, gather the Wind 
Books.  For Gala's Ozma, search out the Thunder Books.  These books are 
generally either easy to find in treasure chests (they're usually out in the 
open) or obtained by defeating bosses.  They are similar to normal Arts in the 
sense that they will just be a motley assortment of punches and kicks if you 
don't have enough AP.  You can also learn these from people in the game, but 
why bother when you can get them now with a walk-through?

Super Arts:

	These are combinations of Arts that end with a special move.  These are 
not recorded on the Arts Lists, so you should either memorize them or write 
them down.  Or print out this walk-through, of course.  They take many more 
moves to pull off than other Arts, but they are generally worth using Spirit a 
turn simply because of the damage they can dish out.  Just remember, they eat 
up AP like nobody's business.

Miracle Arts:

	These are learned like regular Arts.  Miracle Arts often combine several 
different Arts in a large combo, like Super Arts.  Miracle Arts WILL appear on 
your Arts list.  They are horrendously expenisive AP-wise, but the damage 
dealt is generally worth it.

The key for this list is simple:  < =left punch  > = right punch   ^ = high 
kick  v = low kick

Now for lists!
(Note:  Some of the names and AP might be wrong, but the moves are correct!)

Vahn's Moves:


Hyper Elbow:  (18 AP)		< > <
Charging Scorch:  (18 AP)	v > ^
Somersault:  (18 AP)		^ v ^
Slash Kick:  (18 AP)		^ v <
Power Punch: (18 AP)		< < v

Cross-Kick:  (24 AP)		v v v ^
Pyro Pummel:  (24 AP)		< > ^ <
Spin Combo:  (24 AP)		^ v > <
PK Combo:  (24 AP)		v ^ ^ <
Hurricane:  (24 AP)		^ ^ v v
Cyclone:  (24 AP)		v ^ ^ ^

Hyper Arts:

Tornado Flame:  (30 AP)	> > <
Fire Blow:  (40 AP)		> > v <
Burning Flare:  (50 AP)		> v < v <

Super Arts:

Power Slash:  (54 AP)		v > ^ v ^ v <
Fire Tackle:  (54 AP)		< > < < v > ^
Maximum Blow:  (54 AP)	v > ^ v < < v
Tri-Somersault:  (60 AP)	^ v ^ ^ ^ v ^
Rolling Combo:  (66 AP)	^ v > < < v ^ ^ <

Miracle Art:

Vahn's Craze:  (99 AP)		> v < ^ < ^ > v <

Noa's Moves:


Lizard Tail:  (18 AP)		^ v ^
Acrobatic Blitz:  (18 AP)		^ v v
Sonic Javelin:  (18 AP)		> v >
Blizzard Bash:  (18 AP)		> < v

Mirage Lancer:  (24 AP)		> > ^ ^
Dolphin Attack:  (24 AP)		> > < >
Bird Step:  (24 AP)		v v v ^
Swan Diver:  (24 AP)		v ^ ^ ^

Tough Love:  (30 AP)		v ^ v < >  *Note:  This one charms enemies, very 
Rushing Gale:  (30 AP)		^ ^ < v >

Tempest Break:  (36 AP)	> > < ^ ^ ^

Hyper Arts:

Frost Breath:  (40 AP)		< < > >
Vulture Blade:  (50 AP)		< < > < >
Hurricane Kick:  (70 AP)	< ^ ^ ^ ^ v >

Super Arts:

Super Javelin:  (48 AP)		^ ^ < v > v >
Dragon Fangs:  (54 AP)		^ v ^ ^ ^ v v
Triple Lizard:  (66 AP)		v v v ^ ^ ^ v ^
Super Tempest:  (60 AP)	> > < > > < ^ ^ ^
Love You:  (72 AP)		> > ^ ^ v ^ v < >

Miracle Art:

Noa's Ark:  (99 AP)		< ^ > v ^ < ^ v >

Gala's Moves:


Flying Knee Attack:  (18 AP)	v ^ <
Battering Ram:  (18 AP)		< > v
Ironhead:  (18 AP)		^ v v
Back Punch:  (18 AP)		< > <
Guillotine:  (18 AP)		< ^ <
Head-Splitter:  (18 AP)		< ^ ^ 

Side Kick:  (24 AP)		v v ^ ^
Black Rain:  (24 AP)		^ < v v

Neo Raising:  (30 AP)		< < > ^ <
Electro Thrash:  (30 AP)	^ < v > <
Bull Horns:  (30 AP)		< ^ > v <

Hyper Arts:

Thunder Punch:  (30 AP)	> > <
Lightning Storm:  (40 AP)	> > ^ <
Explosive Fist:  (50 AP)		> > < < <

Super Arts:

Rushing Crush:  (54 AP)	< > v ^ < ^ ^
Super Ironhead:  (54 AP)	v ^ < ^ ^ v v
Back Punch x2:  (54 AP)	^ v v ^ < > <
Heaven's Drop:  (60 AP)	v ^ < ^ ^ < v v
Neo Static Raising:  (66 AP)	< > < ^ < < > ^ <

Miracle Art:

Biron Rage:  (99 AP)		> > v ^ v ^ v < <



--You can fit in more moves at once if the character has a weapon he/she is 
skilled with.  This reduces the size of their Arms command (< for Vahn and 
Gala, > for Noa).

--You can string together a lot of short combos if you try.  Example:  If you 
have room for 5 attacks, you could do a five-hit combo or two three-hit 
combos.  String combos together by making sure the last move of the first 
combo is the first move of the next one, and make sure you have enough AP for 
both moves.

--Noa's Tough Love combo is great for eliminating the threat from new Seru you 
want to absorb.  Just Tough Love them, kill any other enemies (sometimes the 
charmed enemy will help), then just beat on it until it gets absorbed.  Tough 
Love is especially effective on Seru.

--This has nothing to do with combos, but some spells are more effective when 
different people cast them.  For example, even if the spells are at the same 
level, Vahn's fire Seru are more powerful than Noa's.  Experiment.  This is 
because the three characters' Ra-Seru are aligned with different elements.  
Noa is aligned with Wind, Gala is aligned with thunder, and Vahn is aligned 
with Fire.  Thanks to for reminding me to point this 

--If your character attacks a Seru that is the same element they are aligned 
with, they will only do half damage.  Thanks!


--There is a relativley easy way to win in the Muscle Dome (Sol).  But to do 
it, you have to be incredibly high levels.  First, get the point in the game 
were you have to get the Fire Droplet from Uru Mais.  After you get it (and 
Juggernaut blows the place to kingdom come) look at the Fire Droplet in your 
item screen. accessory that keeps you at 100AP at all 
times.....heheh....  Get to a high enough level where Vahn can fit in 9 moves 
without using spirit (note:  DON'T BRING THE FIRE DROPLET TO DR. USHA!!!)  Go 
to the Muscle Dome and earn up some tokens.  Now, send Vahn in any match with 
the Fire Droplet equipped (Make sure you choose your accessories wisely, 
though!)  In the Beginner Course, you fight with weapons, armor, Ra-Seru, 
accessories, and magic, but your item list is inaccessible.  You will have to 
fight eight enemies from the game, starting with easy stuff and ending with 
Xain (the boss from beneath Undergrond Octam).  In the Expert Course, you can 
use magic, but your weapons and armor are removed (good thing they don't 
disable accessories!).  You have to fight another 8 enemies.  Finally, the 
Master course is identical to the Expert course except NO MAGIC.  The Life 
Grail, needless to say, might be a good idea.  The enemies are tougher, but if 
you do this now it's pretty easy because you only have to fight 8 opponents 
(ending with Dohati) and you can do your Miracle Art every turn.  You CAN go 
to the Muscle Dome later, but a) you won't have the Fire Droplet and b) there 
will be more enemies, including the Delilases and Zora.....good luck!  If you 
win, you get the War God Icon, which is a very good item, but you can still 
get another item in the Dome.......sign up for every difficulty level of the 
tournament and run away from Round 1 of every match.  This gets you the 
Timidity Prize, the Chicken King.  With the Chicken King, you can always 
escape successfully except from bosses and the like.

--The Platinum Card.  Obtain this item by going into Drake Castle after the 
Mist is cleared.  Go to the room to the left of the Throne Room (where King 
Drake was).  Search the upper left-hand corner of the room for the Platinum 
Card.  This allows you to buy special items at item shops and general stores 
(unfortunately, you rarely get better weapons or armor, but the deals are 
worth saving for).  Thanks

--The Ra-Seru Spells:
	There are 8 secret Ra-Seru spells in Legaia:  One for each element and 
one extra.  They are obtained as follows.
	Palma (Meteor Cluster) 200MP:  Go to the Muscle Dome in Sol and win 
100,000 tokens.  You can trade them for the Earth Ra-Seru Egg.  Take the Egg 
to Zalan in Jeremi for the Earth Talisman.  When equipped, this talisman will 
boost defense against Earth powers and give access to the Palma spell.  The 
spell does around 4,000 damage if equipped on Gala or Vahn, and hits all 

	Horn (Resurrector) 200MP:  When Cara gives you her Ra-Seru Egg, take it 
to Zalan in Jeremi.  He makes it into the Light Talisman, which boosts defense 
against Light powers and gives access to the Horn spell.  This is a powerful 
healing spell.

	Jedo (Deadly Promise) 200MP:  After defeating Songi the final time, go 
to the West Voz Forest (where Ozma's egg was found).  There will be a treasure 
chest there with the Dark Egg.  Give it to Zalan (noticing a pattern?) for the 
Dark Talisman.  Jedo is an instant death spell that targets all enemies.

	Mule (Deep Avalanche) 200MP:  Supposedly, you obtain the Water Egg by 
fishing up a lot of points in the fishing hole near Buma.  Dunno how much, e-
mail if you get it.  I can only assume you do the usual (bring it to Zalan) 
for the spell.

	Meta (Inferno) 240MP:  After defeating the final Songi, touch the 
Genesis Tree in the Warrior's Square in Sol.  This will bring Meta to its 
highest level, 9, and give you access to the spell.  It hits all enemies for 
around 4,000 damage.

	Terra (Queen Twister) 240mp:  After defeating the final Songi, visit the 
Genesis Tree on Mt. Rikuroa.  Search it to make Terra L8, its highest level, 
and get the spell.  Hits all enemies, around 4,000 damage.

	Ozma (Voltagor) 240MP:  After killing the final Songi, go to the Genesis 
Tree in East Voz Forest.  Touch it to get Ozma up to L7 (highest level) and 
get the spell.  All enemies, around 4,000 damage.

	Evil Seru Magic (Effects Unknown) 255MP:  This is the best spell in the 
game!  Therefore, it is also the hardest to get.  When you get all of your 
characters to L99 (good luck without a GameShark!), visit Van Saryu in Ratayu.  
He will give you the key to the chamber of horrors downstairs.  Go down there 
and get the Evil Talisman out of the treasure chest.  Equipping this lowers 
your encounter rate and gives you access to Evil Seru Magic.  When you cast 
the spell, however, the Seru is identified as......Juggernaut!  His attack is 
called Dark Eclipse.  This spell hits all enemies for over 7,000 damage, 
enough to kill pretty much anything that isn't a boss or sub-boss.

Note:  All of these spells can be raised up to L9 like any other Seru spell, 
which means they all have the potential for even BIGGER damage.

--The best fishing pole.  After defeating the rabble in Nivora Ravine, go back 
to the Usha Research Center.  Check between the two beds on the first floor 
for a tackle box.  Congratulations, you now have the Legendary Rod.  The 
biggest fish I've seen it haul up lately is 363 points, if you can do better 
e-mail me PROOF (sorry, no honors system.  I need a pic or something).


Just so you know, this will probably be the last revision of my Arts FAQ.  
There really isn't much more to do about the arts, most of the stuff I've been 
adding has been secrets and such.  Tell me if you guys (and girls) think I 
should write a real everything-I-know step-by-step walkthrough.  This also may 
be the last chance to get in any Arts info that needs changing!  Don't forget 
to keep sending me stuff, though.  You might know something I don't or remind 
me to put in something I didn't mention.


Special Thanks to:,, and  And also to anyone else who contributed but isn't listed 
due to my losing his/her e-mail address.

If you see this with someone else's name on it, gimme their name and e-mail so 
I can blow up their computer.

This is all the original work of Lord Foul of Illearth (  
Anyone trying to plagarize this had better not be surprised when I show up at 
his/her house with a crowbar.

If you have anything to contribute, e-mail me!