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Baka Fighter FAQ for
                    Legend Of Legaia

This is a FAQ just for the Legend Of Legaia Baka Fighter arcade game in Sol.
  As you should know, if you get this far in the game you enter the casino 
part of the large tower of Sol.  Now for me whenever I'm short on money I go 
here for quick cash. In the casino you can play different games to win 
tokens and the best item to buy with the tokens is the Soru Bread for only 
100 tokens and when you sell it its worth 3000 each one! And if you pay 
attention to this FAQ I will lead you through all 14 rounds of Baka 

Updated: April 23, 2002
*Enemy Names Finished!

*Big thanks go out to PSGodzilla for emailing me the remaining names for the 
enemies. That means this FAQ is pretty much done with, when LoL2 comes out 
lets hope for another Baka Fighter so I can make another FAQJ

Now to explain this FAQ, I will post the moves for each fight to use against 
your enemy.  Its really easy after you start to understand that they all do 
the same moves they only change up the moves a couple times and they might 
even throw you off track but just *keep watching and you'll see that they 
will go back to the same combo. And you can even catch on and write down any 
moves that you find out they do that I dint see. (Note: I tested each enemy 
and wrote down the closet I could to the moves but still 50% out of 100% of 
enemy's start with a different move so be warned)

*Sometimes If the combo doesn't work at all try starting from a
Different point (i.e. Enemy 6 O, X and repeat, try X, O instead)
Thanks to Qmaster for the info

The buttons are Square (S) Circle (O) and X (X).
This is pretty much like paper, rock, and scissors. So think of the buttons 
as a combination of paper, rock and scissors. S (scissors) beats X
(Paper), O (rock) beats S (scissors), and X (paper) beat O (rock). What this 
means is that if your enemy presses X (paper) and you press S (scissors) 
then you will successfully pull of 1 hit, but if you press O (rock) and your 
enemy presses X (paper) then you will miss your enemy and he will pull off a 
hit on you, If you both press the same button then you both will hit each 
other. (The damage matters on which enemy your fighting. The higher the 
level of the enemy the more damage he will take if you both press the same 

NOTE- The faster you pull off each hit, the more your combo hits will rise 
equaling to more points!!

Move List:

Black Puria = Keep pressing Square
Gomboo = Keep pressing X
Skeleton = Keep pressing O
Wolf = Press Square, X and repeat
*Boss Xain = Press X, X, X, O, O, O and repeat
Warman = Press O, X and repeat
Evil Shadow = Press S, S, S, X, X, X, O, O, O and repeat
Ogre = Press O, S, S, S, S, X and repeat
Mantis = Press X, O, O and repeat
Golem = Press O, S, X and repeat
Killer Bison = Press O, X, S, S and repeat
Grude = Press O, O, X, S and repeat
Berserker = Press X, X, O, O, X, X, S, S and repeat
Last Boss: Songi = Press O, O, O, X, S, S, X and repeat

*You can only fight this Boss if you have enough points, somewhere around

Common Problems

Q. The enemy started off with a different move other than the ones you wrote 
down, what should I do?

A. The only thing to say to that is that all the people in this game do
Change up there combos but they always go back to the basics, all you have 
to do is find the right button and go from there.

Q. How many tokens do you get if you beat all the people?

A. You get 460 tokens enough to buy 4 Soru Breads and that's $12,000 bucks 
right there!

Q .How come some enemy's hit stronger than others?

A. Well for one reason they are at a higher level in the fighting ranks, and 
they put them in an order so that the more hits you miss the more energy you 
will lose and the faster you will lose the round.

Q. I noticed that in higher ranks it takes me a longer time to kill the
Enemy(s) why?

A. The enemy(s) has better defense than the lower level enemy(s) and they do 
take awhile if you keep missing the enemy.

Q. Hey I beat up the enemy and then he had a little energy left and started 
flashing and when I missed the hit the enemy took a lot of damage on me, 

A. I'm not sure what the word is for this but I call this the Last Chance 
Attack, because the only time you can use this attack is when your almost 
dead and if you hit them it takes 3x the damage a normal attack would, And 
the same goes for the enemy they get a last chance attack too, and be 
careful because higher level enemies can really hurt you with one of these.

Q. (Chris Birie Wrote) Yeah I sortta stumbled on to this.  Right before it 
Say's what round it is in baka fighter in legend of legaia I press all the 
buttons and this little girl with purple hair shows up.  What is that?

A. I'm not sure I'm checking it out now will update the FAQ when I find out 
or any emails welcome. Thanks for the Info.

Q.  Are any of the characters you pick at the begging stronger then any?
Others (Vahn, Noa, and Gala.)?

A. No not really itís just that they all end with a couple hits to add to 
the combo meter for more points, I pick Noa.

Q. I canít find an answer to my question on this FAQ, how should I contact 

A. Well just email me at

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Andre O. Lawton (LoJiK)
*And sorry for the emails I missed my mailbox got messed up.