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Fishging FAQ.


Table of COntents

1: Updates

2: What Is fishing?

3: Getting started and the Rods

4: How to fish

5: About the Lures


7: Where to fish

8: The Prizes

9: Hints, Tips, and Rumors

10: Credits and Contact info *****AND SHOUTOUTS!*****

                                1: Updates

October 4, 2007
Well, its kinda the continuation of yesterday, which I didn't post.
so.. I fininshed the shoutouts. Now E-mail me!

October 3, 2007
Alright, probably one of the final updates, unless someone wants to
SEND SOMETHING IN TO ME BY EMAIL (Which is at the bottom).
So I added how much the deluxe rod costs and a bunch of shoutouts at the
bottom of the page. Read to your hearts content.  And e-mail me.

October 1, 2007
Turns out, to my suprise and joy, they allowed the FAQ on!
But, to my suprise and dismay, I realized that there were many errors
in my faq.  First off was the bad table of contents. Hopefully by
this update you will have been able to figure it out. 
Alright so today I have updated:
Added section: Getting started and the Rods
Added fish: Charger Lippian, and Devouerer.
Added Prizes.
Added Rumor.
Completed fish list (unless...).
So if you guys have anything to show me, then e-mail me with the adress
at the bottom!

September 30, 2007
ALRIGHT! Now I've added alot more to this FAQ, and hopefully it will
be allowed on Gamefaqs now!.

September 19, 2007
Ok, so they didn't add it because of... lack of content.  So here I am 
giving you guys more content. Happy now? -cheat

March 30, 2007
Ok, sure, it wasnt released June 4 last year.  Gamefaqs rejected it then
for having more than 80 charachters per line. Now that is fixed though
so if you see this, then they agreed to add it :) -cheat

June 4,2006
This is the first release of this, i need information for certain fish
please send information using the e-mail adress at the bottom of the page.

                             2:What Is Fishing?

	Fishing is a key mini-game in the game Legend of Legaia. It is not
like normal, real-life fishing, in that you can get fish to bite very easily,
but on the other hand, it is often hard to reel them in.  Of coarse, that
varies upon the fish you are catching.  Often, a very common fish will be
very easy to reel in.  While on the other hand, a very rare fish will be
very hard to reel in.  
	There are many different aspects of fishing, each of which will be 
discussed in this FAQ.  These aspects are: lures, the fish, how to fish,
the prizes, and where to fish.  And so, without further ado, The fishing guide
to legend of legaia!

                        3:Getting Started and the Rods

	I'd bet that first timers at legaia are wondering: "It wont allow
me to fish! Why not?"  Now, if you want to fish, you must first get a rod
and tackle box.  There is only one place to get this, and that would be
the windmill town of Vidna.
	Simply enough, all you need to do is go to the guy on the beach
laying down.  He will have a box next to him, so press X on the box, and
he will offer it to you.  Yay! Now you have a Rod and Tackle Box!
	Specifically, you have the Old Rod.  Now then, there are three
different places to get rods.  The cooler their name, the better they are.

1: The Old Rod:
	This is your most basic fishing rod.  Its for the beginner and
is exceptional when it comes to fishing.  You probably will be using this
rod for a long time.  This rod is red striped with white.

2: Deluxe Rod:  You can get it at the Sol Muscle Dome by trading in coins
for prizes (2500 coins).I hardly used it, but if you fish between the 
beginning of Karisto to the end of it, you might use it often.  This rod 
is yellow striped with blue.

3: Legendary Rod: The best rod you can get, and probably the most used by
the end of the game.  It has really good tension and reeling capabilities,
making it the easiest, and best, rod to use.  You can get this rod near
the end of the game on the first floor of Dr. Usha's Lab, by the beds on
the floor.  It is yellow blended with red.

	So those are the rods.  Also, each rod is easier to user than the
previous. Use them as much as you want to your enjoyment!  

...okay.... now NEXT SECTION!

                               4:How to fish.

	Fishing is quite very simple.  When you first enter the fishing area,
you will be shown a screen with you and your teammates at the shore/dock.
To start to fish, you must first cast.  The way you cast is by pressing 
either X or [], and then a bar on the right side of the screen will go up
and down.  It is preferable to wait for the bar to be full, and press either
X or [] again to cast.  The fuller the bar is, the farther you cast, which
is good.  

	To reel in the line, you must hold either X or [].  If you hold
both of the buttons down, you will reel in faster than normal.  But
reeling in fast is NOT what you want.  What is good to see when reeling
is the word "GOOD" appearing on the screen.  To do this, you must 
figure out some sort of pattern that works for you to get this, which
would consist of tapping the X or [] button(s) a couple of times, then
waiting the doing it again.  What you're going for is for a fish to get on
the line when the word "GOOD" appears.  Fishing like this gives you a 
higher chance for catching bigger and better fish.

	When a fish is on the line, here is the real tricky part.  A
fish will be moving the line back and forth, fast or slow depending on
the fish.  Some fish will be easy to catch.  Others will be hard. You
most likely have seen the life and tension meters in the bottom left corner
of the screen.  These bars are essential, ESPECIALLY when having an
extremely rare fish on the line. The Life meter will show you how active
a fish is.  The tension meter will show you how taunt the line is.  If
the line gets too tight (full red bar), the line will break, you will
loose a lure, and you will loose the fish.  
	When the life meter is up and high, it will be harder to pull
in the fish.  The life meter effects tension, and if the fish is 'alive'
it will raise the tension to reel it in.  If the life meter is at 0%,
you can reel in the fish with ease, for a time.  You see, the more you
try to reel in the fish, the lower it's life gets, until it is Zero.
BUT, after a time of being zero, the life will recharge again.
So with harder fish, the life will have a huge effect on 
tension, and it is easier to just slowly tap the buttons, gauging 
youself to only reel in a little then let go, until the life meter
is gone.
	I will, in the FISH part of this FAQ, use many terms related
to Life and Tension.  These terms are:

Life Regen: How quickly the life bar raises when life is regenerated.
Life Timer: How long it takes for the life to regenerate after being
Tension: How fast the tension goes up when reeling/when life goes down.
Tension decline: How fast the tension goes down when NOT reeling.

I will repeat these terms below in the example of how I will
describe the fish.  If you do not know these terms, the descriptions
might be confusing.


                            5: About the Lures

	There isn't too much to tell here.  There are different lures in
the game, and each lure will allow you to catch different fish. There are
three types of lures in this game: LIght lures, Normal lures, and heavy 

Light Lures:

These are basically... crap.  There isn't much, that I know of,
that you can catch with these. (unless.... hmm...)

Normal Lures:

Normal Lures are suggested for those who are beginners at fishing.  They
can catch a few different things, from a high charger to a spikefish.
I would suggest using these to learn how to fish properly, then after both
A: You can catch fish and get good fish
B: You get the legendary rod,
I would suggest that you go on to Heavy Lures.

Heavy Lures:

These are the best baits for the best fishermen.  Those of you who are
new at fishing, as I said above, should stick with Normal Lures.  Otherwise
with this you will only catch fly pies.  Those talented with the ways of 
the water will be able to easily catch Chargers (at least at the Buma 
fishing pond).  And those talented will also be aiming, most likely,
for the Devouerers and Lippians.  Only the patient will try for the 

                                6: THE FISH

-Name of fish: Fish's name

-Rarity of the fish: the rarity of the fish 

-Description of the fish: Description of the fish

-Point Range of the fish: Lowest to hightest (about) points

-Lure Needed: The type of Lure Needed

-Where found: the fishing spot the fish is found at

-Life Regen: How fast the life regenerates

-Life Timer: How soon after life is near gone that the fish regains life

-Tension: How fast the tension goes up when life goes down

-Tension decline: how fast the tension declines when not reeling.

-Average Speed: The average speed overall

-Special things to know: Special things about the fish that might help alot.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
                                a: High Charger
-Name of the Fish: High Charger

-Rarity of the Fish: very common for a beginner fishing in the vidna pond, 
also found much with the Light lure in Buma

-Description of the Fish: Long orange body, 2 side fins stetching all the way 
down its body, and one back fin that turns into its tail fin. 
Has a short light red nose.

-Point Range: low 40's - low 50's

-Lure Needed: Normal and Light

-Where found: Vidna and Buma

-Life Regen: slow - little less than average

-Life Time: 1 to 5 seconds

-Tension: not much ever

-Tension Decline: very fast

-Average Speed: slow

-Special THings to know: Very slow life regen, this guy is pretty easy... 
its obvious to tell that its a high charger cause you have a normal lure 
on, and its very easy to catch.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                b: Jack
-Name of the Fish: Jack

-Rarity of the Fish: Extremely common in Vidna, Not so common in Buma

-Description of the Fish: Two claw-like arms, a segmented body, 
each segment having yellow at the top and red at the bottom. 
Has a horn on its head, a large mouth, and a vertical tail.

-Point Range: mid 20's through mid 30's

-Lure Needed: Light Lure only

-WHere found: Vidna and Buma

-Life Regen: Varies, see special things

-Life Time: Varies, see special things

-Tension: Varies, see special things

-Tension Decline: very fast

-Average Speed: slow-medium

-Special THings to know: Life Regen, Life Time, 
and Tension can change much depending on the size of the fish. 
Life Regen and Tension can go from slow to medium-fast, and 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                c: Fly Pie

-Name of the Fish: Fly Pie

-Rarity of the Fish: vidna: almost every time; Buma: 
if youre not good enough then almost every time

-Description of the Fish: A Pink/peach FIsh with 2 green eyes, 
a pink nose/mouth/tip, 2 'wings', red spots on its back, 
and many spines on its tail end

-Point Range: 14-22

-Lure Needed: Heavy mostly, NOrmal

-Where found: Vidna and Buma

-Life Regen: Pretty slow

-Life Time: 2-3 seconds

-Tension: both buttons: Not very much; 1 button: not very much at all

-Tension Decline: Extremely fast

-Average Speed: pretty slow

-Special THings to know: You'll be catching this one alot if you're trying 
for an Octoban, Lippian, or anything that you would need a heavy lure for. 
These things tend to trick you sometimes at the beginning, with sort of 
high tension, but it wont last. The easiest way to tell if its a Fly Pie 
is If your Life Meter never fully goes down, and stops near the bottom. 
Another way to tell is if you stop reeling and the fish is just moving slowly 
or sitting there.  
Any time in my game I would not go to fish just to find these.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                d: Charger
-Name of the fish: Charger

-Rarity of the Fish: Vidna is 1/13, Buma is Very Common.

-Description of the Fish: Flat Green fish, very aerodynamic looking body.
Has a large jaw, with two yellow fins at the top and bottom, with a tail
in between.

-Point Range: upper 60s to low 90s

-Lure Needed: Heavy, rarely Normal

-Where found: Vidna and Buma

-Life Regen: Often very slow, from 3 to 6 seconds.

-Life Time: often times is a few seconds.

-Tension: both buttons: medium; one button: slow

-Tension Decline: fast.

-Average Speed: Semi-Fast

-Special THings to know: This guy will be the norm for pros fishing
at Buma.  These are a fun challange for the beginner. The move semi-fast
and straight.  Also, the lower this guy's life is, the slower the tension
meter goes up, rather than at a constant rate.  Even though its life regen
and life time are low, it takes longer than most fish to get its life down.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
                                e: Spikefish
-Name of the Fish: Spikefish

-Rarity of the Fish: probably 1/50

-Description of the Fish: Has multiple large orange spikes, 
with a purple body; just like the spikefish enemy.

-Point Range: mid 110's - low 170's

-Lure Needed: Normal only

-Where found: Vidna only

-Life Regen: Pretty fast

-Life Time: about 4 or 5 seconds

-Tension: both buttons: fast; one button: not too fast

-Tension Decline: not too slow

-Average Speed: fast

-Special THings to know: This guy's life meter doesnt go down all the 
way most of the time, but you know its a Spikefish cause its fast and 
on a normal lure. This guy can also have extreme power at the beginning, 
and have its bar stay down the rest of the time!

*Need Information

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
                                f: Octoban
-Name of the Fish: Octoban

-Rarity of the Fish: like, 1/100, its not as rare as it looks...

-Description of the Fish: A very pink fish with about 6 or 7 legs, 

-has a hole at the top of its head, and looks like an octopus.

-Point Range: low 100's - high 100's

-Lure Needed: Heavy only

-WHere found: Vidna only

-Life Regen: Pretty fast, but not TOO fast...

-Life Time: 2-3 seconds

-Tension: both buttons: pretty good; 1 button: average

-Tension Decline: fast enough

-Average Speed: not TOO fast
-Special THings to know: This guy's life meter doesnt go down all the way most
of the time, so you can tell its a octoban by its life regen and its tension.
Also, note that these guys do not move at high speeds like many other valuble

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                g: Lippian
-Name of the fish: Lippian

-Rarity of the fish: One every 100 or 200 or so... see Special things.

-Description of the fish: A basic, dark green lippian.

-Point range of the fish: Early 200s.

-Lure Needed: Heavy

-Where found: Buma only

-Life Regen: Quick

-Life timer: almost 0, sometime 4 seconds, see special things

-Tension: both buttons: Medium Fast; 1 button: medium

-Tension Decline: fast enough

-Average Speed: Medium Fast

-Special things to know: Well, what can I say, its the lippian, right?
Well, theres lots to say!  First, who knew that the lippian was actually
a fish? Second... well... Its kinda rumored that you can catch these, 
along with Devouerers better if you fish behind the rock or the grass.
Im not sure though. Sometimes when you have the fish, the life hardly
ever goes down all the way, and other times the life will always go down.
No matter what, is that the life will go down but will immediatly go back
up most of the time. Sometimes there are pauses before the life goes up.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                g: Devouerer
-Name of the fish: Devouerer

-Rarity of the fish: 1/200 or 1/300

-Description of the fish: Imagine a shark that is completely white, with
a large horn on its head, and its left and right fins look kinda like

-Where found: Buma

-Point range of the fish: low 300s to high 300s.

-Lure Needed: Heavy

-Life Regen: Really fast!

-Life timer: often instantaneous

-Tension: both buttons: kinda fast; 1 button: medium

-Tension Decline: medium fast

-Average Speed: Semi-Fast

-Special things to know: Most people find you can catch this by either
fishing behind the rock or the grass.  Sometimes it has characteristics
similar to the charger and the lippian.  I would say it is a combination
of both of those.  Like the charger, it takes a while to get its life
down, and goes just as fast.  Like the Lippian, it has almost no downtime,
and its life goes back up very fast.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                i: Baraba
-Name of the Fish: Baraba

-Rarity of the fish: one every 20000 pts about, extremely rare!

-Description of the fish: A beautiful light golden fish, 
a tail, 2 fangs, and 2 blue/white 'wings'

-Point range of the fish: 490's- middle 500's (about)

-Lure Needed: Heavy

-Where found: Vidna only

-Life Regen: Really fast!

-Life timer: about 1 second before it starts to regen

-Tension: both buttons: pretty fast; 1 button: medium speed

-Tension Decline: fast enough

-Average Speed: EXTREMELY FAST!

-Special things to know: This is the rarest fish known. 
This can be a real pain to find, and a real pain to reel in, 
but its life has a trick to it that will be EXTREMLY helpful in catching it. 
The fish goes extremely fast, and reel in with both buttons only when the 
fish has no life or is regaining life. HELPFUL HINT: 
This fish has an extremely quick Life Timer, 
so how will you get it in? Every time its life regains, 
it regains a SMALL fraction less than it did last time. In five minutes, 
it wil be down low enough (basically no life regen) 
and this is the time to reel it in. 
I have not tried to see what happens after that point, 
but you just want to reel it in ASAP. 
This fish just might be virtually impossible without the Legendary Rod.

			7: Where You can fish

	Fishing will be IMPOSSIBLE without places to fish.  That is why this
section of the FAQ exists.  There are two fishing ponds, as you have most 
likely noticed by now.  One of them is near Vidna, and the other is around 
Buma.  Getting there is what this setion of the FAQ will explain.

			V   I   D   N   A

	To get to the Vidna Fishing Spot, start from Vidna and Go across the
bridge that is to the east of Vidna, and keep going east, and slightly south.
You will come to a dead end on a peninsula, and you will see a wooden sigh.
Examine it to fish there.

			 B    U    M    A

	Start from Buma, and go east.  You'll see a wooden sign.  Note that
you cannot get to this fishing spot until you unfreeze Buma.

	See? Its not that hard to find a place to fish.

				8: The Prizes

	Well there are many different prizes you can achieve from fishing.

Some prizes are not shown until you have enough points to get them, some
prizes only show up at a certain fishing spot, and some prizes both are
hidden and only show up at a certain point.

Here are the prizes:

	PRIZE		COST (fishing points)	DESCRIPTION

1: Lippian Flute        200	This calls forth a lippian in battle, most
				of the time it does nothing, but on rare
				occasion it will deal instant death to one

2: Spikefish Flute	200	This will call forth a spikefish, who will
				use the technique "Blow Fish", causing an
				explosion which will let you escape from

3: Healing Fruit	500	Just an average healing fruit (heals all
	`			party members for 800 hp) (Vidna only)

4: Power Ring	       1000	This is an accessory which will boost your
				attack by 20% when equipped. (Vidna only)

5: Mettle Armband      1500     This accessory increases your AP accural
				(how much AP you gain) by 25% (Vidna only)

6: Spirit Talisman     4000	This amazing accessory will lower your magic
				usage by half! Amazing! (Buma only)

7: Magic Grail	       6500	This accessory will let its bearer recover 
				some MP after each turn fighting. (Buma only)

8: Life Grail	       6500	This accessory will let its bearer recover 
				some HP after each turn fighting. (Buma only)

9: Water Egg	      20000     If you take this HIDDEN accessory to Zalan,
				he will transform it into the Water
				Talisman, allowing its wearer to summon
				Mule, the water Ra-Seru. (Hidden, Buma only)

10: War God Icon      50000	This HIDDEN accessory is worth its price.
				It will allow its bearer to attack twice
				in a row in battle. (Hidden, Buma only)

If there are any more prizes you can find, just tell me about them!
Use the contact info at the bottom of the page!

			9: Hints, Tips, and Rumors.

		Here is a short list of hints, tips and rumors that 
hopefuly will be expanded upon. Please send in your own hints, tips and
rumors using the contact information at the bottom!

1: You can buy more Lures from the guy running the slot maching in Vidna.
He only takes Coins though.

2: It isnt known for sure, but if you can cast on the dark spots in the
water, or get a good over them, you might get a rare fish on the line.

3: It isnt known for sure, but if you move your stick left and right 
while trying to hook a fish, you have a better chance of getting a better

4: Getting GOOD to appear is good. It can help you get better fish when
it appears.

5: Some people say that, at Buma's fishing spot, if you fish around the
grass and the rock, you have a higher chance of hooking a devourer or a
Lippian.  This seems to work for the Devouerer, but I'm not sure about 
the Lippian

6: No one knows how to get it, or if it even exists, but there is one
last rare fish, called a SPIRIT, that no one I have heard of has caught.
The only proof of its existance is through gameshark.

			10: Credits and contact Info

Thanks for reading! This has been slightly entertaining to make


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