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=General FAQ=

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Character Status Information
    • HP
    • MP and Magic
    • ATK
    • UDF
    • LDF
    • AGL
    • SPD


This is a General FAQ. It contains some minor spoilers. You have been warned. This will let you everything you need to know about Legend of Legaia.

Character Status Information

If you want to view your stats/status for each character, simply enter the Pause Menu by pressing the Triangle button or the Select Button. Scroll through the options with the D-Pad until the option labeled "Status" is highlighted. Select it by pressing the X Button. Select the character you want to view stats for with the X Button. Now press Right and Left on the D-Pad to scroll through some options I will now go over.


HP is short for Hit Points. This determines how much damage a character can take before being knocked out or killed. Make sure to keep track of this in battle and make sure it don't reach 0. Use Healing Items to get HP back up during battle. (Visit the Healing Section on the Wiki for more information on Healing.) Unless you have another character to battle, when you die you'll be sent to the Main Game Screen where you'll have to load your file and try again. Note: Be sure to save whenever possible. You don't want to beat a Boss and then die, and end up having to reload the game and fight the boss all over again. You will encounter many Save Points in the game, (Usually right before Boss fights).


MP stands for Magic Points. When you absorb Seru, you will have their power/spell to use. To use magic, when you start battle, you will have 4 commands. Select the command on the right using the directional buttons. You will get a list of spells you have aquired throughout the game. You have a limited amount of Magic Points, when you use magic, your MP will decrease. Eventually you won't have enough to use magic. There are 2 ways to restore magic. #1 is resting at an inn. #2 is by buying or finding MP restoring items such as Magic Leaves, Magic Fruit, etc.


ATK is short for "Attack". The number to the right tells you how powerful your character is when in battle. Note: If it says 100, that does not necessarily mean that each hit will do 100 damage to your opponent, for it varies depending on the opponent because some opponents have better armor than others. You may do 1000 damage to one opponent, and only 300 to another one.


UDF stand for Upper Body Defense. It helps determine how much damage you take to the upper body when attacked by enemies. Equip upper Body Armor and Helmets to help increase a character's UDF.


LDF stands for Lower Body Defense. Similar to UDF, it helps determine the amount of damage taken to that character in battle when attacked, just to the lower body instead of the upper body. Similar armor can also be used to increase LDF, such as Lower Armor, Clothing, Boots, and Shoes.


AGL stands for Agility and determines how much room you have on the Action Gauge for commands. You can do a maximum of 9 moves. (You'll probably have to level up a bit to do that though.) 280 is the Max in terms of Stats for Agility.


SPD is short for Speed. This determines how fast your characters are in battle. The more Speed, the more likely you are to steal items from enemies, and the more likely you are to escape from battle.


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