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Don't you just love it when Working Designs refer to this (is there any 
other sources in English?) as an UNOFFICIAL GUIDE (Page 88) by their 
Custumor Service department? Who really needs to waste money buying 
OFFICIAL strategy guides when they themselves know that they refer to 
UNOFFICIAL ones for inspiration (as in their enemy analysis in the 
mini-walkthrough at the back) and it's all available free on the web? 
(granted that there aren't any pictures to guide your way around >_<)



1000 years have passed......
The time is ripe............
Ripe for a new legend.......
An unsurpassed legend.......
And now.....................

The finale to the Lunar Saga......

GameFAQs presents......

                  A Game Arts, ESP production......

                                              Written by JL Lee......

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  |   |        ルナ2 エターナーブルー
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  |   |         |  |       |  |  |    \ |  |    _____   |    |  \ 222
  |   |         |  |       |  |  |     \|  |    \   /   |    |__/222222 
  |   |         |  |       |  |  |  |\     |    / _ \   |  |\   ___/
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  |   |          \   \___/   /   |  |  \   |  /  ___  \ |  |  \  \
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 /               | \_______/    /____\   \_|/___\   /_______\   \  \
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                \|   ETERNAL BLUE                                 \___/

                                 Sony PlayStation/ PlayStation 2/ PSone
Version 1.3
updated 29-12-2000

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From bad to great? UGH I say, UGH! More than enough complaints about 
the US version, but there are several good points about the remade game 
as well, so it's pretty even...NOT.

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1.  Copyright Information (see above)
2.  Current Update
3.  Credits
4.  Information
5.  Main Characters
6.  Walkthrough - Main Scenario
7.  Walkthrough - Epilogue
8.  Skills/Magic List
9.  Weapons/Armour/Items List
10. Medallion Combination List 
11. Bromide Search
12. Final Words

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 Version 1.3 (29-12-2000)
- English names of the magics and areas I've played to translated to 
  what Working Designs mashed them to. The original Japanese names are 
  still there for reference of those using the Japanese version.

- New sections more or less shelved--> Controls, Menus, Stats

- May be reformatting the tables since they are getting kinda messy...

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 \ 3. CREDITS \
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Lunar 2 Gamest Mook <http://www.animeg.com/Lunar/Eternal-Blue/lunar-2-
 for which the most thanks go to the Gamest Mook webmaster Ming. He was 
 the one (his permission that is) who made this all possible.

Lunar Hope <http://www.lunarhope.com/>
 for some of the most extensive information that is available on the
 web at this moment. And yes, some of my solutions come from there as

GameFAQs <http://www.gamefaqs.com>
 for the biggest collection of FAQs and walkthroughs on all kind of 
 console and PC games ANYWHERE. The people there are the real 
 insperiation from where I can show everyone my limited writing 
 skills without fear of repraisal.

JL Lee <sleeping_psycho@hotmail.com>
 for actually still keeping this little project alive all through this  
 while..and still missing several things...>_<

Thanks also to Ghaelon, writer of the Epilogue FAQ, published in the 
Gamest Mook.

And of course to Game Arts. Lots of bear hugs for porting this over to 
the Playstation.

David Blake, for his kind advice on the fixing of the alignment in this 
piece of work (and all others in the years to come?)

Finally, to you, the reader, for taking the time to go through this 
crap, my second piece of work. 

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The magical moon orbiting around the already-dead Blue Star, blessed 
with the boundless love and power of the Goddess Althena, home to all 
kinds of living things, from human beings to dragons and monsters, who 
have lived in relative peace ever since the great Apocolypse, almost 
1000 years ago, which threatened to kill off any kind of life on the 
moon, but was averted by the heroic actions of the Legendery Dragon 
Master Alex, and his friends, who saved the world from the grasp of the 
evil Magical Emperor Ghaelon.

Now, with the world at peace, nothing exciting is happening, with the 
exception of monster hordes raiding rural villages, but even these 
attacks have lessened, with partial thanks to Althena's Four Heroes and 
their army of followers, even as the Goddess herself resides in the 
holy city of Pentagulia, safe from all kinds of dangers.

And in the Blue Star, someone with the knowledge of the past awakens, 
to come to this world, and the wheels of fate turns once more towards
a struggle between power and destruction......

        This is the the sequel (as well as being the third relase), to 
the popular game Lunar: Silver Star Story. The original was released on 
the Sega CD, and was named Lunar Eternal Blue, re-released on the SEGA 
Saturn with the title of Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Remix, with improved 
graphics, a couple of minor (and 1 major) storyline changes, as well as 
the addition of tons of animation. This release on the Playstation 
remains true to the Saturn version, retaining everything that was on 
the game, plus several new dungeons in the Epilogue, ass well as extra 
bromides, and faster load times during battles.

        What is NOT good about this is that it does not support analog 
control, only vibration, and the fact that you can actually hear the 
music DRAG when the game is loading, particularly in battle, and 
surprisingly, the voices in the animation are very soft (I wonder why). 
But everything has it's faults, and we try to overlook them each time.

        In comparison to the prequel (Silver Star Story), this version 
has been enhanced in many ways. Now all items are stored in the 
inventory, with the maximum of 20 for each kind of item. The battle 
movements have been increased, and the music is hundreds of notches 
above the original, especially the Boss battle music. The character 
sprites have also been made bigger, with a very realistic run/walk mode 
in dungeons.

\                    \
  \                    \

Obviously the big main character of the game, he is an adventure 
seeker, always on the lookout for more intresting ruins and dungeons. 
He lives in a mobile-looking home with an archiologist Gwen, and works 
together with his trustworthy and talkative partner, Ruby. 

RUBY(J/US) - ルビイ
A young red dragon-to-be, she looks just like Nall in the first Lunar, 
except that she dosen't make silly one-liners, and she actually helps 
out by fighting in the battles. The ribbon she wears behind her head 
and her manner of speech give pretty good indications of her sex.

Guardian of the Blue Star, ordered by Althena herself to go into 
eternal slumber until the arch-nemisis of the Blue Star Zophar breaks 
out of the seal Althena placed on him. Her repeated interaction with 
Hiero and the the people on the world of Lunar will change her view of 
the world forever, as she develops feelings for this moon and......

Ex-preist of Althena, he gave up after a distressing event when he 
wasn't able to save the girl he loved using his strength. But on seeing 
Lucier, he is reminded of his past, and resolves to save her, thus 
beginning his adventure with Hiero. he is also a good friend of one of 
the 4 heroess of Althena, White Knight Leo.

JEAN(J/US) - ジーン
A dancer at the moving caravan, she is revered in all areas as the best 
dancer in the region. After meeting Hiero and company, she is forced to 
fight along with them in order to save her friends, and later joins him 
in his journey to Pentagulia in order to rid herself of an unwanted 

The descendent of Mia Ausa, she is a lively girl, bent on reviving the 
stature of her home city Vane in any possible way. Unfortunately this 
has turned her into a money-loving brat, but a lovable one nontheless. 
She hates the Black Hero Borgan immensely, who is trying to woo her 
mother, the current head of the Magic Guild, Miriya Ausa, to give up 
Vane and live with him in the new floating city of Neo-Vane.

LEO(J/US) - レオ
The White Hero of Althena, he believes in everything that the goddess 
preaches, and is also a firm believer in justice and rightousness. It 
also means that he really believed that Lucier is the Destroyer until 
he begins to suspect the words of the goddess. It seems that he has an 
alter-ego, but he does not seem to know about it...8)

GHALEON(J/US) - ガレオン
The ultimate bad guy of Silver Star Story returns in Eternal Blue, this 
time as an underling of Zophar. Somehow he has remained alive since the 
final battle with Alex and company, and knows Lucier as well. 
Strangely, he does not attack the party at all, instead only goading 
and taunting them all the time.

ALTHENA(J/US) - アルテナ
The goddess of the world, who made this moon habitable for the people 
who were brought from the Blue Star, and who threw away immortality to 
become the human Luna. Legends say that she will be reincarnated 
endlessly, and the current goddess resides in Pentagulia, guarded by 
the current four heroes.

ZOPHAR(J/US) - ゾファー
Self-termed God of destruction, it was sealed off by the goddess 
Althena when he destroyed the Blue Star, and is just beginning to break 
out from the prison that Althena imposed on him. It seems that he has 
control already on several prominant people of Lunar, even the Goddess 

\                \
  \                \

The names of the anime/CG scenes in the numbered boxes are taken from 
the list from the Crystal of Memories, and there are mistakes abound 
appearing in this translation. Please tell me if I made any mistakes 
and I will gladly change them in the next update. 

                                              /                       / 
                                             / LUNAR 2: ETERNAL BLUE /
                                            /                       /

|                                                                 |
| 1. Lucier's Awakening (with opening credits) ~ ルーシアの目覚め |

  Dragon Ruins - 竜の遺跡

|                                    |
| 2. Hiero and Ruby ~ ヒイロとルビィ |

Hiero will get the Right Sapphire Eye automatically, and followed by a 
narrated introduction of himself and Ruby, while being chased out by 
some flame monsters.

Ruby: Hiero no.....BAKAAAaaaaaa!!!

  East Sairan Desert(J)/East Desert Pass(US) - 東サイラン砂漠

Items - いやしの葉/Herb

On the way back to his house, Hiero will have to cross a small desert. 
There is a Althena Statue at the beginning of the desert, so there 
should be no problems. Just kill and earn experience as self required, 
but no immediate training is really required at this early stage. 
Remember to use Boomerang on those tough-to-kill enemies 

Halfway through the desert though......

|                                            |
| 3. First Meeting with Leo ~ レオとの出会い |

After that scene you can carry on without any hitches at all.

  Hiero's House(J)/Gwyn's Yard - ヒイロの家

Back in Hiero's house, speak with Leo, followed by Gwen, then to Leo 
again. Then follow Gwen up the staricase to notice the light that 
reaches the Blue Tower. Now go to the basement to find the 冒険者の短剣/
Ancient Dagger, and speak to Gwen who will give the Left Opal Eye to 
Hiero, and follow the two of them to the Blue Tower.

  The Blue Tower
At the entrance to the Blue Tower, Gwen will put the Left Opal Eye into 
the left eye, but nothing happens. You will have to place the Right 
Sapphire Eye into the right eye, and the head will open to reveal a 

  Blue Dungeon(J)/Blue Labyrinth(US) - 青き迷宮 : 1st Floor

Items - 天使の涙/Angel's Tear

Step on the 3 switches found in the cave to align the bridge to the 
center. The fourth switch to the right after the bridge is to 
deactivate the barrier that leads to the staircase.

  Blue Dungeon : 2nd Floor

Items - 星くずの光/Star Light

The path will lead to 4 rooms with entrances at the rear. Enter and 
check on the glowing orbs to activate the system in all 4 rooms to 
enable the teleport device to work.

  Blue Dungeon : Last Room

See that stone Guardian there? Remember it very well......

After going through the door, Hiero will find himself in a competely new

|                                    |
| 4. The Blue Tower ~ 初めての青き塔 |

  Blue Tower(J)/Blue Spire(US) - 青き塔

Items - 1F: 天使の涙/Angel's Tear
        4F: いやしの葉 x2/Herb x2
            いやしの木の実/Healing Nut
        5F: 星くずの光/Star Light
On the 7th floor, check out the pentagram, and Hiero and Ruby will be 
teleported to the top of the tower.

|                                                   |
| 5. First Meeting with Lucier ~ ルーシアとの出会い |

Lucier will teleport Hiero and Ruby back to the 7th floor, and joins 
the entourage. Notice that all the monsters have regenerated, but with 
Lucier around just defend, and it will be a piece of cake. Remember to 
let Gwen reach Level 12 here so as to have an easier time when dealing 
with the Boss.If he isn't at Level 12 by the time you reach the 1st 
floor, just go up again. The enemies regenerate every time you cross 
the 1st/2nd floor stairs. DO NOT exit the tower until you are ready, 
because Lucier will become a burden after this. Once you are ready, you 
can carry on to the next scene.

MAJOR NOTE: Once you have Lucier in your party, the maximum level you 
can reach in here is Level 14 for Hiero because Lucier will start 
casting Degion Cluster with every enemy fight after that, ending it 
immediately without any experience or money. As far as anyone is 
concerned this is the only dungeon that sets a level cap.

|                                                                      |
| 6. Lucier seeing the world for the first time ~ 世界を見渡すルーシア |

An event with Zophar will follow, and Lucier's powers will be locked 
away, leaving her with 1HP. Heal at the Althena Statue, and prepare for 
the first Boss battle of the game once you re-enter the Blue Dungeon.


- When it is shimmering, then it will power up it's ATK and DEF.
- When it is spinning the ball, then it will do an area attack.
- Other than that it will attack one person.

Put Gwen at the back for this battle, so that the Guardian will aim at 
only Hiero. On the turn that it powers up, cast Rust Weapon to reduce 
it's ATK followed by Rust Armor the next, and defend if healing is not 
necesssary. Lucier won't do a thing, so it dosen't matter where you 
place her unless you want her to be a hit choice, but since she is 
faster she will still hide in a corner. Let Hiero on it with Slash and 
it should fall once all Hiero's MP are used up. If not, just attack 
it normally with the help of Rust Armor.

Return to heal at the Althena Statue, and go all the way back down the 
Blue Dungeon. Once you reach outside, 4 Guardians will converge on the 
party. Once Gwen and Lucier have been knocked unconscious the battle 
will end, and Leo will come and help with the Vulcan.

Upon returning to his home, let Hiero speak with Lucier twice, and Gwen 
will come and tell him to find a priest called Rong-Fa in Larpa, and 
prepares the boat required for the travel.

        Desert Village Larpa - 砂漠の村 ラーパ

Items - 天使の涙, いやしの葉, ナベのふたFrying Pan(inside chief's house)

Shop - いやしの葉                     40s
       毒消し草                       20s
       ショートソード                340s      
       メイス                        300s
       革のヨロイ                    360s
       革のボウシ                     40s

In Larpa, go to Althena's shrine, and speak with the man behind 
Althena's statue. He will tell you that Rong-Fa can be found in the 
bar. Head to the bar to the man in the top right corner. He is Rong-Fa.

|                                                     |
| 7.  First Meeting with Rong-Fa ~ ロンファとの出会い |

You will have to play a game of dice with him, and lose. Do not 
continue, snd speak with him once more to play again. Lucier will lose 
consciousness, and Rong-Fa will take her to his house.

Head to his house on the top left hand corner of the village, and speak 
with him to gain entry. Then speak with him, followed by Lucier, and 
him again before a knock stops their conversation. Leo enters, and 
after a long talk with Rong-Fa, leaves. Speak with Rong-Fa one more 
time, and Rong-Fa agrees to help remove Lucier's curse, and reveal a 
back door that leads to the shrine. Go help Lucier out of the bed, and 
speak with Rong-Fa, and he will help out Hiero in order to get to the 

        Larpa Mountain
Items - 500s

Upon entering the main hall of the shrine, Rong-Fa takes over, and 
after a series of events, finally manages to get rid of Lucier's curse. 
Then head back to Rong-Fa's house to rest for the night.

Lucier will have gone by the next morning, so Hiero and Ruby will have 
to look for her. At the house on the right and inside, talk to the 
mother who will relate how Lucier visited her earlier in the morning, 
and give directions to Lucier's next destination: the chief's house, 
located in the highest point of the village.

Upon asking the Chief in his house, he will tell Hiero that she is 
waiting for one of the sandships to leave, for a price of 30s.

Hiero finally finds Lucier near one of the sandships......

|                                                              |
| 8. Lucier, waiting at the Sand Dock ~ 砂港にたたずむルーシア |

....and she leaves alone. Rong-Fa catches up with Hiero, who tell him 
of Lucier's plans. Upon realizing that the Vulcan is also parked in 
Dalton, Hiero and Ruby decide to go by foot to help her get away from 
Leo, with Rong-Fa coming along as well.

        West Sairan Desert - 西サイラン砂漠

Items - 300s

        Port of Dalton - 港町ダルトン
Items - いやしの葉, 星くずの光, 短剣

Item Shop - いやしの葉                40s
            毒消し草                  20s
            ディスペルドリンク        50s
            天使の涙                1000s
            飛竜のツバサ             100s

Weapon Shop - ロングソード           690s
              フレイル               630s
              木の盾                 100s
              腕輪                    80s
              はでなバンダナ          60s

Upon entering Dalton, they see Lucier being taken prisoner by Leo. 
Hiero and Rong-Fa then agree to save her, and enter the ship.

        Dragon Ship Vulcan - 竜汽船バルガン

On reaching the prison deck of the ship, the party hear Leo trying to 
question Lucier, who refuses to answer, and locks her up in one of the 
cells, thenwalks off with his soldiers. Press on the switch and Lucier 
will be freed, and returns to your party. As Leo is checking the 
interior of the cell, press the switch again to lock him up. 

** Now that Lucier is back in the party she will join in the fray as 
   well. However she does not have any levels, and is still controlled 
   by AI. Her max HP is dependent on the party's levels, meaning that 
   as a person gets stronger, so will she. Corny, isn't it? Anyway, for 
   now she will only defend and cast Forcefield on herself, and cast 
   Sparkshot to the enemy that attacks her in that round. Or run away. 
   In the case of multiple enemy attacks, she will attack the last 
   enemy which attacked her.**

        Star Watching Forest - 星見の森

Items - いやしの葉, 600s

The Goblins here are real good experience, since they are easy to kill, 
and will call on reinforcements. Use this to great effect.

After clearing the first screen, they will rest for a while, and Lucier 
goes to look at the doorless tower in front of them. Speak with her 
twice, and Rong-Fa will return from his survey, then tells them to 
hurry to Lance Forest where they can hide.

**Remember this tower!! This will be the last dungeon of the game!!**

        Lance Forest - ランスの樹海

Speak with the man at the entrance, who will then show the party how to 
find the exits in the forest.

Items - いやしの葉 x4, 星くずの光, 毒蛇の紋章, 146s, 鎖かたびら

|                                               |
| 9. First Meeting with Jean ~ ジーンとの出会い |

After the preliminary introductions, Jean asks Hiero to talk to the 
leader of the caraven. After which she will excuse herself. Ruby then 
tells Hiero to follow as she wishes to talk with the dancer.

After asking her all three questions, a huge plant will come out and 
catch Lucier, but she is saved by Jean, who then leaves.

The next morning, Rong-Fa comes and tells Hiero that he found a ruins 
of a hot spring which was still working, and tells him to go and have a 
bath there.

        Ruins of Althena Springs

Items - Life Crystal, Iron Slippers

Go towards the male springs, and Hiero and Ruby will enter, letting 
Lucier change in peace. But......

|                                      |
| 10. Althena Springs ~ アルテナの温泉 |

Upon returning to the caravan, an earthquake shakes the ground, and the 
parts of the plant which Jean killed earlier captures more of the 
caravan people. Jean gies Hiero a ladder, but does not come along. 
After Hiero lets the ladder down, Jean changes her mind, and comes 


- This Boss has 3 forms. In it's first form, one of the two 'hands' 
  will attack one person, adding poison status.
- In it's second form, it has another attack that shoots out thorns and 
  attacks the entire party if it's mouth is twitching.
- Otherwise it will do the 'hand' attack.
- In it's final form, when it's eyes are flashing and it is shaking 
  violently, it will shoot out a root to attack the nearest person.
- If it's eyes are only flashing, it will do the thorns attack.
- Otherwise it will do the 'hand' attack.

The Boss will change to it's second form after about 1/4 damage, it's 
final form after about 1/2 damage. Remember to let Jean stand way back 
and let Hiero go to the front. DO NOT in any circumstance, let Rong-Fa 
stand in front, or else he will be the one attacked. Remember that he 
is the only healer so just use Anger Dice if there is no need for 
healing. Be careful of the root attack, it can cause massive damage.

After the event, speak with Jean, who follows Hiero and company on the 
way to Meribia. 


Items - Starlight, Healing Fruit

Item Shop - Herb                      40s
            Antidote                  20s
            Dispell Drink             50s
            Angel's Tear            1000s
            Dragon's Wing            100s

Weapon Shop - Silver Mace           1320s
              Iron Fan              1160s

Armor Shop - Iron Bracelet           240s
             Wrist                    60s
             Chainmail               720s
             Hairband                 60s

Speak with the robed girl on the left of the bar. After she leaves, 
head to the main gate and speak with the guard there. The mysterious 
girl will show them to a side gate. Speak with her there, and she will 
open it to let the party through.

        Temis Mountain Path

Items - Refresh Ring, Ring of the Wind God

        Magician's Dungeon

Items - 302s, Angel's Tear, Holy Water, Starlight x2, Herb


- This boss has 3 forms. In it's first form, it will do a Bubble attack 
  that puts a person to sleep if it's ears, eyebrows and mouth are 
- Otherwise it will do a drumroll attack on one person.
- In it's second form, it will continue to do the Bubble attack.
- Otherwise it will attack one person with a crush attack.
- In it's final form, it it is gathering energy to it's mouth, it will 
  do a straight line attack.
- Otherwise, it will do the Bubble attack.

Another 3-form boss. One word, TOUGH. However, there is a way around 
it. Just put Jean in front, and Hiero should be safe as long as he 
dosen't do normal attacks. That way the Boss will concentrate on Jean 
until it's third form, when it uses the straight line attack. Try to 
get out of harm's way during that turn, and everything should be fine.

|                                                     |
| 11. First meeting with Remiena ~ レミーナとの出会い |

Head out through the exit, then to the left, and Remiena will use her 
magic carpet to transport them, until she sneezes, that is. Anyway, the 
party will be beyond the locked gate, and can carry on their journey.

        Bent Mountain Range

Items - Shiro Medallion, Starlight, Windcutter Staff

        East Note/Nota

Items - Bead Necklace, Herb, Silverlight

Item Shop - Herb                      40s
            Antidote                  20s
            Dispell Drink             50s
            Dragon's Wing            100s

Weapon Shop - Broad Sword           1240s 

Armor Shop -  Iron Shield            300s
              Flare Dress            720s
              Silver Robe            680s
              Iron Helmet            150s
              Silver Bandanna        240s

Once the party is crossing the bridge linking East and West Note, Leo 
turns up in the Vulcan and tries to catch them, but is caught up in the 
ensuring crush. Jean then tells them to try using the magic arrow that 
the caravan has at the carnival to the north.


Items - Holy Water

At the rear part of the carnival, speak with the leader of the caravan, 
then Leo will enter, but leave soon after getting no information. The 
leader then tells the girls to change Lucier's apperance so as not to 
get so much attention. Head to Jean's caravan in the center....

|                                                |
| 12. Costume-changing Lucier ~ 着替えるルーシア |

|                                                              |
| 13. Hiero and Rong-Fa see stars ~ 星となったヒイロとロンファ |

|                                               | 
| 14. Lucier's new clothes ~ ルーシアの新しい服 |

Speak with the man in front of the Magic Arrow, and the party will 
climb in, but before it has a chance to fire, Leo comes back again and 
attacks the Arrow, causing it to fly in the opposite direction, and 
land near an ancient ruins. 

        Ancient Ruins

At the top of the ruins Lucier will use an ancient magic to activate 
the teleportal, sending them to a room where Lucier activates the 

|                                          |
| 15. Records of the Past ~ いにしえの記録 |

|                                                     |
| 16. First Meeting with Ghaelon ~ ガレオンとの出会い |

Items - 3F: Healing Nut, Nightmare Medallion
        2F: Starlight x2, Fireball Staff

On the way back to Note, the party will be attacked by Leo in the 
Vulcan, but is saved by Ghaelon.

        West Note/Nota

Items - Life Crystal, Shirt, Herb

Item Shop - Herb                      40s
            Antidote                  20s
            Clear Water               60s
            Dispell Drink             50s
            Angel's Tear            1000s
            Dragon's Wing            100s

Weapon Shop - Silver Sword          1600s
              Silver Bracelet        480s
              Silver Wrist           320s
              Iron Armor            1300s
              Priest Uniform        1150s
              Silver Brooch          180s


Items - Starlight, Magi Armor

Item Shop - Herb                      40s
            Antidote                  20s
            Clear Water               60s
            Dispell Drink             50s
            Angel's Tear            1000s
            Dragon's Wing            100s

Weapon Shop - Round Mace            2100s
              Silver Fan            1800s

Armor Shop - Silver Shield           600s
             Fur Dress              1300s
             Fur Robe               1050s
             Silver Helmet           360s
             Lucky Bandanna          450s

Speak with the chief, who will tell you that his daughter Maria left 
her child behind and ran into the mountains, and requests for the 
party's help. After Hiero agrees, Lucier will go her own seperate way, 
and leave on her own.

        Ruzan Snow Mountains

Items - 2000s, Healing Nut, Evil Sword Medallion, Water Staff, Barrier           
        Ring, Pheonix Ring

After being caught in an avalanche, Hiero is awakened by Lucier, who 
had returned to help him. She will subsequently heal him completely as 
well as the other party members they managed to find. And just beyond 
where they have fallen lies the cause of the ongoing snowstorm.

** From now on Lucier will tke part actively in combat, attacking or  
   casting ATK and DEF increasing magics. She will also heal, but 
   usually only when a character is in the red. Same as ever, her 
   attacks will depend on the situation once her turn arrives**


- When it is beating it's chest, it will do an area attack.
- When it is bent over, it will do a freeze attack on the entire party.
- When it is sucking ice into it's mouth, it will call upon a tornado 
  to protect it. Making it invincible for a limited amount of damage. 
  It will not attack while the barrier is active.

This is where Remiena is at her best! Let loose with her Nova Flame, 
and the boss should fall in no time. Remember to put Rong-Fa in the 
back row or else he will be caught in the area attack which should be 
aimed at Hiero. Lucier will provide the additional help in case Rong-Fa 
isn't fast enough.

Speak with the person lying on the ground afterward. She's Maria.

The road south will be opened, and the party can carry on their journey 
to Vane.


Itema - Herb, Life Crystal, Knife, Earth Medallion

Item Shop - Herb                      40s
            Healing Nut              200s
            Antidote                  20s
            Clear Water               60s
            Dispell Drink             50s
            Angel's Tear            1000s
            Dragon's Wing            100s
            Silverlight             2000s

Weapon Shop - Bastard Sword         2450s
              White Silver Fan      2580s

Armor Shop - Bronze Bracelet         850s
             White Silver Wrist      650s
             Silver Armor           1920s
             Purified Uniform       1800s
             White Silver Brooch     360s

Head to the Dojo first (where Mel's house used to be) and after Jean 
introduces herself, head to the second floor to speak with Linus again 
in his room. He will tell the party of rumours of bandits at Gikai 

        Gikai Mountain (Grindery)

|                                              |
| 17. First Meeting with Nall ~ ナルとの出会い |

Items - 2F: Herb, Holy ?, 
        4F: Lightning Staff,
        5F: Lucky Ring, Spirit Mace
        8F: Cute Ribbon
        Balcony  : Herb

In the cell, speak with the rest of the party, and then they will rest.

The next morning, look for Lucier, who is talking to Nall on the top 
floor of the mountain. Speak with him, then shouts will sound out. Head 
to the balcony, along the way getting the other members of the party, 
and after the event, speak with Nall, who will then let them go after 
the kidnappers, but Lucier has to stay behind.

In Meribia, the passage to the underground sewers at Ramus' shop is 
opened up, allowing them to chase after the kidnapppers.

        Meribia Sewers

Items - Bronze Shield, Quake Staff, Bronze Helm, Healing Nut, Silk  
        Dress, Starlight x2

At the end of the sewers, the party meets the Masked Man, who sends 4 
underlings to fight them. After defeating the underlings, the Masked 
Man will escape, leaving behond his mask which Jean knocked off.

Head back to the mountain, and to the balcony to find Lucier. After 
hearing her sing, the entire party will be back, the path to Vane will 
be cleared, and Nall will give Hiero the White Dragon Wings.

The party will be denied entry by the Black Hero Borgan's guards, but 
Remiena tells them of another entrance, by using the Transmission 
Springs south of Vane.

        Cave of Trials

Items - B1: Thieving Staff


Items - Remiena's Purse, Gon-chan Doll(*), Seal Medallion, Silverlight, 
        Angel Ring, Lightning Medallion

Item Shop - Herb                      40s
            Healing Nut              200s
            Antidote                  20s
            Clear Water               60s
            Holy Water               100s
            Dispell Drink             50s
            Angel's Tear            1000s
            Dragon's Wing            100s
            Silverlight             2000s

Weapon Shop - Crush Sword           2100s
              Rune Blade            3990s
              Ceremonial Mace       4060s
              Magician's Staff      1200s
              Fireball Staff        2000s
              Windcutter Staff      2000s
              Water Staff           2000s
              Lightning Staff       2000s
              Quake Staff           2000s

Armor Shop - Bronze Shield          1000s
             Magical Wrist          1080s
             White Silver Armor     2800s
             Silk Dress             2040s
             Magician's Robe        2100s
             Bronze Helm             650s
             Spirit Bandanna         600s
             Jewelled Brooch         600s

Head up to the main hall of the Guild, and speak with Borgan twice, and 
he will teleport himself and Miriya away. Follow Remiena up the stairs 
and speak with Remiena, and after that the party decide to head to 

**You now can open the chests in Vane, courtesy of Remiena ^_^**

(*) For those who have played Lunar, you should remember Gon-chan  
    quite well :). For those who didn't, Gon-chan is Mia's favourate 
    monster. It seems that she got a doll of it somewhere, and it has 
    passed down the generations as a heditery treasure........

        Water Gate Forest

Items - Resist Ring, Starlight, Warrior Medallion

        Water Ruins

|                                                               |
| 18. The Blue Star shining on the water ~ 青き星のかがやく水辺 |


Items - Safety First (Helm), Angel Ring

Item Shop - Herb                      40s
            Healing Nut              200s
            Antidote                  20s
            Clear Water               60s
            Holy Water               100s
            Dispell Drink             50s
            Angel's Tear            1000s

Weapon Shop - Crush Sword           2100s
              Rune Sword            3990s
              Dancer's Fan          3500s

Armor Shop - White Silver Shield    1500s
             White Silver Bracelet  1320s
             Ceremonial Uniform     2590s
             Dancer's Dress         2940s
             White Silver Helmet    1020s
             Badanna of Exosism      900s

Head for Althena's Shrine, and speak with the person in front of 
Althena's Statue, and the party will be directed to the house of the 
ex-priest head (the one with the red roof)

Speak with the boy blocking the door, and the party will be let in.

Speak with the man inside twice, then choose to wait till nightfall, 
and the party will rest.

That night, head for the ship parked in the harbour, and an event that 
leads to the party being caught by Leo.

Speak with him, and then he will join Hiero and Rong-Fa in dealing with 
the starter of the flaming of the town.

**Leo will now join in the fight, but only temporarily, therefore he 
  can't equip anything. But he still starts out at Level 35, and is 
  more than a match for now**

Head for the red-roofed house first, then head for the shrine. 

        Goddess Statue

Remember to heal before entering, or else pay 100s each time you heal 
at the statue inside the shrine. Anyway the enemies won't regenerate if 
you don't exit the shrine, so don't be miserly, and use the White 
Dragon Wings if necessary.

Items - 3F : Healing Ring, Holy Light Medallion
        9F : Starlight    
        10F: Healing Nut
        11F: Silverlight


- When it is beating it's wings very fast, it will attack one person
- When it is beating slowly, it will do a fire attack on the entire 
  party, OR use an area fire attack.

Very tough fight, especially if you didn't get the Healing Ring for 
Rong-Fa to equip on the 3rd floor. The main concern will be Rong-Fa, as 
the boss can attack anybody, as well as everybody. remember to spread 
out your party before going into the fight, and let Hiero and Leo 
loose. If anyone is getting low, don't hesitate to use items to heal, 
especially if hit by that 1 person attack, which is very strong.

Return to the Vulcan, and after the event with Mauri, the Vulcan will 
set off for Pentaguila.

While on board, go upstairs, and follow Lucier to the deck of the ship.

|                                                           |
| 19. Lucier and Hiero on the ship ~ 船上のルーシアとヒイロ |

|                                             |
| 20. Holy City Pentagulia ~ 聖都ペンタグリア |

                                                          /           /
                                                         /  DISC  2  /
                                                        /           /

        Holy City Pentagulia

|                                                       |
| 21. Dragonmaster Ghaelon ~ ドラゴンマスター・ガレオン |

After Leo goes to the central shrine by himself, speak with the other 
members of the party, who will go off on their own to seek out the 
respective Heroes.

**If you wish to you can go to the Towers to see the other members of 
the party speaking to the respective Heroes. Remember where they are! 
Rong-Fa will be in the northwest Red Tower; Jean in the southwest Blue 
Tower; Remiena in the southeast Black Tower**

Head up to the second floor of the main shrine, and speak with Leo 
there, and choose to enter.

|                                                                 |
| 22. First Meeting with Goddess Althena ~ 女神アルテナとの出会い |

BOSS - Ghaelon

Remember this music! It's the best boss music you can hear!! The title 
of this BGM is "Battle Between Heroes"

Anyway, you will lose this battle no matter how much damage you can 
inflict, so lose grandly......

After awakening, speak with Ruby, then Leo (in his Masked White Knight 
setup......X_X) will free Hiero. Speak with him, then go down the White 

        White tower

Items - 5F: Healing Ring
        4F: Platanium Blade
        3F: Life Crystal

You won't be able to go out from the front door, nor use the White 
Dragon Wings, so just head to the basement, where all 4 towers are 
linked. You can do them in any order, although it's best to get Rong-Fa 

        Red Tower

Items - 4F: Silverlight, Fire Staff
        6F: Rong-Fa

        Blue Tower

Items - 3F: Jewelled Wrist
        4F: Elemental Brooch
        6F: Jean

        Black Tower

Items - 2F: Jewelled Wrist 
        4F: Elemental Brooch
        6F: Remiena

Once you have saved all the other 3 members, the White Knight will 
leave the party, and Leo will 'meet up' with the party on the 5th floor 
of that tower (*_*;). Head to the Althena statue on the basement to 
find a path that leads to the central shrine.

Continue on the paths to free Lucier, and Leo will go his own seperate 
way to question 'Althena', and then follow Lucier up to find the fifth 
tower - the Goddess Tower from Silver Star Story.

After being teleported away from danger, the party find themselves in 
Nall's room. Speak with him to find out what happened, then to the rest 
of the party, then go down to the Vulcan and speak with Leo.

BOSS - LEO (BGM Battle Between Heroes)

- Same as when you are using him, he will use all kinds of attacks and 
  magics, and will heal if running low on HP.

No problem here, if Hiero is equipped with the Healing Ring. Simply 
heal at any time Hiero's HP is running low, althogh most will wonder: 
how in thw world did Leo's HP increase so drastically during this 

Leo will then give Hiero the sealed White Dragon Power, as well as the 
Vulcan, then leaves. Use the Vulcan to head to the Ice Mountains 
northwest of Meribia.

        White Dragon Cave

Items - Starlight, Avoidence Ring, Protection Ring, Chiro Medallion, 
        Wind Medallion, Angel Ring, Ice Staff, Dispell Drink

Not much difference from Silver Star Story, and the ice pillars can 
still be broken, given that a monster attacks them. Forget about the 
Ice Mogerels, there's no way you can kill them now. BTW each of them 
gives 33333EXP if defeated.


- If there is a white circle on the ground, it will do a ice attack to 
  all + Water Field
- If there is a pentagram on the ground, it will increase its ATK and 
- If it is gathering power, it will attack 1 person with a strong ice 
- If none of the above signs are showing, it will do an ice attack on a 
  large area (whole party)

The first of the 4 fiends, and the easiest of them. Don't be 
distracted, it's still hard. Just remember to let Remiena cast Dispel 
Magic on the turn that it gains its ATK and DEF, Erase Magic to dispel 
the Field Weakness(*) effect, and Nova Flame any other turn, and let 
Rong-Fa and Lucier heal, Jean use items if necessary, and Hiero be the 
main attacker, and everything ShOULD be fine. If Rong-Fa is slower than 
the Fiend, use it to good effect, and remember to let Jean stand in 
front to bear the brunt of the 1-man ice attack.

(*) See that little box with the water symbol on the bottom right hand 
    corner of your screen? That's the Field Weakness symbol, showing 
    the element the entire field has now. The only way to remove this 
    is to use Remiena's Erase Magic, so that the next attack of that 
    particular element won't be stronger than normal.

After defeating the fiend, carry on and you will free Nall's power, and 
get the White Dragon Medallion, as well as the location of Linus, who 
is holding on to the Blue Dragon's Power.

Head south to Bone next, the ice blocks already cleared by Nall.

        Bone, City of the Fist 

Items - Protect Ring, Life Crystal, Herb, Blue Pajamas, Rubber Boots

Item Shop - Herb                      40s
            Healing Nut              200s
            Antidote                  20s
            Holy Water               100s
            Dispell Drink             50s
            Angel's Tear            1000s
            Protect Ring            3200s
            Warrior Medallion       4000s
            Evil Sword Medallion    3500s

Weapon Shop - Platinum Blade        5360s
              Warrior's Sword       6840s
              War God's Flail       5760s

Armor Shop - Warrior's Shield       2170s
             Jewelled Bracelet      1890s
             Jewelled Wrist         1540s       
             Warrior's Armor        3840s
             Cleansing Uniform      3520s
             Protection Robe        3200s
             Warrior's Helmet       1470s
             Badanna of Prayers     1260s
             Elemental Brooch        900s

Head to the central Dojo, and speak with the old master in the middle 

|                                                     |
| 23. Jean, in a fighting suit ~ 拳法着をまとうジーン |

And after that Jean also gets the Proof of Entry.

Head to the Battle Arena just south of Bone to take part in the 

        Battle Arena

Speak with the man standing at the entrance, and after entry has been 
given, speak to the man behind the right staircase to begin the first 
round, and again two more times for the second round and the final.

After the victory, speak with Linus twice to begin their final fight.

BOSS - LINUS (BGM Battle Between Heroes)

- If he is standing with arms crossed, he will attack twice.
- If he is on a defensive stance, he will do a long range Dragon Punch.
- If he is standing with arms down, he will heal and increase DEF.
- If he is crouching, he will do a flying kick.

It's a 1 on 1 with Jean, so make sure she has a healing ring equipped. 
Use healing nuts only when her HP drops below 50, which is going to be 
the general amount of damage he will do. If you are of a high enough 
level, cast War General Dance in the first round so that you at least 
have an attack at the start of every round for the next few rounds. 
Other than that, just use Dragon Punch, and be prepared for a long 
fight. Oh yes, and just move out of his straight line Dragon Punch. He 
won't move unless you attack him directly.

After defeating him, Linus will give the party the sealed Blue Dragon 
Power, and the party can now head to the Blue Dragon Cave.

        Blue Dragon Cave

Items - Wind Staff, Holy Water, Magic Protection Ring, Revenge 
        Medallion, Angel's Tear, Angel Ring, Lightning God Ring, Gold 
        Hairpin, Starlight


- If it is gathering power, it will do a water attack on the entire 
  party + Water Field.
- If it's horns are glowing, it will attack the party with an water 
- If it is just doing nothing, it will do an area water attack + Mute.
- If there is a pentagram on the ground, it will heal itself that turn.

It's weak against fire, so just follow what you did to the White Fiend 
before, ie Erase Magic cum Nova Flame for Remiena. Incidently, Jean 
should be faster than the Fiend, so cast White Dragon Protect when it 
is about to do the first attack. She should have enough MP to do it 
twice. Don't bother about War God Dance. It's too costly to use.

After releasing the Blue Dragon, you will get the Blue Dragon 
Medallion, as well as the water path restored for the party to carry 

|                                                  |
| 24. New Magic City Neo-Vane ~ 新魔法都市ヴェーン |

Head to the cave just to the west after the Vulcan is rendered useless.


Items - B2(1): Silverlight, Healing Fruit
        B3   : Fresh Ring, Angel's Tear
        B2(2): Rusty Knife, Starlight
        B1   : 92s, Earth Dragon Ring

The bombs are a big nusience. Just keep running away from them, as 
those which explode won't give any experiance, only damage.

        Mining Town Zabak

Items - Life Crystal, Healiing Fruit

Item Shop - Herb                      40s
            Healing Nut              200s
            Antidote                  20s
            Holy Water               100s
            Dispell Drink             50s
            Angel's Tear            1000s
            Lock Medallion          3000s
            Poison Snake Medallion  3000s

Weapon Shop - Black Crystal Mace    7200s
              Black Iron Claw       5940s

Armor Shop - Black Crystal Bracelet 2560s
             Black Leopard Arm      2480a
             Protection Uniform     4680s
             Black Suit             5490s
             Perception Badanna     1680s
             Black Crystal Brooch   1680s

Head to the house on the top left corner of the town to find the 
teleporter to Neo-Vane.


Items - Lucky Ring

Item Shop - Herb                      40s
            Healing Nut              200s
            Holy Water               100s
            Dispell Drink             50s
            Angel's Tear            1000s
            Silverlight             2000s
            Magic Resist Ring       9000s
            Evil Eye Medallion      4000s

Weapon Shop - Black Crystal Sword   8500s

Armor SHop - Black Crystal Shield   2880s
             Magic Eye Wrist        2160s
             Black Crystal Armor    5040s
             Magic Eye Robe         4500s
             Black Crystal Helmet   2000s

Speak with the girl at the entrance, and after you lose Rong-Fa and 
Jean, head to the entrance on the top left corner to enter the dungeon 
and find them back.

        Hard Maze

Items - B1: Healing Ring
        B2: Rong-Fa, Jean
        B3: Barrier Ring
        B4: Earth Staff, Starlight
        B5: Silverlight

Remiena will break the barrier at B5, and the party will be teleported 
to the Guild building.

        New Magic Guild

Items - Silverlight, Red Pajamas

Go up to Borgan, and after the event, speak with him again to begin the 

BOSS - BORGAN (BGM Battle Between Heroes)

- If the leftmost head is shining brightly, it will absorb 1 person's 
- If all the heads are shining brightly, he will do a magic attack to 
  the entire party.
- If the middle head is shining brightly, it will do an area attack + 
- If the rightmost head is shining brightly, it will cast a magical 
  shield around Borgan, protecting him for a limited amount of damage.

Remiena's magic aren't going to do much damage here, so it's better for 
her to use Grand Weapon on Hiero and Jean. Use White Dragon Protect 
when Borgan is about to do the black magic attack, and if Jean runs out 
of MP, use Remiena with Blue Dragon Healing to match up if Rong-Fa is 
also running low. There's nothing you can do about the shield, just 
attack until it breaks.

After defeating him, you will receive the sealed Black Dragon Power, 
and then head up to look for Miriya. Speak with her, and after the 
event, speak with Borgan, and Remiena will receive the Mines Key.

Return to the mines, and head to the top right corner of B1, and you 
can now open the locked door.

        Black Dragon Cave

Items - Healing Nut, Thunder Staff, Force Ring, Angel Ring, Star Knife, 
        312s, Angel's Tear, Healing Fruit, Hunter Medallion, Starlight


- If it's wings are apart, it will absorb MP from the entire party.
- If it's wings are closed, It will attack 1 person.
- If it's wings are closed and burning purple flames, it will do an 
  attack on the entire party + Paralyze.
- If it's wings are closed and it is crouching, it will attack 1 person 
  + Paralyze.

The hardest of the 4 Fiends, this one is resistant to all physical 
attacks, and magic does normal damage. That's the main problem as it 
will remove some MP in the very first round. Not only that, you ALSO 
have to use MP to cast White Dragin Protect to defend against the party 
attack, therefore let Hiero use Cross Boomerang every turn, Remiena use 
Tri-Freeze, and Jean main Dispell Drink/Starlight user, and Rong-Fa 
heal when necessary. Most of the time you won't have an intact party by 
the time this is over, but you'll still win after about 2,3 tries......

After freeing the Black Dragon, you will receive the Black Dragon 
Medallion, and the Vulcan will be restored.

Return to the Vulcan, and carry on south and east to the village of 
Raculi, Mauri's birthplace.


Items - Silverlight, Yellow Pajamas, Healing Fruit

Shop - Master Sword                10340s
       Prayer Mace                  8800s
       White Tiger Claw             7700s
       Healing Nut                   200s
       Holy Water                    100s
       Dispell Drink                  50s
       Angel's  Tear                1000s
       Hunter Medallion             3500s
       Seal Medallion               3000s

Speak with Leo, who will be at the cliff just to the left of the 
entrance. After he leaves, look for him again inside his house, on the 
top right corner of the village. Speak to him twice. After he leaves, 
follow Lucier's advise, and head to the temple just to the West of the 

        Serek Temple

Items - 1F: Starlight
        2F: Holy Bell Brooch, Light Wrist, Silverlight, Life 
        3F: Master Helm, High Priest Uniform, Tiger Suit

The route to Althena's Tear is surprisingly easy. Just go to the right 
staircase on the 2nd floor, and the teleporters after that will lead 
you to the Tear. After that just teleport to the entrance, and remember 
to heal at this point. The following battle can be very short or very 
long, depending on your condition.

Head up towards the perviously blocked entrnce, and you will find Mauri 
and Leo. Speak with Mauri, after which Rong-Fa's soul will be 
transferred into Mauri, leaving the rest of the party to fight the 
monster that she has turned into.


Controlling Rong-Fa only, just simply move forward, snd look at the  
memory of Mauri, after which 5 of her appear. The second choice when 
talking to any of the Mauris will immediately put you into the real 
world, where the rest of the party is fighting the Boss.


- The head on fire will do fire damage to one member of the party
- The remaining heads (if any) will do a different form of fire attack 
  on one member of the party
- The final head will do a fire attack on the entire party

This is the only battle where you have Leo and Lucier fighting 
together. There are two ways of fighting this battle, fast and slow. do 
the fast one if you are confident enough of your attacking levels and 
HP, else play safe and do it slowly.

For people who want to do it fast, choose the Mauri second from right. 
Her speech is different from the other Mauris. Then choose the centre 
Mauri, which will reveal the last head, whose HP is slightly higher 
than the other heads. Doing it this way will mean that the battle will 
be over in two fights, but you will have to soak up quite a lot of 
damage this way, as the other 4 heads will continue to attack along 
with the final head.

Doing it slowly will mean taking out the other heads before choosing 
the correct Mauri, meaning that Lucier will definately be able to 
attack the final head, as there are no other distractions.

For the fighting team, only attack the correct head. Don't hesitate to 
use Dragon Punch, Air Slash and Continuous Slash here on the heads, and 
do note that any damage inflicted on the head NOT on fire will not be 
counted in the next round. Save Remiena's magic for the final head of 
this battle, and simply let her heal if needed.

Back in Mauri's memory, look for her at the cliff (IMO the most 
touching scene in the game)

Afther the event, Leo will leave again, and you will get the Sealed red 
Dragon Power, with Mauri saying that the entrance to the Red Dragon's 
cave is behind her.

        Red Dragon Cave

Items - Holy Bell Brooch, Healing Nut, Life Crystal, Master Armor, 
        Starlightx2 , Tiger Arm, Healing Fruit, Demon God Medallion, 
        Minch Ring, Holy Water, Angel's Tearx2 , Shield Ring, Angel 


- When there is a ring of fire oround it, it will do a fire attack on 
  the entire party + Fire Field
- When it is just glowing, it will do a fire attack in a straight line
- If there is a pentagram on the ground, it will increase its ATK
- If its body is shaking violently, it will do a 3-hit attack on one 

The last of the elemental fiends, and a little easier than the previous 
one. As usual, Remiena rules. Be sure to let Jean cast White Dragon 
Protect during the attack-all turn, and Remiena alternate between Tri-
freeze and Erase Magic, and let Rong-Fa and Lucier heal the party. Be 
ready for a long fight though. It's HP is very high......

After the event in which Ruby turns into the Red Dragon, you will get 
the Red Dragon Medallion.

**From now on, Ruby's attacks will be more powerful, and she even has a   
  new attack!**

After the Zophar event, head back to Pentagulia, where another event 
with Ghaelon will occur.

|                                          |
| 25. Attack of the 4 Dragons ~ 4竜の攻撃 |

Carry on towards ruined Pentagulia, and the only posible path leads to 
an all too familiar place......

        Magic City Althena

The first part of the last stage in Lunar is back, completely untouched 
at that. The makers sure know how to make players happy!!

Items - Dispell Drink, Healing Nut, Holy Water, Holy Mace, War God's 

|                                              |
| 26. Memories of the Blue Star ~ 青き星の記憶 |

Items - Master Shield, Bracelet of Exorism, Bandanna of Protection, 
        Light Robe

        Goddess Tower

This one's different >(. Guess you can't win them all...


- When it is holding it's staff in both hands, it will increase its DEF
- When it is holding the staff up in it's left hand, it will attack the 
  entire party
- When it is not holding the staff up, it will attack one person + 
- When it is chanting, it will do a magic attack on one person
- When there are two snake heads on its shoulders, it will do a magic 
  attack in a straight line

After the four Fiends, it is easy meat. Just be careful about the snake 
head attack, it will kill off anyone other than Hiero, therefore cast 
White Dragon Protect that turn. Remiena should cast Grand Arms if she 
is able to do so, and Hiero use Tri-slash if he can, and it will be 
over very soon.

Items - 2F: Life Crystal, Healin Fruit
        3F: Silverlight
        4F: Angel's Tear, Farie's Protection
        5F: Goddess Medallion, Starlight, Tri-ring

**Note that from the following event onwards, there's no turning back. 
So if you want to buy any other weapons and such, be sure to exit 
first. There is one more chance to buy items just before the final part 
of the main scenario.**

Speak with Nall, who's waiting for them at the top floor of the tower.

|                                  |
| 27. Luna's Shadow ~ ルーナの幻影 |

After the event following this, speak with Lucier twice, and the party 
won't have any magic. Just walk all the way down, there won't be any 
enemies along the way, and back to the Vulcan's steering wheel, after 
which you will be treated to a very long event......

|                                      |
| 28. Revival of Zophar ~ ゾファー復活 |

Wake the other three members up, and......

|                                           |
| 29. Zophar vs Lucier ~ ゾファー対ルーシア |

                                                          /           /
                                                         /  DISC  3  /
                                                        /           /

Head down to the ground floor, and speak with Miriya.

Ramus, who is walking about the main hall, is the only one whom you can 
buy anything respectable from. The rest of the shops still sell the 
same things as before.

Shop - Healing Nut                   200s
       Holy Water                    100s
       Dispell Drink                  50s
       Angel's Tear                 1000s
       Starlight                    2000s
       Earth Medallion              3000s
       Lightning Medallion          3000s
       Water Medallion              3000s
       Fire Medallion               3000s
       Wind Medallion               3000s     

After speaking with Miriya, head out to town to look for the rest, 
scattered around the place, and speak to thwm at least twice. Remiena 
is in the Cave of Trials, Rong-Fa and Mauri in the Library, Jean and 
Linus at the Goddess Statue.

All that done, head back and speak with Miriya again, then head to the 
roof to find...Leo. After he leaves, SAVE!! Because you are finally 
going to fight everyone's favourite character of all in the series - 

|                                                     |
| 30. Final Battle against Ghaelon ~ ガレオンとの対決 |

Head up to Ghaelon, and speak with him to initiate the final battle....

BOSS - GHAELON (BGM Battle between Heroes)


- If his sword has eletricity, he will do heavy damage to one person
- If he is just holding his sword, he will do normal damage to one 

There's nothing much you can do in the first battle except trade blows 
with him. He is strong against elemental magic, therefore Remiena's 
rods will have minimal effect. Use her as a healer instead, and the 
other four hit him with enough cuts to start the second part of the 

- If his sword has flames, he will cast Meteo Shower on the entire 
  party (sorry, had to say that :P)
- If he is gathering energy on his hand, he will cast lightning on an 
- If he is holding his sword horizontally, he will attack one person + 
- He will also attack as per the first battle

Have Jean cast White Dragon Protect the very first round. If not, the 
chances of surviving the next few rounds look slim, especially sice 
Rong-Fa is slower than him. have Remiena concentrate on using Grand 
Arms, and Hiero use Tri-slash the next turn. Don't waste MP by using a 
unenhanced skill. This battle is also dependent on raw power, therefore 
Leo and Jean must join in the fray. Just let Rong-Fa heal as necessary, 
and keep tabs on Jean's MP.

After the battle Hiero will receive Ghaelon's sword Garujion. BEFORE 
you speak with him again, head down to buy anything you need, 
especially Starlights and Healing Nuts. You won't have a chance to 
return after the event is triggered.

Speak with him once you are done, and pick the second choice both 
times, and you will be on your way.

|                                                       |
| 31. Dragon Ship Vulcan moves off ~ 竜汽船バルガン出撃 |

|                                |
| 32. Castle Zophar ~ ゾファー城 |

After the scene with Lucier, you can enter Castle Zophar. You can 
return to the Vulcan anytime to restore all HP/MP, and to train again, 
if needed. The chances of running away is low though.

        Castle Zophar

Items - 1F: Silverlightx2
        2F: Demon Ring, Silverlight, Life Crystalx2
        4F: Life Crystal
        5F: Silverlight

And finally, after 20 odd hours of hard work, you are rewarded with a 
meeting with Zophar.

|                                         |
| 33. Perfect God Zophar ~ 完全神ゾファー |

ATTACK MODES: Round 1: It will do magic attack on one person + Mute
              Round 2: It wiil cast Meteo Shower
              Round 3: It will do an area attack
              Round 4: It will attack one person
              Round 5: It will do an area attack
              and back to round 1......

By the time you enter this combat Rong-Fa and Remiena should be 
depleted of more than half of their MPs. Luckily this is an easy 
battle. Just use White Dragon Protect at every round 2, and Grand Arms 
+ Tri-slash work wonders......

A short pause from fighting, and......

FIRST BATTLE: It will do the normal attacks of Lucier, namely Satellite 
              Bomb (strong), Spark Shot, Homing Missile, twice per 

You have to last through 5 rounds of this, with HP/MP brought over from 
the previous battle. Just defend, and let Rong-Fa heal if necessary, 
provided he still has MP left. Don't bother about using Starlights or 
Silverlights in this one. Whatever condition you are in by the start of 
the 6th round, all HP/MP will be fully replendished. Remember to spread 
out your party before the beginning of the second fight to escape from 
the area attacks that is coming. If both Remiena and Hiero are alive at 
the begining of the 4th round, cast Grand Arms in the next two rounds 
so as to not waste time in builing up his ATK stats.

FALSE LEFT & RIGHT HANDS - Attacks one person each
REAL LEFT HAND - Round 1: Heals one body part
                 Round 2: Absorbs HP, heals all parts
                 Round 3: Absorbs MP, heals all parts
                 Round 4: Attacks one person
                 Round 5: Dispel Magic on one character
REAL RIGHT HAND - Round 1: Area Ice attack
                  Round 2: Area Wind attack
                  Round 3: Area Electricity attack
                  Round 4: Area Fire attack
                  Round 5: Area Earth attack
HEAD - When light in middle is shining red, it will attack one person + 
       status attack
       When head is filled with electricity, will attack one person
       When light in middle is shining green, it will attack one person
       When light in middle is shining white, it will cast Erase Magic
       When face is moving, it will do a killer blow (7000+ damage)
       When light in middle is shining yellow, it will attack one 
       When light in middle is shining blue, it will cast Meteo Shower 
       on the entire party

Lucier will heal everybody at the start of battle, but after that will 
just float there. The real left hand is strong against magical attacks, 
real right hand weak against magic, and it is strong against the other. 
First order of business will be for Jean to cast White Dragon Protect 
every turn for the first few rounds, there are just too many attacks, 
and all unpredictable, therefore you might end up having Hiero put out 
of commission in 4 attacks in one round. Rong-Fa must continue healing 
for the first few rounds, and Remiena Grand Arms or Starlight/ 
Silverlight  on Jean/Hiero. For the two attackers, just use their 
strongest attacks on the false hands, then concentrate on the real left 
hand. Don't bother about the real right hand, It takes too long to take 
that out, plus the head's attacks will start to increase in power as it 
takes damage. There is one that does 7000+ at Lv 50+, 9999 at Lv99, in 
other words, VERY DEAD. Hopefully you would have spread out the party 
so as to avoid two people hit by the elemental attacks. By the time you 
are concentrating on the head, just let everything fly, oh don't forget 
to keep up the Protect shield. You won't survive without it. Good 

Wait a minute!! It's not over yet!!!

ATTACK MODES: It will attack Hiero with bites

The final fight in the main scenario, and it's just an encore to the 
story. You have only Hiero and Lucier in the party for this battle. 
Simply use Tri-slash once or twice, and then the story will flow on. If 
Hiero runs out of MP, don't bother to use Starlights for this battle. 
You can't lose, especially since Lucier will heal if Hiero's HP is low, 
and Zophar's attack is weak anyway......

After all this, when you have control again, speak with all the other 
members, then finally Nall, and take the first choice. Then look for 
Lucier on the roof. Then, outside, speak with Ruby to start the end....

|                                                       |
| 34. The Blus Tower, place of farewells ~ 別れの青き塔 |

|                                           |
| 35. Farewell to Lucier ~ ルーシアとの別れ |

You will automatically receive Lucier's Medallion after this.

|                                                            |
| 36. Hiero's Journey (with ending credits) ~ ヒイロの旅立ち |

Remember to save after this. The system file will recogonize this save 
and start the Epilogue at the final level your characters were at.

                TO BE CONTINUED...
                                Press Reset Button

\             \
 \ 7. EPILOGUE \
  \             \

When you restart the game a third option "Special" will appear. This is
the start if the Epilogue, the part where all loose ends are tied up, 
as well as another ending. There are 7 new dungeons to explore, more 
side stories, a whole host of new items to find, and another 5-10 hours 
of gameplay. You will start off with the chracters at the final level 
they were at during the endgame. The dungeons can be done in any 
particular order, although the last one can be opened only if you 
managed to find the two Dragon's Eyes.

The game starts with Hiero in his house. The only other party member at 
this time is Ruby, and it is up to you to get everyone else back. You 
DON'T have to have a full party to complete the game, but you'll be a 
genius or just plain lucky to be able to survive alone in this.

The Vulcan is just outside the house, and you can go anywhere in the 
world now. Unfortunately Lucier's Medallion is empty at the moment, so 
do remember to enter every town you go past.

Anyway here are the character locations:
Rong-Fa - Raculi (inside his/Mauri's/their house)
Jean    - Carnival (at the caravans)
Remiena - Vane (magic guild)
Leo     - Ancient Ruins (roof)

The new dungeons are:
Dragon's Nest         - Located behind Pentagulia
Lionhead              - Next to Neo-Vane
Mysterious Corridors  - Althena Springs
Maze of Heroes        - North of Bone
Dragon Ruins          - The place where you started
Water Ruins           - The place where Lucier was bathing
Star Watching Tower   - Star Watching Forest

You are required to go to these places in order to complete the 
Epilogue, in any order:
Nota (Get Crystal of Memories)
Dragon Ruins
Warer Ruins (requires Crystal of Memories)
Star Watching Tower (requires Dragon Eyes found in Dragon Ruins and 
                     Water Ruins)

I'll not be making a walkthrough for this, because there IS no straight 
path you should take, but will relate the events and items found in the 

Items - Crystal of Memories

Speak with the gitl in white at the bridge entrance in East Nota. 
choose 2 when she asks of a favor. Head over to West Nota, and look for 
the guy with blue hair at the back of the bar, and choose 2. Then at 
the end of this event, the girl will give you the Crystal of Memories.

        Gikai Mountain
Speak with Nall, and he will give Hiero Althena's Sword. (YES!! THE 
Althena Sword held by Alex in Lunar)

        Vane - Epilogue

Item Shop - Herb                      40s
            Healing Nut              200s
            Healing Fruit           1000s
            Antidote                  20s
            Clear Water               60s
            Holy Water               100s
            Dispell Drink             50s
            Angel's Tear            1000s
            Dragon's Wing            100s
            Silverlight             2000s

Armor Shop - Refresh Ring           3200s
             Resist Ring            3500s
             Wake Ring              3200s
             Amulet                 3200s
             Talisman               4000s

Weapon Shop - Earth Medallion       3000s
              Lightning Medallion   3000s
              Water Medallion       3000s
              Fire Medallion        3000s
              Wind Medallion        3000s

        Dragon's Nest

Not very hard, best dungeon to start off with, but be prepared for a 
long walk though......and BEWARE of the Doppers!!

Items - B1 : Asura's Brooch
        B2 : Summoning Bracelet
        B3 : Nameless Sword
        B4 : Dragon God Shield
        B5 : Sage Staff
        B7 : Life Crystal
        B8 : Silverlight
        B9 : Big Luck Armor
        B10: Swift Medallion


BIG, long maze, with near impossible enemies. Therefore......RUN!! And 
come back here only after you have reached a level that allows you to 
run at least 70% of the time, otherwise you'll get mashed. Try the Evil 
Eye, and you'll know what I mean.

Items - 5F: Legendary Ribbon, Miracle Bandanna, Fist Master Arm, Shield 
            of Light
        Head : BOSS!!, Anger Fist, Healing Ring, Silverlight

- When it's eye is flashing blue/green, and it's claws are moving, it 
  will attack one person.
- When it's entire body is contorting, it will do a magic attack on one 
- When it's eye is blinking blue/green and red, it will do a magic 
  attack on the entire party.
- When it's moving it's claws up and down, it will do a magic attack on 
  one person + Sleep

This one hits hard, and it is strong against physical attacks, but 
luckily weak against magic. If you have Brave Arms, it will help to 
even things out a bit, if not, just let Remiena loose on it with Tri-
freeze, Jean with White Dragon Protect when it does the party magic 
attack, Rong-Fa heal the injured member the next turn, and Hiero and 
Leo use their magic. Strangely it is strong against Catastrophe......

        Maze of Heroes

First Room - Let any enemy step on the 4 switches with the sword 
             symbols on them. Killed them all? No problem. Step on the 
             star symbol, and a new enemy will appear on the opposite 

Second Room - One of the four statues in each sub-room is the correct 
              key. Which one? Find out for yourself, lazy! 
              ......alright, they are in the order, from left, 2,3,1,4,
              and 3.

Third Room - One of the sides has spikes, the other dosen't. Easy? 
             ......sigh, go R,L,L,L,R,R

            Since this is a boss fight without the music, I'll just 
            make a quick note here. 3 starting enemies, try to kill off 
            the angel-looking thing first, or else it'll just summon 
            more of the other two. Oh yeah, don't forget Erase Magic 
            until the angel is down unless you want to be heroes.

You'll get the best item of all in Eternal Blue: Hero's Talisman, when 
equipped on anybody, he/she has the ability to cast Brave Arms. Give it 
to Jean, since she is the fastest. Now you can kick Ice Mongrel butt.

        Water Ruins

This is a tough one. Luckily it's short. Try to come here around lv 60+ 
in order to stand a fighting chance against the monsters found here. 
You can actually avoid the boss at the end by passing through a hidden 
door just to the right of the staircase on B5.

Items - B1: Saint Uniform, Paladin Armor
        B2: Sage Robe, Devil God Claw, Dragon God Helm
        B3: Life Crystal, Silverlight  
        B5: Right Eye Opal

- If it is charging up it's left hand, it will trap one person in a 
  water bubble.
- If it is just standing there, it will do a water attack on the entire 
- If the entire body is charging up, it will do a strong area 
  electricity attack.
- If it is just standing there with it's head moving, it will do a 
  water attack on one person

This Boss is easy, even though it's attacks are strong to finish off a 
character in one blow, especially the eletricity attack. It is weak to 
all magics except Ice, but Catastrophe does more damage than Nova Flame 
or Thunderbolt. But of course Remiena has to cast Grand Arms first, if 
you don't have Brave Arms. It won't survive much after repeated Tri-
slashes and Holy Light Slashes. BTW if one of your characters is 
trapped in the water bubble, there's nothing you can do about it, until 
it breaks, or the character is unconscious.

        Mysterious Corridors

Since it is impossible to put into words the warpings, I'll put up the
location of the best solution instead:



\                        \
  \                        \

The following is the entire skill/magic list, as per the game versions.
As previously stated, the English names are quite badly translated, 
especially the healing magics. Foremost apologies.

Index - PU: Power Up
        1E: One Enemy
        EZ: Enemy in zone
        AE: All Enemies
        1A: One Ally
        AA: All Allies
        OS: Own Self
        ST: Straight Line
        SP: Special
       FIG: Jean in Fighter Mode only 

Hiero, as the main character, is more used for straight attacking 
rather than magic capabilities, hence all of his skills are weapon-
based. The Boomerang (and Cross Boomerang later on) are perhaps the 
most invaluable when fighting against strong monsters that are weak to 
wind (as if you'd use it, save them for bosses instead). The Tri-Slash 
(for wont of another better name other than the literal translation) is 
the ONLY move that you would want to use when fighting against Zophar, 
or whenever you fight bosses once Hiero is over Level 50.

    NAME                     ATTRIBUTE        AREA     COST    LEARNED
    ----                     ---------        ----     ----    -------
    Boomarang(J)              Wind              1E      3MP    LV 5   

PU> Cross Boomarang(J)        Wind              1E      6MP    LV 24 
    Cross Boomarang(US)

    Air Slash(J)                                1E      6MP    LV 7
    Poe Sword(US)

    Air Shock(J)              Wind              EZ      7MP    LV 9

PU> Whirlwind(J)              Wind              EZ     14MP    LV 27

    Wind Slash(J)                               EZ     10MP    LV 16
    Sybllium Sword(US)

    Wind Storm(J)             Wind              AE     10MP    LV 20

PU> Tornado(J)                Wind              AE     20MP    LV 37
    Super Cyclone(US)

    Air Cutter Slash(J)                         ST     14MP    LV 30
    Batallion Sword(US)

    Wind Shield(J)            Wind              OS      8MP    LV 33
    ウインドシールド          Evade up
    Speed Storm(US)

    Exploder(J)                                 EZ     20MP    LV 41
    Concussion Sword(US)

    Tri-Slash(J)                                1E     30MP    LV 50 
    Triple Sword(US)

Since he only appears for a while, Gwen is stuck with this limited 
amount of magics. His healing will come in useful, and when you fight 
the first boss, the two support magics will be a wonderful help (if you 
trained him to a high enough level to learn them that is).

    NAME                     ATTRIBUTE        AREA     COST    LEARNED
    ----                     ---------        ----     ----    -------
    Hand of Healing(J)       Restores some HP   1A      4MP    LV 9
    Heal Litany(US)

    Prayer of Healing(J)     Restores some HP   AA     12MP    LV 9
    Calm Litany(US)   

    Rust Armour(J)           DEF down           1E      6MP    LV 10
    Fractured Armor(US)   

    Rust Weapon(J)           ATK down           1E      6MP    LV 12
    Shattered Sword(US)

Lucier is uncontrollable. ALL her skills/magics used require no MP or 
HP. She justs uses them as and when she likes, although you can only 
see some at a period of time. (Degion Cluster comes to mind pretty 

    NAME                     ATTRIBUTE        AREA     COST    LEARNED
    ----                     ---------        ----     ----    -------
    Spark Shot(J)                               1E        -        ??
    Atomic Burn(US)     

    Spark Cannon                                EZ        -        ??

    Lightning Bomb(J)                           EZ        -        ??

    Satellite Bomb                              EZ        -        ??
    Thunder Blow(US)     

    Plasma Rain(J)                              EZ        -        ??

    Homing Cannon                               AE        -        ??
    Plasma Rain(US) 
    Degion Cluster                              AE        -  Hiero Lv14
    Atomic Burn                                 AE        -        ??
    Solid Charge             ATK up             1A        -        ??

    Force Field              DEF up             1A        -        ??

    Healing                  Restores HP        1A        -        ??

    Blus Star Prayer         Revives Hiero to max HP      -        ??

The standard healer of the game, he is surprisingly fast, and can pack 
quite a punch. Although he will be utilized more for his healing 
abilities (which is quite average if I might add...) you could use him 
as a backup fighter, although there are already 2~3 people jostling for 
the front row already....

    NAME                     ATTRIBUTE        AREA     COST    LEARNED
    ----                     ---------        ----     ----    -------
    Hand of Healing(J)       Restores some HP   1A      4MP    LV 12
    Heal Litany(US)

    Prayer of Healing(J)     Restores some HP   AA     12MP    LV 12
    Calm Litany(US)

PU> Prayer of Calmness(J)    Restores lots HP   AA     24MP    LV 34
    Tranquil Litany(US)
    Anger Dice(J)            Fire               1E      2MP    LV 12
    Anger Dice(US)

    Hand of Cleansing(J)     Removes Status     1A      3MP    LV 12
    Clean Litany(US)
    Fate Dice(J)                              AE/OS     5MP    LV 13
    Destiny Dice(US)

    Hand of Providence(J)    Recovers HP/turn    1A     5MP    LV 15
    Saint Litany(US)
PU> Prayer of Providence(J)  Recovers HP/turn    AA    20MP    LV 42
    Divine Litany(US)

    Prayer of Return(J)      Exits Dungeons             2MP    LV 16
    Escape Litany(US)

    Hand of Love(J)          Restores 999HP      1A    12MP    LV 18
    Purity Litany(US)

    Hand of Revival(J)       Revives+little HP   1A    12MP    LV 21
    Revive Litany(US)
    Hand of Brightness(J)    Absorbs enemy HP 1E/1A     8MP    LV 26
    Light Litany(US)

PU> Prayer of Brilliance(J)  Absorbs enemy HP AE/AA    30MP    LV 38
    Shining Litany(US)

    Revive Dice(J)                               AA    20MP    LV 30
    REcovery Coin(US)

    Hand of Miracles(J)      Complete revival    1A    30MP    LV 46
    Miracle Litnay(US)

    Prayer of Cleansing(J)   Removes status      AA    18MP    LV 54
    Cleansing Litnay(US)

Oddball of the group. She starts off as a Dancer, capable of ranged 
attacks plus tons of status-inducing abilities, and later changes back 
to her "real" love of fist fighting, learning tons of destructive close 
combat moves. Her speed is undoubtly the fastest of all the characters, 
so use it plus all her skills (enough to equal Reimena) to great 
effect. A good choice for backup healing if needed (with the correct 
Medallions of course)

    NAME                     ATTRIBUTE        AREA     COST    LEARNED
    ----                     ---------        ----     ----    -------
    Poison Moth Step(J)      Poison             1E      6MP    LV 16
    Moth Dance(US)

PU> Butterfly Dance(J)       Poison             EZ      9MP    LV 20 
    Butterfly Dance(US)

    Sleep Step(J)            Sleep              1E      5MP    LV 16
    Sleep Step(US)

PU> Dream Dance(J)           Sleep              EZ      9MP    LV 23 
    Dream Dance(US)

    Hornet Step(J)           Paralyze           1E      7MP    LV 16 
    Bee Dance(US)

PU> Queen Bee Dance(J)       Paralyze           EZ     12MP    LV 26    
    Swarm Dance(US)

    Charm Kiss(J)            Charm              1E      8MP    LV 17 
    Encanted Kiss(US)

PU> Passionate Baiser(J)     Charm              EZ     14MP    LV 29 
    Soul Kiss(US)

FIG Dragon God Punch(J)                         1E     10MP   Start
    Blue Dragon Palm(US)

FIG Meteo Kick(J)                               ST     14MP    LV 36
    Blue Dragon Kick(US)

FIG War General Dance(J)                        SP*    16MP    LV 31
    Dopple Dance(US)

PU> War God Dance(J)                            SP*    32MP    LV 51
    Slam Dance(US)

FIG Blue Dragon Flash(J)                      E,OS^    14MP    LV 41
    Blue Dragon Wave(US)

FIG Shin Blue Dragon Flash Punch(J)             AE     32MP    LV 46
    Blue Dragon Fist(US)    

*Jean will not attack the turn you cast this. Instead a shadow will 
appear floating around Jean that will attack for the next few turns for 
damage equivialnt to a Dragon God Punch.

^The attack radius is a small circle around Jean. Use this only when 


The ultamate magician of this RPG, she is SO important in making 
battles easy. the ability to cast both Fire and Ice type magics (and 
Earth plus Lightning when equipped with the correct Medallions) turns 
her into a one-woman army capable of stopping all bosses...well almost 
anyway. Not only that, she even comes with a repotire of support magics 
that would make any magician jealous. Definately NOT a fluke. Heir of 
Vane indeed...Remiena-sama.....

    NAME                     ATTRIBUTE        AREA     COST    LEARNED
    ----                     ---------        ----     ----    -------
    Fire Blast(J)            Fire               1E      4MP    LV 20

PU> Nova Flame(J)            Fire               1E      8MP    LV 22
    Flame Shot(US)

    Flame Circle(J)          Fire               EZ      7MP    LV 20  
    Flame Bomb(US)

PU> Novaplosion(J)           Fire               EZ     14MP    LV 31 
    Pyro Pillar(US)
    Flame Strike(J)          Fire               AE     10MP    LV 20
    Burning Rain(US)

PU> Inferno(J)               Fire               AE     30MP    LV 34 

    Grand Weapon(J)          ATK up             1A      9MP    LV 20
    Power Flame(US)

PU> Grand Arms(J)            ATK up             1A     18MP    LV 48 
    Power Drive(US)

    Freeze Arrow(J)          Ice                1E      4MP    LV 20
    Ice Pick(US)

PU> Tri Freeze(J)            Ice                1E     16MP    LV 27 
    Ice Arrows(US)

    Cold Circle(J)           Ice                EZ      7MP    LV 20 
    Ice Lance(US)

PU> Ice Glaicer(J)           Ice                EZ     21MP    LV 44
    Ice Wall(US)

    Cold Storm(J)            Ice                AE     10MP    LV 20
    Freeze Claw(US)

PU> Round Coldness(J)        Ice                AE     20MP    LV 46 
    Freeze Smash(US) 

    Enclose(J)               Magic/Skill seal   1E      3MP    LV 20
    Magic Seal(US)

PU> Megaclose(J)             Magic/Skill seal   EZ      9MP    LV 38 
    Mega Seal(US)

    Grand Shell(J)           DEF up             1A      8MP    LV 21
    Ice Shell(US)

PU> Grand Shield(J)          DEF up             1A     16MP    LV 40      

    Dispel Magic(J)          Dispel          1E/1A      3MP    Lv 24
    Dispel Magic(US)

    Erase Magic(J)           Dispel            ALL     18MP    LV 32 
    Erase Magic(US)

    Magic Suction(J)                            1E      1MP    LV 36
    Magic Swiper(US)

    Magical Shield(J)        MDF up        OS+Area     18MP    LV 42 
    Magic Shield(US)

    Catastrophe(J)           All Elements       AE     55MP    LV 51 

Despite the fact that he joins the party actively only in the final 
parts of the game, Leo is probably only second to Hiero when it comes 
to fighting. Just think of him as the Earth equivalent of the game's 
main character (with a different Level 50 move that is ^^;) and you 
basically have Leo.

    NAME                     ATTRIBUTE        AREA     COST    LEARNED
    ----                     ---------        ----     ----    -------
    Shot Stone(J)            Earth              1E      4MP    LV 35
    Rock Viper(US)

PU> Stone Pellet(J)          Earth              1E      8MP    LV 37
    Rock Cobra(US)

    Rock Crush(J)            Earth              EZ      7MP    LV 35
    Rock Crush(US)
PU> Land Crush(J)            Earth              EZ     14MP    LV 36
    Rock Riot(US) 

    Lunar Quake(J)           Earth              AE     10MP    LV 35 
    Crack Zone(US)
PU> Land Break(J)            Earth              AE     20MP    LV 38
    Earth Prayer(US) 

    Continuous Slash(J)                         1E      8MP    LV 35
    Flash Blade(US)

    Light Ring Shot(J)                          EZ     18MP    LV 35
    Buzz Blade(US)

    Light Wave Slash(J)                         AE     20MP    LV 35
    Grizzle Blade(US)

    Prayer of Earth(J)       ATK/DEF up         OS     15MP    LV 48
    Soul Blade(US)

    Holy Light Slash(J)      HP Absorb          1E     26MP    LV 50

    Grand Arms           ATK up               AA          1MP

    Sleep                Sleep                1E          3MP

    Charm                Confusion            1E          7MP

    Mind Blast           Paralysis            1E          7MP
    Poison Blow          Poison               1E          5MP

    Call Thunder         El+ Wat/Ea-          ALL         6MP

    Call Ground          Ea+ El/Wi-           ALL         6MP

    Call Wind            Wi+ Fi/Ea-           ALL         6MP

    Call Flame           Fi+ Wat/Wi-          ALL         6MP

    Call Water           Wat+ El/Fi-          ALL         6MP

    Lightning            Electricity          1E          4MP

    Plasma Bolt          Electricity          EA          7MP

    Lightning Storm      Electricity          AE         10MP

    Thunderbolt          Electricity          1E         21MP

    Liond (?)            Electricity          EA         14MP

    Thunder Storm        Electricity          AE         20MP

    Wind Cutter          Wind                 1E          4MP

    Wind Slash           Wind                 1E          7MP

    Pulseplosion                              EA         20MP

    Thunder Cyclone      Wi + El              AE         25MP

    Icicle Break         Wat + Ea             AE         25MP

    Mistral Storm        Wat + Wi             AE         25MP

    Nova Break           Fi + Ea              AE         25MP

    Flare Storm          Fi + El              AE         25MP

    White Dragon Protect Invincible for 1 hit AA         50MP

    Blue Dragon Healing  Cures everything     AA         60MP

    Black Dragon Grief   Removes enemies      AE         30MP

    Red Dragon Anger     Fire                 AE         40MP

\                                \
  \                                \

                                                            /         /
                                                           / WEAPONS /
                                                          /         /

    NAME               POWER  EFFECTS                  AREA
    ----               -----  -------                  ----
All members
Dagger(J)               2     Attacks +1     Hiero's starting equipment

Adventurer's Sword(J)   5     Attacks +1     Hiero's House
冒険者の短剣                  Agility +2
Ancient Dagger(US)            Speed +2

Star Dagger            20     Attacks +1
星の短剣                      Luk +7

Rusty Dagger            0     Attacks +1

Short Sword            17     -              Larpa Shop

Long Sword             23     -              Dalton Shop

Broad Sword            32     - 

Silver Sword           40     MDef +5

Bastard Sword          49     -

Rune Sword             57     Spi +5
ルーンブレード                Mdef +5

Defender Sword (Leo)   65     Def +5         Leo's starting equipment  
ディフェンダーソード          Mdef +5

Platinum Sword         67     Eff +5
プラチナプレード              Agl +5

Crush Sword            70     Eff -5
クラッシュソード              Agl -5

Warrior's Sword        76     -

Black Crystal Sword    85     -

Masterd Sword          94     Def +2
マスタードソード              Eff +2
                              Agl +2
                              Movement +2

Holy Sword White Fang  94     -               Leo's 2nd set starting 
聖剣ホワイトファング                          equipment

Maken Garujion        100     Spi+9           After defeating Ghaelon
魔剣ガルシオン                Mdef +9

Mace                   15     -              Larpa Shop

Flail                  21     -              Dalton Shop

Silver Mace            33     -

                                                            /         /
                                                           / ARMOURS /
                                                          /         /

    NAME               POWER                   AREA
    ----               -----                   ----


Adventurer's Clothes(J) 6            Hiero's starting equipment
Adventurer's Clothee(US)

Leather Armour         12            Larpa Shop


Leeather Hat            2            Larpa Shop

Wooden Shield           2            Dalton Shop


Clothes                 3            Rong-Fa's starting equipment

Bandanna                1            Rong-Fa's starting equipment

Colourful Bandanna      2            Dalton Shop

Bracelet                4            Dalton Shop

                                                              /       /
                                                             / ITEMS /
                                                            /       /

There aren't really that many items, so this is just a short list. The 
English translations may not be up to par, apologies aplenty too.

    NAME                       EFFECT           AREA
    ----                       ------           ----

Healing Herb(J)          Restores a little HP    1A

Healing Nut(J)           Restores some HP        1A
Healing Nut(US)

Healing Fruit            Restores all HP         1A

Life Crystal             Restores HP (strong)    AA

Starlight(J)             Restores a little MP    1A
Star Light(US)

Silverlight              Restores all MP         1A

Angel's Tear(J)          Revives with some HP    1A
Angel's Tear(US)

Cleansing Water          Cures Paralysis status  1A

Antidote                 Cures Poison status     1A

Holy Water               Cures all status        1A

Dispel Drink             Cures ATK/DEF status    1A

Dragon's Wing            Escapes from dungeon    AA

White Dragon Wings       Escapes from dungeon    AA

\                                \
  \                                \

This list will first list the individual medallions that can be found 
in the game, and after that, what combinations will work for all the 
characters, and finally, some of the unique combinations for each 
character. For a comprehensive review of the magic usages, please look 
at the magic listings.

Also do note that some medallions do not work individually, so they 
will only be listed in the combination lists.

Name                    Magics when equipped                
----                    --------------------
Earth Medallion              Shot Stone
地の紋章                     Rock Crush
                             Lunar Quake

Lightning Medallion          Lightning
雷の紋章                     Plasma Bolt
                             Lightning Storm

Water Medallion              Freeze Arrow
水の紋章                     Cold Circle
                             Cold Storm

Fire Medallion               Fire Blast
火の紋章                     Flame Circle
                             Flame Strike

Wind Medallion               Wind Cutter
風の紋章                     Air Shock
                             Wind Storm

Seal Medallion               Enclose

Charm Medallion              Charm

Lock Medallion               Mind Blast

Poison Snake Medallion       Poison Blow

Nightmare Medallion          Sleep

White Dragon Medallion       White Dragon Protect

Read Dragon Medallion        Red Dragon Anger

Blue Dragon Medallion        Blue Dragon Healing

Black Dragon Medallion       Black Dragon Grief

Name(1)    +     Name(2)               Magics when equipped  
----             -------               --------------------
Earth      +     Earth                      Stone Pellet
             or  Goddess(女神の紋章)        Land Crush
                                            Land Break
                                            Call Ground

Lightning  +     Lightning                  Thunder Bolt
             or  Goddess                    Liond
                                            Thunder Storm
                                            Call Thunder

Water      +     Water                      Tri-Freeze
             or  Goddess                    Ice Glacier
                                            Round Coldness
                                            Call Water

Fire       +     Fire                       Nova Flame
             or  Goddess                    Novaplosion
                                            Call Flame

Wind       +     Wind                       Wind Slash
             or  Goddess                    Whirlwind
                                            Call Wind

Earth      +     Water                      Shot Stone
                                            Rock Crush
                                            Freeze Arrow
                                            Cold Circle
                                            Icicle Break

Earth      +     Fire                       Shot Stone
                                            Rock Crush
                                            Fire Blast
                                            Flame Circle
                                            Nova Break

Wind       +     Water                      Freeze Arrow
                                            Cold Circle
                                            Wind Cutter
                                            Air Shock
                                            Mistral Storm

Lightning  +     Fire                       Lightning
                                            Plasma Bolt
                                            Fire Blast
                                            Flame Circle
                                            Flare Storm

Lightning  +     Wind                       Lightning
                                            Plasma Bolt
                                            Wind Cutter
                                            Air Shock
                                            Thunder Cyclone

Earth      +     Lightning                  Pulseplosion  
or Earth   +     Wind
or Water   +     Fire
or Wind    +     Fire
or Wind    +     Water

Name(1)      +   Name(2)          Effects & Magics when equipped  
----             -------          ------------------------------
Evil Sword   +   Earth                 Weapon has Earth element
魔剣の紋章                             Shot Stone 
                                       Rock Crush 
                                       Lunar Quake 

Evil Sword   +   Lightning             Weapon has Lightning element
                                       Plasma Bolt 
                                       Lightning Storm 

Evil Sword   +   Water                 Weapon has Water element
                                       Freeze Arrow
                                       Cold Circle
                                       Cold Storm

Evil Sword   +   Fire                  Weapon has Fire element
                                       Fire Blast
                                       Flame Circle
                                       Flame Strike

Evil Sword   +   Wind                  Weapon has Wind element
                                       Wind Cutter
                                       Air Shock
                                       Wind Storm

Evil Sword   +   Seal                  Weapon able to seal enemy magics
                                       Mind Blast

Evil Sword   +   Charm                 Weapon able to charm enemies

Evil Sword   +   Lock                  Weapon able to make enemies sleep

Evil Sword   +   Poison Snake          Weapon able to poison enemies
                                       Poison Blow

Evil Sword   +   Nightmare             Weapon able to make enemies sleep
                 夢魔の紋章            Sleep

Evil Sword   +   Evil Sword            Multiple stats up

Goddess      +   Seal                  High rate of Enclose success

Goddess      +   Charm                 High rate of Charm success

Goddess      +   Lock                  High rate of Mind Blast success

Goddess      +   Poison Snake          High rate of Poison Blow success

Goddess      +   Nightmare             High rate of Sleep success

Goddess      +   Evil Eye              1/2 MP usage 

Goddess      +   Revenge               High counterattack rate

Goddess      +   Holy Light            Absorbs enemy HP, does not work
                 聖光の紋章            for staves

Goddess      +   Warrior               ATK up

Goddess      +   Chiro                 AGL up, first attack in battle

Goddess      +   Hunter                EFF up, critical rate increased

Goddess      +   Shiro                 Movement up, Avoidance up

Goddess      +   Demon God             Attacks all enemies, does not 
                 鬼神の紋章            work for staves

Goddess      +   Evil Sword            Multiple stats up, item dropping 
                                       rate up

Goddess      +   White Dragon          Multiple stats up
                                       White Dragon Protect

Goddess      +   Red Dragon            Multiple stats up
                                       Red Dragon Anger

Goddess      +   Blue Dragon           Multiple stats up
                                       Blue Dragon Healing

Goddess      +   Black Dragon          Multiple stats up
                                       Black Dragon Grief

Nightmare    +   Charm                 Final counterattack when HP 
                                       reaches 0, no effect on bosses

Warrior      +   Seal                  ATK up, Attacks -2

Warrior      +   Lock                  ATK up

Warrior      +   Warrior               ATK up

Revenge      +   Poison Snake          ATK increases as turns increase

Holy Light   +   Evil Eye              Absorbs enemy MP, does not work 
                                       for staves

Shiro        +   Chiro                 AGL up, Movement maxed

Shiro        +   Shiro                 Movement and avoidance up

Chiro        +   Chiro                 AGL up, first attack in battle

Evil Eye     +   Evil Eye              Mental up

Hunter       +   Hunter                Effect up, Critical rate up

Lock         +   Lock                  High rate of Mind Blast success

Poison Snake +   Poison Snake          High rate of Poison Blow success

Seal         +   Seal                  High rate of Enclose success

Swift        +   Goddess               Attacks +2, does not work for 
疾風の紋章                             staves

Swift        +   Hunter                Attacks enemies from a distance

Medallion    +    Item                    Effects
---------         ----                    -------
Goddess      +    Althena's Sword         Attacks +1
                                          HP recovery every turn 
                                          (Only for Hiero)

Evil Eye     +    Rusty Dagger            Rust Weapon usable
                                          Rust Armour usable

Goddess      +    Thief Staff             High rate of stealing

Demon God    +    Evil God                Attacks all enemies

\                        \
 \ 11. BROMIDE SEARCH ^_~ \
  \                        \

The big search for the best items in the Lunar universe is on! This 
time they don't do anything except being "just there". But the big 
popularity for the portraits of the female (AND male) leads in Lunar 
cannot be put aside. Thus here are the locations of all the 22 bromides 
found in Lunar 2: Eternal Blue. Find them at your own leisure!

| #1 |
| Smile of a Goddess (Luna) | 
| 女神の微笑み              |
   -Speak with the woman in the house to the left of the entrance 
    in Vane (Epilogue)

| #2 |
| Afternoon, time for a rest (Mia) |
| 午後一人だけの時間               |
   -Speak with the man at the Transmission Springs

| #3 |
| Picnic in the Seas (Jessica) |
| 大海原へピクニック           |
   -Speak with the man inside at the counter in the bar in Meribia

| #4 |
| Looking at the blue sky (Lucier) |
| 見上げれば青い空                 |
   -Speak with the man in front of the Goddess statue at Larpa

| #5 |
| Brightest morning, Brightest smile (Lucier) |
| 最高の朝 最高の笑顔                         |
   -Search the baby crib at the balcony in Gikai Mountain (Epilogue)

| #6 |
| Dreaming of the Blue Star? Or...? (Lucier) |
| 夢見るは青き星?それとも・・・?           |
   -One of the pixies on the first floor of the Ancient Ruins will give 
    it once spoken to (Epilogue)

| #7 |
| Let's have another Cup...... (Jean) |
| この一杯のために・・・              |
   -Speak with the woman inside the top-left house in Bone (Epilogue)

| #8 |
| The Dancing Princess is coming! Hurry to the Carnival! (Jean) |
| 舞姫降臨!カーニバルへ急げ!                                  |
   -Speak with the girl at the exit of the forest after you save the 

| #9 |
| The Dancing Princess having a nap (Jean.....) |
| ちょっぴりダイタンな眠り姫                    |
   -Buy it from the man at the entrance of the caravan in the Carnival 
    for 3000s (Epilogue)

| #10 |
| The evening wind blows... (Remiena) |
| 黄昏の風に吹かれて・・・            |
   -Look on the second shelf on the right in the Library at Vane with 
    Remiena in the party

| #11 }
| A smile worthty of a million Silvers (Remiena) |
| 100万シルバーの笑顔                         |
   -Search the barrels in the back of Ramus' shop, only after you get 

| #12 |
| Fun in the middle of the night (Remiena) |
| 真夜中のお楽しみ                         |
   -Speak with the old man in front of the counter 5 times in Ramus' 

| #13 |
| Waiting for you to come back, Rong-Fa (Mauri) |
| はやく帰ってきてねロンファ                    |
   -Speak with Mauri after Rong-Fa has joined (Epilogue)

| #14 |
| What they see in their dreams... (Ruby and Nall) |
| ふたりで見る夢は・・・                           |
   -Speak with the boy in the left room on the 8th floor at Gikai 
    Mountain (Epilogue)

| #15 |
| Recruiting for the [Friends of Rightousness] (The Masked Knight) |
| 手配中!自称「正義の味方」                                       |
   -Speak with the guard at the exit of Temis (Epilogue)

| #16 |
| UNcensored! Protect the Horrible (Borgan) |
| 開封厳禁!恐怖のお守り                    |
   -Speak with Borgan inside the Magic Guild (Epilogue)

| #17 |
| What are those eyes looking at? (Lucier) |
| その瞳に映るのは誰?                     |
   -In a chest in the prison room at Gikai Mountain (Epilogue)

| #18 |
| UNcensored!? Protect the Horrible...? (Remiena) |
| 開封厳禁!恐怖・・・?のお守り                  |
   -In a chest in the Meribia Sewers (Epilogue)

| #19 |
| A little exercise while resting (Hiero and Jean) |
| 旅の合間に ちょっといい汗                       |
   -In a chest at the caravan just behind a balloon in the Carnival 

| #20 |
| What is waiting at the end of the Ruins......? (Hiero and Ruby) |
| 遺跡の奥に待つものは・・・・・・?                              |
   -In a chest on the nose part of Lion's Head (Epilogue)

| #21 |
| Following in the footsteps of a brother...... (Mauri) |
| お兄様のようになりたくて・・・・・・                  |
   -In a chest just behind Mauri's house (Epilogue)

| #22 |
| Safety in the arms of a Proud Warrior (guess!) |
| 孤高の戦士 ひとときの安らぎ                   |
   -In a chest in the viewing room at the Ancient Ruins (Epilogue)

\                \
 \ 12. LAST WORDS \
  \                \

Now with the US release in my hands some changes will obviously appear 
from place to place. Whatever happens though, plans will remain plans 
for the time being. Other plans include a complete revamp of the magic, 
item and combination tables, which are getting messier now with the 
inclusion of an extra line for each magic or item, and a relook at the 
placement of items, which some people have mailed me about.

That said, playing 2 simultanous games of Eternal Blue to notice the 
changes is a harrowing experience, so please be patient until I can get 
things moving with the start of a new term.

While this has to be said, the translations that is done for the US 
release will not tally with what I've written here. Please do not e-
mail me telling me that there is "this and that" difference in the 
soon-to-be released US version, since I will add in the differences IF 
I do decide to go get it.

And as usual, anybody who has spotted mistakes or wishes to add on to 
this walkthrough are welcome to do so. Please e-mail me about it and 
your name will be added to the credits list if the information provided 
is useful. One thing to note though, DO NOT write in saying that 
because you have provided information means that your name must be on
the credits list. ONLY RELEVENT information that has not been included 
here will be honoured.

That said, I know that this walkthrough isn't complete but I don't have 
the time to scratch out all the information (well, not yet). Any 
information pertaining these portions forwarded to me is greatly 

Thanks for reading this far.
It's time to rest your tired eyes.