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Lunar: Silver Star Story
Secret Items Faq version 2.0
Monday, June 15 1999
Final Update: Monday, Jully 12 1999

I'm only updating this again so people stop thinking
there are mistakes in this. READ THE NOTE SECTION

WARNING! This FAQ contains spoilers!


Part 1: Bromide Locations

Part 2: Red Chest Locations and Info

Part 3: 4 Secret Items

Part 4: Bath Locations and Uses

Part 5: Lord's of Lunar Secret Mini Game

Part 6: Credits


Part1: Bromide Locations

Bromides are special items that when equiped, can give 
certain characters a small stat boost. Usually wisdom.
Although quite useless as accecories, they can be used
as items to show a full colour picture of a character.

Mia:      During the evacuation of vane, you will get a
          chance to go find nash, instead, Ther is a hard
          to find classroom at the bottom right corner of 
          the first level of the guild. Go into this class
          and talk to the student at the back left seat 
          a couple times. He will then give up the bromide.

Mia:      When you first get Nash in your party, he will 
          already posses one bromide of Mia.

Mia:      After Nash blows a hole into the side of the air
          ship, Go to Illuck. In the top right house, there
          is a "Hot Girl Magazine" editor, he will give you
          (Or rather is forced to give you) Mia's Bromide.

Jessica:  After you see the scene where Kyle kills a group
          of Xenobia's minions by himself, Do no talk to
          him, instead, go to the bottom floor of the Nanza
          barrier and check out Kyle's bed. You should find
          The Jessica bromide there.

Jessica:  After Jessica has joined your party, keep visiting
          Athena's shrine and talk to the preist there that
          think's that Jessica is his sister. Eventually he
          will give you the Jessica bromide.

Jessica:  There are two steps to this bromide. First, when you
          are in lann to get rid of the fake dragon master,
          go to the island he is on, then imediatly return to
          lann. Talk to the guy that gave you the boat. NOTE:
          If you do not do this part, you can not get the 
          Bromide later on in the game. Talk to the guy beside 
          the boat in Lann right after Alex becomes a 

Luna:     After you visit the white dragon cave for the second
          time (With Ghaleon), return to Burg and check the 
          shelves in the basement of Alex's house. You will
          also want to check these shelves while Ghaleon is in
          your party. 

Phycia:   Be sure to talk to the shrine aid after you meet
          Phycia. He's the guy at the very north part of the
          shrine. After you have been to the star chamber in 
          Vane, go to Athena's shrine and talk to the north most
          priest two times. He will give you the Phycia bromide.

Royce:    Right after Mel is turned to stone, go directly to
          Black Rose street (Magicians area of Merbia) and talk
          to the magicians. One of them will give up the Royce

Xenobia:  After the grindery leaves, and you are suposed to return
          to the air ship, instead, return to the mine where you
          saved the worker. One of the miners there will give you
          the Xenobia bromimde.

Mia       At the biggining of the game, there is a person Ramus ows
Jessica:  money to at the top of the wepon shop. Pay him 30 silver.
Luna      Near the end of the game, Talk to Ramus and he will sell
          the Mia and Jessica bromides, and give you the Luna bromide.
          Don't send me an e-mail asking about this one unless you
          have literaly saw the end credits roll. This game has many
          twists, some of wich I do not want to spoil here.

NOTE!!!: When I say go to do something right after an event occurs,
I mean go RIGHT AFTER! Don't talk to anyone else, or do anything else.
Doing so may negate the flags (A flag is what the game uses to allow
an event to happen in the fuutur) that allow you to get the bromide.

That seems to be all of them. Any problems with this section? 
please let me know at


Part 2: Red Chest Locations and Info

You'll notice that every so often, you'll find a red locked chest.
These chests cannot be opened untill you get the theifs crest from
Reza. You can't proceed through the game without the crest, so 
it's a game item you will eventually get automatically. 

Burg: Upstairs of Mayor's house. (Pot Lid)

Weird Woods: Notheast side of forest, hidden it trees. (Wrath Ring)

Old Hag's House (North of Saith): Downstairs. (Silver Light)

Saith: Sothwest corner house, upstairs. (Protection Ring)

Merbia: Back room of the middle house north of Ramsu's shop. (Silver)

Merbia Sewers: Entrance is in basement of Mel's mansion. (Silve Light)

Vane Entrane Maze: Second part of the maze. (Bar of Soap)

Nanza: Basement area with beds. (Diamond Neclace)

Lann: Behind one of the first houses. (Silver Light)

South Nanza Pass: Through the Nanza south gate. (Silver Light)

Reza: Middle west side of city. (Silver Light)

Meryod Forest: Northwest corner behind a tree. (Fortune Ring)

Meryod: Southwest corner behind a house. (Silver Light)

Vane: Behind the Goddess Statue (Devil Pendant)  (**Check Note)
**Note:	The chest in vane behind the goddes statue
        is there, however, you cannot actually get
        behind the statue. Instead, go to it's right    UOXXX
        side click the action button, the chest will     XXXX 
        open. Ie. In the diagram to the left, the X      XXXX
        marks the statue (Thus you can not walk onto
        the statue), the O marks the chest, and the 
        U marks where U should be (Heh, verry punny).


Part 3: 4 Secret Items

There are 4 particularily usefull items that are hidden out of
the dungeons. They are well worth getting so go for them!

Ghaleon's Tear:
  Use:      When equiped as an accesory, each attack of the equiped
            person will hit every enemy!
  Location: Right after Alex has become a dragon master, talk to the 
            cheif of Lann and chose option "1". After the destruction
            of vane, talk to the village cheif again and he will give
            you the Ghaleon's Tear.

Gale Ring:
  Use:      When equiped as an accesory, gives you an extra attack.
  Location: Talk to Lilly, the theif guild's daughter 3 times after
            the destruction of vane. She is located in the room right
            before the theive's bizaar.

  Use:      Let's you view any past movie sequances.
  Location: Talk to Ramsus at his shop just before going to the 

Hell Ring:
  Use:      When equiped as an accesory, it halves that character's
            MP consumption.
  Location: Talk to Damon after the destruction of vane.


Part 4: Bath Locations and Uses

The game has two bath locations. One is a male bath, and the other
is a female bath. The purpose of the bathes are simply to get a bonus
(And gratuitous) cut scene of all the males, or all the females 
characters bathing in the hot springs. Each bath has two different
sceens so it is worth visiting each bath twice. Every time you visit
a bath, you will need a bar of soap. There are only two in the game,
unless you buy them from the ship on your way to merbia. That is the
ONLY place where soap may be bought. You'll be forced to take a bar
of soap later in the game and the other one is in a locked chest in 
the vane trial maze (See section 2). The male bath is fairly easy to 
get to, just go southeast from the Meryod forest up to a small 
building. The female bath is not so easy to get to (Dang huh?). 
Go directly east of Meryod and you will see a forest with a building 
at the right of it. You must enter the forest and fight some pretty 
kick butt strong monsters. The entrance to the bath is at the east side 
of the forest. Don't feel bad if you can't beat the monsters there
right after you first pass through Meryod. 


Part 5: Lord's of Lunar Secret Mini Game

There is a cheasy atari quality pong mini game that can be accesed from
the "Making of Luanr" cd. During the movie on the making of cd, press
[ up, down, left, right, triangle, then start ] and you will be brought
to the loards of lunar game. A handy little note: When you get to the
Lords of Lunar title screen, remove the cd and replace it with one of
the regular game cds. Then click exit. The playstation will then proceed
to play all the files and movies on the game. Has a tendancy to not work.


Part 6: Credits

Sorry if it's only your handle mentioned here.

Thanks to:

Adrew from the working designes message board for the info on Xenobia's

Kensou from the working designes message board for the Hell Ring and
Ghaleon's tear locations.

DarkElrond from the working designes messeage board for info on the 
Lords of Lunar mini game.

DragonNall from the working designes message board for the jessica
Nanza barier bromide location.

RPGuy from the working designes message board for the jessica Lann
boatmaster bromide location.

Darkspiral from the working designes message board for the Mia Illuck
pervert bromide loacation.

This game FAQ has been brought to you by Adrien Allard (Galus)  icq# 10218476. Any coments or questions? Have 
something to add? Please contact me. 

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