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This is a Thanos FAQ for Saturn and Playstation,
it is written by my friend Sean Collins, I am just uploading it with
his permission.

Thanos FAQ
Marvel Super Heroes
for Saturn and PSX
written by Sean Collins

Well here is my first attempt at writing a Faq; I am devoting it to one
of my favorite MSH characters.  So if any of you more experenced writers
wanna help a fellow gamer on his way to stardom I would gladly accept
any words of praise or criticism.  Thanks and onto the good stuff.
Oh by the way Thanos has SIX super moves one corrisponding to each Gem.

How to get Thanos :

PSX and Saturn :  To access Thanos you must Finnish the game and have
it saved to memory.  Then with the short cut option off start a game
as usual.  For the First player it will be on Spider-man and the Second
player your cursor will be on Captain America so press up once and
then hold up quickly press and hold the Strong Punch and while holding
press the Medium Punch and finally while holding those two press the
Light Punch button.  If you did it right Thanos will apear in the player
selection box.  You might want to reset and play at turbo seeing as
when you do the code it picks normal speed. So when the fight starts
just pause it and quit and go to the options and this would be a good
time to save him to your memory, and he will show up in the regular
player select screen if you turned the Sort Cut on again.  Enjoy !!

Stuff Thanos Says:

Taunt:  Thanos Reigns !!
Dialog at the end: Thanos says " You created me to test you, now I'll
give you the death you deserve ! "


Fire Stomp    Down  +  Strong Kick
Power Knee    Down   + Strong Kick  (  in the air  )
Bubble Hold   QCF + any kick
Stone Wave    Down  +  Strong Punch
Spear Slide   HCF  +   any punch
Rock  Throw   Strong  Kick

Air Combo Launcher: Crouching Medium Punch

Infinity Counter :  Spear Slide 
	Note:  as with all infinity counters be careful when you use it!

Supers :
All of his supers are done with a backwards dragon punch movement
and ONE button.

Light Punch   - Reality Gem :  Two pillars of stone come up from the
        ground and slide together to squish you.

Medium Punch  - Space  Gem  :  Thanos pulls rocks up from the ground
        into a portal above himself and then releases them from
        another portal that appears above or around you.

Strong Punch  - Power  Gem  :  Thanos releases a big ball and throws
        it in your direction, it dosent just go stright it then moves
        diagonaly  upwards  back towards thanos so when playing
        against him be careful.

Light Kick    -  Time Gem :  opponent is slowed down.

Medium Kick   -  Soul Gem  :  Thanos steals some of your energy
        and gains life power.

Strong Kick   -  Mind  Gem  :  Your opponents controls will be reversed
        for a short period of time.

Combos :

   Dash in with medium punch ,follow with Spear Slide. 3 hits small 
   Dash in with a strong kick and let the first part of it hit and then 
do a 
   Spear Slide. 2 hits medium damage 

   Dash in with a strong kick and 2 in 1 into a Soul Gem super. Its 
   Not only does it hurt them, but it heals you !!!    

   Also if you can catch them in the corner and the dashing strong kick
   hits you can combo in the Space Gem. I don't know how many hits
   but its devastating.

   Dash in with a crouching light kick and hit medium punch to launch 
   then in the air you can do a number of combos like light, medium,
   strong kick; or after launching them light kick medium punch,
   Strong Spear slide;  or  you can interchange the medium punch for
   the medium kick for a slight variation.    4 to 6 hits decent damage

Jumping-in combos:
   You can jump in with a light punch and go into a launcher air combo 
   a ground combo for a little bit of variety.

   Jump in with the Power Knee and do a crouching light kick then a 
   kick into a standing medium punch. 5 hits okay damage
Tricks you should know:
   You can combo off the Reality Gem by dashing over and and using your
   launcher. This can give you an added bonus of 3 to 5 hits as well as
   the Gems damage. This dosent work on all the characters but for most
   it seems to be a neat way of flexing your skills.

   Thanos dosent need any Gems to do any of his supers so don't wait
   for them.

   There might be an infinte combo after the Reality Gem from the corner
   but you have to use the Power Knee to beat them to the ground and 
   not always work.

   Hey also if you do the Spear Slide air combo and they fall towards
   you try to hit them again for more in your face fun, it works well
   on the bigger characters.
   Please don't use the Mind Gem on the computer cause it knows how to
   play backwards. Cheater !!!

If anyone wants to use any of this info for their own faq, they are 
as long as they credit me.

Any questions or comments or suggestions, please email me:

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