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Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter- Apocalypse FAQ
By b0x0rzkirb0
Version 1.00

Table of Contents
1. End of the World, My Ass
2. Special Moves
3. HC-like Moves
4. How to Kick Ass (Strategy)
5. Unleashing the Apocalypse (Vs. Others/Hidden Characters)
6. Other Crap/Fun Stuff
7. Thanks

Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter is copyright Capcom. Apocalypse is
copyright Marvel. This FAQ is copyright me. Yay.

Version 1.00: FAQ START!

1. End of the World, My Ass
Apocalypse. The End of the World. Easy-to-kill character who can barely move.

Lordy lordy, is Apocalypse a hard person to write a FAQ for...

Apocalypse was the main boss of X-Men vs. Street Fighter. He was quite
intimidating. However, he also happened to be freakishly, freakishly slow
and an enormous target. To make up for this, he was able to regenerate his
life in a steady rate, making you always on the offensive, and often being
smacked by his more powerful moves. His satellites were also annoying as hell
and actually required you to murder them.

In MSHvsSF, Pokky has been reduced to sub-boss level. As such, he has lost one
of his best assets: life recovery. Now, he has been reduced to a warm-up for
Cyber Akuma. The shame of it.

Apocalypse is the most challenging character to master. You can ONLY pick him
if you're that freakin' sure of yourself, because his cons SERIOUSLY outweigh
his pros. Even then, you're most likely gonna get your ass handed to ya.

How to Unlock and Pick
1. Beat the game on any difficulty without continuing.

2. Put the cursor on Akuma on the character select screen. Press Select six
times, holding select on the sixth, and select Akuma. You should get

You can be Pokky in Battle Mode, Versus, or Training.

Note that on Stage 7 of Battle Mode, you'll face two hidden characters instead
of Apocalypse. Apocalypse can never fight another Apocalypse.

Pros and Cons of the End O' Days
+Has insane power, more so than Cyber Akuma himself.
+Can almost kill enemies in one hit with the Hyper Drill. If they block, they
take insane chip.
+His 2 HC-like moves require no meter.
+Satellite Beams attack opponent automatically and do OK damage.
+Relatively fast dashes.
+High Defense.
+Cannot be thrown. =D Not affected by HCs which require a connection to hit,
like the Final Justice or Shun Goku Satsu.

-Slow. SLOW SLOW SLOW! Good LORD, he's slow.
-Massive lag on just about all of his moves.
-Crap recovery on them, too.
-Has NO Basic Moves.
-Massive target.
-If opponent gets behind him, not much he can do.
-He CAN'T BLOCK. That's right, he can't block.
-OCCASIONALLY goes into Hit Stun.
-Spike Drop is THE worst move in the game.
-If an opponent attacks a Satellite, HE gets hurt.
-Can't Combo whatsoever.
-Falls prey to Beam HCs.
-Can't have a partner.

Good lord...

What he's gained and lost
+Chipping Damage! He can now chip like crazy.
+A new Super-Move, Ground Zero Eye Beam.

-His regeneration...
-Some of his power and defense.
-His Satellite Beam blows in comparison to XvSF.

LP, MP, HP- Light Punch, Medium Punch, Hard Punch
LK, MK, HK- Light Kick, Medium Kick, Hard Kick
P, K- Any Punch Button, Any Kick Button
PPP, KKK- All Punch Buttons, All Kick Buttons
B, DB, D, DF, F- Back, Down-back, Down, Down-Forward, Forward
AC- Air Combo
HC- Hyper Combo
THC- Team Hyper Combo
OTG- Off-the-Ground
XX- Cancel
Pokky, The Big A, whatever retarded name I cook up- Apocalypse
QCF- Quarter Circle Forward (D, DF, F)
RQCF- Reversed Quarter Circle Forward (F, DF, D)
DP- Dragon Punch Motion (F, D, DF)
HCF- Half Circle Forward (B, DB, D, DF, F)

Quick Command List
Shockwave: RQCF + P
Spike Drop: QCF, QCF + P
Stun Cannon: QCF + MK
Spread Cannon: QCF + MK
Satellite Beam: Automatic
Hyper Drill: QCF + HP
Ground Zero Eye Beam: QCF + HK
Backdash: B + PPP


2. Special Moves
Shockwave (RQCF + P)
Apocalypse raises his arm up, and SLAMS that mutha down so hard that it causes
a shockwave to travel towards your unfortunate opponent. The height of the
Shockwave depends on which punch button you pressed. HP creates the biggest

One of the main uses of this move is to nullify projectiles. This will nullify
any and all projectiles. So if someone gets Hadoken-happy, whip this out and
they'll take some damage. This can also be used as some kind of mockery, if
the opponent is blocking. Why, you ask?

Because the move has got HUGE start-up. This move is telegraphed RIDICULOUSLY,
as people who've faced Pokky before will know he's going for this move when
his fist is raised. They'll most likely take the oppurtunity to super-jump
behind you and bombard you with crap. Therefore, don't become too predictable
with this move. You'll regret it.

Spike Drop (QCF, QCF + P)
Apocalypse turns his fist into a spiked ball, raises it above his head like
the Shockwave, and slams it down on his opponent. The reason I listed this as
a QCF, QCF motion is because it's pretty damn hard to do it in a DP motion.
I've only done it ONCE. You try it and see.

Not that you'd WANT to, anyways. This move is shit. I wouldn't doubt it if
Capcom made this move to show others what a move SHOULD NOT be. The reason?
Well, first of all, it's got insane, insane start-up. A baby could dodge this
thing. Second, the move does crap damage, the least of Pokky's attacks, less
then the Satellite Beams. Third, since he slams the fist down where he raised
it, the move has got CRAPPY range. Your opponent pretty much has to walk into
it. And that ain't gonna happen.

Well, there's ONE good thing. A-man's fist is invincible while this move is
being used. Unfortunately, his head isn't, so expect to have your brains to
be splattered everywhere the moment you use this.

Bottom line: Don't use this move. It sucks.

Stun Cannon (QCF + MK)
This is one of Apocalypse's better moves, provided your opponent can't dodge
for crap. What happens is A-man opens his shoulder cannons and two targeting
reticules come out. If they reach the opponent, then 16(!) blasts come out of
Pokky's shoulder cannons and fry the hell out of the opponent for some good
damage. It also chips well, and brings up the dizzy meter pretty quickly.

This move does go behind you, but only to a limited extent. You'll still be
free to have your ass handed to you afterwards. This is pretty much is only
command move that goes behind him as well.

In short, this is the better shoulder cannon move of Apocalypse. If you want
to throw out a hell of a lot of projectiles, then this move is definitely for
you. The only problem is it's slow-ish start-up. It takes a while for the
cannons to open, and even longer for the targeting system to target the enemy.
So if your opponent gets hit by all 16 shots, he or she is a tard.

Spread Cannon (QCF + MK)
Before you go WTFBBQ, let me explain about the motion. It seems that when you
want to use the Stun Cannon, sometimes this happens instead. It may just be a
similar motion, but damn, I haven't figured it out yet. Anyways, it seems that
this comes out less often than Stun Cannon. Wtf. Anyways, what happens is
Pokky opens his shoulder cannons and shoots two big balls(WAHAHAHAHAHAHA).
After they inch out a little, they'll both split into 8 smaller projectiles
and go across the screen while spreading out.

Compared to the Stun Cannon, this move blows. The spread motion ensures that
only a few of the bullets will hit, for some piddly damage. That is, unless
your opponent happens to jump into a ball right before it explodes, making
all 8 shots hit him. Not to say that that'll actually happen.

This move's main use is to get the enemy the hell away from you. The bullets
will cover the screen and push the enemy back, ensuring that their approach
tactics will be PWNED. Although, since it's so tough to do this WHEN YOU WANT,
don't count on this move to bail you out.

Satellite Beam (Happens Automatically)
See those dorky little satellites that are floating all around Apocalypse's
huge-ass body? On occasion, these satellites will fire a very fast laser that
hits the opponent for some nice damage.

This move is good, but never, EVER come to rely on it. The reason is that you
can't control it, so if you have to rely on some pure-chance thing that you
can't control, you're already screwed. Treat this as a bonus. A very GOOD
bonus. This thing has the potential to catch an opponent COMPLETELY off-guard,
and it most likely will, a couple of times. It also can add damage to your
attacks, if you're in the middle of one.

Unfortunately, your opponent can attack the satellites, and you will take
damage, so if your opponent decides to be stupid and attack those satellites,
don't count on any beams anytime soon. Use Stun/Spread Cannon to get them the
hell away from your damn satellites.

3. HC-like Moves
Crappy title. These moves don't require meter and don't have the HC flash,
but they are so damn powerful, they can be considered A-meister's HCs. If
you land one of these, you'll blow the shit out of your unfortunate opponent.
Unfortunately, they leave you so wide open you might as well paint a target on
your ass.

Hyper Drill (QCF + HP)
Pok transforms his arm into a drill, rears back to the other side of the
screen, and then just DRILLS THE HELL out of anything in his path. If you
connect this move when your opponent isn't in the corner, you've pretty much

This move has ridiculous, ridiculous power. If it connects, you'll do about
30 or so hits when you're approaching the corner, and when you reach it, about
another 50. The damage totals to usually 9/10 of a lifebar or so. It also does
ridiculous chip if your opponent blocks it; however, it can be push-blocked,
so be weary.

With all it's glory, this move has some serious drawbacks. For one, it has
some long-ass start-up. It takes A-man quite a damn long time to go all the
way to the back of the screen. The Drill move itself doesn't move very fast,
so if your opponent doesn't Super Jump over it in the 3-6 seconds of start-up
and approach, kindly punch him in the face. Unless, of course, your opponent
was doing something that left him wide-open, like Dan's Hisshou Burai-ken or
Spidey's Crawler Assault. Try to back-dash out of the way of HCs like the
mentioned and start drilling their asses.

Ground-Zero Eye Beam (QCF + HK)
Pok's second ass-kicking move. Pok rears back like before (without drill,
instead his eyes begin to glow) and immediately dashes forward pretty damn
fast with some super lasers of doom coming out of his eyes. This one is a
little less powerful than the drill, does a lot less chip damage, but is
much faster.

This is basically just an alternative to the drill, since it accomplishes the
same purpose. The only difference is the faster speed and lack of disgusting
chip. Use it like the Drill, when the enemy is wide open.

Expect the enemy to Super Jump over this and smack the crap out of you if you
throw it out of nowhere.

4. How to Kick Ass (Strategy)
1. First off, remember that you're playing as Apocalypse. Therefore, you lose
all rights to get cocky and underestimate an opponent. Even beginners have an
easy time toppling him, and experts can readily hand his ass to him. Soooo,
if you know how to use A-man correctly, you'll be able to wallop some ass and
earn people some respect for him.

2. Use the HCs, and use them well. By using them well, I mean don't be a
dumbass and spam them. Use them when the enemy is open for attack, so that
you can put the hurt on their ass. If you spam them, you'll become prey for
Super Jumps.

3. Don't let the enemy get behind you. If they do, they're gonna have a huge
advantage. Apocalypse is too much of a retard to equip himself with any real
anti-backstab moves, so if they get behind you, use Drills or Eyebeams or
backdashes, whatever you can to stop them from looking at your ass.

4. Protect your satellites. Aside from being useful with their lasers, they
also serve to make you an even bigger target. If an enemy tries to go after
your satellites like the cheapass they are, use your shoulder cannons to blast
their face off.

5. Don't use the Spike Drop. You're an idiot if you use the Spike Drop.

6. Try your best to get to the back corner and bombard the enemy with shoulder
cannons, Shockwave, and the like. This way they won't get behind you, so you
can lay the smackdown on them when they do something dumb.

7. Remember that you don't have a partner. Therefore, you've got no assist to
bail you out or push away the enemy. No Team HCs either. So get used to flying

What the hell? This giant piece of crap doesn't have any combos AT ALL. Your
best bet is to keep them the hell away from you while looking for a chance to
blast or drill the hell out of 'em.

5. Unleashing the Apocalypse (Vs. Others/Hidden Characters)
I'll divide opponents into a difficulty section. Here ya go.

1: Easy as hell. Even if your opponent has mastered this character, Apocalypse
will be ready to hand his ass to him with ease...hopefully.

2: Not quite as easy but still not a marathon. This character has some flaws
but also has a few tricks.

3: Average fight. This character will not be easy but will not be godly.

4: You CANNOT make a mistake. This character will be tough as hell to beat,
and a mistake(such as picking Apocalypse) will cost you the match.

5: Face it. You're gonna get your ass handed to you. The only way you can win
is if the opponent is COMPLETELY stupid.

The order:
-Captain America
-Omega Red

-Almost any use of the word "Drill" can be replaced with "Eye Beam" if you so

1. Ryu
Rating: 4

Expect Hadokens and way too many of them. Expect them to be thrown at your
big, stupid head. Use HP Shockwaves to negate the Hadokens and smack the crap
out of him. The Shinkuu Hadokens are pretty much you-can't-do-jack-about-it,
so just take it like a man and drill his ass. Shoryukens can be dealt with
with shoulder cannons or Ground-Zero Eye Beams. Otherwise, try your best not
to be cooked and smash his ass.

2. Ken
Rating: 4

Your ass is gonna be on fire in a few seconds if you don't backdash to the
corner right away. Ken is fast as hell and will be on you with Dragon Punches
and Hurricane Kicks as soon as he can, so employ Shockwaves and shoulder
cannons to get him the hell away from you. >:O If he has Ryu as his partner,
watch out for the Double Shinkuu-Hadoken unless you like to be burnt.

3. Cyclops
Rating: 5

Oh my God. Prepare to die. All that's gonna happen is you'll get Optic Blasted
amd then Mega/Super Optic Blasted to death, and it'll actually work, since
the beams are so fast. If he gets behind you, may as well just walk out of the
room. If you want to fight, try to land the Drill on him. If he's too focused
on throwing Optic Blasts, he might get hit. Alternatively, run like a baby
toward the back and use cannons and Shockwaves, you big wuss.

4. Captain America
Rating: 3

Not as tough as the Street Fighter Bros. or the X-men poster boy, but can
still smack you pretty hard. He packs a lot of power in that shield, and
Charging Star and Hyper Charging Star can do a number on you. Keep him away
with Shockwaves, and watch out when he's paired with U.S. Agent, because of
that Star Star garbage. Keep him the hell away from you and you'll be fine.

5. Spider-Man
Rating: 3

Spider-Man is a combo whore, but he takes hits like a baby and can't hit hard
for his life either. Expect him to go nuts, jumping all over you with combos
and/or spamming Web Balls. Web Ball spam should be promptly Shockwaved. His
combo spamming will do crap damage to you, since your ugly mug can take some
hits, and Spidey isn't even that strong to begin with. However, he'll add up.
Try to use your cannons and Shockwave when necessary, and Drill if he uses
Crawler Assault(and misses).

6. Chun-Li
Rating: 4

Combo whore again. This one might be a lot harder than Spidey because her HCs
have the potential to knock the crap out of you. Kikosho especially; if she
does that, she's completely invincible, so don't even try anything; Her super
Kick-The-Hell-Out-Of-You-Move-Of-Death hurts like hell as well. If she does
that, you can get some style points for raising your first with Shockwave or
Spike Drop(for the hell of it), but then she would be behind you and that
simply would not be good. I've never tried it, but if you can time an Eye-
Beams just right when she's doing a Kikosho, that would seriously kick ass.
Just try not to be combo whored, and adopt a keep-away strategy. A tough 

7. Dhalsim
Rating: 2

Actually not too difficult. He may have long reach, but almost nothing else.
He is not fast at all, his strength is crap, his defense ain't so hot, and his
combos are worthless. Against you, anyway. He gets a two because his Yoga
Inferno can really hurt like hell. Anyways, don't get cocky. If he Yoga Fire
spams, Shockwave. Anything else can be promptly Eye Beamed, Drilled, or
shoulder cannoned.

8. Wolverine
Rating: 3

This combo whore doesn't pose as much of a threat as Chun-Li. Mainly because
he can't take hits for damn. Expect him to be all over you, using Berseker
Barrages, Tornado Claws, Drill Claws, and Berserker Barrage X to waylay your
ugly face. To compensate, use the Drill if he's spazzing too much in order to
show him who's boss. If he's Drill Clawing your satellites too much, shoulder
cannon him.

9. Shuma-Gorath
Rating: 3

Unique, but pretty average in all aspects. His HCs aren't much to speak of,
other than that Hyper Mystic Smash team-only one. If he does the Chaos Split,
try not to get hit too much, you can use Shoulder Cannons, Shockwaves, or
wait for a Satellite Beam to try and disable it. Mystic Smash is easily dodged
and Mystic Stare sucks. Still, he can be a tough one with his great normals
and Chaos Split if it lasts too long. Be on guard.

10. Zangief
Rating: 1

If you do some keep-away, Zangief will be helpless. Since his most powerful
moves are throws, and your 5 billion-ton ass can't be thrown, then a LOT of
Zangief's moves have been thrown away (har), leaving his normals and some weak
Special Moves. His HPs and HKs do a crapload of damage though, so don't get
hit too much. Backdash and use your projectile moves. Zangief has little to
no long-range game, aside from assists. If he decides to block too much, use
your insane chipping capability to rack up the damage on his ass.

11. Sakura
Rating: 2

Not very hard, her Shouken does worthless damage to Pok, and her HCs, other
than Shinkuu Hadoken, are pretty bad in the face of Apocalypse. So, expect
Hadokens and lots of them. Shockwave can take care of the ones launched from
the ground, but if the little wanker decides to launch them from the air, kick
her ass with the Shoulder Cannons. Just make sure you don't get hit by the
Shinkuu Hadoken and you'll be fine. If she does for it and misses, Drill.

12. Dan
Rating: 4

Wtf, a FOUR?! Well Dan, although being the dumbass he is, packs some strength.
A long-range game is non-existant, but expect him to close the gap quickly
with Super Jumps and Dankukyakus(although he can't Dankukyaku in the air). All
of his HCs can seriously put the hurt on you(other than the Otoko Michi and
the incredibly kickass Super Taunt). So the rule of thumb is KEEP DAN THE HELL
AWAY. If you can keep him away from you, you've won the match. If he gets
behind you, kiss your ass goodbye. It's as simple as that.

13. Hulk
Rating: 5

Difficult to the EXTREME. Hulk is all anti-Pok. In addition to being very
strong, he can also take a lot of hits and has incredible HCs. Gamma Wave does
not pose that much of a threat, but Gamma Crush hurts like hell and Gamma
Quake WILL have your ass. His special moves and normals aren't that bad, too.
A keep-away strategy is recommended here, as his greatest moves are close
range ones. Just make sure you don't get hit by Gamma Quake, and try to last
as long as you can against this green asswipe.

14. Bison
Rating: 3

He's a little slow and he's got some crappy projectiles. Take advantage of
this fact by not letting him get close, cuz his Knee Press Nightmare could do
a number on you. Bison hasn't really got anything special to deal with this
time; his Psycho Crusher HC(why in hell did they make it an HC) isn't really
a threat. Use standard up-close character tactics and you'll come out on top.

15. Akuma
Rating: 5

Dude. Give up. Akuma's con against Pok is his crappy defense...but he's got
everything else. Expect him to destroy your satellites immediately and then
barrage you with Zankuu Hadokens and the HC version. Your Shockwaves are much
too slow to be able to counter his Zankuu Hadokens effectively, so try your
best to stun him with your shoulder cannons. Backdash to throw him off if he's
on a fireball binge. Other HCs to watch out for are the Messatsu Gou Hadou and
the Messatsu Gou Shoryuu, the former more so. Though you'll rarely see these
because you'll most likely be getting air fireballs shoved up your butt. Good

16. Blackheart
Rating: 4

He's a big boy, and he can also knock the crap out of you with his powerful
HCs. Watch out for Armageddon and Heart of Darkness most of all. Since he's
slow, Backdash a lot and then Eyebeam if he goes for an Inferno. It probably
won't hit, but miracles happen. Especially watch out if he's teamed up with
his daddy Mephisto, because if you get caught in a Double Armageddon, your ass
is grass. Anyways, try to avoid HCs with Backdash, and try getting up close
and personal because distance doesn't matter to Blackheart.

17. Omega Red
Rating: 3

Like Zangief, he's got many of his moves disabled, but he can still be a force
to be reckoned with with his Omega Strikes and Omega Destroyers. Since he's
generally all over the place, try far reaching moves like the shoulder cannons
and Shockwaves. If you can catch him with the Eye Beams when he's doing an
Omega Strike or something stupid, you'll have his ass.

Unleashing the Apocalypse (Hidden Characters)
There are also those super-creative Hidden Characters to deal with.

The order:
-Dark Sakura
-Armored Spider-Man
-U.S. Agent
-Cyber Akuma

1. Shadow
Rating: 3

Charlie! Anyways, his Somersault is the move to watch out for, since it's so
damn big, it might take out some of your satellites, as well as hurt you.
His HCs, however, are telegraphed, due to that ching sound everytime he does
one. And wtf happened?! The start-up time on them is ridiculous. Either way,
watch out for Somersault Justice, as it will do the most damage to you. Adopt
a keep-away strategy since his long range game is pretty weak. I actually
think you can negate the whole Sonic Blitz thing with a Shockwave, but I can't
be sure. Anyways, have fun.

2. Dark Sakura
Rating: 3

More difficult than normal Sakura. The thing that sets her apart from Akuma-
like difficulty is the lack of serious speed and the fact that she can't do
a Shinkuu Hadoken in mid-air. Again, try to keep-away, because her projectiles
are not very strong and can be Shockwaved easily. Just try not to get smacked
by Shinkuu-Hadoken and you'll do well.

3. Mech-Zangief
Rating: 1

Zangief with a crappy new HC and losing the ability to block. Increased attack
and defense, though. Use Eyebeams over and over again, unless he turns jump
happy, in which you use shoulder cannons. You will win quite easily.

4. Armored Spider-Man
Rating: 2

Spider-Man's shiny new armor means nothing to your mighty fists. The fact that
his attack power goes kerplop in this form is enough for you to be able to
kick his ass. Do so promptly, using the same strategies for normal Spidey.

5. Mephisto
Rating: 4

A more pyromaniac Blackheart and not much else. He's actually pretty much the
same, although he's evil itself and all that. Despite speculation, his fiery
attacks don't hurt more or less. His speed also stays the same. Expect him
most to be teamed up with Blackheart in order to do the Double Armageddon. If
facing him, use Blackheart strategy.

6. U.S. Agent
Rating: 3

Captain America, with a black suit. Great. Expect him to be teamed with Cap
in order to unleash the super-damaging Star Star(BIG wtf at that shit name).
Use Captain America strategies when dealing with him.

7. Cyber Akuma
Rating: 5

Ok, this isn't even funny. This is just retarded. This guy is Akuma, with no
weaknesses. Your only strength is that some Cyber-users may get too cocky and
get way too offensive and most likely do something stupid. Expect about 1/4th
of your life to be gone with each HC he does. Your only hope is to land the
Drill if he messes up on a Scramble Gou Punch. Otherwise, prepare to go to

6. Other Crap/Fun Stuff
Apocalypse has no costumes. That sucks. HOWEVER, he gets his own set of quotes
for every single character. Unfortunately, I'm too damn lazy to write 'em all,
so maybe next update.

7. Thanks
Me: For being so damn badass.

GameFAQS: For being awesome.

CJayC: For hosting awesome site.

Capcon: For being awesome.

Marvel: For being awesome.

You: For reading.