Blackheart/Mephisto by ESum

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Marvel Super Heros vs Street Fighter
Blackheart/Mephisto for Sony Playstation 
Version 0.1
27th May 1999(Singapore time)

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1. Introduction
2. Normal moves analysis
3. Special moves analysis
4. Super combos analysis
5. Combos
6. Mephisto
7. Strengths and weaknesses of Blackheart
8. Ending
9. Credits

Blackheart is one of the slower characters in Marvel Super Heros
vs Street Fighter, thus he is also more avoided. This FAQ aims to
help people who want to try out Blackheart and hopefully, enjoy 
using him.

Normal moves analysis

P- Any punch
K- Any kick
LP- Light punch
MP- Medium punch
HP- Heavy punch
LK- Light kick
MK- Medium kick
HK- Heavy kick
QCF- Quarter circle forward
QCB- Quarter circle backward
HCF- Half circle toward
HCB- Half circle backward

 Standing-Blackheart does a straight punch.
  Jumping-Just the same as above but in the air.
Crouching-Same as first but range is poor. 

 Standing-Blackheart does a punch upwards. This is his launcher 
          and is a relatively good anti-air. 
  Jumping-A straight punch downwards in the air with lightning,
          increasing its range.
Crouching-A straight punch with energy coming out of Blackheart's
          hands, increasing the range. 

 Standing-Blackheart's chest opens up and red demons come out,
          travelling about one third of the screen. The demons 
          can stun the foe for a short while if hit.  
  Jumping-Same as above but the demons will fly downwards at an
          angle of about 30 to 40 degrees.
Crouching-Same as above but the demons will slide across the 
          ground instead.
 Standing-Blackheart uses hits the foe at knee level with his 
  Jumping-Same as above except in the air and also goes 
Crouching-Same as first but he slides his tail across the ground
 Standing-Blackheart turns his head around and uses his spikes to
          hit the foe. 
  Jumping-Same as above except it is done in the air and goes 
Crouching-Same as the first.

 Standing-Blackheart does a kick and demons will come out of his
          leg which can stun the opponent if hit. 
  Jumping-Same as above but the demons will fly downwards at an
          angle of about 30 to 40 degrees.
Crouching-Same as above but the demons will slide across the 
          ground instead. 

Special moves analysis

1. Dark Thunder          HCF + P 
(Blackheart shoots lightning which comes from a ball in his 
 hands. LP version at ankle level; MP at chest level; HP 45 
 degrees upwards.
This is a good long-ranged attack. However, its recovery time is 
poor and missing the foe can mean trouble for you. 

2. Inferno          HCB + K
(Blackheart will throw a ball onto the ground which will explode 
 into a column of lightning(LP), ice(MP) or fire(HP).)
The strength of the punch will also determine the where 
Blackheart will throw the ball to. LP will make him throw the 
ball right in front of himself; MP at the center of the screen; 
and HP depending on where the opponent is. It does two hits 
instead of three now, and Blackheart also takes much longer to 
recover, therefore you cannot juggle with a Heart Of Darkness 
like in Marvel Super Heros.

Super combos analysis

1. Armageddon          QCF + 3P
(Blackheart will hold his hands high up and rocks will fall from
 the sky.)
This is a relatively good super. It does quite a lot of cheese 
damage in the corner and can work as an anti-air but it must be
done early. He also recovers before the rocks stop falling. 
However, this has some start-up delay so use it carefully.

2. Heart Of Darkness          QCF + 3K
(Blackheart will fold his hands and float into the sky. 
 Meanwhile, a pit will open below the foe and demons will come
 out of it, hitting the opponent...)
This used to be his better super in Marvel Super Heros as you 
could get 30+ hits there. However, now it does not even exceed 
20. However, this does good chipping damage in this game. It will
end with a white column(crystal???). This super also has some 
start-up delay and if your foe is not in the path of the demons,
you are completely at his mercy as you cannot do anything while
floating up.

3. Judgement Day          QCB + 3P
(Blackheart's chest will open up and demons will fly out.)
Blackheart's new super combo. This is an excellent chipper, 
especially in the corner. This can also be done in the air but
it cannot be an air combo finisher due to the start-up delay. I'm
not sure if you can control the direction where the demons fly. 
Shorter characters can avoid the demon by blocking low.

Team Super: Armageddon

1. MK, MP, jump up, LP, LK, MP, MK
2. Jump MK, MP. standing MK, MP --> Armageddon

Though this may not be a combo, use the standing HK to stun your
foe and then do what you like.

Blackheart has very little combos due to his speed but using the 
HK is useful becuase you can do what you like after the 
demons hit the foe. 

Basically, he is a red Blackheart whose normal attacks set the 
foe on fire which does more damage and stuns the foe longer. He
is also much faster. Otherwise, his moves are EXACTLY like 

Aquiring him
Go to Omega-Red, press Select and press any button.

Weaknesses and strengths of Blackheart


1. Blackheart is too tall. This makes him an easy target for 
   attacks which other characters can down block.
2. Blackheart is too slow. Combo machines can punish you for 
   every mistake you make since he takes a long time to recover
   from most of his moves.

1. Blackheart's moves has good range. Therefore, he can play 
   offensive and defensive from afar.
2. Blackheart's dash leaves him completely invulnerable as he 
   slides into the ground like oil and no one can hit him.

Well, this is the end of the FAQ. You are free to send anything
relevant about Blackheart to me(comments, suggestions, etc) or if 
you have any questions, do not hesitate to e-mail me. My address 
is Meanwhile, happy using 

1. Dingo Jellybean
His Captain America/US Agent FAQ inspired me to write this FAQ.

2. Kao Megura
The disclaimer I've used is actually one of his.

(C) Ernest Sum 1999