Cyber Akuma by ESum

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Marvel Super Heros VS Street Fighter
Cyber-Akuma for Sony Playstation
Version 0.2
27th May 1999(Singapore time)

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1. Introduction
2. Aquiring Cyber-Akuma
3. Normal moves analysis
4. Special moves analysis
5. Super combos analysis
6. Combos
7. Miscellaneous
8. Ending
9. Credits

Cyber-Akuma is an extremely powerful secret character. He does
lots of damage and takes quite little. However, one drawback 
to using him is that he cannot have a partner but he has the 
power of a few Akumas so fight carefully but with ease and he'll 
be an enjoyable character to use. 

I'll be refering him as Cyber in this FAQ.  

Aquiring Cyber-Akuma
Complete the whole game at difficulty 8 star without losing a 
single round. Therefore, I suggest changing the number of rounds
to 1 in options. After that, go to arcade mode and press select 5
times, holding on the 5th time and press any button. I'm not sure
if you can aquire him in any other modes though. Pressing select 
6 times and holding on to the sixth will get you Apocalypse. I 
have however, found no use for Apocalypse for the time being 

Normal moves analysis

P- Any punch
K- Any kick
LP- Light punch
MP- Medium punch
HP- Heavy punch
LK- Light kick
MK- Medium kick
HK- Heavy kick
QCF- Quarter circle forward
QCB- Quarter circle backward
HCF- Half circle toward
HCB- Half circle backward
DPM- Dragon punch motion(Forward, Down, Down forward)

Most of Cyber-Akuma's normal moves are the same as Akuma's so I
will not list them down except for one.

HP(Booster rocket)
 Standing: Cyber will shoot a rocket from his metal hand which 
           follows the foe for a certain distance. A good 
           long-ranged attack which can be easily comboed. I'm 
           not sure if it does chip damage though. This does two
           hits if done close.  
  Jumping: Cyber does a punch downwards with his metal hand.
Crouching: Cyber shoots a rocket upwards. This is his launcher 
           and if you don't jump up for an air combo after you've
           launched your foe, this will do two hits.

Special moves analysis
1. Bolt Hadouken          QCF + P
(Cyber shoots a fireball like any other Shotokan.) 
The fireball is a fast protractile and Cyber recovers relatively 
fast after shooting it, allowing you to charge foward for 
probably a sweep or even a Sramble Gou Punch. You can also combo 
with a HP. It is quite a big protractile which cover nearly half 
the screen making it harder for the bigger characters to jump 
over it.

2. Zankuu Bolt Hadouken          QCF + P(In the air only)
Basically, Cyber also throws fireballs downwards in the air like
Akuma but he throws two instead. However, if the first one hits,
the second may not necassarily do so. If you jump and do this 
move, you are vulnerable while landing while super jumping will 
not leave you vulnerable so take note. This move does not have
much lag time. 

3. Shining Circuit Shoryuken          DPM + P
(Cyber does a Shoryuken like any other Shotokan.)
This is probably the best Shoryuken in the whole game with very 
high priority and damage. The HP version can give up to 10 hits.
However, if missed, recovery time is horrible, especially for the
HP version. Use this primarily as your anti-air. This does good
chipping damage if air-blocked.

4. Thunder Shock Zankukyakyu          QCB + K
(Cyber will jump up slightly with his legs swirling around him)
This is a very good attack with little lag time and great damage. 
It also does a lot of chipping damage even if down blocked. There
is electricity at Cyber's legs, adding on to the damage. This
can be done in the air. I think this move can OTG so try to add 
on to the damage after you've tripped your foe.

5. Diving Rocket kujinkyaku          QCF + K(In the air only)
Cyber will do a diving kick downwards which does multiple hits 
and great damage. This chips well too and it has good priority. 
It can be comboed after you land on the ground.

6. Lightning Senku          DPM + 3P or 3K, Reverse DPM + 3P + 3K
(Cyber will teleport to another side of the screen on 1 leg with 
 his shadows following behind)
This is the same teleport Akuma has, just that it is slightly 
faster. It has slight recovery time so use it wisely. Using DPM
will cause him to teleport forward while reverse DPM will make 
him teleport backwards. 3P will make him teleport the whole 
screen and 3K will make him teleport half the screen.

Super combos analysis
1. Scramble Gou Punch          QCF + 3P
(Cyber does 3 Shining Circuit Shoryukens consecutively)
Similar to Akuma's Messatsu Gou Shoryu except it is much more 
powerful considering the damage. It can be easily comboed so use 
it to end a combo as Cyber is at the mercy of his foe while 
landing. This chips well too, especially in the corner.

2. High Mega Gou Beam          HCB + 3P
(Cyber will shoot a beam across the screen)
This is the most powerful beam super in the whole game. It comes
out fast and Cyber recovers fast. It lasts long and does a ton of
damage even if blocked. Surprisingly, this can be comboed up close
unlike Akuma's Messatsu Gou Hado. Meshing on the buttons will make 
it last longer, I think. Even characters with good endurance will 
still probably lose half life's energy. 

3. Thunder Gou Shower          QCF + 3P(In the air only)
(Cyber throws down around 30 to 40 Zankuu Bolt Hadouken in the 
This is my favourite super. There seems to be no end to the 
amount of fireballs Cyber will throw. It does a lot of chip and
actual damage. This can be used as an air combo finisher. This 
also covers almost the whole area in front of Cyber allowing you
to dominate the air and ground. As mentioned, this is my 
favourite super and I use it the most often.

4. Shining Gou Shock          LP, LP, Foward, LK, HP
(Cyber charges across the whole screen and when he grabs the foe,
 the screen turns white with hit marks all over it)
This is the most powerful super of the game. It is unblockable,
fast and does about 80% life damage to most characters. Sadly, it 
has no priority at all, like other grabs. It also has incredible
range and speed, making it hard to escape from it. After the 
screen turns back to normal, Cyber will be standing beside his 
fallen foe with his back turned to you where there is a Chinese
word, which means "put out". This can be done in the air.

Ah, this is the time when you put Cyber's speed and power to good
use. Doing combos will ensure fast killing with everyone, 
especially for Cyber.

1. Bolt Hadouken --> HP
   (Do this from a distance to ensure it'll combo)
2. Bolt Hadouken, charge forward, crouching HK
3. Bolt Hadouken, charge forward, crouching MK --> Scramble Gou Punch
4. Diving Rocket Kujinkyaku, cancel --> Thunder Gou Shower
5. Diving Rocket Kujinkyaku, crouching MK --> Scramble Gou Punch
6. Crouching LK, crouching HP, jump up, LP, MP --> Thunder Gou Shower

I received this list of crazy combos from Christopher Keates 
( on 14/03/2002. Happy reading!

Firstly, the most damaging combo with one super bar used is the 
Jump in, MK, HK, dash in, ducking LK, HP, up, LP, LK, up + MK, press 
towards and HP to do the throw. If they DON'T tech hit, do the super 
ground fireball, timed to catch the guy as he falls. At LEAST 90% of 
the life bar. Maybe more.
The second involves an air comboed Raging Demon.
Jump in, MK, HK, dash in, ducking LK, HP, up, LP, LK. Here is the 
tricky part. Push towards the enemy at this point and you will float 
behind them, turn around and do the raging demon midair, really 
quickly, at it will catch the guy. Again, loads of damage.
Occasionally it doesn't work all that well, and you need to either drop
one of the light hits in the initial air combo, or add an up + MK to 
get the raging demon to land.
Yet another strange combo...
Dive kick with HK, ducking MK, HK hurricane kick, canceled to his air 
Perhaps his favorite combo, just because it looks flashy (well, not 
compared to an air comboed Raging Demon, but still...)
Jump in, MK, HK, land, LP, MP, HK, the rushing dragon punch super, 
canceled into Raging Demon. This can kill a person from full life.
Comboing Raging Demon doesn't EVER count as more hits in a combo, but 
you CAN essentially make it unavoidable because of combos.
Yet another is the HK diving kick, directly into Raging Demon. It'll 
always hit.      

Find out your own unique combos with Cyber because he is one of the 
best combo machines. Try to OTG your foe with crouching MK --> Thunder 
Shock Zankukyaku every  time you've tripped them.


Cyber-Akuma's ending  
Narrator: Congratulations! You've defeated the game with a secret
Cyber will be standing in the background doing a horse stance.

Win poses
1. He will get into the horse stance and with his wings poised, a 
   field of energy will surround him.
2. He will turn round with his back faced to you with a Chinese 
   word on it.

1. Your destruction was all that mattered...
2. My creator wants you dead. It is done...
3. No one can compare to me. Not even a mayor!(to Apocalypse only)
Well, this is the end of the FAQ and hope you've gained a better
understanding of our powerful friend. Note that although he takes 
very little actual damage, he still takes the same amount of 
chipping damage as everyone else. Also, slams will also do alot 
of damage to him. You are free to send anything relevant about 
Cyber-Akuma to me(comments, suggestions, etc) or if you have any 
questions, do not hesitate to e-mail me. My address is 

1. Dingo Jellybean
All of Cyber-Akuma's special moves names have been taken from his
FAQ. His FAQ also offered insight to me. Visit his FAQ too; it 
has some good combos.

2. Kao Megura
The disclaimer I've used is actually one of his.

3. Christopher Keates
For the crazy combos he sent me.

(C) Ernest Sum 2002