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DAN EX-Cancel FAQ for MSHvsSF PSX 
Hello everybody, this is another in my series of Dan and Dan related FAQs. This guide focuses on 
Ex-cancels for Dan, don't get me wrong EX-cancels suck.........but then again thats what people
thought about Dan.......... any way this guide is intentioanlly very short and unless I get 
people requesting otherwise, will probably not be updated

Disclaiming thing
Ummmm. Don't use this guide for profit (EGM!!!) and don't steal bits of it without giving me 
money.And ummmmm all character in this FAQ belong to whoever owns them.Again I stole bits of this 
disclaimer from Kao Megura but I'm giving him credit.

What is an EX-cancel??
An EX-cancel is when you start a super move and perform the motion for another super move whilst
the first is being performed, so by using multiple super moves it also drains multiple levels
of your super meter.These are only in the Playstation version of the game.Three of Dan's supers 
can be cancelled, here is each of his most useful cancels

C.Short-->Hisshou Buraiken---->Shinkuu Gadouken----->Kyouryurekka
This is Dan's most basic cancel. Get the job done thats about it.
Max hits:19-20

2.C.Forward-->Hisshou Buraiken-->Kyouryurekka--->Shinkuu Gadouken
The trick with this is to have your opponent cornered (not sure if it works otherwise)and cancel
IMMEADIATELY after the first hit of the Kyouryurekka. Your opponent will be killing themself
laughing about how you wasted your super meter............when they land on your Shinkuu Gadouken
they'll just be killing themselves.

3.C.Forward-->Shinkuu Gadouken-->Kyouryurekka--->Hisshou Buraiken
The last part of this isn't a true cancel.....you must time the last part for when the opponent 
rolls from the Shinkuu Gadouken. Nevertheless its funny to watch.

Cancles involving the Chohatsu Dentetsu (super taunt) 

This is copied directly from my now discontinued Dan Cancles part 2 Faq
Dan's Super Taunt (which will from now on be reffered to as ST) can be cancelled without the use
of his super meter. Yep thats right if you perform his forwards rolling taunt (QCF+select) Dan 
will stop his ST and go into his roling taunt only costing you 1 level of Super meter (to 
activate the ST) this is good if someone is waiting to smack you as you approach them. Simply 
cancel the ST and block. VERY ANNOYING for your opponent if they just wasted a Shinryuken or 

The Cancels


This is good if your opponent tries something as lame as a jump kick on you while you're doing 
the ST.

2.ST---->Shinkuu Gadouken

This is good if you have a cheap opponent who tries to dash/trip you a lot.

3.ST--->Hisshou Buraiken (---> Shinkuu Gadouken)

YES!!! I love this...... the correct way to execute this move is to wait for Dan to land and just 
before his final taunt cancel into the Hisshou Buraiken...then the Shinkuu Gadouken if you have
enough super meter.

4.ST----> Otoko Michi

I wish!!!!! To the best of my knowledge this can't be done due to the Otoko Michi requiring 
3 levels........still it'd be the ultimate embarrasment for your opponent (If anyone can get this
to work could you please mail me?? I'll put in a Credits section for you.......)

Contacting Me
Ummm, if for some reason you feel a nedd to contact me about this you
can email me at Dan_hibiki@hotmail.com or my ICQ # is 25751859 
and go to Http://darkfact.cjb.net if your not already there