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Marvel Superheroes Vs. Street Fighter EX
Mech-Zangief FAQ

My Thoughts


To start with, I would like to thank Capcom for making a better conversion then X-Men 
vs. Street Fighter.It's not as good as the original one, but will do for every 
Capcom fighting games fan (like me!)Well, this FAQ is based on Mech-Zangief 
(Evil Zangief in America).He is tougher than the normal Zangief but slower. To 
select him, go to Blackheart, press select and press any button (the button 
pressed determines Mech-Zangief's colour).


D    = Down
DF   = Down + Foward
F    = Foward
UF   = Foward + Up
U    = Up
UB   = Up + Back
B    = Back
DB   = Down + Back
JP   = Jab Punch
SP   = Strong Punch
FP   = Fierce Punch
SK   = Short Kick
FK   = Foward Kick
RK   = Roundhouse Kick
PP   = Press any 2 punch buttons
KK   = Press any 2 kick buttons
FF   = Press foward twice
PPP  = Press all punch buttons
KKK  = Press all kick buttons
360  = Motion the joystick (D-pad) 360 degrees starting from any direction.

(All moves assumes that Zangief is facing to the right. If he is facing left, 
reverse the foward and back motions.)


Yoga Flame           HCF+P
This is like Dhalsim's Yoga Flame, except it is blue. Not a very good special, 
but useful in stopping ground combos and attacks. Has good range because it goes 
3/4 of the screen. 

Lariat               3P
This is a normal spinning lariat. Also has the same purpose as the Yoga Flame. 
Knocks opponent away.

Short Lariat         3K
This is a different version of the spinning lariat.Knocks opponent up in the 
air, like a launcher. Still have the same purpose as the normal one, though.

Launcher             D + SP
This is Mech-Zangief's launcher. There's another one that is the RK, but this 
launcher hits 2 times and, since Mech-Zangief is SLOW, by the time he jumps up 
to do an Aeriel Rave, the opponent has already fallen down. Stick with the D+SP 

Run And Grab         HCF+K (far)
Mech-Zangief doesn't actually run, but walks. He walks towards the opponents and 
proceeds to grab him/her and crashes them to the ground. Use this sparingly and 
unpredictablely because he will be a sitting duck if he misses.

Siberian Suplex      HCF+K (close)
Mech-Zangief grabs the opponents and suplexes them and proceeds to crash them 
into the ground. Does double damage as the Run And Grab but can only be  done 

Spinning Piledriver  360+P (air)
Mech-Zangief will grab your opponent and spin him/her in the air and proceeds to 
crash him/her into the ground. The stronger the button is used, the higher Mech-
Zangief will spin your opponent.If you fail to grab an opponent, Mech-Zangief 
will do his miss-animation, leaving him open to attacks.

Rushing Grab         F,F
Mech-Zangief tries to grab your opponents by rushing at them. If you manage to 
grab your opponents, tap SP or FP to suplex him/her or FK or RK to bite him/her.

Dropping Elbow       F+SP (ground)
                     D+SP (air)
This move is good for suprise attacks. In the air, Mech-Zangief will drop down 
like a rock. Same purpose as Shuma-Gorath's Rock Drop but Mech-Zangief will drop 
at an angle.

WHOOOO!!!!!! This is the ultimate Hyper Combo (in MSH vs SF of course!) Mech-
Zangief will do a running grab (not so slow this time) and proceeds to suplex 
the opponents 2 times and does a spinning piledriver and, as a finisher, throws 
the opponents up in the air and jumps up, grab the opponent and spin him/her 
like mad and crashes the opponent to the ground. Spin the joystick (or the D-
pad) 360 degrees repeatedly to increase damage and change Mech-Zangief's skin 
colour from Grey to Red.

This is another lazy attempt of Capcom on making new supers by re-arranging 
frames in different order. This is just a rising lariat. It does good damage but 
short range. Good against Apocalypse, though.

WHOOO!!!!!! This is the ultimate team super. Mech-Zangief will motion your 
partner to come out and Mech-Zangief proceeds to grab the opponent. If the 
opponent is grabbed, Mech-Zangief will carry your opponent high up with your 
partner, switch places with your partner, brings the opponent down and crashes 
him/her on to the ground with one big explosion. Will drain 50% of your 
opponents life bar, always. More if you do it with a powerful characther as your 
partner. Be careful, though, doing this in Cross Over Mode. When the opponent 
see Mech-Zangief motion this move, they will immediately motion a Hyper Combo 
against you especially Ryu, Omega-Red and Chun-Li. Their supers will hurt both 
your characthers. Use it wisely.

Remember that Mech-Zangief CANNOT block or back jump. Whoever plans to use Mech-
Zangief must be an all-offence player and an expert. Be careful of Wolverine, Spider-Man  
and Apocalypse. Mech-Zangief can't do a thing if he is caught in Apocalypse drill 
attack, except watching his life-bar drain away. Wolverine and Spider-Man will be 
Mech-Zangief's worst nightmare, since Wolverine is a combo freak and can do a lot of 
damage to Mech-Zangief before he can punch Wolverine.


Forget about it. Mech-Zangief has almost NONE eexcept for his aeriel rave which 
is from weak to strong.  e.g.(JP -> SP -> FP)

I still can't believe Capcom won't give the Playstation an upgrade for this game 
like they did with the Saturn. Is it because it is immpossible to do so? or is 
it because Sony won't let them do it? or is it because Capcom realise they will 
still get profit for this game and releasing an upgrade for the Playstation is a 
waste of money and they think that they won't get extra profit from doing so (if 
this is the reason, then Capcom is really STOOPID!!)? We may never know.
Anyway, this is still a nice game and very addictive. This game is all about 
tag-team and since this version loses that, it is just another street fighter 
game but Capcom fans, this game is a must buy!


Me <>
Ryan Abdullah <> ( for playing this game with me )
OKA <> ( for the Mech-Zangief tip )
Dingo Jellybean <> ( for his FAQ, which have been my 
guideline )
Dennis Polinder, Jr.<> ( for informing me about Mech-
Zangief's team super )

Any comments, questions or corrections, please e-mail me at my e-mail address above. 
Forgive me for any mistake I've done, since this is my first FAQ. 

Copyright 1999 CYNDROM