Apocalypse Bug Guide For The PS version of Marvel Super Heroes Vs SF 
Ver 0.2
By !0r1-

Copyright Disclaimer thing

All characters in this guide are copyright of thier respective owners 
etc etc. If you actually want to read this go to Kao Megura's home page
and look at his.Then you can pretend it's written here.

All Right enough of that lets start
ok this isn't really meant to be some huge FAQ/guide thing. (again if 
you're looking for that go to Kao Meguras page). This is just a short
explanation of an EXTREMELY easy way to beat Apocalypse in MSHvsSF 
(not that he isn't easy enough already)

What you do is
1.Pick a charater who can air combo with Jab --->Strong -----> Fierce
I think most of them can do this but i haven't checked yet
2.Position yourself about half a centimetre away from Apocalypses head
3.As soon as the round starts jump and perform the above air combo.
4.If done correctly Apocalypse will morph his hand into that mace thing
and constantly swing it up and down but never make contact with the 
5.Repeat until he is dead.This will more than likely give you a perfect
victory unless you weren't quick enough in starting and he targeted you
with that stupid cannon.
There you go!!!!!!!

Some Words On Cyber Akuma
Ahhhhhhhh!This SUCKS!!!!!!!! It was alright in the arcades but fighting 
him one on one?????Your best bet for defeating him is to constantly 
counter, as counters don't use super meter(at least on my copy) you 
should alternate between countering (Cyclops is good for this) and doing 
strange things (which really stuffs the AI) he also doesn't like 
double/triple jumps or air dashes.Also charaters with long range Crouching
Roundhouses can turtle him fairly well.His fireball/running sweep gets annoying so 
as soon as you see him dash execute your team super
(heheheheheh, Double Final Atomic Buster, hehehehehehehehehe)

Ex Options
Special thanks to Hawk Chadwick for this:Highlight options and press
R1,Circle, left,Triangle,Triangle

After Note
I have tested this on the American version only..So I'm not sure if 
it works on the Jap version or not.Also the best characters to use 
for this are Spider-Manand Chun-Li 
(probably Wolverine but I refuse to use him)

Contacting Me
Ummm, if for some reason you feel a nedd to contact me about this you
can email me at Dan_hibiki@hotmail.com or my ICQ # is 25751859 
Oh,yeah and please visit my page at http://angelfire.com/ga/mesrule/index2.html

Me-for bothering to write this
Kao Megura- for writing the best FAQs ANYWHERE
Capcom- just because everyone else says this
Hawk Chadwick-for the EX options