Apocalypse by Mysterio_

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Here is the utterly brief and uncomplicated Apocalypse faq for MSHvsSF for 
the Playstation.  THis is the first and only revision.  Feel free to place 
the faq anywhere, or take credit for it yourself, I really don't care.  All 
I want in return is an e-mail saying thanks for letting me use it.


Code to play as Apocalypse
Win Quotes
Voice Track

*Code to play as Apocalypse:*
-- Beat game on any difficulty
-- Go to Battle, Versus, or Arcade Mode
-- Highlight Akuma
-- Hit select 6 times then press P or K

Intro: Insults you, says something, vanishes, and rises up from the bottom 
of the screen as one HUGE bastard.
Win Pose: He stands over you and says "You Are Not Fit To Survive!"

*Win Quotes*
"A superior race is what I bring to this world!"
"Destruction is a small price to pay for power!"
"Do not presume to be important, maggots..."
"I alone prevail... You cannot stop me!"
"I am eternal. None can withstand me."
"I am eternal. You did not stand a chance fool!"
"I create history your grandchildren will read!"
"I was the first. And I alone will be the last!"

*Voice Track*
- "Ha ha ha ha ha ha."
- "You fool!"
- "Game is over!"
- "HA!"
- "You are not fit to survive!"

Shockwave: F,DF,D+P
Apocalypse raises his hand and smashes it down, creating a shockwave that 
increases in size with each use.  A good move, but the windup is way too 
long, so if you get hit, you're ether dumb, Mega-Zangief, or Dan.  A good 
insult move, though.

Spike Drop: F,D,DF+P
Apocalypse turns his hand into a spiked ball and slams it down.  The hand is 
invulnerable at this time, but Apocalypse becomes a target for beam supers.

Stun Cannon: D,DF,F,D,DF,F+FK
Apocalypse targets you, cannons on his shoulders appear, and he shoots you 
with sixteen shots that dizzy you automatically.
Against: BLOCK OR DIE!
Using: Go for the Mega Shrill IMMEDIATELY!

Spread cannon: D,DF,F+FK(?)
Still unsure on the move.  He opens the cannons again and shoots out a 
spread of bullets.

Sattelite Beam: Happens by itself.
You know those annoying sattelites that float around shooting beams?  Those 
attack on their own, adding damage to Poccy's attacks.

*Supers* (Note: You can use the supers anytime.  You should use them 
Mega Shrill: D,DF,F+FP
Apocalypse turns his arm into a massive drill, runs backwards, then 
forwards.  His best move, this will KILL if it connects once, and cut of 
half a lifebar if not push-blocked.  Be careful when using, but use it a 

Ground-Zero Eyebeam: D,DF,F+RK
Apocalypse's eyes flash and he shoots beams from his eyes that have 
basically the same damage as the Mega Shrill.  Again, use this a lot.  Be 
careful.  Use it as a mistake punisher. (Examples: Dumb Mega-Zangief players 
who stay in front of you.  Taunters.  Dans who get cocky and use the super 
taunt.  Zangief when he goes for his supers.)

Yeah right.

Not much to say here.  If you pick Apocalypse, you have guts, or you are 
"That Damn Good," because Big Blue is basically a Street Fighter II bonus 
round that fights back.  If you insist on showing off you testicular 
fortitude by playing as him, listen closely.  USE THE SUPERS, AND USE THEM A 
LOT.  They are your best bets for punishing people.  And if you are 
incredibly lucky, or your opponent is unbelievably stupid, you'll get a 
perfect.  Use his Shockwave to take care of fireballers.  Use Stun and 
Spread Cannons if you're feeling mean.  WATCH IT IF THE SATTELITES ARE 
arm, do the Mega Shrill to escape.  Chances are you'll catch them.  Stay 
away from the Spike Drop.  It's his worst move.