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                                       By: MechMark

				1) Sir Dan and his Things
				2) Level Tips and Hints
				3) The Hall of Heros and their Weapons
				4) General Tips and Hints
				5) Credits
				6) The Author	

1) Sir Dan and his Things
On your quest to kill Zarok, your will pick up many things. Here is what they 
are and what to do with them:

-Small Sword-
This weapon you pick up at Dan's Crypt. It is an exceptionaly good for your 
first weapon (Besides your arm). I use it alot. (There are some excptions, like 
on the Hilltop Mauseleum level for the gremlins with torches use the crossbow. 
Others are listed in the level tips.) 

-Throwing Daggers-
You Get this in Dan's Crypt also. When you are on a ledge and your enemy is on 
the ground, do the charge move(hold the square button for 2 seconds and release 
to throw)and let her rip! 

This weapon is a cool one. It bashes boulders, can set thing on
fire(find a campfire and hold SQUARE, then find the guy you want to set on
fire. When in range, hold square) and do other things. Be careful
though! Under your weapon picture, there is a %. This is how
close you are to breaking your club. (100% means no where close and 5% means its 
gonna break soon.)

This weapon has the might of a club (see above), but is a bit stronger.
The charge move makes a shockwave when it hits something. This weapon
can't break, so you can bang until you are dead, again.

If your bow stock goes down to about 50, by more from a merchaint gargolyle. Use 
this weapon to take out the Stain Glass Demon in Hilltop Mauseleum, the little 
gremlins in
that level too, the metel giants in Scarecrow Fields, and alot more!
Just get the fireflys on your target, and hold down X. The bow does
the rest!

This is one of the strongest weapons. Have it enchanted by merchaint gargoyles 
and make it even more powerful! The % under the picture is how enchanted it is.

-Magic Sword-
This is COOL!!! Is hacks most enemies to bits with 1 slash! Use this weapon on 
all enemies except a few(that are listed in the level tips).

This has a long range and as she said, can pack a punch.

-Long Bow- 
This is more powerful than the crossbow. Use this when you need range and 

-Fire Longbow- 
It shoots arrows that are on fire. Burns them good. Check it out!

-Magic Longbow-
This is a super longbow. It has super range and is extreamly powerful. Use it 
sparingly, the arrows cost 100 pieces of gold for 10 arrows.

This is a bit stronger than a sword, but is harder to hit with. Press SQUARE to 
throw it.

-Gold Shield- 
This is shield can protect your more than the copper and silver. Go to a 
merchaint gargoyle to repair it.

-Copper Shield and Silver Shield-
Shields. Hold TRIANGLE and walk to use them. You can crush boulders comming at 
you with them too...

-Dragon Armor-
This is so COOL! You can breath fire and you're fire proof too.

Dont play with this. Only use it when you need it because you can't restore its 
power. But it is extreamly powerful. 

-Good Lightning-
You get this on the last battle. Use it to eep your army healthy. They turn 
colors depending on how close they are to dieing.

2)Level Tips and Hints
If you get stuck, e-mail me! I'll be more than glad to help you!

-Dan's Crypt-
Search for anything you can find. Pick up evrything you can.

-The Graveyard-
This is a very easy level. Just run through hacking at evrything you see. To get 
the Chalice, kill enough monsters until you get the message "The Chalice can be 
collected!". Then Go to a clearing where there is a angle statue. Hit the statue 
with your sword. That opens the gate. Get the golden cup and find the exit.

-Hall Of Heros-
This is a level that you will go to alot. When you get a Chalice, you come here. 
Stand on the tile that has a chalice on it and wait a second. If nothing 
happens, move on to the next one. Or look for the statue with a green glow on 

-Cemetary Hill-
Make your way up the hill where the boulders are rolling. If you have a shield, 
hold TRIANGLE and walk up. If you don't, well instinks you will rely on. You can 
destroy the boulders with the hammer or club. When you reach the top, jump into 
the Fountian of Revjuvanation and grab the Treasure Chest and go!

-Hilltop Mausenleum-
This is a not so easy level. At the beginning, pull out the Crossbow and shoot 
the gremlins. Use the club on the unopend coffens. One has gold, one has a vile, 
one has the passage to the catombs. When you see the glass shards, use the club 
on them. When you go to a round room, you see a rune or the sheet music. When 
you take these, run! run! run! out into the room with the path to the three 
cooridoors. Once you get the Sheet music and come back alive, go into the room 
with the ghoul playing the organ. Give him the music. In the chaos rune room, 
push the box with the fire until it is under the red object. Go back to the main 
room where the spirits from the red thing went. 
-Stain Glass Demon-
When you see his heart pop out, shoot it continulsy with the crossbow. Repeat 
until dead.

-ScareCrow Fields-
Use evry Fountian of Revjuvanation you see! The scarecrows are powerful. Use 
your sword on them. Run around avoiding their spinning. After a while they 
shatter. Hit the box with a Skull & Crossbones idmeditly after you see it, it 
releases  a snake ghost that kills enemies in one touch! He kills scarecrows 
too! To find the cog to the harvest machine, make your way through the all 
circular machines, find the silver cog and make your way BACK to the barn. Go 
into the barn, push the bale of hay against the ledge on the back wall and get 
onto the ledge. Hit the switch which will lower the harvester so you can use the 
cog.Jump on the box beside the harvester. Go to your invintory and select the 
cog. The harvester will open a path to the Chalice, a Fountian of Revjuvanation, 
and a chest of gold. Then go BACK through the machines to the exit.

-Pumpkin Gorge-
To get the moon rune, go on the first path you come across on the right. To get 
pass the tentecles, just hack at 'em with your BroadSword. By the merchaint 
gargoyle, there is a breakable wall. Dan Dash it a few times to see a path to 
the chalice.

-Pumpkin Serpant-
Destroy all of the green pulsing things. When you see the couldren, go near it 
and select the witch tailsman. After you kill all of the green things, the 
pumpkin king will awake.
-Pumpkin King-
To kill this huge boss, shoot him with the crossbow until he's dead. Then go 
back to the woden well by the first path you walked along. Jump in and grab your 

-The Sleeping Vilige-
Don't kill the townspeople! It take away from your chalice. 
**Instuctions To making a Crusafix**
Get the cast from the library by dan-dashing the wall in front of a gray object.
Go to the place where you put the moon rune. Push a berrel over the golden box.
put the moon rune in the hand and go through the door. Go in the trap door.
Go through the next room. In the next room, go up the stairs. See the cage? In 
front of it there are berrels. Smash them with the hammer. Grab the rune. Go 
down the stairs and plact the rune in the hand. Smash the berrels until you see 
the switch. Hit the switch and head upstairs again.
Grab the golden head and get out. Go to the blacksmith's place. You can identify 
his place by the 
horeshoe rug uout side. Put the cast and the golden head in the big box. Jump on 
the wedged thing beside the box until the crusaffix is formed.

-The Alyseum Grounds-
DO NOT GET AS FUSTRATED AS I DID! Jack of the Green's puzzles are hard. The 
first one, look for 'stars'. The second, find a 'clown'. The third, scare the 
'elephant'. The fourth, take away the darkness from somthing. To leave, solve 
the riddles and play the chess game. Hit the peices untill thaey are on their 
color. But rember, play by the chess rules!

-Inside the Alyseum-
This one has a lot of zombies. Hack and run works well. Use your shields a lot.  
Get your sword enchanted to have more power. In the 3rd room, you can use the 
crossbow to take them out from afar. When you reach the dungon, use the rune to 
free the mayor. Grab the gem, the chalice, and hop in the rejuvinatation 

-The Enchanted Earth-
Watch out for pesky dragon-frogs, spitting plants, and... well... the demons 
after you release them. When you see the big stump with steps on it, go up on 
the platform. When you reach another platform, go on up! When you reach the top, 
jump on the watermelon things. When you reach the top of those, hold TRIANGLE 
and jump in the nest. Keep holding TRIANGLE. Push the eggs out on the rim of the 
nest. Collect your treasures. When you get to a gorgoyle that says none shall 
enter, go to the doors and select the shadow artafact. Go down a step on the 
plates in the order on the wall. The rest is up to you... 
If you see the witch couldren, select the witch tailsman. 
-The Ant Caves-
Smash the glass in front of the fairy's for a reward. Kill all of the larvae you 
-The Queen Ant-
Use the hammer on the larvae when you first walk in. Then walk near the big ant. 
Hammer the little ants. When the queen jumps in the air, shoot her with the 
spears until the cows come home. Repeat.

-The Anchient Pools of the Dead-
To kill the fat metel things,(The Armored Knights) use a charged up hammer. The 
shockwave will push them into the water. Oh the snake guy is back, just find his 
box but be careful... Find 8 soul helmets, kill all of the enemies and get the 
chalice, and head back to the beginning of the level. On your way back, there 
will be a place where your can go strait to the very beginning, or your can turn 
right. Turn right. Go the the boatman. Stand near him on the island and select 
the helmets.

-The Lake-
Use the shicken drumsticks on the lizzards and they will turn into chicken. :) 
After you stop the whirlpool, jump in! The level is strait forward, but rember, 
kill only the black eyes not the others or you'll turn up short on souls for the 

-Crystal Caves-
Attack the Shadow Demons with the Flaming LongBow. Go in the cave. To defeat the 
knock on the ground with the hammer to make boulders fall on him. Hit on one 
platform to make boulders fall on the platform to the right of it.

-The Gallows Gauntlet-
To get past the Drangon Gate, put on your Dragon Armor. If a guy that looks like 
the snake attacks you, RUN!!!!! Other than that, I think you can beat this 

-Haunted Ruins-
Go in the chicken coop and scare them to the largest feed pile to drop the draw 

To save the farmers:
Go to the opening overlooking the shadow demons. Arm the Magic Longbow and fire 
a barrage at the first one. Run down quickly and shoot the other two. Then pound 
out the fires with the hammer. Step on the golden box to free them. Follow them 
back to the start for your reward.

-The Ghost Ship-
To stop the crew members, you have to kill the ones in blue jackets

1) The Hatch Doors
Just drop down in them. It will take you below decks and a short cut
around this hazzard.    

2) The Spring Beds
Like before, drop down. After killing the blue coated officer, go out
the door on the right. Dan Dash your way to pick up 2 energy viles. Go
back in the room you dropped into. Go in the door to the left. Avoid
the cannon balls by ducking behind the boxes. Ok try it again, don't
drop down. Jump on the first one, wait for Dan to steady himself. Jump
on the one to his right, then left, then right. Steady yourself then
jump up onto the platform.

3) The Swinging Platforms
Take your time and hop on the first one. Then second, then third. Get
near the edge and wait. See the platforms rotating? Time yourself
perfectly and jump on one. Don't get on the steps just yet, ride
around and jump on the platform with the Fountian. Get back on and
ride around to the cage. Jump in and go up! When it gets to the top,
jump to your right. Kill the officer and jump down. Kill the crew
members then the officer comes down. Kill him. You should have 100% on
your chalice.  Go back to the cage and ride up. This time jump to the
left. Jumpin the cage. It rides down, but jump in the cage once
more.(Just hit the O button) 
-The Skeleton Captian-
Off to battle the Cap'n! Go in the door. Pull out you club and hold
SQUARE. Go up to the fire and light your club. Stand between the
cannons and rotate you pad or analog stick 360 degrees. Keep doing
that until he is dead. The crew members will get up and attak you but
just egnore them. You'll hit them running around.

-The Time Device-
Oh boy after the Ghost Ship, there is harder levels! To unlock the gates, stand 
near it. A clock will drop down. Remeber the hands postitions. Go back to the 
gargoyle. See the brain matter? Jump on the big one and on to the big clock. 
Jump on the gold button to move the gold hand. Jump on the silver to move the 
silver hand. Set the time you saw at the gate. 

-Zarok's Lair-
You got this far! Great! Let's get ready. When the train stops, hop off and talk 
to the Gargoyle on the right. Then visit the Merchaint. Buy all that you can in 
this order(Fill up #1, then #2 ect.)
1) Magic Arrows
2) Gold Sheild
3) Spears
4) Flaming Arrows
5) Crossbow Bolts
6) Standerd Arrows
Then everything else that you can buy (for the fun of it).

Then into the Arena! The first thing you do it break the chest on the right for 
Good Lightning. Then go into the center of the Arena(there is a blue circle 
there). Zarok summons his army and you summon yours. Your army will turn colors 
on how damaged they are. 
Green-Full Healthy
Yellow-Almost Helthy
Orange-Almost Dead
Red-Almost Back to the Grave (Real Close to Dieing)

When they get damaged, arm Good Lightning and shoot at them. It charges their 
helth up. It takes helth though. Soon if you keep your army charged up, the tide 
will turn and your army will win. You get an energy vile for each one remaining. 
Next: Lord Kardok

-Lord Kardok-
Dan Dash your way around the Arena to avoid him. Rember Canny Tim's bragging 
about shooting Lord Kardok in the eye? Lets do it! Shoot at him when he rears up 
on his horse. When you run out, switch to the Flaming LongBow. Then Longbow. He 
should be dead by now.

He turns into a... a Hoodoowata.(I made that up) Dan Das your way around to 
avoid him. When he rears up, pummel him with Magic Arrows. Soon he will charge 
up into a Morning Star. (He turns into a big yellow ball) Put on your Dragon 
Armor to pro tect yourself.(It sets you on fire.)
When you run out of Magic Arrows, switch to Spears. That should get him pretty 
good, but not beat. Get out your Lightning. Finish him off! Set back and whats 
as he threats you. Laugh in his face! You BEAT IT!!!

3)The Hall of Heros and their Weapons
Canny Tim-Crossbow
Stanyer Iron Hewer-Hammer
Woden the Mighty-BroadSword
Warrior Queen-Spears
Ravenhooves the Archer-Longbow, Flaming Longbow, Magic Longbow
Karl Sturngard-Gold (Magic) Shield
Bloodmonath the Skull Cleaver-Axe
Dirk Steadfast-Magic Sword
Megwynne Stormbinder-Lightning
Sir Daniel Foresque-You decide :)

4)General Hints and Tips

-When you fight bosses, find out what weapons work best.
-Save your game after you beat a level.
-You can only do the Daring Dash (Dan Dash) after you beat the
Graveyard Gardians in Return to the Graveyard.
-To do the Dan Dash, tap the forward button and hold then press TRIANGLE. You 
can only do this after you beat Return To the Graveyard
-The books in that game tell you evrything you need. Just put it all together...
-If your dont get a check for a level, go back and explore some more...
-If you get assinged or offerd a quest, well you should do it.
-The use for the Chicken Drumtick is if you throw it at sea lizzards
or Shadow Demons, they turn into Chicken!
-Eat Chicken for some extra helth...
-If you are low on health after beating a level, go back to the
Graveyard and jump in the Fountians. Repeat until you're full.
-If your low on cash, go back to Dan's Crypt and Dan Dash the wall
that does not match the other walls. Repeat until your rich!
-Enchant your BradSword to add more power to it.
-In the Sleeping Village or or the Graveyard, hit the hands walking around or 
the rats crawling around with your hammer.

Ian Noble for his help in the Asleum Grounds.
Sony for the COOL game.

5)The Author
Written by: Mechmark
Author's E-Mail: mechmark@geocities OR mechmark@yahoo.com
c 1998 by Mechmark 
No information may be used without written permission from the author.