Chalice Locations by R H Gough

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Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 20:36:55 -0700
From: "R. Hunter Gough" <>

Medievil Chalice Locations
Directions assume that the starting location is the south end of the level.
1. Graveyard - Turn the angel statue so it faces the gate in front of the 
chalice. the gate will open.
2. Cemetery Hill - Light your club in the witches' room, then use it to light 
the fire in the room full of cages. The chalice is in one.
3. The Stained Glass Mausoleum - Give the Phantom the sheet music and the wall 
will open, revealing the chalice.
4. Return to the Graveyard - The chalice is in the middle of the undertaker's 
5. Scarecrow Fields - Take the alternate path at the last mill to get the 
cogwheel, use the cogwheel on the thresher to cut a path through the corn, the 
chalice is at the end of that path.
6. Pumpkin Gorge - In the tunnel near the beginning, bash the wall next to the 
7. Pumpkin Serpent - After you kill the boss, jump down the well near the 
8. Enchanted Earth - The chalice is in the room with the Dark Portal. Hit the 
switches in the order on the wall to open the gates.
9. Ant Hill - Save all the fairies, and you'll be sent to the hall after you 
beat the level.
10.Sleeping Village - Use the crucifix to open the secret wall in the church. 
Use the cast and the bust in the smithy to get the crucifix.
11.Asylum Grounds - The chalice is next to the elephant... I think...
12.Asylum Interior - The chalice is in plain sight in the last room where the 
Mayor is.
13.Pools of the Dead - The chalice is at the middle-east end of the swamp. If 
you've killed everything and still don't have 100%, wait around for the flying 
14.The Lake - The chalice is in the room at the top of the tunnel leading up 
from the whirlpool.
15.Crystal Caverns - The chalice is in plain sight at the beginning of the 
16.The Gallows Gauntlet - One of the switches in the dragon room opens and gate 
near the beginning, which contains a switch that opens the gate to the chalice.
17.Haunted Ruins - The chalice is on the parapet just southwest of the catapult. 
Put out the fires before freeing the farmers, and kill the shadow demons that 
appear during the countdown to get 100%.
18.Ghost Ship - Take the elevator cage up to the crow's nest on the left. Only 
the blue pirates count toward your chalice.
19.The Entry Hall - Take the stairs on the right down to the lab shown in the 
20.The Time Device - Make the lasers loop in a circle to destroy the crystal 
around the chalice.