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MediEvil2 FAQ / Walkthrough
v.1.6 by Sailor Bacon <sailor_bacon@hotmail.com>
10 June 2000



Warning: Please do not post this FAQ without my permission. Please do not
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with my life. Do NOT use this FAQ for any profit making use at all, this is
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copyright Sony. This FAQ is copyright Allen "Sailor Bacon" Tyner

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Revision History

v.1.6  Completed the walkthrough!
       Re-reformatted the walkthrough to be easier on the eyes.
v.1.5  Completed the walkthrough up through The Ripper.
       Reformatted the walkthrough to be easier on the eyes.
       Added a few things I missed in the walkthrough (a Life Bottle, etc)
       Added a few obligatory GameShark codes.
v.1.4  Completed the walkthrough up through Whitechapel.
v.1.3  Completed the walkthrough up through The Count, added Cheating.
v.1.2  Completed the walkthrough up through Iron Slugger
v.1.1  Completed the walkthrough up through Greenwich, updated the 
       and arsenal sections, reformatted to make it easier on the eyes.
v.1.0  Um... everything. Just got the game today and it's a blast!

Table of Contents





--The Museum
--Tyrannosaurus Wrecks
--Kensington, the Tomb
--The Freak Show
--Greenwich Observatory
--Greenwich Naval Academy
--Kew Gardens
--Iron Slugger
--Wulfrum Hall
--The Count
--Time Machine, the Museum
--Time Machine, the Sewers
--Time Machine, the Ripper
--Cathedral Spires
--Cathedral Spires, the Descent
--The Demon



500 years after the first MediEvil game, Sir Dan is awakened from his final
resting place by the forces of another evil plot. The spell book of the evil
being from the first game, Zarok, is found in many pieces by Lord Palethorn.
He casts a spell creating many evil creatures that he could not even control
himself because he didn't have all of the spell book! Luckily Sir Dan
awakens to fight evil once again!


-Sir Dan Fortesque: Our intrepid hero, Sir Dan is a skull-headed creature
that may look odd but is quite powerful. Aside from throwing his arm at
people, he's good with many weapons and his head makes a cool noise when he
bonks it on something.

-Winston: The helpful ghost with the annoying accent, Winston appears every
so often to give Sir Dan some advice as he makes his way through the game.
He may be a tad bit annoying, but he is useful.

-Professor Hamilton-Kift: The guy you're "working for". He appears to be a
bit of a scatterbrain.

-Kiya: The blue female saved in Kensington. She's forever indebted to Sir
Dan for saving her.

-the Spiv: The Spiv is really cool. He's this dude who appears in odd places
and tries to sell you things from his trenchcoat. How cool is that? Yeah,
that's really cool!

-Lord Palethorn: The big red evil guy who Sir Dan is up against. He's a very
bitter man who thinks a little too highly of himself considering that high
society wants nothing to do with him.

-Mander: A cricket-looking dude who speaks softly and likes to run around
like a madman shooting magic at people. Works for Palethorn.

-Dogman: A big.. dog.. man.... yeah, that's it. He's a big bully thug type
working for Palethorn.


-D-Pad: Controls our intrepid Sir Dan and scrolls through menus.
-Analog: Same as d-pad, only better.
-X Button: Primary attack with weapon; select items, etc in menus.
-Square Button: Powered-up attack with weapon (hold down to increase power);
-Triangle Button: Duck; Dash (while running), use shield; cancel in menu.
-O Button: Jumps.
-Start Button: Pauses the game, where you can change options and quit.
-Select Button: Inventory.
-L2, R2 Buttons: Rotate camera.
-L2 + R2: First person view.
-Square + L2: Switch active weapon.
-Triangle + L1: Switch between head and body; equip/unequip head; mount
Danhand (after Iron Slugger)


Here's the weapons in the game (up to where I've gotten...)

-Arm: If I could take my arm off like that...
--Acquired: You start with it, silly!
--Normal attack: Bludgeons people with his arm of death.
--Powered up attack: Sir Dan throws his arm out like a boomerang.

-Torch: Fire! Fire!
--Acquired: Easily found in The Museum
--Normal attack: Holds it out right in front of him to light stuff.
--Powered up attack: Waves the torch in front of him.

-Small Sword: A very long sword that's called Small...
--Acquired: Easily found in The Museum
--Normal attack: A normal sword slash from right to left.
--Powered up attack: Sir Dan's upper body spins around a few times and he
  holds his sword out to slash 360 degrees.

-Broad Sword: Takes the place of the Small Sword and can be powered up by
the Spiv.
--Acquired: Getting the chalice reward from Dankenstein
--Normal attack: Up to three hits.
--Powered up attack: See Small Sword.

-Magic Sword: Master using it and you can have this.
--Acquired: Getting the chalice reward from the Sewers.
--Normal attack: Up to two slashes.
--Powered up attack: See Broad Sword.

-Cane Stick: It's a cane... and a stick... it even juliannes potatoes!
--Acquired: Getting the chalice reward from The Museum.
--Normal attack: Sir Dan pokes directly in front of him.
--Powered up attack: Purple lightning shoots out from the ground in three

-Hammer of Thor: Stop... hammer time!
--Acquired: Getting the chalice reward from Kensington.
--Normal attack: Pounds the ground and shakes the screen.
--Powered up attack: Hits the ground and light waves shoot out in 360

-Axe: Chop 'em up with this aptly named tool!
--Acquired: Getting the chalice reward from Greenwich.
--Normal attack: Slices straight downward.
--Powered up attack: Throw the axe forward like your arm.

-Pistol: Your standard issue shooter.
--Acquired: Easily found in The Museum
--Normal attack: Shoots a bullet, not unlike most other guns.
--Powered up attack: N/A

-Crossbow: Rapid fire shooter of sharp pointy sticks.
--Acquired: Getting the chalice reward from The Freak Show.
--Normal attack: Shoots an arrow at rapid fire speed.
--Powered up attack: N/A

-Flaming Crossbow: Just like the regular one only fiery.
--Acquired: In a house in Whitechapel.
--Normal attack: Shoots an arrow at rapid fire speed.
--Powered up attack: N/A

-Gatling Gun: YES!!!!!!
--Acquired: Getting the chalice reward from killing The Ripper
--Normal attack: Shoot the crap outta stuff
--Powered up attack: N/A

-Good Lightning: Save Kiya!
--Acquired: When you dress up like the leader of the Mullocks
--Normal attack: Gives Kiya some of your life.
--Powered up attack: N/A

-Lightning: Good clean fun like Mother Nature intended!
--Acquired: Getting the chalice reward from Wulfrum Hall
--Normal attack: Hold in front of you and zap stuff.
--Powered up attack: REALLY zap stuff.

-Blunderbuss: I'm hunting wabbits!
--Acquired: Getting the chalice reward from Whitechapel
--Normal attack: A nice powerful shot.
--Powered up attack: N/A

-Bombs: Explosive!!
--Acquired: Getting the chalice reward from Kew Gardens.
--Normal attack: Light a bomb then press again to drop it.
--Powered up attack: Throw a bomb that explodes quickly.

-Copper Shield: The first basic shield (aka David Coppershield)
-Silver Shield: Twice as durable as the Copper Shield
-Gold Shield: Yeah.... the good stuff.... the Spiv can recharge it.


Yes, the part the world has been waiting for! The step-by-step guide to how
to win the game!! ^_^ Heh heh, when you get stuck this is where you want to
turn to.

***************The Museum*********************************************

-Walk forward through the hallway into the next room. Hit the statue to get
the Small Sword. Equip it by pressing Square+L1.

-Leave and go to your left down the hallway until you reach another room.
Once inside, chop the zombie guys to pieces and get the Museum Key from the

-Head through the doorway in the back left corner of the room. Inside,
you'll see two zombie statues come to life. These guys aren't too tough to
kill.. just run around them in circles and slice them with your sword
whenever they whiff with their big swords. Grab the Energy Vial by the giant
purple thing then go up the stairs and bust open the display to get the
Pistol. You'll probably want to put the Pistol in the place of your arm
attack. Head to the right into the next room.

-In the next room, go to the right and jump onto the platform for another
Energy Vial that you may or may not use. Continue to head towards the right
to get 30 bucks. Walk past the door and hit the treasure chest to get the
Copper Shield, which is automatically equipped and ready to go. Go back and
enter the door now.

-In the next room, climb onto the stuff on the wall and head downward. When
you hit the ground, walk forward a bit and this big ugly chicken thing pops
out of the wall and throws three little ugly chicken things out for you to
kill. You can make pretty short work of these creeps with your sword (watch
out for their flaming breath) and that causes the big ugly chicken thing to
get mad and knock down a Buddha looking statue in a position that enables
you to move further in the stage. What a nice ugly chicken thing he/she/it
is! Walk up the statue, snag the money, stand in the green mist to recover
your HP, and enter the door to the next room.

-In this room, you have to take out annoying whooping guys with guns. I
personally just bludgened the mess out of them with my sword then left and
got my life back at the mist stuff but it's up to you if you want to try
to use strategy on them or something. Anyways, kill 'em and move on.

-In the next room, you'll run into the Spiv. You can buy more bullets for
your (hopefully) unused Pistol here. I chose not to. There are two of those
little ugly chicken things here. Just use the circularity of the room to
sneak up behind them and take them out. Proceed downstairs and after staring
at the coolness of the cannon for a moment, go right into the Display Room.

-In here, there are two of the fun statue guys to kill and another whooping
guy. With all the space in the room you should be able to kill the whooping
guy by hit and running with your sword. Get the torch at the end of the
room. Leave and go straight across to the Garden.

-Take out the stupid zombie guys and get your life back here. If you've
killed enough bad guys then get the chalice, otherwise leave the room and
kill the ugly chicken guys some more until you have then come back. In the
far back corner of the room you'll find a treasure chest with a cannonball
in it. I think you can figure out where this is leading...

-Go to the cannon and put the cannonball inside. Equip the torch, hold it in
front of one of the lit torches on the wall, and light the cannon to open up
the Myths & Legends room.

-In here, use your Pistol to take out the whooping guys and then climb up
the wall and circle around for 30 bucks and the Dinosaur Key. Use the newly
acquired Dinosaur Key to get into the next room or go back to the Garden if
you took a lot of damage from the whooping guys.

-The ugly big chicken thing is back with a vengeance!! First you get to take
out three little ones again with  your sword. Before going to the next room,
enter the hole that the boss made in the wall and snag the 20 bucks.

-In the next room, talk to Winston to save your game then climb the stairs
and get ready for the big fight with Tyrannosaurus Wrecks.

***************Tyrannosaurus Wrecks***********************************

-First, go through the door and go to the upper level. The Spiv hangs around
in case you need more ammo. Don't forget to snag the 10 bucks next to him.
Now then, TW will either growl and ram the wall to drop rocks on your head,
breath a quick breath of fire and jump up to breath fire in your general
vicinity, or it will growl deeply and then approach you and do a signal to
summon two bone dinosaurs to attack you. When this happens, drop down and
walk up TW's back and hit the big red glowy thing to hurt it. After the
second time, TW breaks apart and reforms in the air as a cool looking
dino-bird. Go back upstairs, switching to the Pistol in the comfort of the
safe hallway with the Spiv. Once you're on the top level, run like hell to
avoid the flame attacks that TW assaults you with. After several swoops,
TW stops in the middle to do the call thing again. Drop to the ground and
shoot the mess out of TW with the Pistol until it stops being vulnerable.
Avoid the Skele-things as best as you can. Go upstairs and repeat. This
isn't too tough.

-After the battle you'll get a Life Bottle. Exit through the door to
advance onward!

***************The Professor's Lab************************************

-Talk to Professor Hamilton-Kift and he'll explain to you why you have been
revived. Basically he tells you about the powerful Zarok spell book and
its power and that you need to see the damage done by the recent discovery
of parts of the book. He's imprisoned in his lab so you need to help him
get comfy as well. He'll also give you the Cane Stick assuming that you got
the Chalice from the stage.

-Not much to do here, let's head on to Kensington!


-Walk forward and you'll see a carnie-looking guy who will bring several
zombies to life in an attempt to irritate you to death. kill the little
zombies then you'll be able to hit the carnie as he'll begin to phase in
and out. Hit him quickly or he revives the zombie guys and that's just
irritating. You should double slash him and then move cause he'll strike
back. Repeat until dead. You get 10 bucks for killing him.

-After killing him, head towards the tunnel, but enter the little grove
next to the tunnel and climb the wall to get to a Copper Shield and to the
Spiv if you want more bullets. Climb back down and head towards the tunnel.

-Time for another of our favorite battles. Kill the carnie. Go to the left
and look for a switch by the water to operate the lift. Get lifted up and
enter the passageway. Before you start moving the box all over the place,
get the 10 bucks hiding in the corner. Now move the box to where you can
jump up to the double stacked boxes. Jump up and get to the ledge to
become the proud owner of the Depot Key. Now stand under the protruding
wooden thing and jump a few times to make that cool noise then exit
through the exit. When you jump down three zombies decide to tango with
you. Exit this place now by heading right from the really goofy fish
statue thingie.

-When you enter the first screen prepare to kill another carnie. After that
you should be able to see the green mist so feel free to get your life
back. Go straight from where you entered and you'll find the Depot. Use
the Depot Key (duh!) to open it up and dig in.

-In the Depot, go left and kill zombie dudes. There is a treasure chest
there that releases a sparkly blue ball thing. After that excitement,
climb the wall and enter the gap. Inside you'll find the Town House Key
and a life recovery mist place. After getting the key you'll have to fight
three dog-looking mummy things. They'll shoot beams at you which you can
duck under. Otherwise just slash 'em. After they die you need to move the
crate over on top of the cart by the exit so that you can jump out. Once
outside head towards the exit of the Depot and kill the dumb zombies (you
should be at chalice getting ability by now...) then leave.

-Approach the water fountain and 5 zombies jump out. Kill them like the
death machine that you are and go left at the fountain. You'll see the
Town House so I bet you know what you'll do here...

-Inside, Winston tells you to look for clues so make like Scooby Doo and
search the place. Upstairs you'll find a Pocket Watch in a chest near
some weak crates. Picking up this Pocket Watch magically makes a door
open. Since I know you don't feel like looking around, I'll tell you
where to go. Leave the Town House and walk straight to the big house.
Scale the wall on the left side to hop up on the roof. There's a light
as if Winston wants to chat but it really just boots up a cutscene where
you get to hear a dog say "Master will be pleased with booty."

-Now when you talk to Winston he reminds you to get the chalice before
entering the roof window. Sounds like a plan to me. Remember the area with
the Spiv? Go there and hit the bell at the station to cause a train to
drive up with the chalice in it. Isn't that lovely? ^_^ Now feel free to
jump in the sky window.


***************Kensington, the Tomb***********************************

-Jump CAREFULLY from hanging flowers to hanging flowers. On the other side
you'll get 20 bucks and the chance to buy from the Spiv. Or you can forget
that and just drop down without jumping from the first hanging flower and
after the following battle climb up for these things. At any rate, you'll
have to fight four mummy dogs and it's not pretty.. don't worry too much
though cause you'll be healed soon enough so just don't die. Enter the tomb
after the battle.

-After a mini-cutscene walk forward and take your first right to heal. After
that, go into the alcove and kill the two mummy dogs (then heal again).
Afterwards, go through the door on the left side of the alcove.

-In this room, light your Torch and light up the other two torches to make
things easier to see. You'll get attacked by a mummy dog but you can burn
him. Now then, push the double block by the triple block and then the
single block by the double block to make steps that lead you up to the
Tablet of Horus. Then move the single block and the double block to make
steps on the opposing side to procure the Scroll of Sekhmet. Time for one
final staircase. Move the triple block to the other non-exit side and make
a staircase there. Oh, and another dog will come out when you do so.
Anyways, make the staircase to get the Staff of Anubis. Then kill yet
another stupid mummy dog. Enter the hole in the wall by your staircase.

-By trial and error, you can figure out this room. Or if you're lazy,
here's how you use each item. Tablet of Horus on left pharoah, Staff of
Anubis on middle pharoah, Scroll of Sekhmet on right pharoah. Watch as a
random woman appears!

***************The Professor's Lab************************************

-Talk to the Prof and enjoy the humorous dialogue. ^_^ Nothing more fun
than Sir Dan trying to convey a pocket watch through grunts and the Prof
making comments about debriefing.

-Get the Hammer of Thor for getting the chalice.

-Off you go!

***************The Freak Show*****************************************

-Go left to get 10 bucks then right to heal up.... you'll need it.... The
bearded ladies are really annoying. A good smack with the Hammer will take
one out, but they're good at getting the hits in first which makes them
annoying. Anyways, go across three bridges and you'll see 40 bucks sitting
on the ground. Snag it, kill the "ladies", and go in the cave.

-The punching dog imps are annoying, but the Hammer's good on them. Exit out
the other side to snag another life bottle, and a total of 60 bucks in
moneys. Go back through the cave again and exact to where you came from.

-Now you get to fight an annoying magician dude. He'll mumble and float
around and then phase in for a few seconds where you should punish him (I
used the Small Sword). He'll phase back out then a dragon will chase you
around for a while. Then he'll vanish the dragon and repeat. Pretty basic
stuff. Kill him and enter the scary clown mouth.

-There are a bunch of bearded ladies and dog imps here.. be patient and give
them hammer hell. Once you clear the general vicinity, use the powered up
hammer attack on the strength test thing to get 20 bucks. Then enter the
tent next to the strength tester for...

-"Whack an Imp"! Use your hammer to whack the imps as they raise up from the
various holes in the ground. You'll sometimes get Energy Vials as well which
is always nice. Play three times and you'll have 30 chicken drumsticks to
call your very own. First you have to whack 8 imps, then 10, then 12 imps.
The imps throw green stuff at you which makes this event a little bit
annoying. Exit this tent and enter the tent on the far end of the screen...

-Inside you'll have to fight a magician with several bearded lady and imp
helpers. This is agitating. There is a life mist place here. When you win,
exit through the other door.

-On the next screen you have to jump on the trampoline to get to the higher
ledge. Hold down the O button whilst upon the trampoline to gain height.
Once up, you have to use the trampolines to cross the lake. If you fall in,
you don't die but you do take hefty damage and have to start over again...
once across you follow the path until you reach an entrance. Take that

-Inside, you'll have to face an elephant robot. This is a little hard at
first until you get used to it. You have to run under the legs of the
elephant robot and then stay far enough back to where you can  shoot the
imp controlling it. It'll turn around and shoot balls at you which you'll
have to dodge. Run under the legs and repeat. When you win you'll get the
Elephant Key I.

-Go back and take the trampolines again. You may want to head left to get
back to the beginning and find a life mist. At any rate, you want to get to
the lake with a nice amount of HP. Go around the side and enter the black

-Inside, kill the two imps on the floor and the other one running around.
Recover life if needed and bounce on the trampoline to get to the upper
area. The Spiv is up here if you're low on pistol ammo and there's a new
Copper Shield as well. The chalice is up top as well if you've killed

-Exit that area and continue to follow the path until you reach a cool
looking techno-colored tunnel. Walk through it and you'll get to fight
another elephant robot. You know the drill by now. You'll get Elephant Key
2 from it.

-Now backtrack way way back past the lake and through the tent with the two
exits until you come to the Elephant door locks. Use your keys here. Enter
the huge tent.

-Inside the huge tent you'll see a wandering elephant robot, big things
hanging from the ceiling, and levers. I bet you can figure this one out.
^_^ Hit the lever when the elephant robot is under the big thing. You have
to actually smash the big things on the elephant's head or it doesn't hurt
it. There are three total.

-Killing the elephant robot opens up the other giant clown mouth at the
beginning. Go through it and...

***************The Professor's Lab************************************

-Back at the lab you learn from the prof that Lord Palethorn is behind the
madness going on everywhere (he learned that from the watch... okay...) and
also he informs you that the lady you saved is Kiya, the 91st consort to
Ramses.. and she's forever in your debt.

-Trade in the chalice to gain the Crossbow.

-Get outta here!

***************Greenwich Observatory**********************************

-Walk forward for a bit and then a bird will swoop down and steal your
valuable head! To switch to see how your head is doing, press Triangle + L1.
Anyways, keep heading up the hill whilst killing the popeye zombies with
your hammer and the bird with your Crossbow. I find that charging up your
hammer in advance and nailing the popeye zombies with it works quite well.
Head through the gate and climb the structure. Kill the bird and reclaim
your head. Go around the right side of the structure for 20 bucks and a
life mist place, then head around the left to get a Copper Shield. Go
through the entrance on the left side.

-On this screen, follow the path until you can see a climbing place on a
wall to your left. Follow it up then climb another wall to get to a
recovery mist, then get back down and follow the path some more. You'll see
a little demon hand thing that will reanimate a dead body. Just wail away
like crazy with your hammer and he probably won't touch you. Try to kill
the other dead body in case he wishes to hop into it when you eject him
from the first one. When it's homeless, just whack it with the hammer. Head
left and take out the bird from a distance so you don't lose your head
again. If you do it'll be near the recovery mist. Then a hand creature thing
jumps out from behind a crate and needs to be killed. Keep following the
path around (one more hand creature bugs you) then enter the building. Or
visit the Spiv first who hides on the opposite side of the building.

-Inside the building, you'll find four switches. Put your head into the hole
in the wall by using L1+Triangle. Hold L2+R2 to get a good view of the
combination then have your body pound the switches to match. You'll make a
path to follow once you enter the code correctly. Grab your head and "head"
on out of the building. HAHAHAHAHA!

-Walk around to the other side of the building to acquire a third Life
Bottle. Yay! You'll also see the chalice from here. Drop down from the left
side of the building and get the 10 bucks in the corner. Then just follow
the path (snagging the 20 bucks behind the boat with the chalice on it) and
kill all the annoying hand things and popeye sailors. Keep hugging the left
wall and you'll get back to where you can climb up and cross on the new
path you made. First you may want to visit the life mist or the Spiv. It's
up to you.

-Head left from shiptop to shiptop. When the path branches, go left first to
collect the chalice (surely you've killed plenty by now...) then head to
the right, hitting the switch on the ship next to the chalice as you go.
>From the platform, do a running jump to make it to the next ship. Go left
and jump off the ship. Open the treasure chests for one of those lovely
light shows that kills stuff then get the 50 bucks and enter the door.

***************Greenwich Naval Academy********************************


-Climb down the ladder and prepare for a lot of hammer action. Go to the
right first and get the Energy Vial after killing everything. To the left
you'll find 50 bucks behind a tree and a energy mist for recovering from the
madness. There is also a bird on the left who'd be glad to take your head
from you if you don't kill it first. Now enter the big fort thing.

-Inside there are more lovable hand creatures. Kill them first and foremost
and try not to hit the levers on the right. If you lost yuor head earlier,
go up the ramp and and take two rights to exit outside by where the bird is.
After that (or if you don't need your head) go to the submersion device
right next to that exit and place your head inside. Walk back down to the
levers and using your head and your hammer get the bellows from the water.
The first lever makes the retrieval device move along the bar it is on. The
second one moves the bar forward. The third one actually submerges the
retrieval device. Get the bellows and your head and proceed all the way up
the ramp to the top of the fortress.

-Back outside and on top you'll see a big balloon carrier thingie.  Jump
onto the back and place the bellows on the bellows shaped empty spot on the
back and then get out your torch and use it to light the flame for the
balloon. Jump on the bellows repeatedly until you fly away.

-Watch the cut scene with Mander, Lord Palethorn, Dogman, and Sir Bob. Now
you'll be forced to fight Dogman and Mander..

First off, there is a door you can use to get to the Spiv and a mist o'
recovery. My advice for this battle is to get them to follow you while
charging up your hammer and then nail them with the blow. Keep them away
from you. Dogman died first against me and once that happened Mander went
spastic and started shooting me and moving hyper fast. Just stick with it
and give him hell cause he should be almost dead..

***************The Professor's Lab************************************

-Talk to the Prof to learn that Palethorn has no control over the madness
that he started and that you can beat him by getting the book pieces
before he does.

-Claim your Axe for your troubles and get ready to jet onward to your next

***************Kew Gardens********************************************

-Watch the cut scene. Whee!

-From the onset of the stage, go right and follow the path towards the end
until you are near the fountain. Move to the left whilst still going
straight to avoid the huge pumpkin that falls down. Grab the Potting Shed
Key. Turn around and follow the path to the right, dodging yet another big
pumpkin. There's another big pumpkin then the path veers right and you'll 
a Life Bottle sitting around. Get it then prepare to kill pumpkin people. My
strategy for these guys was to try to lure one or two down the long path 
nailing them from the distance with the axe. These guys drop antidotes for
you. Follow the path past the big building to get 10 bucks and the privledge
of fighting two more pumpkin guys. Also beware for random pumpkins rolling
about or walking about. Enter the Potting Shed and nab the Water Tank Valve.
Finally, go enter the big building.

-Once inside, dispatch of the first pumpkin guy then walk a little to your
right to take out another one. Finally, jump into the pit where you'll have
to save innocents for the first time. This part is rather annoying as the
innocents are easy to kill accidently if you throw your axe around. Instead,
before hopping down you should equip yourself with the Antidote and the
Hammer. Hop down into the pit and make a beeline towards the first pumpkin
dude. Wail away on him with normal hammer attacks and if he happens to get
to an innocent and poison them (aka they have a pumpkin on their head) then
switch to the antidote and cure them. Keep an eye on the pumpkin dude while
doing so to make sure he doesn't get anyone else. After killing all the
pumpkin dudes you'll be a hero and saint. If 3 or more survivors die in
this stage then you cannot get the chalice so try not to let that happen.
At any rate climb out of the pit when all is said and done then go left and
through the door.

-In the next room, equip the axe then hop down and kill the three pumpkin
dudes and use the life mist. Climb back up and hop over to the platform on
the left side and go through the hole.

-In the next room there are two innocents and a bunch of pumpkin dudes. It's
really hard to save these two so don't cry if you can't do so. You can
always play the stage again later. Anyways, after the mess start climbing
up the tree and be amused by the fact that you leave footprints on the
leaves. At the very top you'll find the chalice but you won't be getting
that for a while (if ever). Jump off one of the top leaves to the ledge and
circle around till you hit the exit.

-Back outside, follow the basic path up to the roof. Grab the 20 bucks and
keep going forward. There's a rolling pumpkin blocking the door so be
careful. Once past it, enter the door.

-Inside you're greeted by the lovely Spiv. Buy stuff if you feel the urge
and proceed to the back of the room. On the right side place the Water Tank
Valve. Now the plants will open up to drink the water (aka become stepping
stones for you. Thank them later and let's get going. Leave the little
building and make your way back to the main building.

-Once back inside again, drop into the pit and use the flowers to get to the
climbing area. Snake your way around then hop down and get the Pond Room
Valve. Climb back down then out of the pit. Kill the two new pumpkin guys
and exit this room. Make your way back to the second room of people saving.

-In this room, climb the tree again (and watch out for your enemy the
camera) and get back to the ledge. Use the Pond Room Valve on the pipe with
the hole in it. Go to your left and climb the plants to get the Hothouse
Valve. Climb back down the tree carefully (or just exit and go back through
the main entrance) and make your way back to the previous screen. Use the
plant to cross to another door. Enter it.

-In the next room you have to attempt to save two more innocents. This one
seems easier than the previous one for some reason... anyways, do your best
and afterwards use the Hothouse Valve on the pipes. Enter the door nearby
to get a Life Bottle then climb the plants and equip your axe before
entering the door.

-You'll get a Silver Shield in the first treasure chest. Kill the little
pumpkin guys with the axe. Keep going to run across a life mist and a ton of
rolling pumpkins. After killing enough of them you'll have to fight five
pumpkin guys. This is annoying but just keep the distance and use your axe.
There's a life vial in the right corner of the room if your HP runs low.
Afterwards 6 more pumpkin guys jump out that must be killed while the huge
rolling pumpkins are out and about. This part is pure evil but when you get
it done the door is opened for you and you can either leave or go back and
get the chalice then leave.

***************The Professor's Lab (Dankenstein)**********************

-Back in the lab, talk to Winston and SAVE. Head right and go through the
now open door. Inside talk to the Prof and he'll tell you that you need to
build a monster and he needs limbs. You'll have eight minutes to get the
needed limbs.

-Leave this room and head to the other open door. Inside you'll have to kill
monsters to get their body parts to use. Run all the way to the back right
corner of the room for a Life Bottle. Then go back to the beginning and head
left and kill whatever creature is around then deliver the body part. You'll
have to do this for the arms and legs. Use hit and run tactics with the
hammer for best results. After getting the four limbs, go to the train 
and wait for the cart with the bum demon on it. Follow him and take him out
with the crossbow to get the Bum. Deliver the Bum quickly then go back to
that room and follow the tracks up and to the left. On the next screen look
for a platform to jump to and you can get to the chalice and get 50 bucks.
Also note that the Spiv is around up there if you need him. But make your 
back to the big room and head to the central area where you'll see the Torso
monster. Kill him and deliver the Torso.

***************Iron Slugger*******************************************

-This is particularly amusing. You get to box now! Use the R1 for defense
and R2 and a button for different attacks. Holding L1 gives you a first
person type view. The various butons are for different punches. Between
rounds get lost body parts from the imps. I suggest that if you lose a body
part you go defensive and wait out the round. Never let yourself lose more
than two parts. This actually isn't too hard once you get the hang of it.

***************The Professor's Lab************************************

-Talk to the Prof and learn of two disturbances. Kiya will go to White
Chapel while you're left with the "other" one. First get the chalice
rewards (bombs and broad sword) and also take note that you can use Danhand
now. Now when you see a green hand walking about you'll be able to place
your head upon it (L1 + Triangle) and walk around on it. You should take
advantage of that by going back and trying the following:

-The Museum: Hop onto Danhand in the first hallway and you'll see a little
hole to go through where you'll be able to get an Energy Vial, energy mist,
and 400 bucks! Heck, this is a good stage to revisit anytime your life is
low because there are two Energy Vials in addition to this one for you to
snag. Throwing your axe kills pretty much everything here.

-Kensington, the Tombs: Right after Dan lights the torch automatically, kill
the two mummy doggies and then hop into the little pit area to get to
Danhand. Use it to go through the easily visible hole and you will find 100
dollars and an energy mist.

-Freakshow: Just inside the first big clown mouth near the Whack an Imp
and all that stuff, use Danhand to get into the red tent and find 150 bucks
and a lot of Imps. You may not want to trouble yourself for this torture...

-Greenwich Observatory: In the area near the chalice there's a Danhand
walking about on the ground. Use it to enter a very nearby hole for a
rather unpleasent to get to treasure chest and life mist. You should pass
this by too..

-Kew Gardens: In the room where you use the Hothouse Valve, use Danhand to
find a huge pumpkin filled maze where you must save 4 hands from the evil
pumpkins. Whenever you see a hand, walk next to it and it will follow you.
Lead it to the big hand in the center. You'll receive 200 bucks for your
efforts. Oh, and you may want to try saving the people again on this stage
if you didn't the first time so you can collect the Broad Sword.

-Dankenstein: On the main screen where all the body parts are, right next to
the ramp by the door there is a Danhand hole. Inside is 100 bucks, a life
mist, and annoying rats.

-Okay, now that we've done all this we're ready to move on in the game!

***************Wulfrum Hall*******************************************

-First off, walk up to the Danhands in front of you and use your head to get
through the little hole to the right of the stairs to the house. Once
inside, go to the room on the left, being sure not to get the attention of
the annoying guy in there. If he catches you he'll toss you out the window
and then you'll have to start over. Hide under the table until he's not
paying attention then jump up, nab the key, and go quickly back to the
other room. In there, step on the button on the floor for a convenient way
to get Danhand to the next floor. Once on the next floor, hop down and go
through the door then head left in the next room to go through another door
and hopefully avoid the girl who hugs you and hurts you (weird, huh?)... In
the next room you'll see the chalice to your left. Ignore that and go
straight and through the next passage. Finally, you'll see bookshelves in
front of you with conveniently placed crates on the right side for you to
climb onto the bookshelves with. Climb up and make your way around and hop
out the window for freedom! Bring your head back to your body, charge up
your Broadsword from the Spiv if you feel like it (and you have it...) and
head inside (get it?? "head" inside?? er... nevermind...).

-Once inside, you'll have to take on X knights head to head (get it?? "head"
to... oh, forget it). If you charged up your Broadsword this is a cinch. Not
that it's too hard or anything without it... I'd use powered up axe attacks
if I didn't have the Broadsword otherwise use powered up slashes with your
cutlery (whether it's powered up or not). After killing them, make two lefts
to get an Energy Vial. Make two rights to get back where you were then hack
at the boarded up hole in the wall to make your way to the next area... odd
how you have to break through the boarded up hole isn't it? Makes you think
that perhaps you'll have to break through a boarded up area later in the
stage, doesn't it? Nah....

-In the next room, avoid the annoying girl and go to the left to find a
quasi hidden door against the stairs. Go down it to get an Energy Vial and
a chance to kill that guy who might've thrown you out the window. After
that, go up the stairs and to the right and go through the open door. In
that room, follow the path to the right for a Life Bottle (YAY!!!) and go
ahead and climb the stairs and kill the dude there. Leave that room and
head left. The door will open when you get next to it (grab the money!)
then lock you inside.

-You'll see two coffins inside with zzzz's protruding from them. Ah, aren't
the sleeping vampires the CUTEST?? Heh heh, let's roast em! Break through
the boarded up window (I KNEW IT!) to set the first coffin ablaze. Run
around to avoid the vampire who begins running around. Then, push the
other coffin into the light of death and repeat. The door opens and also
makes another door magically open too. Leave your current room and head to
the now open door across the hallway, killing the dude and getting the
Silver Shield in the process.

-This time, you'll have to think a little bit. Well, not really. First,
break open the window and push the nearby coffin to kill vampire #1. Then
push the crate to the left and push vampire #2's coffin onto it. Pull and
push the crate to the right wall then pull and push the coffin to make him
see the light. You'll open the door down the hallway. Play with the stupid
and irrevelent lift for a minute then proceed to the next room.

-This time, they REALLY pull out all the stops.. climb the stairs then jump
across the slightly swinging platforms to break open the window. Go back
down and move the two wooden crate things to where they are quite close to
the wall. Then climb up and go around to get to the area where the coffins
are. Push one of the coffins off the ledge near the big wooden crate thing
and wait till he's not looking to hop down and push the vampire with your
crate into the light of judgement. Lather, rinse, and repeat. Oh, and do
try to avoid the weird looking spots on the floor when you push the
coffins or you'll wake the vampires... and don't ring the bell! Assuming
that you've done everything exactly as I stated you'll be able to collect
the chalice after killing these two so I advise that you do so (go back
through the hole in the wall if you forgot...) In the end, you want to go
up those stairs where you killed that one dude but did nothing else cause
now a door will be open up there.

-Wow, it was so much fun last time so let's do it again! You'll have to push
the vampire onto the elevator... position the small crate in the small
corridor with the elevator and position the big one to block off the path
and force the vampire into the little corridor. Ride the elevator, hop
around and push off a vampire. Lead it to the elevator. Rinse and repeat.
Two more dead vampires and another open doorway. You know what to do...

-When you enter this part, head right and get life in the first door if you
need it. Then keep going until you reach another door. In there you'll need
to bust open the window. Go back around and down until you pass the
entrance door. Keep going and go down the mini-stairs. Then head straight
and you'll reach a room with three coffins. You need to push the coffins
one at a time through the passageway into the next room (there's a lever on
the ground) On certain steps (the dark ones) the bell will sound. Just run
like hell and wait a few moments for the vampires to go back to sleep. Once
you get a vampire into the next room, hop down and whack the lever three
times to cause light to pour into the room and kill the vampire. YAY! Kill
the next two in the same manner. The door near the window opens and you get
to go inside and fight.........

***************The Count**********************************************

-Talk to Winston to save and for him to completely spoil how to kill The
Count. Heh heh... talk to the Spiv if you feel the need and let's get
ready to whip some heinie! Grab the 50 bucks and get moving!

-Hop into the center area and after listening to The Count babble prepare to
fight him. Even though Winston made this pretty obvious I shall tell you
anyways. When The Count is throwing his fireballs at you, stand in front of
a mirror and hit it until it stands straight up. Wait for a fireball to hit
the mirror and it'll reflect back and hit The Count in the face. He'll dash
you several times then throw fireballs again. Whee, this isn't too tough,
right? Wrong... he'll start throwing annoying fire things at you as well.
Run around and dodge those and when he starts powering up he'll throw
several fireballs. Have the mirror ready at this point. After four total
hits, the game cuts to a cheesy cutscene and he takes on form two.

-Now, you'll have to aim the mirrors to where they are almost horizontal.
You'll know they are positioned correctly because you'll see a lot of
sunlight reflect off of them. Once all four are in the proper position
you'll hurt The Count. Do this twice for victory. It's tough dodging him
and keeping his attacks from moving the mirrors but just stick to it.

***************The Professor's Lab************************************

-Well, believe it or not Kiya becomes MIA in her Whitechapel mission so of
course Sir Dan must go rescue her!! WOOHOO!

-Grab your Lightning (or Broadsword) for getting the Chalice. If you haven't
gotten the Kew Gardens chalice by now you might wanna do that...

-Let's go be heroic!


-Walk around the outskirts of town (aka where you start) and kill all the
zombies with your Broadsword. You should be able to get up to 83% of the
chalice requirement before entering the town. Finally, enter the town.

-First note that in town there are cops all over the place who chase you
around and beat you over the head when they are near you. Avoid them.

-Okay, head to the right from the entrance then take a left when the path
branches. You'll end up by some crates. Kill the two zombies and push a
crate up against the wall to climb the wall onto the roof. Drop down and
enter the building.

-Inside, use the life mist if necessary and head down the stairs. Head down
the next flight of stairs as well. Get the 20 bucks and the Library Key
hiding amongst the crates (you'll have to break one for the key) then use
Danhand to get through the little hole in the wall. Press the button in
the little hole to move the staircase upstairs where you will find the
Griffin Shield. Get the Griffin Shield then use the Library Key. Inside
you'll find a book about Isibod Brunel and also the Club Membership Card.
Woohoo! Go back up the stairs, jump on the bed a few times (preferably
hitting your head on the roof in the process) then exit through the window.

-Hop down and go right. Then go right again when the path diverges. Duck
into the open building you'll see on the left to run into the Spiv and a
life mist (and get rid of some of the cops near you) then leave when you've
taken care of business. Keep following the path and enter the next open
door on the left.

-Inside, go through the door then bust down all the crates. You'll get 30
bucks and you'll be able to enter another door. Enter the door to the right
of where you stand to dress up and become a highly styled Dan Fortesque.
Another door opens which leads you back to outside.

-When you're outside again, go right then take your second right to get to
the chalice which you should be able to get by now assuming you did as told
and slaughtered everything at the beginning. Get it then get back to the
street and continue to follow the path until it diverges again. Head right
and enter the door for the Flaming Crossbow. Leave the room and keep
following the path to get to another graveyard. Hop down and three red
lights should start shining. There are little switches next to each of
these that change the color of the light. Make one of them blue and one of
them green then whack the lights until they all aim at the middle and
you'll get the Unicorn Shield. Follow the long path back to the beginning
and go to the first graveyard. Walk to the building right at the entrance
and use your two shields to gain access.

-Inside, walk down the steps and kill several zombies. A nice dressed up
zombie will hop out afterwards and summon an endless barrage of zombies
until you kill him. Stay close to him and do spinning Broadsword attacks
and eventually you'll win. Claim your prize beard which makes you look
really studly and then exit. Go back to the town area and you'll be able
to enter the Club right at the entrance to town.

-Inside, talk to the ugly woman in the back and she'll tell you that Kiya
went after the Ripper and she'll also open the door near the back of town
and give you a Life Bottle. What a kind ugly woman! Leave the Club and
head back towards where you did the graveyard lights puzzle. Head left
at the intersection instead of right and go through the now open door.
You'll see the Ripper take out Kiya in a rather sad scene.

***************The Professor's Lab************************************

-Talk to the Prof to see how heartless that guy is. Then you'll head for The

***************The Sewers*********************************************

-You'll get the Blunderbuss and then SAVE!

-Drop down where the big hole is.... and plummet to your death! Actually,
you just drop down and continue playing. You'll see this goofy kappa
creature ("kappa" is a Japanese turtle-shelled demon thing that carries a
spear, FYI) who beckons you to follow. Do so and you'll see a few more kappa
things that are around a big bull with an alien on its head. Whack at the
bull until the alien jumps off then kill it. The kappas let you into their
inner sanctum. You'll see a statue of a rather handsome looking guy and then
the chief guy will worship you and tell you about their lack of women (I
don't think the women were stolen away....). You have to save their women,
oh great one.

-Grab the Gold Shield right next the the leader then head left and use the
life mist if you need it and if not then go through the door.

-In this room, you'll find two alien possessed kappa guys. Take care of them
with the Broad Sword. Proceed through the tunnel. When you're out, you'll
see the ever lovable Danhand. Place your head on Danhand and two aliens
jump out. Switch back to your body quickly and kill them. Then use Danhand
to go through the little passage and jump around to hit a switch. Go back
to your body and bring it along through the now opened door. Go through the
tunnel to once again run into Danhand. Put your head upon it and hop up the
steps into the little tunnel. Maneuver Danhand to stand in the little green
tube. Once your head is in the right place, change to your body and go
through the door. Flip the switch and watch the craziness! Keep hitting the
switch until Danhand can get to the next tube. Continue to do this tube by
tube until you get Danhand over to the other side to step on the switch.
This will cause the tubes to become a convenient walkway for your body to
cross. Reattach your head and climb up the wall. Grab the 20 bucks and go
through the passageway.

-In this area, take your first left to encounter the Spiv (who gives you a
poster) and also a wormlike creature that'll pop out of a hole in the wall.
Just stand behind it and beat the mess out of it. You'll save one of the
girls after you kill it. Leave the little sidetrack path and continue deeper
into the area where you'll have to jump around on some pipes (kinda reminds
me of... oh forget it). There are two more worms in here. Kill these way too
easy to kill things (and do climb down to get the three Energy Vials) then
exit the room and drop down to get back to where the kappa and the leader
are at. This time you'll head through the pipe near the leader.

-Follow the path downward and use the life mist if ya need to. An alien will
take over one of the bulls. Kill it like a good boy. Then get off to one
side of the screen and throw your axe repeatedly at one of the bulls until
it smashes the wall and you can continue. Kill another worm thingie and
proceed until you run into a room with two kappa guys and two bulls and two
aliens. Ugh. Take care of business and again do the wall breaking thing.
Climb the wall and get the Life Bottle then move on. In the next room, free
the final girl then hop onto Danhand and enter the center pipe for a 1-up
and a 10 coin block.... er, I mean the chalice. Go back to the beginning
and the kappa and the leader are having a party. Get your 100 bucks and get
the heck out of this place! (ring the bell, silly!)

***************The Professor's Lab************************************

-When you arrive back you'll notice that the Prof isn't sitting around being
stupid. Rather, you'll have to go through the door behind his desk where you
discover that he built a time machine that doesn't work. Time to go retrieve
the thing.

*******************Time Machine***************************************

-You'll get the Magic Sword then SAVE!

-Head to the left to the only open door on the screen. Go through it. Be
ready to quickly kill an armor attacker. They're quite easy to kill now.
Head left and go down the stairs. Use the life mist if you wanna then go
through the door.

-Here you'll use Danhand to enter a little hole. Climb the spiraling steps
then jump from step to satellite to satellite and stand on the 2nd one to
get a Time Machine Piece. These are baby jumps so don't hold the analog
stick down when you make them... get reacquainted with your body and go back
then walk past the first door (where you came from) and enter the 2nd door.

-In here, go left and enter the first door. In this room you'll have to play
a little game of Simon (aka remember a pattern). This isn't too tough. You
get another Time Machine Piece afterwards. YAY! Leave this room and follow
the path around to the next room.

-In here, you'll get to use our friend Danhand again. Leave Danhand the
sitting duck in front of the spaceship then switch to your body. Stand on
one of the switches and an alien pops out. Switch to Danhand and jump over
the alien's attack so it hits the ship. Do so for the other aliens as well.
Your reward is a Time Machine Piece. Get a head in life then continue to
the next room! Place the three pieces into the machine and blast off!

*******************Time Machine, Sewers*******************************

-Of all the miserable places you could've landed.. it HAD to be here.... oh
well... proceed to town and enter the building. Hop into the hole in the
ground and plummet to your death!! Or maybe not... Actually, you'll end up
in this place where you'll get the Time Stone then get locked in a cage.
You'll really have to use your head to figure out how to get out of the
cage... use Danhand and hop up the stairs and out of the hole. Go around and
reenter the building (and use the life mist again since this  is the past
^_^) Oh, Winston informs you that these guys are called  Mullocks and then
says something stupid. Ignore him and hop through the hole in the bars of
the fireplace thing and step on the switch to free your body. Walk back
around and get back to the building to get your head back. Head towards the
raft area and Winston informs you that you need the leader's hat. Okay, no
problem, right? Ring the bell once so the kappa dude shakes his head and
looks at you like you're stupid then let's go get that headpiece!

-Knock out the kappa "guarding" the leader's house. He'll come out. Beat him
up and take his key. Enter his house. Enter his changing room. Steal his
Good Lightning. Steal his headpiece. Tickle his Elmo. Leave his house.
Ring his bell. Laugh at his easily deceivable kappa people.

*******************Time Machine, The Ripper***************************

-SAVE! Recharge your Gold Shield at the Spiv and get all the life from the
life mist that you can. This battle isn't pretty. Equip the Good Lightning
and keep on the Magic Sword.

-This is a tough fight. You should be able to win though. First he'll come
running at you like a bat out of hell. Right before he slashes you need to
dash to hopefully avoid the attack. He's invincible except when he's
hurting Kiya. When he grabs her, slice the crap out of him. Then use the
Good Lightning to give her life back when he's back to attacking you. Soon
he'll start using a new attack where he runs fight and forth quickly and
covers the whole screen. Try to avoid it but don't worry about taking one
hit from it. As the battle continues he'll start another attack method,
huge meteor thingies. They start at the top of the screen and go down so
try to avoid them. Keep at it and you'll win. Expect to lose all of your
shield power and several life bottles worth of energy.

-When it's all said and done, you and Kiya make out and then you get the
chalice and a badass suit of armor. Sweet!

***************The Professor's Lab************************************

-Talk to the Prof and do some making out... with Kiya, not the Prof you 

-Get the Gatling Gun. WOOHOO!

-Now's your last chance to get anything you missed or to get some life or
whatever you may need so I advise you do so. The Museum is a good bet.

*******************Cathedral Spires***********************************

-Head left and you'll see the first of 12 souls you have to find in the
level. Let's hope they're all this easy to get! Equip yourself with the
Lightning and climb up the stairs. You'll find some cash and a scary and
evil gargoyle awaiting you. Use the lightning to kill it pretty easily.
When climbing up to the next level, you'll have to duck behind your shield
on a few occasions when this yellow stuff drops down.. once you make it up
you're greeted by another easy to kill gargoyle. Make your way around and
time the fire and get past it. If you get knocked down then head right and
climb up to visit the Spiv. After the fire, climb up the wall (and be wary
of the yellow stuff) and head right for a Silver Shield and another
gargoyle. Then head left and get past some more fire and kill another
gargoyle (pretty repetitive...) climb up again and AGAIN watch out for the
yellow stuff. On top there are two gargoyles and another lost soul. Enter
the room on your left.

-Inside get another lost soul then kill three gargoyles. What excitement..
okay, leave. Go in the room across from it and do the same thing. Continue
along the path and before climbing up, go around the building carefully to
find a life mist and the Spiv. Recharge your armor and shield then leave
and climb up the wall. Take the covert path to the right whilst climbing
to get a Life Bottle and another lost soul. Continue to follow the path
and enter the building when you reach the top.

*******************Cathedral Spires, the Descent**********************

-Jump onto the chandelier. Whack the switch twice and jump across on
both sides to get two more lost souls. Ride the chandelier to the ground
then hop down and take out the sword guys with your Magic Sword. Hit
them until they move their shields or hit them from behind. Go into the
little door.

-In here, get the lost soul then kill the bull things with powered up
Magic Sword attacks. Leave the room then enter the big door.

-In this room, you'll have to jump onto the moving platform then jump to
one of the other two moving platforms. Then you'll scale the wall and
get the three lost souls up there. Lots of gargoyles to kill here..
afterwards leave this room through the big door.

-Drop down and charge up your stuff via Spiv if you wanna. Hit the
switch to summon the chandelier then ride it up to get the Golden Cog.
Go back to the previous room and drop carefully to the ground. Enter
the little door down there.

-Grab the final Life Bottle then the final lost soul. Kill the million
bull thingies then go through the door.

-Soak up all the life mist you can then use your Golden Cog on the
machine in the room. Hit the switch until the steps in the next room are
accessible. Go to the next room and hop up the steps to another annoying
room with a Danhand. Give your head to Mr. Danhand and jump into the
hole in the floor. Jump onto the spinning gear then onto the ledge. Make
your way to the other Golden Cog. Jump onto the crazy gear by the Golden
Cog to get launched to the screen where you used the first one. Watch as
the other Danhand comes and checks you out for a bit then switch back to
your body and bring it over to fun the festivities. Reattach your head
then hit the switch twice so you can get to the other machine then go
in and use the second Golden Cog on it. Leave then hit the previous
switch two more times to get back to the stairs. Now go back into the
second room and hit the switch until you have access to the stairs in
the next room. Finally, enter the next room and climb the stairs.

-The lost souls attack the demon and you get a Spell Page. You also get
60 seconds to get the hell outta this place! Don't panic... you get as
many chances to do this as it takes.

*******************The Demon******************************************


-Okay, use the life mist and get all the Gatling Gun shots and armor
repair that you can afford, you'll need it. Equip the Magic Sword and
the Flaming Crossbow then drop down.

-DOGMAN and MANDER part 2:
Use charged up attacks from the Magic Sword to put a hurting on these
two loonies. Dogman will fall and Mander can be taken out with the
Flaming Crossbow. Whee. Try not to take too much damage here.

-After they fall, go through the now open door. Follow the path and
after a little bit of babbling and you take on the Demon.

You'll fight both the Demon and Palethorn here. The Demon does two
attacks, one where he hits the ground from one side to the other that
also dizzies you and another where he breathes fire in the center
that spreads both ways. Both of these are tough to dodge so be wary.
When Palethorn flies in, try to shoot the back of his ship with the
Gatling Gun. If you succeed he'll shoot the Demon and hurt it. This
is a long painful fight so good luck!

-Sit back and enjoy your ending. There are two different ones that I
believe depend on whether you have all the chalices or not.



Yeah, you can cheat in this game pretty well.. here's what you do...

Pause the game and enter the following code:

Hold L2 and then press the following: Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle,
Circle, Triangle, Left, Circle, Up, Down, Right, Circle, Left, Left,
Triangle, Right, Circle, Left, Left, Triangle, Circle, Down, Circle,
Circle, Right.

After that you'll have access to the Cheat Menu with these options:

-Complete Level: Does what it claims.
-Invulnerability: I am INVINCIBLE!!
-Chalice: Gives you the chalice for the level.
-Danhand Ability: Turn it on before you're supposed to have it.
-Open All Levels: DUH!
-Add Health: Gives you some health back.
-Add Money: Gives you 500 bucks.
-Add Weapons: Gives you all the weapons.
-Head: Choose from several heads
--0: Standard Head
--1: Big Head
--2: Tiny tiny Head
--3: Oblong Head
--4: HUGE Head
-MatrixCam: Turns on or off MatrixCam.

Of course, courtesy of the GSCCC...

-Modchip lockout prevention       D0098804 023A
                                  80098806 1000
-Infinite Health                  800F152C 012C
-Max Infinite Gold                800F15B4 270F
-Chalice of Souls Full            800EFE88 0064
-Infinite Potions                 300F1533 0010
                                  300F1536 0001
-Enable Danhand Ability           300F1694 0001
-Always Have Chalice of Souls     300EFE90 0001
-Enable Cheat Menu                E00D36BD 0001
-Infinite Time                    D00795FC FFFF
-God Code (Invincible)            800F152C 012C
                                  800F3860 012C
                                  800F3864 012C
                                  800F3868 012C

Final Words

I'd like to thank the following:

-CJayC: Hosting the best website for game information and for hosting all
of my FAQs.

-GameSages: Providing the Cheat Code.

-GameShark Code Creators Club: Finding tons of crazy GS codes for games.

-Myself: Typing up this FAQ.