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Mega Man Legends Enemy List - Version 1.10
By VirgilKX


2. Version History
3. The enemy list
  - Reaverbots
  - Bonne's mechs
  - Final bosses
  - Difficulty discrepancies
4. Contact information and legalities
Section 1: Comments

This is a ((an) almost) complete enemy list for Mega Man Legends.  Strategies
are up for most enemies... however, locations need to be worked in, as well as
other tidbits, such as difficulty discrepancies.  This will be added in a later
update, as I try to sort things out.  I need to figure out HP values, as well. 
I may need assisstance, so if you can offer your help, then I will gladly
accept whatever information you can give me!  And of course, I will add credit
to your name for supplying me.  Head to the Contact section as to how to,
obviously, contact me.

I'm not exactly new to making FAQs, but I AM new to making fancy titles.  If
you can help me in finding a good program to make them, then please drop me a
line.  I would be more than happy to give you credit, too.
Section 2: Version History

Version 1.0(5/13/00): The basic list.  Lacking the final bosses, however. 
Major ammounts of information needs to be added, too.
Version 1.11(3/20/02): Wow, it's been so long since I've updated - almost 2
years!  I really need to rework this whole FAQ... editing it and whatnot.  I
updated the contact list, and organized things a little by making seperate
sections... more will come soon!  Please see the comments above as to how you
can help.
Section 3: Complete Enemy List

(Note:  The names and such come from the Prima strategy guide, so don't be
surprised if the enemy names look awkward.  This is taken directly in
order in how it is placed from the strategy guide, also.  The only thing I am
changing, is the description of the robot.)

-- Reaverbots --

(HP is the amount of damage you must inflict before the enemy dies. (However,
unless it is a boss, the HP value is never displayed.)  The refractors
corespond to the strategy guide's numbers, hence:  The first number is the
maximum amount of refractors that can appear when the enemy dies, and the
second number indicates a larger value of refractor shard.  The higher the
number, the better your chance at collecting larger refractors.)


HP:  480.
Description:  Walks on two legs, and shoots fireballs.  However, they do not
attack on their own.  They have non-mobile scouts, called "Orudakoitans" to
scout out for them.  If an Orudakoitan spots you, the Arukoitan will
immediately begin attacking you.  Has no arms.
Refractors:  3 x 5. (4 x 8 when the Orudakoitan is destroyed.)


HP:  448.
Description:  No movement, and no attack.  They look identical to the
Arukoitan, and their jobs are to scout for movement from trespassers.  When
they sense movement, a signal is given to the Arukoitan, who then attack.
You can shoot it from afar, and destroy it, before the signal is given.  Once
the Orudakoitan is/are destroyed, the Arukoitan(s) become dormant.
Refractors:  8 x 8.


HP:  64.
Description:  The first reaverbot you find.  Weak, but still powerful enough
to do damage.  Fires bombs from its bottom, and if you're close, it will do a
spinning tackle and attempt to knock you down.
Refractors:  2 x 2.

Red Zakobon:

HP:  448.
Description:  Identical to the Zakobon.  Tougher than their counterparts,
they can glide along the ground at a reasonable pace, or shoot fireballs at
you.  It can also do a spinning tackle.  Still, with proper caution, they can
still be taken down easily.  You'll first find them at the ruins overlooking
Lake Jynn.
Refractors:  6 x 4.


HP:  32.
Description:  Very short, and has a small needle on top of its head.
Invulnerable until it spots you, and then it will walk on its two short legs.
 It will then start to glow a bit, and explode in a few seconds.  Destroy it
before it gets too close.  You'll first meet them in the ruins with the Junk
Shop man.
Refractors:  8 x 1.


HP:  32.
Description:  Looks like a snake.  Slithers along the ground, and will try to
tackle into you.  Extremely weak, and easy to take down.  First encounter
them in the very beginning ruins, if you stray from the main path.
Refractors:  3 x 1.


HP:  160.
Description:  It looks just like a normal treasure chest at first.  When you
open it, it'll start pouring bombs straight ahead.  Get to the side of it,
and shoot at it.  You'll probably meet this thing for the first time, in the
ruins near the Marlwolf. (Not the ruins Teasil tries to get into, however.)
Refractors:  8 x 4.


HP:  672.
Description:  A tough enemy.  They are about Mega Man's size, and the
majority of them are green.  When it spots you, it will run at you, and try
to thrust its claw into you.  Take the fight from afar.  (Note:  The ones in
Lake Jynn's ruins, can cloak.) Watch your sides, because they will usually
try to rush into your side.  First encountered in the Cardon ruins.
Refractors:  3 x 5.


HP:  512.
Description:  Resembles a crab/turtle.  Brown, and crawls along the ground
with four legs on its sides.  When it senses movement, it'll speed up and try
to tackle into you.  Attack from afar, and it'll flip on its back.  Shoot his
backside, and continue the process, until it dies.  Meet them first in Lake
Refractors:  3 x 5.

Jakko's Nest:

HP:  512.
Description:  Contains Jakko's, and releases them when shot at, or when you
get too close.  Releases a good amount of refractors.  Encountered only in
the Lake Jynn ruins.
Refractors:  12 x 5.


HP:  32.
Description:  Released by the Jakko's Nest.  When free, it'll fly in the air,
and will probably try to fly into you.  Extremely weak, but can be a nuisance
in numbers.  Encountered only in the Lake Jynn ruins.
Refractors:  2 x 2.


HP:  640.
Description:  Wears a samurai-like hat, and a shield.  They move slowly, but
are hard to take down.  It can use its shield to defend itself, and when it
is not using the shield, it may try to shoot fireballs at you.  Attack it
when the shield is down.  You will first meet them in the Clozer Woods' Sub
Refractors:  5 x 5.


HP:  512.
Description:  Looks like a giant aligator.  Swims within the walls of water
in the hallway of the Lake Jynn ruins.  Attacks when they leap onto the
ground.  If you are close, they can do a tail whip or a tackle.  If you are
afar, they can also send out a sonic wave to hit you.  They are very hard to
take down, and really aren't worth it.
Refractors:  6 x 5.


HP:  1.
Description:  Tiny enemy that makes very little noise.  Rolls along the
ground, and will try to bash into you.  Has a point on its head, and is grey
colored.  Can be hard to notice, but its really easy to take down.  You can
first meet them deep within the optional labyrinths. (The labyrinths you
don't have to explore.)
Refractors:  1 x 8.


HP:  1.
Description:  Looks like a golden flying eye.  Will try to sneak up on you,
and explode.  Easy to take out, as long as you keep your eye on them.
Refractors:  2 x 1.


HP:  1280.
Description:  Giant four legged spider look alike.  Can jump from the floor
to the ceiling, and vice-versa.  Attack it from afar, and its rather
harmless.  Meet them in the very first ruins.
Refractors:  6 x 5.


HP:  8160.
Description:  Huge robot resembling the first boss you fought.  Patrols a
rectangular hall, and will follow you around it, trying to destroy you.  When
he rushes at you, it will pound the ground with its arms, and explosions will
erupt around his arms.  If you're afar, and in the large area of the
rectangular hallway, it can shoot out its two arms in a straight line at you.
 Stay in the middle to avoid them, and shoot at it.  You will only encounter
it deep within the optional labyrinths.
Refractors:  16 x 4.

Karumuna Bash:

HP:  1728.
Description:  Giant dog-like robot.  It will try to dash at you, or shoot a
stream of fire out.  Continously circle around it, and shoot at it.  Watch
your sides - It may run into you without notice.  You'll first meet the 3 as
bosses at the Clozer Woods' ruins, and then at the Main Gate, where they are
spread apart.
Refractors:  8 x 6.


HP:  2560.
Description:  Can be grey or red colored.  Giant tank-like robot.  Its head
is a flip-top, as it can launch out bombs in a circle around it.  It can also
can shoot out a stream of machine gun fire in a straight line, or in a
spread.  It can walk fast enough, and won't stop if you're in its way.  Get
away from it, and shoot from a distance, running around it as it shoots out
machine gun blasts.  First encountered in the Sub Cities.
Refractors:  8 x 6.

Large-sized Sharukurusu:

HP:  2048.
Description:  Giant red versions of the Sharukurusus.  Much tougher to take
down.  Since you only find them in the Sub Cities, fire at them from the
Refractors:  6 x 6.


HP:  2048.
Description:  Giant Reaverbot boss that attacks you after you take the Yellow
refractor in the Lake Jynn ruins.  Only weak-point is its head.  Walks slowly
along the ground, but will attempt a sliding dash at you.  When it jumps back
into the middle, it sends out a shockwave.  Don't get too close, or else
it'll kick you.
Refractors:  24 x 6.

Gai-nee Tooren:

HP:  768.
Description:  Train-like reaverbot boss that only appears in the Sub City in
Uptown.  Will deploy other reaverbots from its transports to attack you.
Shoot at the transport when the door opens.
Refractors:  None.
-- The Bonne's mechs --

Blumebear mecs:

HP:  Blue - 768, Red - 896, Yellow - 1856.
Description:  These are the mecs that will attack you when you are trying to
take the key to City Hall.  Blue is built for speed, Yellow for stamina, and
Red for attacking.  They roll around on the streets of Downtown, shooting out
grenades and machine gun fire when you get close.  Keep moving around it when
you attack them.
Refractors:  5 x 5.

Maiberu Haagen mecs:

HP:  Yellow - 768, Red - 384.
Description:  You'll have to destroy them quickly before they tear City Hall
apart.  Their only job is to attack buildings.  However, you'll take damage
if you happen to be in their way.
Refractors:  5 x 4.


HP:  576.
Description:  Red, yellow, and blue.  These flying mecs will replace the red
and yellow Maiberu Haagen mecs you destroy, and will attempt you to swoop
down and drop bombs on you.  If you destroy all of the Horunisses, no more
Maiberu Haagen mecs can be deployed.
Refractors:  5 x 5.

Zuuf Geleido:

HP:  96.
Description:  These submarines attack you while you're trying to defend
yourself on Lake Jynn.  Red submarines will launch torpedos, while the Yellow
ones will fire off missles.  It's a good idea to destroy them quickly, before
they outgun you and over-run your Submarine.
Refractors:  None, obviously.


HP:  Red - 192, Gray - 512.
Description:  You'll meet two red Draches in your fight against the Blumebear
mecs, and then when you'll defending yourself from the Zuuf Geleidos.  Gray
Draches will attack you in the first fight against the Gesellschaft.
Refractors:  5 x 5.


HP:  448.
Description:  Grey tanks that attack you at the Yass Plains, and near the
entrance to the Cardon ruins.  Fires off machine gun pellets when you're in
front of it, or it will shoot of a bomb from its turret.  Attack it from the
side, where its unable to attack you.  You can also catch it from surprise if
you attack it before it spots you.
Refractors:  4 x 4.

Gun Battery:

HP:  160.
Description:  Attacks in conjunction with the Leopordos.  Immobile turrets
that shoot out bombs when it spots you.  Has a long range attack, so its hard
to be truly safe from their attack.  Destroy it from the side or backside.
Refractors:  3 x 3.


HP:  4096.
Description:  Tron Bonne's first mec she attacks you with, at Downtown.  Can
fire off a stream of machine gun blasts, or when it starts spinning, it can
launch off bombs.  If it does start spinning, get away from the area.  Can
charge along the streets, so be careful.  Also can release a shockwave that
can follow you around the area a bit.  Slide to the side, or jump out of its
reach to avoid it.  Keep moving and shooting.  Patience is a virtue.
Refractors:  None.

Bon Bonne:

HP:  2496.
Description:  After all of the Maiberu Haagen and Horunisses are destroyed,
Bon Bonne will fly up from another area, and attack you.  His missle attack
can be painful, but run in-between him to avoid it.  He also has a tongue
whip attack, but this can be easily avoided, by moving to the side.  When he
spreads out his hands, watch out, because he's going to clap them together
and smash you with them.
Refractors:  None.


HP:  1536.
Description:  Teasil Bonne's very expensive digging machine, that can also
attack.  Meet it at the Clozer Woods ruins' entrance area, where it is
digging up the ground.  The most deadly attack, are two green plasma shoots,
which it will charge up from its hands, when you are on the ground.  Slide
out of the way from them, or get behind a wall.  They will most likely
destroy your shield if they hit you.  It will roll along the ground, and try
to knock you down.  Shoot at the treads, ignoring Teasil's responses, and
then climb up onto the high cliffs.  Watch out for the Maiberu Haagens, and
then leap onto the balcony, and then shoot the hatch when it opens.  Move to
the opposite side of the balcony when a hand reaches up.  If you attempt to
shoot at the hatch from the cliffs, the Marlwolf can use an arm to charge up
a plasma shot, and then launch it at you.  Try to stay close to the edge of
the cliffs, and then when it fires off, move away, so that the plasma shot
hits the cliff.  Server bots may try to launch attacks from inside the hatch,
as well.
Refractors:  None.

Barukon Gelede:

HP:  Core - 1866, Arm - 1024, Gun Battery - 576.
Description:  Attacks you on Lake Jynn, after you've defended yourself from
the Zuuf Geleido.  When it first attacks, it may be a good idea to retreat,
if the ship's health is low.  Return, and then shoot at the eyes, where the
missles are shooting out of.  You can also confuse the missles, by moving in
a circle, and then watch as they explode away from the submarine.  You'll
pull into a cannal soon, and you must keep avoiding the Gelede's attacks.
When Roll gives the signal to attack, now it's time for you to inflict some
damage on the Barukon Gelede.  Eliminate the arms and gun batteries.  When you
see the arms, target one of them until you move out of range, then attack the
next one, and then the gun batteries when they move into range.  Try to avoid
the missles, using the tactics explained
above.  When both the gun batteries and the arms are destroyed, Teasil will
launch one last desperate attack.  This is when you can finish off the
Barukon Gelede.  Shoot at the backside (where the gun batteries were), and
keep shooting at it whenever its in your range.  It will keep charging/firing
off plasma shots, unless you are continously attacking it.
Refractors:  None.


HP:  Bonne Emblem - 1600, Each Wing - 1280, Gun Battery - 272, Ship's
Underside - 1024.
Description:  Attacks you in the sky after you've opened the Main Gate.
(Note:  You must first deal with some Draches, before you fight the
Gesellschaft.) When the fight begins, fire off at the underside.  With any
luck, it'll be destroyed quickly.  When the Flutter moves to the sides,
attack the Gun Batteries, or else they'll shoot off powerful bombs at the
Flutter.  Attack the Wings when you're done with the Gun Batteries, or when
they aren't attacking you.  When you move to the front of the Gesellschaft,
shoot at the bombs as they appear, or they'll, one by one, explode onto the
Flutter.  When you've destroyed both Wings, and the Underside, you'll move
the front top of the Gesselschaft.  Use your most powerful attacks, and blast
away at the Emblem, which will fire off constant blasts of plasma.
Refractors:  None.


HP:  2048.
Description:  After you've destroyed the Gesellschaft, the Fokkerwolf will
attack you from the skies.  It will usually fly around the Flutter, launching
3 missles at you.  It's imperative you keep sight of the Fokkerwolf at all
times, so that you can spot the missles.  When it flies over you, it'll fire
off machine gun blasts.  Fire at the mec when it flies by.  You'll get free
shots when it hovers over-head, and fires down upon the Flutter.
Refractors:  None.


HP:  8128.
Description:  The Bonne's last ditch effort to destroy you.  You'll fight
this over-grown mec at the Old City, after passing through the Main Gate, and
unlocking the Sub Cities.  It is very tough to defeat, being the Bonne's
strongest mec, and all.  Take the fight from behind, after it destroys the
gate surrounding the remains of the warehouse.  Never fight it from the
front, because it'll launch missles at you, and the feet shoot out bombs.  Yes,
you CAN destroy all the gun turrets and such, but it's more trouble than it's
really worth.  It
can also shoot out machine gun blasts, and can charge up a plasma shot.  Get
behind it, and shoot at its middle.  When it turns to face you, get behind
the buildings, and then behind Bruno again.  Don't trust the durability of
the buildings here, because they can be destroyed quite easily by Bruno.
Refractors:  None.
Section 4: Contact information and legalities

You can direct all questions and such to DukeVirgil@aol.com.  Please make sure
that your question was not answered here first before e-mailing me.

If you wish to use this guide, ask for my permission first.  Stealing is
prohibited, blah blah.  Just don't do it - It's easy to ask for my permission,
and most often than not I will say yes.  However, it will be up to you to get
the update from GameFAQs... thus, the price you pay for posting someone else's

Yes, I did get the HP and refractor values from the Prima Strategy guide, but
the strategies
used to beat the enemies, are of my own.