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Play MegaMan Legends 2 now? Pls help...

Hi Guyz! I haven't yet played any MegaMan game before. Is it advisable to play any other game in the series before getting my hands at Megaman Legends 2 (MML 2)? If it is, what should I play first? Can I catch up with MML 2 if I play with it immediately? Or is MML 2 an entirely different story from the rest of the series? Any reply is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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spardante2000 answered:

Well.. megaman has very different series, theres the regular (1 to 9), the megaman X (up to 7 i think) and the legends... you dont have to play any to understand the either... it really isnt that much of a giant story filled with plot devices from the prequel.. just play and enjoy =3
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