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MegaMan Legends 2 Boss Guide V1.6

Written by AquaTeam V3 (a.k.a. Buster Cannon)

Version History

v1.0- First created this FAQ
v1.5- Fixed some spelling errors and added new attack for the blob.
v1.6- Fixed some more spelling errors and added a new tip. Added credits.
v1.7- Added other attacks for bosses.  Changed e-mail address.


I.    Contact Me
II.   Legal Stuff
III.  Intro
IV.   Boss Guide
V.    Tips
VI.   Credits
VII.  Closing

I.  Contact Me

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to
contact me at (

II. Legal Stuff

This guide is copyright of me and may only
be used on the following sites:

III. Intro

This is my first time writing a faq.  I decided to write a boss
guide for people who need help on them.

IV.  Boss Guide

Giant spiked reaverbot

Found at:
Abandoned Mine
Pokte Caverns


1. The reaverbot will pound the ground with a shockwave.
   Get away from him and jump over it.

2. If you get close to him, he will try to swat you away.

3. (1/4 energy) The reaverbot will slam his fist into the ground,
   causing a small shockwave.  Stay away from him.

He moves rather slowly, so his attacks should be easy to
dodge.  Shoot him in the butt for more damage.

Dog reaverbot

Found at:
Forbidden Island


1. The reaverbot will try to charge into, sidestep or roll.

He's pretty quick, not to mention, your shots can pass through the hole,
although this is rare.

Mammoth Reaverbot

Found at:
Forbidden Island


1. The reaverbot will shoot ice chunks from its trunk.  Just keep

2. The reaverbot will jump in the air and slam down, causing a shockwave.

3. The reaverbot will run toward you, sidestep out of the way.

4. (1/2 energy) The reaverbot will begin to flash red, then it will
   fire a laser from its...butt. Sometimes it goes in a zig-zag formation 
   that can be hard to predict.  Roll out of the way.

Synopsis:  He's pretty slow, but if you circle him while locked on,
most of his attacks will miss.  Also, you can shoot his trunk off, 
this way, he can't do attack 1.  However, he will fire those lasers more

Crab Bot (Tron)

Found at:
Pokte Village

Recommended Weapon:
Homing Missile


1. Tron will fire a stream of Machine gun bullets forward, then she
   will turn around and Machine gun bullets from behind her.  Sidestep
   first, then roll to aviod the next round of bullets.

2. Tron will Slam her claws into the ground, causing a small shockwave. 
   Stay away from her when she does this.

3. Tron will twirl around and fire machine guns at 3 levels.  Try to avoid it,
   because once you get hit, you'll get hit plenty times more.

4. Tron will do a backflip into the air, in an attempt to crush you. If you
   keep moving you'll avoid it.

5. Tron will fire may boms into the air. This one's easy to dodge.

6. Tron will twirl around and demolish the village.  She's invincible while
   doing this, so just hold your fire while she does this.

Synopsis: Just use your buster or Homing Missles. The 
machine guns HURT, so be careful.  You can destroy her claws, this way,
she can't create the shockwave.  The town's destruction is inevitable,
so unless you're playing Easy Mode, get your cash ready.


Found at:
Manda Ruins

Recommended weapon:
Homing missile


1. At the start of the battle, four frogs will appear. KILL THEM! If you 
   don't, Bola will make the orange and faster. If a frog is left behind,
   throw it at Bola for an easier time.:)

2. Bola will throw 3 blades.  If they miss 3 time in a row, he will stop, then
   throw some more.  Circle to avoid.

Bola 2

1. There are now 5 spinning blades in the room, so don't touch them.

2. Bola will do more blade throwing, so circle to avoid.

3. Bola will jump, then slam his sword into the ground and create a small
   shockwave, jump to avoid.

4. (1/4 energy) Bola will create an aura, then he will try to ram the blades
   into you!  Sidestep them to avoid.

Synopsis: Bola's fairly easy, circling is the best strategy.

Giant Frog

Found at:
Manda Ruins

Recommmended Weapon:
Drill Arm


1. The frog will try to whap you with it's tongue, jump over it.

2. The frog will shoot bubbles from its mouth, shoot them to pop them.

3. There are some flies in the air that you can shoot down for extra energy,
   but if the frog eats one, he heals himself.

4. There are spinning blades and tadpoles in the arena.  Be on the lookout!

5. The frog will jump to your platform, Jump out of the way.

6. If you are on the frog's platform, he will shoot numbing green gas.

7. The frog can also shoot his tongue out in a Z-formation, which hurts.

Synopsis: The frog is relatively easy to defeat. When it tries to jump at you,
it may miss and tip over. Run over there and drill it. It should go down 
rather quickly.

Bird Plane

Found at:
Nino Island

Recommended Weapon:
Buster cannon


1. It will fire its machine gun at you, roll to avoid.

Synopsis: The bird plane is pretty easy, as the Buster Cannon will provide
a quick victory.

Jellyfish Trio

Found at:
Nino Ruins
Kimotoma Caverns

Recommended Weapon:
Drill Arm


1. They will shoot yellow energy balls at you. Jump to avoid.

2. If there is water, they will charge at you.  If you have no Light 
   Barrier, it will paralyze you.

3. It may drop a jellyfish bomb, shoot it from a distance.

4. Once one is left on it's own, it begins to fire homing shots.

5. They also like to make themselves invincible occasionally.  Just
   wait it out of use a piercing weapon.

Synopsis: If there is no water, you can drill them. Fighting in water is 
harder, but the buster helps here.


Found at:
Nino Ruins

Recommended weapon:
Drill Arm


1. (Hey,Hey,Hey!) Shoots a machine gun at you in incraments of 3.

2. (This will slow you down!) Shoots electric balls that can paralyze if you
   have no Light Barrier.

3. (Heave-Ho!) Klaymoor jumps and then fires a twin-multicolored shot at
   you.  This attack is rare, and also inaccurate.  However it does HURT,
   and he like to use it after his spark shots, so be careful!

Synopsis: Circle him. Use the Drill Arm to kill him quickly.  He also can't
shoot you if you're in his face.

Klaymoor 2


1. Attack 1 from 1st form

2. (Top this!) Klaymoor throws a purple frisbee at you. Jump over it.

3. (Ho,Ho,Ho) klaymoor fires red bombs that he can cause to fall on you,
   keep moving.

4. (1/4 energy; This one's for you!) remember Juno's laser attack from MML1?
   Well, Klaymoor has his own version. He fires 2 blue lasers that you must
   jump over to dodge.

Synopsis: Klaymoor is still easy. Circle and Drill him.

Blitztrieg (Tiesel)

Found at:
Saul Kada

Recommended Weapon(s):
Ground Crawler
Buster Cannon


1. Teisel will throw junk at you. Sidestep it.

2. Teiel will throw 2 electric disks at you. Move closer to him to avoid them.

3. There are servbots in Drill Tanks that will ram into you.  Shoot them to 
   stop them from hitting you.

4. Tiesel will be using a statue as a shield. You can hit him without breaking
   it, but if you break he will go into attack pattern 5.

5. If you destroyed the statue, Teisel will jump around in the sand and fire 
   a drill missile at you.

Synopsis: If you destroy the statue, you have to pay 5,000 zenny. Choose which
path you think is easiest.  If you want to preserve the statue, use something
like the Buster Cannon for a quick shot when he's open.

Dino Bot

Found at:
Saul Kada Ruins

Reccomended Weapon:
Buster Cannon


1. The dino will slam it's head on the ground, causing a shockwave.  Jump over

2. It can summon blue energy rings. Shoot them to disable them.

3. Lava rocks may fall from the ceiling, beware of them.

4. It can use a flamethrower that can burn you if you don't have the Flame 

5. If you get too close to it, it will swat you away.

6. (1/3 energy) The dino can shoot fireballs at you that can burn you without
   a Flame Barrier.

Synopsis: He's somewhat easy, just avoid the flame and the energy rings and
you should be fine.

Gustaff (Tron)

Found at:
Saul Kada Ruins

Recommend weapon:
Ground Crawler


1. (What kind of arm is that?) Tron fires a machine gun at you. Circle to 

2. There are 2 servbots on the field that will throw triple bombs at you.

3. (Take this!) Tron fires 2 shots from her Bonne bazooka. THe bombs will 
   cause a ground fire that will burn you if stepped on.

4. Tron fires a flamethrower. Circle her to avoid the attack. Be careful no to
   get burned.

5. Tron can use a shield to protect her.

6. (Good luck boys!) Tron uses her beacon bomb attack. You are now a target.
   The servbots will chase after you and rapidly chuck bombs at you. Just
   keep running to avoid it.

Synopsis: Tron puts up a decent fight, however, with the Ground Crawler 
fully upgraded, she should go down in seconds.

Bon Bonne

Found at:
Saul Kada Ruins

Recomended Weapon:
Ground Crawler


1. Bon will his hands as missiles. You can throw them at him if you want. Or
   you could just shoot them, whatever you prefer.

2. Bon will turn his head into a drill and chase after you. Keep running
   to avoid.

3. Bon will fire both of his hands in an electrical fashion. They will
   chase after you. Shoot them to avoid.

Synopsis: Again, the Ground Crawler will provide an easy victory here. If you
want, you can throw Bon into the lava for some damage. Use the Ground Crawler 
and he should go down pretty quickly.  THere is no reason that you should 
lose this fight

Gomoncha (Glyde Car)

Found at:

Reccomended Weapon(s)
Buster Cannon
Homing Missile
Hyper Shell


1. Glyde's car will fire some bombs that are meant for the train. Rapidly 
   shoot them to destroy them.

2. There are 2 machine gun turrets on top of the train. The bullets are 
   aimed for you, so keep moving.

3. (1/2 energy) Glyde will fire a blue laser that moves left and right.
   Repeatedly jump to dodge it.

Synopsis: Glyde isn't really bent on attacking the train, so watch your back.

Gomoncha (Bonne Car)

Found at:

Reccomended Weapon(s)
Buster Cannon
Homing Missile
Hyper Shell


Phase 1. For the first phase of the attack, the bonnes will fire Servbot 
         missiles. If one is flying straight, grab it and throw it back. Do
         this 5 times to move on to the next phase. Also, if the Buster Cannon
         or the Hyper Shell's range is high, you can ignore the missiles and
         just shoot the back of the train to damage it.

Phase 2. The bonnes will now use a cannon to fire a familiar plasma shot from 
         the 1st game.  It will keep missing at first, but as you get closer, 
         you can rapidly shoot the cannon to stop the fire. Also, servbots
         will come out and try to bomb the train. Just shoot them off.

Phase 3. Most of the train has been blown off, and Bon is driving the train. 
         Keep shooting him, but watch out for the Servbot bombers. Pretty 

Synopsis: It's pretty easy. Remember, keep the Train protected. You can heal 
yourself, but the train can't.

The Blob

Found at:
Calinca Ruins

Recommended weapon(s):
Buster Cannon
Ground Crawler


1. The blob will follow you around the area, run and shoot.

2. The blob will get really tall, than cover the inside area in goop. Run 
   towards the wall.

3. The blob will create platforms and coat the floor in ice. Take Roll's
   advice and get on the platform. The blob will then throw blobs at you.
   Circle and jump on the platform while shooting. The blob heals when on
   the ice.

4. If you walk into a corner where a door is, the blob will turn around and
   fire any blob shots at you. This attack is near impossible to avoid, so
   don't go near the doors.

5. (1/4 energy) The blob will grow red and chase you quickly. Use your jet 
   skates to avoid it. He will then get tired and collapse. quickly finish
   it off before it regroups.

Synopsis: He's moderately difficult. But if you know how to dodge he's easy.
Just stay away from the doors!


Found at:
Sulphur Bottom Roof

Recommended weapon(s):
Blade arm
Buster cannon


1. (Geetz: Prepare yourself!)
   (Tron: Jump Megaman, you should be able to dodge this attack!)
   Geetz will swoop down on you and try to hit you. Take Tron's advice and 
   jump over him.

2. Geetz will swoop over while firing many shots. Roll out of the way.

3. Geetz will glow red and swoop over, causing multiple explosions. Again, 
   roll out of the way.

4. (1/4 energy) Geetz will get weaker and land on the ground. He can use a 
   Flamethrower and a tail whip, so watch out.

Synopsis: Generally easy boss. When he lands, finish him off with the Blade 
arm if you like.

Armored Sera

Found at:
Mother Zone

Recommended weapon:


1. (Ready?) Sera will dash at you with a red barrier. Roll out of the way.

2. (Well, Trigger) Sera will fire yellow sparks at you that you must jump 
   B or C liscense: 2 sparks
   A liscense: 3 sparks
   S or SS liscence: 4 sparks

3. (Hah!) Sera will cause 5 crystal shards to fly down at you. Run and jump.

4. (How's this?) Sera will turn the room red, inceasing the gravity. Then 
   she will cause a shockwave. Try to jump over it. She will then create 
   diamonds that you have to destroy.

   B or C liscence: 1 jump
   A liscense: 2 jumps
   S or SS liscence: 3 jumps.

Synopsis: She's moderately hard, mainly because of the gravity attack. But 
you'll get the hang of ot.

Sky Goddess Sera

Found at:

Recomended weapon:
Shining Laser


1. (Gotcha!) Sera will hover you with 14 blue lasers on the ground. If you 
   want to shoot her, don't lock on.

2. (Feel my power!) Sera will slam the ground, causing a pink shockwave. Roll
   THROUGH the shockwave to avoid damage.

3. (Let's find out) Sera summons meteors that will follow you. Just keep 
   running and all will be well.

4. (What's the matter?) Sera will summon a laser that will move left and 
   right. This attack will nearly kill you with a full life bar. O_O

5. (1/2 energy) Sera will cause a black hole to appear.  It does no damage,
   but it tries to pull you in and mess up your vision so she can attack you.

Synopsis: She's not too hard if you have the shining laser, but beware of the
laser and the black hole.

V. Tips

Here some tips that will help your game:

1. Always circle. Most attacks will miss you while you get in good damage.

2. When standing still and firing, tap up to fire more rapidly.

3. Always use your roll (L1 or R1 and X) to evade attacks. You are invincible
   while doing it, so use it and abuse it!

VI. Credits

God- for everything
Capcom- for making the game
My parents- for using their credit card to order the game online
You- for reading this Faq :)

VII. Closing

Well, this is my FAQ. Again, if you have any questions or comments, contact me.