Question from Gamer1345

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I beat Slash Beast?

Is they're any easy way to beat slash beast?

Accepted Answer

From: aguini 5 years ago

With Zero: after the jump you can use the combo, dash to pass under the slash and when he uses shippuuga you can jump low and use a air attack

With X: Same as Zero to evade attacks, but you'll use the charged shot. Ground Hunter is the best weapon to use.

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Slash Beast sells his moves really, really easily. He's gonna wind up before letting loose a powerful attack - i.e. the dash-along-the-ground, the counterattack, the flash-kick like attack, and he'll jump very high before doing the M. Bison Head Stomp.

Whip out your trusty Z-Saber and whack him in between those moves and he'll go down quickly.

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