Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 15:32:09 +0700

			|             Rockman X4             |
			|         FAQ and walkthrough        |
			|               ver. 0.5             |
			|  Created by Valentino Budhidharma  |
			|       |

Thanks to Gringo Sandi Bandito for the help of the item to make Rockman and Zero start with 4
live and for the location of Rockman weapon upgrade and the helmet upgrade. Also for the 
technique to evade the first form of Sigma's sickle attack and for avoiding Sigma from using 
his boomerang (which is rather difficult to avoid). He told me too the the location of the 
Life Adder.

Thanks also to John (, who has given me these code. I have not tried them 
whether ther are work or not.

X's Ultimate Armour:
   At the player select screen, highlight X.  Press the X button twice.    
   Press Left on the D-Pad 6 times.  Hold L1 and R2 and press start.

If done correctly, you will notice that the light blue parts of X's armor are 
now purple.  When you enter any of the special armor capsules, you will be given 
the full Ultimate Armor suit.  With this armor, you can do the Giga Attack 
without using up any of it's energy.

Zero's Black Armour:
   At the character selection screen, highlight Zero; then HOLD R1 and  
   press Right, Right, Right, Right, Right, Right; then release R1, HOLD 
   the X button and press Start.

What's in this FAQ:
0.5	: All of heart location (which is the same for both Zero and
	  The energy tank's location.
	  The energy weapon's location.
	  The life adder (I can't read Japanese so I just call that)
	  Rockman's walkthrough.
0.6     : added Rockman's Final Frontier and Space Port
0.7     : added super armor for X and Zero

Hallo! This is the first time I made FAQ for the game. I lived in Indonesian and I don't 
understand Japanese. I am sorry if my English rather mistaken in grammar and spelling.

This game is great just as the other Rockman X series. From the beginning of the game player 
may choose between Rockman X or Zero to play. Zero now has his own weapon which he got from 
killing the 8 bosses. The story line is different. I don't understand Japanese so I don't 
know the story, but the motion video is different.

I myself prefer Zero than Rockman X. I think the final boss is much easier to kill with Zero. 
Maybe you will get a little problem when facing all the 8 bosses for the second times if you 
are using Zero. 

I love using Zero because of his hair is cool (just like Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Z). Also 
of his weapons are sword technique. You can use almost all of Zero's weapon without losing 
any energy weapon (Rockman X later in the game will has the same ability as Zero) except for 
the Cyber weapon.

One thing I miss so much from this game is all the motion video when you entering the stages 
of the 8 bosses. In Rockman X3 every times we entering a stage which the bossed we has not 
killed, there is a motion video of the boss acting in his stage (what a pity I think for a 
great game like this?).

At this first version may be I did not use the real name of the bosses and all their weapon, 
because I can't read Japanese and I forget the bosses' name and all the name of their weapon. 
But later I will fix it.


Heart	 : At the second area use fire to burn the tree
Power	 : AIR DASH. When you see the waterfall go down and move to the right.
Boss	 : He is the easiest boss to take care with X buster. 				  	   
Just wait under him and feel the time just before he threw 				   
the web you dash to the opposite site of him. Repeat this technique. 		   
When his life bar about half, he change his attack pattern. Don't 			   
worry just shoot him with X Buster until he is death. Kill his kid 			   
with X Buster.

Heart    : At the second area you can see it at the top platform.
 	   Just be quick and you can get it.
Mid Boss : Just use the X Buster.
Boss     : Use Spider Web to kill him. When you shoot the Spider Web to him he is stunned and 	   
can not use his special attack.

Heart    : At the first Area at the first place you must be quick enough to get "S" score to 	   
get the heart.
Tank     : At the first Area second places, just the same, get the "S" score. 
Power    : HELMET. At the first Area third places. Use the Mushroom weapon to destroy the 	   
yellow rounded shaped things. After you got this power item, all your weapon                 
become limitless.
Boss     : Don't let him attack, use Mushroom Split Weapon to hurt him so that he won't 	   
attack you. If he is flying quickly jump to attack him. If he is on the ground use  	   
the dash to avoid his body and attack him until he is dead.

Heart    : At the first Area you can see it falling from the place which is destroyed by the 	   
big laser beam. Be quick, take it before the place is destroyed.
Power    : WEAPON. At the second places, near to mid boss, there is an area where you can see 	   
the roof has a hole at it and many spikes at the left and right sides. Use the 	   
Spider Web to Climb up. You can choose two types of WEAPON here. One is big shoot, 	   
the other is four smaller shoot which can be kept up. 
Mid Boss : So easy, just shoot it and all its guardian with double charge up X Buster.
Boss     : Use Cyber Laser Seeker and he will hope that he never meet you in all his life.

Heart    : At the first Area near the gate to the second area climb to the upper left cliff.
Power    : ARMOR. At the second Area near the place where you find robot armor, climb to the upper 	   
right, use the charge up Tiger Claw to destroy the wall. Right now you still don't            
have this weapon, so later you must back to this place to take the item.
Boss     : You can kill him using robot armor. Destroy the rock wall using that robot, but              
try to keep your robot in fresh condition so that it will last longer to fight               
him. After your robot being destroyed, use the Airforce Weapon. This weapon                  
stunned him so he can't attack you. Repeat until dead.

6. ICE 
Heart    : At the beginning of the stage shoot the ice that blocked the heart with fire 	   
Life add : At the slippery icy stages that will disappear soon after you stand on it go climb            
the right hill. At the top you will see the item. Use the Spider Web to climb up.
Mid Boss : Use Charge Up Fire attack, if you attack correctly, only two shoot, and it will              
Boss     : Use fire attack, it will burn him into fire. And happy toasted boss!

Heart    : At the third hole at the ground don't jump.
Tank     : At the second Area you can see that at the upper stage.
Boss     : When he threw up his kids, attack him with ice. It will froze him. Destroy the 	   
kids using ice too. After you first times attack him, he will fly to the air. 	   
Watch him at which side he fly up (left or right). Then you climb up at the side 	   
he fly up. Control your timing. If your timing is right, he will never go down 	   

Heart    : At the second Area, destroy the train using robot armor.
Mid Boss : Use the double charge X Buster (I prefer the big one, not the smaller one). Only  	   
two shoots and it finish.
Boss     : Attack him using Ground Buster. When he attack you with his tiger slash avoid it 	   
by jumping on it. If he begin to sweep the floor from left to right just climb at 	   
the wall. Don't you ever get caught by his claw, he will smash you to the ground 	   
and you will suffer damage big enough.

First Boss (Man with sword -> I don't know his name):
Very easy using Rockman X to call him. Using big shoot and good timing shoot him repeatedly. About
half of his life meter, he changes his attack pattern and begin leasing thunder from his sword. 
Climb up to the left or right wall, when his thunder going up, by perfect placing you can avoid
all of his thunder attacks. 

Second Boss (Big Robot):
Using Rockman, this boss is easy too. Use the Train Slash Beam (I can't read the Japanese). Shoot him
when he released his two punches. Attack him with combining the charge up Slash weapon or just shoot
it to his head. If he approacing to the wall (left or right), climb up the wall, and make a dash
in the air to move abov his head. just repeat until he is dead.

Third Boss (fighting all the eight bosses):
Just a piece of cake, kill them all easily by the same techniques at the above!

Final Frontier (Sigma):
First form of Sigma:
Sigma's form is now looks like grim reaper. At first use the fire (do not charge it), and shoot it at him.
He will be burned and dissapearing. At the second of his appearance, shoot him with the charge up fire 
attack, and that's it, finish without any touching of him!

Second form (Sigma):
This form rather easy. Use the spider web on him. At first he will fly in the air and throw his scythe.
If he is facing to the right, dash to the left part of him and shoot him with charge up Spider Web (be careful,
you must watch your Web Weapon's meter, don't let it run out!). At the second times he throw his scythe, climb 
up to the most upper wall he is facing to. He will throw the scythe to the wall. By good timing, jump and 
dash over it. Shoot the web in front of Sigma, and use that web to make a double jump above his head to the
opposite site of his face, and then climb up. He will shot the laser, because you are already climb up over his
head, ust say hello to him. Repeat this pattern until he is dead. If you are doing this carefully, you can kill
the first and the second form of Sigma without any hit at all (easy, ha?)!

Third form (Big Robot bosses):
This form consists of two parts. First part is at the ground to the left. Shoot it with your Ground Buster. If 
it blow you with his wind fight it with rapiteadly pressing the dash button with simultaneously shoot the
Ground Buster. The second part is the Big Robot to the right. This is rather difficult to kill with Rockman.
If he is showing his second part, listen whether he shows a sound like laser beam. If it so, adjust your timing
to fly in the air (Rockman can fly in the air by pressing and hold the jump button. You should already know this,
should not you?). If he does not make any sound, prepare to attack him. First destroy the right red statue with
Big charge up Rockman Buster that's why I prefer this than the four smaller beam!). Just one big shoot and it 
will be destroyed. Then climb the blue and shoot him with the Charge up Rockman Buster (I think it is the best
weapon to kill him). If he about to shoot you with laser, control your timing and flying in the air. If your 
timing is correct, by the time you are going down, he is already finishing shooting his laser. There are still 
three other more attack patterns with only red, yellow, and blue statues in the screen. 

First, the blue statue is attacking you with ice breath. Shoot it quickly with the charge up Rockman Buster. 
Only one shoot needed to destroy it.

Second, the red statue is attacking. Just the as the blue one. Hurryly shoot it to the left with your charge up 
Rockman Buster, and avoid his fire by running to the right and clmb up the other statues.

Third, the yellow statue is attacking. This is rather difficult to avoid. It appear at the top center of the 
screen. Before he release a lot of his thunder, quickly destroy him with Charge up Rockman Buster. If you are
quick enough you can avoid all his thunder attack.

Oke, by repeating all that pattern I am sure all of you can kill all those bosses without any problem. I think
the bosses of Rockman X3 is better difficult to kill than this one.