Fun Stuff Guide by KThomas

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Metal Gear Solid
Random Fun Stuff
Version 1.5
By: Keith Thomas (aka StriderHiryu)


1.0 Intro
	1.1 Legal Stuff
	1.2 Random Ranting
	1.3 New Stuff
2.0 Weaponry Fun
	2.1 SOCOM
	2.2 FA-MAS
	2.3 Grenades
	2.4 Stun Grenades
	2.5 Chaff Grenades
	2.6 Nikita Missiles
	2.7 PSG-1
	2.8 Stinger Missiles
	2.9 Claymores
	2.10 C4
3.0 Inventory Fun
	3.1 Bandanna
	3.2 Optic Camo
	3.3 Boxes
4.0 Location Fun
	4.1 Heliport
	4.2 Bathroom
	4.3 Blast Furnace
	4.4 I'm lazy
5.0 CODEC Fun
	5.1 Mei Ling
	5.2 Naomi Hunter
	5.3 Roy Campbell
6.0 No Real Point
	6.1 Extra Info
	6.2 Credits

| 1.0 Intro |

1.1: Legal Stuff

	Dun mess with this.  I demand it be left alone. ;)
Seriously though.  Dun rip it off, change it, edit it, any other term you think you 
could get away with, just don't.  I wrote it out of boredom and so others could 
have some fun like I do, not for people to say "Hey look what I wrote, I'm sure 
it's worth money!  Wanna buy it?"  It's text, a small .txt file, a worthless 
gathering of information on how I have fun in MGS.  You can do whatever the heck 
you want with it besides change it and sell it.  Oh yes, and if you use this on 
your site, please, leave me a msg. (ie e-mail me)

1.2: Random Ranting

	Blah blah blah Konami is godly.  Yadda yadda yadda I've gotten to a point 
where messing around owns all and I dun care if my time on this save says 30 hrs#*
$@(!  Comments, additions, etc accepted.  Flames may get recognition, and an 
owning, depending upon reason.  NOTE: All weapon descs taken from the 
Official Metal Gear Solid Strategy Guide.

1.3: New Stuff

	v1.0(29.07.99): Everything

	v1.1(29.07.99): I don't know why I submitted so early.  I guess to get people 
to send in their own means of having fun and to help me out asap.  I'll prolly only 
send updates in about once a week, so this will grow, but if you submit something, 
don't expect it to be seen right away.  Now then onto the new stuff.  Added the 
Bathroom topic under the Location Fun chapter.  I dunno how I managed to leave that 
out.  (Thanks Chris)  Also added a new chapter, 'CODEC Fun'.  Chris had also 
reminded me of the Naomi thing when you call her whilst smoking, as well as when 
you kill the ravens, Roy Campbell will call you.  His mentioning made me remember 
the Mei Ling thing where she'll stick her tounge out at you.

	v1.2(09.08.00): I guess the once a week update idea died.  Shame isn't it?
The game is nearing its 2yr old US release, and it still isn't old, to me anyway.
I could play through this game and uncountless amount of times.  My e-mail changed
a *long* time ago, so anyone who's e-mailed me about this, sorry guys.  I may take
this up again, that is, if I get feed back and new ideas.  Right now I'm fresh out
and I noticed this on gamefaqs, and looked at the email and date.  Enough to make
one go 'o.O;'.

| 2.0 Weaponry Fun |


	The Mark 23 Model 0 U.S. SOCOM was adopted as the standard service weapon for 
advanced combat personnel.  It successfully passed a 30,000 round endurance firing 
test and extreme temperature tests.  Special features include a laser-aiming 
module, a buffer system for minimized recoil forces, corrosive-resistant coatings 
on al metal components, and a polygon barrel of hard chrome plated internally.  
There are no other pistols with this all-around precision and durability.

	Fun Stuff:
		1. Combo it.  Punch, Punch, Fire.
		2. Mess with guards till you're bored and take 'em out.
		3. See how far you can be away from them and still pick them off.
		4. It's about the only weapon you can use w/o being detected easily, 
		see how well you can hide, pop out, fire, and re-hide.  Dun pop out and 
		give them 3, pop out, one shot, pop out again as they pass, one shot, 
		then once more.

2.2 FA-MAS

	Encompassing assault firing and support firing, the FA-MAS is solid and 
reliable, withstanding water, mud, sand, and dust tests without loss of 
preformance.  It is compact, light, streamlines, and prefectly balanced around the 
pistol grip.

	Fun Stuff:
		1. Run around with it whilst holding fire.
		2. Be creative.

2.3 Grenades

	Also known as Frag Grenades or Fragmentation Grenades, these are explosive 
devices set to detonate after a five second delay.  Causing noise to alert any 
nearby guard or sensor, these are mainly used to take out vehicles or to blow away 
advacing enemies by less-than-subtle operatives.

	Fun Stuff:
		1. Drop and Forget.
		2. KAMIKAZE RUNS.  Hold Square and run into people.

2.4 Stun Grenades

	Also know as the Flash or Flash-Bang Grenade, this temporarily disables all 
enemies within a user's line of sight.  Highly charged and tightly packed magnesium 
reacts to friction, detonating after five seconds once the safety pin is pulled.

	Fun Stuff:
		1. Drop and Forget.
		2. Ugh, I hate these things.  Not worth messing w/ when you get instant 
		detection, lest you want to spawn more enemies.

2.5 Chaff Grenades

	Dispersing microscopic metal shards into the surrounding air, the Chaff 
Grenade effectivly jams any enemy sensory system for ten seconds.  This rendors the 
operative invisible to all cameras and sensors, but also blocks your own radar, so 
it is advisable to locate any enemy  soldiers before utilizing it.  The explosive 
delay is about five seconds, and the blast damage is negligible.

	Fun Stuff:
		1. Absolutely nothing.  "Lookit me I can disable cameras and radar."

2.6 Nikita Missiles

	The Nikita Personal Remote Rocket Launcher.  A prototype missile launcher 
code named Nikita, utilizing satellite radar tracking systams, AWACS aircraft data 
and soliton technology, a small, fully controllable rocket can be used to seek and 
destroy targets from enemy soldiers to machinery.  Current field testing has proved 
inconclusive, so try a number of different tactics with this equipment.

	Fun Stuff:
		1. Go for a guard and watch him go "!" and just stare the missile down 
		as you shove it down his throat.
		2. Practice control of the missiles.  Try to master them.

2.7 PSG-1

	Arguably the most accurate semi-auto in the world.  The accuracy standard has 
been field tested: 50 rounds of ammo into an 80 millimeter circle at 300 meters.  
The main reason for utilization and procurement in this op is that the PSG-1 ejects 
spent shells to a distance of around ten feet, thus lessening a foe's ability to 
judge the shooters position.  Another reason is that the extremely accurate sights 
have a default setting of 600 meters, the optimal engagement range.

	Fun Stuff:
		1. God I love sniping.
		2. Practice clean headshots.
		3. Smoke a cigarette rather than use a diazepam.

2.8 Stinger Missiles

	The Stinger missile launching system employs a unique two-color, infrared-
ultraviolet detector using fire-and-forget technology.  This ensures high 
survivability and maximum impact, even in the heaviest countermeasure situations.  
The Stingers modular design and greater-than-90% hit ration have kept it at the 
forefront of missile technology.

	Fun Stuff:
		1. Waste them on guards, can't really go wrong when your games only 
		there to mess around.
		2. Take out all the cameras.
		3. I'll put it blunt: Blow shit up.

2.9 Claymores

	A directional anti-personnel mine.

	Fun Stuff:
		1. Memorize a guards path, wait for him to leave one area and put a 
		claymore there.  Then watch, proceeded to a point and laugh when he 
		runs into it.
		2. Make a friend leave the room, make a maze some where, and tell him 
		to run through it.  Be evil and place C4 near each one so if he decides 
		to be lame you can just slam the circle button on him.

2.10 C4

	This volatile plastic explosive works by a remote sensor mechanism and can be 
set on a wall, a floor, or even another human.

	Fun Stuff:
		1. Memorize a guards path, wait for him to leave one area and place C4 
		there.  Then watch, and proceed to point and laugh as you click the 
		2. Do the above but make it so he's walking towards you, then right 
		after he passes over it and is to the side of it you are, det it and 
		watch him fly at you.  Point and laugh.
		3. Place it on the guards back, and click the button.
		4. I'll put it blunt too: Blow shit up.

| 3.0 Inventory Fun |

3.1 Bandanna

	Wear it for unlimited ammo.

	Fun Stuff:
		1. Unlimited Ammo.  Raise hell.

3.2 Optic Camo

	The invso suit.  Wear it and you're a blur people are too stupid to try 
shooting at.

	Fun Stuff:
		1. Walk up to a guard, launch your punch-punch-kick combo.  When he 
		get's up, laugh as he doesn't know what hit him.
		2. Run circles around the guards.
		3. Grab a guard and drag him infront of another guard.  Watch the "!" 
		4. Just mess with them till you're so bored with them you shove some on 
		his back.

3.3 Boxes

	Great for hiding in.  Great for laughs.  Great for getting around.  Any 

	Fun Stuff:
		1. Hop in one and walk into a guards path (way ahead of him).  Laugh as 
		he looks at you and goes. "What's da box?"
		2. Get into one, wait for a guard to pass, pop out, (SOCOM Equipped) 

		Punch, Punch, Fire, get back into the box.  Repeat until caught or 
		guard dies.
		3. Hop into a truck and skip a whole cd's worth of running.
		4. Tap on something, hide in the box.  Wait for the foolish guard to
		turn away, then hop out.  Repeat, and proceed to laugh.<submitted by 
		James Morey>

| 4.0 Location Fun |

4.1 Helipad

	Location just after you get on the elevator.  Great place to have fun, guards 
are easy to spawn, and their movement patterns should have been memorized during 
the first run through the game.

	Fun Stuff:
		1. Pick off the guard on the balcony w/ the PSG-1 (hard to find a good 
		spot where you can actually hit him.
		2. Run up to the balcony and toss the guard off.
		3. Go up to the balcony, hide in the first nook (w/o the vent).  Wait 
		for him, and proceed to kill him in any means you find enjoyable.
		4. Go to the same place as above and get down into a box whilst in the 
		nook.  Wait for him to turn his back to you and stop.  Now pop out of 
		the box, punch-punch-fire (SOCOM), and duck into the box again.  If you 
		do this successfully, and you're on easy, he'll just look at the box 
		and walk off.  Repeat until he dies.
		5. Helipad Boxing, complete with spotlights and armed opponents.  Don't 
		use the weapons here except to pop them as you feel like going on to 
		the next challenger.  When they run up, circle them so they don't pick 
		you off, then throw them or unleash the punch, punch, kick combo on 
		them.  Wait for them to get up, and do whatever you like.  Whenever you 
		want a new challenger, just whip out Mr. SOCOM, Punch, punch, pop, pop, 
		6. Toy with the cargo guard.  Whilst up there, knock on a box and run 
		to the other side of it, he'll go "?" and look for the sound, then find 
		your foot prints.  Do some figure eights, and knock occasionally so he 
		doesn't loose interest.  Just keep toying with him till you find it's 
		getting dull/redundant and knock once more, this time after knocking 
		just wait for him to start heading towards you and pick him off.

4.2 Bathroom

	The room where the guards go to relieve themselves.  To the left of Psycho Mantis's office.

	Fun Stuff:
		1. Hide in a stall w/ Nikita's equipped.  Wait for some helpless guard 
		to walk in, stop at the urinal and begin his relieving.  Fire off a 
		Nikita, guide it to him, and just laugh as he dies at the john.	
		<submitted by Chris Warren>
		2. Stick some C4 up to the urinal, and return to your safe little 
		stall.  Wait for yet another helpless guard to walk in, unzip, and 
		begin his natural calling.  At any time you find most humorous, click 
		the button, and watch yet another die at the john.  Sucks to be the 
		guard.  <submitted by Chris Warren>
		3. I should beable to just say "Optic Camo", but I dunno if everyone 
		would get it.  Pop on the optic camo, and beat the crap out of the 
		urinating guard.  Proceed to point and laugh.  <submitted by Chris 

4.3 Blast Furnace

	Really hot place with the molten steel boiling and the annoying part where 
you have to walk across the narrow beam to continue.

	Fun Stuff:
		1. Toss the guards into the molten steel.
		2. Make straight runs through the steam room and see if you can make it 
		w/o stopping and not getting hit by steam.  No circle bs, just one 
		straight shot.
		3. Toy with the guards some, you can never kill too many.  Well you 
		can, but not if you've made a char just to mess around w/ like me :P

4.4 I'm lazy

	My laziness.

	Fun Stuff:
		1. Well, nothing.  Reason for this section is to say: Lookit me!  I 
		have 3 locations, and I'm not nearly done!  Send in your own fun little 
		MGS spin off games.  Help add to the lists I've already constructed.

| 5.0 CODEC Fun |

5.1 Mei Ling

	The cute lil Chinese woman w/ the cute lil accent that saves your data. ;p

	Fun Stuff:
		1. Call her (I think) 10 times and each time just hit cancel.  She'll 
		stick her tongue out at you.

5.2 Naomi Hunter

	Medical woman who doesn't know who gave her the life she has.

	Fun Stuff:
		1. Call her whilst smoking.  Prepare for a lecture. <submitted by Chris 

5.3 Roy Campbell

	Commander of your operation.

	Fun Stuff:
		1. Kill the ravens in the cargo elevator. <submitted by Chris Warren>
		2. I forget where, but kill rats there.

| 6.0 No Real Point |

6.1 Extra Info

	This 'FAQ' was written in wordpad using wordwrap at 7" and the Verdana font.
I dunno how it'd look otherwise, but if it screws up, configure your stuff 
accordingly.  This 'FAQ' can be obtained @ GameFAQs via

6.2 Credits

Konami - One godly company.  Akumajo Dracula and Metal Gear *drool*
Sony - Another godly company.
Playstation - One godly system.
Millenium - For the weapon descriptions.
Blink182 no longer gets any credit.  We shall now credit my AnimeMP3s folder.
Fushigi Yuugi - For being my favorite anime and having nothing to do with this.
Weiss Kruez - For being a damned good anime and having nothing to do with this.
Chris Warren<> - For the Bathroom list and giving the idea for the 
CODEC chapter.
James Morey<> - 4th item under the Box section.
Myself - Cause I wrote this and deserve credit. ;p

This FAQ Copyright  1999~2000 Keith Thomas.  Metal Gear Solid is owned by Konami.  I'm 
sure it's safe to say they own me too.  Strider Hiryu is owned by Capcom.  They as 
well, own me.