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What are the dates and requirements for each expedition?

i've just started playing this game again and I relized I never unlocked any of the expedition monsters the problem is i havent played this game in a while so i forgot the dates and requirements for each expedition


cloudyapril answered:

Torles Expedition on February week 1
Parepare jungle Expedition on October week 1
The requirement is your monster must have at least 60 fame if I'm not mistake.
Be sure to rest your monster a day before coz expedition makes your monster pretty much tired.
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ehow22 answered:

I think they have to be a certain Rank as well,. I could be wrong though.

Since I had a Happy mask at Rank B with 80 Fame but Rovest(the guy for Torles) didn't show up. But Talico(Kawrea) and Kavaro(Parepare) showed up.

Also, Kawrea is on June week 1....cloudy got everything else right.
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KurasuSoratobu answered:

Torles Expedition: Week 1 February, C-rank minimum, must have 210 Life and 50 Fame
Parepare Expedition: Week 1 October, C-Rank minimum, must have 140 Life and 50 Fame
Kawrea Expedition: Week 1 June, B-Rank minimum, must have 280 Life and 50 Fame *UNLESS* it's the first time you've gone. The first time, you only need to be D-rank. The D-rank is a one-time only thing, though.
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