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Monster Rancher 2 - CD List - Version 0.475 (10/15/99)

Hi, this faq was made by Carlos Silla ( 
with the help of my friends.We worked hard the last few days 
for making this list possible. We are trying to list every 
type of CDs , if you have any contributions to this list 
please e-mail them to:

Interesting Note: I Have found out that some hand-picked 
cd's contais special monsters. (Ie: Mocchi/??? on Tecmo 
Deception CD), Also only the English version of the games 
contains those special monsters (Ie: The Japanese version 
of Tenchu don't give the Kato/??? Monster, it gives the 

Interesting Note 2: The CD's that are listed but have a ???
on its side, its because that cd contains a type of monster 
that we are not allowed to breed yet. But soon we will :) 
(At least i hope so ^_^)

Special Thanks to: 
- My friends Phabyo and Chu who made this list possible.
- GameFaqs for posting this faq on the net.	

3DO CDs:

Blonde Justice: ColorPandora/Jell
Crime Patrol: Mocchi/Kato
Graduation Final: Suezo/Zuum
Guardian War: ???
Luciene's Quest: Gaboo/Gaboo
Mad Dog McCree: Zuum/Baku
Mad Dog McCree II: Hare/Zuum
Pebble Beach Golf Links: ???
Sailor Moon: Henger/Golem
Space Ace: Hare/Zuum
Strah!: ???
Yu Yu Hakusho: Pixie/Golem

Audio CDs:

AC/DC - Live (disc 1): Gaboo/Jell
AC/DC - Live (disc 2): Gali/Golem
Celine Dion - Falling Into You: Gaboo/Gaboo
Celine Dion - Let's Talk About Love: Mew/Mew
Diana King - Think Like a Girl: ???
Iron Maiden - Live After Death: ???
Iron Maiden - Live After Death (Bonus CD): ???
Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind: Hooper/Hooper
Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind (Bonus CD): Baku/Hare
Dragon Quest IV (disk 1): Kato/Gali
Dragon Quest IV (disk 2): ???
Dragon Quest V - Symphonic Suite (disk 1): ???
Dragon Quest V - Symphonic Suite (disk 2): Monol/Zuum
Falcom Neo Classic (disk 1): ???
Falcom Neo Classic (disk 2): Zuum/Kato
Falcom Neo Classic (disk 3): ???
Falcom Vocal Collection II (disk 1): Monol/Monol
Falcom Vocal Collection II (disk 2): Monol/Naga
Final Fantasy V DEAR FRIENDS: ???
Fire Bomber Mylene Jenius: Worm/Golem
Fire Bomber Basara Nekki: ColorPandora/Pixie
Gradius in Classic (disk 1): Tiger/Naga
Gradius in Classic (disk 2): ???
Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene 7-13: Golem/Hare
Jean Michel Jarre - Revolutions: Ape/Plant
Queen Greates Hits II: Zuum/Plant
Raimundos: Gaboo/Gaboo
Raimundos - So no Forevis: ColorPandora/Jell
Sepultura - Refuse/Resist: ???
Sepultura - Roots: Henger/Zuum
Romancing Saga La Romance: Tiger/Pixie
Slam Dunk Original Soundtrack: ???
The Canberries - Bury the Hatchet: ???
The Canberries - Everybody Else is Doing It: Tiger/Gali
The Canberries - No Need to Argue: Naga/Worm
The Canberries - To The Faithful Departed: Plant/Hare
The Offspring - Americana: Worm/Worm
Undercover Check Out the Groove: Pixie/Suezo
Vangelis - 1942: Pixie/Zuum
Vangelis - Alberd 0.39: Golem/Naga
Vangelis - Antarctica: Ape/Golem
Vangelis - Beaubourg: Plant/Gali
Vangelis - Chariots of Fire: ???
Vangelis - China: Tiger/Worm
Vangelis - Direct: ???
Vangelis - El Greco: Zuum/Baku
Vangelis - Greatest Hits (disk 1): ???
Vangelis - Greatest Hits (disk 2): ???
Vangelis - Heaven and Hell: ???
Vangelis - Ignacio: Zuum/Baku
Vangelis - L'apocalypse des Animaux: Kato/Mocchi
Vangelis - Mask: Tiger/Naga
Vangelis - Opera Sauvage: ???
Vangelis - See You Later: Hopper/Mocchi
Vangelis - Soil Festival: Meow/Tiger
Vangelis - Space 2000: ???
Vangelis - Spiral: ???
Vangelis - The Best of Jon & Vangelis: ???
Vangelis - The Best of Vangelis: ???
Vangelis - The City: ???
Vangelis - Voices: Hopper/Gali
Where in Rome: Ape/Gali

FM Towns CD:

After Burner: Gaboo/Jell
Digital Craft: Tiger/Zuum
Drakkhen: Jell/Naga
Dungeon Master: ???
Dungeon Master Chaos Strikes Back: ???
Final Blow: ???
FreeWare Collection 3: ???
Free Software Collection 4: Hare/Tiger
Free Software Collection 4 Program Disk: ???
Galaxy Force II: ???
Heroes of The Lance: Gaboo/Gaboo
Image Fight: Naga/Monol
Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade: Kato/Suezo
Loom: ???
Loom Audio Drama: Suezo/Naga
RayXanber: Hopper/Pixie
Rocket Ranger: Tiger/Zuum
Shadow of The Beast: Hare/Monol
Towns System Software v1.1: Hopper/Kato
Zak McKraken: ???

Import Playstation CDs:

1999: Hopper/Tiger
3x3 Eyes (disk 1): Henger/Dragon
3x3 Eyes (disk 2): Kato/Tiger
AbalaBurn: ???
Advanced V.G.: ???
Advanced V.G. 2: Plant/Golem
Airgrave: Pixie/Tiger
Alundra: Hare/Zuum
Angel Eyes: Zuum/Monol
Angel Graffiti: ???
Angelique Special 2: Mocchi/Kato
Another Memories: Pixie/Gali
Arc The Lad: ColorPandora/Jell
Arc The Lad II: ???
Arc The Lad II Casino Game: ???
Arc The Lad II Monster Game: ???
Armored Core: Naga/Zuum
Bastard!!: Pixie/Golem
Battle Ranma 1/2 Renaissance: Jell/Plant
Bio Hazard 2: Gaboo/Gaboo
Bomberman Fantasy Race: Hooper/Tiger
Bomberman Wars: ???
Bomberman World: ColorPandora/Jell
Boys Be... : Hooper/Tiger
Brave Fencer Musashiden: Zuum/Arrow Head
Breath of Fire III: Ape/Golem
Building Crush: ???
Burning Fest: Kato/Dragon
Bushidou Balde: Suezo/Zuum
Bushidou Blade 2: ???
Bust a Move: ???
Bust a Move 2: ???
C.R.W. Counter Revolution War: Worm/Naga
Capcom Generation 1: ???
Capcom Generation 2: Naga/Zuum
Captain Tsubasa J: Pixie/Golem
Chocobo's Dungeon (disk 1): ???
Chocobo's Dungeon (disk 2): Hooper/Tiger
Cooking Fighter: Zuum/Baku
Crazy Climber: Gaboo/Tiger
Crisis Beat: Jell/Zuum
Critical Blow: Henger/Golem
DarkStalkers: Naga/Plant
Dodge Ball: Hare/Plant 
Doki Doki: Hooper/Suezo
Doki Doki Pretty League: Suezo/Zuum
Door to Phantomile: ???
Doraemon 2: Hooper/Tiger
Dracula X: Mocchi/Kato
Dragon Ball Final Bout: Plant/Zuum
Dragon Ball Z Idainaru Dragon Ball Densetsu: Kato/Dragon
Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22: Plant/Zuum
Dragon Knight 4: ???
Druid: Tiger/Golem
Ehrgeiz: ???
Elemental Gearbolt: ???
Exaleguise: ???
Feda 2: ???
Final Fantasy IV: Kato/Mocchi
Final Fantasy V: ???
Final Fantasy VII (disk 1): ???
Final Fantasy VII (disk 2): ???
Final Fantasy VII (disk 3): ???
Final Fantasy Tactics: Hopper/Tiger
Final Fantasy Tactics (Square's Preview 2): Pixie/Golem
Fortune's Quest: ???
Fox Junction: ???
Front Mission 2: Pixie/Golem
G-Police (disk 1): ???
G-Police (disk 2): Suezo/Zuum
Ghost in the Shell: Mocchi/Kato
Gokujyo Parodius: Pixie/Golem
Gotha World (disk 1): ColorPandora/Pixie
Gotha World (disk 2): ColorPandora/Pixie
Gowcaizer: ???
Grandoll: Naga/Zuum
Gran Turismo: Hopper/Tiger
Gritz: ???
Guilty Gear: Kato/Suezo
Gunners Heaven: ??? 
Guy Brave: Hopper/Dragon
Houshinengi: ???
Jumping Flash! 2: ???
Kitchen'o Panic: Henger/Zuum
Lagnacure: ???
Legion of Heroes: ???
Legion of Heroes Evolution: Hare/Zuum
Lightining Legend: ???
Linda3: ???
Lunar Silver Star Story (disk 1): Hare/Hare
Lunar Silver Star Story (disk 2): ColorPandora/ColorPandora
Macross Digital Mission VF-X: ???
Megatudo 2090: ???
Metal Gear Solid (disk 1): ???
Metal Gear Solid (disk 2): ???
Metal Slug: Zuum/Baku
Mobile Suit Gundam - Perfect One Year War: Mocchi/Tiger
Mobile Suit Gundam - Version 2.0: Hare/Golem
Momotarou Dentetsu 7: ???
Nanco Museum vol. 2: Monol/Tiger
Nazo Makaimura: Monol/Pixie
New Super Robot Wars: Jell/Golem
Ninku: Monol/Jell
Noel - Not Digital (disk 1): Suezo/Zuum
Noel - Not Digital (disk 2): Pixie/Golem
Option Tuning Car Battle  : Ape/Ape
Panzer Bandit Bandit: ???
Parasite Eve (disk 1): Hare/Zuum
Parasite Eve (disk 2): Hare/Zuum
Philosoma: ???
Pocket Fighter: ???
Psychic Force: Hooper/Tiger
Puzzle Arena Toshiden: Henger/Golem
Rage Racer: Hooper/Tiger
Ray Storm: Hare/Zuum
Ray Tracers: ???
Ragnagill: ???
Real Bout - Fatal Fury: Zuum/Hare
Real Bout Special - Dominated Mind: Jell/Hare
Real Robots - Final Attack: ???
Rebus: ColorPandora/Jell
Resident Evil 3: Suezo/Zuum
Reverthion: Tiger/Zuum
Ridge Racer Revolution: ???
Ridge Racer Type 4: Henger/Golem
Rockman 8: Ape/Ape
Rockman X3: Jell/Tiger
Rockman X4: Plant/Zuum
Rocy & Hopper: ???
Rurouni Kenshin: Kato/Mocchi
Saber Marionette J - Battle Sabers: Hare/Hare 
SaGa Frontier: Suezo/Zuum
SaGa Frontier 2: ???
Samurai Shodown IV Special: ???
Samurai Shodown RPG: Jell/Pixie
San Francisco Rush: ???
SD Gundam - Generation: ColorPandora/Jell
SD Gundam - Over Galaxian: Jell/Golem
Sexy Parodius: Hooper/Tiger
Shadow Struggle: Ape/Hare
Shingata Kururin Pa!: ???
ShipWreckers!: Jell/Monol
Sin SD Sengokuden Kidoumushataisen: ???
Sonic Wings Special: Suezo/Zuum
Soul Edge: Hare/Tiger
Space Adventure Cobra: ???
Star Ocean (disk 1): ???
Star Ocean (disk 2): Suezo/Zuum
Street Fighter Collection (disk 1): Gaboo/Jell
Street Fighter Collection (disk 2): Hare/Pixie
Street Fighter Zero 2: Mocchi/Kato
Super Puzzle Fighter II X: ???
Super Robot Wars IV Scramble: Monol/Tiger
Tales of destiny: ???
Tekken: ???
Tekken 2: ???
Tenchu: Hopper/Tiger
The Fighting: ???
The Game Paradise 2: Hare/Tiger
The Great Battle VI: Kato/Tiger
The King of Fighters Kyo: Mocchi/Kato
Time Crisis: Jell/Jell
Time Gal: Naga/Jell
Tobal 2: Jell/Zuum
Tokimeki Memorial: Gaboo/Gaboo
Tokimeki Memorial Special Selection: ColorPandora/Jell
Tokimeki Memorial Tokkae Dama: ???
Trap Gunner: ???
Vandal Hearts II: ???
Wedding Peach: ???
Wild Arms: ColorPandora/Jell
Wild Arms 2 (disk 1): Naga/Zuum
Wild Arms 2 (disk 2): Pixie/Golem
WGP - Eternal Wings: Ape/Plant
WGP - Hyper Heat: Monol/Plant
Xenogears (disk 1): ???
Xenogears (disk 2): Suezo/Zuum
Zeiram Zone: Gali/Golem
Zero 4 Champ: Hooper/Mocchi

Playstation CDs:

Alundra: Plant/Zuum
Azure Dreams: ???
Battle Arena Toshiden 2: Jell/Worm
Beyond the Beyond: Tiger/Zuum
Brave Fencer Musashiden: ??? 
Breath of Fire III: Ape/Plant
Brigandine: ???
Broken Sword: ColorPandora/Jell
Burning Road: Monol/Tiger
Casper: ???
Castlevania: Ape/Plant
Chess Master 3D: Zuum/Tiger
Contra: ???
Comand & Conquer (disk 1): ???
Comand & Conquer (disk 2): ???
Croc: ???
Crypt Killer: ???
Disruptor: Pixie/Golem
Dragon Heart: ???
Driver: ???
EchoNight: Suezo/Zuum
Evil Zone: Jell/Zuum
Fighting Force: Ape/Golem
Final Fantasy VII (disk 1): ???
Final Fantasy VII (disk 2): ???
Final Fantasy VII (disk 3): Kato/Mocchi 
Final Fantasy VIII (disk 1): ???
Final Fantasy VIII (disk 2): ???
Final Fantasy VIII (disk 3): Suezo/Zuum
Final Fantasy VIII (disk 4): ???
Final Fantasy Tactics: Hopper/Tiger
Fox Hunt (disk 1): Plant/Zuum
Fox Hunt (disk 2): ColorPandora/Jell
Fox Hunt (disk 3): Hare/Zuum
Grand Theft Auto: ???
Gran Turismo: ???
Guardian's Crusade: ???
Herc's Adventure: Kato/Mocchi
Horned Owl: ???
Jade Cocoon: Kato/Mocchi
Kartia: ColorPandora/Jell
Legacy of Kain: ???
Legend of Legaia: Ape/Hare
Lethal Enforcers: ???
Lunar Silver Star Story (disk 1): Pixie/Kato 
Lunar Silver Star Story (disk 2): ???
Lunar Silver Star Story (Making Of): Hare/Suezo
Magic The  Gathering: Pixie/Dragon
Master of Monsters: ???
Metal Gear Solid (disk 1): Gaboo/???
Metal Gear Solid (disk 2): ???
MDK: ColorPandora/ColorPandora
Monopoly: ???
Monster Rancher: Suezo/???
Monster Rancher 2: Mocchi/Mocchi
Monster Seed: ???
Myst: Kato/Mocchi
NBA Live 98: Pixie/Golem
Need for Speed: Pixie/Golem
Need for Speed II: ???
Nightmare Creatures: Arrow Head/Golem
Ninja Shadow of Darkness: Jell/Pixie
Norse by Norsewest: Gaboo/Gaboo
Ogre Battle: Monol/Tiger
Pandemonium: Tiger/Zuum
Pandemonium 2: ???
Parasite Eve (disk 1): Hare/Zuum
Parasite Eve (disk 2): Hare/Zuum
Perfect Weapon: Monol/Tiger
Pitfall 3D: Hopper/Tiger
Poy Poy: ???
Power Slave: Gaboo/Gaboo
Reloaded 2: ???
Resident Evil: Henger/Goelm
Resident Evil 2 (disk1): Hare/Monol
Resident Evil 2 (disk2): ColorPandora/ColorPandora
Risk: Ape/Plant
Road Rash 3D: Hopper/Tiger
SaGa Frontier: Suezo/Zuum
Sentient: Naga/Suezo
Shadow Madness (disk 1): ???
Shadow Madness (disk 2): Gaboo/Jell
Silent Hill: Henger/Golem
Suikouden: Ape/Hare
Swagman: ???
Tactics Ogre: Gali/Naga
Tail of the Sun: Worm/Worm
Tales of Destiny: Mocchi/Kato
Tarzan: Naga/Gali
Tecmo Deception: Mocchi/???
Tecmo Stackers: Mocchi/???
Tecmo Super Bowl: Golem/???
Tenchu: Kato/???
The City of Lost Children: Hopper/Tiger
The Granstream Saga: Ape/Hare
Theme Hospital: ???
Tomb Raider: ColorPandora/ColorPandora
Tomb Raider 2: Mocchi/Kato
Tomb Raider 3: ???
Top Gun: Hare/Zuum
Twisted Metal 2: Jell/Worm
Twisted Metal 3: Hare/Hare
Vandal Hearts: Mocchi/Kato
WarCraft 2: Suezo/Zuum
Warhammer: ???
Warhammer Dark Omen: Ape/Hare
Wild Arms: Pixie/Golem
Wing Commander III (disk 1): Suezo/Zuum
Wing Commander III (disk 2): ???
Wing Commander III (disk 3): ???
Wing Commander III (disk 4): Suezo/Zuum
Xenogears (disk 1): ???
Xenogears (disk 2): ???

Sega CD Games:

Dark Wizard: Ape/Plant
Double Switch: Hooper/Hooper
Inxs: ???
Jurassic Park: Pixie/Worm
Lunar: ???
Lunar II: Kato/Gali
Mad Dog McCree: Jell/Zuum
Night Trap (disk 1): Henger/Golem
Night Trap (disk 2): Suezo/Zuum
Revenge of the Ninja: ArrowHead/Golem
Sewer Shark: Pixie/Monol
SilpHeed: ???
Shining Force CD: ???
The Amazing Spider Man: ???
Tomcat Alley: ColorPandora/ColorPandora

Sega Saturn CDs:

Albert Odyssey: Hooper/Mocchi
Alien Trilogy (US): Monol/Naga
Blue Seed: ???
Bokan To Ippatsui: ???
Bomberman: ColorPandora/Jell
Bomberman Fight: ColorPandora/Pixie
Bulkslash: Naga/Gali
Burning Rangers: Hooper/Suezo
Code R: ColorPandora/Jell
Darius II: ???
Dark Savior (US): ???
Daytona USA: ???
Deadalus: Zuum/Jell
Die Hard Arcade (US): ColorPandora/ColorPandora
Dragon Ball Z Densetsu: ???
Dragon Ball Z Shinbutoden: Monol/Tiger
Dragon Force (US): Pixie/Naga
Galaxy Force II: Tiger/Pixie
Gals Panic: ???
Grandia (disc 1): ColorPandora/Jell
Grandia (disc 2): ColorPandora/Jell
Grandia - Digital Museum: Pixie/Kato
Guardian Force (US): ???
Kingdom Grandprix: ???
Last Bronx: ???
Lunacy (disk 1) (US): Pixie/Jell
Lunacy (disk 2) (US): Pixie/Dragon
Macross (disk 1): Gaboo/Gaboo
Macross (disk 2): Plant/Hare
Marvel Super Heroes: ColorPandora/Pixie
Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter: ???
Mobile Suit Gundam - Side Story II: ???
Mobile Suit Gundam - Side Story III: Hooper/Tiger
Mystaria (US): Mocchi/Kato
Nights (sampler) (US): ???
Rabbit: Golem/Naga
RayEarth Magic Knight: Hopper/Kato
Real Bout Special: ColorPandora/Pixie
Sega Ages: Hooper/Dragon
Sega Ages - Mickey & Donald: Zuum/Monol
Snining Force III - Part 1 (US): Jell/Golem
Shining Force III - Part 1: Jell/Golem
Shining Force III - Part 2: Jell/Gali
Shining the Holy Ark (US): Jell/Worm
Shining Wisdom (US): Tiger/Tiger
Silhouette Mirage: ColorPandora/ColorPandora
Slam Dunk: ???
Slayers Royal: ???
Sonic 3D Blast (US): ColorPandora/Jell
Sonic Jam: Hooper/Dragon
Sonic R: Ape/Ape
Soviet Strike: ???
Super Robot War F Final: ???
Tenchi Muyo!! (disk 1): ???
Tenchi Muyo!! (disk 2): Plant/Jell
Tengai Makyo The Apocalypse IV (disk 1): Pixie/Hare
Tengai Makyo The Apocalypse IV (disk 2): ???
The Legend of Oasis (US): Gaboo/Gaboo
The Jankenpou Special: ???
Tokimeki Memorial: Hare/Gali
Touring Car: ???
Uno: Zuum/Hare
Vampire Savior: ???
V.G. Advanced: Kato/Mocchi
Virtua Fighter: Hopper/Hopper
Virtua Fighter Remix: ColorPandora/Jell
Waku Waku 7: ColorPandora/Jell
World Wide Soccer 97 (US): ColorPandora/ColorPandora
Willy Wombat: ???
X-Men Children of The Atom: ???
X-Man vs Street Fighter: ???

@This document is Copyright 1999 by Carlos Silla