Secret Vehicles FAQ by WolfePz

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Nascar Rumble Secret Vehicles Faq
Copywrite 02/20/2000 by WolfePz
About this Faq:

I spent hours going through EACH track searching for the Extra Vehicles! This 
FAQ is a result of my hard work.  I don't care if you copy this and distribute 
it as long as nothing is changed and I recieve credit for it's contents...



Nascar Rumble: Extra Vehicles FAQ


Ok to start out, This is my first attempt at a FAQ so please bear with me...

To be able to use the extra vehicles, you must search the various tracks for the spinning 
wrenches.  These wrenches represent each locked vehicle.  The wrenches are 
sometimes tricky to get but I am hoping that this will help you find them 
much easier.  It is not neccesary to win the track, you must only cross the 
finish line.  

The Vehicles & Their Locations

The Golf Cart:

The Golf Cart is Located in the Marti Graw Set on the Big Easy Track.
Toward the middle of the track there is a shortcut that cuts to the right, 
directly through a house.  Inside the house go to the last room and turn 
directly right into a bookshelf.  This will break away the wall and the wrench 
is dead ahead.
The Jet Car:

The Jet Car is Located in the Bad Lands Set on the Stoney Creek Track.
On the Very last turn of the track, aim left off the jump and land on the ledge. 
Either hit reverse, or just turn around and backtrack on the ledge and the 
wrench will be directly in front of you.
The Tow Truck:

The Tow Truck is Located in the Metropolis Set on the Ship Shape Track.
Toward the end of the track, after the tunnel, you will be on a track with 
another road running directly next to you. At first chance turn around onto the 
other road and go back to end of it.  The wrench is directly in front of you.
The Sprint Car:

The Sprint Car is Located in the Beach Blast Set on the Dog Tired Track.
After the three sharp turns there is a shortcut track on the left. Take this and 
you will do a jump onto a dog track. Circle the dog track and you will run into 
the wrench on the 2nd turn.  
The Chicken Truck:

The Chicken Truck is located in the Southern Exposure Set on the Fowl Play 
Toward the end of the track, there is a shortcut through a chicken coop.  
Halfway through the coop, cut right directly into the wall of the coop.  The 
wrench is right behind the breakable wall.
The Road Captain:

The Road Captain is Located in the Southern Exposure Set on the Hog Hollow 
After the shortcut through the farmer's fences, there is a gas station directly 
ahead of you.  Crash into the garage door to obtain the wrench.
The Hot Rod:

The Hot Rod is Located in the Metropolis Set on the Night Flight Track.
Follow the route that goes left and right after entering the tunnel, there is a 
large orange crate against the left wall.  Crash into the crate to enter a 
tunnel.  At the end of the tunnel is the wrench.
The Loader:

The Loader is Located in the GoldRush Set on the Golden Rule Track.
Take the route the goes left.  After the big jump into the dividing road, turn 
around and head back toward the jump.  At the bottom of the cliff is a crevice 
in which the wrench is located.
The RV:

The RV is Located in the Beach Blast Set on the RipTide Track.
Go around the first corner, then turn around and head toward the large tent.  Go 
around the tent to the right and the wrench in next to the fence.

I hope this FAQ has helped to make the game more fun to experiment with the 
different vehicles.  Personally I enjoy using the Sprint Car because it is VERY 
fast and corners nicely.  

Shouts go out to J-Rock and Double-B for Helping show me the way as well as 
putting up with me while I searched every track repeatedly.  

Any Questions or Comments can be sent to me at

Have Fun and Remember:  Do not wish for things you cannot have; Enjoy the things 
you DO have.