• Team Unlock Passwords

    Enter the following code at the User Name screen to make these teams available.

    Unlock '46 Army TeamCURLHB
    Unlock '46 Notre Dame TeamFOLTA
    Unlock '57 Notre Dame TeamKPEAL
    Unlock '57 Oklahoma TeamSLANTG
    Unlock '59 Mississippi TeamZAIDE
    Unlock '59 USC TeamBJRAO
    Unlock '62 USC TeamYBUE
    Unlock '62 Wisconsin TeamXXL
    Unlock '65 UCLA TeamITAGM
    Unlock '66 Notre Dame TeamPSAON
    Unlock '67 UCLA TeamWSATL
    Unlock '67 USC TeamDTYX
    Unlock '68 Ohio State TeamPOEWRO
    Unlock '68 USC TeamQSUILI
    Unlock '69 Texas TeamRTACE
    Unlock '70 Ohio State TeamCAUSE
    Unlock '70 Stanford TeamDSUGUS
    Unlock '71 Nebraska TeamDOEFL
    Unlock '71 Oklahoma TeamITGSIN
    Unlock '73 Alabama TeamAJNADS
    Unlock '73 Michigan TeamPSAPM
    Unlock '73 Notre Dame TeamCGEO
    Unlock '73 Ohio State TeamMDAVI
    Unlock '74 Notre Dame TeamJDEMI
    Unlock '74 USC TeamHCOHT
    Unlock '75 Arizona TeamCLICK
    Unlock '75 Nebraska TeamFIRELT
    Unlock '76 Georgia TeamOPLTO
    Unlock '78 Alabama TeamDDPELOP
    Unlock '78 Penn State TeamSTAEYT
    Unlock '79 Ohio State TeamRJOTNH
    Unlock '79 USC TeamHSBE
    Unlock '81 North Carolina TeamSEDEF
    Unlock '82 California TeamCHELT
    Unlock '82 Georgia TeamISTME
    Unlock '82 Penn State TeamSJOI
    Unlock '82 Stanford TeamKEORH
    Unlock '83 Miami TeamMDAADND
    Unlock '83 Nebraska TeamSJCOH
    Unlock '84 BC TeamDWOUK
    Unlock '84 Miami TeamFERT
    Unlock '85 Alabama TeamDPUAT
    Unlock '85 Penn State TeamGNAMS
    Unlock '86 Miami TeamHMOEL
    Unlock '86 Penn State TeamREERM
    Unlock '87 Miami TeamJDALCK
    Unlock '87 Oklahoma TeamTANDGWO
    Unlock '88 Notre Dame TeamCSH
    Unlock '88 UCLA TeamGQ
    Unlock '88 USC TeamXLL
    Unlock '89 AlabamaGCRHUISC
    Unlock '89 Miami TeamNJOH
    Unlock '89 Notre Dame TeamDAMYNO
    Unlock '91 Miami TeamVSAEN
    Unlock '91 Michigan TeamMFAEN
    Unlock '91 Nebraska TeamTEWGT
    Unlock '91 Washington TeamTJUO
    Unlock '92 Alabama TeamCJOEOR
    Unlock '92 Miami TeamSICAH
    Unlock '93 Nebraska TeamHEREWG
    Unlock '94 Miami TeamLEDIWS
    Unlock '94 Nebraska TeamSDWA
    Unlock '94 Penn State TeamOLUTP
    Unlock '96 Florida State TeamGRUSBL
    Unlock '96 Florida TeamOMJIER
    Unlock '97 Michigan TeamPWARSS
    Unlock '97 Nebraska TeamQAILI
    Unlock '97 Tennessee TeamMAERUN
    Unlock '97 Washington State TeamTMERIG
    Unlock 93 Florida State TeamJROONB

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt.

  • Unlockable Bonus Goodies

    Enter the following codes at the User Name screen.

    25-Second clock will not start until the referee puts the ball on the line of scrimageWATCHDOG
    Reveal the computers playsPLAY WIZ
    Rowdy FansSOUNDALOT
    Turbo ModeCMONGUY
    Two-Minute GameFASTNFUNKY
    Unlock All StadiumsOHAMISORE

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