Game Mechanic Guide by PrinceThrakhath

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Game: Parasite Eve
System: Playstation
Version: Japanese / US

Name: Game Mechanics Guide
Version: 1.1
Date: September 28, 2007
Author: Prince Thrakhath



1.1  The purpose of this document
1.2  How this document came about
1.3  Words and definitions
1.4  Version History
1.5  To do in future versions
1.6  References
2.1  What are the maximum stats attainable in the game?
2.2  What should I keep in mind when upgrading weapons and armor?
2.3  Which are the best weapon and armor attributes?
2.4  How do I make the ultimate weapon?
2.5  How do I make the ultimate armor?
2.6  Where do I get super tools and how many are there?
2.7  What is a toolkit or super toolkit?
2.8  Exactly how do I get a toolkit or super toolkit? Can I get both at the
     time or only one of them?
2.9  Where do I get the rare trading cards?
2.10 What ways are there to bring items into the next round after finnishing
     the game? How do I make sure I don't lose anything valueable?
2.11 Where and when can I rename my items and what items can be renamed?
2.12 What exactly is the 300 junk secret? 
2.13 Collecting 300 junk is boring. Is there a faster way?
2.14 If i give junk to wayne, will the amount be stored till the next round?
2.15 Is there any reason to save stat boosters?
2.16 Do the amulets fill any function? Is there any way to get rid of them?
2.17 Can I bring palyer stats in to the next game?
2.18 Is it true that you receive extra bonus points by completing a day
     without saving?
2.19 Are there any benefits of not using bonus points? Will they be saved to
     the next round if I don't use them?
2.20 How are my bonus points determined?
2.21 What happens if I don't activate the self destruct mechanism in the
     cruiser and leaves after the battle with the ultimate beeing?
2.22 What is happening in the ending movie? I don't understand the ending.
2.23 Is there a good and a bad endning?
2.24 Will I be able to save after winning the game in Chrystler Building?
2.25 I'm not sure going through Chrystler Building is worth the effort. What
     is the advantage of winning there?
2.26 What are the mechanics of the Chrystler Building?
2.27 What easter eggs are there in the game?
2.28 I've tried to use cheat codes in the japanese version of the game but
     they don't seem to work. What's wrong?
2.29 Is it true that there are special debug items in the game?
2.30 Is it true that there is a special debug mode in the game?
2.31 Can Parasite Eve be played on emulators?
2.32 Is the game based on a book?
2.33 Is there a Parasite Eve movie?



The purpose of this document is:

* To provide answers to some questions that are not coverd by other
  Parasite Eve F.A.Q's or guides.
* To correct errors in other F.A.Q's/guides or commonmis conceptions spread
  on bulletin boards or by mouth.
* To clearify some detail of the game that haven't been fully explored
* To explore subjects from the game that the writer of this document finds
  particularily interresting.

The purpose is not and never was:

* To write a complete F.A.Q, walkthrough or strategy guide. There are plenty
  of good ones out there for free download.
* To cover every aspect of the game.
* To steal the credit for other peoples experimentation and hard work.
* To boost about my gamer abilities. If you spend all you spare time playing
  games, wake up! There is a real life out there that is several times as
  fun as playing video games and it's waiting for you. Good Luck!


I bought the Parasite Eve game in Japan when I was there on exchange studies
thinking it would complement my Japanese language studies. I choose PE among
many other games because I like Square's other games like the FF series and
Chrono Trigger. I played it for the first time in 2003, that is 5 years
after it was originally released (1998) and was hardly impressed of the, at
the time of realese probably stunning, graphics. Neither did I find the role
playing, or in PE's case we could call it ability system, very intriguing.
What I did like about the game and what kept me absorbed wanting to find out
more about was the system of upgrading weapons and armor. I have only played
a limited number of video games in my life but I'm pretty confident that
Parasite Eve is unique in the upgrade aspect. That is the reason why I
thought it was worth my time and why I wanted to learn everything about it.
The excess "knowledge" was put into this document. It is my sincere wish,
though modest, that it will help other people appreciate the game a little
bit more and making their time a little bit more worthwhile.


The game version I use is the Japanese one, and so is a lot of the material
I've used to write this document, but from what I've heard the differences
between the US and Japanese one are very small, almost insignificant. The
information in this guide should be valid for the us version if nothing else
is stated. The words and definitions from the game have been freely
translated by myself from the Japanese version of the game and may or may
not match the ones used in the English version of the game. 


Version 1.1   	 2007-09-28	bunch of small corrections
Version 1.01     2007-07-28	name change
Version 1.0      2004-05-29	first edition
project started  2004-05-26


* spellcheck    
* save state editing instructions
* degub mode in japanese version
* information on the book & the movie
* formating
* other adjustments


Like the name of the document implies, and in accordance with what was
written in the "purpose of this document section" this document is a
complement to other guides and F.A.Q's. If you want to get the most out of
the game Parasite Eve I suggest you use this document in combination with
one or several of the following:

 Digital Text Documents:

 Parasite Eve Full Walkthrough by Exdeath Mu
 Parasite Eve FAQ by Kamwah
 Parasite Eve FAQ v1.1 by Neelon Rokk
 Parasite Eve FAQ/Walkthrough v4.05 by Psycho Penguin
 Parasite Eve Quick Access Guide (Final) by David Blake
 Parasite Eve FAQ/Walkthrough (Final) by Phan Nguyen Khanh Dan
 Parasite Eve Chrystler Building Walkthrough 2.0 by Sup
 Parasite Eve Chrysler Building Maps by PBowman
 Parasite Eve Debug Room FAQ 1.0 by Odin
 Parasite Eve Ex Mode Run Through 0.05 by Winston Avalon
 Parasite Eve Ex Game Walkthrough 1.6 by How Kwang Wee
 Parasite Eve FMV Walkthrough 1.3 by How Kwang Wee
 Parasite Eve inventory listing 1.01 by Iwata Shoji
 Parasite Eve Level 38 Trick by ENAY
 Parasite Eve Story FAQ 4.5 by Phan Nguyen Khanh Dan
 Parasite Eve Ex-Mode Survival Guide by Daisaku

 Guide Books:
 Parasite Eve Kaitai Shinsho (The complete of Parasite Eve)
   (japanese edition), released by Studio Bent Stuff/Aspect



2.1 What are the maximum stats attainable in the game?
A: The maximum experince level as well as basic stats are 99,
   except inventory which is 50. Maximum EXP is 999999 and maximum
   BP is 99999. Actually, it is possible to get more than 99999
   bonus points when you get additional bonus points from clearing
   a day in Ex-Round. Only at this occation does the number exceed
   99999. The number displayed is written in yellow indicating that
   a leading 1 is missing from the real value. Once the player
   reaches a new experience level the value is reset to 99999. For
   this reason all BP exceeding 99999 should be used up directly
   after the change of date. 
   Weapons and armor can have +999 in all stats regardles av
   basic stats (whether the resulting values are interpreted by the
   game as above 999 or not remains unknown to me). The time counter
   stops after 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

2.2 What should I keep in mind when upgrading weapons and armor?
A: When it comes to weapon/armor tune-ups a lot of the difficulty is
   the limited amount of super-tools and the planning it takes to use
   them  most efficiantly. To be able to upgrade to the max you should
   learn about the items in advance and where and when you get
   super-tools. Here is a list of things you should keep in mind:

   1. Am I going to use this item for an extensive time or just
      temporarily? If temporarily how many tools and super tools will I
      need to transfer the stats and attributes of the item to a future
      one? If extensively, does the basic stats matter in the long run?
   2. Different kinds of items can be tuned up in different ways.
      (See table below):

      Type	Tools	Slot ad. Boost.	BP
      --------- ------- -------- ------ ----------------------- 
      club	yes	no	 no	(attack only)
      guns	yes	yes	 yes	yes
      Maeda gun	no	no	 no	no
      Grana. L. yes	yes	 yes	yes
      Rocket L. no	no	 yes	(attack and range only)
      armor	yes	yes	 yes	yes

   3. How many slots does the item have and how many slots can it be
      upgraded to have? Should I save some transfers till I get an item
      with more slots?
   4. In many guides it is stated that the attributes x2/x3/x5/x7/x10
      are useless since they divide the total damage by the same number
      of times the weapon is fired making the total damage the same.
      This is NOT TRUE. Wheter you want to apply one of these fire
      rate attributes is up to you but if you do the total damage
      actually increases (see table below):
      Rate	Damg per shot	Total Damage
      ----      -------------   ------------
      -		100%		100%
      x2	60%		120%
      x3	42%		126%
      x5	25%		125%
      x7	18%		126%
      x10	13%		130%

      As you can see from the table, multipliers 5 and 7 are directly
      unsuitable for the purpose of increasing the maximum damage since
      x3 gives the same result. x10 gives the maximum amount of damage
      but will reduce the speed of the battle action rendering you
      very vulnerable to counter attacks. If you want to use a fire rate
      increment I recommend x2 since the damage increament is sufficent
      (20%) but the time consumption isn't that much higher.
   5. Different types of weapons have different speeds. When you decide
      for a primary weapon it is recommended that you choose a faster
      kind. Below is a list of weapon and the time they consume (in

      Type	Before	After	Rapid	Reload
      --------	------	-----	-----	------
      Club	1.1	0.5	-	-
      Handgun	0.5	0.4	0.5	2.0
      Shotgun	0.8	1.0	1.1	2.8
      Mach. G.	0.3	0.2	0.1	1.7
      Rifle	1.2	0.5	0.7	2.5
      Gran. L.	1.1	0.9	1.0	3.1
      Rocket L.	1.1	0.4	-	-

      Before is the time used before the first shot is fired.
      After is the time used after the last shot is fired.
      Rapid is the time between to shots in consecusion.
      Reload is the time it takes to reload between shots.
      A you can see, Machine Guns and Handgungs are fastest by far.
      You cannot transfer speed from one weapon type to another.
   6. If you are planning to transfer a certain attribute to your weapon
      or armor you don't need to have more than one in stock at the same
      time. Remember which attributes you have on weapons in stock. By
      doing that you can safely remove stats using regular tools, saving
      super tools when you encounter a new weapon with an already possesed
      attribute. Also remember that some attributes are not compatible
      (see table below):

      Attributes that cannot be added to the same item at the same time
      (an item within an attribute from one category cannot be combined
       with an another attribute from the same category on the same item):
      Item	Category	Attribute
      -------	--------------	------------
      guns	fire Rate	x2
      		--------------  ------------
      		areal		burst
				ext. spread
		--------------	------------	
		command		double
      -------	-------------	------------
      clubs	item retrieve	steal	
      -------	--------------  ------------
      armor	slot		+1
      -------	--------------  ------------	

      Adding Attack Up and Attack Down at the same time is possible but
      only the effect of Attack Down will be applied, lowering the
      offence of the weapon.

2.3 Which are the best weapon and armor attributes?
A: This question is very legitimate since all armors and weapons have
   a limited amount of slots. I have tried to rank the usefullness of
   different attributes from top to bottom starting with the most useful
   and ending with the bad ones. When two items have the same rank it
   means I consider them equally useful. I have also tried to motivate
   why they are ranked the way they are. See the following list:

   Gun Attributes:

   Rank	Name	 	Type	Description
   ----	--------------- -------	------------------------------------------
   1	triple		command Increases the number of actions per turn
   				from one to three, thereby multiplying the
    				potential damage factor during one turn
				by 3. Or effectively allowing you to
				perform several different actions, like
				healing, haste and attack during the same
				battle turn.
   2	double		command Same reason as Triple command but only
				66.7% as powerful, so to speak.
   3	burst		areal	Allows all enemies within 45% degrees
				angle to the left or right of the main
				target to also be hit. Invaluable.
   4	1st Strike	misc	Increases the chance that your AT bar
				will be filled to the max at the beginning
				of each battle, letting you attack before
				your opponents.
   5	critical	misc	The chance of critical hit increases, but
				only with 20%.
   5    x2		f. rate	The number of shots per action during one
				turn is doubled. Each shot will give only
				60% of the original damage but the total
				damage during one action will be 120%.
				This will also slow you down slightly.
   5	cyanide		misc	Will kill some enemies instantly but
				does not work well on many enemies. Does
				not work on any bosses except the very
				first Alligator in the sewers.
   5	acid		misc	Will posion some enemies and works well
				on many enemies. Does not work on bosses.
   5	tranquilizer	misc	Will put some enemies to sleep and works
				well on many enemies. Does not work on
				any bosses.	
   6	retaliate	misc	There is a 50% chance that you will
				retaliate on an enemy when attacked. With
				regular enemies this feature is less
				usefull since they should be cleared away
				before they have time to attack using a
				good weapon, but it might help you in boss
   7	x3		f. rate	Increases the number of shots and total
				damage per action, but is less effective
				in proportions speed/total damage to
				x2, in my opinion.
   8	explosive	elemen.	Increases damage against fire sensitive
				enemies but decreases damage against fire
				resistant enemies.
   8	freeze		elemen.	Increases damage against cold sensitive
				enemies but decreases damage against cold
				resistant enemies.
   9	x10		f. rate	Increases the number of shots and total
				damage per action but makes each action
				take way more time than to justify the
				damage increase.
   10	ext. spread	areal	Randomizes your target among all enemies
				on screen. Most people would prefer
				to have control of where they fire.
   11	spread		areal	Like extensive spread but only covers
				50% of the screen effectively preventing
				you from ending a battle in one turn.
   12	x5		f. rate Almost same damage as x3 but slower.
   12	x7 		f. rate Same damage as x3 but way slower.

   Club Attributes:

   Rank	Name	 	Type	Description
   ----	--------------- -------	------------------------------------------
   1	rob		retrie.	Every time you attack an enemy there is a
				chance that you can steal an item from it.
				Considering the amount of items in the
				game there are only rare occations when
				you really need it, but if you insist
				on using a club it should be because
				you want to use this feature.
   2	steal		retrie.	Same as rob but lowers the damage of the
				club slightly.
   3	1st strike	misc	same as gun attribute 1st strike
   4	critical	misc	same as gun attribute critical
   5	Retaliate	misc	same as gun attribute retaliate

   Armor Attributes:

   Rank	Name	 	Type	Description
   ----	--------------- -------	------------------------------------------
   1	PE Light	misc	This attribute might seem like a negative
				one judging from the icon, but it's the
				opposite. Decreases the PE cost by 33% (or
				increasing the PE pool by 50% in effect).
   2	Auto Heal	recover	Automatically uses a potion to heal you
				when the HP drops below 20% of it's
				maximum value. Always uses the strongest
				potion available but doesn't work if no
				potions are available.
   2	Auto Antidote	recover	Automatically uses an antidote of the
				propriate kind when the player suffers a
				abnormal status alignment (poison,
				confusion, darkness and paralyzation).
				Only works if antidotes are available
				in inventory.
   3	HP Max		misc	Increases your total HP by 15%.
   3	Attack Up	misc	Increases your Offence by 2 levels.
   4	Anti-Confusion	protec.	Gives a 60% protection against confusion.
   4	Anti-Posion	protec.	Gives a 60% protection against poision.
   4	Anti-Darkness	protec.	Gives a 60% protection against darkness.
   4	Anti-Paralyze	protec.	Gives a 60% protection against
   5	+4 inventory	slots	Adds 4 slots to your inventory while the
				armor is worn. Limited usefullness by
				the time this attribute is aquired.
   6	+2 inventory	slots	Adds 2 slots to inventory.
   7	+1 inventory	slots	Adds 1 inventory slot. What's the point?
   8	Attack Down	bad!!!	This attribute lowers offence by 2 levels.
				Don't equip and get rid of it if it is
				currently in use.
   8	AT Down		bad!!!	This attribute lowers Active Time by 2
				levels. Don't equip and get rid of it if
				it is allready in use.	

2.4 How do I make the ultimate weapon?
A: The ultimate weapon would be a weapon with maximum stats, maximum speed
   and all the best attributes. However it isn't that easy to nominate
   one such weapon. In example, not all attributes are effective against
   all enemies (i.e. explosive and freeze), there is no machine gun
   (the fastest weapon type) with more than 7 slots, the fastest
   weapon with 10 slots is a handgun (second fastest weapon type) and
   basic stats don't really matter when you've upgraded your weapon stats
   to 999 each.
   Because of all these factors it leaves a lot up to your personal taste,
   but your choise of primary weapon might also depend a lot on the
   position within the game (day, round etc).  
   Here are my recommendations:

   300 Junk (Round 1 or Ex-Round from Day 4)
   If you have energy to collect 300 junk and give it to Wayne, and prefer
   a large number of attribute slots to speed your choise is the DE50AE2
   handgun. It has the next best weapon speed and the maximum amount of
   slots for any weapon type. This is the next best weapon in the game in
   my opinion. If you get it in Round 1 you can use it ever after.

   DE50AE2	  85 (83+2), 56 (55+1), 17 (15+2), 10/10 slots, x2 fire   

   Round 1
   In Round 1 the most important thing is to get a weapon with good basic
   stats so that the stats of the weapon are as high as possible when you
   meet the final bosses. Also when you are playing the first time you
   should anticipate that you will get no more than two super tools. For
   that reason a weapon without negative attributes in it's slots is
   prefered (because you don't have many super tools to remove these
   attributes with). The G3A3 rifle in the hospital meets these criteria.
   On top of that you only need one trading card or upgrade permit to
   maximize the number of slots. It's probably the best weapon in Round 1
   if you don't count Wayne's special weapons.
   G3A3		44 (43+1), 123 (122+1), 19 (18+1), 3/4 slots, no attributes

   In Ex-Round you get access to heaps of weapons, stat boosters, tools
   and a few super tools through the chrystler building. On floor 51-60
   you'll find the MP5SD6 machine gun. The basic stats of this weapon is
   only average but due to the upgrade possibilities in Ex-round it
   doesn't really matter. What matters is that it's the fastest weapon and
   can be upgraded to a full 7 slots. You might want to remove the
   default attributes with super tool though. You need only 3 trading
   cards or upgrade permits to get the full number of slots. This is in my
   opinion, after modifications, the best weapon in the whole game.
   Mp5SD6	89 (89+0), 52 (52+0), 32 (31+1), 4/7 slots, x2 fire, spread

2.5 How do I make the ultimate armor?
A: There is one armor that has better stats than all the others, one
   unique attribute and the maximum number of slots, but you won't get it
   until the very end of Chrystler Building in Ex-round. Erlier in the
   game the choise is thougher.

   Here are my recommendations:

   Round 1
   The stats of the armors in the museum are mostly quite similar to each
   other and  the number of slots varies from 4 to 6. Which one you choose
   is a matter of stats/slots/attribute preference.

   B Jacket	44 (43+1), 49 (48+1), 28 (27+1), 3/4 slots, antidote
   Cr Vest 2	46 (45+1), 43 (42+1), 31 (31+0), 2/4 slots, no attributes
   N Suit	44 (43+1), 36 (35+1), 23 (22+1), 2/6 slots, no attributes
   Sv Protector 39 (38+1), 36 (35+1), 30 (30+0), 2/5 slots, +1 inventory
   On floor 61-70 of Chrystler Building you will find CR Armor 2. It is
   the best armor in the game, all aspects. The sad thing is that once
   you get hold of it all of the really tough battles, except one, have
   allready been faught. You need 3 trading cards or upgrade permits to
   maximize the number of slots. With the unique PE Lite attribute, all
   use of parasite energy only costs 2/3.

   Cr Armor 2	107 (106+1), 104 (102+2), 51 (48+3), 7/10 slots, HP up,
		PE lite

2.6 Where do I get super tools and how many are there?
A: Super tools are only available in a very limited amount. Theoretically
   it's possibel to get 7 super tools in Round 1, but in practice you'll
   probably get somewhere between 2 and 4. Below is a list of places and
   monsters from who you can get super tools.

   Day	Location & How To
   ---  -------------------------------------------------------------------
   2-5	In Central Park - At the end of the big labyrinth of paths, on the
	screen where all the paths meet (the same screen where, if you
	come back after Day 2, a burnt corpse is blocking the way) there
        is a chest in the middle. 99% percent of the time you'll find
        a regular tool in there, but there is a 1% chance that it contains
        a super tool instead. 
   4-5	In the hospital - Figth a Mixed-Man enemy, the one with lots of 
        limbs sticking out everywhere. Instead of killing the mixedman
        concentrate on the balls. He will release no more than a total of
        95 of these. If you destroy 95 balls before killing the mixedman
        you will receive a super tool + lots of ammo. (This trick
        is only applicable once per round. The second time you do the same
        thing you'll receive a full heal or a multi purpose potion instead.)
   4-5	In the hospital - When you are fighting the Spider Woman boss,
        after she's received some damage and the screen changes you can
        steal an item from her using a club with the steal or rob
        attributes. 80% of the time you will only get a tool but there is a
        20% chance that you'll get a super tool.
   5	In the sewers - From the ladder, take 3 screens left and one up.
	There is something shiny on the ground. Pick it up to receive a
	super tool.
   5	In the subway - Enter the deserted train car after defeating the
        centipede boss. The left most chest has a 5% probability of
        containing a super tool (and a regular tool the other 95% of the
   5	Museum of natural history - After defeating the T-Rex go back to
        the room where you battled the Triceratops and proceed to the the
        room asseccible from the bottom of that screen. After the earth
        quake you can go back to the second floor through the stairs in the
        Triceratops room and take 1 screen downwards. Behind the broken
        glass in the back is a chest with a super tool inside.
   6	On the Cruiser - You can steal a super tool from the Ultimate
        Beeing when he has evolved to his 3rd phase (the winged man).
        Use a club with the steal or rob attributes. The success rate is
        a comfortable 100%. To use this super tool you need to enter
        your equipment and use it while fleeing from after the battle.
        If you don't use it before leaving the boat, it'll be lost when
        you stat the next game round.
   In Ex-Round you can also find a total of 7 super tools in Chrystler
   Building on predecided levels (see below):

   Floors	Number of Super Tools
   ----------	---------------------
   1-10		-
   11-20	1
   21-30	2
   31-40	-
   41-50	1
   51-60	-
   61-70	3

2.7 What is a toolkit or super toolkit?
A: These are special invaluable items that allows you to use an infinite
   number of tools and/or super tools. While you have a one of these
   kits in your inventory and upgrade weapons/armor the amount
   of tools/super tools will be set to 999, but effectively the
   amount is infinite, like was erlier stated. Regular tools or super
   tools in the inventory will not be used while these kits are
   equipped. Kits can also be transfered to the next game round. Therefor
   the tools or super tools are no longer useful and can be discarded
   immediately once you get one ore both of the kits.

2.8 Exactly how do I get a toolkit or super toolkit? Can I get both at 
    the same time or only one of them?
A: This is one of the questions where I think most F.A.Q's and guides
   have an incorrect and unsatisfying answer. I will try to explain as
   in depth as possible: These 2 items can only be aquired in Ex-Round
   by raiding the storage rooms of the Chrystler Building collecting rare
   trading cards. You need to go with these trading cards to Wayne and use
   them on armors and weapons in your inventory, just like you would with
   regular trading card or upgrade permit. With a rare trading card you
   get the option of adding 2 slots to one weapon/armor or 1 slot each of
   two separate weapons/armors. When you've used rare cards to add slots
   to your items a certain number of times and ask him to see his rare
   card collection (consisting of the rare trading cards you've used up),
   from Day 4 after clearing the police department, he will feel grateful
   and reward you.
   What actually matters is:
   * How many times you've used rare cards in general to add slots to items
     in your inventory
   * You'll only be able to see Wayne's collection from Day 4, after
     the police department has been cleard and Ben saved.
   What does NOT matter is:
   * How many times you've won the game (what round you are in)
   * The number of aquired rare cards
   * The number of rare cards in your inventory
   * The name of the rare cards that you posses or have used up
   * How many times you've asked to see Waynes rare card collection
   * On What ocassions you've given rare cards to Wayne
   * How many regular trading cards you own/have obtained/have used
   * Anything else...

   There is a total of 14 rare trading cards in the Chrystler Building but
   you only need 7 to get the super toolkit or 5 to get the regular 
   toolkit, in practice. I've often seen, even in commercialy printed
   guides, that these numbers are said to be 14 and 10. The reason for this
   error is easy to understand: They've confused the number of cards and the
   number of times you can use them. Notice that it is quite possible to use 
   one rare trading card on only one item and reject when asked by Wayne to
   use it once more, but it still doesn't count like 2 uses if you haven't
   actually used the card twice. Make it a habit to always use every card
   twice when you are aiming to get a toolkit or super toolkit.

   Rare card uses	Minimum no of cards	Reward
   --------------	-------------------  	----------
   0-9			0-5			nothing
   10			5			toolkit
   11-13		6-7			toolkit
   14			7			super toolkit
   15-			8-			super toolkit
   The erliest point in the game where you can get your 5th rare trading card
   (and consequently a toolkit) is on floor 21-30 in the Chrystler Building.
   The erliest point where you can get a Super toolkit is on floor 31-40.
   You can get the toolkit first and then come back to wayne when you have
   2 more cards to also get the super toolkit. So getting the toolkit does
   NOT prevent you from getting the super toolkit too. However, once you've
   gotten the super toolkit you'll never be able to get the regular toolkit
   again. Usually you don't need the toolkit when you have a super toolkit
   but sometimes it is nice to transfer stats or attributes and delete a 
   no longer useful armor or weapons at once. When you use the super toolkit
   you always have to go into inventory and delete no longer wanted items
   after a transfer. Remember to store your toolkit or super toolkit with
   Wayne before you fight the ultimate beeing, if you plan to play more rounds
   of the game, so that you can retreive it on day 2 in the next game round.
   If you don't store the toolkit and just keep it in the inventory it will
   be lost from the beginning of the next round. If this were to happen you
   can still get a new toolkit or super toolkit by asking to see Waynes
   collection from Day 4 onward. This is because the number of times you've
   used rare trading cards is rememberd by the game. This way you can get
   one new super toolkit every round - But of course, you will never need
   more than a single one.

   Also remember that the rare trading cards don't nessecarily need to be
   used for the purpose of getting a toolkit. You could store them just for
   their unique property of adding 2 slots to desired weapons/armor. However
   if you get all 14 cards, use 7 of them with Wayne. The you'll get the
   super toolkit and still have 7 cards left that you can store and use at
   any time in any round to add 14 new slots to future weapons/armor. But
   then again, at that point in the game you will probably have encountered
   all the weapons and armor there is so there will probably be no need to
   add slots in the future.

2.9 Where do I get the rare trading cards?
A: They are all found in Chrystler building. Below is a list of all rare 
   trading cards and the floors where they are found:

   						Total number of cards
   Floor	Cards	Cardnames		up till that point.
   -------	-----	--------------------	---------------------
   1-10		1	P38			1
   11-20	2	B-Hawk, Kasul		3
   21-30	2	PKKS, M1		5
   31-40	4	MK5, MP44, BAR, MG4	9
   41-50	2	M29, M73		11
   51-60	1	Type 38			12
   61-70	2	Type 3, Eagle		14
2.10 What ways are there to bring items into the next round after finnishing
     the game? How do I make sure I don't lose anything valueable?
A: Either you can store items with wayne from day 2 onwards, or if it
   is an armor and a weapon, you can ask wayne to rename theme. By
   renaming a weapon or armor you make them your primary weapon/armor
   and they will automatically be brought with you into the next game.
   The following are the rules for what items are preserved when
   finnishing the game:
   Item			Inventory	Wayne
   ----			---------	-----
   regular keys		no		no
   chrystler b. keys    no		yes
   amulets		no		no	
   potions		no		yes
   primary weapon/armor	yes		?
   guns			no		yes
   launchers		no		yes
   clubs		no		yes
   ammunition		no		yes
   rockets		no		yes  
   armor		no		yes
   tools & toolkits     no		yes
   stat boosters	?		?
   trading cards	?		yes
   rare cards		?		yes
   upgrade permits	?		yes
   junk			?		yes

2.11 Where and when can I rename my items and what items can be renamed?
A: Only armors and weapons can be renamed. The first time Wayne let's you
   rename stuff is on day 6 on the cruiser, just before the final
   battle. If you go into Ex-Round you can bring any weapon or armor that
   have all three stats above hundred to wayne and he will ask if you
   want to rename them. You can only rename one weapon and one armor at a
   time. If you select a new weapon or armor to be your primary weapon by
   renaming it, the former weapon/armor will be renamed to it's original
   name and will no longer be your primary weapon/armor. This also means
   that when you select primary weapon and armor in round 1 you don't need
   to stick with them for every round after that.

2.12 What exactly is the 300 junk secret? 
A: The 300 junk secret means that you collect a total of 300 junk, or more,
   over time and give it to Wayne. When the amount reaches 300 he will let
   you select a special weapon that cannot be retreived anywhere else in
   the game. This happens at erliest on day 4 after the police department
   has been cleared. If you give him 300 junk erlier than day 4 nothing
   will happen. The amount will still be rememberd so when you reach day
   4 you only need to give Wayne one extra junk to activate the secret if
   you allready gave him 300.

2.13 Collecting 300 junk is boring. Is there a faster way?
A: Not without cheating. If you ask me it's not worth the time. Most of the
   special weapons you get from Wayne are way better than anything you get
   in round 1 but if you plan to take it into Ex-round I suggest you wait
   for the MP5SD6 machine gun which has the most slot capacity of all
   machine guns (7) and is of the fastest weapon type in the game. If you 
   insist to bring 300 junk anyway it should be for the purpose of getting
   the DAE50AE2 handgun which is of the second fastest weapon type but
   has the maximum slot capacity of 10. It seems like most people collect
   junk at level 1-10 in chrystler building since there are many battles
   with 5 crows at a time, all dropping junk when defeated. All enemies
   on level 1-10 dissapear once the boss on level 10 is defeated, and they
   will never reappear after that (not even in the next round), so be
   careful when collecting junk there.
   With cheating I mean using a Game Shark or similar system, or a 
   cheater application like PEC if you play the game on a Playstation
   Emulator on a computer. 

2.14 If i give junk to Wayne, will the amount be stored till the next round?
A: Yes, Wayne remembers how much junk you've given him and every time
   it exceedes a factor of 300 you will get to choose a new bonus weapon.
   Remember that he will only do this from day 4, after the police
   department has been cleared.

2.15 Is there any reason to save stat boosters?
A: Not really. Use them on your primary weapon/armor imediately and then
   transfer them with a toll or super tool later on when you change your

2.16 Do the amulets fill any function? Is there any way to get rid of them?
A: Only Narita-san has a function. It reserves a slot in the inventory that
   will later be occupied by the Maeda-bullets. At that point narita-san
   dissapears completely. The other two amulets can be stocked with Wayne
   to leave space in your inventory. They will be gone once the next round

2.17 Can I bring player stats into the next game?
A: No, all player stats are cleared and set to beginner levels when a new
   round starts. That is why you shouldn't waste BP on player stats.

2.18 Is it true that you receive extra bonus points by completing a day
     without saving?
A: No this is NOT true. Seems like someone started a rumor but no one ever
   had the energy to verify it. I'm not sure why this dis-information has
   been entered into so many PE F.A.Q's and walkthroughs. Not saving seems
   like a useless risk to me. Save your game often!!!

2.19 Are there any benefits of not using bonus points? Will they be saved
     to the next round if I don't use them?
A: All bonus points not used will be saved till the next round if they are
   not used. If you used the bonus points on player stats, which is very
   unwise, they will be lost, and the stats reset at the beginning of the
   next round. If you used the points to upgrade a weapon or armor that
   wayne let you give a name to (meaning you brought them into this round
   from an erlier round) then the stats of the weapon will remain and you
   will be able to move theses stats to another weapon/armor later if you
   like. So wheather you will use your BP directly or save them is up to
   you to decide, but you will not receive extra bonus points, secret
   game content or anything else for doing so.

2.20 How are my bonus points determined?
A: There are three occasions where you get bonus points: When you level up,
   when you finnish a round and when you finnish a day in ex-round.
   The amount of BP you receive after leveling up is the sum of the BP you
   attained from the battles since last time you leveled up. Every monster
   you fight has a determined amount of BP that is added to your pool if it
   it is defeated. The amound can be decreased if you get hurt. Then the
   BP is reduced by a BP Damge value that is diffent for every kind of
   monster. The amount of BP you receive when leveling up is therefor:
   BP of creature MINUS (BPD of creatur TIMES wounded by creature) for every
   monster you've fought since last level.
   Some creatures in special locations have different BP/BPD/EXP etc. that
   it's fellows of the same kind (i.e. the first scorpion in the museum).
   NUmber of battles and how quick the battle are completed have no
   influence on your BP pool. The number of BP your receive for completing
   the game and after each day in EX-Round is fixed. See the table below:
   Day	Round 1	 Ex-Round
   ---  -------  --------
   1	-	 800
   2	-	 1200
   3	-	 2000
   4	-	 2000
   5	-	 3000
   6	3000	 1000

   The amounts are the same no matter which Ex-Round.

2.21 What happens if I don't activate the self destruct mechanism in 
     the cruiser and leaves after the battle with the ultimate beeing?
A: The screen won't turn red and once you reach the final exit the
   ultimate beeing will fly faster than normally and catch up with you,
   making you game over.

2.22 What is happening in the ending movie? I don't understand the ending.
A: You are probably refering to the opera scene where peoples eye's start
   illumintating in purple. Square hasn't given any clear answer but
   evidently something is happening to the mitochondria.

2.23 Is there a good and a bad ending?
A: No and Yes. There is no good or bad endning in the sence that the way
   you play affects the turn out. However, if you play through EX-Round
   and defeat the new EVE in chrystler building you will get a different
   ending. This is the ending that people refer to as good because...
   Well I don't to spoil it for you, but it really isn't that exciting.

2.24 Will I be able to save after winning the game in Chrystler Building?
A: No. If you want to contiune the game into a new round you need to
   beat it the regular way on the cruiser, day 6.

2.25 I'm not sure going through Chrystler Building is worth the effort. What
     is the advantage of winning there?
A: The main advantages the way I see it is all the guns, armors and
   tune-ups scattered in the storeage rooms on each floor. Collecting
   all the trading cards also gives you the opportunity to get the
   invaluable super toolkit from wayne.
   *** SPOILER AHEAD ****
   Winning in chrystler building, that is defeating the last boss in there,
   isn't much fun at all. First of all the final boss (Maya/Eve), though
   tuff, isn't nearly as hard as the bosses on level, 5-7, if you have
   got the super toolkit and beefed up your wepons and armor to max.
   Sencondly, the ending doesn't contain any new CG movies. What it does
   contain is, 2 new melodies not heard erlier in the game (maya's piano
   song during the boss battle and Parasite Eve Piano Them during the 
   credit roll), a dialogue with Maya & Eve, plus a few background pictures
   (most of them screen shots from erlier CG movies) during the credit
   roll. That's all.
   *** END OF SPOILER ***

2.26 What are the mechanics of the Chrystler Building?
A: The Chrystler Building is divided into 7 sections each containing 10
   floors + a top section containing only 7 floors. Every 10th floor is
   a boss floor and contains an enemy boss. Floor 77 is the last floor
   in the building and also contains a boss. Every floor in section 1-7
   contains an armory.
   If you've played in Chrystler Building before you have probably noted
   that the maps are randomized. These are the rules the building layout:

   * Each map on floors 1-9 of Section 1-7 are randomized from a set of
     predefined map layouts (a total of 107 variations). The randomization
     occurs every time the player enters the building.
   * The rest of the floors (each tenth floors of section 1-7 + all of
     section 8) are not randomized but predetermined maps.
   * The contents of the armories on each floor of section 1-7 are
     randomized from a set of predefined armory layouts unique to
     each section (a total of 70 section variations, 10 for each section).
     This randomization only occurs the first time the player enters the
     building and remains constant during the rest of that round.
   * Every section has a predefined back ground song and set of
     enemies that appear only in that section. Section 8 is always free
     of enemies except for the boss on floor 77.

   This also means that:
   * Each time you leave and come back to the building it will look
     different. Making maps of the floors is not useful if you come back
     to them later.
   * You can remember and recognize erlier map layouts from certain key
     locations and the way the paths lead etc.
   * Map layouts and contents of boss floors don't change. These floors
     can be remembered because they will look the same in any game, 
     except for the contents of the armory.
   * Remembering locations of elevators on floors 1-9 in each section
     is not useful once you've left the building.
   * Items belonging to armories of a certain section will be found in
     the same section in another round/game, but the floors where they
     are found might vary within that section.
   * If you miss the armory on one floor (not boss floors) and leave the
     building and come back to the same floor later during the same round,
     the map layout will have changed but the contents of the armory will
     remain unchanged for you to loot.

   The Chrystler Building does not reset it self like the rest of the game
   when a round is finnished. If you come back to the Chrystler Building in
   a later round the bosses that were defeated in erlier rounds as well
   as the enemies and items in the armories on these floors, will be gone.

2.27 What easter eggs are there in the game?
A: The answer depends on how you define an easter egg. I define easter eggs
   as references to out of game subjects and there are only two such that
   I know of:

   1)   There are 3 references to Final Fantasy 7, another world famous
  	role playing game for Playstation by Square, in the game
	(not just 2 as most guides state).
     	HINT: 2 are related to the Manhattan map, 2 are related to the
	museum and 2 are related to Chocobo (yellow Final Fantasy birds).
   2) 	There are references to all the game map designers.
	HINT: You'll find them in Soho but you need to look close.

2.28 I've tried to use cheat codes in the japanese version of the game but
     they don't seem to work. What's wrong?
A: Different values, like HP, weapon stats, inventory etc. are stored in
   slightly different memory locations in the US and Japanese versions of
   the game. The cheat codes you are trying to use are written to alter
   a specified value at a specified memory address in one version of the
   game. Therefor you need to use different codes for the Japanese version
   than for the US one. If you've used a code that didn't seem to work,
   don't save the game afterwards. It is uncertain but probable that
   the bad cheat may have an unexpected and unwanted consequence for the
   game in the future. Cheat codes for the US version is easy to find all
   over the internet. Here follows a list of game shark cheat codes for
   the japanese version of Parasite Eve (the codes are also applicable
   by using cheat software, like PEC, in combination with a Playstation
   emulator on a computer). To fully utilize all of the codes you need 
   understand the concept of hexa decimal numbers:

   Set current HP to xxxx	800B84EC xxxx
   Set maximum HP to xxxx	800B84FC xxxx
   Set current PE to xxxx	800B84EA xxxx
   Set maximum PE to xxxx	800B840A xxxx
   All Special Abilities	800C08E4 1FFF
				800C08E6 000C
   Infinite Bullet Box		800514B8 03E7
				800514BA 3402
   Set BP to xxxxyyyy		800C08D0 xxxx (the lower word value)
				800C08D2 yyyy (the higher word value)
   One Fight For Level 99	8009CDC6 7FFF
   Set Experience Level to xx	800C08CA 00xx
   Maximum AT			800B84F0 2328
   Set Time to 00'00'00		800A717C 0000
				800A717E 0000
   Set Offence to xx		800C08EA 0xx0
   Set Defence to xx		800C08EC 0xx0
   Set P.Energy to xx		800C08EE 0xx0
   Set Status Recoveryt to xx	800C08F0 0xx0
   Set Active Time to xx	800C08F2 0xx0
   Set Item Capacity to xx	800C08F4 0xx0
   Walk faster			80070BF0 000A
   Run faster			80070E70 002C

   The code for modyfing inventory is:  800C09xx 00yy
   yy is the number of the item you want to put into slot with code xx
   Slot code = 0x06 + (Slot number x 0x02)
   (i.e. slot 1 is 0x08 and slot 50 is 0x6A)
   The item numbers are the same as for the US version. Please refer
   to an other guide for a complete item listing.
   Always use maximum care when applying cheat codes. Don't save games
   unless the code has proven to have the desired effect. 

2.29 Is it true that there are special debug items in the game?
A: Yes that's right. These items where originally intended to be in the
   game but was later removed. They can still be aquired through cheat
   codes. Here is a list of these items and their item codes:

   Item Name		Effect/Stats
   ---- --------------- -----------------------------
   04	Maeda Bullets	useless
   18	"Item 24"	no effect
   19	"Item 25"	no effect
   43	Rare Club	club, 102 (100+2), 10 (10+0), 0 (0+0), 2/3 slots,
			rob, 1st
   52	M1911A3	kai	handgun, 50 (50+0), 62 (62+0), 9 (8+1), 2/7 slots,
			x5, no attributes
   56	USP		handgun, 52 (51+1), 56 (56+0), 10 (9+1), 2/? slots,
			x3, no attributes
   67	Mushitori Gun	machine gun, 999 (1+998), 999(1+998), 999(1+998),
			10/?? slots, x10, 1st, ext spread, acid,
			cyanide, freeze, explosive, tranquilizer, retaliate,
			It seems you can add an infinite number of slots to
			this gun. It is also the only gun that can have more
			than 10 slots at a time. If you add more slots all
			the slots won't be vissible at the time so you'll
			have to scroll up and down to see them all. When go
			into the tune up section of the in game	menu you'll
			see that the scrollbar and the	windows of
			attributes with the currently selected weapon
			doesn't blend well together. This might be the
			reason why no armors or weapons are allowed to have
			more than 10 slots. If you add more slots you will
			also notice that some of them are allready occupied
			by attributes. Sometimes the attributes are for
			armors. Sometimes there are attributes that are
			directly incompatible with each	other. This is a
			sign that some thing is buggy. If you add slots
			and save you might screw up your save game so be
   6B	M500 kai1/-2	shotgun, 76 (75+1), 67 (67+0), 6 (6+0), 9/9 slots,
			x3, burst
   76   Mini Uz		machine gun, 49 (48+1), 46 (45+1), 20 (19+1),
			3/3 slots, x5, spread
   8E   M79 kai5/-6	rifle, 94 (94+0), 69 (68+1), 11 (10+1), 4/7 slots,
			no attributes
   95	Dress		armor, 12 (10+2), 10 (9+1), 10 (10+0), 2/3 slots,
			no attributes
   9A   N Armor		armor, 11 (10+1), 11 (10+1), 12 (10+2) 2/8 slots,
			no attributes
   9C   Kv Protector	armor, 41 (40+1), 33 (32+1), 20 (18+2), 2/2 slots,
			no attributes
   A5   SP Suit 2	armor, 10 (10+0), 10 (10+0), 10 (10+0), 2/5 slots,
			no attributes
   A9   SV Vest 2	armor, 10 (10+0), 10 (10+0), 10 (10+0), 2/3 slots,
			+1 inv
   B1   CR Vest 2	armor, 46 (45+1), 43 (42+1), 31 (31+0), 2/4 slots,
			no attributes
   B9   B Vest 2	armor, 10 (10+0), 10 (10+0), 10 (10+0), 2/4 slots,
			no attributes
   C7   Mushitori Armor	armor, 999 (1+999), 999 (1+999), 999 (1+999),
			10/10 slots, no attributes
   D9	Medal		In an interview with Yoshihiko Maekawa, battle
			director of Parasite Eve, appearing in the japanese
			"The Complete of Parasite Eve" guide book, he
			explains that originaly, the player would receive
			medals from the quizes in the museum. When the
			player received 7 medals he could exchange them
			for a rare trading card at the juke box in the
			museum entrence. But that would interfere with
			the idea that all rare trading cards are to be
			found in Ex-Game so the medals	and the juke box
			rare card settings were reset.
   DD   GSP Rare Card	Perhaps the card you'd received from the juke box
			in the museum... It can be used like all of the
			other rare cards and will appear in Wayne's
			collection if you do.

2.30 Is it true that there is a special debug mode in the game?
A: Yes. In the US version you can get access to it by using cheat codes but
   these codes does not seem to work on the japanese version (which is no
   suprise since all the memory addresses are different). It is quite likely
   but not certain that the same debug mode is available in the japanese
   version and that it is accessible through a similar cheat.

2.31 Can Parasite Eve be played on emulators?
A: Yes it can. In my case I used ePSXe 1.6.0 for Windows in Windows XP Sp1 
   with the following setup:

   bios: scph1001.bin
   video driver: Pete's OpenGl2 Driver 2.5
   sound driver: Eternal SPU Plugin 1.41 (XA sound enabled)
   Cd-rom driver: ePSXe CDR WNT/WSK core 1.5.2

   I experienced no problems except grey squares in some areas of the screen
   during a second when a battle is initiated. The game is fully playable.

   It is also possible to make ISO images from the game CD's and play the
   game without the CD's in the computer with the emulator. To make working
   images of Parasite Eve you can use i.e. CDRWIN 4.0a (.bin/cue as output
   format). Playing with ISO's is substantially quicker since loading from
   the hard drive is much quicker than loading from CD's. There are no
   direct disadvantages of playing from disc images.
2.32 Is the game based on a book?
A: Yes, the game is based on a novel by Hideaki Sena, a japanese
   horror/sci-fi author. I Haven't read it but I'll find out more for a
   future version of this document.

2.33 Is there a Parasite Eve movie?
A: Yes. The movie was made in Japan in 1997 (before the game and not the
   other way around), and the story takes place before that of the game.
   The main characters are a doctor and his wife. The doctor is researching
   about mitocondria when his wife suddenly become I'll. She is involved
   in a fatal accident after loosing caunsciousness while driving her car.
   A father of a child who is in urgent need of an organ transplant begs
   the doctor to let the child receieve an organ from the deceased wife but
   he rejects the proposal initially. Instead he brings his wifes organs
   to his lab to conduct studies. Then the mitocondria from his wife
   comes alive...
   The movie does not have the horro setting of the game. Though frightening
   this is mainly a drama. The back story and the acting is good.
   Some minor details, like the display showing EVE's position in the
   hospital gives a bad impression. It's definately worth seeing, and
   especially if you are a fan of the game(s).
   The movie can be ordered both in Europe and the US from sci-fi
   specialist, associations for japanese comics and movies, and other
   importers. The one I saw came with english subtitles.
   It should also be said that the movie is based on the novel.

   Read more about the movie on Internet Movie Database:



I feel this game has gotten way to much praisals. On one hand it has a
rather unique system with weapon upgrades and, for it's time, nice CG
animations and an original and good story. But on the other hand that is
pretty much it. A computer game needs, above all, playability and that is
where i think Parasite Eve lacks. There are a few things in the game that
could've been changed to make it much better.

* The Chrystler Building
  From floor 50 and onwards this place get's ridicolously difficult. I'm
  especially thinking about the cockroach boss on floor 50, the crab
  on floor 60 and the bee queen on floor 70. It just isn't fun to run
  through a labyrinth for half an hour to get instantly struck down, having
  to do it all over again. It's frustrating and degrades the impression
  of the game by quite a lot.

* The Ultimate Beeing
  I don't know what the makers were thinking of when they came up with
  the idea that the player has to run from the boss after defeating it.
  Just like with the bosses in chrystler building, if you do one single
  misstake then instantly 30 minutes of fighting is for nothing. At least
  you should be able to save the game directly after the battle.

* Items in inventory should be automatically stored with Wayne after the
  game is won. Why does square want to punish the player for winning the

* The 300 Junk secret is just too much trouble for too little. Who wants to
  spend a whole day running forth and back collecing junk to get a weapon
  that is marginally better than the ones the ones that can be made in the
  first round. Also, what's the thing with the super junk? Why punish the
  player for going through the trouble?

* Leveling beyond 33 in regular game and beyond 36 in Chrystler Building
  is just boring. Why didn't the makers create a certain place in the game
  where enemie's didn't stop appearing so it could be fun playing beyond
  what is normally needed. Running around old battle grounds with enemies
  appearing every 20th screen or so is no fun.

* There is no way to skip the cut scenes. It get's boring to watch all of
  it over again when you've seen it once.

I hope some fan out there makes an ISO-patch or something to correct these
problems. It would make the game much more fun...



I don't like disclaimers. No one reads them and no one cares what they say.
By reading this you may feel recognized as a self thinking individual who
have enough brains to make the right decisions in your use of this document.

/ Prince Thrakhath, 2004