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Gem Fighter(Pocket Fighter) Mini Max Mini-FAQ

10/4/97       v1.0      by: Hofuzz

What can I say? One of the Coolest and Cuttest from CAPCOM!!  Great details in
the background and they are HILARIOUS! Even getting beat up is fun!

Players come together from SF3, SF Zero2, SF2, DarkStalkers, Red Earth (or
night warriors, warzard and SF Alpha 2) and more in this SF-meet-Puzzle 
Fighter game..  I've been waiting for this for years!(Fighters Mega-mix just 
didn't do it for me)

It's a SD(cute tiny characters w/ big heads) fighting game with lots of
humorous backgrounds and cameos. Wierd how they went from a Fighting game
to a puzzle game and then back to a fighting game.. ~_~
IT's CAPCOM SD(super-deformed) Nirvana!

Here what I have collected so far, it is highly possible that I am wrong
about some stuff since I've only been staring at it in the local arcades 
and also some info from  Corrections and additions are 

please email : webmaster@<nospam>    (make obvious

8 backgrounds:
 X-Mas (window display loaded with Capcom products)
 Hong Kong Outdoor Chinese  restaurant (Rolento is hillarious here)
 Dee Jay's Bar(See Cammy at her cuttest)
 Demitri's Castle
 Blanka's hut Stage
 Ski Resort(I saw Bison ski by in his usual stance)
 A Den w/ a Fire Place
 Tessa's Laboratory

Three buttons Only: (punch, kick, and super)

The super key is used for Guard crushes and super combos and brings up
some funny animations.Time it right and they can be very powerful. Guard
Crushes takes Gems away from your opponents, counter a GC by pressing 
back + s.

Each character has 3 Super combos, build up the power of your specials
during the fight by collecting gems and replenish health by food from
hitting your opponent.  There are 3  special bars at  the bottom of the
screen of 3 colors and will increase as you collect   Gems. Each bar is
specific towards one type of attack.

Larger Gems: instant full meter
Diamond:  charges all super meters plus the combo meter

Pressing all 3 buttons simultaneously :  does a 'Mega Crush when you are
corned and a recover roll when you are hit.

The Special moves are similar to those of the original characters, but
will increase in power as you collect more Gems.

 Don't forget to break the treasure chests! They're loaded w/ Gems.
 Another way to get gems is by bumping into the Son Son characters flying 
 overhead. You can also get bombs which you can toss by pressing K+S.

 It seems that when in block the characters that no damage from specials
 or supers, Use your Guard Crushes!!

Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Sakura, Felicia, Morrigan, Zangief,
Ibuki, Hsien-Ko,  Tessa.

Akuma and Dan are in the top corners left from Ryu and right from Ken. No
codes needed.  Devilot in there somewhere? Maybe?  :p

Background Lurkers:
It seems everyone is here:  Birdie, Blanca, Bison, cammy, rolento
Elena, E.Honda, Dee Jay (the bartender!), Vega, Felicia
Guile,Nash(fighting ea. other in bar),Adon ,Dhalsim
can't list 'em all..

Some funny outfits changes and super combos:
Akuma turns into a bermuda wearing surfer

Morrigan into a nurse, housewife or maid and attacks w/ wheelchairs,
needles and frying pan

Ken turns into a bronco-riding cowboy

Chun-Li turns into a policewoman

Felicia's morphs into some DS characters.

Sakura  becomes a baseball player, 17th century warrior, bunny, and
 bathing suit.

Am I nuts or did Felicia turned into Megaman??

There are a lot more, look for them!

--->Basic Super Combo Lists<--
These are just what I know so far: will add more as I learn about them
I'm sure someone knows the names of these moves..

qcf + S  Shinku Hadoken
qcb + S  Hurricane Kick
fw,dn,fw/dn + S

fw,dn,fw/dn + S
bw,dn,bw/dn + S

qcf +S
qcb +S
fw,dn,fw/dn + S

qcf + S
fw,dn,fw/dn + S
qcb + S

hcf +S
qcb +S
fw,dn,fw/dn + S

hcf + S
fw,dn,fw/dn + S
qcb + S

qcf +S
hcf +S
full circle clockwise: Atomic Buster

qcf +S
qcb +S
fw,dn,fw/dn + S

-->Hsien-Ko(lei Lei)<--
qcb + S
acf + S
fw,dn,fw/dn + S

qcf + S
qcb + S
fw,dn,fw/dn + S
fw,fw + P   roll attack
fw,fw + K   single hit kick

fw + S     guard crush w/ sign post
dn + S     father Guard Crush
S          father Guard Crush

fw,dn,fwdn + P

fw,dn,fwdn + S
HCF + S                Father 's nose laser  (Shinjku Oyajii Hadoken!)
QCB + S (level3 only)  Extreme Father

stand+START=    Normal taunt
jump+START=     "Yahoo!"
down+START=     Dan shouts and dances
QCFx2 + start=  Super taunt! Hilarious!! (Dan dances around and turns into
(Thanks DarkLancer)

qcf + S  Messatsu Gouhado!
fw,dn,fw/dn + S
qcf + S
qcb +S  (level 3 only)