Rival Schools Demo Game Shark Codes by NDesBarres

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Subject: >>> Shiritsu Justice Gakuen / Rival Schools GameShark Codes Here <<<
From: nickrox@ix.netcom.com(Nick Des Barres)
Date: 15 Jun 1998 11:52:20 GMT
Newsgroups: alt.games.sf2, rec.games.video.sony

Pocket Fighter's Private Justice Academy (Rival Schools) Demo GameShark
Codes by Nick Des Barres (nickrox@ix.netcom.com)

Please don't steal these codes. If you feel you must, at least give me
credit. Thanks.

-2-Player Game (2 Player pad controls 2P side characters)

D01F6480 0202
301F6301 0003

* To use this code, the second player MUST select characters using the
"Rox's Super Change Character & Color Code" or the code "Change 2P Side
Characters" MUST be on.

- Rox's Super Change Character & Color Code

   With this code entered, you'll be able to select from Batsu, Hinata
and Roy. You'll also be able to select Batsu, Hinata or Tiffany as as
support character. Lastly, you'll be able to select from all four
character colors, including those normally inaccesable.

   This code works for both P1 and P2. To use it, press the following
buttons ALONE (i.e. ONE at a time) at the "NOW LOADING" screen before
the matchup/versus screen, or at the matchup screen. Be careful, as
some of the buttons will cancel the matchup screen, so try and press
them at the "NOW LOADING" screen right before the matchup screen, or
press them fast. Also try pressing them twice each or so just to be
sure. REMEMBER to press them separately from each other. 

   For example, if you'd like to play as Roy and Tiffany, with 3P
colors, you'd press Select, then Square, then Triangle. Note that the
matchup screen will stay the same, the characters will change when the
game loads.

Character -

Press L1 for Batsu
Press L2 for Hinata
Press Square for Roy

Support Character -

Press R1 for Batsu
Press R2 for Hinata
Press Select for Tiffany

Colors -

Press X for 2P Color
Press Triangle for 3P Color
Press Circle for 4P Color

(1P Color is Default)

Set 1

301F6494 0002
301F6494 0003
D007D75A 7FFF
301F6494 0007
D007D75A F7FF
301F6495 0002
301F6495 0003
301F6495 0008
801F6498 0101

Set 2

801F6498 0202
801F6498 0303
D008A372 FBFF
301F6496 0002
D008A372 FEFF
301F6496 0003
D008A372 7FFF
301F6496 0007
D008A372 F7FF
301F6497 0002
D008A372 FDFF
301F6497 0003

Set 3

D008A372 FFFE
301F6497 0008
D008A372 BFFF
801F649A 0101
D008A372 EFFF
801F649A 0202
D008A372 DFFF
801F649A 0303

   For those not wanting to enter such a long and complex code, or for
those that aren't interested in being able to change characters at will
and don't care about extra colors:

-Change 1P Side Characters

D01F6500 0202
801F6502 0x0y

-Change 2P Side Characters

801F6496 0x0y

Replace "y" with the player character of your choice.
Replace "x" with the support character of your choice.

Possibilities for "Y:"

02 - Batsu
03 - Hinata
07 - Roy

Possibilities for "X:"

02 - Batsu
03 - Hinata
08 - Tiffany

* To use the above codes, start a 1P game as usual, and select Batsu
and Hinata. The characters will change into the ones you've selected
via the codes at the matchup screen. 

- "Training Mode"

   This code creates a Training Mode-type situation for Player 1 -
infinite super, the enemy just stands there, and the enemy's life gauge
won't deplete. Fun for combo practice. Before the time runs out, press
L1+L2+Select to reset the match. Make sure you don't reset the match at
the win or continue screens, the game will crash. Reset it before the
time runs out. Damn, this game has a fun combo system. This is probably
just the tip of the iceberg, but it's all about craziness like Roy's:

Jump-in Strong Kick -> Standing Weak Kick x 2 -> Standing Strong Punch
-> Holding Forward Strong Punch -> Cancel Strong Touchdown Wave -> Jump
Forward -> Air Weak Kick -> Air Strong Kick -> Air Holding Forward
Strong Kick -> Cancel American Punch -> Land -> Dash -> Standing Weak
Kick x 2 -> Standing Strong Punch -> Cancel Super Touchdown or the
"Aigarri!!" (Dynamite Straight) ...maybe you can even dash forward
after the Super Touchdown and do more mania, that's what I'm trying
now... but I digress.

800866E2 012C
300864F9 0009
301F64AC 0002
301F6480 0002

IMPORTANT! If playing a 2-player game and ROY wins, DO NOT CONTINUE!
Simply let the time run out, then start a new game. If you don't, the
game will crash. Also, pressing the shoulder buttons with Roy will
cause him to do some strange things, don't know why.

Note: Read this text THOROUGHLY before writing me for help. Also CHECK,
DOUBLE CHECK, and TRIPLE CHECK to make sure you entered the codes
correctly! Thanks!