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The Intro! \

Hey gamers, Dee here with our premiere FAQ for Pong, the newly revamped
PlayStation version of the classic Atari hit.  Of course we want everyone to
enjoy this FAQ, probably because the other ones like it don't really give a good
strategy on how to beat the levels.  Is this too much of a spoiler?  Well, if
you want to make it through all the levels, you can take our advice or find your
own strategies - no love lost either way.  We don't care who uses our FAQ -
GameFAQs got the first dibs, and personal copies are cool, but IF this goes on
the web, you need to get express permission first!!  NO EXCEPTIONS.  E-mail me
at deeblackthorne@blogasm.net with something about Pong in the subject line and
we'll get back to you pronto!  As you can already guess, this FAQ is copyrighted
by us for personal use only (unless we make arrangements with you PERSONALLY,
later on).

Version History  \

1.0	Our premiere FAQ!  We drafted it while playing, actually.
1.5     Updated contact info.  Refined spacing and pagination.  Slight edits.

Memory Card and Game Play Information  \
The Pong game file takes only one space on your memory card, and unless you have
more than one memory card, you can only record one adventure at a time.  As you
open up more levels, you can play more Pong games with your friends.  You can
save at any point on the Game Menu, even if you don't complete all of the stages
with a particular Guardian or in a particular Zone.

As long as you beat one stage with every Guardian, you won't have any trouble
making it through Pong.  (Then again, you won't discover any secrets and,
obviously, you won't complete the entire game.  It's your call.)

Controls  \
D-Pad         "UP" moves the Pong up.  "DOWN" moves it down.  "LEFT" and
              "RIGHT" lean the Pong upward and downward with specific power-
              ups.  The D-PAD also maneuvers through game menus.

Triangle      Moves you back one screen on game menus.

X             Use power-ups during the game.

L1 or R1      Switches between multiple power-ups.

Start	      Continues for game menus.

Power-Ups  \
To excel in Pong, you have to master the use of Power-Ups.  They drop randomly
from the top of the screen.  When one appears on the playing field, your Pong
will have to hit the ball so that it hits the Power-Up.  If successful, it'll
squeak and start heading toward you.  To collect it, simply run your Pong into
it as it approaches you.  But watch out, your opponent can hit it to steal it
back from you!

Here is a list of Power-Ups, how many you get (ST = "for a short time", UL =
"unlimited"), and what they do.  Most are unique to the Guardian's stage.
(And of course you know, the names for the Power-Ups are made; the Secrets'
section of Pong will refer to them as different names, but you'll get the

Hard Smack        x3          Pong will reel back and use momentum to deliver
                              a fierce blow at the opponent.

Finger Grab       x1, UL      Pong can grab the ball, aim it up or down, and
                              fire it at a different angle.

Slingshot         UL          Works like Finger Grab except with more force
                              and less control.

Aftertouch        x1          Pong thrusts back and gives a "pelvic bump" to
                              the ball from center.

Seal              ST[1]       A seal will join your Pong and help defend your

Polar Bear        ST[1]       A polar bear will tip your side of the table
                              upward, cutting field in half for a short time.

Log Roll          ST[1]       Spins logs toward your opponent, making return
                              shots fly faster at him.

Table Tip         ST[2]       Leans playing field sharply toward opponent.

Hill / Dip        ST[2]       Causes changes in terrain, making the ground
                              raise or lower and affecting the trajectory on
                              a hit.

Fan               ST[3]       Activates the fan mechanism to blow a strong
                              wind.  Equally useful for offense and defense.

Turbo! (skull)    ST[3]      Dangerous Power-Up that doubles game speed for a
                             short while.  Concentrate!

Spikes (skull)    ST[4]      Spikes emerge from the ground to bump your ball
                             all over the field.

King Kong (skull) ST[4]      Summons a huge gorilla to distract the players
                             and annihilate the terrain.  A real 7.5 on the
                             Richter scale!

Anti-Pong (skull) ST[4]      Stages an all-out attack on the Pong players,
                             leaving them defenseless.  Very useful when used

Wind Generator    ST[5]      Activates fan turbine to blow ball around.

Gold Bars and the World Menu  \
To maneuver successfully through the game of Pong, you must collect Gold Bars
for each round you defeat the computer.  There are three stages in each area and
several areas within a particular Zone.  The easiest games are worth 3 Bars;
the average-difficulty games are worth 2; and the hardest games earn 1 Bar.
(Doesn't make much sense, does it?)  Each stage will have a "Guardian" in front
of it, which is sort of like the "theme" for the games you play in that area.
Beneath the Guardian is the number of Gold Bars required to enter the zone.

Tip:  If a stage is simply too hard to play, try going to a different stage,
playing through those levels, then returning - or just skipping past it and
on to the next Zone.

Difficulty System  \
I will assign difficulties for each table to help give you all an idea of what
you're getting yourselves into.  We rate the boards on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1
being easy and 5 being difficult.

      1:  Piece of cake.  And if you can't get it, well, maybe you should
          stick to checkers.

      2:  Easy.  You can't sleep through these boards, but you won't lose any
          sleep either.  Just keep your eyes on the ball and watch the CPU
          player for any sudden moves.

      3:  Moderate difficulty.  It's a board that you probably will repeat
          several times despite your best efforts.  Warm up your fingers and
          a prayer or two couldn't hurt either.

      4:  Difficult enough to provide a serious challenge.  You might have to
          try several different strategies and keep your timing PRECISE.

      5:  Yes, the makers of Pong decided to throw in some IMPOSSIBLE-caliber
          levels.  Just be thankful there's only one of these.

The Levels!!  \

(STAGE GUARDIAN) [(# of Gold Bars needed to enter)]
Basic Description
      STAGE LEVEL(s), DIFFICULTY (x of 5, 5 is hardest) and STRATEGIES

{Got it?  Good!}

ZONE ONE:  The Lobby
Pack your thermal underwear!  Your journey begins on an ice flow occupied by the
 arctic's friendliest creatures.  As it turns out, the penguins will "lay" another
 ball into play if you hit them.

      SEAL SAVER:  (1 of 5)
      Play is very simple here.  Hit the ball back and forth dodging or
      aiming for) the penguins as you will.  The "Seal" Power-Up will fall in
      the center.  If you get it, hit the X button to make a seal appear on
      your side of the playing field - he'll bump balls back into play if you
      miss them.  (It's not 100% effective, but it works pretty well.  Just
      keep your eyes on the ball.)

      POLAR POWER:  (1 of 5)
      It's the same premise as before except you'll have the "Polar Bear"
      Power-Up.  Activating it will summon a polar bear on your side of the
      board.  He'll nudge the playing field up beneath you, cutting the field
      in half and keeping all the balls in play on the other side.  To score
      an easy win, get several balls in play hit back to your opponent
      followed up with the Polar Bear - big victory for you!

      SNOW STORM (1 of 5)
      No penguins, but the coming cold front is causing some serious gusts.
      The wind (indicated by the direction of the snowflakes) will blow in a
      random direction.  Just be on your guard when the wind blows toward
      your Pong and you'll be fine.

You've made it to the Pong World Cup!  You get to play two Pongs in the soccer
levels - the lighter-colored Pong is your "goalie" and the darker Pong is the
"forward" - and both go up and down simultaneously.

      PLAIN PITCH:  (1 of 5)
      A simple game of soccer and it doesn't take very long to get adjusted
      to the two Pong style.  Try to aim the ball and hit it toward your
      "forward" guy.  Sticking to the ball tightly after that will score some
      easy goals.

      MOLE HILLS:  (1 of 5)
      Moles will pop up in the field and dig holes, which can knock the ball
      a little off-course.  Not a big deal, just stay on the ball as before.

      MOLE HOLES:  (1.5 of 5)
      Instead of knocking your ball off-course, the mole's holes will
      teleport your ball to a different hole on the field.  (Don't worry, the
      ball won't randomly change DIRECTION... just position.)  If you don't
      like the teleporting, try banking the soccer ball off of the field's
      walls and into the goal.

            **SUPER STRATEGY:  The Art of Faking**
            Move your Pong up and down the field quickly to trick your
            opponent - and it usually works in a pinch.

You'll find yourself stranded in a Mayan-looking jungle playing field.  The
wild exotic play and the logs may make things a little tense.  Stick to
defensive playing for this game and make use of the Power-Ups.

      ONE WAY:  (2 of 5)
      You have to guard two goals behind you.  With luck, the computer will
      end up banking the ball off of the corners or the stone strip in the
      middle.  I recommend grabbing the Log Roll Power-Ups (Mystery) instead
      of the "Hard Smack" - doing so will spin the logs in the middle toward
      the computer, making the ball fly toward him on the roll back! and
      giving you the victory!

      CUTS BOTH WAYS: (2 of 5)
      You see the saw blade cutting through the logs during countdown?  The
      Log Roll Power-Ups come in two colors, light blue (which controls the
      top set of logs) and purple (for the bottom set).  Again, try to aim
      your shots at the Power-Ups to get momentum on your side.

      SAW POINT:  (2.5 of 5)
      SAW POINT keeps the saw running during the game.  If you hit the saw on
      the flat side, the ball will bounce off.  If you hit the blades, you'll
      "cut" the ball - two appear!  Just keep your focus and get those Power-
      Ups, and you'll do fine.

            **SUPER STRATEGY:  Using Hard Smack!**
            The "Hard Smack" Power-Up requires some timing.  To put it to the
            greatest use, hold the X button and the Pong will waver back a
            little bit.  When the ball comes close to the Pong's "head", let
            go and Pong will smack the ball.  For a harder hit, make sure the
            ball is a little farther back (will require some practice) and
            then release; Pong will spin a turn and smack the ball even
            harder - the red streak will let you know afterward.  Just be
            careful though; if you wait too long, the Pong will knock the
            ball off-course!

If it's any consolation, I don't like clowns very much either, especially not
after this board.  The Clown Guardian puts your game play on his tilting board
and you'll have to use your wits a little more to beat these levels.

      TWO TONE:  (2 of 5)
      The clown will spit out balls from the top of the field and you get
      three chances to make a mistake.  Once a ball fills a crate, the crate
      shuts and you can't use it anymore.  Use your Pong to tilt the table to
      the left and right.  You can also hit the ball back upfield to keep it
      in play instead of letting it fall off.

      COLOR MATCH:  (2.5 of 5)
      You'll have four different color bins to work with.  The first four
      balls are easy:  rebound the yellow one back up toward the left, then
      gently ease the red ball after in to the bottom left bin.  Blue follows
      green - you can just leave the screen tilted full to left and they'll
      drop in.  The next blue is easier.  To get the red then green, ease
      them down slowly (Pong in center) until you GENTLY bump the red back to
      its bin - the green will hopefully roll back in.  Straighten up for the
      final yellow ball.

      MULTICOLOR:  (3 of 5)
      This is most definitely a headache!  The red balls are fine, but the
      others will come out in doubles.  There isn't really a "perfect" way to
      get them in their bins.  Simply bump one of the balls as far to the
      side of your Pong as possible to ease it in a direction - tilt to get
      it in one side, then tilt hard the other way to keep the other ball in
      play.  Keep your cool and you'll get it.

      **You have to use the Zone's exits to move on to the NEXT zone,
      in case if you were wondering.

ZONE TWO:  The Parlor Room
You find your Pong(s) floating in the ocean water alongside a beach.  The game
introduces you to the Finger Grab feature in these levels, and it can get pretty
difficult to control.

      PLAIN SAILING: (2.5-3 of 5)
      After grabbing the ball, aim up or down and fling the ball away by
      releasing the X button.  Try to maneuver up and down and sneak in shots
      when the computer heads the other direction.

      ICED OVER: (2 of 5)
      Why is this one easier?  If you can catch the ball with your RIGHT Pong
      paddle, take him ALL the way down and hold right to aim downward with
      your shot.  Your computer will MISS all the shots guaranteed!!  (I
      think it was a fluke, but hey, nothing wrong with getting 2 GBs for
      free, right?)

            **SUPER STRATEGY:  Extra Control on Ice**
            It's hard to keep from sliding on this course, but to make things
            easier, try tapping up and down on the D-Pad instead of holding
            the buttons down.  You won't slide out of control, and your Pong
            won't lock up - yeah, if you're not careful with the controls,
            not only will you slide but also you cannot turnaround as quickly

      LIGHTHOUSE: (3.5 of 5)
      Although there is no ice in this level, the lighthouse will only focus
      your field of vision on the ball.  Of course the level requires VERY
      careful maneuvering; however, you can use another fake tactic to make
      things easier.  When your right Pong gets the ball, bounce him once
      against the bottom and as he comes back up, fire it downward - the
      computer can't grab it that way.

If you're a fan of air hockey games, you'll like this stage as well as the music
track - it's a little more excited than usual.  The turf has hidden "air jets"
which make the ball and Pong move at a significantly higher speed than normal.

      TABLE TIPS: (2 of 5)
      Because the Power-Ups will tip the table toward your opponent, wait
      until the ball speeds up a little and then let it go.  With luck, you
      might score twice just off of one tipping.  If the computer uses them
      against you, slow the ball down by hitting it as dead center on your
      Pong as possible.

            **SUPER STRATEGY:  Counter Power-Ups**
            The computer has a knack for placing shots to secure these
            Power-Ups.  To make things a little easier on you, activate the
            same Power-Up right after the computer uses its own (if you've
            got it).  This "Counter" move is a great way to get out of a
            sticky situation AND possibly score some points.

      UP AND OVER: (3-3.5 of 5)
      The Guardian adds the Hill Power-Up, which creates a huge hill in the
      middle of the playfield.  If properly timed, it could prevent the ball
      from reaching you.  For some strange reason, the computer has a little
      more AI on this field, so just stick to the table-tipping Power-Up
      (gray) and focus when the game speeds up.

      TOTAL TILT:  (3.5-4 of 5)
      There's now a Power-Up that makes a big dip in the field - which may or
      may not come in handy.  Stick to defensive tactics; watch the speed.
      Don't rely too heavily on the Hill and Dip Power-Ups, again.  And trust
      me, the computer's AI is playing for keeps!

We return to the arctic again, and the seals love playing with the Pong!  Seal
Juggle is a much more inviting course in this Zone, so enjoy it while the
competition isn't so rough.

      SIMPLE SEALS:  (1 of 5)
      The goal is to hit the ball toward the three seals using the Aftertouch
      technique.  Just keep the ball in control and time your hits.  The seal
      will pick up the ball you aim at him with, but he'll also drop it if
      you fire another ball his way.

      TRAINED SEALS:  (1 of 5)
      Four seals come out to play.

      SEAL SKILL:  (1 of 5)
      Five seals, no big deal.


ZONE THREE:  The Boiler Room
The Guardian reminds us of the earlier jungle stage in Zone Two.

      SLING SHOT:  (2 of 5)
      Your Pong is granted the Slingshot ability for the round.  Hold the X
      button and your Pong will catch the ball; how fast you move when you
      release determines the direction, but the control is a little tougher.
      Aim for the goals when they light up - you'll get a Defensive Barrier
      that will help tremendously!

      TURNTABLE:  (2.5 of 5)
      If the ball happens to hit the lime green panel at the top of the
      field, it will flash red and the turntable spins - affecting the
      direction of the ball if you shoot across it.   Just aim your shots
      carefully and try to get the Barriers.  Faking is an effective maneuver

      TOOTHLESS:  (4 of 5)
      You have to defend FOUR goals (the two past your Pong as well as the
      two right above and below) and the computer suddenly develops accuracy
      on this stage.  Banking shots off of the centerpiece and activating the
      monkeys' turntable will confuse your opponent if timed correctly.
      (Crossing your fingers couldn't hurt either.)

All the action takes place on the Pong Ice Hockey Arena.  Okay, so there won't
be any flying teeth, but you've got some competition waiting on the
rink.  Go team go!

      PUCK POWER:  (2 of 5)
      Go to the ball receptacles above and below you and hit the X button to
      retrieve the ball.  Fire up against the puck and knock it toward your
      opponent - it will change from green to flashing red to indicate how
      close you are to scoring.  For best results, hold X during the match to
      grab a ball in mid-flight then hit the puck straight on.  This way your
      shots are more accurate and you won't be stuck without "ammo" during
      the match.

            **SUPER STRATEGY:  Patience on the Ice**
            Just take one ball out of the storage.  You can make shots at the
            puck, and you can use the other ball in case the other three are
            veering toward your opponent (or he's firing them back)."

      PUCK FANS:  (2 of 5)
      PUCK FANS adds a "Fan" Power-Up that will blow a rush of wind at the
      puck.  This, of course, will help you score easier (or get you out of a
      pinch if you have no ammo).  Because the puck destroys the Power-Ups if
      it comes in contact with them, don't pay too much attention to them.
      Just focus on getting the goal.

      PUCK FRENZY:  (2.5 of 5)
      The Power-Ups that resemble Skulls will double the game play speed
      regardless of who retrieves them.  It won't overly complicate anything
      as long as you just stick it to the puck.

As the name implies, you and your Pong will spend some quality time at the local
swamp's fishin' hole.  Don't forget your worms!

      CROC ALERT:  (1.5 of 5)
      Pong can move up and down on the pier.  X button casts; hold the button
      down longer to go farther.  Dragging your ball over the fish will reel
      them in.  Once you get the hang of fishing, accuracy won't be much of a

      FOOLISH FISH:  (2 of 5)
      You'll have to fish the little suckers out one-at-a-time, and they move
      a little faster (and strangely enough, toward the croc).  It's not
      really difficult.

      FAST FISHING:  (3-3.5 of 5)
      The fish are even faster and less intelligent.  It makes you wonder
      whether or not suicide is the issue here, so there's really not a lot
      of room for error.  You'll definitely want to make for the farthest
      fish if the croc is circling quickly.


ZONE FOUR:  The Rock Garden
The Incans are nowhere in sight and it seems like the local residents have taken
over the fortress.  Although this Guardian isn't half the pain in the neck as
the one in Zone Three, monkeys are definitely in the mood to toy around with your
Pong buddy.

      JUNGLE SPIKES:  (2 of 5)
      For having to defend four goals, this stage isn't terribly difficult.
      You have an infinite Finger Grab Power-Up to make some slick shots.
      The Hard Smack Power-Ups are the best retaliation for your opponent's
      Grab - good timing usually results in a goal.  If you get the skull
      Power-Up, spikes will appear to misguide your shots and bounce the ball
      all around.

            **SUPER STRATEGY:  The Power of Green!**
            If it's possible, try to score a point in each goal area.  If you
            can turn all of your opponent's goals green, the Guardian will
            give you Defensive Spikes for a short time.  (They aren't 100%
            foolproof against a goal, but they're pretty damn close!)

      KONG KHAOS:  (3 of 5)
      The Skull Power-Up will summon a huge gorilla to not only distract you
      in game play, but also wreck the playing terrain (making shots fly in
      almost any direction).  To spare yourself some trouble and earn an easy
      win, grab the ball and go down to the third (from top) goal, aim up all
      the way, and release - he'll miss every time!

      MONKEY BUSINESS:  (2.5 of 5)
      This level is cake if you make use of the unique Power-Up.  If a skull
      drops down, get it on your side.  It will summon a monkey that will
      beat up your opponent, flattening him and leaving him vulnerable to
      score upon.  (Watch out, he'll come back to attack you too.)  Aim for
      your opponent's goals when the monkey appears.  With luck, you'll get
      Defensive Spikes to secure the win.

You're the star of the Big Top, you're a mile high over the cheering crowd,
and guess who forgot to check the safety wall?!  Seems like the hired help has
gone seriously downhill.

      BALLOON BUSTERS:  (1.5 of 5)
      The circular motion is a little tricky at first.  Right equals
      counterclockwise and left equals clockwise.  Rotate around the circle,
      striking the ball to knock the balloons loose.  If your ball hits the
      wall, a segment of it will come loose - and you'll lose if it falls out
      of the ring.  Take your time.

      DOUBLE WHAMMY:  (2 of 5)
      First whammy:  You have to hit the balloons twice to knock them loose
      (they will flash if already hit).  Second whammy:  If the ball hits the
      wall, you knock THREE segments loose.  Try to hit the ball in the
      center of your Pong to get enough time to maneuver around the circle.

      WEAK WALLS:  (2.5 of 5)
      Same as DOUBLE WHAMMY except you'll lose the entire wall in one stroke.
      Same strategy as before - try to follow the ball as closely as possible
      and you'll get it eventually.

Whose bright idea was it to have a flock of sheep atop a plateau surrounded by
water?!  And furthermore, who in the hell thought Pong would make a decent
shepherd?!  Little Bo Peep needs to get back to the sheep already!!

      NOT BAAAAAD:  (3 of 5)
      Three sheep are on the plateau and your job is to get them all inside
      the red circle in the center.  Use the ball to divert the sheep away
      from the edge of the cliff.  Use your actual Pong to block them from
      falling off.  I didn't understand why, but sometimes baby sheep will
      appear to add difficulty.  The trick is, you must keep the ball in play
      at all times and hit the sheep in the butt so they'll go back to the
      center.  If you lose the ball (even if the sheep are already in the
      center - and glowing), they will turn idiotic and start playing suicide
      games again.  (Yeah, I hated this level too.)

      EWE LOSER:  (3.5 of 5)
      Same as before, but you start out with five sheep.

      CRY WOLF:  (3.5-4 of 5)
      Sheep won't go near the wolf, so you'll have to divert him away from
      the sheep before you start sending them to the center.  It's a real
      pain in the ass, but try to keep your eye on the ball at all times.


ZONE FIVE:  The Sky Tower
DERVISH plays much like the air-hockey stage toward the bottom of the Pong
Tower.  Please note the conveyor belts and wind generators.  Let's just say
these levels will play with some serious excitement!

      VORTEX:  (2.5 of 5)
      Activating the funny-looking Power-Ups in this level will start up the
      Wind Generators located on the ends of the field.  If you activate
      another one while they are running, they'll run faster.  Simply keep
      your eye on the ball and follow it around while rotating in the wind
      field - they're easy to recover from and, more often than not, the
      computer cannot handle getting it spun back at him.

      ROBOT WARS:  (2 of 5)
      A Robot will dart randomly around the course during gameplay.  If you
      can, try to nail him with the ball when hitting it back to the
      computer.  He'll fire two smart bombs - they will appear the color of
      the target, and in a few seconds it'll shoot off two fiery projectiles.
      If they hit the Pong, it will burn him to a crisp, reducing movement by
      75%.  Even though you can get charred as well, chances are the Robot
      plays more on your side.

      BELT UP:  (3.5 of 5)
      There are two orange sensors midway between the goals on either side of
      your Pong.  If the computer nails 'em in a shot, your belt will move up
      or down (depending on which one was hit) and it will make maneuvering
      increasingly difficult.  While we don't recommend leaving them wide
      open, it's better to just focus on the Wind Generator Power-Ups and
      trying to aim for the goal.

Evidently the Pong must have committed some serious sins in life, 'cause he's
stuck in Dante's Inferno (called a Pinball Machine).  Start saying your prayers

            **Super Strategy:  Tilting**
            You can tilt the pinball machine on these levels by repeatedly
            slamming your Pong along either side of the machine and holding
            the D-Pad.  I personally don't trust this technique, though.
            Tilting too much will take your ball out of play and it's FAR
            from reliable.

            **Super Strategy:  Hard Hitting!**
            Instead of trying to bump the ball with your Pong, hold the X
            button and then let the ball bump.  The Pong will hit it harder.
            If possible, try to collide with the Pong tensed and the ball
            coming it at an angle.  It will fly through the machine and
            (hopefully!) hit more targets.

            **Super Strategy:  Sheer Luck!!**
            Please be warned.  These levels are incredibly difficult because
            of the luck factor.  The balls will drop in AT RANDOM and, more
            often than not, you will lose the ball from the sides.

      WARM:  (3 of 5)
      Three important things you need to worry about.  One:  you have to hit
      the plungers in sequence (the one glowing bright is the one that will
      fall in after hitting it).  Two:  it takes four hits to make a plunger
      drop.  Three:  knocking the pedestal with the gold bars on it isn't
      enough; you have to connect the ball to the bar to retrieve it.  The
      switches on the side drop in after three hits and you can restore a hit
      if you hit the red spaces on the top.

      HOTTER:  (4 of 5)
      Plays like WARM except your side plungers are good for only two hits.

      ON FIRE:  (5 of 5!)
      The most difficult level in the entire game, ON FIRE will only give you
      a single hit on the side plungers.  Not only that, but you have to hit
      all the plungers TWICE!  (This was the last level I could complete and
      it was really a stroke of luck!)

Pong's playing Huck Finn again and he's sharing a raft with some devilish
amphibians.  Mother Nature's not willing to play with kid gloves this time

      FOOL'S GOLD:  (1.5 of 5)
      Four Pong players sit on adjacent sides of the floating raft.  Steer
      the beach ball toward the Gold Bars by maneuvering around with the D-
      Pad.  To win the Gold Bars on this level, simply maneuver the ball
      around the hopping frogs (they will hop back and forth in three
      directions) and the GBs are yours.

      RICKETY RAFT:  (2.5 of 5)
      To make things more difficult, wear and tear on your raft will make it
      more difficult to navigate the ball toward the Gold Bars.  The frogs
      repeat their hops within the same few spaces, so just keep your eyes
      out for their patterns and proceed with caution.

      HOPPING MAD:  (3 of 5)
      Same game as RICKETY RAFT, but you'll have to circumnavigate the entire
      raft almost.  Keep trying with the stop-and-go technique and you'll
      secure the win.


ZONE SIX:  The Hangar
At least you're not toying around with sheep...

      EGG ON YOUR FACE:  (2.5 of 5)
      Somehow the chickens can't get the knack of laying the correctly
      colored egg in the appropriate basket, so you have to help out.  The
      difficulty is when two eggs come out one after another.  To make things
      a little easier, try to "juggle" the eggs for the first few hits (hit
      them almost dead-center on your paddle and they'll go straight up) then
      lightly tap your paddle in the opposite direction to make them head
      toward the bin.

      EGG-CELLENT:  (3.5 of 5)
      The chickens will shoot the eggs out faster and you can't afford to
      have too many ill-placed hits.  Again, all it really takes is some
      concentration and solid timing - juggling helps so you don't lose

      EGG-STREME:  (4 of 5)
      Plays like the previous level except the farmer thinks its funny to
      shut the bins on you.  Needless to say, if you try to get the egg in
      when the container is shut, it'll break.  Although the first ten points
      are decent (and the 8th, a green one, is actually a GIVEAWAY!), the
      farmer will continuously open and shut the yellow door and you've got
      to juggle two with EXCELLENT timing.

One more romp on the ice before the final challenge!

      PENGUIN PARADE:  (1.5 of 5)
      Another circular level, you'll have to lean your Pong along the edge of
      the ice to get the snowball to collide into the penguins.  Three bumps
      will knock them off into the water.  No sweat.

      PENGUIN PANIC:  (2 of 5)
      The Penguins will at random make a short hop and speed along in the
      opposite direction.  It won't affect game play too much; three hits
      will still do them in.

      PICK A PENGUIN:  (3 of 5)
      Much trickier level.  The only way you'll make progress in PICK is if
      you actually aim your snowball at one penguin at a time.  To aid in
      your goal, rotate your Pong 180 degrees from the first collision; when
      the penguin hops after getting hit, cut a sharp angle in the direction
      to make a second, quick hit.  Then you simply "juggle" the ball on the
      ice edge until you connect the last time.


ZONE SEVEN:  Atari Mountain
LEVEL ONE:  Game One (3 of 5)
      Playing on the western face of the Atari symbol.  Balls will drop above
      the small playing area and you have to match up the ball with the color
      beneath your Pong.  Match all three colors to ascend a level.  Be
      warned; if you lose control of your ball, it will drop down the
      mountain until it hits a color pad - and well, if it doesn't,  you
      lose!  Also, the incline slightly increases as you climb, so take note
      of your shots.  6 points to win.

LEVEL TWO:  Game Two (3 of 5)
      Playing on the eastern face of the Atari symbol.  Plays exactly like
      Game One except there's a new Green ball and color pad.

LEVEL THREE:  Game Three (4 of 5)
      Playing on the central face of the Atari face.  The incline is steeper
      on this face and it takes 12 points to win.  Just watch your shots.

Like the manual says, you will discover secrets in Pong that are accessible
after completely finishing certain levels and earning enough Gold Bars.  The
game will flash "Secret Found" on the bottom of the screen after you win
certain levels and collecting GBs and completing stages in their entirety.
For instance, after earning 20 GBs, "Aftertouch" appeared in the Secrets Menu.

If you complete all the first-level stages, you'll get to play Classic
Pong.  Completing all the second-level stages, you'll get to play Football
Pong.  The third-level stages will grant you Hockey Pong.  Why Football
Pong and Hockey Pong play so similarly, I never understood.

The Secrets menu during gameplay will unlock more codes and options for play.
The first-level completion will grant you the toggling of the Power-Ups -
Hard Smack, Grab, etc.  The second-level completion will alter Pong Size and
Pong Speed.  The third-level completion will alter Ball Speed.