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Version 1.0
Author: Aardvark (kazooie074@aol.com, @mail.com)
6/19/00 --- 9:22 PM Mountain Time

Version History


-6/19/00 --- 9:22 PM Mountain Time
-finally time for an update, eh? Well I finally booted up my Pong game 
to add Zone 2 and some of Zone 3.


-Yes, I am writing this FAQ on January 1st, 2000! I can't sleep,               
so I thought I'd start this, at least.
-Goes through most of Zone 1

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. All You Need to Know About Pong
3. Walkthrough/Guide
   3a. Zone 1
   3b. Zone 2
   3c. Zone 3
4. Credits

1. Introduction

	Well, this guide is for Pong, that lovable/addictive/fun game, 
that Hasbro Interactive re-did, into a full-blown amusement-filled easy-
hard (???) new/old game. In the new Pong, there's 7 Zones, each filled 
with a number of levels, each level with 3 challenges. By completing 
these challenges, you get gold bars. Gold bars help you unlock new 
levels and zones. 

	Each level folows a specific theme. For instance, the first level 
in Zone 1 is "Penguin Pong". So, each of the 3 challenges for this level 
are penguin related. This themeing adds ALOT to the game.

	Also, somewhere locked inside the game is Classic Pong (YES!!!!), 
but you must play pretty far into the game to unlock it. 

	Please take note that I am writing this guide as I complete the 

	So, without further ado, here's The New Pong!

2. All You Need to Know About Pong


	First off, you'd better know what Pong is. Pong was the first (I 
think so) video game ever made. The system that Pong first ran off was 
bigger than a Minivan. Basically, it's called Pong because it's kinda 
like Ping Pong. There's a ball bouncing in the playfield, and you use a 
paddle, also known as a Pong, to hit it back and forth. Score by getting 
the ball past your opponent's Pong.

	Well, Pong has been brought back, and it's better than ever! 
There's 7 Zones in the new game, and each zone (with the exception of 
Zone 7) houses 2-4 levels. Each level is consisted of 3 challenges. By 
completing these challenges, you obtain golden bars, which you need to 
enter the other levels.


	When you begin playing Pong, you'll soon realize that Powerups are 
very important to your success in the game. Powerups give you special 
powers that allow you to change your Pong, or even change the playing 

	Powerups appear on the field as a spinning top. To collect a 
Powerup, you need to:

1. Hit the Powerup top with your ball. The top will spin your way.

2. When you can, touch the top with your Pong. You then collect the 

	Now, when you collect a Powerup, one of 2 things will happen. They 

1. Something will automatically happen on the playing field. The ice 
will rise, logs spin, etc.

2. A small icon will appear below your score. The icon shown tells you 
which Powerup you'll use when you hit ENTER. If you've collected more 
than one type of Powerup, use SHIFT to cycle through them, and ENTER to 


	One final note, I like to use the mouse to control my Pong more 
than the keyboard. Try about a half hour with the keyboard, then a half 
hour with the mouse. I think you'll quickly agree.

Have fun! 

3. Walkthrough/Guide

	After each zone name, and level name, I'll put the number of 
golden bars needed to enter. Remember - beating the first challenge wins 
you 3 golden bars, the second 2, and the last and usually hardest gets 
you 1.

	Also, all 3 challenges in a level are usually VERY similar, just a 
difference or two makes it harder.

3a. Zone 1 - 0 golden bars to enter

++++++++++Level 1: Penguin Pong - 0 golden bars to enter

Seal Saver - In this, the first level, you must hit the ball going back 
and forth, trying to score 10 points. Every time you hit a penguin, 
another ball comes out, pretty soon you have 4 balls going! Collecting 
powerups puts a seal behind your pong, helping save you if the ball is 
about to fall off. 

Polar Power - This level adds the rising ice. By collecting the special 
power, your side of the ice rises, and then the ball stays on your 
opponents side for about 10 seconds.

Snowstorm - Strong winds come to blow the balls around, making hitting 
them a challenge in itself! Just try a few times, and you'll soon have 
this level completed.

++++++++++Level 2: Soccer Stars - 3 golden bars to enter

Plain Pitch - This  is soccer, pretty much, you control 2 Pongs. One is 
right infront of your "goal", the other up by the opponent's "goal". 
Just try to keep the ball on the other side. You can score 10 points 
literally in seconds.

Mole Hills - Soccer, but moles come up and make bumps in the ground, 
distorting the velocity of the ball when it rolls over it.

Mole Holes - Instead of little hills, little holes, which swallow the 
ball, which it then re-'appears elsewhere.

++++++++++Level 3 - Log Jam - 6 golden bars to enter

One Way - In the middle of the playing field are 4 logs that the ball 
rolls over. By collecting the special powers, you can make the logs spin 
in the direction of your opponent, so the ball stays on his/her side for 
a little bit.

Cuts Both Ways - Now the logs are cut in half, and one side colored 
blue, the other purple. By getting the special blue or purple powerup, 
the corresponding color log spins in your opponent's direction.

Saw Point - Just like "Cuts Both Ways", but a saw is in the middle, and 
the ball can bounce off of it.

++++++++++Level 4 - Clown Around - 9 golden bars to enter

Two Tone - There's 8 colored bins on the side of this odd playing field, 
and you try to fill all 8 with a corresponding colored ball. There's 4 
red and 4 yellow in this one.

Color Match - Much harder, with 4 colors. (I haven't beaten this one 

Multicolors - (Haven't gotten it yet.)

3b. Zone 2  Must reach end of Zone 1 

++++++++++Level 1: Beach Party  12 golden bars to enter

Plain Sailing  This level is based on water. Each team has two pongs, 
in this format:
You can catch the ball and shoot it that way, too. 6 points wins it.

Iced Over  Pretty much same as Plain Sailing, but the playing field is 
frozen over. Makes for some very slippy shooting. 6 points to win.

Light House  Same as  Plain Sailing, but the screen is dark, and the 
light house only shines the light near the ball. 7 points to win this 

++++++++++Level 2: Rock N Roll  15 golden bars to enter

Table tips  In this level, it's pretty much basic pong, but by 
collecting and using the powerups, you can make the table tilt towards 
your opponent. Very cool and can get hard if you're on the downside. To 
win, get 10 points first.

Up & Over  Same as Table tips, but also can get bumps in the playing 
field. This makes for some very distorted ball velocities. 10 points 
wins it again.

Total Tilt  Same as Up $ Over, but dips can also appear. Gets super 
very really hard. Watch out for a tilt and a dip, that really screws the 
ball up. If you can manage to pull off 10 points, you'll walk away 

++++++++++Level 3: Seal Juggle  18 golden bars to enter

Simple Seals  VERY ADDICTIVE. This level is so fun I stuck to it untill 
I beat all 3 challenges. Anyways, it's an iceberg, and at the top there 
are 3 seals. There are 3 balls which come up, and you must hit them in 
such a way as to make the seals pick up the balls. But don't distract a 
seal that allready has a ball, or he'll drop his ball and you'll really 
have a mess! Get one ball on each of three seals to win.

Trained Seals  Same as before, but 4 seals and balls.

Seal Skill  5 seals. This one's funnest and hardest.

3c. Zone 3  must reach end of zone 2

++++++++++Level 1: In a spin  21 golden bars to enter

Sling Shot  Here's where you can finally use the spin shotter. Catch 
the ball, and move up or down while releasing the ball to put a spin on 
the ball. If you can score multiple times without your opponent scoring 
on you, you will get a "defensive barrier" which will cover up one of 
your goals for a brief period. 5 scores will win you the golden bars.

Turntable  Same as before, but the middle disk will spin, too, making 
for some weird shots. 7 points wins it.

Toothless  Same as before, but you have 4 goals to cover instead of 
two. Very weird and hard to get used to it, but it doesn't take long to 
get these 9 points to win.

++++++++++Level 2: Puck Pong  24 golden bars to enter

Coming next time!!!!

4. Credits

I wanna thank the following:
-Atari, Supersonic, and Hasbro Interactive, for the game
-GameFAQs, for hundreds of things
-me, for making it
-you, for reading it

This FAQ Copyright 2000 Dan Weingardt (Aardvark)

If you come along, and wanna use this FAQ on your site, just KEEP THE 
it, just follow my rule.