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"Resident Evil" - Chris Speed Guide - 1:28

Version 1.0
Made by the "Last Cetra", who owns exclusive CopyRight
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Created on April 2nd, 2005

Resident Evil Chris Speed Guide, copyright by Fernando Garcia (Last Cetra).
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   Table of Contents:

   1. Introduction
   2. Basic Tactics (you should read this)
     2.1. Mastering
     2.2. Battling
     2.3. Small Details
   3. Speed Guide
     3.1. PART 1: The Mansion (I)
     3.2. PART 2: The Guardhouse
     3.3. PART 3: The Mansion (II)
     3.4. PART 4: The Underground
     3.5. PART 5: The Laboratory
   4. Speed Guide Quick Reference
   5. Closure



Hi, here's from the same author of Jill's 1:25 Speed Guide.

After much time of thinking I finally could make up a strategy for achieving
record time with Chris as well. It's a lot trickier, because with Chris is
bound to many more difficult choices throughout the game. While he's blessed
with less long cutscenes, he's constantly tormented with choices and more
though battles.

Should we leave Rebecca on the Serum Room or take her? Make the V-Jolt or
leave Rebecca on the mansion so we have to save her from a Hunter? Take the
Shotgun or Colt as a boss-killing weapon? What to do while Rebeca is
practicing on the piano? How to not depend on Chests while having only six
slots on inventory?

I thought it'd be a brawl-thing more than a brainer, but after playing some
time I realized it only required smart choices. Once again I say, I can't
affirm the way I chose to do things is the fastest way out, but it did made
me go under 1:30 (1:28:04 was my best try, specifically). And yes, here once
again we're saving both our partners (Jill and Rebecca this time around).

Just some quick explaining on why I've chosen this specific path of action:

There's one thing that Chris must do the slow way: you either have Rebecca
meet you at the Guardhouse, forcing you to make V-Jolt, or you leave her at
the mansion and will have to save her from a Hunter later on. I'll call those
options A (V-Jolt) and B (Hunter).

You can add to option A the fact that getting the Colt Python will be a huge
detour when coming back to the mansion, so we'll need the Shotgun instead as
our boss-killing gun. Now the option B we can add the time to get the Colt
Python (which is shorter, since it'll be on our way), the time to kill the
first form of the Plant 42 with the Handgun plus the time lost when you get
bitten by the Snake Yawn. Through Option B we MUST get bitten or Rebecca will
show up at the Guardhouse anyway (that's a sad thing).

Doing all the math, and performing both paths multiple times under different
strategies, I came to the conclusion saving Rebecca on the mansion is
generally faster. Believe it or not, getting bitten, killing the plant with
the Handgun and saving Rebecca on the mansion is faster than leaving the
Snake battle intact, making V-Jolt and making detours for getting the Shotgun
or Colt Python. So I'm sticking to this path.



Here I'll present some tips you should know beforehand, and explain why I do
some stuff the way I do.

1. First thing you should know is, you must have mastered this game before
trying this! When I did it I was playing through the game for the 8th time or
so, and I had every map, enemy and item memorized. If you don't want to waste
even a bit of time thinking, you should too. If you still have some awkward
moments with the controller, don't feel comfident enough to dodge enemies or
are not sure what is behind that door, you're not making it under 1:30.

2. Battling:

2a. Killing enemies costs either time or ammo. Following this guide you
  will need to kill exactly 7 zombies and 1 hunter in the mansion, 2 zombies
  in the guardhouse and 3 in the laboratory. Yes you're only killing 1
  hunter. And keep in mind, most of those kills aren't because you really need
  them, but it's because in those particular comfronts killing is really
  faster than dodging. I'll tell you when a killing is optional or simply the
  fastest way out.

2b. Learn to dodge. I'll not get into much detail, but here're some tips:
  - Dodging zombies in RE1 is harder than in the later titles,
  but it still can be done. You simply must 'trigger" them (make them follow
  you) from a side of a wall, and then run through the other. If you can't
  pull it out and you're playing with Jill, don't worry too much, you'll only
  lose a minute or so for killing all zombies you could dodge.
    However, if you're playing with Chris, you'll have less ammo and should
  practice this. An easy way to trigger them towards the wrong way is facing
  a wall, and then making a 360 turn when they see you. They'll likely turn
  around, but slower than you, and when you're finishing your turn around
  they should be facing another way and you can go up past them. If it doesn't
  work the first time, run to the other wall and try again.
    Usually if a zombie is facing a direction just 90 away from you, you can
  already run right by his side and he won't catch you.
    If they are facing the opposite direction when you meet them, and you're
  playing with Chris (i.e. you have the Handgun), it's even easier. You can
  waste a single shot and they'll turn around, letting some space open for you
  to run behind them.

  - To dodge dogs, simply run in a direction other than the one they're
  facing. A good way to make them miss you is crossing their path. They'll
  first make a turn and get lost or jump on thin air when you're long gone.

  - Hunters are pathetic. After some encounters with them you might start
  noticing they're all left-handed! This can be used for your advantage.
  To dodge a hunter when you're walking towards it, simply pretend to go
  by his left side but head to his right before getting to him. If he's
  facing the other way, you can quickly pass through his left side and he
  will miss you completely.

  - Spiders... well I'll not get into this, they're ridiculous!

  - Chimeras have a great problem making collision detection with you when
  they're on ground. You can easily run besides them. When they're on the
  ceiling, stick to a side of the wall and change side when they prepare
  to drop their claws.

2c. Ammunition. Getting weapons and ammo takes too much time bloody time, so
we should skip it whenever possible. You will only use a single weapon
throughout the game besides the Handgun, and only get the ammo which is
already on your way (no detours for bullets).
  We're only getting another weapon because killing bosses with the Handgun
is not practical: your ammo will probably run out before you go too far,
specially if you avoid detours for getting bullets (which you should, by all
costs). So we might as well choose the secondary weapon that'll make our game
faster. As Jill, it's the Bazooka, simply because it's quick for killing
anything and it's just laying around. As Chris, it'll be the Colt Python,
because it'll be practically on your way when saving Rebecca on the Mansion
(and you do want to save her, because otherwise she'll be making you V-Jolt
which takes more time).
3. Small, but Precious Details. Overall you should try to keep your pace
fast, with some small measures that'll add up to a lot of seconds in the end.
  - Do not access the inventory too much. It takes seconds away from you.
Only open it when you have no other option (example: when you get the Doom
Books, don't check them for the Medals right away. You'll have to access
your inventory on the fountain anyway to use the medals, so make it all
at once and check the books there. Yes, I do go for the details).
  - Don't get herbs. You might jump at this statement, but if you want to
break a record, you can't waste time a) getting hit and b) using herbs.
Getting hit takes 2-5 seconds from you, getting down to grab a single herb
other 5, pausing to use/mix the herb(s) yet plus 5-10. I got hit 4 times
throughout the game last time I played, but you can do better than that.
  - Keep your inventory clean. You don't want to go back to chests.
Almost never. You should carry all you'll need whenever possible. Now, that's
another reason to not grab herbs.
  - Perform actions even before you gain control of your character. It's good
for quick kills and some split seconds. Example: when you open a door, already
hold down the way you know you should turn when the load ends, or if you're
going straight, better yet, just hold Up and Dash. The same is valid for
cutscenes, before they end be prepared to move away. The most important is to
kill enemies before they appear on screen. As soon as you open a door, if you
know there'll be an enemy in front of you, hold down R1 already and be
prepared to aim/shoot right away (specially useful against the Plant 42).

Well I guess this was big enough, you should now have a better light on
what kind of ride you're taking. So, on to the guide.



***** PART I: "Yes, sir! I'll do my best." (at 00:00:00)

As soon as you gain control of Chris on the Dining Room, follow to the door on
the other end and head to the small alcove where Kenneth is being deoured.
Trigger the FMV, skip it, turn around and go back to the Main Hall.

After Chris cunningly notices Jill and Wesker aren't there anymore, run a bit
forwards and grab Jill's handgun, it'll be much useful. Climb the stairs and
get to the first east door, leading to the corridor with two zombies. Since
you'll come here some more times, I recommend saving dodging time and killing
the first zombie. The second is best dodged, so lure him to a wall and run to
the other. Ultimately, you want to enter the last door on this corridot,
leading to the room with the book on mixing herbs.

Exit this room through the door which is knobless on the other side, ignore
both zombies and go down the stairs. Ignore the zombie down there too, and
go into the Storage Room. Open the chest, trade your Combat Knife for a single
Beretta Clip (leave the other one in the chest, thrust me!) and store away
your First Aid Spray. Close the Chest, get the Chemical on the floor and exit
the room.

Once you're out of it, ignore the zombie near the stairs once again and climb
them. You'll have to go past the zombie blocking the other door. As soon as
you climb the stairs dash towards the knobless door (if you wait a bit you'll
trigger the zombie down the west corridor, which is no good thing). Stick to
the knobless door and the zombie you want to get rid of should trigger. Simply
make a 360 turn looking away from him and he should open some space for you
to run. If you can't work this out, let him take a bite and then run,
unlocking the door (don't waste bullets).

Now you're back on the corridor with the first zombie you killed. The other
one you left "alive" should be either near the door you just entered or near
the door that leads to the Main Hall 2f. Either way dodge him again and go
to the Main Hall.

Run through the balcony and onto the Dining Room 2f. Quickly dash towards the
Blue Jewel Statue on the south wall trying to avoid the triggering of the
north zombie. Push the statue a little bit as to switch the camera angle. When
you get to see the other zombie, safely hide behind the statue and waste him.
After he's dead push the statue down, but don't wait for the crackling sound,
running to the door on the other side right away.

Enter that door and you should be on the yellow-colored corridor. There will
be three zombies here, but they're all easily dodged. Just run by their side
and you'll not be caught. Get to the stairs and descend it.

Enter the Serum Room which is right besides the stairs. You should meet
Rebecca here, who'll use her super-effective weapon against zombies, the
killer pepper spray of dead (which is not effective even against Chris, who's
human, I believe).

After she's done talking, get the Sword Key over the bed and exit. She'll talk
some more, and you should tell her to STAY IN THE BEDROOM (answer "No"). This
will later on trigger her not-going to the guardhouse, which we want to

When you're out the room, run down the corridor ignoring all zombies (stick
to the inner wall first, and to the outer one after you're past the pillar).
Enter the last door on the corridor and you'll be in the room which leads to
the Tiger Statue and the Armor Key room.

Normally, at this point we would get the Armor Key; however, we must think of
something to do while Rebecca practices on the piano, and after many many
tests (really) I calculated this is one thing that should be left for later.

So skip the zombies altogether and race down south, past the Tiger alcove.
Don't forget to use the Sword Key on the locked door on your way out. You
don't want to enter that room, but it'll be good for discarding the key later
on. Enter the south-most door and you'll be back at the first corridor, where
Kenneth's corpse is.

Run down the corridor towards the old, large door. Use the Sword Key on the
door besides it, onto the Piano Room. Push the shelf behind the piano to
reveal the Musical Notes, and try using them on the piano. As the game says,
"Unfortunately, Chris can't read music". Gah, if he had just taken some damn
classes he could save us this annoying waste of time.

Rebecca will enter the room. After the cutscene, answer "Yes", letting her
practice. If you answer "No" she'll practice anyway, but you'll be bound to
watch yet another cutscene, which is bad.

Once you regain control of Chris, exit the room, back into the corridor. Now
it's a though time of choices... we must find something to do while Rebecca
is practicing. The shortest, useful set of actions that I could come up with
is as follows:

Run through the corridor towards the camera, going back in the Dining Room
using the last door. Grab the Wooden Emblem above the fireplace, and then
circle the table through the other side to get the Blue Jewel from the statue
you broke earlier. Now exit to the Main Hall. Enter the blue, double "door on
the opposite side", which is how Jill likes to call it, and use your Sword
Key on the door near the steps. This should eliminate the key, freeing us
one inventory slot.

Now you have to go back to the Dining Room 1f. This sounds silly, but
discarding the Sword Key now has saved us one trip to the chest, and it's an
action that, by my calculations, fits just perfectly the timeframe we have to
fill 'til Rebecca learns to play "Moonlight Sonata" decently.

Back on the Dining Room, enter the other door once more, onto Kenneth's
corridor. Enter the door nearest to you and you'll be back on the corridor
with three zombies. Before going to the Armor Key room, you'll want to use
the Blue Jewel and exchange it for the Wind Crest.

Thrust me on this, approach the small alcove and let the the zombie protecting
it take a bite on your neck. After you push him away, enter the door and get
the crest. After you leave, the zombie will be looking the other way. Now, you
could simply give him a single shot and run behind him when he tries to turn
around. But we're doing something better.

You may not notice it, but as you left the door, the third zombie in this
corridor, protecting the way to the Armor Key room, is walking towards you.
If you wait a little more before triggering the other zombie you can't see,
you'll be able to avoid all of them easy. So instead of a single bullet, shoot
the zombie in front of you until it falls. By now you should have equipped the
clip you got from the Chest earlier, saving us another slot!

After the zombie nearest to you falls, run to the Armor Key corridor. Before
following, be sure to attract both zombies out of the narrow section (the one
that was more distant should, by now, be leaving that section). After they let
a space open, run for the Armor Key room at the end. Use the Chemical on the
water pump, killing the plant, and get the key (ignoring the herbs, despite
the bite I told you to endure. Rebecca will heal you later).

By now, Rebecca is almost finished with practicing, so we can go back there.
When you leave the Armor Key room, there'll be a zombie blocking your way
on the narrow section, but he'll be facing the other way. So simply give him
a single shot and run behind him when he tries to turn. Go back to the Piano
Room and trigger the cutscene with Rebecca.

When the secret room is revealed, enter it and exchange your Wooden Emblem for
the golden one. Exit the room ignoring Rebcca, and go back to the Dining Room.
Place the Golden Emblem where the Wooden was, and get the Bronze Key behind
the grandfather clock. Go to the Main Hall.

Climb the stairs and enter the east door, the same where you killed your first
zombie. Take the first turn and use your Armor Key on the blue doors. Enter,
place the statues over the vents on the ground and press the button, getting
the Sun Crest. If you don't have space, it's because you still have a Handgun
clip. Waste it.

Exit this room and track back a little, but instead of going back to the Main
Hall, enter the other door, where Richard lies dead (we could've talked to him
earlier, but that'd take too much time). Enter the other door on this room,
go up the steps on the next and use the Bronze Key on the door.

Now here something interesting happens. When playing with Jill, you don't want
to get bitten, at all costs. However, if we want Rebecca not to follow us on
the Guardhouse, forcing us to make the V-Jolt, it's necessary to let her save
you from the poison in the mansion, what will take her back to the Serum Room.

You could still use the same Snake-avoiding technique to ensure she does not
trap you at the back of the room.

As soon as you gain control of Chris, turn to the camera a bit, but run forward
a second before the Snake attacks. Position yourself so that the box near the
pillar gets between you and the snake. Run for the Moon Crest and she should
not be able to keep up with you. Just remember, before leaving to get bitten
at least once so that you get poisoned.

After you leave with the Crest, go down the steps and Chris will faint. Since
we told Rebecca to stay at the Serum Room instead of following us, you won't
need to get the Serum by yourself. The screen will fade and you'll be taken
to the Serum Room automatically instead. This still costs us some time of
detour, but it's shorter.

After Chris wakes up, he'll be fully healed, which is good. Leave the Armor
Key in the Chest and grab the other handgun clip you left earlier instead. Go
out, ignoring Rebecca. You'll want to go back to the Main Hall through the
path you're used with (1st floor west wing), ignoring the zombies.

Once on the Main Hall, enter the blue door once more, and then proceed to the
door you unlocked earlier. Ignore the dogs and keeping going down the winding
corridors until you reach the room with two zombies. The first one will
trigger automatically, so run towards the single blue door which is locked and
unlock it, but don't enter. Dodge the zombie folloing you and enter the
gallery full of crows.

I assume you know the button-pressing sequence on the gallery already, so do
your thing and grab the Star Crest, the last one. Exit the gallery and shoot
the zombie blocking your way outside, on the narrow corridor, until it falls
(not until it dies). Go out.

Stick to the outer wall, then change to the inner one when you see the dog. If
you do so he'll make a turn before jumping and miss you, while you place the
crests on the panel. Press start like a madman to call the menu for using the
next crest, as soon as the game stops showing that you placed the previous one.

Enter the door, push the stairs two times towards the other door and then push
all the way to the south wall to get the Crank. Now we're heading to the yard.

***** PART II: "We got to the 'root' of the problem!" (below 00:25:00)

You should be somewhere below 25 minutes now. If you're past the 25, start
again because it's not likely you're going to make it. I got here around
00:24:00 the first time.

Avoid the dogs and get to the north gate. Once again, IGNORE the herbs. An
easy way to do this is running through the center of the yard, making the dogs
turn before they can start chasing you. Just turn to the side when you have to
circle the plants on your way. Use the crank on the gate, draining the water.

Cross the bridge, ignoring the snakes. Once down there, ignore dogs and herbs
alike and go to the guardhouse. In order to not get damaged in this last
corridor, it's ok to walk a little just to see where exactly the first dog is.
In case you didn't know, walking usually keeps the dogs quiet. But as soon
as you find your escape wall, stick to it and run.

Take a turn as soon as you enter and get into the first dormitory, in front of
the save room. Walk forward a little to trigger the first zombie in here, and
kill it, it's the only way to get safely to the Red Book. However you'll go
into the bathroom first, to "un-trigger" the other zombie in the dormitory.
Enter the bathroom and drain the tub for the Control Room Key. Exit the
bathroom. Now you have to be quick and get to bed, retrieve the Red Book and
exit before the other zombie gets near you. It's tricky, and if you can't make
it I recommend you let him have a quick bite. You'll need your bullets for
the Plant 42.

As soon as you exit the first dormitory, cross the corridor with the hole on
the ground and let Plant 42 take her turn at you, it won't hurt. Enter the
door at the end and head for the room with the wasps (the next door in the
other corridor). Get the Dorm 002 Key below the hive and race for Dorm 002, at
the end of the previous corridor. Ignore the bathroom and push the left shelf
forwards, then the right one further right. Descend the stairs.

This box puzzle takes time, but is not really a puzzle since it's ridiculous
to solve. Be sure to take the first box with you while you proceed down the
corridor, so you don't have to come back for it later. Just don't push it
too much to the back or you'll block your access to the other boxes. Throw all
boxes on the water and go for the Shark room. Circle the room through Chris's
right side and open the Control Room, ignoring the Shark. Pull the lever to
drain the water, then push the button near the door to unlock the other room.

Exit this room and get into the one besides it. On the shelf, after the gun
and behind the box you'll find the Dorm 003 Key. On your way out don't forget
the Handgun clips, they'll be extremely necesary on fighting the plant. Then,
go back to the Wasp's room, opening the Dorm 003.

Get the white book from the shelf. Don't read it, just press the Cancel
button. Open your inventory, reload your Handgun and also use the Red Book
on the shelf.

Enter the just-revealed Plant 42 room right away. This battle will be easier
than you think. You should have nearly 40 bullets, preferably more. As soon
as the cutscene where Chris gets beaten ends, run towards the fireplace wall,
where you'll be completely safe from the plant's tentacles. Here you'll just
have to worry with the stuff dropping from the ceiling. Aim your gun and start
shooting, it may take anywhere between 20 to 30 bullets to take her first form
down. Whenever the stuff starts dripping over your head, run a bit to the
side, but always sticking to the wall.

When the Plant 42 shrinks and loses its fearful tentacles, you can safely get
near it. Stay just in front of the main, double-door and aim up, wasting your
last bullets on it. Since you're now aiming straight at the large bulb, the
damage is larger, and it should be down faster (a full clip at most). When
it dies, go to the fireplace and get the Helmet Key.

Now, backtrack all the way back to the mansion, meeting Wesker once more along
the way, and avoiding herbs, dogs and snakes altogether. When you get into
the mansion once more, the Hunters should appear.

***** PART III: "Rebecca! She's still in the house!" (around 00:40:00)

Hunters will be your new friends now. Dodging them is easy, just avoid
their left claw. Refer to the tips section.

Skip the Hunter scene. you'll have to ignore this Hunter, so when you regain
control of Chris quickly unlock the only locked door here with the Helmet Key
and escape. Chris should perform his Oscar-winning (just kidding) drama scene.

On this room turn on the lights on the desk and grab the Magnum Rounds, along
with the Doom Book I. Leave the room and quickly head for the next door, the
blue one, avoiding the Hunter.

You'll be on the Storage Room corridor. Ignore the Hunter and the Storage
Room, going up the stairs. Two Hunters will be waiting you up there. You want
to enter the corridor leading to the Main Hall 2f, so get there avoiding all
Hunters by their right side. You may think it's easier said than done, but
really, it just takes a little practice.

Once on the Main Hall, follow to the Dining Room 2f, and furthermore to the
yellow-colored corridor. You should've dodged a lot of Hunters by now! There
will be a nice Hunter waiting for you just as you close the door. Run from it,
circling the stairs. Avoid the other Hunter at the end (again, by his right
side), and unlock the door besides the stairs with the Helmet Key.

Go to the other side of this room and grab yet more Magnum Rounds. Push the
steps a bit towards the stuffed moose head above. Turn the lights off using
the switch near the door, and climb the steps, checking the red glow on the
head for getting the Red Jewel.

Exiting this room and, in order to avoid being hit by the Hunter just besides
you, run really quickly for the stairs. Go down.

Once down there, enter the Serum Room and Rebecca should be waiting for you,
hiding from all the "monsters". After the dialogue is done, leave the Doom
Book and the Beretta on the Chest. Your new main weapon from now is called
"Colt Python" :)

Exit the Serum Room and use the same tactic you sued with the zombies back
then to avoid the Hunters in this room. Get to the Tiger Statue small room,
ignoring the Hunter that'll try to scare you by appearing all of a sudden
from the alcove.

Use the Red Jewel on the Tiger and get the Colt. Exit the room and before the
loading ends be running already, or you'll get hit by the Hunter in the
alcove. You'll have to avoid him going by the wall opposite to the door.

After you get the Colt, go back to the Dining Room, then the Main Hall. Climb
the stairs and enter the eastern door. Avoiding the hunters, enter the door
before the Herb-Mixing book one. There should be a Hunter showing off his nice
smile right in front of the camera. Pass by his left side (since he's facing
the other way, he'll turn around and you'll miss his claw), and follow down
the corridor, past the stairs. Ignore the other Hunter going by his left side
as well. Enter the door at the end.

In this room you might want to get the lonely herb, just in case. Killing the
Snake with the Colt is though job. Unlock the door to the big room and discard
the Helmet Key. Check the Piano, but be equipped with the Colt beforehand.

Even before you regain control of Chris, hold down the Aim and Action buttons,
and you'll gain some free-shots right at the start. You'll be able to hit 2-3
times in before she prepares to attack. When she prepares for it, run to the
other side of the room and wait for her to appear.

The Colt is not much effective on the Snake, so you might spend more than a
full round on her. Notice firing at her mouth will do more damage, so try to
shoot it when she's got it open (i.e. when she's not crawling). You might need
some herbs after this combat, you may get them on the courtyard later, there
won't be significant danger anymore.

After she's gone for good, go down in the hole and descend to the basement
through the secret passage below the tombstone. Once down there dodge the first
zombie you see and make your way into the kitchen. Before going to the
elevator, be sure to circle the table and get the Small Key laying around.

Circle the zombie in front of the elevator through the outer wall and enter
it. On the 2nd floor, ignoring all zombies run towards the screen and enter
the library. Kill the zombie near the door just to be safe, and use the Small
Key on the desk for more Colt ammo.

Then go for the door on the west side and push the statue into place (the back
of the room) to get the first MO Disc.

Now go back to the elevator and kill the zombie nearest to it, who's blocking
your way to the battery. Enter the next room and get the battery. Leave the
small room and go back to the elevator. The zombie down there most likely will
have a bite on your feet now, so if you can't afford the damage, use the herb
near the elevator.

Go down and get to the other door in the kitchen, the one you didn't come
from. A zombie cutscene should take place. Don't waste ammo on this one, just
circle the table quickly and he should get lost. Enter the door and go up the

You'll be back on Kenneth's room, wanting to go back to the Main Hall. There
will be two Hunters here, but you can dodge the first by his left side (he's
facing away) and ignore the other, he won't come near you if you're fast.

Once in the main hall, go through the blue doors and make your way back to the
courtyard. Ignore the Spiders along the way, but kill the Hunter that'll try to
scare you. More than often this corridor shows itself narrow enough to not let
you pass by his right side, depending on how he's positioned. Dodge the other
Hunter near the exit (the first you've met) and go outside, dodging the last
Hunter from the mansion as well (once again, by his right side). Onto the
underground passage.

***** PART IV: "If we stay here, all of us will end up dead!" (about 00:50:00)

Ignoring all dogs, cross the bridge to the guardhouse once more. Use the
battery on the non-operating elevator and go up again. Now use your crank on
the gate and close it. Since I never told you to store the Crank away, you
should still be carrying it after all this time. Go back through the elevator
and into the caves. To make sure you don't get hit you may walk past the dogs
sometimes, you should have this little bit of time to waste.

Once in the caves go through the first door you see, then the door the camera
is aiming at, and the next one after that. You'll meet Enrico, who thinks you
are a traitor. After he's killed, as you attempt to leave two Hunters will
appear. Since you have to get the other Crank before leacing, it's a good idea
to kill them, or they'll hit you as you get down to grab it. Kill them both,
grab the Hexagonal Crank and leave.

Once outside that room, you'll see another Hunter. Go past him by the right
side, onto the room you previously came from. Another Hunter, another dodge.
Just run aiming the corner of the turn and he'll miss you. Go back to the
entrance of the caves. This time go down to the end of the corridor and use
the Hexagonal Crank on the hole on the wall.

After opening the way, go for the next door. Grab the Flamethrower on the wall
and run upwards the next room to trigger the rolling stone. As soon as you get
near it, run down to the door, sticking to the wall closest to it. When the
small cutscene ends, go up to the place where the stone was and get some
Magnum Rounds. A Hunter should appear, but you got plenty of room to dodge
him, so just get to the new passage opened by the stone, down the corridor.

As soon as you enter the double-door hold Aim and shoot at the Spider. It'll
require three to four shots of your Colt to take her down, so give her a
couple and run from the poison. Reposition yourself and fire again. As soon
as she's dead, exit the room through the door you came and enter it again,
before the Hunter spots you. This will take care of the small spiders she'll
leave behind.

Use the Flamethrower to get rid of the web strings blocking the other door.
Exit through the door and go to the save room, through the door on the wall.
You'll have to leave in the Chest the MO Disc you got at the mansion, and the
first Crank. Take with you the Doom Book I.

If you want to record your game so you can check your time later on, this
might the best time to do so. You're 20 minutes away from the end and just
beside a Typewriter. Or you could save at the laboratory, or yet not save
at all if you don't feel the need to record this; it's your call.

Exit the save room and go down the other end of the corridor, sticking to a
wall to avoid the snakes. Check the plate besides the door and it will ask
for you to use the Flamethrower. Leave it behind, unlocking the door, and
enter it.

On the next corridor go up and use the Crank three times on the hole on the
wall, then trigger the stone and run for the the secret room you just
revealed. Push the statue three times towards the door until the camera
changes, then use the Hexagonal Crank twice on the hole. Push the statue to
the different-colored tile and grab the second Doom Book. Now leave this room
and go to the place where the rolling stone was. This time, instead of rounds
we get the second MO Disc.

Now follow to the other end of this corridor, past the door you first came in
through and go to the elevator. Approach the west side of the font, call the
inventory, check the second Doom Book and use the Wolf Medal inside it. Then
do the same on the east side, with the first Doom Book, Eagle Medal. Descend
to the laboratory, using the newly open path inside the fountain.

***** PART V: "Chris? Stop it!" (below 01:05:00)

The Laboratory. Go down the ladder after you get off the elevator. Thankfully
there's a Chest on our way, so we can leave the now-useless Crank behind. Take
the MO Discs with you.

After you've left the useless stuff on the Chest, go through the door to meet
some zombies, our old beloved friends who thankfully don't have sharp claws.
There are two herbs in this room and here's a moment to make a though choice.
If you're confident you can eliminate Tyrant's last form while on "Danger",
and go past his first form and all the Chimeras without getting hit, you can
dodge the first zombie and skip the herbs. I'll explain that better later on.
However, if you'd rather have a little more safety now that we're ending this,
kill the first zombie so he doesn't bother while you get the herbs. Any way
you choose, ignore the zombie near the stairs because he just vomits on you.

If you don't have anything against F.A. Sprays like I do (since they were
forbidden for a perfect game in RE2, I stopped using them altogether), you
can make your life easier and just take the one from the Chest with you!

Once down there make Chris turn left and go down the corridor, entering the
first door for the computer room. Log on the computer (you should know it's
JOHN / ADA) and unblock both floors' rooms with the utter-secret password
MOLE. Obviously we're ignoring the slides on this room.

Quickly exit here and go back up through the same way you came. Ignore the
zombie nearest to the stair once again and go down the narrow corridor behind
it, killing the zombie at the end. Get the MO Disc behind this other zombie
you just killed and enter the now unlocked Visual Data Room. Pull down the
panel on the wall to reveal the button which in turn will reveal the Lab Key
(how many secrets!).

Take the Lab Key, exit this room and go down again. Once on B3 turn left once
more but this time skip the computer room. Kill the zombie blocking your way
to the Lab door and use the key on it, making enough noise so that the whole
complex knows where you are.

After you enter the Lab, stick to the wall to the right of Chris to dodge both
zombies on your way. Go to the Power Room, meet the Chimeras. It's quite easy
to dodge them without wasting time, so we're saving ammo here. First turn
Chris to his right and go down the corridor, activating the power supply. This
one Chimera on the ceiling you can afford to kill, as it comes towards you in
a rush. It's fun. Then turn around and at the door you came through, take a
turn and follow the other corridor towards the camera, entering the door and
ignoring the other Chimera.

Go straight ahead and use the MO Disc on the device to get one of the pass
codes. Turn around and follow the other corridor you passed through when
coming here. Follow it to the end, enter the door and activate the elevator by
operating the terminal on the large generator. If you simply rush this part the
Chimeras should not even get close to you. You gotta know the way by heart
beforehand, though.

Now go all the way back, leaving the power room. The zombies will be gone,
leaving you to calmly go to the elevator. Before you do it, enter the save room
to get some Magnum Rounds from the shelf, they might be handy. If you haven't
yet, and you want to, this is also a good time to save. There's an Ink Ribbon
just besides the rounds. Anyway, exit, go to the elvator and press the button
to the right; it will activate. Rebecca will come and a somewhat long scene
takes place.

After Tyrant kills Wesker, turn around and run a bit far from him. You only
need to shoot him three times, but it may look like more if you don't do it
right. If you fire from a distance larger than half a corridor length, you
won't damage him, so you need to wait for him to get close. You can't get
hits in while he's charging at you neither. For some reason he's trickier than
when Jill faces him.

So you need to get some distance, fire two rounds, take some distance, fire
another round. It's hard to get it exactly right, so it happens often that you
will end up spending one or two more bullets than necessary.

Now you can check the computer Wesker used to free the Tyrant in order to
unlock the room. Exit here, and find Rebecca is alive. You'll go up again, and
now it is important that you have FULL HEALTH. If you got the herbs on B2 or
the FA Spray from the Chest, and you need them, use. If you have neither, it
must be because you thought you could handle this, so you should be on "Fine".
Rebecca will go trigger the self-destruct system and you'll be on B3.

Enter the first door you come through when entering the Lab. It's the place
with two crates, gas traps and stairs. Normally you would block the gas traps
before trying to go through the vent shaft, but we can't afford time for this
now, so you'll activate the gas. Here's where you'll get your nice Danger
condition, or Caution if you got 100% of health. If you are NOT on "Fine"
condition, you'll likely die before escaping, so get yourself healed.

Push the crate farthest from the door away so you can get to the stairs. Push
it all the way towards the venthole, hitting the wall. It should not be
pressing the button just yet. So go around it, push it a bit more towards the
button and prepare to run. The gas trap will activate, so quickly climb the
steps and check the shaft, going through it.

IMPORTANT: you must climb the steps right through the center. If you're a
bit near the edge of the steps when climbing, you'll not be able to reach
the venthole.

When you get to the other side, soon the gas will follow you, so don't waste
time and use the MO Disc to get the pass code at the other side of the room.
Also be sure to get the Magnum Rounds while we're at it, they're just lying
on the shelf. Run back to the corridor, unlocking the door and leaving the
gas back, but don't stand as bait and head to Chris's right at once, ignoring
the Chimera.

Now we still need to save Jill, phew. After ignoring the Chimera, enter the
door besides the stairs. Run to the end of the room, entering the door on the
side. There'll be four zombies here, waste three of them and ignore the last,
he'll likely miss you. Use the last MO Disc and get the last (yet labeled
"first") pass code. Exit the room and use the MO Disc codes on the panel at
the end of the corridor. Enter and find Jill in jail.

After the finale-like scene, go up to B1. You should find three zombies and a
chimera on the way. The Chimera can be ignored by going up the stairs quickly,
and the zombies, you can kill two of them. The mid-one actually will only
vomit. Now open the main door to the heliport after finding Jill.

Go down the winding corridor, get the Battery and activate the elevator. You
will go up, after Rebecca appears. Get the Flare Gun on the crate just beside
the elevator, go a bit towards the center to change the camera angle and use
it. Tyrant should now appear again.

Hold Aim and Shoot as the cutscene ends, waste any Magnum ROunds you got left
on him. Same trick from the first battle is valid here: shoot from close, and
when he's not charging at you. You likely will hit in three shoots before he
gets to you, so you just need to run a bit away from his claw and give a last
one. Four shots and you should trigger the R. Launcher cutscene. Brad
"Chickenheart" should give you the Rocket Launcher. Go for it, equip the
killer weapon and leave the inventory already aiming. One shoot and Tyrant
is history!

You can now leave the controller aside and rest. The nice ending, with both
your partners alive and kicking, will follow, and after the credits, gaze
marveled at your good timing! But maybe you can do faster than that? ;)


Here I'll list the order of actions I took, without really explaining ANYTHING
else. It's good if you want to think of strategies by yourself but need some
ideas, or yet, just don't have patience to read the walkthrough and think this
is sufficient. Usually try to think of the fastest way to get to the next item.

Order of actions:
- Meet the first zombie, eating Kenneth
- Back at the Main Hall, get Jill's Handgun
- Start by the 2nd floor and get to the Storage Room
- Get the Chemical, and only one clip from the Chest
- Drop the Blue Jewel statue
- Find Rebecca on the Serum Room; get the Sword Key; answer "No"
- Use the Sword Key on both west wing doors; only enter the Piano one
- Let Rebeca practice
- Get the Wooden Emblem and the Blue Jewel
- Discard the Sword Key by using it on the east wing door
- Backtrack through the first floor to trade the Blue Jewel for the Wind Crest
- Get the Armor Key
- Meet Rebeca, trade the Wooden Emblem for the Golden Emblem
- Get the Bronze Key
- Get the Sun Crest, the Moon Crest and get bitten by the Snake
- At the Serum Room, trade your Armor Key for a Clip
- Leave the Serum Room and through the first floor get to the Star Crest
- Leave the Mansion

- Use the crank to drain the water and cross to the guardhouse
- Get the C. Room Key and the Red Book
- Be attacked by Plant 42's tentacle
- Get the Dorm 002 Key
- Get the Dorm 003 Key
- Use the Red Book and kill Plant 42 with the Handgun
- Get the Helmet Key
- Run back to the mansion

- Get the Doom Book I
- Through the second floor, get to the west wing and to the Red Jewel
- Meet Rebecca in the Serum Room, leave the Doom Book and Handgun behind
- Get the Colt Python
- Go to the second floor face the Snake
- Go through the secret passage under the tombstone
- Get to the kitchen, then the elevator, the library and get the MO Disc
- Get the Battery
- Descend the elevator and get back to the Main Hall
- Go outside once more

- Use the Battery and go back up through the elevator
- Use the Crank to close the gate
- Go back through the elevator and to the caves
- Find Enrico, get the Hexagonal Crank
- Activate the first stone, get the Flamethrower
- Kill the Spider boss with the Colt; use the Flamethrower on the web
- Go to the Save Room, trade your first Crank for Doom Book I
- Leave the Flamethrower
- Activate the second stone, getting Doom Book 2 and MO Disc 2
- Go to the fountain, get the medals and use them
- Descend to the Laboratory

- Only take the MO Discs from the Chest near the entrance
- Input the login/codes (JOHN, ADA, MOLE) and unlock all doors
- Get the Lab Key and MO Disc 3
- Use the Lab Key, go into the Power Room, get the MO Disc code and activate
the elevator
- Defeat Tyrant's 1st form
- Get in the gas room but don't block the vents: just take the damage
- Get the other MO Disc code from the morgue
- Get the last MO Disc code from the room near the jail, and save Jill
- Go up and kill Tyrant for good
- Check that you made it under 1:30, congratulations


I'd like to once again thank GameFAQs for hosting this guide, and on the old
fashioned Capcom way, THANK YOU FOR PLAYING (reading?) ;)

"Resident Evil" - Chris Speed Guide - 1:28

Version 1.0
Made by the "Last Cetra", who owns exclusive CopyRight
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Created on April 2nd, 2005