Question from akimmato

Where can I find the grenade launcher part?

i just wanna to know..xD

Accepted Answer

Mr_Big_Boss answered:

Grenade launcher part? do you mean parts to upgrade it? there are no parts to upgrade it, just the three different ammo types, grenade, flame, acid.

You can only find the grenade launcher with Claire.

Where To Find:

A Game: S.T.A.R.S office weapons locker.

B Game: R.P.D Main Hall, on the reception desk.
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Ep1c_Win answered:

If you need the locations of the grenade launcher, big boss answered it. If you mean an upgrade part like Leon's handgun, shotgun and magnum parts to make the custom versions, there is no such part. In fact, none of Claire's weapons except the handgun I believe can be upgraded.

Besides with the three different ammo types for the grenade launcher there's no need to upgrade it. As long as you use the right ammo on the right enemies you're fine. Goes for Ex Battle too.

Hope that helps. :)
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