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                 Resident Evil II
              4th Survivor: Tofu Guide

                   Version 1.0
                   By Tim Wong


             File created: 24 April 2001
             Last updated: 25 April 2001

Disclaimer: This FAQ is written by Tim, and is copyright to me ONLY.
            If you wish to use this FAQ on your website, please send 
            me an email first and let me know. DO NOT USE this FAQ 
            on your site without first asking me first. If you were
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            charge NO money for its usage, and MUST leave it in web
            format. You CANNOT distribute this FAQ in printed format
            UNLESS it is for personal use ONLY.

            All illustrations are in ASCII form is done by myself.
            Do not ever think about ripping them and using them in 
            your own FAQ.

            Please remember to give credit to me also if you use my
            FAQ on your website. If I ever find rip-offs or copied 
            FAQS from my original work, I'll make every single effort 
            to sue you. This FAQ is copyright protected by FantasySquare, 
            a registered business entity in Singapore.


Now that all the serious stuff have been settled, we can finally proceed
on the main content of the FAQ. Don't worry, I'm not a mean person; I
just can't stand those internet thieves who steal people's work just to
make money for themselves.


1.   About myself
1.1  Why this FAQ?
1.2  FAQ Jargon
1.3  My best record

2.   Here comes the white beancurd!
2.1  Getting Tofu
2.2  Characteristics of Tofu
2.3  Tips

3.   Walkthrough

4.   Final Words

5.   Credits


 1.   About myself

As stated, my name's Tim, and I'm the webmaster of FantasySquare, located
at It's not a Resident Evil related site, 
but rather a Final Fantasy related site, so don't expect to find any other
Resident Evil FAQ's at my site. Personally, I'm a Resident Evil fan and
I play normally for time. I can't compete with Vincent Merken on his times,
as he's one of the best RE players around. He's a 1:35 player, I'm a 
1:45 player. I'll be working hard on improving though.

Oh yah, last thing: I'm male, of course. (man, who doesn't know?)

 1.1   Why this FAQ?

Well, you might be wondering why I would want to write an FAQ on a game 
that is already more than 2 years old. Sure, I would agree that the
popularity of this game has gone done quite a bit, but nevertheless, it's
still one of the best games around.

2nd reason is while I was trying to complete Tofu, I encountered some
difficulties. I thought to myself: Oh, I can look up for
some tips on Tofu. But guess what when I opened the RE2 FAQ page? No
Tofu guide for the US version, only one for the Spanish version. And
my goodness, I don't know how to read Spanish!

If however, you are looking for a Tofu guide that can grant you an
'A' ranking, I'm sorry to say that I can't help you on that.

While, I attempted to complete Tofu and write a guide about him, and
here I am, presenting to you, the ability to complete Tofu.

 1.2   FAQ Jargon

There are a few terms that I use, so keep in mind when I say a few
things. If you need me to explain more jargon to you, simply drop
me an email and I'll try my best to explain to you and add it to
this section as well. Here are this FAQ's jargon listed below:

- Left/Right (IMPORTANT!)

When I specify directions, it'll be from the camera's point of
view. It it's from Tofu's view, I'll let you know.

- Camp

It just means stay there and don't move. I'll let you know when you
need to move. No worries on that.

- Push/Domino
Simply means pushing other zombies away from you when bitten and
make surrounding zombies fall down as well.

 1.3   My best record

Like I've said, I'm not a very good RE player, and here are my best
times for 4th Survivor: Tofu.

Ranking: E
Time: 14 min 13 seconds 33 milli-seconds
Condition at completion: Caution (yellow)
Items left: Blue Herb, Knife


 2.   Here comes the white beancurd!

Ok, now that we have finished the introduction. It's time for Tofu's
walkthrough. Please be warned that you will NOT be able to complete
Tofu just by reading this guide. This is only a guide. There is only
one word for you if you are bend on completing Tofu: Practice.

By the way, Tofu means 'beancurd', in Chinese. It's normally white
and very soft when not overcooked. I love claypot/hot plate beancurd.
Yum, yum.

 2.1   Getting Tofu                  

For those who don't know how to get to play the special Tofu mission,
all you need to do is to have lots of patience and play 6 consecutive
missions in a row. That means you might have to play them in this
order (example):

1. Leon A
2. Claire B
3. Leon A
4. Claire B
5. Leon A
6. Claire B

Note that you'll have to save your completed game and then load the
next character's mission in order for the count to be added. After
the completion of the 6th mission, you'll be given the option to
save a new scenario to play as Tofu.

 2.2   Characteristics of Tofu

Here are the items that Tofu has when he starts:

1. Knife
2. Green Herb
3. Green Herb
4. Blue Herb
5. G-Virus

That's all. You won't be getting any more items and you run the same
walkthrough as Hunk. He makes a squeaky noise when he runs and he
runs slower each time he takes some damage. Oh yah, he turns redder
each time he takes damage too. He has much more hit points than Leon.
My estimation tells me it's about 30-50% more. Don't ask me how I
got that estimation. It's an ESTIMATION after all.

What? Are you nuts? How to complete with just a knife? Hezz, it's 
possible my friend. Let's go on. You'll be hailed as great RE player
if you can complete Tofu, because it's the greatest challenge in RE2.

 2.3   Tips

 +=+ Tip #1 +=+

When you attack with Tofu's knife. Always try to point down and knife
an enemy. Not only does it give you more range, it also stabs faster
too. Damage is a little lowered though, but the speed makes up for it.

 +=+ Tip #2 +=+

When stabbing crawling zombies, try to go for the head area, because
this is where your stabs will do the most damage.

Stab crawling zombies from their back is much more effectively than
stabbing them from the front because they cannot turn quickly and you
can deliver at least another 8 stabs before they turn to face you.

 +=+ Tip #3 +=+

The more damage Tofu takes, the slower he runs. There is a difference
even in Fine condition. On occasions where you feel that a rush is
needed, take a herb and whiten Tofu's colour, so that you can run


 3.   Walkthrough

Oh hail the great Tofu awakes in the puddle of stinking water and
talks on the radio (is that Tofu talking?).

You'll need to run/fight your way all the way to the place where you
saw the burning helicopter in the open in Leon's/Claire's mission.
If you ask me, I think that's pretty far, but let's move on. Be 
prepared to get irritated after countless attempts to complete
Tofu. Just relax on the vulgarities, ok? 

 +=+ Room #1 (Sewer) +=+

You'll see Tofu on the floor and he gets up after the radio 
conversation. Nothing here. Climb up the steps and open the

 +=+ Room #2 (Chess Piece Room) +=+

When you walk out, you'll see a female zombie in front of you, 
turn and face the zombie. Push select and set your configuration
to Type C, because you might need to auto-aim in future (just
in case you forget later).

Walk a little to left and the zombie should be on the right. 
DON'T get too near the zombie. Point your knife down and give
the female zombie 2 stabs. She'll turn around. Run back towards
the door that you have opened and give her more stabs until she
falls to the ground.

Note: The reason why I ask you to run backwards instead of
stabbing her continually is to prevent her from jumping for
your feet. In the event that she grabs your feet, no worries
on that, since you won't take so much damage and can make her
stay on the ground for good.

When she is on the ground, do NOT give her anymore stabs or
you will end up bitten. Very important. Now move towards the
camera screen (don't change the camera angle yet) and camp down 
there. A zombie at the 'T' junction will then approach you, 
towards the area you are standing. When you see enough room, 
hung the railing and run towards the centre of the room.

2 more zombies camping at the exit. What now? Ok, move forward 
and trigger the zombies to move towards you, then go back a little 
at the centre of the room and camp at the left railing. When you
see the 2 zombies coming close for you, hung the wall (but do 
NOT ran against the wall) the side the exit is on and then you're
out of this horrid place.

 +=+ Room #3 (Ventilation shaft room) +=+

The moment you exit, you'll see a zombie in front of you. Run towards
the left the avoid the first zombie, then ran towards the right to
avoid the second. There are 2 more zombies to run before hitting the

You can either risk running the back of the zombie on the left wall
(might get bitten once), or if you are confident enough, run between
the 2 zombies.

Rush for the sewers.

 +=+ Room #4 (Sewers) +=+

2 spiders in this tight passage. Sometimes, these spiders are really
a pain in the butt. Occasionally, when you run towards them, they
might spray poison at you and waste you one blue herb almost
immediately. Very irritating. This happens pretty rarely though.

Anyway, stay on the outer wall (Tofu's right) and keep running 
for the ladder. The spiders won't be able to touch your precious
tofu skin at all.

Climb up the ladder.

 +=+ Room #5 (Kernel) +=+

There are 3 dogs in this room that you need to run past if I'm not 
wrong. This can be easily achieved if Tofu has taken no damage, or
at most taken 3 zombie bites. If you have taken more damage then 
that, I have 2 suggestions: either you reset or take a green herb.

Hold the run button and up button as you climb up the ladder from
the last room. This is VERY important if you want to avoid the dogs
from kissing your Tofu.

Just run straight, turn to Tofu's left at the end of the room
and rush for the exit.

Very easy if Tofu is still white or light pink.

Open the door and prepare for a challenge.

 +=+ Room #6 (Dust chute room) +=+

The moment you come out of this room, you'll see a zombie crawling
towards you and one sleeper zombie beside him. On Tofu's right, 
there are 2 burning zombies coming for you which you can't see,
which means that you got to be quick.

See the tiny space on the left of the zombie crawling towards you?
Try to squeeze through that small hole and then turn to Tofu's
left. 2 zombies. Run along the right side of the wall and rush
for the exit.

Open the door and get ready your run + up button. Dogs.

 +=+ Room #7 (Parking Lot) =+=

There are 3 dogs that you need to run past here. Hold your up and
run button as you enter the door. The moment you run past the first 
dog, turn slightly to Tofu's left and then rush straight all the way
for the exit.

The doors should be chasing you, but you can ignore them safely by
opening the door.

 +=+ Room #8 (Crow alley) +=+

I don't know the exact number of crows in this room, but my estimation
is that there are 9 of them. There are a few ways to cross this room,
but here's just 2.

 Method 1

Run past the first 6 crows, then turn left and head for the staircase.
This saves time but you might add up taking 1-2 hits from the crows.
It's minor damage, but still damage.

Climb up the stairs and get ready for 3 dogs again. The next room is
fun. One of my favourite rooms.

 Method 2

Walk towards the first 3 crows. Hold your knife and give them a stab
each. Be fair ok? Once stab per crow. If you're good, you can try 
killing 2 crows with one knife.

Walk towards the next bunch of 3 crows. Well, just stab them with
your trusty knife.

Run and hung the wall on the left and rush for the staircase.

Climb up the stairs and get ready for 3 dogs again. The next room is
fun. One of my favourite rooms.

 +=+ Room #9 (Dog alley) +=+

Another 3 dogs here, but nothing you should worry about, since hardly
any running from them is needed. It's time for some more kills.

See the first dog walking towards you? Equip your trusty knife, point
downwards and give the dog a stab. Oh no, you're made doggy angry...
What's next? Ok, run towards the place where you got the shotgun 
shells for Leon and camp down there and hold your knife, pointing
down as usual. 

When the dogs run and lunge for you, they'll miss, because of the 90
degree angle. Now you can knife them to death using the point-down

Say goodbye to the 3 dogs and head for the exit.

 +=+ Room #10 (Police station office) +=+

Ok, lots of zombies here to avoid. The moment the room loads, rush 
for the first door you see and enter it. (Tofu's right)

You're in the main office. Run straight until you see a zombie in
front of you and one on your right hand side (the place where
you could get the ink ribbon in the normal game).

Trick the zombie and the ink ribbon position to Tofu's left and 
run past him on the right side. Run through the red tables and
head for the double blue doors.

The next room is tough, get ready to be surrounded by zombies.

 +=+ Room #11 (Police station office hallway) +=+

This is the room to show off your true skill. I normally can cross 
this room without taking a single hit from any of the zombies here.
I'm sure you can do it as well.

Hold down your left button as you enter the room. The moment the
room loads, position Tofu about 45 degrees to his left and rush
like a madman towards to down while jamming the (X) action button
to open the door. If you do this fast enough, you'll be out safe.
If not, be prepared to take about 2-3 zombie bites before opening
the door.

You'll like the next room. A lot.

 +=+ Room #12 (Main Hall) +=+

Nothing here. Just head for the door on Tofu's left after you climb
down the flight of 3 steps. Enjoy the peaceful music while you can.

Enter through the door. Pretty simple, just spiders with the small
risk of them poisoning you.

 +=+ Room #13 (Magic Box room) +=+

Walk/run and camp at the statue and wait for the 2 spiders to come
out in order to give you more space to run. If they move from the 
right of the statue, then head from the left. Vice versa.

It's important not to get poison here, because you might need the
blue herb later.

Head for the door.

 +=+ Room #14 (Licker room) +=+

There are 3 lickers in this room. Note that it is relatively hard
to run past lickers so you'll need to outsmart them instead.

As you enter the room, walk towards Tofu's right and slowly move
towards the small hole. The licker above you will drop down and 
it's is very important that you DON'T move.

The licker will be start moving away from you. As it disappears 
from the screen. WALK your way towards the place where the licker
went. Keep a safe distance from it. Slowly move to the area where
the cop's head was twisted off and wait there. There is a licker
camping up at the ceiling and don't move forward too quickly or
the 3 lickers will claw you to death.

Slowly walk along the left wall (Tofu's right) until you see the
2nd licker drop down. The moment you see the licker drop down,
rush like a madman straight towards the door at the end.

Ah, no damage taken. How does that feel?

Plants are waiting for you in the next room.

 +=+ Room #15 (Plant room) +=+

I normally get hit here once by the second plant and I can't really
kill the first plant fast enough to run away from the second. But
anyway, here's my method.

Run straight down the hallway but don't turn into the next alley. 
Camp there. As the plant slowly moves its way through, point down
and stab the plant about 2-4 times. After 2-4 stabs, the plant will
attempt to whip you with it's tentacles. Simply hold back to avoid
and then later run forward a little and continue stabbing the plant.

After it dies, you should be able to see the 2nd plant's spit
coming for you. Wait for the next spit. The moment the next spit
hits the ground, run towards the plant and if the plant is stupid
enough, it'll try to whip you and you can easily avoid it by
running to Tofu's right.

However, more often than not, it'll grab you and spit a few times
on you. After it spits on you, run past it by 'pushing' it away
by running against it.

The next room is tough and I always get hit badly in the next room.
You'll face plants, but these are the stronger versions of the 
plants that you just fought (not found in the normal game). Well,
I call them Plant B.

 +=+ Room #16 (Plant B room) =+=

You'll be faced by 2 Plant B's and these are really a pain in the
butt. I hate them like crazy. Not only do they have more life, 
they deal more damage and their spit causes poison. Worst still,
there are 2 of them blocking the passageway.

Ok, this is tough. So TRY to cross this room. Sometimes I die
here because I'm trapped by those plants. Can't stand them.
Timing is very important if you want to cross this room alive.

As you enter the room, walk forward a little to avoid the 2 
immediate spits from the plants and then walk backwards 1-2 steps.

Turn and face the plants and run just another 1-2 steps and
camp for a while (1-2 seconds). Try to stand in the centre of
these 2 plants because you need to trigger them to attack you
in order to run past them.

As soon as you see them bend backwards to whack your family
out of you, rush to Tofu's left (right wall) and run past the
2 plants and head upstairs.

Note: If somehow you missed, try to let one plant grab you
and then run past them. It is better for them to grab you than
spit at you because it causes no poison in this manner. Also,
only perform this stunt when there is a space between the 2

You might need to take a herb here.

 +=+ Room #17 (Tyrant X) +=+

Your good old friend from Claire's mission is back again, but
thankfully it's easy to run past him this time.

As the room loads, don't climb up the stairs and wait for Tyrant
to appear. When you see him appearing, climb up the stairs and
run all the way for the exit.

As long your health is good, he won't hit you.

Note: You can also outrun Tyrant by climbing the steps first, 
then camping at the concrete wall when you turn right after
climbing up the stairs. Wait for him to appear, then encircle
him to run past him.

 +=+ Room #18 (S.T.A.R.S. Office) +=+

Nothing but crawling zombies here. If you wish, stab all of
them to death. This room shouldn't be too difficult for you
since you have made it this far.

The next room is tough. Licker B (3) are waiting for you.

 +=+ Room #19 (Licker B Room) +=+

3 lickers are waiting for you in this room. They won't move
until you move. Turn and face the small hallway where the exit
is until the first licker prones up.

When you see that happen, run for the exit. If you're lucky,
the licker will jump over you. If not, you'll probably just 
take a small slice from him. Worst case is that it's critical
slash hits you (seldom happens).

Note: If you are confident enough, you can camp for a while
at the space at the wall before the 2nd licker and wait
for him to jump past before running for the exit. This way, 
you'll won't take any damage.

Just open the door. You'll love the next room as well.

 +=+ Room #20 (Library) +=+

Nothing here. Just head out for the door to the 2nd level
hallway. You might want to rest for a while to catch your
breath here. This will be your last room with no enemies
before reaching your objective.

I hope you have one green and one blue herb left still, 
because you MAY need it. If you don't, let's just hope for
the best in the next few rooms.

Head out for the exit.

 +=+ Room #21 (2nd Level Hallway) +=+

You'll encounter another 2 Plant B's here. Tempting as
it may be, do not try to run past them. It seems like there
is enough space to run past them, but believe me, the plants
will grab you if you do so.

Be careful of their spit. It can poison you. But thankfully,
because of this room, you can easily kill them. Here's a
small illustration to kill them.

     |                                                |
     |                                                |
     |        PlantB(1+2)                             |
     |      _____________          _____________      |
     |  (2)^|            \        /            |      |
     |     ^|             |      |             |      |
     |     ^|              \____/              |      |
     |     ^|                                  |      |
     |     ^|                                  |      |
     |     ^|                                  |      |
     |     ^|                                  |      |
     |     ^|                                  |      |
     |    ^ |                                  |      |
     |   ^   \                                 |      |
     |  ^     |                                |      |
     |  ^      \                               |      |
     |(1)       |                              |      |
     |         /                               |      |
     |        |                                |      |
     |       /                                 |      |
     |      |                                  |      |
     |      |                                  |      |
     |      |                                  |      |
     |      |                                  |      |
     |      |                                  |      -
     |      |                                  |     Exit
     |      |                                  |      -
     |      |                                  |      |
     |      |                                  |      |
     |______|                                  |______|

Ok, when you enter the room, you will be at position (1), move to
position (2), which is the last (^) that is shown on the diagram.
Make sure your use the railing on Tofu's right to your advantage. 
The purpose of this position is to prevent the spit of Plant B
from reaching you. As the plant gets closer, hold your knife
upwards and start stabbing it when you have the chance. You should
be able to get about 6-10 hits before he finally comes close 
enough to hit you.

Now, just point down and continue to knife him. When he tries to hit
you after about 2-4 stabs, walk backwards as the plant bends to hit
you. It should miss and then you can continue your stabbing motion.

Repeat this with the second plant. 

Note: When plants die, they will attempt to whip you with their
tentacles as you run past them. To prevent this from happening, walk
towards their body to trigger their 'last' attack and quickly walk

If you do get poisoned, use the blue herb here. No more poison
enemies from now onwards. If you have used your blue herb earlier,
then you need to rush like a madman to your target before the poison
kills you.

 +=+ Room #22 (Waiting Room) +=+

If your health is in yellow Caution or lower, I suggest taking a
herb before trying to 'outrun' this room. Personally, I really hate
this room and I can't seem to run past it without taking any damage.

I know the method and the spaces to run past them, but I don't 
enough skill to execute it smoothly. I normally get bitten 2-3 times
in this room. Why so much you may ask? Because there are 8 zombies
camping in this small room.

The moment the door loads, you'll need to run forward a little to
avoid the 2 zombies trying to grab you from your sides. If you don't
run forward, you will SURELY get bitten at least from one zombie.

There will be 2 zombies in front of you now and you need to curve
left a little between the zombies. It's very hard to do this because
of the small space.

Hug the left wall (Tofu's left) and ram on the (X) action button to
open the door before the next zombie grabs you. If you are a true RE
pro, you will be able to outrun this room. I can't. I ALWAYS get
bitten. Irritating.

2 more rooms to go. I hope you still have enough life.

 +=+ Room #23 (Helicopter room) +=+

Turn left IMMEDIATELY and run along the right wall (Tofu's left) to
avoid the 2 zombies coming for you. Hide behind the helicopter and 
wait for all the zombies to come. Slowly knife all of them to death.
You may need to walk a little forward in order to hit the zombies.

No worries about knifing them here. They won't be able to hit you
unless you stand too close when they lunge for your feet. Otherwise,
you're 'invincible' in this position.

After all of them are dead, make you way to the door on the right 
when you first entered the room.

It's the last room coming up. If you are in Danger, you might have
major problem in the last room.

 +=+ Room #24 (Final Tyrant room) +=+

I've got 2 methods to cross this room so I'll just list them below.
This first method is much easier than the second and the second
method should only be performed if you are in Danger mode.

 Method 1

Simply run past Tyrant, take the hit and run all the way to the
end. Open the door and you'll be home free. 

Note: Don't try this if you are in Danger mode. You'll definitely
die a horrible death. You can TRY the second method below.

 Method 2

This method should only be executed when you are in Danger mode.
If you feel like a hero, you can try this also when you are in
other conditions as well. Just for the experience.

Many people believe that Tyrant cannot be outrun or tricked. Wrong.
The fact is that Tyrant can be outrun, provided you know how to.
Here's my method.

When you open the door. CAMP there. This is very important because
you need to see Tyrant when he comes. Turn a little to Tofu's right.
This is to give you some space to limb past Tyrant later.

Ok, Tyrant should appear after waiting for a while. Don't try to 
limb past him now or he'll whack your family out of you. Wait a 
little while more. The moment you see Tyrant move his fist in
attempt to hit you (without you trying to run past him), limb 
your way past Tyrant's left and all the way to the door.

Home free. You didn't even take one hit from Tyrant. How do you


 4. Final Words

That's it. You completed the toughest mission ever in the RE series. I
don't think even Nicolai's mission in RE3 can compare with this. And
if you are wondering whether I complete with Nicolai in RE3, the answer
is yes. I save 2 people as well. I'm a RE fanatic. =)

Your ranking should be 'E' I believe. I have no idea how to get a better 
ranking. I'll probably try for better rankings the next few times I

Thanks for reading this guide. Feel free to email me when you have 
completed Tofu, and have something to say. Please, no flaming. You
can drop me an email at


 5. Credits

 i.   LingNa
My girlfriend who always stood by me, giving me all her love
and encouragement.

 ii.  GameFAQs
For posting this FAQ/Guide on their site.

 iii. Yuan Kang
For laughing and playing RE2: Tofu, RE3: Nicolai with me in
order to defeat the hardest missions on the RE series. 

Yuan Kang's the guy who likes playing around with Tofu. He
runs in circles around zombies, knife dogs jumping at him
and knifing lickers. Hey, he's killed lickers by knifing
in Tofu before but always dies at plants because he's 
always trying to find methods to outrun them.

Hey Kang, remember to touch the licker's butt ok?

 iv.  Capcom
This is probably the best game you've made.

 v.   Vincent Merken
Your guides shown me a lot of things I didn't know, like
Nemesis being left-handed.

 vi.  Lastly to all of you
Thanks for your support and for reading this guide.