Tofu No-Weapon Walkthrough by Da Ass Man

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Resident Evil 2: Tofu No Weapons Walk-Through

System: Playstation

Version 1.0

Author: Da Ass Man

Table of Contents

1. Disclaimer
2. Updates
3. Introduction
4. Obtaining Tofu
5. Item List and Uses
6. Tofu Tricks and Maneuvers
7. Walk Through
8. Contact
9. Thanks
1. Disclaimer

This FAQ is copyright 2002 by Da Ass Man and cannot be
used on any website without prior consent from the
myself. If this FAQ is found anywhere without my prior
consent, a request to take it down will be issued and
then legal actions will ensue.

2. Updates

Version 1.0 Ė 9/25/02 - This is my very first FAQ,
expect at least one or two more updates with user
feedback and tips, other than that, good luck!

3. Introduction

Tofuís Mission is the most difficult in Resident Evil
2. Tofu, who coincidentally is a big block of Tofu,
has obtained the G-Virus and needs to deliver it to
Umbrella at a rendezvous point. Seems simple enough,
but to get to this point, you will be bombarded with
enemies through a seemingly endless amount of rooms
and to combat them, you have nothing but the KNIFE. If
that wasnít difficult enough, beating the whole thing
without even using the Knife, because thatís what this
FAQ is going to do.

This is by no means an easy task, Tofuís mission
without the knife is incredibly difficult and will
take razor sharp timing, fast thinking, and major
skill, but Iím going to help you acquire all these
things to complete his mission. Letís get started.

4. Obtaining Tofu

To obtain Tofu, you must complete Claire or Leonís A
game combined with the other personís B game together
3 times (for a total of beating the game six times).
In the first 2 attempts, you must obtain Hunkís secret
mission meaning that you must get an A rank on both
games the. This is important, as it is time consuming
to get Tofuís mission. I highly recommend using the
speed FAQs on

5. Item List and Uses

The Knife Ė Yup, the rumors are true, the only weapon
you will get in this mission is the knife. The knife
is an extremely short ranged weapon that does VERY
little damage. With my help however, you wonít even
need it. Your first couple of tries however, you may
need it just to get an idea of what it takes to get
through the mission. Your best bet is to use this when
you arenít swarmed with zombies and takes as many
stabs as quickly as possible to knock the zombie down
and then quickly run past it. Lower stabs reach out
farther and upper stabs do slightly more damage, so
use this to your advantage. More than likely, battling
against a single enemy with the knife will get you

2 Green Herbs Ė Tofu by himself has a surprisingly
large amount of health, where as Leon will die after 5
bites, Tofu can be on fine after 6. The green herbs
healing effects seem to be proportional to the health
bar of itís user, because one herb can get Tofu a long
way, believe me, youíll need them. If you have used
both herbs before you get to the first Licker room,
you may want to consider restarting.

Blue Herb Ė This will heal you from being poisoned, if
you do managed to get poisoned within the third room,
you should probably restart as you will more than
likely get poisoned again. Itís very easy to die once
Tofu is poisoned, one good hit and youíll be on
Caution or Danger, which almost guarantees you will
not make it.

6. Tofu Tricks and Maneuvers

First off, itís important to know that Tofu becomes
more red as he becomes weaker. He is slower as well,
but his speed isnít weakened too much. Taking an herb
will make him a little whiter, as well as restoring
some health. 

Itís important that you know and use various tricks on
zombies, as many things can happen to mess up your
plan to get through a room. Here are some techniques
you should learn if you expect to master Tofuís

Juke Ė Running around a zombie very quickly so that
when it becomes alerted to your presence, you will
already be past it. This is best done when you
immediately enter a room. You can also walk close to a
zombie from behind and then juke past it.

Push Ė Some enemies you will have to just push into to
get by since the rooms they are in are narrow. Itís
best off to push them at a time when they are
recovering from an attack.

Domnino Ė In rooms that are packed with zombies,
sometimes it is useful to take a hit from one, push it
into 3-4 others, and then run through. Itís important
to make sure you arenít surrounded when you do this
move, and that the zombies are somewhat linear,
otherwise the domino effect wonít happen.

Lure Ė This can be done two ways. First, for juking,
you will want to lure an enemy into attacking you.
Like with spiders, watch and wait until they raise
their front legs, then run past them. On zombies, you
will want to get them to walk towards and in the
process leave an area wide open to run through. The
other way to lure zombies is to let them lunge at your
ankle, as this does minimal damage and will eliminate
the zombie. 

7. Walk Through

Room 1 Ė Un-equip the knife, and run up the stairs to
the door.

Room 2 Ė There are 5 zombies in this H like room. The
one immediately in front of you has itís back turned,
so walk around it on one side until it starts to
slowly turn around, then go around the other side or
make a run for the middle. From here, you can try to
lure the zombie to one side or run on the other, or
you can make a quick run for past it since this one
takes an above average time to active. Now, there are
two zombies in front of the door, itís very possible
to run to the right of the one, and then run left to
the door, but itís a very tight squeeze. Donít feel
bad if you take a bite in this room, or even two, as
Iíll teach you how to get through most of the rooms
without ever getting injured.

Room 3 Ė This room is easy if you are fast.
Immediately run to Tofuís right to get around the
zombie right in front of you. Once you pass him, run
to Tofuís left and hug the wall as you pass 2 more
zombies. The zombie closest to the door is dangerously
close, but if you do this even moderately fast and jam
the X button for the door, you will make it without
getting nicked.

Room 4 Ė There are 2 spiders in here and they have a
good chance of biting you if you are not careful. The
goal here is to make sure both spiders are not close
to each other as then it is tough to pass them. Slowly
walk around the first corner, the spider there should
see you and walk towards you, run around it by going
through itís legs. It will try to either spit at you
or bite you, by raising itself up. If you push through
itís legs both attacks will surely miss. Donít stop
running because around the next corner is the other
spider. It may have come around already. If you move
fast, and push past it through itís legs, you will run
around it. The ladder will be right past this spider,
so if you are encountering problems, pound on the
circle button to make sure you get out of the room.
Itís important not to get poisoned here as it can
easily cost you the mission, so if you do get
poisoned, you may want to consider restarting.

Room 5 Ė There are three dogs almost right in front of
you as you enter, but if you follow my instructions,
this is a very easy room. Hold X and as soon as you
get in this room, run forward and turn left for the
door, you will not get hit if you do it correctly. If
you immediately running forward when you get in this
room, you will get hit for sure, as the dogs will
swarm you and not easily let you pass. 

Room 6 Ė This is another room in which you must move
fast. There are 2 zombies to Tofuís right that you
cannot see, 2 ankle bitters on the ground, and 2
standing zombies past the ones that lay on the floor
that stand close to the exit. Once you get in,
immediately run to the right of the zombie thatís
crawling towards you (the other zombie on the ground
is stationary, but will bite you). If you do it
quickly, there will be a small space to the left of
this zombie and it will be enough to get through. If
you get bitten by the one on the ground, donít worry,
he wonít do much damage and the 2 zombies you canít
see wonít in biting distance yet. In any event, once
you get past the floor zombies, there will be two more
zombies in front of the exit. You can hug either wall
to run past these zombies, but do it quickly, and you
wonít be touched. If they are activated too early,
then you may have to lure them to one side and run
around the opposite. This room is fairly easy to

Room 7 Ė This is another room thatís easy once you
know what to do. There are three dogs heading straight
for you, so immediately run forward, then make turn to
the left to fake out the dogs, then run straight for
the door. The key is getting the dogs to jump at you,
as they will miss if you make a quick turn.

Room 8 Ė There are LOTS of crows here, but itís
nothing to be worried about, not with Tofuís health.
Just run forward, around the corner, then left down
the hallway towards the door. If you run non-stop the
birds wonít hit you Ė usually. Sometimes they will
block your path, but just keep pushing against them
and you will make it. A fairly easy room.

Room 9 Ė Ah, now here is a tricky room. If you use the
knife, this room is easy, simply walk up to one of the
dogs, stab it, then run around the corner behind the
stairs and wait for it to come back. It wonít hit you
because it canít jump directly in front of you. The
other dogs will shortly follow it. Simply use the
downward stab and just keep hitting them until they

However, since you arenít using the knife, walk
immediately towards the dog, it will be in a walking
state to. Once you get close enough that it will be in
attack mode, run to itís left or right, it will not
hit you, but be careful of the two dogs ahead of you.
Hug one side of the wall, and when you see it come by,
run to the opposite side of it and continue to the
door. Keep running, as the last dog has to go around
the corner to reach you, so it is easy to see and

Room 10 Ė This can be tricky. Immediately run to the
door on Tofuís right, run fast and you wonít have to
worry about the zombie thatís close in front of it.
Thereís quite a few zombies in this room. Run forward
until you go past the door on the right. There will
then be a zombie to the left of you and one to the
right. You can either quickly run past the zombie on
the right, or lure it in one direction and run past
the opposite. Youíve got a little bit of time to play
this out, but donít take too long. As soon as you get
past it, head straight for the door.

Room 11 Ė This room looks extremely intimidating at
first. There are two was to get past it:

1: Immediately run to Tofuís right, stay close to the
Soda machines and lure as many zombies as you can over
there. When you think the time is right, use the large
area you are in to run past them, there should be a
zombie or 2 still in the hall, but you should have
enough room to run past them.

2. Turn a little to Tofuís left, and run straight for
the door, tapping ďXĒ all along the way. This trick is
very possible, and once youíve tried it two or three
times, you wonít mess it up. Itís got to be a speedy
fluid motion though.

Room 12 Ė At last a room you can rest in. Take a
breather if you like, look at your items and plan out
what youíre going to do next. 

Room 13 Ė This is another easy room, walk in front of
the object in the middle of the room. Lure the spiders
to one side of the object, and run on the other side.
If you have any problems, remember that these spiders
will usually raise their front legs before they
attack, giving you enough room to run past them.

Room 14 Ė There are 3 regular lickers in this room.
Sounds scary, eh? Immediately walk forward Ė do not
run! Once you get close to the first licker, hug the
wall to Tofuís left and run. It will drop down. Then
run to the wall on Tofuís right and hug it. Do not
turn around the corner just yet, especially if you
hear a licker scream. Pause for a second, you will see
a licker lunge around the corner, but since you are
hugging the wall, it will miss. If it doesnít lunge,
it will run, either way it will be easy to run around
if you just wait 2 seconds. There is one last licker
ahead, but the camera angle makes it hard to see.
Doing a zig zag motion or hugging the wall is the best
way to get around it. 

Room 15 Ė This room can be very hard if you do not
follow these exact instructions. Immediately run
forward, but donít turn around the corner. Step past
the corner but immediately step back, as an Ivy (those
plant things) will shoot spit at you. If you step back
fast, it will miss. Then walk forward, get within
about 2 walking distance steps of it, it will bend
backwards and then try to lean forward to strike you.
This is important, right when you see it bend
backwards, run around it, itís best to run to Tofuís
left. Keep pushing, it will hit you with itís
tentacles, but the attack is weak, just keep pushing
and you will get past with low damage. The important
thing is to make sure you are two steps in front of
it. Any closer and it will grab you and do a lot of
damage. Any further and it will spit at you. Practice
makes perfect. There is one more Ivy ahead. Avoid itís
spit by either backing up or slowly walking and then
moving fast. Use the same trick, lure it into leaning
back to strike, then immediately push forward to
Tofuís left. You may get hit by the tentacles again,
but they do virtually nothing, you will make it to the
door though.

Room 16 Ė This is one of the toughest rooms in the
whole mission. Immediately to Tofuís right are two
Ivyís spitting at him. Pause for a second then run
forward. Use the lure trick and hope that they do not
spit or grab you. The camera angles make this tough,
but if both lean back, run straight through the middle
or to Tofuís left. If they lean back, you will not get
hit by either one as you push through them. If you do
get hit, just make sure you stay in the right range by
stepping back or forward and waiting for them to lean
back. These guys may poison you, so you better have
saved that blue herb. If you didnít, well you better
start moving fast.

Room 17 Ė The Tyrant is in this room, no need to worry
as the large space you are in when you immediately get
up here is more than enough to get past him. Lean up
against the left corner of the furthest wall (that is
your left). Just stay there until you see Tyrant on
screen. When he gets close, run around him in a
U-shape fashion. Just make sure youíre never close
enough to where he can hit you and youíll be fine.
This is a very easy room.

Room 18 Ė Immediately run forward and hug the wall on
your left, wait for the two zombies to get close, and
then run around them by hugging the wall on the right.
Then, walk forward until you see the large pile of
zombies lying on the ground. The one on Tofuís left
wonít bite, but the two behind it will. There is a
zombie crawling around the corner of this room too, so
itís a little tricky, but try your best to run in the
middle of these two zombies. Sometimes I get hit here,
sometimes I donít. If you do get hit though, donít
worry, ankle bites are very weak. One time I got my
ankle bit by 5 of these zombies when I was on danger
and still didnít die! 

Room 19 Ė This is a very dangerous room, 3 super
lickers, these babies can be very damaging. Thereís
one right in front of you, one down the narrow hallway
straight ahead of you (but you wonít have to worry
about this one), and one guarding the door around the
corner that you will need to go in. Thereís a few ways
you can beat this room, but hereís a trick that looks
dangerous but works. Walk forward and then run for a
second but stop. The licker will sitting in a very
attentive state now. Now take one step back. The
Licker will now try to dive forward at you, so once
you hear the scream, immediately run forward and
circle around it. It will completely miss you, but
hereís the hard part. The next Licker will either try
dive at you or walk fast to, so stay around the corner
for 1 second then try to circle around it. Speed is
essential here, as the room is very tricky. I find no
one plan will always work here though, so fast
thinking is required.

Room 20 Ė Ah, the very last room you can relax in.
Take another breather, plan out what youíre going to
do, and exit the room.

Room 21 Ė There are two more Ivyís in this room, and
like the last two you faced, they can poison you, so
caution is needed. Off the bat, run straight forward
to the first Ivy, trick it into spitting and dodge the
spit (this should be easy if you face to the left or
right of the plant, as all you need to do is then run
forward). Next lure it into bending back by being a
distance of two steps away. Once it does this, run
right past the thing, either the left or right side
will work. Since the room is so big, you can easily
run past it without having to worry about itís
tentacles whipping you. Just push right through when
you see it bend back and youíre set. Thereís one more
plant, up ahead, follow the same steps and you will no
longer have to worry about poisonous enemies in this

Room 22 Ė This is the single most dangerous room in
the whole game, not just Tofuís mission. You are
bombard by what appears to be 8 zombies, although
there could be more. Whatís amazing is that the room
is incredibly small. There are faqs claiming you can
get through this room without getting hit, but I never
have. If you have followed all of my steps, you should
have plenty of health to take the abuse thatís in this
room, if you are on fine, regardless of how many herbs
you have, you will make it. Immediately run 2 steps
forward, as the zombie to your left and right will
bite you from both sides if you do not, and you will
lose much energy. Now, run Tofuís left around the
zombie directly in front of you and hug the wall, if
done right, you will pass this zombie and the one
behind it. There is one more close to the door, but if
you move fast you will beat it. That being said, you
will find it nearly impossible to do, more than
likely, you will have to domino the zombies and you
take your first few steps forward into the room. Donít
feel bad if you get bitten once or twice, it happens
to all of us. Just make sure that you juke past any
zombies you didnít domino and head straight for the

Room 23 Ė There are 4 zombies to Tofuís right, one
directly in front of him, and one to the left. You
will get bitten once in this room if you donít use the
knife and follow my strategy. Immediately turn to
Tofuís left and run around the corner, the zombie in
front of you will not attack you if you donít delay,
and make sure you donít run into the other zombie that
was on Tofuís right. Now, hide behind the helicopter.
From here, wait for all 6 zombies to come (this will
take about 30 seconds to a minute). Donít worry, they
wonít hit you from here, you can either stab them, by
standing in the correct spot, or refuse to use the
knife and domino all six zombies when they are lined
up right. If they donít all fall down, you will at
least be given enough room to run past the rest. Make
a mad break for the door. Youíre almost finished.

Room 24 Ė This is the very last room, and the only
enemy in here is Tyrant. He will get one hit on you
and then lurch back for a wild swing that halts his
movement for 2 to 3 seconds. If you are on anything
but danger, youíre set. Just take the hit and run past
him. He wonít hit you more than once if you simply run
past him. If you are on danger, you are in big big
trouble as he will more than likely kill you. There is
one way to get past him, and it doesnít always work.
Immediately run to past the first corner and stand in
the middle between the second and first corner and
wait until you see the Tyrant. He will be walking
forward and somewhat into the wall for a few brief
seconds and this is the time to make your move. Run
forward close to him and then quickly hug the wall on
Tofuís left and run as fast as possible for the exit.
If you are lucky, the Tyrant will miss. This is not a
fail safe plan though. 

Room 25 Ė You made it to the meeting point and beat
Tofuís mission under the harshest difficulty! You are
a true Resident Evil expert. Give yourself a pat on
the back and watch the ending. I love the typo!

8. Contact

Find a problem in the FAQ? Have useful advice? E-mail
me at

9. Thanks 

Thanks goes to Capcom for making this great game,
CjayC, and Mike.