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                       Resident Evil 2/Biohazard 2
                  Claire Redfield Scenario 1 Speed Guide
                  Compiled by Mark Kim (Vesther Fauransy)
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May 27, 1998
This is the Beta version of this FAQ, which was submitted to CJayC in
the form of an e-mail message, because I have no idea if my work will
cause any treaty violations or not.  Also, there are many flaws sending
the FAQ in the form of an e-mail message.  Too many bugs on this version.

May 28, 1998
This is the first public release of this FAQ, with lots of bug fixings
and with some additional features that were not included with this FAQ.
Also, to avoid allegations of plagiarism, I managed to fix the content
of this work whenever appropriate.  This work will be displayed right
at my website but will be a exclusive until I can get my
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June 1, 1998
Possible Resources of this FAQ were added in the event of a Lawmaker
checking the content of this FAQ.  I, as the author of this FAQ, makes
sure that I'm writing this FAQ in my own words, and in my own knowledge.
Also, note that I may have removed or added some material in this FAQ
under my own discretion.

June 10, 1998
I realized that I haven't split one paragraph apart from the optional
area.  Also, since you are allowed 6 saves (before your ranking goes
down), I have included some recommended save points.  I have included an
end-of-game warning because there are times when you don't have the guts
to destroy William Birkin.

July 5, 1998
I have a new domain registered with the InterNIC!  Start checking your
bookmarks now if you have not done so lately.  I'm also enforcing my own
anti-laming policy in this FAQ as well.  Also, I may have suggested a few
pet peeves depending how appropriate it is.

October 29, 1998
This FAQ has been mainly updated for legal purposes, but there seems to
be one or two areas in this game that seems to be hard to accomplish due
to its high-degree of difficulty.  If for any reason I have to go in-depth,
I will tell you why.

May 17, 1999
Use of the Vesther Fauransy Pseudonym begins for this document.  Document
updated to take advantage of the brand new Mark Kim Trademark Interface
for FAQs.

July 6, 1999
Many of things have changed ever since I've first wrote a speed guide
in the world of survival horror.

Much of this information that you might have been reading may or may
not be able to get you the Rocket Launcher, which is the ultimate goal
for this file.  Also, I'm trying to have you grab the Rocket Launcher
in inder 2 hours.

Also, there have been some areas that have been identified to add some
time, so I'll note them as "Beginner Areas" since these areas are meant
for Beginners.

It's possible to achieve hellish-hard times of 1:45 for Claire's First
Scenario, although only Leon can do 95 minutes on his first scenario,
and 100 minutes on his Second Scenario.  Vincent Merken has demonstrated
that ONLY Leon can achieve even hellish-hard 95 minutes.  I should be
able to have his document mirrored at my website by the time you are
finished reading this (but I'm going to keep his legalese if you had to
ask me).

Much of the reason why I only write two speed guides (One for Claire,
and one for Leon) for Claire's storyline is because Resident Evil
(Biohazard) is supposed to be a story about the Redfield family.  Chris
was still missing after Resident Evil 2 and Claire is trying to find
Chris Redfield in Resident Evil/Biohazard: Code Veronica for the Sega

Resident Evil/Biohazard Nemesis coming up for the PlayStation is only
a bridge to Resident Evil 2, with Jill Valentine coming to Raccoon
City, only to find out that she has to move away from Raccoon City
before all is too late.  Still I would say that the Redfields are the
main attraction to this game.

I have made many revisions so that I can help you get the Rocket
Launcher (which also lowers rank if you happen to use it since you
tend to cheat) and achieve a time of under 2 hours, maybe even 1:45
if you don't commit blatant mess-ups.  Remember, ONLY Leon can achieve
hellish-hard 95 minute-First Scenario Games as Vincent Merken has made
clear on his Leon Scenario 1 95-minute file.  The Second Scenarios are
a lot slower than the first scenarios as I found out from the speed
survivor himself.

Enough ranting.  Time for the main scope.

July 12, 1999
Just had to be more descriptive on some parts of this document because
I felt I rushed the last version of the document into the Internet.
This way even beginners may be able to beat the game in under 2 hours.


-  Newsflash
-  What you need to know
-  Guidelines
-  Items for Claire
-  The Body of this FAQ
-  What items to avoid
-  Special Items and Characters
-  How to mirror this FAQ or send a new version to
-  Resources of this FAQ
-  Credits


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If you have noticed by now, I have visited and looked at a
lot of Resident Evil 2 FAQs lately.  While there were some pretty reliable
speed guides on the site, neither have talked about Claire's Scenario 1
the fast way.  That is why this guide is intended as a speedguide and not
a walkthrough.  If you use this as a walkthrough, then you may get lost
or whatever.

It is highly recommended that you spend some time going through Claire's
Scenario 1 before you even try to read this document.

Like I have said in the "History of this FAQ", there have been a lot of
things that have changed in the world of Survival Horror.  A confirmation
from Vincent Merken have rang the bell for people to try to get the
Rocket Launcher in only 95 minutes for Leon's First Scenario.

However, since my focus is staying relevant to my belief that Resident
Evil/Biohazard is the Redfield Family's story, I'll try to help you get
the Rocket Launcher (using Claire, I can't believe that many people pity
Claire because of her weapons and that) the Claire Way.  My goal is to
help you get the Rocket Launcher in under 2 hours, but if you skip all
the optional areas, then you should be netting 1:45 Claire Scenario 1
Missions (but remember, ONLY Leon can do 95 minutes on his 1st Scenario
as Vincent Merken has made clear on his Leon Scenario 1 95-minute Guide).

I have already identified plenty of areas that will ONLY add up some
time.  By the time I first written this guide, I was only a beginner to
speed-survival.  Now I'm about 15-20 minutes faster than what I was
one year ago.

For advanced players, I would say that you can go under 2 hours and
you don't need that much ammo but a Beginner may need to grab lots of
ammo in order to beat the game in under 2:30.

Also, there are some risks that you need to take if you want to achieve
1:45 Claire Scenario 1 Missions (i.e. blowing the Bow Gun, et. al.).


* It is strongly recommended that you read through this over and over
  again.  If you need to start a Speed Game, practice on the EASY mode
  first before going onto NORMAL mode.  This guide assumes that you are
  on the NORMAL mode.  Once you are confident enough that you will
  achieve under 2 hour Claire Scenario 1 Missions (1:45 for professionals,
  2:30 for beginners), then you can go ahead with the Normal Setting.

* Don't bother with the First Aid Sprays.  If you even use a single First
  Aid Spray, then you will receive a lower rank.  You shouldn't be able
  to use them.  The goal to get Rank A is to heal yourself "The Hard Way".

* Herbs are acceptable.  Three Green Herbs provide as much healing power
  as a First Aid Spray.  Combining a Red, Green, and a Blue Herb has more
  healing power than a Triple Green Herb or a First Aid Spray.  Save your
  Superherbs (Red, Green, and Blue) for the last.

* You are allowed up to 6 saves, which is definitely too much.  For
  Advanced and Expert Players, I would say that you can pretty much beat
  the game without saving.  This only applies to the First Scenario.  For
  each Ink Ribbon you grab, you will get 2 saves so in practice you only
  need 3 Ink Ribbons.  They can be found at nearly every typewriter.
  For beginners, I would say that you may need to use the 6 allotted saves
  in this guide.

* The only time you need to kill Zombies or whatever is whenever the
  corridor is too narrow, or if there's too many of them.  Skillful
  swerving and maneuvering will help you ignore the Zombies unscathed,
  though the Zombies have much better reach than in the first Resident

* Since I'm assuming that you know everything there is for Claire's First
  Scenario already, I won't be too nosy about what you have to grab
  throughout.  HOWEVER, whenever possible, I'll try to spot any unnecessary
  pickups, which will only be suitable for Beginners (since I don't want
  to place any beginners at risk).

* Side areas often lead to extra ammo and will appeal to Beginners.
  However, the only time you need to go inside a Side Area is when you
  are running short of Ammo.  Remember that you need to beat the game
  in under 2:30, save no more than 6 times, use no First Aid Sprays,
  and achieve a Rank A if you want the Rocket Launcher.

* Notice that I have omitted certain parts of the mission for the interest
  of saving you time.  Whenever possible, I will tell you what's risky to
  blow or not.  For Advanced Players, you probably don't need that much
  ammo but a Beginner may need lots of ammo in order to do so.  In this
  speed guide, you probably only need 118 Hand Gun Bullets, 18 Bow Gun
  Shots (I hate the Bow Gun because its efficiency leaves a lot to be
  desired), and 24-30 Grenades (depending on skill).  You may need to pick
  up all Acid and Fire Shot Packs, but if you think you can handle this
  mission with fewer Acid and Fire Shots, then feel free to do so.

* Ignore all the files as they are only time-wasters to my taste.

* Your main concern in Claire's First Scenario is the Sherry Mini-Quests,
  where you have to dodge the bees and dogs without any weapons.  Even
  though it's only a sub-quest, you STILL have to keep Sherry in good
  condition.  The game ends if Sherry gets killed by either the dogs or
  the bees.  To escape from the Bees' grasp, press the X butto rapidly
  and wiggle the Control Pad until Sherry is freed.  Do it the instant
  you see Sherry get grasped at--or it's game over.

* Since what I'm going to throw out in words is quite a risk, try to
  grab as much ammo as you can.  Later, when you become better in the
  game, you can omit some unnecessary pickups and beat the game with
  even less ammo.  Kill Lickers and the Spitter with the Acid Shots.
  Take on Part 2 and Part 3 William with the Fire Rounds.  Kill Plants
  with the Fire Rounds.  Rationalize your ammo when killing certain

* If you are not planning to save at all, then I recommend that if you
  have been playing with your PlayStation for 2 or more hours, then please
  wait for 30 minutes at the least (longer is better) before playing
  Resident Evil 2.  Plan on any events that you will undergo in RE2 ahead
  of time as it's easy to get lost here.  Remember the less you goof-up
  (and the less you spend in unnecessary events), the faster you will

* With regards to the Memory Card, I recommend that you make at least
  one block for these following start scenarios:  Leon 1st, Leon 2nd,
  Claire 1st, Claire 2nd, Hunk, and Tofu.

* Prizes and extra characters are only available on Normal Mode, so keep
  that in mind.

* For the advanced player, you can pretty much ignore about 80% of the
  Zombies, but you need to be very careful since you only have 13 Bullets.
  If you can make it through the Police Station without grabbing any items
  (and of course skillfully swerving and sliding past through the Zombies),
  then you will be able to reach the Brad Vickers Zombie.  However, I would
  NOT think about grabbing the Special Key since the Vickers Zombie takes
  lots of hits, so once you get inside the Police Station, just get inside
  the Building as we don't have time to waste with the Brad Vickers Zombie.
  However, for beginners, I would say that you will need to grab the items
  before the Police Station.

* For a beginner, it's quite a risk to omit any ammo pick-ups but for
  Advanced Players, it's OK to omit unnecessary "things" since you've
  gotten a lot better in the game.  Beginners will miss a chance to
  extend some precious ammo, but for Advanced Players, skipping side
  areas also mean some major Time Gains as well.

* Forget the Spark Shot as this is considered cheating.  You will receive
  a lower rank if you pick it up and use it.

* Hopefully, this document should help you beat Claire's First Scenario
  (assuming that YOU DID play the game in Normal Mode) in under 2:30.  If
  not, make any necessary adjustments to reach your goal.  For advanced
  players, if this guide does not enable you to reach times in under 2
  or if you are unable to reach your ultimate goal of under 1:45, then
  make any adjustments until you are able to reach the ultimate goal.


Good for close-up attacks but not as protective as a Firearm.  Forget
using this weapon since it's pretty much useless.

Browning High-Power
Weakest weapon available for Claire, but a lot more protective.  13
bullets in a chamber.

Hand Gun Bullets
Weakest bullets in the game for use with the Browning High-Power.  Each
box you grab is usually worth 15 bullets, and a few are worth 30 bullets.
You basically need only about 88-118 bullets (About 5-6 boxes, one of
the box is a 30-pack) for this guide.

Bow Gun
I hate this weapon.  It sucks.  Worst powerup in the whole game.  This
is not a suitable weapon overall.  For the advanced player, you may be
able to beat the game without the Bow Gun (it's risky) but for an
Intermediate Player, you possibly need about 18 shots in order to do
so.  The weapon holds 6 shots.

Bow Gun Bolts
For the Bow Gun.  Each bag gives you 12 more shots.  You only need 18
Bow Gun Shots, but an Advanced Player can beat the game without the Bow
Gun Shots, though it's kind of a risk to leave the Bow Gun.

Three-Element M79
Claire's main weapon overall.  It uses three types of rounds: Explosive,
Acid, and Fire.  The M79 can carry unlimited counts of bullets of one

Explosive Rounds
Rounds that spread through a wide range and explode in contact.  Each
bag gives you 6 more explosives.

Acid Rounds
Rounds that burn up through contact.  Each bag gives you 6 more Acid

Fire Shots
Rounds that emits large amount of fire through contact.  Each bag gives
you 6 more Fire Shots.

First Aid Sprays
Lots of healing power.  Lowers Rank.  Forget using any of these things
since they are BAAAAAAAAAAD for 100% of the time.  Consider them
unnecessary pick-ups.  Even beginners can beat the game in under 2:30
without these lamers.  Either way, it doesn't recover you from Poison

Herbs heal you depending on how you combine them.  To tell you the truth,
your condition should NOT be less than "Fine" as your speed decreases
every time your condition worsens.  This is why you need to keep an herb
or two ready just in case Claire grabs her stomach with her arm.  If you
see Claire do so, then it's time to heal up.  Here's how you can combine
your herbs (and know that using Herbs are acceptable):

- One Green Herb: Recovers life only equivalent to 1/3rd of a First Aid
- Two Green Herbs: Recovers life only equivalent to 2/3rd of a First Aid
- Three Green Herbs: Recovers life equivalent to a First Aid Spray.
- Blue Herb: Neutralizes Poisons.
- One Green Herb, One Blue Herb: Recovers life only equivalent to 1/3rd
  of a First Aid Spray, but neutralizes poisons.
- Two Green Herbs, One Blue Herb: Recovers life only equivalent to 2/3rd
  of a First Aid Spray, but neutralizes poisons.
- One Red and Green Herb: Recovers life equivalent to a First Aid Spray,
  sometimes more.
- One Red, Green, and Blue Herb (Superherb): The mother of Mixed Herbs.
  Recovers life equivalent to about 3-4 First Aid Sprays.  You may think
  that this combination will lower your rank just because of its awesome
  healing power, BUT BELIEVE IT OR NOT, IT WON'T LOWER YOUR RANK (because
  you used three herbs to create this one) and that's good because if you
  are at Danger condition, then you can just use a Superherb and recover
  back to FINE in no time.  Save this one for the end-bosses.

Spark Shot
20 Shots.  Electrocutes in contact.  Lowers Rank because this is considered
cheating in other words.  Don't worry: It's useless because you can't aim

Machine Gun
Fully Automatic Firing.  Lowers Rank because this is considered cheating
in other words.  Don't worry: Most two-slots become useless anyway.

Side Pack
With the Side Pack, you can carry 10 items.  AS A GENERAL RULE, SAVE THE
pass both scenarios without the Side Pack (though it's quite a risk) but
a beginner will need to have it on Scenario 2.  No big deal if you want to
pass up the Side Pack: You just won't have enough space to carry the Herbs
you want.


Note: To skip FMV's (with the exception of the cheesey speeches and the
end FMV), press the Start Button.  If you have read Vincent Merken's
Leon Scenario 1 95-minute Guide, then the FMVs AND the Cheesey Speeches
does not influence time, which is a good thing.  Just press the start
button to cancel the FMV's because I'm pretty sure you want to eat lunch
or dinner the sooner the better.

From the area which Leon and Claire split up into two groups
Skillfully swerve and slide past through the zombies (because you don't
have enough bullets).  Allow yourself some room for error as you can't
afford to get injured here.  Even for a beginner, I would say that
swerving and sliding past through the zombies here are just cake.  Just
hurry up to the weapon shop and hear the first cheesey speech.

Note: I hate hearing the cheesey speeches over and over again.  Ask
Jim Irwin, Vincent Merken, Brandon Dennis, and any other speed-minded
souls. =P

After the cheesey speech with the Gun Shop Owner, just make your way
through the door.  For beginners, I would take the boxes of Hand Gun
Bullets before proceeding on, but Advanced Players should just bill the
boxes as unnecessary pick-ups.  Either way, don't bother with the Bow
Gun now: Trying to kill the zombies for control of the Bow Gun only
wastes time.

Get out of the weapons shop, pass the fence, and when the Zombies crack
the fence open, you'll probably need to knock out the zombies (Don't kill
them though, you only have 13 bullets).  Knock them out and slide past
them.  Get inside the door from the Basketball Court.  For beginners,
before you even deal with the Zombies who knocked the fence open, grab
the Handgun Bullets from the back of the pickup.  For advanced players,
you probably don't need that much ammo anyway.  Still you need to be
careful because you only have 13 bullets from the start until you get
to the Police Station.

Keep on moving forward up to the Trash Can.  For beginners, I would
take the Handgun bullets before moving on but for Advanced Players I
would deem this as an unnecessary pick-up (Remember, you only need about
88-118 Handgun bullets in all).  If you are an advanced player, you need
to skillfully swerve and slide past through the zombies with minimal
as some zombies before you reach the next door tend to drain your energy
pretty quickly.  Skillfully swerve and slide right through the zombies
but you may need to take a hit from that lady zombie anyway (but you can
dodge her with skill and wit, though it's kind of difficult without
knocking her down).  However, for a Beginner's case, you will need to
knock down the Lady Zombie first and then start swerving and sliding past
through the Zombies by hugging the Right Wall.

As you approach the bus, hug the left side to easily avoid the Zombies
eating a cop.  Now just enter inside the doors.

For a beginner, I would take the Handgun bullets at the back seat but
for Advanced Players, I would deem the box at the back seat YET another
unnnecessary pick-up (since you became a lot more skillful than you were
as a beginner).  Knock out the lady zombie crawling at the floor and
KNOCK DOWN BUT DON'T KILL the other zombie and get out of the bus from
the front door.  For advanced players, you should be out of bullets by
now but beginners will have some bullets left.

Beginners may need to knock a few zombies down before proceeding since
a large group of zombies are waiting but Advanced Players can laugh at
the zombies by just skillfully swerving and sliding right past through
the zombies.  All you need to do is to know the pattern to dodge the
zombies unscathed.  Head to the door and now you are at the Police

Beginners: You are going to take up more time than Advanced Players
since I had you take the items for your own safety.  Take the first
right, grab the herb from the left plants, and get inside the Police
Station Building.

Advanced: Since you didn't obtained any items from the start until the
moment you arrived at the Precinct, you have already met the conditions
to meet up the Brad Vickers Zombie at the second right from the stairs.
We won't mess with the Brad Vickers Zombie since we want a major speed
gain.  Grab the herb from the left plants, and get inside the Police
Station Building (You should be proud by now because since you reached
the Police Station without grabbing any items, you've done yourself
justice with a major speed gain).

Once you head towards the hall, pass the dual doors at the left, and get
inside the locker room, hear YET another cheesey speech between Claire
and Marvin, and get the Keycard from Marvin.  Afterwards, go to the
computer and use the Keycard to open the doors, and get the Bullets from
the railing of the reception desk of the Hall.  Advanced Players will
need the 30-pack since they are now out of bullets by now.

First Save: Right after you electronically opened the left dual doors
and the right door with the Keycard.

You should be going to the wooden dual doors and dump the knife in the
Item Box.  You only need the Handgun and the Handgun Bullets.

Keep advancing to the Licker Hall, and face the Licker.  Don't bother
killing the Licker for now since he takes about 10 Handgun Bullets before
he dies (You are not strong enough to kill him yet).  Instead, just hug
the left wall and proceed to the door towards you.  He's not as quick as
Hunters were in Resident Evil 1, but they're still dangerous as they are
as quick as you are.  Now keep advancing to the hallway to the briefing
room (but pass the briefing room because you don't need to go in there
now), and into the hallway to the Darkroom.  Be careful of the four
zombies lurking there as you try to take the stairs to the second floor.
Grab the herbs if you are in for some hurting and if your condition falls
below "Fine" (You probably done all of the Zombies by now), combine all
three Green Herbs that you have created into a Triple Herb, and use it
so that you will be back to Fine Condition.

Note: Before you face the Licker for the first time, a corpse will have
a box of Hand Gun Bullets.  Beginners will probably need it but Advanced
Players can take the risk of not getting it.

Statue Puzzle
When you get to the Statue Puzzle Area, you should concentrate on making
the statues face the statue that carries the Red Jewel.  I would
personally start by moving the bronze Statue to face the Middle Statue
first and then the gray Statue in.  Make sure that you are moving the
statues properly or you may have to do it all over again.

Note: Behind the middle statue, there are handgun bullets.  Take them
if you want but for Advanced Players, you only need about 88-118 bullets
overall throughout the game.  That's 5-6 boxes, one of the boxes being
a 30-pack.

Reason for In-Depth Coverage of the Statue Puzzle: This is a difficult
puzzle and it will consume your time if you do not get the positioning
out right the first time.

After you get the Red Jewel, head to the STARS Office and examine Chris
Redfield's desk for the Diary and the Unicorn Medal, and get the Handgun
Bullets (Advanced Players probably may need this box) and the Grenade
Launcher before you leave.  Ignore the FAX Machine and exit out of the

Go back to the way you came from.  You should now be powerful enough to
off the Licker.  If you don't want to, then just hug the right wall and
keep on running until you can reach the door.  Don't worry: He won't jump
attack you as long as you don't stay put.  It takes two grenades to off
the Licker.  Use the Unicorn Medal to get the Spade Key from the Statue.

Go back to the Licker Hall and open the door to the File Room.  You will
probably need to kill the Licker before you get in.  Just two grenade
shots before he dies.  Get the Crank and go back to the STARS hallway.
Pass the office this time and take on the zombie chasing after Sherry
Birkin.  Use and discard the Spade Key to meet up with Leon, then enter
the Library.

Note: On your way to the locked door near the STARS Office, you may need
to go inside the safe room near the staircase to dump the Crank before
proceeding.  You basically only need the Handgun, Bullets, and the Spade
Key from this point.  There are Handgun bullets at the left side as you
enter the room, but like I said, advanced players need only 88-118 bullets
overall in the game.  Also, grab the Fire Rounds before you enter the
Library, and the Red Herb from the vase as you exit the Library.

You should have already solved the Statue Puzzle by the time you go back
to STARS office to unlock the door requiring the Spade Key.  Head to the
second floor of the Hallway, release the Emergency Ladder, and get inside
the Waiting Room.  When you get inside the roasted hall, just go to the
next door which isn't obstructed by the flames.  Unlock the grey door to
the Liaison Room, go through the Crow Corridor, and enter the outside
wreckage area.  Go down the stairs, into the cabin, get the Valve Handle
(and the Bow Gun for Beginners, for Advanced players, you can leave the
Bow Gun alone, but if you need more ammo, you only need about 18 Bow Gun
Shots overall), and go back to the outside wreckage area and use the Valve
Handle to extinguish the flame.

Go back to the wrecked hall, passing the Waiting Room, and go inside the
statue room (the door near the wreckage) and retrieve the Diamond Key. Get
inside the Waiting Room once again, grab the lighter from the seat, dump
any unneccesary items into the Item Box.  You should only have the Handgun,
Bullets, Bow Gun (for beginners and anybody who needed the 18 shots: if
you choose to leave the Bow Gun for this scenario, you will take quite a
risk but the rewards are quite significant), the Diamond Key, and the
Lighter.  Take the emergency ladder, and head back to the same direction
you took to get inside the STARS office but with a few exceptions:

* After exiting out of the Licker Hall, go inside the Briefing Room and
  into the Chimney.  Use the lighter and obtain the second Red Jewel.
  Leave out of the Liaison Room and into the leftmost staircase on the
  first floor of the Precinct.

* Unlock the last door at your right using the Diamond Key.  Now go back
  to the safe room near the stairs and dump any unnecessary items into
  the Magic Box.  Dump the Handgun and Bullets since you don't need them
  anymore.  From this point on, *I WILL ASSUME* that you did have a need
  for 18 Bow Gun Shots.  If not, then no big deal: You won't have as many
  shots as you need to kill William 4 at the end.  Keep only the Bow Gun,
  and keep one pack of herbs ready just in case you get injured.  The
  Safe Room Visit is just optional for now since you don't need to visit
  unless you are really hurting for space.

When you get into the darkroom hallway once again, unlock the door to the
File Room with the Diamond Key but as you try to unlock the door to the
locker room, be careful of those zombies who are up close and personal with
you.  Don't forget to grab the Plastic Explosive (and the Bow Gun Bolts at
the right side of you as you unlock the door) before you leave.

Go to the mini-office to face the now-zombified Marvin and get the
Detonator.  Combine both Explosive and Detonator to create a complete
detonator.  Exit back into the hall, go up the Emergency ladder, into the
Waiting Room, and use the complete detonator to clear the wreckage.

Second Save: If you want, though it's not required.  Before you clear the
wreckage blocking the pathway to Irons' office.

Meet Brian Irons in the Chief's Office and Sherry Birkin in the Second
Floor Chimney.  Get the Heart Key from the Chief's Desk before returning
to the wrecked hallway.

Go back to the Crow Hallway and take the gray door to the liaison room.
Don't enter main room just yet; use and discard the Heart Key and go inside
the basement.  Go to the X-ed doors, into the manhole, into the safe room,
and find Sherry once again.  The dogs can be skillfully ignored if you are
careful as killing them just wastes time.

Note: Before you meet up with Sherry once again, you only need the Bow
Gun, the remaining bolts you have, the Grenade Launcher, Lighter, and the
Diamond Key.  You don't need herbs now (since there should be some along
the way).  At your discretion, you can grab the Handgun and Bullets but
this will be the last time you will ever use it if you want to grab it so
be careful not to grab any more Handgun Bullets.

As Sherry, just go into the Sewer Irrigation Room, solve the Freight Puzzle
to get the Club Key.  Just return to where the Sherry Mini-Quest started.
Your main concern in the Sherry Mini-quest is evading the dogs, who will
try to destroy Sherry in an instant.  The game may end if Sherry is killed
by the hands of the dogs.  When you regain control of Claire, get the Club
Key, and just unlock the Autopsy Room with the Club Key and return back to
the Liaison Room.  Be careful of the Lickers sneaking in the Hallway.  No
time to mess around with the Lickers, so even though you may need to take
some hits (Their hits do lousy damage, only the Air Slash inflicts tons of
damage), just ignore them and head back to the Liaison Room.

Optional Area
If you are an advanced player, then don't bother.  If you are a beginner,
then follow along:

* After opening up the Autopsy Room with the Club Key, grab the Red
  Keycard.  Be careful of the zombies who wake up.

* Go inside the Power Room and solve the Power Room Puzzle by flicking
  the switches Up, Up, Down, Down, and then Up.

* Use the Red Keycard to open up the Weapons Room, and grab the Bow Gun
  Bolts.  I personally would leave the Side Pack for the Second Scenario
  Missions, and the UZI will lower your rank if you even take and/or use

Now, before you get inside the Liaison Room, open up the Watchman's Room
with the Club Key and grab the Acid Rounds at the Bedroom and head back
to the Liaison Room.  You will need them as life's gotta be easier with
the Acid Rounds.

Go to the mini-office of the Liaison Room (careful, there are zombies
here), use the 2236 combination, and retrieve the map and the Acid Rounds
(For advanced players, you only need 18 Acid Rounds overall, but Beginners
will need more of this, though).  Get out of the Liaison Room, head forward
to the Soda Machines, then head right to the Monitoring Hallway.  Use up the
Bow Gun to kill all the zombies here (You possibly may be able to run out)
since there are too many of them.  Open the Criminal Monitoring Room with
the Diamond Key and the Video Room with the Club Key.  Be sure you discard
both keys.  If you want to save ammo, then skillfully swerve and slide right
past through the Zombies, but since the corridor's quite narrow, beginners
may have to kill them.  If you want to free up space, use all remaining
Hand Gun and Bow Gun shots you may have.

* I personally would go inside the Interrogation Room first and grab the
  Yellow Stone.  A licker will come out but just get out of there quickly
  since he's easily ignored.

* Next stop is the Video Room.  Use and discard the Club Key and kill the
  Licker with an Acid Shot.  Use the lighter to light up the range, and
  turn on Faucet 12, 13, and then 11 to get the crank.

Head back to the Hall, take the Emergency Ladder, and head to the Waiting
Room on the Second Floor (since you will need to make some adjustments to
your inventory right now).  Go to the Magic Box and make sure that your
inventory contains only the M79 with Acid Rounds, two Red Jewels, Crank,
Cog, and the Yellow Stone.  Head back to the Library and take the stairs
to the Third Floor.  Be careful of the Licker who now lurks in the second
floor of the Hall (You can swerve and slide right past him or kill him if
you want).  Take the third floor exit of the Hallway, into the Gear Room,
and solve the Crank and Cog puzzles to get the First Blue Stone Half.
Required Items: Cogwheel, Crank

Go back to the Library and instead of taking the stairs, take the Dead
End and solve the Shelf Puzzle to get the Red Stone.  Go into the room
you got your Diamond Key at, but this time, use the Red Jewels to solve
the Jewel Puzzle, and get the second half of the Blue Stone and combine
both halves to create one Blue Stone.  Head to the Chief's office and use
the Stones to open a passage to the secret rooms of the Chief (You will
engage with YET another cheesey speech with Sherry).  After the Chief
slanders at you (and after he bursts into half), take the ladder, and
face the terrible Spitter.  Use Acid Rounds against the Spitter, and once
you defeat the Spitter, return back to the Chief's Office to get Sherry.

Note: Grab the Acid Shots before facing the Spitter and plug them into
your M-79.  It takes about 5 shots before the Spitter goes down into

Now with Sherry on your possesion, enter the Sewer, into the irrigation
corridor, and after Sherry gets sucked in, head towards the basement,
into the ventilation hole, and get the Wolf Medal.  Sherry will get
sucked in and will be infected by William.  You will gain control of
Claire once again.

Head towards the Claire Control Room, and go back to the Magic Box and
make sure that you have the Grenade Laucher with the Acid Rounds, Fire
Rounds, then the Grenade Rounds, and finally the Valve Handle (which
plays importance in this stage of the game.

Optional Area
There is NO REASON to go inside this one because you are only wasting
time this way.  Unlock the door to the basement using the Lockpick and
open the door.  Go down the ladder and kill the zombie.  Grab ONLY the
Grenade Rounds and get out.  For Advanced Players, we don't have any
time to waste in this basement.

Take the lift that will lead to the same area Leon will get shot by
Annette in both of his Scenarios and take the same door to the actual

Optional: For beginners ONLY
Advanced Players can live without an extra 6 Fire Rounds but Beginners
may need lots of them in order to suffice.  After taking the door to
the actual Sewers, head left and climb up towards the deceased corpses.
One of the corpses should have 6 extra fire rounds.  Use your Fire
Rounds wisely because it's reserved for William Birkin and the Plants.

Basically, you head right after entering the Main Sewer Area and then
another left onto the door to the next area.  Now at the next
Intersection, you will want to take a left and into the Double Doors
you go inside.  Turn left and get annoyed by Annette for a while (I
hate this cold-blooded blonde).  Press the start button to skip the
FMV involving Annette.  After Claire tells Annette to take the double
doors, it's time to use the Valve Handle to lower the bridge.  Cross
the bridge and use the Valve Handle again to raise the bridge.

Take the Fire Rounds near the typewriter and the two green herbs near
the bridge (Remember to keep a spare Tripleherb handy just in case
Claire begins to falter up).  Advance to the door and keep walking
forward until you see Sherry laying down on pain.  Now you will have
to confront an Alligator with an appetite problem.

Run back until you see a canister at Claire's right.  Release it and
walk a little bit so that you are not too close to the Canister.  Here
it helps have Auto-Aiming turned on.  Now when the Alligator puts the
canister on his mouth, let the Alligator have it.  This way Leon won't
have to fight it on his Second Scenario.

Now return back to Sherry Birkin and wake her up.  Grab the Wolf Medal
before you climb up the Ada ladder.  Cross the bridge and grab the Eagle
Medal and go back to the Ada Ladder and climb back down.

Note: You need to make sure that Sherry is within your reach.  If you
run too fast, Sherry will stop and Claire will complain that she can't
leave Sherry alone.  Make sure that you don't run too fast.

Special Note: Sherry is in deep trouble right now because William has
just implanted an Embryo inside her body!

Go back to where you got annoyed by Annette earlier on the game.  Use
the Valve Handle the final time so that you can cross the bridge.  Now
go to the Clearance Device and use both Medals and reveal a door of
hope.  Go inside the Door of hope and go forward until you see the
Tram Area.

Go to the computer and turn on the Tram.  Go inside the Tram and board.
After getting out of the tram, go to Claire's extreme front-left.
Press the X button until Claire ducks.  Say YES when prompted to grab
the Weapon Box Key.  Now advance to the singular door leading to the
first corridor of the Factory.  Make sure that Sherry is within range
or the game won't proceed.

Head forward and then right.  The best way to kill Zombies is to plug
Grenades inside the Grenade Launcher, aim the nozzle at the Zombie's
head, and blow them up.  Not as effective or spectacular as Leon's
Shotgun Trick (A Vincent Merken first) but it works.  Keep going
forward and board the door.

Keep going forward until you see an Intersection.  Take a left and
keep forward until you see a ladder.  Now go up the ladder.

Now we are inside a Safe Room.  Grab both the Fire and the Grenade
Rounds (You will need them anyway) near the Control Panel.  Now go
to the Magic Box and take ONLY the Fire Rounds, and the Grenade
Launcher.  This William is definitely a wimp. =)

Get out of the Safe Room and go inside the Umbrella Lift.  At the
Pilot Room there should be a Control Panel Key flashing somewhere.
In the back of the Pilot's Room there should be 6 more Fire Shots.
Grab the Fire Shots because you will need them anyway.  Get out of
the Lift, and go to the Lift Activator and use the Key.  Say YES
when prompted to start the lift.  Skip the FMV showing the lift is
going down and when Sherry states that her stomach hurts, Claire
suspects that the Embryo is pupating and if it does, then Sherry will,
will......................  Anyway, let's get out of the interior of
the Lift.  Notice you can't go back inside until you defeat William
Birkin.  Note: USE Fire Shots at William.

Keep going forward until you see William.  Now run as far as you can
from William until you are far enough to plug in 8 Rounds at him.
After 8 Rounds, William will be stunned so you shouldn't damage him
until after he resumes walking with his hand on his stomach.  Now when
his hand is on his stomach, hit him with one more Fire Shot and he's
down.  Go back to the lift and you will automatically take Sherry into
the bed of the Security Room.  Take the Green Herb near Sherry and the
Acid Rounds near the Typewriter.  At the Magic Box take only the M79,
Grenade Rounds, Acid Rounds, Fire Rounds, and ONE spare Tripleherb
ready.  Get out of the Security Room and head towards the door at the
Intersection leading to the Power Supplement Corridor.

Go to the East Area and proceed to the frozen door and keep on going
forward until you see a Fuse Case.  Grab the Fuse Case and position
yourself near the Fuse Generator.  Use the Fuse Case and say YES when
prompted to grab the Main Fuse.  Go back to the Intersection at the
Power Supplement Hall and use the Main Fuse at the Power Generator.
Now proceed to the door leading to the West Area.

Optional Area
Beginners probably need to do so.  AS A GENERAL RULE, YOU ONLY GO HERE
IF YOU ARE REALLY SHORT ON AMMO (A Brandon Dennis First).  I would deem
this as an unnecessary pick-up because it only adds time to your overall
performance (A Vincent Merken first).  Skip this if you are an Advanced
Player, but if you are a Beginner, then follow along:

Use the Fire Round to destroy the Plant obstructing the ventilation duct,
and face two lickers with Grenade Rounds.  Be sure you take the Grenade
Rounds before leaving back to the unplanted hallway.

Go to the switch and turn it on only to reveal two plants.  Now after
the door opens up, let the plants have it with two Fire Shots.  Proceed
to the door blocked by the Plants after killing the Plants.

No time to mess around with the plant near the ladder, so just go down
the ladder, and then enter the hallway to the MO Disk Computer Area.
Be sure that you kill the three Lickers blocking the MO Computer Area
before advancing.  Acid Rounds work well against the Super Lickers.
Afterwards, advance to the Monitor Room, go to the Magic Box, and
keep only the Three Types of Grenade Rounds, the Grenade Launcher,
and the Weapon Box Key.

Go into the P4 Room, get the Grenade Rounds (use and discard the Weapon
Box Key, you will need them for William Birkin) from the Locker, head
towards William's Research Room and get the Lab Keycard (Watch out for
the Zombies, though).  Exit out of the P4 room and get yelled at by
Annette for killing her husband ("I'll never forgive you!").  When you
hear William roar, Annette will report to the Monitor Room to see her
husband torn apart by the G-Virus, and she will get scratched BAD for
such a cold-blooded act she has demonstrated for all of her life (That
is good because I don't want to see Annette anymore; she turns me off!).


Go back to the Monitor Room, but you will have to ask Annette about the
G-Vaccine first.  I'm glad William hacked Annette right at her heart
because she should be punished for her cold and selfish ways in her life
(as I said before on the previous paragraph).  Head back to the East Area
(I'm assuming you know where to go), and use the Lab Keycard to open the
door to the VAM room.  Get the Vaccine Cart (and the Grenade Rounds as you
will need them for William Birkin), turn on the switch, place the Vaccine
Cart on the VAM, get the MO Disk from the tray, and turn on the VAM switch
to get the Base Vaccine.  Afterwards, you should head back to the P4 Lab
Room and solve the Vaccine Puzzle there.  Don't forget to use the MO Disk
at the Verification Station near the Biohazard Entrance Room before solving
the Vaccine Puzzle. While accomplishing this paragraph, be careful of the
Final Licker, zombies on the VAM room, Plants at the West Area Hall, and
the Naked Zombies on the MO Disk Room.

Before going into the Biohazard room, take time to arm yourself with
any remaining M79 rounds that you have, and fill your inventory with any
healing items that you have left (but no first aid sprays are allowed!).


Enter the Biohazard room and turn on the switch for the emergency exit
elevator and William Birkin.  You will have only 5 minutes to make it to
the train (and to beat the game).

Final Save: Before the final fight against William Birkin.

William Birkin will need to be destroyed in two forms.  The first form
is slow, but his four-hit combo is MEGA powerful, and you need to keep
your distance from him at all times.  Keep away from him at all times
and nail him with 6 Fire Rounds.

Once William's defeated for the first time, he can get pretty nasty.
He is much faster in his second form and his attacks pack a much better
punch than his first form.  Once William performs his 5-hit combo on you,
he then has no problem trashing you away.  Right in this point, you will
be in "DANGER" Condition, so use a Superherb to heal yourself now!!!

Nail William 4 with Explosive Rounds and any Fire and Acid Rounds that
you have left over.  I agree with Vincent Merken (and his 95-minute
guide for Leon's First Scenario) that this is the most dangerous form
of William.  If you are in Caution, then William's bite and swiggle will
instantly kill you.  Make sure that you are in "FINE" condition at all
times and watch your condition at all times.

Once William is defeated, head to the elevator and right into the Train
to beat the game.

Hopefully for beginners, this shouldn't take you any more than 2:30 and
I didn't cause you to grab any First Aid Sprays, Spark Shot, and the
UZI.  If not, then make any necessary adjustments until you beaten the
game with a Grade of A for the Rocket Launcher.

For Advanced Players, if you follow everything in this manual, then you
should be able to beat the game in under 2 hours with a grade of A.  If
you can beat the game in 1:45 or under with a grade of A, then that means
that you are learning something new.  Besides, I almost beaten the game
in under 1:45 (1:46:01 with a grade of A) but I goofed-up on some tasks
which wastes time.  Remember the less items you take (and the less
optional areas you take), the faster you will be.


As much as I want you to get the best rank score in the Claire Scenario
1 Speed Guide, here are the items that YOU MUST NOT TAKE AND/OR USE AT

-  First Aid Sprays
-  Nearly all Ink Ribbons
-  Spark Shot Rifle
-  Sub-Machine Gun
-  If you won any on previous scenarios, any infinite weapons (I found
   that the Infinite Weapons are useless anyway)

Special thanks goes to Vincent Merken for the verification about the
Spark Shot. =)


Rocket Launcher:  You must beat either the first or second scenario in
no more than 2 and one-half hours, saved no more than 6 times, used no
health sprays, used no infinite weapons, and you must not have picked
up the limited-ammo Sub-Machine Gun at any time.  If you have done the
following right after you have beaten the game, then you will be able
to see it on your item box the next time you play it.  Keep in mind
that if for any reason you use it on the next scenario, you will receive
less points at the end of the next scenario.  You'll need to achieve
a rank of A to get this weapon.

Gatling Gun: You must beat the second scenario in no more than 2 and
one-half hours, have NOT SAVED AT ALL, used no health sprays, used no
bonus weapons, and you must not have picked up the limited ammo UZI at
any time.  If you have done this condition (it's tough but it can be
done), then you should be able to see a Gatling Gun in your Item Box
during the subsequent missions.  Keep in mind that you will lose points
every time you use an Infinite Weapon.  You'll need to achieve a rank of
A to get this weapon.

Infinite Ammo Uzi: You should be quick enough to beat the second scenario
to get this weapon.  Now here's the real confusion: In just about every
gaming magazine, I was told that you only need to beat the game in under
3 hours and achieve a rank of B to get this weapon.  Well, that's full
of bull right over there.  Here's MY WAY (and the best way to get it):
Obtain this weapon like you would with the Gatling Gun.  This way you
can win 2 weapons instead of one.  If you have followed this guide
closely, then you *should* be able to get both the Uzi and the Gatling
Gun achieving a rank of A and achieving a Second Scenario time of in
between 1:40-1:45.

Hunk:  Beat the second scenario achieving the rank of A.  This means
that during the time you are trying to get Hunk, NO BONUS WEAPONS OR
ANY FIRST AID SPRAYS CAN BE USED AT ALL.  This rules out the Spark
Shot Cannon, Limited-Ammo Uzi, and the health sprays.

Tofu:  Beat 6 scenarios in a row and earn the right to play as Hunk by
the end of the second scenario.  HOWEVER, DURING THE QUEST TO SEEK OUT
MUST BE ON YOUR MEMORY CARD before you can get him.

Brad Vickers Zombie:  Rush to the Police Station without getting any
items at all.  For beginners, this is risky but for Advanced Players,
this is a major speed gain.  I personally would forget this trick even
though I'm capable of reaching the Police Station without grabbing
any items because this wastes time.  You may need to spend time grabbing
any weapons you need because he takes a lot of beating before being
defeated.  Once you kill Brad, get the special key from the slain corpse.
Now open the locked doors at the Darkroom with this key for one new
choice for Claire, and two new choices for Leon.

This section only works in normal mode, and will not work in Easy Mode.

Best Claire B Clear Time: Claire B: 1:34:13, Rank of A with NO SAVES!
Best Claire A Clear Time: Claire A: 1:40:00, Rank A with NO SAVES!!
(Weird because I can't remember a thing!)
Note: The Claire A would be a little better if I haven't goofed up
in the process of getting out of the Police Station!!!  Remember if
you want 1:45 Claire A Times, then YOU CANNOT GOOF UP AT ALL.

Now here's the most frequently asked question:

Q: Do I lose the bonus weapons if I use them?

A: Hell no. Once you earn the Special Weapon, you can't lose it--it's
   inside the Item Box (the first time you open it up) provided that you
   keep on saving and saving.

Q: How come you offer PDF's on certain puzzles for Resident Evil and
   Resident Evil 2?  Where can I get these PDF's at?

A: There are bound to be some puzzles that can either be a pain-in-the-
   ass to solve or they might take a lot of tricky timing to perfect, or
   for a beginner, it might become a major time waster in the game, thus
   adding unnecessary ticks on the clock to your overall performance.
   As much as you want to be fast, I want to help as well.  From time to
   time, I reserve every right to offer PDF versions of some of the
   puzzles in Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2.  Keep in mind that
   when I consider creating a PDF for a Resident Evil Puzzle or so-so,
   only the toughest puzzles will be covered.  I've started this PDF
   mania when I realized that an optional puzzle in the original Resident
   Evil took a lot of tricky timing and became a total time waster that
   it added too much unnecessary time to my performance.  The same thing
   occurred with the harsh entrance towards the Umbrella Secret Lab in
   the second Resident Evil.  To my belief, words sometimes can't cover
   an entire complex puzzle, something that most FAQ authors are aware
   of.  By releasing a PDF-style FAQ on certain puzzles that are billed
   as either major time-wasters or tricky-timing events, a beginner
   may benefit from the graphics displayed in the PDF rather than have
   to struggle wasting several seconds just to get the timing right.
   And PDFs can only be found at Verasnaship Interactive's Resident Evil
   Frequently Asked Questions Stable at this following location:

Q: Will you create an FAQ or a speed guide for Resident Evil 3 Nemesis
   or Biohazard 3 Last Escape?

A: HELL NO!!!  This is just a side-story to Resident Evil 2.  Upholding
   my beliefs that Resident Evil is basically the Redfields' story, I
   would stay away from this game, but I would rent it just to learn some
   devious secrets regarding about the bastard Umbrella Company that is
   causing trouble with their dangerous experiments.  Henry LaPierre has
   a totally kick-ass FAQ available at for
   Biohazard 3 Last Escape/Resident Evil 3 Nememsis.  However, the real
   sequel is the all-Redfield Resident Evil Code Veronica for the Sega

Q: How about those Game Shark Codes?

A: Duh...You can find them by pointing on your
   favorite browser.

A final rant from "Ves"
If for any reason this document won't enable you to reach an achievement
time of under 1:45, and a rank of A, make any necessary adjustments until
you make reaching Rank A with 1:45 second nature.  This speed guide is
just a blueprint of what to expect so you may need to variate your skills
a little just to pick up some speed that you might need in subsequent


Again, this FAQ can only appear in the following sites:

* Verasnaship Interactive (
* GameFAQs (
* Cheat Code Central (
* Secrets of the Game Sages (
* Game Shark Code Creators Club (

Why?  Because these sites are the only ones that keep all original work
updated and up-to-date.  Ever since reading marshmallow's works, I've
been obsessed in limiting the amount of sites that are permitted to
display this file.

You can always get the latest version at Verasnaship first since I run
the website for myself.  GameFAQs does a good job keeping the files
up-to-date at all times and is the most visited site for FAQ-related
walkthroughs.  Secrets of the Game Sages is a "Code-related" partner
to GameFAQs since both GameFAQs and Secrets of the Game Sages share the
same information.  Cheat Code Central not only has codes, but up-to-date
FAQs and Text-based Walkthroughs based upon marshmallow's knowledge.
Finally, Game Shark Code Creators Club is a Game Shark site run under
the Code Master to provide up-to-date Game Shark Codes and is a highly
visited Game Shark Site.  However, I might elect to do PDFs on certain
games, and only my website (Verasnaship Interactive) has it.


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Also, I'm doing this because all FAQ writers are just getting sick and
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One time when I was forced to update another FAQ for Super GT by Sega,
I was surprised to see that I was driving from Helen Keller.  That is
why you MUST follow the protocol as described in the aforementioned
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* Jim Irwin
* Brandon W. Dennis (
* Vincent Merken

You can find their work at


-  Capcom for making Resident Evil 2 more valuable to play than the
   first one.

-  Jim Irwin for telling me that the Infinite Ammo Weapons lowers your
   rank score, and the Flamethrower in Leon's Disc isn't necessary to
   complete the game.

-  Brandon W. Dennis for telling me that the First Aid Sprays,
   Limited-Ammo Submachine Gun lowers your rank score and to save the
   inventory slots to store your herbs.

-  Both Jim Irwin and Brandon W. Dennis for motivating me to become a
   speed-minded Resident Evil 2 player with their FAQs.  Please read
   their FAQs at the site at either of these addresses: (Use the search engine to locate them, but

-  Capcom for starting the Survival Horror Craze with Resident Evil
   (known as Biohazard in Japan).

-  Vincent Merken, Josh Harring, Tu Dang, and Mark Stephenson for
   motivating me to become a speed player with their own FAQs.  You can
   read their FAQs at (Use the Search Engine).

-  Vincent Merken for being the strongest warrior in the World of
   Survival Horror and for a confirmation about the Spark Shot.

-  GameFAQs for being the largest stable of Original Work

-  Kao Megura for *finally* reaching his ultimate milestone.

-  Imagine Games Network for being the largest Video Gaming Community
   over the Internet

-  Game Shark Code Creators Club for a good assortment of Game Shark

-  Secrets of the Game Sages for having the best amount of non-Game
   Shark codes on the web.

This document is dedicated to the loving memory of Princess Diana of Wales
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