Hunk (4th Survivor) Walkthrough by Gokou3

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From: Gokou 3 <>
Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 20:06:22 EDT

4th Survivor Walkthrough
4th Survivor is one of the two subgames in Resident Evil 2. The subgames Hunk
is one of the two secret playable characters in Resident Evil 2. His game is
nothing like Leon's or Claire's. Hunk's game is much harder and much more
strategic. There are more than 20 rooms each filled with several zombies or
monsters. You start off with a limited amount of ammo and only 2 herbs, which
all should be used wisely. 


Room 1: Starting point.
Hunk receives message to rendezvous at the heli-pad. Load your magnum.

Room 2: Septic Room. 5 zombies.
As soon as you walk in turn toward the female zombie and shoot her with the
magnum. Then switch weapons from magnum to shotgun. Start running past the
zombie between the handrails and stop by the two zombies near the door. Shoot
them as close as possible, straight toward them. This should hit both killing
them. If one zombie's upper torso survives then just run toward the door and
go in.

Room 3: 4 zombies.
As soon as you walk in move a little forward and point your shotgun up and
blow the zombie's head away. Then run past the two zombies near the doorway,
in a zigzag fashion. Then go down the stairs.

Room 4: Sewer. 2 spiders.
Reload any guns. Run past both of them and up into the ladder.

Room 5: Dog kennel. 3 dogs.
Wait one or two seconds until you hear dogs running sounds, then shoot your
shotgun outward. If done right all 3 dogs will be sent flying to the ground.
Make a mad dash for the door and go in.

Room 6: 2 burning zombies, 2 half-dead zombies, and 2 zombies.
Reload your shotgun and move toward the two zombies on the floor and shoot
them. Go around the corner of the hallway toward the screen. As soon as the
camera angle changes walk slowly until the zombie lurching toward Hunk is near
you. Then shoot up with your shotgun and run past the other zombie and into
the garage.

Room 7: Garage. 3 dogs.
Keep Hunk looking straight, do not move left or right. When you look at the
left you will see a dog running toward you. There will also be two in front of
you. When the dog at the left gets near you shoot straight with the shotgun.
This should send all 3 dogs flying to the ground. Now you have to make another
dash to the door. If the dogs seem to get near you make zigzag motions to
prevent them from jumping at you. Enter the door as soon as you get there.

Room 8: Police basement. ??? crows.
Equip yourself with the handgun. All you do in this part is run past all the
birds toward the stairs. Try to run as straight as possible, if not the birds
might catch you. If they catch you will get pecked at. And if that happens it
might bring your Fine status down to Caution. As soon as you reach the stairs
go up.

Room 9: 3 dogs.
Reload all of your guns that need be. Walk toward the narrow hallway until you
see a dog. Stand there and shoot bullets in a sequence. If you shoot 3 bullets
and hear 3 dog get hit with the bullet, wait a few seconds and shoot another 3
until you hear the dog sounds. Keep doing so until you here the dogs die.
Occasionally letting them come really close to you and shooting them kills
them faster. But only do that if there is one running toward you, and not two!
Once they are dead go near the door. Reload all weapons and equip the shotgun
and exit.

Room 10: Police office. ??? zombies.
Run straight toward the camera into the doorway. Then walk slowly until the
camera angle changes. Shoot up at the zombie near the doorway. Then run
against the wall. Kill the one zombie that is the way by shooting up with the
shotgun. There might be another zombie in the way depending on how fast you
did the previous steps for this room. If so kill him too. Then reload your

Room 11: 6 zombies.
This room is very time sensitive, so you must work fast! As soon as you get
out of the police office move forward and then shoot up with the shotgun
killing the one zombie in front of you. Then turn toward the zombies near the
screen and shoot them. One shot up should kill both at the same time. Turn
around go near the 3 zombies toward the door. Shoot up and kill the 2 zombies
walking near you. If the third zombie is not moving enter the door. If he is
either kill him with a shotgun or use your handgun to get him on the ground.
Then you can enter the door.

Room 12: Main Lobby.
Reload any guns. Just run toward the door, almost, straight in front of you.
Enter the room.

Room 13: 2 spiders.
As soon as you enter the room run straight into the statue, this should get
the spiders moving toward Hunk's right side. As they go on the right you move
around the statue, on Hunk's left side. Run around the spiders into the next
room where you first encountered the Licker.

Room 14: 3 lickers.
Equip your magnum and walk forward. A licker should drop from the ceiling.
When it does point your magnum down and shoot. Next run toward corner right
next to the wall, but stop running near the edge of it. Do not stay to close
or else a licker might lunge at you which could be deadly. A licker should run
toward you now. When he gets near you shoot down and kill him. The third
licker is a little tougher to beat without getting hurt. Near the corner move
back and run forward, but only near the edge. This should wake him up, and you
should hear the licker's running sounds. Move back from the edge of the wall
and wait till it gets in range and shoot him with the magnum. Now reload the
magnum and equip the handgun. Enter the next room.

Room 15: 2 plants.
Run toward until you reach the first corner, approach it but do not go too
close. Let the plant go around the corner. When it does this run all the way
back to the door and shoot straight with the handgun. Do so until you hear it
die. Once dead exit the room, the room where the liqueurs once was. Then enter
back in the room where you just killed the plant. Run down the walkway around
the corner and run down until you get to the next corner. Move toward it but
not to close, so that the plant knows you are these. Now move as far back as
you can get so that your handgun will be in range to kill the plant. Once you
kill him reload your handgun and equip your shotgun. And enter the door.

Room 16: 2 poisonous plants.
As soon as you get out of the door run to the open area to Hunk's right side.
If you stay by the door two plants will hit you with poisonous acid. Move as
far back in the corner as possible, and start shooting straight toward the
hallway. In the camera angle that you are in, will not show the plants, so you
must shoot until you hear 2 dying sounds from the plant. Before you advance.
This encounter will waste most of your shotgun shells. Reload all guns and
load your handgun. Now go up the stairs.

Room 17: Tyrant
Move toward the narrow corridor and you will see Tyrant. Now move back toward
the very top of the stairs and wait until he gets close to you. Then when he
is near run around him and run down the corridor to the next room.

Room 18: ??? half-dead zombies. 2-3 zombies
As soon as you enter the room you will not see anything on the screen. In the
next camera angle there will be zombies waiting. Run part way and walk into
the new camera angle. Then shoot the zombies on the ground or walking until
they all are dead. Once all dead proceed into the next room.

Room 19: 3 super lickers.
Upon entering the room you will see a zombie on the ground. Run around his
rear side. Then run near the corner of a little hallway and move toward the
edge but not too close or else you will get severely hurt. Stop and wait for
the super licker to lunge out. Once he lunges out, run toward the door and
leave. By this time the first licker you ran around will have turned around
and will try to lunge at you. This room is one of the hardest rooms to beat.
These lickers can kill you with one hit depending on your status. And if one
gets you another will and before you can refill your life another one will
jump at you.

Room 20: Library room
If you need it replenish your status and reload ammo. Equip your gun for the
next room.

Room 21: Upper Main Lobby. 3 poisonous plants.
The first plant will be by the ladder. Do not go near him, stay near the wall
that is adjacent to the library doors and shoot him from there. Once he dies
reload your handgun and move toward the ladder and onto the next camera angle.
There will be another plant around there. Move as far back as you can so that
Hunk's back is against the wall that has the library doors. Shoot plant number
2 until he dies and reload the handgun. The last plant will be coming toward
the same path as the previous plant. Shoot him until he dies. Now equip your
shotgun, or if that is empty equip your magnum. Enter the next room that is on
the other side of the upper main lobby.

Room 22: 6+ zombies.
This room is impossible to escape without getting hurt. Zombies will be
surrounding you as soon as you enter. If you have your shotgun, shoot up and
try to kill as many zombies you can. Kill as many zombies that are needed to
get to the next room. You might not have to kill all of them if they are
behind you and are on the ground. Load your magnum, use a herb if you have
one, and enter the second to last room.

Room 23: 6+ zombies.
Once again zombies will be surrounding you. All you have to do is kill as many
as you can without getting that much damage. If you get pass this room with a
stage one orange caution status you definitely one. The end is near and your
final task is to get by Tyrant.

Room 24: Tyrant
This is the same room that you originally encountered Tyrant in scenario B.
All you have to do is run along the side of the wall. Right now you probably
only have handgun bullets which won't do any good so you'll have to run. He
will swing and hit you, but you should survive and limp/walk to safety and out
the door to the heli-pad.

Then a short CG movie of a helicopter leaving Raccoon City is shown. A few
lines appear on the screen which would make any Resident Evil fan happy.
You'll have to beat 4th survivor to see it.


Paozu Yama-