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Asked: 2 years ago

How do I solve water sample puzzle?

I am on the PSN Store version of the game.

Additional details - 2 years ago

Thanks guys. I actually ended up solving it way before answers came in. By far the most time consuming puzzle in the entire game.

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From: admiralhowdy 2 years ago

You can do the given instructions for quick completion, but you can also analyze it row by row to figure it out, if you want the satisfaction of actually solving it. The A B and C rows, when lined up correctly, add up to what the result should be. So if the desired result at a given position is a peak 3 levels high, then each row should be situated so that each row has a color lined up at that position. By the same token, if there is a blank in the final result, then no rows should have a color lined up at that position. I usually put the top row so that all the blanks are in the right spot (there may only be one positon that is valid, not sure though). Then I move the second row so that the blanks are also in the right spot, but also taking into account not to make any position 2 bars high when it should only be 1 bar high at that position, and then finally make the bottom row line up so that the blanks are where blanks should be and a 3-high bar is where a 3-high bar should be but not making 2-high bars where it should only be 1 high. Now if somone could explain to me a logical way to figure out the marble/picture puzzle, that would be great ;)

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there are 4 different ways
1. A: 4 right, B: 2 left, C: 2 left
2. A: 1 right, B: 1 right, C: 2 left
3. A: 1 left, B: 2 left, C: 2 right
4. A: 1 Right, B: 3 Right, C: 1 left

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