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When Resident Evil was still survival horror1983guy10/10
The game isn't getting any better, so why should we like it?Anarky25656/10
Disappointing, not as good as Res1Arcanine_11176/10
Capcom Rules!!!AWebCraft10/10
Just trying to get out of town in one piece, then I'll save the world later.Game-Vamp10/10
As good if not better than Resident Evil 2Greatest One9/10
Another masterpiece from Capcom...Happy Matt9/10
The end of the PS1 trilogyitchytasty9610/10
The most intense Resident Evil out there.JMFreeze9/10
The best of the RE series on Playstation!JTrueblood10/10
Best in the Resident Evil - Survival Horror Series!!KasketDarkfyre10/10
Somebody get this guy a new cable provider!Larcen Tyler9/10
Jill is making her last escape in a tube top and mini skirt!LegendaryFrog9/10
The most scariest Resident Evil to date.MasterReviewer10/10
A thrilling episode !Mysticcat9/10
As you would expect from this particular serious....capcom delivers again.Myyyyyyk9/10
This is a great game, although maybe not fulfilling to the hardcore Resident Evil fan...NKillah8/10
Talking about scary moments nemensis will choke you with those moments to death!Ntoko9/10
What's more fun than killing zombies? Killing more....PEVAlution8/10
The best of the series. Only bad thing is it's much too short.Psyke9/10
A good game, but a bit disappointing as a sequel.PTsang8/10
More frightening than the previous two games, though disappointingly shortTHayes8/10
Another killer sequel from CapcomVincento10/10
RUN, JILL RUN. The Nemesis has got the Munchies and he's Reaching for the Stars.Vyse_skies9/10
An excellent addition to the Resident Evil seriesZabunny10/10

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