BioHazard Complete Disc FAQ by Kamui

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Version 1.2

Copyright - 1998 CAPCOM
Sony Playstation
Made by Kamui


1 - Updates
2 - Introduction
3 - Save data
4 - Movies
5 - Extras / Special Info
6 - Legal information / Thanks / Contact info

1     -   UPDATES
          Version 1.2 in January 30, 2004 - Corrected some stuff. Nothing 
major or groundbreaking. 
          Version 1.1 in April 20, 2003
          Finished version 1.0 in January 1, 2003

          Biohazard (Resident Evil) is one of the most popular franchises 
ever on the history of the videogames. Biohazard 1, 2 and 3 were all 
platinum sellers (sold more than 1 million units in Japan), mostly 
because of the game was so scary and, at the same time, incredibly 
addicting and fun to play. 
          The first Biohazard have 3 different versions released 
worldwide: the original Biohazard, Biohazard: Director's cut (that came 
with an arranged mode, new camera angles and a playable demo of BH2) and 
BH: Director's cut - Dual Shock Version (which has Dual Shock support). 
Biohazard Complete Disk was actually the second CD (a bonus disk) of the 
Biohazard: Director's Cut Dual Shock Version, but this bonus disk were 
limited in the first pressing of this game, and only on Japan.
          This Biohazard Complete Disk is just a fan disk, with 
information about the BH games released so far, game saves and movies 
(including the ever-elusive movies from BH2 Prototype). There is no real 
gameplay on Biohazard: Complete Disk, but it's a must-have title for the 
obsessed with Resident Evil.

3     -   SAVE DATA

          In this section, there are saves for others BH games. So, you 
choose a determined code, load into your memory card, and load with his 
respective game. Unfortunately, this saves only works with the respective 
game, and you cannot use it on the US version (Resident Evil). Basically 
every save is a perfect (rank A) save. 
          When you choose a code, you can see the official JAP cover and 
also the release date for the selected game. Each code has it's own 
definition and screenshot.
          BIOHAZARD 2

          A ) BIOHAZARD

          CODE 1 - Unlimited Bazooka and Alternative costume - Jill
          CODE 2 - Unlimited Bazooka and Alternative costume - Chris

          CODE 1 - Unlimited Colt Pyton - Chris
          CODE 2 - Unlimited Bazooka - Chris
          CODE 3 - Unlimited Colt Pyton - Jill
          CODE 4 - Unlimited Bazooka - Jill
          C ) BIOHAZARD 2

          CODE 1 - Unlimited Ammo - Leon A
          CODE 2 - Unlimited Ammo - Leon B
          CODE 3 - Unlimited Ammo - Claire A
          CODE 4 - Unlimited Ammo - Claire B
          CODE 5 - The "4th" survivor
          CODE 6 - The "TOFU" survivor 


          CODE 1 - US Version Gatling gun - Leon A
          CODE 2 - US Version Gatling gun - Leon B
          CODE 3 - US Version Gatling gun - Claire A
          CODE 4 - US Version Gatling gun - Claire B

4     -   MOVIES

          In this section, there are various movies from BH and BH2. It 
has a "other" version of the BH opening movie, all the official endings 
of Biohazard and "preview" movies of Biohazard 2 prototype. 
          NOTE : The Biohazard movies are Japanese dubbed. The Biohazard 
2 prototype has Japanese subtitles and English dialogue.         

          A ) BIOHAZARD
          MOVIE 1 - Opening - First version

          Probably this was a prototype version of the opening movie of 
Biohazard. It had 2 extras scenes, different editing and a strange music 
on the CAST scene. Very different from the US version. This is, by far, 
the worst version of the opening (no wonder CAPCOM changed this stuff on 
the final release). It has all scenes that were censored in the US 
version (Joseph's bloody hand, Cerberus dog exploding head, Chris 
smoking, etc).
          MOVIE 2 - Chris Ending - Bad (without Jill and Rebecca)
          Very different than the US version. It shows Chris smoking and 
mourning the deaths of his comrades.
          MOVIE 3 - Jill Ending - Bad (without Chris and Barry)

          Slightly longer version of the ending. It shows Jill with a 
LOOONG hair.

          MOVIE 4 - Jill and Chris ending (without Barry or Rebecca)

          What!! Jill and Chris holding hands? I'm positive that I've 
never seen this ending before.
          MOVIE 5 - Chris Ending - Bad (without Jill)

          I don't know if is different because I've never seen this 
ending before. Shows Chris talking to Rebecca.
          MOVIE 6 - Jill ending - Bad (without Chris)
          I think that is a small difference in this ending, because 
Barry shows the picture of his child's to Jill.

          MOVIE 7 - Chris good ending 

          Shows Jill and Chris together, and Chris look to Rebecca, which 
are sleeping. Same as the US version.

          MOVIE 8 - Jill good ending
          Shows Jill and Chris together, and so Chris look to Barry, that 
is reloading his gun. Same as the US version.


          MOVIE 1 - Leon and Elza blowing some steam - 1 min and 6`

          Leon is on a heliport (night).
          Leon:  "Oh, that's just frikin? great...
                 What I will gonna do?" 
          Leon starts to run to the opposite side of the heliport.
          Leon is in a corridor and passes through a zombie and kills it 
with 2 shots of a handgun. Leon shoots twice without hitting the zombie.
          Leon in a corridor kills 2 zombies with a shotgun. Leon passes 
over the dead bodies.
          Elza is cornered in a office with 3 zombies, she shoots the 
first one and kill it, then she starts to shoot the other but she runs 
out of bullets and reloads it. She kills the remaining 2 zombies and runs 
from the office.
          Elza tries to pass through a closing door, but there is a 
zombie trying to do the same. The zombie gets stuck with the door. Elza 
finishes him with a machine gun.
          Leon is in a shooting practice room in the police station. TEXT 
- Do you want to view you results?   YES NO. The target paper approaches.
          Elza is shooting some caged zombies with a machine gun.
          Leon is attacking a zombie that is lying down in a bed on a 
morgue with a flamethower.
          Elza is in the heliport and is attacked by crows, they hit her, 
she destroys one of them with a shotgun, but the second one hits her 
again, she kills the second one.
          Leon is running in a top floor of some building, he crosses the 
floor and jumps out to a dark corridor.

          MOVIE 2 - The flood scene - 42 sec

          Leon in on the sewers, with a male and female, and they trying 
to escape, the female looks to Leon and they run away.
          Leon is shooting a spider with a Colt Phyton. He misses the 
first shot but the second shot kills it.
          In other place in the sewers, Leon is shooting zombies with a 
grenade launcher.
          Leon kills some zombies in the sewers once again with a machine 
          Leon kills a spider with the machine gun.
          Leon opens a door, and the room begins to flood with the water.
          Leon manages to escape the flood.

          MOVIE 3 - Meet Sherry and the final Boss - 56 seconds
          Elza, Sherry and a fat man are on a corridor with a low air 
          Sherry: "Elza, I know a secret way in."
          Elza:  "A secret entrance?"
          Sherry:  "It's here. Look, I can get inside through this hole"
          Sherry takes off the protection from the air duct, and gets 
inside it.
          Elza: "Sherry, wait."
          At the police station parking lot, Elza shoots 3 zombies with a 
grenade launcher.
          In a truck, Elza shoots a zombie with a shotgun and go to the 
other side, in there are a zombie, and she kills it also with the 
          On the other side, Elza kills another zombie with a shotgun.
          In an open industrial space, Elza kills 3 dogs with the 
          Elza waits for a cargo elevator. When the door opens up, a 
horrific monster ( the last boss ) appears. The last boss throws a huge 
iron bar with ease and says "Sherryyyyy...." 

          MOVIE 4 - The Final Showdown - 51 seconds

          In an industrial section, Leon see a mechanic thing in the 
background, Leon tries to run it.
          Leon approaches red tanks with experiments. There is also 
someone there (a generic person, not Zombie).
          Leon starts to retreat scared. It's the 6-arms BOW that tries 
to kill him. He starts to run from it.
          Leon shoots the BOW once with a handgun and runs away.
          Elza is running away from a thing. It's a gorilla-BOW, she 
shoots it once with a grenade launcher. The bow gets up; gets another hit 
but it don't fall on the ground. The BOW approaches and hurts Elza.
          Elza is walking in a corridor, and suddenly the 6-arms BOW 
breaks the floor. Elza turns around and shoots (a lot) it with a machine 
          Leon shoots a burning zombie with a shotgun, he get to the 
other side of the room.
          Leon shoots a burning zombie with a shotgun; there are some 
signs of fire on the scenario.
          Elza shoots a burning zombie with a handgun. There is a massive 
burning on the scenario.
          The 6-arms BOW tries to attack the last boss. The last boss 
grabs it and holds it up. The BOW tries to escape, but is useless. He 
throws the 6-arms BOW away. And it is closing by.....   



        A) Game Information

        NAME : Biohazard : Director's cut - Dual shock version  
               Biohazard Complete disk (SLPS 01512~3)
        PUBLISHER : Capcom
        DEVELOPER : Capcom
        RELEASE DATE : 6/10/1998
        PRICE : 3800 yen
        B) Biohazard 2 x Biohazard 2 Prototype

        Here is the section dedicated to say all the differences 
between the 2 games (by far my favorite part on this FAQ). Of course, 
less than 4 minutes of footage can say almost nothing but is at least 
something to work on (hell, give 10 seconds of footage for BH fans, 
and they starts to speculate the full game ^_^).

        -  Most everything was changed in the final version. From the 
scenarios, weapons, enemies and gameplay itself, you name it. The most 
obvious change was Elza, that didn't appear in the final version of 
        -  It's pretty clear that Shinji Mikami (the producer and 
director of the Biohazard series) begins the development of RE2 from 
scratch. The prototype was much similar to RE, with some scenes just 
the same, and it was better this way. Want some proofs? The flood 
scene is basically identical as the rolling rock scene of the first 
game and even the conclusion. Leon's reaction when he sees the 6-arms 
BOW is also similar to Chris reaction to the Tyrant and more, the room 
is similar in structure of the Tyrant first fight (a Rectangular room 
with a big thing in the middle of it).
        -  The gameplay movies show that the prototype version was 
clearly in his later stages of development, almost a complete version 
for itself. There are various different scenarios, but strangely very 
few outdoors Raccoon city scenes.

        -  It maybe just my imagination, but I think the some of the 
graphics are somewhat better than the final game. The movement of 
Elza, Sherry and the last boss are incredible realistic.
        -  But on the other side, some of the animation for the 
enemies (Zombies, Spider and the gorilla BOW) was poor and even 
incomplete at the time. The zombies and the spider animation were 
recycled from the first BH.   

        -  Leon was more of a wimp in this version. If you can hear 
the voice of the Leon actor, is just a truly a boring voice. 
Fortunately Capcom change the voice actor AND Leon's personality.
        -  Everyone that is story related in the prototype is still 
with zombie's polygon models (the couple in the sewers, the scientist 
on the red tanks) so there is no way to know for sure of the story of 
the game.
        -  Just like RE2, the last boss is after Sherry.
        -  In the screen to choose the BH2 prototype movies, the cover 
art of the BH2 prototype appears, and the art is the title screen for 
the BH2 final release (the William Birkin eye and the BH2 logo), 
meaning that perhaps William Birkin appears sometimes on the game.


        -  Apart the different weapons, the difficulty of the game was 
very easy at this point (2 bullets kills, etc.)
        -  The reload times are very fast (less than one second). 

        -  The most crucial fact in the prototype: Raccoon city has 
buildings ^_^. That's right: just like the RE movie, but not any of 
the games, it shows some buildings in the background.
        -  Some locations in the BH2 prototype have an "industrial" 
feel, sometimes more than a lab setting of the previous game.
        -  The cover art for the game was prettier than the final 

        RECYCLED STUFF     

        -  The prototype wasn't a complete failure after all. Some 
things were used in RE2, Dino Crisis and even RE3.
        RE2:  Sherry and Leon.
              The scene that Sherry is showing the secret passage is 
exactly the same from RE2 (without the fat man , but still...).
              The fat man in Sherry scene is the Kendo gun shop owner 
(it's his polygon model at least...^_^).
              The police office was much alike the RE2 room and the 
morgue are also very similar.
        DINO CRISIS:  The cargo elevator scene (when the last boss 
come out of it) looks the same with the last section of Dino Crisis.
        RE3:  "Sherrryyyy" can be translated as "Starrrrrssss"
              The last boss resembles more the nemesis from BH3 than 
the "Mr.X" from BH2.

        -  The RE2 Prototype by itself is a very interesting piece of 
        -  Elza was truly outside the Claire "I never shoot anyone in 
my whole life and I kicked Licker?s butt with a Bowgun". I?d say - 
Elza Walker for RE5.
        -  The grenade launcher reload animation. Very cool. 
-  The police training room. Most useless, but interesting.

        C) Anything else?

        There are only 2 things about the Biohazard: Complete Disk that I 
don't mentioned so far:
        -  The PRESS START BUTTON shows a desk, a picture of the Colt 
Phyton, some ammunition and a STARS badge. Probably is the Chris desk, 
that appears on BH2. This screen stays forever, if you don't press 
        -  When you choose a code, a screen appears to select the memory 
card (just like the typewriter screen). But this screen shows a digital 
keyboard and several monitors. There is also a plant and some lights. The 
scene is quite dark and hard to identify exactly everything. What is the 
meaning of this? Hints of future releases? 
        -  My guess is that a hint of Dino Crisis development (there is a 
jungle and futuristic look to that scene). But I don't remember seeing 
this particular scene in DC. Also DC was released one year later after 
the release of this game. Maybe it's just my imagination... 
       D) What's missing?

        Well, I'm positive that I covered 100% of Biohazard Complete Disk 
(there's not that many things to cover anyway.. ^_^), but if you want to 
add something send an E-mail. Really. 
       E) Next project / Released FAQ's.

        Serei Hata Rayblade (PS) - 30% completed
        Black/Matrix Cross (PS) - 20% completed 
        Generation of Chaos (PS2) - 10% completed
        Black/Matrix 2, Shaman King - Spirit of Shaman, Samurai Deeper 
Kyo, Psychometrer Eiji, Cyberorg, Racing Lagoon, Digital Holmes, Maken 
Shao, Project Minerva Professional, Makai Tensei, Guardian Angel, Beat 
Mania 6 + core mix. 
        Mail me if you have any interest on these titles  
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        Biohazard Complete Disk FAQ (PS)
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        A) Legal Information
        This document is (C)?2003,2004 Leonardo Lugarinho, All rights 
reserved. Biohazard Complete Disk is (C)1998 Capcom, All rights 
reserved. Others trademarks is related to their respective owners.
        This document can be freely distributed on this original, non-
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        B) Thanks

        Many thanks to:
        My family
        My friends
        Thomas Wilde, writer of the Resident Evil Plot FAQ - one of 
the most interesting FAQs I've ever read. 
        All Biohazard / Resident Evil freaks out there

        C) Contact info

        Questions, comments, suggestions...fell free to send a mail to 
( with Biohazard Complete as subject.