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                    Resident Evil: Director's Cut
          Resident Evil: Director's Cut Dual Shock Edition
                     Arranged Game Errata Sheet
                  Capcom for the Sony PlayStation
              Compiled by Mark Kim (Vesther Fauransy)
                           Version 0.0.2
               Date of Completion: November 18, 1999
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July 30, 1999
Since the majority of us have the Director's Cut release of Resident
Evil instead of the original release (Note that Capcom has stopped
shipping the first release back in 1997), it becomes obvious that the
Director's Cut features an Arranged Game, which features change of item
locations, required tasks, and original speeches that are mainly Chris
Redfield's Domain.

November 18, 1999
Much of the updates are legal mumbo-jumbo-related.  Now let me rant
about this:

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There should be some PDF's and some Resident Evil-related text files
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look it up at the aforementioned URL first.  If there is no such question
that is answered in that page, then go ahead and make my day.


* Newsflash
* Reason for an Advanced Game Errata
* What you need to know for the Errata
* Errata for Chris's Game
* Errata for Jill's Game
* Do's and Dont's
* How to suggest fixes, bug busts, et. al.
* Linking to and
* Acknowledgements


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Many people might have purchased a copy of Resident Evil: Director's Cut/
Resident Evil: Director's Cut Dual Shock Edition just because they were
not fast enough to purchase the original release of Resident Evil which
stopped shipping sometime in 1997.

The primary reason why I'm writing this file is because there are some
change of item locations that exist in the Arranged Game.  However, not
too many people play the Arranged Game mainly because of the high
difficulty of the Arranged Mode.

This guide mainly covers the item changes from the original release of
the game.  Mainly, the Director's Cut features speech changes on Chris's
game where he meets up with Rebecca at Richard's Corridor as opposed
to the Serum Room on the Original Release.


Like I said, this file will cover ONLY the change of Item Locations and
the required areas to grab the required items for the Arranged Game for
the Director's Cut CDs that have been lurking around stores and households
since Capcom has decided to stop shipping the first release back in 1997.

I will not bother creating a speed guide/walkthrough that will assist you
in beating the Arranged Game in under 3 hours (maybe less if you are in
task) because I don't want to spoil the fun of having to find the best
order of tasks by yourself.  Hopefully, if you have read the walkthroughs
written by Vincent Merken, Tu Dang, Mark Stephenson, and Josh Harring,
then you should be able to get a good idea on how to stay in gear as far
as tasks are concerned.

Since you don't get the Special Key if you beat the game with the BEST
possible ending, captured Chris or Jill won't be that much of a big deal
(but for Jill, I would say rescue Chris since her game is rather wimpy).


Armor Key
The Armor Key is located where Forest Speyer is at.  This is your first
priority when right after you find that Albert Wesker and Jill Valentine
has disappeared from the hall all of a sudden.  Be careful as Forest
Speyer will transform into a Zombie this time around.

To kill Forest, fire as much as you can.  Once you knock out Forest,
run up and grab the Armor Key.  However, if Forest wakes up, kill him.
I don't know if killing poor Forest is a good idea or not but you need
to be very careful right over here if you want to retain good health.

The Emblem is at the location where you used to find the Star Crest at.
It's at the double blue doorcase that has the Knight Statuettes, the
Knight Statues, and the Sarin Vents.

Follow the same principle as you would with the Star Crest in the
original game.

The Lighter is at the same place you found it on the original game, but
this time around, it's required.

Quite possibly the only time you will ever need the lighter is at the
dinner table (near the attic) where you have to light up the corridor
behind the movable closet to get the Sword Key.

Moon Crest
The Moon Crest is now split up into two halves.  The first half is at
the door left of the Deer Carving (Drain the Fish Canister and then
move the objects forward to reveal a mini-door).  The second half is
at the Attic when you fight the Snake.

Broken Shotgun
It's at the place where you used to get the Chemical in the original
game.  Always come to the Music Room with the Broken Shotgun.  This
way you won't suffer from the wrath of the Falling Ceiling where you
will die at.

Rebecca Chambers
You will find Rebecca Chambers once you get inside Richard Aiken's
Corridor.  You will have to get the serum and save Richard from the
poisons before it's too late.  If you save Richard from the poisons,
then you will get the radio and you will play the Rebecca mini-quests.

Sword Key
>From Richard Aiken's corridor, proceed forward.  At the intersection,
take a left and take the dead-end door.  Light up the candle with the
Zippo (tm) Lighter and then move the cabinet to reveal a secret door.
Walk inside the secret door and at the dead-end, you will be able to
get the Sword Key.

Colt Python (Magnum)
It's at the location you used to find the Broken Shotgun at the original
game.  Much of the reason you get it earlier is because the enemies are
stronger than ever.

The Closet
No Special Key is required this time around.  Just get inside a closet
and change your clothes if you want to.

If you want to change your clothes, then I highly recommend the "Made
In Heaven" outfit.  It looks cool and it brings an echo from Claire's
normal outfit from Resident Evil 2.

This item has moved.  From the twisting corridor, at the first door from
your right (I'm assuming that you were able to exit out of the Dog
Corridor), open the door with the Armor Key and take the door.  Keep on
going forward and the Chemical should be at the range.

Sun Crest
It's now held right at the statue that you can break from pushing the
statue from the second floor dining room and dragging it away from the
second floor.

Star Crest
It's at where you used to get the Armor Key at in the original game.
Do the same thing as you would with the Armor Key in the Original
Game.  The Plant doesn't like to eat the Chemicals so feed the plant
with it before proceeding or you might take some damage.

Blue Jewel
Once Rebecca's finished practicing the Moonlight Sonata, the door to
the Gold Emblem will open.  Take the Gold Emblem and put the Emblem
to re-open the door.  Now go to the Chimney and put the Gold Emblem
in.  The Grandfather Clock will stop ticking and give you access to
the Blue Jewel.

Shield Key
Where you used to find the Star/Sun Crest in the original game right
after you give the Tiger "blue eyes".

Red Book
It's now located at the Bar at the Guardhouse.  It's at one of the tables
but be careful of the spiders that lurk around.

Dorm Key 3
It's at the bathroom sink at Dormitory Room 2.

Control Room Key
After destroying Plant, the Chimney will be clear to see and you should
be able to grab the Control Room Key.  Now go to the Control Room and
drain all the basement water away!

Helmet Key
It's now at the "neighbor room" of the Control Room.  Pick up the Shotgun
Shells and then the Helmet Key.  Now it's time to unlock the locked doors.

MO Disc 1
It's where you used to find the Doom Book 1 in the original game.

Doom Book 1
It's now at the Library.  Make sure that the Statue is at the correct
place so that the shelf will give you access to Doom Book 1.

Battery for the Courtyard
At Library Room Number 1, there is a shelf blocking access to a secret
door.  Clear the blockage and then get in the secret room.  The battery
should be at the window where you see the Heliport.

The Red Jewel Award
If you give the Tiger Red Eyes, then you will be given a hefty load of
Colt Python Bullets instead.  This is good because the enemies are tougher
than in the original game.

Hexagonial Crank
Right after Enrico Marini is shot to death, examine him and you should
be able to access the Hex Crank.

Doom Book 2
It's where you used to find the Second MO Disc in the original game.

Lab Key
At the location you used to find the Doom Book 2 in the original game.

Where you used to find MO Disc 3 in the Original Game.

MO Disc 2
It's at the same room where you access the electronically locked rooms
in the original game, but it's at one of the shelves.

MO Disc 3
At the same place you used to find the Lab Key in the original game.

Battery for the Heliport Elevator
It's somewhere at the same room you provide the power to the elevator
to the Tyrant Research Area.  Be sure to look carefully and watch out
for the Lab Monsters that infest the Main Power Area.

And now here are some of the speech changes (Assuming that you *did*
see Rebecca at Richard's Corridor):

* At Richard's Corridor, Rebecca tells Chris to identify himself.  He
  tells Beckie and Richard that he's here to rescue them.  Richard tells
  Chris to get the Serum.  However, since Richard won't make it, Beckie
  tells Chris that she would like to grieve a little bit longer.  However,
  Chris tells Beckie to move away since it's dangerous and is just hoping
  that she would know how to use a gun.

* Right after Chris attempts to play the Piano, Rebecca told Chris that
  she wishes to grieve no longer and decides to help.

* After Chris destroys Plant and retrieves the Control Room Key, Rebecca
  won't issue Chris a Radio since Richard already gave Chris his radio
  earlier on the game.

Basically what the Director's Cut offer is some speeches and locations
of the items that didn't make the final cut for the original release of
the game.


Being a Chris Redfield freak, I would say it's kind of unnecessary to
cover the errata for Jill's Game.  The item locations are the same as
with Chris's.  However, there are several things that you have to be
aware of:

* The Lighter is not required because Jill will be using a lockpick to
  open doors which required the Sword Key in Chris's game.

* The speeches remain the same from the original game.  Also, since the
  enemies are tougher, it would be a good idea to keep a spare healing
  item or two, and definitely save the First Aid Sprays against the
  Boss Enemies.

* Jill may need the Colt Python in order to survive.  Although the
  Bazooka Ammo and the Shotgun does Jill justice, you may need some more
  ammunition just in case something bad happens.  Advanced players may
  wish to pass up the Colt Python, but life's easier with the Python.

Since Chris's Arranged Game is insanely hard, it is strongly advisable
that you either use a Game Shark (I know it sucks) or take some time to
master Jill's Arranged Game first.  I hate Jill's game.  It's too
wimpy (I agree with Josh Harring on this).


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* Mark Stephenson
* Tu Dang
* Josh Harring
* Vincent Merken


-  Capcom for originating the Survival Horror Concept back in 1996.

-  Jim Irwin for telling me that the Infinite Ammo Weapons lowers your
   rank score, and the Flamethrower in Leon's Disc isn't necessary to
   complete the game.

-  Brandon W. Dennis for telling me that the First Aid Sprays,
   Limited-Ammo Submachine Gun lowers your rank score and to save the
   inventory slots to store your herbs.

-  Both Jim Irwin and Brandon W. Dennis for motivating me to become a
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-  Vincent Merken for being the strongest warrior in the World of
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