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 >>> CONTENT              
 1. Legal Stuff      
 2. Weapons      
 3. Walkthrough
   - A. Starting the game
   - B. Church
   - C. Streets
   - D. Mansion
   - E. Sewers
   - F. Paradise
   - G. Streets 2
   - H. Umbrella Company
   - I. Lily and Lott's house
   - J. Heading to the factory
   - K. Factory
   - L. Tyrant 1
   - M. Tyrant 2 1st Form
   - N. Tyrant 2 2nd Form 
 4. Life Bar  
 5. Herb Mixing          
 6. Characters 
 7. Other Resident Evil Games
 8. Items 
 9. Added Resident Evil: Code Veronica Review

 >>> 1. Legal Stuff 


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 >>> 2. Weapons
 > Hand Gun A

 Ammo: 17 bullets

 A very weak weapon but it's O.K.
 But it's not bad for a game
 starting weapon. I would give it
 7 out of a possible 10.
 > Hand Gun B

 Ammo: 15 bullets

 A little more powerful than the
 Hand Gun A, but still a little 
 weak. I would give it 7 out of 
 a possible 10.

 > Hand Gun C
 Ammo: 15 bullets

 A big improvement on Hand Gun B.
 It's a lot more powerful. It 
 takes a little more time to 
 reload. I would give it 8 out of
 a possible 10.

 > Hand Gun D

 Ammo: 8 bullets
 A smaller version of the Magnum
 but no where near as powerful.
 Strong but takes quite a bit of 
 time to reload. I would give it
 8 out of a possible 10.

 > Shotgun

 Ammo: 8 shells

 A great weapon, it's very strong 
 against dogs. It will kill them 
 in one shot. I would give it 8
 out of a possible 10.

 > Grenade Launcher

 Ammo: 1 round - Normal, Fire or 

 A very useful weapon, it's good
 against Hunters and Mr. X. Only
 one bad thing about it, It only
 loads 1 round at a time. I would 
 give it 9 out of a possible 10.

 > Magnum

 Ammo: 6 bullets

 The best weapon in the game but
 far too slow. Since it's so 
 powerful it doesn't really matter
 Don't use all your ammo as soon
 as you get it, wait until the 
 last boss.

 >>> 3. Walkthrough  

 Stick to the walkthrough if you get stuck. 
 Try not to go off the trail.

  ... A. Starting the game

 After the starting video's and you take control go through the
 gate around the two boxes. Go forward to the man lying on the 
 floor. Watch the small scene. Kill the zombie and collect the
 Rusted Key. Head into the church.

  ... B. Church     
 Kill the two zombies straight in front of you then go forward 
 and through the right door. Then kill the three zombie's heading
 towards you. Go to your left of the room enterance and get the 
 Clock Winder off the old clock, then go to the right of the room
 and pick up the Chapel Key and exit the room. Go forward to the 
 door and use the Chapel Key. Kill the two zombies at the far end
 of the room and enter the double doors. Pick up the Church 
 manager's diary and go around the corner and kill the zombie, then
 pick up the green herb, then exit. Go forward and around the 
 corner and use you will see a old clock again! Use the Clock 
 Winder and go down into the basement. Kill the massive spider 
 and go through the door. Kill all the zombies and pick up the
 Church Rear Key and exit. Back up the steps and use the key on
 the door.

  ... C. Streets
 Kill the two dogs and answer the phone. Prank? after that go
 down the steps. Quickly shoot them and go forward and pick up 
 the Cracked Key of the seat, then go forward again and get the
 green herb. Go up the steps and answer the phone. Murderer!
 Then go to the far door.
  ... D. Mansion
 Watch the scene with the man and then go up the steps forward. Go
 to the left and pick up the green herb, then go through the door.
 watch the scene, what a prick! quickly run forward and go to the
 right and pick up the Handgun D, equip it and kill the Hunter. Exit
 through the door you came in and back down the stairs and go to the
 door right of the staircase. Go around the corner and kill the licker,
 also pick up the File. Then go around the next corner and through the 
 door. Kill the three zombies and pick up the Manhole Opener off the
 desk and go through the other door. Kill the two crows, go forward,
 kill the two dogs and use the Manhole Opener.
  ... E.Sewers              
 Go forward and press the red switch and light's will come on, now
 go quickly run through the door. Follow the path right the end and
 go through the door. Go forward and read the file. Watch the scene 
 with the kid, Something creepy is going on here! murderer, prank 
 phone calls and a kid scared shitless of you! don't go through
 the door yet, turn around and go to the draws in the middle of the
 two beds and pick up the Shotgun Bullets, then go through the door.
 Head around the corner and kill the licker, then up the ladder.
  ... F. Paradise
 Kill the four zombies and go forward and into the left door. Now 
 kill another lot of four zombies and go through the door. Pick up
 the file off the desk and the Prison Cell Key now exit the room.
 Their alive again? Kill the "four" zombies and go through the door.
 Then enter the Prison Cells. Kill them and get the rope. Enter the 
 door on the left and enter the prison. Look in all the cells, in 
 the far one to the left you will find a file and in the others 
 zombies. Go into the first door on the right. Kill the two zombies
 and pick up the Shotgun off the floor, finally a decent weapon! 
 then exit. Kill the dogs and go to the far left and go through the
 entrance and go to the end, climb up the ladder. Use the rope.
  ... G. Streets 2 
 Kill Mr. X and go forward and to the right up the steps. Kill them
 all and go down the ladder straight forward. Go forward pick up the
 Flame Rounds and go through the door. Quickly kill them all and go 
 around the corner to the right. Pick up the Shotgun Bullets and go
 to the shutter, it's broke, dam!, so use the door.
  ... H. Umbrella Company   
 Go forward into the entrance. Kill the two Hunters and head forward,
 around the corner and into the door. Kill the four zombies and go 
 forward into the lift. Go around the corner, kill the two hunters and
 go through the door. Watch the scene and go to the machine, Mr. X 
 smashes through the machine, Oh, this game makes a lot of sense to me?
 kill him and pick up the card and exit. Use the card key on the door
 and enter. Kill all the zombies and head around the computers and 
 through the door. Watch the scene and then go forward and follow them
 through the door. Go to the corner and pick up the red herb, go to the
 elevator, Mr. X jumps through the hole, kill him and head back to the
 elevator. Now go forward use the key card and around the corner and 
 kill the two lickers, then head down the steps. Kill the three dogs and
 head to the car pick up the Grenade Launcher off the front and go to 
 the door behind you. Watch the scene and go forward through the gate.
 Now kill the hunter up on the little bridge and head forward through
 the gate. Kill the two spiders and go up the ladder at the end.
  ... I. Lilly and Lotts House
 Enter the house. Go into the left room and kill the zombie between the 
 two beds (i wonder why it was there, it's pretty stupid if it thinks 
 you couldn't see it!) then pick up the Red herb, exit the room. Now go
 into the other room, watch the scene. Exit the house. Now kill the 
 zombies and follow the path. Now go up the steps. Kill the two dogs and
 head to the door, a hunter will jump out. Kill it and enter, pick up 
 the green herb and go through the door. Turn the cable car on and kill
 the two lickers that smash through the window. Go to the cable car.
  ... J. Heading to the Factory 
 Kill the hunter and go forward and past the boxes, through the gate.
 Kill Mr. X and the dogs, then go through the gate. Then go forward 
 through another gate. Kill the First Mr. X then continue. Kill the 
 second and continue again. Kill the third and continue. Head onto
 the bridge and kill the fourth Mr. X, then head through the gate. Now
 kill the four dogs and go through the gate. Kill the three dogs on the
 grass and go through the stone gate.

  ... K. Factory
 The front door is locked, Pretty stupid? so go around the right side.
 Watch the small scene and head down into the basement. Go right the
 way around into the Security Room. Turn he switch on (it puts the 
 power on, so you can use the elevator). Pick up the Magnum! off the
 floor and head to the elevator. Now kill the four zombies and head
 to the door around the corner. Kill the two lickers and head into
 the door on the left of the room. Pick up the Acid Rounds next to
 the computer and head through the door. Go through the corridor and
 get the activation disk and the file, now exit. Kill the two poisonous
 plants and exit. Go back through the double doors. Go around the corner
 to the door with a red light above it. Follow the path around the
 corners and use the activation disk. Kill the zombies, enter the room
 and pick up the rounds and exit. Also exit through the double doors.
 Go back around the corner through the door. Push the blue switch and
 kill the two poisons plants. Pick up the I. D. card off the dead zombie
 and go past the red switch and follow the path. Use the I. D. card 
 on the door and enter. Kill the poisonous Plants and press the blue
 switch for the shutter. Pick up the Flame rounds in the left corner and 
 the blue herb in the right. Then enter the Biohazard Door. Watch the
 scene and kill Mr. X. Enter the far door. Watch the scene and kill the
 hunter, enter the door. Head straight forward through the door. Kill
 all the zombies and get the magnum bullets to the right then go to the 
 computer and activate it. Now exit the room and go to the switch on 
 the wall and activate it. Now kill all the Poisonous Plants and enter
 the far door. Go forward and pick up the Master Key and exit.
  ... L. Tyrant 1
 This is quite a hard fight so have all your weapons ready. Equip
 your magnum and shoot at it as fast as you can. 
 Now go into the room. Watch the scene. Go into the room with the 
 orange light above it. Continue through the far door. Watch the scene
 and go around the right corner and press the switch, Quickly
 run past all them and get into the train. After you exit the train
 follow Lily and Lott and go into the elevator.
  ... M. Tyrant 2 1st Form
 Now this is very hard, Start by using your magnum then after you
 run out of ammo (which you will) Equip your grenade launcher.
  ... N. Tyrant 2 2nd Form
 Blast him to bits! with Flame Rounds. If he attacks you use green 

                     >>> njoy The nding <<<

 >>> 4. Life Bar

 |                |
 |   /\           |
 |__/  \_/\  /\___|
 |         \/     |  -   FINE - Don't use any form of healing.
 |                |
 |           FINE |  - 66% - 100%
 |                |
 |   /\           |
 |__/  \_/\  /\___|
 |         \/     |  -   CAUTION - Nothing yet, but maybe a green herb
 |                |
 |        CAUTION |  - 66% - 33%
 |                |
 |   /\           |
 |__/  \_/\  /\___|
 |         \/     |  -   DANGER - Use a mixed herb or a spray.
 |                |
 |         DANGER |  - 33% - 0%
 |                |
 |   /\           |
 |__/  \_/\  /\___|
 |         \/     |  -   POISON - Use a blue quick! If your not equipped
 |                |      with blue herbs use green herbs until you are.
 |         POISON |
 >>> 5. Herb Mixing

 Green = 25% heal
 Green + Green = 50% heal
 Green + Green + Green = 100% heal
 Green + Red = 100% heal
 Green + Blue = 25% heal + Poison heal
 Green + Blue + Red = 100% heal + Poison heal
 Blue = Poison heal


 >>> 6. Main Characters

   Ark Thompson
 The main character in the game. At the start he is not sure
 who he is until later in the game finds out that he is Ark
 He's a kid which you run into on your scenario. He's got a
 sister called Lily who he tries his best to protect. There
 mum and dad are already dead.
 She's a kid which you will meet in your scenario. She's got
 a brother called Lott who is trying his best to protect her.
 Sadly there mum and dad are already dead.

 >>> 7. Other Resident Evil Games
   ... Resident Evil 1
 Resident Evil 1 is a really hard game.
 Also your life bar shoots down when
 you get bit. Still it's a fun game and
 i enjoyed it! There are two characters,
 Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield
 both members of the S.T.A.R.S.
   Rate: 7 out of 10
   ... Resident Evil 2
 A great game! A great feature is that 
 there is four different scenario's.
 Claire A, Claire B, Leon A and Leon B.
 There are two different characters,
 Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy. 
   Rate: 8 out of 10

   ... Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
 My favorite Resident Evil game apart
 from Code Veronica. The way the game 
 is set out is great. Through the game
 you will come across different choices,
 they will be a big difference in the 
 game. All through the game you will be
 chased by Nemesis. There is one main 
 character, Jill Valentine.
   Rate: 9 out of 10

 >>> 8. Items

 These items are needed in my walkthrough.    
 1. Rusted Key
 Used to open the church near
 the start of the game.
 2. Clock Winder
 Used on the second old clock,
 opens a basement.
 3. Church Rear Key
 Opens the door rear of the 
 second old clock.
 4. Cracked Key
 On the bench, near the first 
 two lickers you fight.
 5. Manhole Opener
 Used to open manholes.(The
 6. Prison Cell Key
 Opens the Prison Cells in the
 7. Rope
 Used to lower yourself onto a
 8. Card Key
 Used in the Umbrella Company
 a couple of times.
 9. Activation Disk
 Found and used inside the
 10. I. D. Card
 Used in the Factory near the
 Biohazard door.
 11. Master Key
 Found inside the Biohazard
 >>> 9. Added Resident Evil: Code Veronica Review
 Most people would describe the Sega Dreamcast, as a dead console; but
 all of us remember the best Resident evil title of all time, Code 
 Veronica. This is truly a Diamond of a game, which I was extremely
 lucky to get my hands on; although the audience for Dreamcast games 
 is low, this is my contribution to the Code veronica community. 
 The graphics on this game are remarkable! Unlike some Dreamcast games
 i won't mention (The list is too long!) The detail on the characters,
 enemies and objects are High. One great thing is that the Dreamcast 
 has Anti-Analising so the graphics are smoothed therefore, the graphics
 are slightly better.
 STORYLINE (source: Code Veronica Instruction Booklet)
 The mid-western town of Racoon City was
 completely decimated by the T-Virus outbreak,
 an incident instigated by the international 
 corporation: Umbrella.
 Claire Redfield, who travelled to Racoon City
 in search of her lost brother Chris, managed
 to escape from the city along with rookie 
 police officer Leon S. Kennedy.
 But their ordeal is only a prelude of things
 to come...
 Now three months later.....
 To be honest, the game isn't very good for playing over and over again.
 It's fun the first time, but after you finish it, you start to lose
 interest. But, the game is still fun and if you enjoyed it that much, 
 go through it again!
 I would say buy it. The game is quite a long one so, your not exactly 
 going to finish it in 24 hours first time? Unless you really stick at
 it. Still, if you were to rent it, it would help you decide if your
 going to buy it.
 7/10 - BUY IT
 3/10 - RENT IT
 BUY IT!!! I enjoyed it, so will you! 
 9/10  -  GRAPHICS
 8/10  -  STORYLINE
 6/10  -  REPLAY VALUE
 7/10  -  BUY IT
     7.5 out of a possible 10

     Resident Evil: Survivor FAQ v0.2  SDhazuki

    "The only thing i can trust is my gun" - Resident Evil Survivor
    "I can't believe i'm still alive" - Resident Evil 3: Nemesis